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Big Brother 16 – Could A Power Player Go Home This Week?


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I want to put this out for Beastmode Cowboy, Devin, or any other future player who thinks they can cruise by just winning competitions – It doesn’t happen.  Big Brother competitions are sometimes physical, sometimes mental, but mostly luck. Last night’s HoH competition was one of the rare mental comps where I was even able to predict 3 of the 4 finalists. Caleb still being there at the end was a surprise, but nobody else was. At the end of the day (I need to put that phrase in every blog post), the smartest or the most observant prevailed and Nicole/Donny won the competition. However, next week will likely be some lucky carnival game, or an endurance challenge that favors light players.

This is the first week since the Bomb Squad exploded that a member of the Detonators hasn’t claimed at least 1 spot in the HOH room. Judging from the conversation between Nicole, Donny and Hayden at around 11:30pm, the possibility for a strong player to go home and not just a floater is a real possibility this week.  Both Donny and Nicole plan on putting a strong player up with a weaker player to start, and should the PoV be used, they have another strong player as a replacement nominee – Frankie.

Donny absolutely refuses to put up Jocasta, so what I expect to happen today will be Donny putting up Caleb and Victoria, and Nicole putting up Zach and Jocasta.  Everyone is expecting Caleb/Victoria to win, and if that’s the case, they are fine sending Zach home should the PoV not happen.  If the PoV is used, their ideal situation is putting Zach up against Frankie – oh boy. Fun times ahead!

Meanwhile, another alliance could be brewin in the Big Brother house.  There are whispers of an alliance featuring Derrick (of course), Cody, Hayden and Nicole. Personally, I would love that alliance and pull for it to win every week, although adding Donny would also make it great.  Even without Donny, you have some smart players, strong players, and all around good people. I don’t know how likely this is to happen, but if it does, it would certainly be an enjoyable final 4. Certainly much better than watching a final 3 of GinaMarie, Spencer and Andy.

I am sure I’m leaving stuff out, but I’m being rushed out of the house for some afternoon errands (will they ever end).  Nominations and BOB are today, so I will keep you updated! Keep checking back and let’s hope this plays out as well as it has the potential to.

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  1. Comments (400)

    I must be the only one that sees Cody as a floater. I know people enjoy looking at him, but what has he done to deserve to be in the finals?

  2. Comments (22)

    Please don’t send Zack home. He makes this game fun and interesting

  3. Comments (332)

    I was hoping they would put up four guys and let them battle it out. I am sort of disappointed in both Nicole and Donny for putting any girls up there and allowing the guys to even vote out another girl.

    • Comments (400)

      I agree Karen, I was thinking the same thing. Put up Frankie, Cody, Zach, Caleb, if one wins pov put up Derrick.

      • Comments (95)

        Yeah, but I am sure they are worried that if they do that, whoever isn’t evicted will all come after them. I still cant figure out why everyones so scared of Caleb besides the fact that he’s a stalker.

      • Comments (7)

        I think Cody Zach Derrick and Frankie should go up that way a Detonator goes home no matter how it goes.

      • Comments (130)

        That makes more sense Renee, although Donny’s TA deal may affect that plan.

  4. Comments (610)

    Time for Frankie to go! He’s not as entertaining as he thinks he is.

  5. Comments (162)

    I hope they decide to make some of the guys sweat this week.

    • Comments (1446)

      As much as I would love to see Victoria or Caleb go home this week, it is more important to Nic and Donny’s game to get a Detonator out, preferably Frankie.
      Can’t wait to watch Christine sweat this week! I hope Nicole freezes her out of any game discussions.

      • Comments (130)

        Even if they got Frankie on the final 2 for nominations, there is no way anyone would vote him out. He can smooth talk himself off and with 4 other Detonator’s possibly voting…. he’s safe.

      • Comments (1288)

        Remember this is a week when HoH gets to vote in case of a tie. If Frankie has been put up it is almost certain the HoH would vote to evict so the Dets would need 5 votes off the bat to keep him safe.

  6. Comments (98)

    I’m hoping they will nominate the guys that hadn’t been on the block. For now if appears to be another safe move.

  7. Comments (487)

    Let us not forget this is a double eviction week. And they “don’t” know that yet. So there is potential(?) for two of the detonators to go home this week.

    • Comments (49)

      Did they announce that? I did not see that teased. It is the perfect week for one……getting down to nine… jurors and two finalists. I just didn’t see the tease……could have turned away too quick. Please confirm?

  8. Comments (1446)

    Has anyone noticed that both Caleb and Cody have religious tattoos? Cody has a giant cross, while Caleb has some Bible verse about war, tests, and battles(anyone surprised)? Between that and Jacosta the minister, I wonder what was behind the CBS thinking putting so many(supposed) religious people in the house this season.

    • Comments (487)

      After all the slutting around last season, they probably thought the house could use faith-based people. But they still cast a loose cannon name Zach.

    • Comments (528)

      This is Big Brother AMERICA. If you’re going to show any kind of cross-section of that country, you’re going to obviously have some Christian representatives. They have a preacher for crying out loud.

      It’s kind of annoying but, you know, ‘Murica.

    • Comments (266)

      I know lots of people with tats of crosses or bible verses and they are not religious people. Jannie, perhaps you need to experience more of life to understand what it means to be religious.

      • Comments (1446)

        Sorry, Kraz, but if you put a Bible verse or a cross permanently on your body and you are not religious, you’re one of two things…either an idiot or a hypocrite. The fact that you says you know LOTS of people who do that does surprise to me. Personally, I think it’s a sacrilege to tat your body up with religious things if you are not religious.
        You know nothing of my life experiences or religious background.
        And I’m pretty sure neither of us has all of the answers about religion.

      • Comments (266)

        Let’s not get all deep, Jannie. All I’m saying is I know people (mostly guys for some reason) who have crosses or verses as tattoos. They are not Christians and do not consider themselves to be followers of any religion. One friend in fact lost his brother in a car accident and had a verse with praying hands tattooed on his shoulder in remembrance of his brother. That does NOT mean he’s a hypocrite or an idiot. To him it’s not about being a Christ follower to get that tattooed. Would I do that if I wasn’t a Jesus follower, probably not. Just because people have cross tattoos doesn’t mean they attend bible studies. Dislike if you must.

      • Comments (266)

        Also I do agree that it’s sacrilegious, but people who are far from knowing God and do not know the bible do not understand that point of view.

      • Comments (469)

        Jannie – I have tats – not as many as these people for sure – but what you find with “inked” people is that it is an addiction (not saying it is wrong -just a lifestyle) – and as they experience different things in their life – some of them (at least at the time) are significant enough to be “memorialized” by a tattoo – and as you pointed out tats are forever – thus a tat that was very significant to them once – may mean nothing to them or reflect who they are now.

      • Comments (266)

        I also think you are funny for saying I know nothing of your background or experiences when you blatantly accused others of being hypocrites or idiots. You think I’m judging you, but you are judging thousands others!! Ok… I’m done. Let’s focus on BB like this website is intended for. Sorry all.

    • Comments (332)

      OK I will say it, I am surprised they have so many young people with tattoos on there. It seems they all have one somewhere. And that means others watching will want to be just like some of these folks and get them.

    • Comments (182)

      Religionist is not the same as genuine Christian, Bible tattoos or not.

      CBS knows what they are doing, that is play-claying to the Bible-belt and at the same time confusing the undiscerning of what true Christianity really is, just like you.

  9. Comments (120)

    So, after Donny continuously talking about the 3 people who have not been nominated, he says that he can’t nominate them because they may come after him next week. Instead, he’s going to put up Caleb because Caleb nominated him and Victoria, for no reason at all (if his reasoning is she was one of the first out during the HOH comp – it’s not true because Derrick and Christine went out on the same question).

  10. Comments (1)

    Concerning the nomination of a TA member, is there an incentive for the three to stay together until the end? Or is it just a week to week mission?

  11. Comments (528)

    I’d just like to thank anyone and everyone who pointed out the “at the end of the day” junk. I was happily ignorant of it and never noticed it and now I notice it EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

    So that’s just great.

  12. Comments (3)

    It is definitely about time for someone to finally make a big move in the house and quit playing so safe. I wish Donny would take the opportunity to take some control over these youngsters before they send him packing. They should put up all males on the block. Preferably Derrick, Cody and Frankie, Caleb. Donny needs to keep team America around a little longer and send home a weak player and a strong competitor. Or I should say a floater and someone who thinks he is a strong competitor.

  13. Comments (7)


    Nic – Zach/Jo

    Donny – Caleb/Vic

    • Comments (266)

      Wow terrible choices Nicole and Donny. If you want to survive in the house you’re going to need Jocasta Victoria and possibly Caleb. Way to keep digging your own graves… Unless they back door one of the stronger guys like Frankie Cody Derrick

      • Comments (266)

        Did anyone with live feeds see Christine sway Nicole’s choices?? Or did Donny and Nicole just decide on their own??

      • Comments (1288)

        Donny and Nicole worked these out with the input of Hayden.

      • Comments (266)

        I see… Thanks dan.

      • Comments (7)

        I think the plan is to back door frankie…. but if it doesnt work at least they will get out a stronger player or a useless floater… it’s the inbetweeners that lay semi-low yet still know what is going on that play the best game.

      • Comments (130)

        If Zach/Jo win the BOTB, then there’s no way anyone will use a VETO on Caleb. The Detonators should have great numbers to win the Veto.

      • Comments (332)

        Nicole was so sly, she sat there last night and talked with Jacosta and told her she was not her target and not to expect to be nominated and today she nominates her. So is Jacosta supposed to trust her at all. Now on the block with Zach she might have a surviving chance. But truly a message to lets see what you bring to the table Jacosta

    • Comments (16)

      wish christine would have been one of the girls i would love to see her sweating it out this week.I hope they keep her in the dark about all plans

      • Comments (9)

        If they tell her about Frankie, she will run right to him. Hope Nicole figures her out soon.

    • Comments (76)

      So predictable ..

  14. Comments (37)

    Should one of the detonaters win POV and use it on Caleb or Zack, even with Frankie as a renom… I don ‘t think there will be enough votes to actually get him evicted.

    • Comments (644)

      The ones voting to evict Frankie are: Hayden, Cody, Derrick, Donny and if it’s a tie Nicole votes. So yes they can vote him out. These 5 people have said that they would vote Frankie out.

  15. Comments (412)

    It would have been nice to see all guy nominations.

  16. Comments (92)

    All around good people. Oh gee that’s what we need. Dr. Wiill and Dan G.were cut throats. What a horrible blog. I want someone who doesn’t give a crap about others like the beautiful self absorbed Victoria and Zach, followed by the smartest, strongest, great backstabber Frankie. Are you kidding Nicole is stupid, Donny isn’t brave enough to carry out an assignment from America. What kind of an American is he? Hayden with that stupid hat and smile. But Nicole, Hayden and Donny need to stay because tthey are “all around good people” Borring. Victoria, Zach and Frankie need to stay because they make the show because they can’t stand the other dummies in the house. I exclude Derrick from my comments he is a pretty good backstabber. Where is Devin when we need him.

    • Comments (130)

      I’m confused on how we’re judging Donny on being an American? What?!

      • Comments (1446)

        Derrick, actually was the first to decline the mission – he knew it would mess up his game. He then put all of the blame on Donny. Donny didn’t want to do it either, but Derrick managed to make it look like it was all Donny’s fault. Evil but brilliant.

      • Comments (843)

        WE aren’t judging Donny. Donny said he didn’t want to do it, but he also said he would do what Derrick and Frankie wanted. Frankie of course, being HOH, wouldn’t be in danger so was all for it. Derrick is the one who said ok, we will decline the mission, not Donny, then blamed it on Donny on national TV. Dumb move since we knew he was the one who made the decision to decline. Like all internet sites, you can’t believe everything you read here.

      • Comments (1288)

        I disagree. Donny was immediately aware that how he was told about the mission was “sketchy” and other HGs saw the break in his routine. Waking him in the middle of the night (while everyone else was still running around) and trips to the DR and HoH with Frankie and Derrick was commented on by other HGs. Any incident at the eviction ceremony would most likely be quickly linked back to this odd behavior.

        He is the one who said he is there to play “Donny’s Game” and not “America’s Game”. I fully understand his reasoning and like that he has the balls to say no to BigBrother.

        As a group Derrick did say if Donny wasn’t onboard they would decline the mission. But as soon as Donny exited both Derrick and Frankie were upset and immediately started talking about the need for Donny to be backdoored this week. Thankfully it doesn’t look that will happen.

    • Comments (412)

      I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I kind of agree with buffalobill when it comes to Donny and Derrick not doing the team America challenge. That was a big disappointment. Maybe these people in this bullshit TA ought to realize that America is bored watching these houseguests and that’s why they keep throwing them drama filled missions. As much as Victoria symbolizes every stuck up, self centered, spoiled rotten, narcissist brat in America, she’s still making the show more entertaining. Nicole claims to be a super fan but she can’t smell the biggest rat in the house and it’s right under her[Nicole’s] funny shaped nose, Christine. Christine is the WORST! I don’t know why Nicole can’t see it. Don’t get me wrong, I use to be a fan of Nicoles but when Zach straight up told her she couldn’t trust Christine and she brushed off the fact that Christine isn’t trustworthy. Then the whole stupid jealousy thing she has for Victoria for no reason. She asked Hayden if they were making out. He told her no. She still didn’t believe him. Sometimes it feels like I’m watching a bunch of middle schoolers, including the old timers[Donny&Jocasta], all immature.

      • Comments (266)

        Last night on BBAD, it was the first time I heard Hayden talking good game. He was talking to Donny and Nicole and he pretty much was spot on with his observations. I think Hayden knows more than what he says. But seriously, Nicole just sat there with glossed over eyes while he was trying to explain how backstabbing Christine is. Nicole kept saying “I know, I know…” But really. She doesn’t know. At this point I hope Hayden goes really far.

  17. Comments (843)

    All the guys are wanting Zach to throw the competition so Nicole will stay HOH. They believe they can win botb, get Zach off, then manipulate Nicole into putting up their choice. Stay strong, Nicole! Victoria hated Nicole but looky here—Victoria in HOH doing make up, drying hair, taking a nap. Gag

  18. Comments (469)

    Although I have made no secret of who I like and dislike in the house – Derrick being one I am not crazy about – I do believe he is playing a wise game of BB – if you think all the way back to maybe episode 2 when the bomb squad formed – Derrick told us that it was a crazy move because it was WAY too early – but so as not to be left out he went along but always with a lonr term term goal in mind – skipping past the moves he has made up till now – I would like to address my take on his plans “today” – he sees the handwritting on the with the inevitable crash of the det’s (it was coming soon anyway – but the new HOH result has hastened it’s demise) – so his long term plan is about to emerge (I don’t believe the final step but the onset) some have asked – would Derrick really vote out Frankie – I believe absolutely – it is now time to begin to thin out the opposition which means to eliminate the “power” in his alliance – you may say – but he is shooting himself in the foot he will make himself a target – but wait he is forming a new group around him – and just as strong (or more strong) – he will bring Cody (he set that partnership up weeks ago) – Hayden who is coming out of his shell and a huge threat in comps – Donny the much loved (and smarter than people believe) and also a comp threat- and Nicole smart likeable and starting to show some toughness — in turn they will bring votes with them – Jo and Vic – if Derrick is able to pull this off it will be huge – a BB masterpiece – and as bad as I hate to say it —–oh crap—- he deserves to win the game. I still think so highly of Donny and believe he probably needs the money more and it would be better spent -(I still want him to win the 500k) – but once again from a game point of view if Derrick pulls this off – he would EARN the title.

  19. Comments (469)

    I may be the last to know this but on the outside chance someone doesn’t I will say it – Caleb and Vic won BOTB – Nicole is the surviving HOH – the comp had built in punishments – as a reult Caleb had to shave his head – both are on slop for 2 weeks and best of all Caleb and Vic are tethered together for 48 hours – and something about Adam and Eve with Vic in a bikini – as I read Mortys updates I thought – holy crap – someone said earlier that Caleb had shown some interest in Vic since Amber left – now she is in a bikini tethered to him for 2 days (day and night – showers – potty breaks – sleeping (well I guess that solve Vic’s cuddling needs)- uhm could this get a bit awkward – at least Amber could run away.

  20. Comments (469)

    One other thought just occured to me – as much as Caleb loves to talk about Caleb – by the end of 2 days Vic should have enough info to write a book – Everything you wanted to know about the Beast Mode Cowboy but were afraid to ask * Fact or Fiction –

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