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Big Brother 16 – Power Of Veto Results


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What a strange, strange game Big Brother is. After moping around all day about possibly going home, Victoria has a little spring in her step this week as she is now safe. Yes. The girl you completely forgot was in the Big Brother house won a competition which likely means Brittany will be walking out the door this Thursday.

I was out most of the day (as I mentioned in the other thread), so I’m super tired and going to just doing a quick update on the PoV results.  I will post more later/tomorrow morning when I am more awake.  If you want to watch the feeds to see how the house reacts, feel free to sign  up for free right here.

Based on the 3 seconds I watched of the feeds to grab this screenshot, it appears the PoV was a World Cup themed competition. I thought I wouldn’t have to hear about soccer for another 4 years, but Big Brother wants to stretch it out a little longer.  Oh well.

This was one of my favorite type of PoV competitions where prizes (or punishments) are handed out to other players.  Here is the list of winners (or losers)…

Victoria: Power of Veto
Zach: Trip to Germany (definite World Cup theme)
Caleb: $5,000 cash (I wonder what Amber will buy with that)
Cody: Has to kick himself in the butt 10 times whenever a whistle blows (weird)
Brittany: Has to kick a ball into a goal 2,400 times in 24 hours. (more weird)
Nicole: Has to wear a unitard (awesome!)

From what I also gather, Caleb won the competition but decided to take the cash over the PoV. This pissed off some other people, and will likely lead to some good feeds this week.  It will be absolutely hilarious if Caleb is the replacement nominee and goes home. Maybe Team America can actually use that as their mission instead of the horrible picks they made for nominations.

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  1. Comments (191)

    How could Victoria win anything? Was it a sleeping competition?

  2. Comments (4)

    Would love to see Caleb going home and besides that would go in lines with the team America task for the week

  3. Comments (162)

    Omg they need to put up Caleb or Christine it would be great.

  4. Comments (182)

    Could be a fatal mistake taking the cash for the risk of going on the block

    • Comments (843)

      Cody wants to put up Caleb but, as usual, Derrick is manipulating things. “We can always get him/her out next week.” Thought these were BB fans and knew the game! Take your shot when you have it because it doesn’t always come around again. Idiots!

      • Comments (1799)

        Very true mouse if you have the votes now do it Next week Calab could be HoH again than your going another week of trying to play around him Do it now ! Use Christine & Hayden to get Donny Jocasta and Nichole that’s 5 easy votes and your self Operation Backdoor Calab !

      • Comments (692)

        Want Caleb to go home sooooo bad!! PLEASE let Cody grow a pair and make a decision for himself. Why is it that derrick has been able to get such a stronghold on the house?? He’s worse than Devin. Lol

      • Comments (1799)

        Never comes off like he is dictating like Devin But that he is listening to them than just leads the conversation to who he Derick wants evicted yet the other think they came up with the idea No matter what happens just hope it’s not a unanimous vote or that it’s Donny going out the door

      • Comments (692)

        I certainly hope its not Donny!! I also hope is that it is not unanimous no matter who goes home. wouldn’t it be funny if Cody surprised everyone and put Derrick up on the block? of course, if that happened I’m sure he would just be a pawn for Brittany to go home. and yet we all know what can happen when you agree to be a pawn.

      • Comments (1288)

        Derrick and Cody are not happy about Caleb and Zach taking prizes instead of the veto but they will probably get away with it because if they were nominated they would probably spill everything about Derrick’s and Cody’s games.

      • Comments (42)

        So thats how Victoria won? Everyone turned it down for prizes? IDIOT’S Why bash Derrick? he’s the only one playing the game.

      • Comments (224)

        Caleb is easily manipulated though, I can understand their hesitation. Caleb winning HoH would mean they still control the nominations. Whereas if they leave Brittany, they know they are definitely nominated if she gets HoH. Caleb really isn’t the huge threat people seem to think he is.

      • Comments (624)

        Derrick better slow his roll, or he will find himself being the target just like Devin was. And he could shave the douchy skinny beard thing any day now and lose the earrings. You’re not a teen anymore.

      • Comments (624)

        Back door Derrick! pig face with his douchy pencil thin beard and earrings…pretending he’s young and hip.

      • Comments (274)

        I’ll love it when Derrick’s out by Caleb’s hand.

  5. Comments (1)

    Donny & Brittany should be the nominees. Then we can see how Donny will take it. So maybe he will realize he can’t trust Frankie/Derrick. Brit is onto Cody so its not surprising that he wants her out. Besides Brit’s cluelessness in the game is irritating. She can go home and i won’t mind.

  6. Comments (1)

    These people are so weird, last week Devin gave them an opportunity to evict Brit but they kept saving her. Now she is target no. 1. What a crazy house! LOL.

  7. Comments (343)

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Brittany go. Devin was a jerk overall, but he did do her a favor and save her off the block like she BEGGED for. So, what does she do to say “thanks?” She doesn’t vote with Devin the very week she was saved by him, then votes him off the following week. Gee, thanks. Good riddance. Too bad the floaters/non-alliance group didn’t save Devin and Pao and TRY to overcome the Derrick led alliance.

  8. Comments (1288)

    BB has finally released an alcohol ration so things might shake-up some.

  9. Comments (469)

    Well for me it is official – I believed in Christine – wrote good things about her – and I was dead wrong – I stated I believed she was loyal and smart – my bad – she has proven to be ignorant and a rat and she has spit in the face of her “friendship” with Nicole – my choice for eviction this week is Caleb – then I am hoping that Christine is exposed this coming week and is solidly drummed out at the next eviction.

    • Comments (224)

      I also think its a bad move to trust that those guys are going to keep her around when she’s no longer needed. She should be more selective with the information she shares with them. However, as far as the whole friendship with Nicole thing, it’s a game! Only one person can win it. Would you pass up a half million dollars to be “loyal” to someone you just met a few weeks ago? If so, then why bother play the game at all.

      • Comments (469)

        dc – I will admit part of my feelings for Christine are based on emotion (a person being disloyal to a “friend”) – but the main reason is she is crapping in her own nest by – 1. not seeing that she has the trust of a very strong player (Nicole) and can’t see that – she doesn’t realize the 2 of them have the potential to be the final 2 – 2. she hasn’t figured out that she is holding a royal flush right now to help them there – telling Nicole about the alliance of five and the 2 of them informing a select group of others (hayden-Donny-Jocasta-and Brittany) to form a powerful alliance to take out the 5 ( 4 since she will have left the group). And if you will stop and think – since the first comp. – these big powerful dudes have basicaly sucked in competion – the non members are way ahead of them (Derrick gave his alliance a play by play reason he won HOH – give me a break that game was pure luck (hitting the ball in a numbered slot). And 3 – she hasn’t figured out she is the “token” female in the alliance – she is never part of the decision making – she is never asked for her input – and she is thought of as totally expendable (remember she is a smart super fan). All of this data is staring her right in the face. So by spitting in the face of her “friendship” with Nicole – she is pissing away the huge opportunity to be in the final 2 – and by orchestrating this huge game changing move would probably win the respect of the jury and thus the 500k.

      • Comments (1799)

        Christine problem is her plan seems to be that she follows Andy’s path Stay low stay friends with power players feed them info hoping to be taken to the final Her problem is Frankie is playing the same game She will need to get Frankie out soon All this I don’t want blood on my hands thing is holding her back from doing any bold moves John Ruth you are correct she has a chance if she just opens her eyes

      • Comments (469)

        Plus I believe she really gets off on being “one of the boys” – macho talk – sex talk. I think she craves their attention.

      • Comments (224)

        I agree with you that Christine making some bad decisions that will cost her the game. However, I disagree that Nicole is a strong player. Like Derrick, she also only won that HOH by luck, and then she let Derrick control her nominations and handed him the win. I don’t see how Nicole is any different than Amber (or how Hayden is much different than Caleb other than being far less creepy about his crush). Christine’s one argument that she could make to the jury right now (not that she’ll be in a position to do that in a few weeks) is that she was a member of the most powerful alliance in the house-one that’s controlled all the nominations so far (including Nicole’s).

      • Comments (274)

        John Ruth I loooooove they way you think. I agree with every thing you’ve said.
        She will be screwed & I am so hoping she gets it good for everything she has been doing. I do not like that girl..I do not like her at all.

  10. Comments (1288)

    Sadly Hayden along with everyone else is drinking the Derrick koolaid. I can see him giving his final speech from a raised chair, sweating in an unbuttoned shirt with mirrored sunglasses and using a handheld microphone.

  11. Comments (875)

    On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate this season of Big Brother?

    Personally I give this edition of BB a rating of 5, there are really no likeable HG, or anyone I remotely am drawn to…Idk, maybe Big Brother has jumped the shark, because the traffic on a lot of the blogs are down also. Last year BB 15 had some vile individuals on the show, but the website blogs were full of comments?!

    The only redeeming character on BB 16 is Donny, and thats it. I don’t understand why they all can’t see who the Puppet Master is!

    • Comments (624)

      I hear ya. Nobody’s really drawn me in as anyone that will be all that rememberable (well except Frankie lol). One hour into last night’s BBAD and I haven’t even seen Donny yet.

    • Comments (135)

      I think you’re right about BB jumping the shark. Usually, shows die out by this time…

    • Comments (692)

      I would give this season maybe a 5 and that would be being generous. Other than Donny this group is just so so.

    • Comments (60)

      After last season of racist and demeaning players, this season seams more scripted and planned. Each one has some annoying trate
      1.Amber Wonder Woman
      2.Brittany Wilma Flinstone
      3.Caleb Im so vein I love myself and everyone wants me,
      4.Christine Steven King car
      5.Cody Barny Rubble
      6.Hayen Gilligan
      7.Jocasta the hight calling
      9.Nicole Sweet Pauly Pure Bread
      10.Victoria Prom Queen
      11.Zach Prozaic or should be on it
      12.Derrick Eliott Ness untouchables
      13.Frankie self obsorbed weirdo
      14.Donny Mild mannered Clark Kent with a beard
      15.Devin Rock wanna be
      16.Paola annoying
      17.Joey They call me the streak

  12. Comments (843)

    What’s the point of the CBS tracker if they aren’t going to keep it up to date? It’s still on Thursday’s numbers. Frankie and Christine are supposedly in their alliance and have never been on the block, so why aren’t they using them as pawns instead of Donny if it’s seriously a pawn situation?

  13. Comments (83)

    Anyone know exactly what happened with Nicole
    In regards to the bed situation involving Brittany
    And possibly Amber?

  14. Comments (624)

    Nicole’s German outfit is HILARIOUS. That big sausage she has to carry around? LMAO

  15. Comments (316)

    I’m glad that Victoria got the Veto!

  16. Comments (1799)

    Anyone knows what happend with Victoria in the DR and put her in Zach arms telling him a secret that he won’t talk about

    • Comments (624)

      OY OY! Vic probably likes him for the Jewish connection, but I think Zach is just selfish and empty in that head of his. He’s annoying to be around longer than a few minutes at a time.

  17. Comments (42)

    I dont see what everyone see’s in Nicole, shes cute and shy, but not a good player, kinda like Victoria, but not quite as bad.

    • Comments (624)

      Nicole plays the sweet little girl routine to a T. Victoria is a whiny, high-maintenance, not flat out ugly, but not so good looking but daddy always said I was perfect, type of girl. Was I close?

    • Comments (60)

      At least Nicole has step up a little even if her HOH(short)was controled by Derrick. And the high pitch in her voice can get on your nerves. She has no real game plan so her hook in with Hayden will keep her in the game for a little while

  18. Comments (25)

    big major sleeper in the game is Victoria. She does nothing but sleep.

    • Comments (624)

      Donny seems to be missing from the BBAD shows a lot of the time also.

    • Comments (60)

      Victoria and Jocasta are the biggest floaters. Did you see how Jocasta was acting while AMBER won battle of the block, chatting like a wood pecker with tears and then proclaim yah Jocasta and Amber won. These two are equal floaters with no stategy

  19. Comments (274)

    The way I see a great shake up is for Amber to get caught kissing Cody. Caleb would lose it so fast that thewhole house would push for him to go. I know cCody already wants him out. Derrick need to be lied to about Caleb saying he has plans to target Derrick. Then the seeds would be planted and Caleb would be packing.

  20. Comments (60)

    This is a perfect set up if the HOH and the rest of the house would pull their head out. Chose 5 grand over POV cocky and telly the rest of the house he knows he is not going home. Great BackDoor set up. He has cash put him up as the replacement nominee, vote out, and label him with the rest of the worst players in the game. Never show you think your safe when your not especially with 500 thousand reason not to

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