Big Brother 16 – Power Of Veto Results



What a strange, strange game Big Brother is. After moping around all day about possibly going home, Victoria has a little spring in her step this week as she is now safe. Yes. The girl you completely forgot was in the Big Brother house won a competition which likely means Brittany will be walking out the door this Thursday.

I was out most of the day (as I mentioned in the other thread), so I’m super tired and going to just doing a quick update on the PoV results.  I will post more later/tomorrow morning when I am more awake.  If you want to watch the feeds to see how the house reacts, feel free to sign  up for free right here.

Based on the 3 seconds I watched of the feeds to grab this screenshot, it appears the PoV was a World Cup themed competition. I thought I wouldn’t have to hear about soccer for another 4 years, but Big Brother wants to stretch it out a little longer.  Oh well.

This was one of my favorite type of PoV competitions where prizes (or punishments) are handed out to other players.  Here is the list of winners (or losers)…

Victoria: Power of Veto
Zach: Trip to Germany (definite World Cup theme)
Caleb: $5,000 cash (I wonder what Amber will buy with that)
Cody: Has to kick himself in the butt 10 times whenever a whistle blows (weird)
Brittany: Has to kick a ball into a goal 2,400 times in 24 hours. (more weird)
Nicole: Has to wear a unitard (awesome!)

From what I also gather, Caleb won the competition but decided to take the cash over the PoV. This pissed off some other people, and will likely lead to some good feeds this week.  It will be absolutely hilarious if Caleb is the replacement nominee and goes home. Maybe Team America can actually use that as their mission instead of the horrible picks they made for nominations.

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