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Big Brother 16 – Rewind Time!


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The house has been absolutely dead, and the feeds have been off and on this afternoon, so there is nothing to really report there.  My prediction thread would have been about 2-3 sentences seeing as this nomination week is going to be erased.  This means I’m forced to already create my live show thread.   Tonight on CBS, we will see inside the jury house (I’m sure it will be 95% Nicole/Hayden.. they are really pushing their only showmance on us), and I guess a few former houseguests including Dan Gheesling.  Hopefully Julie will ask him to compare his ‘funeral’ to whatever Derrick did this week.

Hopefully they will end the show with an endurance challenge, though at this point I’m not really sure it will happen.  They almost always have an endurance competition as one of the three-part challenge the final 3 face. Perhaps ‘the wall’ that Caleb has been talking about dominating all season won’t even happen?  That will be disappointing.

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Live show is at 8pm est tonight, so don’t show up at 9pm expecting something!   4 hours to go from the time of this post

  • 4:40pm – 20 minutes to go!!!
  • 5:00pm – Here we go!
  • Highlights and DR from the last few days.
  • Frankie said Victoria is dangerous because if he’s ever sitting next to her, he will go home
  • Derrick kept telling Victoria that the button is something that could change the game.
  • Derrick playing the ‘I can’t win, take me to the end’ hasn’t apparently completely convinced Frankie yet
  • Now showing highlights from Victoria’s acting job to Frankie about how mad she is at Derrick.
  • Victoria sees a ’48 hours until next live show’ on the TV and her and Frankie freak out running around the house.
  • 5:15pm – Commercial Break
  • 5:20pm – Back from commercial
  • Julie talks to the house, asks Caleb what he wants to happen.  He said a big dang ole diesel driving through the house.
  • Julie showed highlights of the rat incident and Cody’s fear.
  • Showing the jury house. The house got Zach a new pink hat for his birthday.
  • Everyone is hoping Christine enters the jury house.   When she walks in, nobody talks to her.
  • Hayden asks Christine if she had a thing for dinosaurs now (because of Cody), and Donny asks if she has a lawyer.
  • 5:30pm – Commercial
  • 5:32pm – Back from commercial
  • Julie is telling them to vote, so they do their speeches.
  • DR door is locked.
  • Victoria walks around asking for her suitcase. I don’t think she still understands what happened.
  • Commercial break
  • 5:39pm – Back from commercial
  • The house is freaked out as Julie explains the twist.
  • They apparently have to do the whole week over.  Cody has to wear the dino-suit as well.  I wonder if Jeff and Jordan will get engaged again.
  • Same competition.  Victoria has no shot. It will likely be Frankie again.

Schedule –

Sunday – Jurors return to game?
Tuesday – Another eviction
Wednesday – Another eviction
Friday – Special episode we apparently don’t want to miss

  • This competition goes on after the show, but it’s unlikely they’ll show the comp on the feeds.  If they do, I’ll let you know. If not, I’ll post who won HoH

Check back for more updates..

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  1. Comments (191)

    I wish we could rewind to week 1 and bring in a new cast!

    • Comments (2)

      that sucks again, we all know who’ll win it’s been handed to him almost the same game Frankie won by himself when Caleb refuse to play with Frankie then Frankie won it last week & that game was pretty mush a win & he’ll do it again. It sucks, B.B. said here Frankie we’ll see that you win. Crap-o

  2. Comments (1446)

    Stevebeans –

    If you would care to indulge us all…

    Who would YOU like to see in the final two??

    • Comments (407)

      Who would I like? Probably Derrick and Caleb. I like Caleb, he’s a weird guy, but he has grown on me.

      • Comments (1446)

        That would be OK…

        My feelings on Caleb change daily. He’s an egomaniac, but there’s something about his loyalty and naivete about life that’s kinda sweet. And he definitely has the best DR sessions, dad gum it!

      • Comments (328)

        Totally agree, Jannie! Plus, I am a sucker for rosey cheeks fellas! That’s what got my heart thumping when I met my hubby at my sweet 16 b-day party and never let him go!

        Looking forward to tonight’s show and hope the twisty twists start tonight. I hope tonight’s comps are not predictable and when the house guests learn of rewind and this week’s was a farse, maybe a fire will be lit and they ALL play theit little booties off!

        Mr Franko…

        Bless you sir and I hope your prognosis will be news that helps get you stronger and begin the road to recovery.

      • Comments (1092)

        Caleb was incredibly funny on last night’s show.

        I am hoping he wins it at this point. But I have a feeling Derrick is setting him up, and will be thrown under the bus.

      • Comments (182)

        Derrick and Caleb, my Final 2 from the get-go, believe it or not

  3. Comments (843)

    My electric has been going off and on all day long then it takes the satellite receiver time to reboot. Hope it doesn’t do that during BB tonight. I record it so I can fast forward through freaky Frankie, which doesn’t leave much viewing time now with only five in the house.

  4. Comments (492)

    Omg!!!! Franko,,
    I told you not to get your blood pressure up! Please take some time off and relax!
    You know my son’s name is Steven and we call him ….get this….. Steveo

    On topic! I did not watch last night and need to catch up..

    Stevebeans, who would you like to see in the final two? Posters would like to know.

    Off to yoga mat….did you read that Franko….relax…


  5. Comments (4)

    It would be funny but it’s not going to happen but the Jury members go into the House and the House members go to the Jury….a Twister roo…lol but it Aint going to happen lol and if Frankie asked Julie….Why why Why ….I hope she says……..Its the most Twisted Summer Ever!

  6. Comments (4)

    all because of that button they all pushed LOL

  7. Comments (492)

    Hey, is our U.S. President going to be on t.v. Tonight? I thought some posted this earlier

  8. Comments (644)

    I want to see Mango’s face when they reveal that his HOH is null. I want Cody to win HOH and put Mango and Victoria and then Mango goes home. Right now I finished watching the first episode of BB Australia 2014. I liked it. Someone suggested it here and I tried it. Wow, it’s sooooooo different from our BB. In this season of BB Australia they’re playing in pairs and it seems that they have a lot of decisions to make. The house is a lot different too, and I didn’t see the sky in the backyard. I wonder how they get their sunrays. BB Australia is more daring and different. But I also like BB USA!

    • Comments (1799)

      BB Aus is set on at an amusement park It would be like BB here being part of Universal Studios. House guest nom 4 people than fans vote

      I only hope for some excitement tonight

      • Comments (644)

        danmtruth, I will probably watch the next episode of BB Australia tomorrow, I don’t want to become too addicted, let’s see if I can manage.

    • Comments (372)

      started watching the aussie version also …just got done with episode 2 … love how the power room lets us here the other side of the conversation …the house IS amazing …our BB house looks like a low rent rental compared to their luxury compound …I think they have sky …cause they got rain in ep 2 … I am really liking watching this …THANK YOU to whoever pointed this out …..
      And yes please Cody win HOH … Fakie is not gonna be a happy camper …hehehe

      • Comments (644)

        damamma, I’m glad they got rain because I was worried that I didn’t see the sky on the first episode. It looked like a ceiling that looked like the sky.
        I agree with you, I want Cody to win HOH.

  9. Comments (118)

    I’m also hoping Mango loses it on live tv but we may have to wait for his meltdown afterwards

  10. Comments (7)

    Have read the comments for the last two years and appreciate the folks that write on this site. What I would like with this ‘reboot’ is: 1) They have to play all of the same competitions they already have this week, or 2) The jury house takes over the house (not going to happen, but a good dream). Plus, I don’t want Derrick to participate in the HOH.

  11. Comments (13)

    Julie Chen just talked about Ariana, her mother & another woman showing up on the CBS lot to support her brother Frankie – a contestant on BB. Talk about promoting for Frankie! She also supported Ariana’s rebuttal to reports of her being a DIVA. This was on The Talk, just a few minutes ago.

    • Comments (78)

      hmmmm…. Are they planning on being in the audience? Then they must plan on Frankie being evicted tonight? I know we were unsure if there were going to be evictions tonight or not, this may answer our questions……

      • Comments (328)

        Do any of the houseguest family ever come to the show except for the live show, or maybe because she is famous and has the resources to show up and be there? I was wondering since I think someone said she was there on an earlier show. I wonder if anyone from the past who is local had family come just to come, or does the show people not allow it? Probably let Frankie family cause of the fame part???? Ya got me, but I have always wondered. I love the show just not completely sure of the rules and secret stuff..

      • Comments (1443)

        My guide on TV says past week reset and new hoh tonight. Also think Julie would have given teaser if everything was going to happen tonight too much like double eviction. Too much time left for that.

      • Comments (1137)

        I don’t think it’s fair for Frankie to have family members in the audience all the time. I’ve never heard of anyone’s else’s family getting to be there everytime their loved one might get evicted. I’m sorry but it screams favoritism towards him. They probably think that will keep him from getting boo’d. BB fans unite and do it anyway.

      • Comments (1443)

        I agree. But I don’t think it would stop the boos unless they made up all of audience. But unless they know something we don’t know if there is going to be eviction or not I still say not but hope I’m wrong

      • Comments (1137)

        Me too it’s time for him to kick rocks

      • Comments (843)

        One year they stopped the audience from booing. Since Christine got booed, they better not stop them from booing Frankie.

      • Comments (1446)

        It’s not the first time..

        Last year Rachel and her mother attended the live BB shows to support Elissa.

        They should have gotten rid of him the minute he revealed who he was – but then they all became star struck.

        He has become a comp beast and may just win his way to the finals. He has been studying like crazy in the HOH – so, like him or not, he is playing the game well.

      • Comments (1137)

        Everyone’s been studying. I don’t think he has a leg up on anybody with that.

      • Comments (1446)

        Well, everyone except maybe Victoria…

      • Comments (37)

        Let’s say that what we really wants actually happens….. Frankie gets evicted. Now, if his family is there with all of their fame, would they be allowed to talk to him???? I am sure it would go against all of the rules for a hg to talk to family members before going to jury. But, would some starstruck member of production allow it????

    • Comments (843)

      Ariana walked out of a photo shoot in Australia because they wouldn’t give in to all her demands. One of her body guards even tried to take the photographers cameras.

    • Comments (453)

      Why is it “normal people” have to obtain tickets ahead of time to be in the audience? But, King Frankie’s family can chose when they will attend and BB rolls out the red carpet and dusts off the thrones? And how does his family know he “may” be eliminated today?, meant to say evicted not eliminated, but kind of like the way that looks, no more Frankie in the house! Evicted house guests are not allowed to see or talk to anyone not on staff or connected, totally unfair to everyone else to give him special treatment. Sorry, no more rants, just am so tired of Frankie and his antics and BB catering to him.

    • Comments (1799)

      Again if Frankie is voted out why does he get to have contact with family members before going into the jury house ( sorry run-on sentence ) Is it CBS hoping to lessen the booing when Frankie comes out?

  12. Comments (2)

    Does anyone know what Frankie’s last name really is? Ariana is his half sister. She and Frankie have different fathers and Frankie said his father has another son with his wife now. Frankie said he doesn’t talk about his brother much.

  13. Comments (25)

    DAN said he will visit the house tonight


    the best player ever…..

    I bet you they will make a joke that now that they pressed the button dan will come in and play kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    and I also think derrick will be all on dr “oh I played just like this guy, right?”

  14. Comments (1)

    I understand that the show will be preempted tonight for the President’s address. Is this correct? When will it be shown in each of the time zones?

  15. Comments (59)

    As much as I dislike the producers of BB, they certainly have made tonight a must watch night for BB fans. Hopefully in a few hours we don’t have to come back here and post “lame”. Positive vibes for a good show tonight.

  16. Comments (1137)

    I’m ready for tonight already but if Frankie wins HOH again I’m turning my tv off. I cannot listen to anymore of his dribble. I just can’t. Go home already please.

  17. Comments (11)

    Wished I could make my expression for what I think of this season of BB in ten foot tall letters…… but here it is anyway:

    S U C K

    The only thing good about this season has been coming here to catch up!! Thanks Stevebeans and all commentors!!

  18. Comments (91)

    please please please Victoria go home. Not only are you a floater, you float face down or belly up, i dunno. but you don’t have any game whatsoever except to parrot Derrick. i’m so over your crowing too about being “last girl standing”. you didn’t even KNOW you were last girl standing until Derrick told you. Now just GO HOME already. tired of ya.

  19. Comments (37)

    I derrick or cody win hoh and but up clab and Frankie then that way they get one guy out. I like clab but Frankie need to go but they need to get a guy out. or at this point put up any to guy just get a guy out please get Frankie out.. last night he was felling cody up cody llbow him then held his hand to stop him, I have nothing aginst guys even have a couple in my close family but Frankie is messing with all the guys and thinks they should put up with him. he’s such a beast they do. but they shouldn’t have to. Frankie should handle himself with more self respect.

    • Comments (13)

      Frankie gets away with it because NO ONE stopped him in the beginning. If someone would have said NO when it first started, it would be different, but by not “nipping it in the bud” he continued with his bad behavior. Just like a little kid that tries something and gets away with it, with no repercussions, he continues to get away with it. Should have been stopped IMMEDIATELY – with a hard hand slap,stern look and VERY LOUD NO!!!!!

  20. Comments (17)

    Franko, get well soon. This is going to be an interesting show tonight.

  21. Comments (1137)

    I don’t think anyone allowed to see anybody when their evicted except Julie and their handler but obviously if Frankie’s family is there and he sees her he’s going to stand up and say that’s my sister Ariana. Ugh

  22. Comments (843)

    Hamster watch has a drinking game posted daily. Today’s is–take a swig whenever you realize BB 16 is still going on. LOL Kind of how we all feel I think. Just put it to death and get it over with, please.

  23. Comments (426)

    I guess Izzy isn’t going to get any air time.

  24. Comments (492)

    Oh! Zach looks happy!

    I miss him!

  25. Comments (843)

    Wow! Can you say COLD reception to the jury house for Christine? Donny even asked her if she had a lawyer yet when they asked if she was booed because of Cody.

  26. Comments (682)

    They ripped Christine in the jury house. I loved Hayden and Donny rubbing it in.

  27. Comments (10)

    Nooooooooooooo!!! the local weather has interuppted big brother!!! Whats happening???

  28. Comments (644)

    The things in the jury house looked a little staged. I remember when Nicole got back to the game she told the HGs that they told her to kiss Hayden for the cameras, and that’s the kiss we watched.

  29. Comments (682)

    This is the best episode of the season so far.

  30. Comments (492)

    Not fair…. Hope Cody wins or Caleb

    Same. HOH game. Pooh

  31. Comments (211)

    About Frankie’s family & friends being allowed to visit the set and be in the audience, etc. – I posted this a few days ago, but I read on another board a post from someone who was in the audience during a recent Double Eviction. He posted that since there was a chance for Frankie to be evicted that night, a bunch of his family and friends showed up in the audience that night – to support him or to try to overpower any “boo’s”, I’m not sure, but after reading the other posts about this topic today, it won’t surprise me if it happens again tonight.

    I agree with others that I don’t feel it’s right for Frankie to get that kind of special treatment. Apparently the audience is made up of just 70 to 80 people, and the fan that was there that night said almost half of that was Frankie’s friends and family that night.

    The audience is told to either cheer or boo, whatever they feel about the person being evicted. If Christine got the boo’s coming to her, Frankie should get them, as deserved, as well. Having family and friends in the audience shouldn’t be allowed to change that outcome.

  32. Comments (2)

    Julie: “coming up after the break, I’ll reveal the most pointless twist of the summer to the houseguests.”

  33. Comments (843)

    Eviction will be Sunday. Jury members are also returning to the house.

  34. Comments (843)

    FALL FRANKIE!!!!!!

  35. Comments (1443)

    R they showing hoh on feeds?

  36. Comments (28)

    No they are no showing the comp on the feeds, I am so anxious, my husband said Cody and Caleb were closest to winning.. I ran upstairs.. as long as it’s not Frankie….

  37. Comments (11)

    Breaking news from ChenBot…

    In case you were not bored enuff by last week we are now going to do an entire repeat.
    Put on your sleeping masks and CPAPS and get ready to sleep.

    Y A W N

  38. Comments (4)

    Go Caleb!

  39. Comments (2)

    Is it just me or does it seem that producers of BB are helping Frankie stay in all due to who his sister is. He (because of his sister) may be the main reason they are getting the ratings they are. Just my thoughts.

  40. Comments (1799)

    The veto comp is a comp Frankie is great at. Last time there was no one close to Frankie . So he will have a good chance to remove himself But let’s not get ahead of ourselves . First win HoH someone other than Frankie

    It sounds like Zach is firmly in Derrick corner along with Christine

  41. Comments (2)

    What was the HOH? I can’t fit the life of me remember. The seed balls was veto but gah what was HOH??

  42. Comments (174)

    I am on the west coast and after the posting about its a good show and what Zach and Donnie did i am so ready to watch the show at 8.

  43. Comments (487)

    Comp is not showing on the live feeds. Darn it!

  44. Comments (12)

    this is stupid – same game ? really really stupid I like my twist better

  45. Comments (1137)

    Ahhh I want to know who won!!!! Anybody know?

  46. Comments (98)

    Since it was a rewind week does that mean the TA mission never happened?

  47. Comments (372)

    Caleb has the HOH key …. hmmm what will happen this week?

  48. Comments (1)

    I guess that means pov is basically going to be a race this time. Since they should remember the puzzles.

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