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Big Brother 16 – Saturday Updates – PoV


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I  had to post a picture of Zach sleeping because that’s basically what I watch all afternoon every day… no, not because I’m a creep (I am, but that’s a different story), but because this house sleeps all freakin’ day!

As I posted in my morning thread, this is a pretty big veto competition. Donny, despite being safe this week, is still going to try hard to win the PoV.  He wants to keep the nominations the same and protect Zach … who is probably more of an ally than Team America at this point, and that’s not saying a lot.  However, it’s actually in Donny’s best interest to let someone like Caleb win so “Beast Mode” isn’t competing against Hayden and Nicole this Thursday night to re-enter the house.  Of course Donny doesn’t know this, so we’ll have to just root against him winning the veto.

Before I begin with the updates, small plugs…

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  • 12:20pm – The houseguests were called into the HoH room and the feeds shut off for now. Will update when they return
  • 12:40pm – Feeds still down, but ‘BRB’ message and not Jeff loops. (‘Jeff loops’ are videos of Jeff interviewing evicted houseguests and showing highlights of the week – mostly with Christine’s helicopter laugh in the background.  They play it during competitions)
  • 1:00pm – Feeds still down
  • 1:15pm – Feeds back. Table downsized, havenot food, and havenots announced (Christine and Victoria).  They also said they still heard the veto challenge being built
  • 2:00pm – Houseguests sitting around chatting. I am going to run some errands.  I expect when I return, zingbot will have made an appearance.  Hopefully I will be able to get errands done before comp is over.
  • 6:40pm – Back from a long night of back to school shopping. Feeds are down for the veto competition, have been down for about an hour and a half. I’d expect them back up in about 30 minutes
  • 7:40pn – Veto competition still underway
  • 8:00pm – Feeds back.
  • Christine was hurt by one zing, she may request it not go on TV.  Will try to find out which one. It likely has something to do with Cody/Christine
  • Frankie won the PoV
  • This is how Christine deals with the zing of being all over Cody…
  • Frankie’s zing had something about not getting any sun from always being in his sister’s shadow
  • Derrick had a zing about his looks.  The guys are all talking about how bad the zing was about Cody/Christine.  Cody defends it by saying how Victoria, Nicole, etc played with his hair (they’re not married)
  • Zach’s zing about being unemployed, but Zach said he doesn’t mind because he has a great life
  • Christine also got hit about her tattoos
  • 8:45pm – Caleb, Cody and Derrick talking about who to send home this week. Zach or Victoria. Caleb is leaning toward Zach
  • Meanwhile, Christine is in the bathroom crying with Victoria about the zing.  Little does she know (Christine), her husband doesn’t mind. I checked his twitter. I’m sure he’s not a HUGE fan, but he also knows it’s a game. He knows Cody is a hot guy. He also knows flirting is a strategy. I think it’s a bit weird how she acts, but at this stage she just acts like someone with a crush. If they ever kiss (they won’t), then you can start freaking out.  Until then, if her husband is ok with it, we should be too.
  • 9:25pm – Houseguests start eating dinner. There will likely be more game talk tonight but I will probably be sawing logs.
  • I do know that Zach thinks Victoria is going up, he may be surprised Monday.  Ohhh drama… but not good for Donny because Zach can probably beat Hayden or Nicole in endurance

Off to bed, hopefully I’ll have more zings in the morning with my overnight recap.

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  1. Comments (191)

    I want to see Donny win the POV and not use it. I want one of the idiots to go.

    • Comments (1443)

      If Donnie does not win I think they will put up zach

      • Comments (4)

        Since Frankie won the POV I hope he doesn’t change the nominations. I would love to see Caleb leave. Watching the show and live feeds, Caleb is way too similar to my college roommate who is a Southern boy who thinks he’s God’s gift to all women, but is oblivious to how narcissistic he really is. Caleb also shows that he’s only interested in improving himself financially. What a douche!

      • Comments (191)

        I agree Frankie will put up Zach

  2. Comments (1446)

    I want to see Cody leave this week.
    Hope Hayden or Nicole return to the house and team up with Donny and Zach. But I’m still not sure if Zach could turn on Frankie.
    Would like to see a final three of Donny, Zach and Hayden/Nicole.

  3. Comments (1799)

    Johnruth to answer as far as I know all BB are own and produce by emole. I watch the other BB on YouTube . TOTALY agree with the other poster about the better use of punishments by other countries production In some cases much more cruel.False eviction where 2 people get evicted . Only to be in a special room listening to remaking HG than renter the game with this info New players joining the game half why thru the game Production needs to take a long hard look .Why get the live feeds to watch people sleeping 70% of the time

  4. Comments (682)

    I thought we saw Zingbot on the live feeds last year.

  5. Comments (1288)

    Have-nots announced – Christine & Victoria and they have the added goodness of blood sausage, canned pumpkin and onions.

    • Comments (383)

      Yick. I hope they like sausage. They could cook that with onions. I don’t know what they would do with pumpkin…but I’m sure Frankie can come up with something. He does seem to know how to cook.

      • Comments (469)

        Jenny – pumpkin soup is very tasty – and if pie crust is allowed then of course pumpkin pie – if traditional pie crust is taboo – could it be made with dry slop?

      • Comments (383)

        I’m not a big fan of pumpkin, other than pie. Have to have pumpkin pie a Thanksgiving and Christmas. I know a lot of people love it so I guess I’m in the minority. What is in the slop?

      • Comments (469)

        I am not sure – I hear the HG’s say it much like the consistancy of oat meal

  6. Comments (383)

    Last night’s BBAD was painful to watch. Caleb believes he’s a “lyrical genius”. He was trying to show off his freestyle skills but would pause after each line to think of something that rhymed and half the time would use the same word to rhyme with itself. Zach and Christine were playing to his ego, acting all impressed with Caleb’s skills. Then Zach would start rapping and actually showed a little bit of talent. It was both sad and hilarious. Caleb sucks at rapping. Wonder if he is any good at any of the other things he thinks he can be famous for. He does have a pretty face but there’s not much substance behind it.

    • Comments (1288)

      Was his break dancing demo on BBAD? At one point he tries to spin on his head and still has his ball cap on – a cap with one of those metal buttons in the center – and he discovered that was not a smart move.

      • Comments (383)

        Yeah I saw him do the head spin and then stand up rubbing his head. He did some other things that I think were supposed to be dance moves. And he told people he used to be a break dancer. Most of me is loving how he is delusional and will be heartbroken to find out he’s just a joke and America is laughing at him. But part of me is concerned about what will happen when he finds out… he’s a joke. Then again, he will probably decide that everyone is just jealous of his talents and we all wish we could be more like him. Just like Amber is sitting at home waiting for him to call. Funny and sad and a little scary

      • Comments (426)

        I still think Amber needs to get a restraining order against him effective the day he gets out.

      • Comments (1288)

        It may very well be Caleb who ends up having to go into hiding after this season.

    • Comments (469)

      Jenny – first – thank you again – Yes I had to fast forward through the rap crap (oh hell it’s rubbing off on me)- my Lord it lasted 45 minutes – I would rather have watched HG’s sleeping – after finding out Donny won the BOB against Caleb-Cody and apparently Christine I had to laugh with happiness for Donny and also at Caleb – when the group was discussing the Donny/Nicole eviction Caleb wanted Nicole gone because there was no way Donny could beat him in a comp. – the result was even with “11/2” team mates Donny handed his butt to him – later in the living room Caleb admitted he never found one bone – I am looking forward to seeing the comp Sunday night to view (from what I am reading) the moment that Christine attempted to give Cody a bone and he was going to accept it until BB stopped it – if true- unbelievable – 7 to 1 and they add cheating to their resume’ – is there no end to how low they will stoop.

  7. Comments (3)

    They should know that someone is coming back julie told them and as Hayden was walking out the door zach said don’t worry man your coming back

  8. Comments (1446)

    So now not only is Caleb a country singer, he is also a “lyrical genius” and rapper.
    It was entertaining last night to see Caleb rapping(kinda) and to watch Zach egging him on – I like Zach more and more, just wish he would turn on Frankie.

    • Comments (332)

      Apparently Caleb was a talented break dancer to. He is so full of BULL! I wouldn’t mind him leaving this week. They better start trimming their fat and figuring who is the final three. Thank you Jesus, Donny is going to smile and smile and smile this week.

    • Comments (832)

      Don’t you know Caleb is wonderful at everything he does? That kid’s ego is bigger than his muscles! Did anyone else catch it on BBAD last night when Caleb was going to try to make Victoria look stupid (I know, insert comment here). He asked Victoria a question he thought she’d answer wrong & she actually answered correctly & Caleb was wrong! Caleb thought he was going to make fun of her but it backfired! Overall, these kids are pretty clueless!

      • Comments (383)

        On tonight’s BBAD Caleb tells Cody he knows he isn’t the sharpest crayon in the box. Then says he graduated 68 out of 70 in high school, and only passed because he played football. Dear Caleb, Nobody is surprised to hear you aren’t a genius.

      • Comments (383)

        Okay, I watched that part back today and realized what he meant was he didn’t care and only worked hard enough to pass so he could play football. I thought he was saying he was given passing grades because he played football. I was wrong. My bad.

  9. Comments (332)

    I think after so many days, insanity of sorts sets in. And they sleep to pass the time but then fantasy sets in. So it becomes a dream environment. I am so excited the “plan” didn’t go as they keep manipulating it. I want Victoria to leave but if they keep her again, she deserves to win even though she has done nothing but brush her dumb hair.

  10. Comments (1288)

    Hayden or Nicole returning may not be the best thing for Donny. Imagine Victoria winning the Veto and sitting on it {to protect Derrick, already her plan] and Caleb is cut loose by the BombSquad{Detonators}. Big Meaty Clod might finally get a clue on how he has been played all season.

    An angry bull bent on destroying the BS backstabbers, a jester Zach jumping off a sinking ship and later a clueless Victoria vote rolling around [though currently under Derrick’s foot] are about as motley a crew of ragtag remnants that Donny could hope for. He could take on the world with those 3 and he would get to be the brains of the operation. Derrick and Frankie would me mighty worried about facing the first 2 with Donny going for the next HoH with Frankie unable to compete.

    Now even though I second SteveBeans fear that the return will be a rerun of last season’s version I have some small hope for a change. What if the return is the only endurance part of the comp? All the current HGs get to watch the 4 evictees fight it out knowing one of the people they voted out is coming right back.

    A Caleb/Hayden showdown would be epic, Jocasta and Nicole might as well drop right off but then they would probably have to immediately leave to avoid undo contact between contestants and judges. Maybe the HGs don’t get to watch, BB could tease them with images from the contest while keeping them locked inside knowing that in the BY the fight goes on. In any event perhaps the actual HoH will be something more attuned to Donny’s skill set.

    I simply fear Hayden or Nicole will make the same mistakes they did before. Donny tried his best to get them on board but they insisted on thinking they were smarter than Donny. See where that has gotten them?

    • Comments (412)

      If they backdoor Zach or keep noms the same and get rid of Caleb, and say the guy they evict comes back in the game, that would be entertaining to watch.

      • Comments (1288)

        And he has to be at least a bigger target than Donny next week. Let the house forget about the Beast Mode Beard for a week.

  11. Comments (412)

    They got rid of that giant 16 seater table and replaced it with a table with 8 seats.

  12. Comments (644)

    At least Frankie didn’t make Donny a have not.
    Donny for the win!!!

  13. Comments (17)

    Wonder what christine(hag),husband thinks of her&her moves on cody.she’s disgusting.turning her back on dum are these girls.wouldn’t it be nice if frankie backdoor derrick.he’d fall over in schock.haha go donny!!!!

  14. Comments (69)

    Is the Veto Contest STILL going on

  15. Comments (1288)

    Yep. If this is ZingBot it will be some change from the last time when he was the wakeup call. Perhaps it is even something totally new [or at least new to the US version].

  16. Comments (1288)

    In this momentary pause I reflected on the week and have realized a strategic mistake Derrick may have made. It was decided he would be the winning HoH when Christine/Donny lost so that Frankie, the more athletic, would be available for the looming and overdue endurance competition. And if everything had worked perfectly that is what would have happened. Derrick planned for the best outcome [Donny losing] and not for the worst outcome [Donny wins]. This outcome leaves Derrick in peril, he could be backdoored.

    What if they had discounted any thoughts about the next HoH and switched roles? Now yes, Derrick would be accepting the losing HoH role but in a perfect outcome[Donny loses and goes] he would be in little danger. If the agreed upon plan is working it would be hard for Frankie to switch the target away from Donny.

    But if the opposite happens, as it has now, Derrick would have had the safety of the HoH and the ultimate decision if anyone was going to be backdoored. Now losing his HoH pics back to BB has gotten to Derrick somewhat. I wonder if he got short-sighted for emotional reasons.

    T+2 hours into Veto.

    • Comments (1443)

      Really don’t think Derrick is worried at all he has even mentioned if he went up he has the numbers and he’s probably right. if Frankie put him up Derrick would have Christine’s, Victorias and Cody’s vote to stay unless Cody stays up. Then he might have problem. Derrick plan is to put zack up and Frankie has no balls(figuratively lol) and will probably agree which is going to be hid downfall cause although zach iffy- still think he’d vote Frankie to stay over Derrick. Also think Caleb would vote with Frankie. So smartest thing for Frankie now for his game is to get rid of one of derricks crew. Even if it was just Victoria. Think that might put more numbers on Frankie’s side. Unsure how Donnie would vote. He knows Derrick running house but think he likes him more than Frankie. Depends on who he’d think was lesser of two evils. So don’t think Derrick would be put up by frank but frank putting up Victoria would be almost as good. The biggest moves in house has been from Nichole. Dual hoh should have been hoh with win would stay in power along with winners!!

      • Comments (1288)

        Yes that way it would put the winning HoH in control over the other person’s initial nominations. They might not save both but if the veto were played the renomination choice would be big. Something else would be needed to discourage overly large alliances, perhaps always taking away Have-not choices and always use comp to pick them. No volunteering or begging off, win or suffer.

  17. Comments (426)

    OK. Really? Three hours for a veto comp?
    I understand that they have to give Victoria and Frankie 45 min to 1 hr. to do the make-up, glitter, and whatever thing. But, 2 or 3 hours for 5 to 7 mins. of air time? Really?

    • Comments (1288)

      Probably another where each have to compete separately and compare times in a final reveal. I don’t know if they would use ZingBot with one of those but they could I guess. Didn’t they have problems one year with the ZingBot actor over-heating?

  18. Comments (4)

    I’d like to see someone come off the block and Derrick go up and out the door.

  19. Comments (1288)

    Frankie it seems.

    • Comments (426)

      Yep. Looks like they are back and Frankie won. Guess Victoria will be leaving. Don’t think Derrick has enough magic dust left to save her. But I guess we will see.

  20. Comments (644)

    Frankie won veto. Will he get Caleb off and put Victoria up, or will he do what Derrick wants and put up Zach???
    Zingbot talked about Christine and Cody and now she is worried about it!

  21. Comments (412)

    I’m kinda glad Frankie won the POV. It was absolutely worst case scenario for Derrick. So I’m happy. I kinda like Derrick and I respect his game, I just don’t like how he thinks he’s fooling America. He will literally do and say something on the live feeds then go in DR and talk to America like we are these fruitloop dingus’ he’s currently living with. You don’t fool me, Derrick.

  22. Comments (412)

    Conversation between Frankie & Christine
    Frankie – You guys are secure in your marriage.
    Christine – I don’t want my pastor to see that
    She adds that she can explain anything to Tim her parents and Pastor not as easy.

    • Comments (469)

      Explain what – it is on prime time TV 3 nights a week – they have have ringside seats – and i’m sure they have BBAD and live feeds – it’s like the guy caught by his wife in bed with another woman – and he says it is not what you think – are you going to believe me or your lying eyes.

  23. Comments (22)

    Sigh.. boring.. Frankie.. who cares. This season is AWFUL. Most of these creatures act like spoiled brats.

  24. Comments (22)

    I hope Christine’s husband has papers ready when she gets out of the house. Her poor husband has been getting ridiculed on Twitter about this matter. It’s not his fault the actions she is taking in the house.

    • Comments (469)

      Adam – are these actual posts you’ve read on twitter – or is this rumor – asking cause if you have seen these it is terribly unfair to Tim (her husband) – I can’t imagine what he is going through – not only the quasi-showmance being aired nationally – but blockheads around the country (or possibly the world) harrassing this poor guy – according to some posters here they have seen some comments by Tim which show him to be very upset – and that he had written a lengthy letter to her to be opened should she make HOH and it was blocked by BB – very sad set of events.

  25. Comments (120)

    Early word is that Zach is going to be the replacement nominee. Caleb and Frankie talked in the storage room, and Caleb said that everyone was on board to get out Zach. Frankie also said he would do it if everyone was on board, and he didn’t want to do it to Victoria.

  26. Comments (174)

    If they backdoor Zach and he is the one to come back they will definitely regret that decision. He might not win anything but he will make the days in there hell.

  27. Comments (644)

    Frankie is so dumb. He is doing exactly what Derrick wants. If he back doors Zac,h he is losing an ally, and also Zankie. Betraying him will probably not get his vote to win if Frankie is in final 2. Ha ha ha, Frankie is like Victoria when it comes to Derrick!!! I want Nicole or Hayden to come back but if not I hope Zach comes back and allies with Donny and maybe they can do something together.
    When Frankie takes off Caleb and puts up Zach, Zach will know he’s the one that’s going out. Because he will know it doesn’t make any sense to put him up instead of Victoria.
    I feel sorry for mom (one of the people that makes comments here). She loves Zach and is going on vacation for 10 days starting today or tomorrow. She is going to be so sad.
    My favorites are Donny, Nicole, Hayden , and then Zach. I also liked Brittany and Amber but they have no chance of coming back.

    • Comments (1288)

      There is always the chance that somehow the target could still swing to Cody but it is not highly likely. Donny has already said Zach has his vote. If Frankie wanted to save Zach he could pressure Caleb by pointing out how close Cody is with Christine and Derrick and not so much with him and Frankie. Christine, Derrick and Victoria would be hard to influence. Sorry mom.

    • Comments (224)

      I’m not sure Zach still is an ally for Frankie. I think he’s still pissed that Frankie was willing to drop him a couple weeks ago.

  28. Comments (426)

    Guess I was wrong about Victoria going up. Seems Derrick’s magic dust works on Frankie too.

    • Comments (1288)

      Derrick got Caleb to bring up the idea. Frankie surrendered his HoH to the majority rule when all agreed to the Skittle draw. If the majority want Zach out Frankie would have to go against their wishes and he would lose any trust they have in him.

      Donny would love that because Frankie would be the biggest target going in to next week. If Frankie forces Victoria up he will have drawn a line in the sand. He is not going to do that. This chess move likely goes to Derrick if nothing shocking upsets the trend.

  29. Comments (426)

    No mention of Zingbot singing Caleb about Amber. Really surprised. But I guess BB doesn’t want to set him off.

  30. Comments (426)

    zinging, not singing.

  31. Comments (692)

    I don’t want zanky split up. I think it’s a true romance. I don’t think zach anticipated getting involved with a guy in the house but he has and I actually like them together.

  32. Comments (682)

    I’m happy Christine got called out on her behavior with Cody. Cody “does that with all the girls” is no excuse. The other girls are not married and if her husband is fine with it or if she ever mentioned it was part of her game it would be different. But her crying about it now shows she was clueless to how it looked to the viewers and to her husband.

    Derrick told Frankie getting Victoria out is a waste of an HOH but wasn’t that the plan all along? Final 6 to the end. They talk about all scenarios so I’m sure they will put some more thought into this before throwing Zach up but really, Victoria HAS TO GO. Now is the perfect time before someone comes back from the jury house. It sets up Nicole or Hayden to come back and Vicky can sit in the jury house with Jocasta. They really should have a side side of the jury house even if it’s web only. I’d pay to see that.

  33. Comments (3)

    Cody has done nothing to win. He’s hanging on to Derricks coattails. I would love to see Donny, Hayden, or Nicole win. This is the worse BB yet. Sick of Derrick he has run the house from the beginning.

  34. Comments (266)

    Cody is just as disgusting as Christine. Allowing a married woman to touch/fondle/rub all over you is not ok… A real man would step back and approach her telling her he doesn’t want to disrespect her husband. Cody is worse than a teenager and doesn’t know one thing about maturity and respect.

    • Comments (61)


      F***ing Frankie.

    • Comments (469)

      Stemmie – you are absolutely correct on all counts – having said that let me put something out there for everyones consideration – I am confident that CBS covers all their bases by having the HG’s sign every right they have away in favor of BB – and throughout the season BB has not attempted to hide this relationship quite the opposite – they have it seems, taken every opportunity to zoom in and show closeups of all the intimate behavior (good to draw viewership = $$) – so while Christine has signed her life away – what about Tim – my guess is no – so would he have a case against BB for their – “public-willfull-shameless and deliberate behavior” which has caused him embarassment-stress- mental anguish- public ridicule and irreparable personal damage” (trying to sound legalese to make the point)- in this country sadly we can sue for anything – but in this situation I would initially say he has a good case if as a spouse he was not also required to sign away certain rights – just something to chew on.

      • Comments (426)

        Disagree! The only court he needs to go to is ‘Divorce Court’. But actually thinking that won’t happen, at least not immediately.

      • Comments (426)

        And not to get personal (I love most of your posts), but are you somehow connected with the ambulance chasers who bring frivolous law suits and waste the courts time, that us taxpayers end up paying for?

      • Comments (138)

        JR just has no clue what he’s talking about. He just invented a new tort off the top of his head — “public-willfull-shameless and deliberate behavior.” Good one.

      • Comments (469)

        Colby – no way – no how – NOT – as you see I said “in this country sadly enough we can sue over anything” the purpose of my post was kind of two fold – 1 on the assumption – from listening to posts here – Tim was none to happy with the whole situation – and if he chose to split the sheets he could at least be somewhat repaired-and 2 – I have a sour taste in my mouth the way BB handled this – although they certainly didn’t provoke the behavior – and Cody and Christine deserve no special treatment – it seems as though CBS, in an effort to perk up their drowning season they played to this with little or no concern for the many people that could and will be hurt by this – I understand A business is concerned with the bottom – but sometimes discretion should win out over ratings and the all mighty dollar

      • Comments (266)

        I would assume CBS has refined their terms and conditions so well by now that they are clear of any lawsuits.

  35. Comments (12)

    Frankie is going to backdoor Zach? no that cant happen I love zankie!! putting up Zach would mean putting up Frankie’s only real ally left. its a stupid move and BB might as well just stop the game and give the money to derrick now (who I do not want to win).

    • Comments (1288)

      Zach has been so random that he scares Frankie. Caleb is drinking deeply of the celebrity nectar Frankie has offered and has been much more stable with Amber gone. Derrick started maneuvering for this the second Donny won BotB. I actually thought it would be harder to do. Nothing is set in stone yet, POV meeting is not until Monday and a lot can change before then.

    • Comments (332)

      I don’t think Zach will go up, Frankie better not do it

  36. Comments (1446)

    Yay!!! Kathy Griffin is going to be on w/Zingbot! Sounds like she zinged them better than he did.

  37. Comments (426)

    Things have been focused on dinner / dessert tonight. I’m guessing BB brought in dinner to hopefully spark conversation between all houseguests tonight?

  38. Comments (1799)

    If Zach gets to the jury house and explains how he was Backdoor by Derrick and Frankie . My guess is Nichole still won’t belive that Derrick is behind it all
    As for Christine and all the house guest I’m sure they signed away most of there lives Yes it is not fair that trolls on the internet are targeting Christine husband Tim .

  39. Comments (25)

    Tired of Frankie, I know the camera crew love him. He definitely flames up every time he’s on camera and frankly all his poses are just too silly.

  40. super duper bb fan
    Comments (34)

    After watching BBAD tonight. Not only is caleb his biggest fan. But his extracurricular life is a bit much!

  41. Comments (69)

    Speaking of the dinner after dark – Frankie – even though it seems he did all the work preparing or at least heating the food up – drives me nuts talking with his mouth open while eating and the tongue getting in the way all the time while doing so.

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