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Big Brother 16 – Sunday Afternoon Updates


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Good afternoon! I hope you’re enjoying your labor day weekend. While it may be a holiday weekend outside the house, the game still goes on inside the house. Christine won the PoV yesterday, so that took the wind out of anyone supporting Nicole, but there is still a very slight chance she remains in the house. Why?  Because Derrick and Caleb are still talking about backdooring Frankie and getting him out.  My honest opinion is not to get your hopes up. I believe this will be all talk, Victoria will go up tomorrow and Nicole will go home on Thursday night, but I have been wrong before… or have I?


  • 3:45pm – Derrick and Caleb are discussing different scenarios for the week. Caleb would like to get Frankie out but needs the alliances support on it. Derrick reminds him that Nicole will likely put Caleb on the block if she won HoH, but it doesn’t guarantee she’d have the numbers.
  • Derrick said Nicole is still pretty close with Cody but backing off a bit because of her feelings toward Hayden. She doesn’t want to appear like she has a thing for him (unlike someone else), but Derrick still believes she’s closer to him than anyone else.
  • Caleb said Frankie likely believes he can beat Derrick in anything (Derrick agrees), so Frankie could very well turn around and put two big guys up against each other instead of wasting an HoH on a Victoria or Christine.
  • Caleb believes Nicole would put him up next to Christine, but he believes he’d have the votes against Christine (they’d probably take the opportunity to get out Caleb)
  • Note – It’s hilarious how they go through all these scenarios but nobody ever mentions the possibility of Derrick going up
  • 4:04pm – Nicole is in the bedroom talking to Frankie and she said she hopes Frankie is in the f2 because he’s been a great BB player.
  • 4:15pm – Nicole is still talking to Frankie and said she is embarrassed about some of the things she’s said. She may not re-watch the season.  Nicole really has little to worry about. Her and Donny are A-OK in my book.
  • The talks broke up a bit and people are hanging outside.
  • 6:00pm – Derrick is going on and on to Cody about his job as a parks guy. It’s pretty impressive for him to say so much about it.
  • 6:25pm – Nicole and Victoria are in the bathroom talking game a little bit. Nicole tells her that Hayden was going to go after Cody hardcore if he returned to the game.  Victoria is also wondering if she’ll be the replacement nominee, but Nicole can’t confirm anything.
  • 6:30pm – Caleb and Cody are in the HoH room..
  • Caleb – From here on out, who do we think is more dangerous.
  • Cody – Frankie.
  • And within 2 minutes, Christine comes up. The guys are not too happy about it because they’re never able to talk.  Dammit. This would have been a great conversation.
  • Now Frankie is up. Ugh. Great game talk is done.
  • 7:38pm – Megaphone man is back. This time it’s very clear he said “Frankie is destroying you all in the diary room”.  Derrick, Caleb and Frankie heard it. I could hear Frankie sigh shortly after he went inside
  • 8:55pm – Caleb, Cody and Derrick finally get some time alone in the HoH room.
  • Derrick, I’m completely down with sending Frankie home, but let me play devil’s advocate. Nicole wins HoH and puts you (Caleb) and Christine up. Derrick, Cody and Victoria are left off the block.  We should be able to get you off because we’d have the votes, but there is a small chance Nicole tries to get cute and get Christine back.
  • Caleb is pointing out that Nicole has actually been pretty weak in competitions. Frankie has been very good.
  • Frankie comes up and breaks up the conversation.

Check back for more.

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  1. Comments (1276)

    I’m really hoping at some point these guys realize that they better go ahead and turn on each other now. They can’t let it come down to the end, and then hope they win the right comp at the right time, to end up in the final 2 spots. It’s just bad game play.
    They have to start getting out people when they have the chance. Here’s hoping they Caleb gets a spine and puts up Frankie, and Derrick and Cody have enough of a spine to vote him out.

  2. Comments (182)

    Why rid Nicole who is a weaker competitor then Frankie who will need to go soon enough. Is Derrick sizing up who he can beat F2, thinking a few chess moves ahead? Nicole probably would have a better shot at beating Derrick then Frankie, considering the Jury makeup.

    But this is a presumption too far, Frankie is a bigger threat now to Derrick then Nicole at this point. I see Frankie striking first alliance blood if he wins HOH.

  3. Comments (453)

    Wasn’t it Caleb and Frankie in the HOH room talking about Frankie striking first before Derrick and Cody do against the two of them?

  4. Comments (69)

    I read that someone on Jokers and even someone on the other post on here sent an email to CBS complaining about the violence of the gang here and I sent an email to the Excecutive Producer complaining as well – do not know if it will do any good if a lot of people sent one – but maybe Frankie in particular would be expelled from the game – what CBS executive wants to get that type of attention – [email protected]

  5. Comments (492)

    This is what I wrote just yesterday: And then Frankie did what he did…he should go HOME
    August 30, 2014 at 6:54 pm
    2 1
    I am almost to the point of feeling sad for Frankie.
    CBS should just call him to the DR and pull him from the game before he makes more of a fool of himself.
    So sad. He is a very, very sad , and lost man.

  6. Comments (1) has a article about Frankie, talking about raping Victoria. Her father is calling CBS it is on the news.

  7. Comments (492)

    Frankie needs to go and what he did to Zach is not nice.
    Isf Zach was a girl……America wouldn’t stand for it either! It should matter that Zach is a guy, it wasn’t
    Right. Now that he is doing it to a woman it is wrong???
    He was not nice to Zach too.

    PLEASE remove Frankie

    • Comments (487)

      Frankie is a serial molester. Today he was grabbing on Derrick. CBS needs to do something about this guy. Did you see his comment about lesbians? He said that women make the choice to lesbians. I’m surprised the LGBT community hasn’t has something to say about this punk.

  8. Comments (412)

    I call Christine and Frankie, Stankie. Lol

  9. Comments (492)

    I am mad
    * it Shouldn’t
    Matter. That Zach is a guy

  10. Comments (372)

    Well it is almost show time ….lets see if CBS addresses this or tries to sweep it under the rug

    • Comments (426)

      I’m pretty sure they won’t address it tonight, as it just happened yesterday.. It is a taped and canned show at this point. I would think they have all kinds of meetings needed over it with all the consultants (lawyers, etc.)
      I actually doubt they will address it at all during primetime. That is, unless they do evict Frankie, then they will have to explain it, but I seriously doubt that will happen. Many viewers only watch the three shows weekly, and CBS certainly isn’t going to show it or call any more attention to it than absolutely necessary.

  11. Comments (722)

    CBS will eIther spin it or not address it at all..
    Someone mentioned the Mango/Ariana record sales deal.. they’ve invested to much into the Grandes to cut ties now..
    Mango thinks he will get a big time hosting gig worth more than half a million after thIs.. good luck dude!

    • Comments (487)

      They won’t address it unless Frankie gets voted out. Same as last year with Aaryn nothing until she got voted out. So I don’t expect anything to happen. As for the deal,if stores like Target, Walmart and Best Buy don’t stock the CD because of Frankie, CBS will cut ties with him (pay him off) and move forward without him. They would rather cut their losses than lose everything because of a loser like Frankie.

      • Comments (722)

        Sadly, I don’t think Mangos actions will stop the sales. Companies don’t have the integrity they used to.

      • Comments (372)

        Greed kills … peace and hope
        …organized greed kills those and much more on a bigger scale

  12. Comments (198)

    I wonder what Frankie little sis has to say about him now.

  13. Comments (487)

    I read the TMZ article and if Victoria’s mom is as strong as I think she is, Frankie has picked on the wrong baby bear. Victoria’s mom sounds like she is ready and willing to kick Frankie in his a$$. I wonder if Julie Chen will address on David Letterman on Tuesday night?

  14. Comments (1)

    I agree that no big moves have been made this season and yaaaaaaawwwwwwnnn!!! I may stop watching if these players don’t start playing!

  15. Comments (1799)

    Won’t Mango have a break down when he is evicted to Boos I wonder if CBS will have his sister their for that show to try to lessen the negative reaction Lets hope for the back door works That Caleb wash the stardust out of hiss eyes and puts Frankie up

  16. Comments (644)

    About today’s show: Mango is so disgusting, I’m happy that CBS is showing more of his nastiness. Christine got a little redemption there by sticking up for Nicole against Mango, but after him she’s the worst and I don’t like her. I can’t believe Cody and Caleb want Mango gone but Derrick doesn’t want them to vote Mango out. And the funny thing is that it happened last week on Cody’s HOH, and it’s happening this week on Caleb’s HOH. They are the kings of the house but Papa Derrick controls them. It’s so painful to watch. Whoever gets Derrick and Frankie out deserve to sit in final 2.

  17. Comments (69)

    I wonder if writing emails to the sponsors of the show talking about the violence expressed would cause a riff – obviously without sponsers they are in big trouble – has worked in the past – will check out BBAD tonight and see who they are.

    • Comments (5)

      Please let me know who some of the sponsors are. I no longer watch but do not like the rape comments that were made.

      • Comments (69)

        Will let you know tomorrow Babs researching it now – may use some of the contacts of last years complaints to the sponsers – just stay tuned and look at the current blog page.

    • Comments (21)

      Way back when- a network was going to air OJ’s story. I looked for every sponsor and because of a large group it never aired. Can’t imagine this today. Too bad.

  18. Comments (130)

    IF you all really want to hurt Frankie where it counts, go un-follow him on all of his social media outlets he has. That is what he is so proud of and bragged about when he entered the house. Imagine his face when he exits and see that no one cares about following him on Twitter, youtube, etc…

  19. Comments (644)

    Smouse, I think most of us didn’t know who mango was until the show, so I don’t think we can make a dent in his number of followers. Between Instagram, Twitter, and youtube he has about 1,750,000 million followers. I wonder how many he had before the show.
    I can’t stand Mango!!!

  20. Comments (83)

    I often wondered if the guys in the house
    Are uncomfortable around Frankie and his
    Random touching of the guys. I think they are
    Scared to say something because then they
    Will be possibly accused of being a homo phob?
    Anyone agree?

      • Comments (492)

        Yes,, sad to say,
        But the guys should speak up,
        All men should speak up!

      • Comments (21)

        I believe they are scared of being labeled homophobic. Too bad they are not scared of being disrespectful of women!

      • Comments (372)

        Sounds to me it is time to BD Fakie … put on your big boy pants Caleb … time to COWBOY UP …
        … he might be the only person with a pair still intact. …YES please+

      • Comments (372)

        Right after the lockdown 6:30BBT, Dino-Cody/Caleb briefly chatted alone in the HOH about replacement nom. Less…
        Cody asked if he had broken the news to Frankie that Caleb wants to sleep alone tonight.
        Caleb says he asked Derrick who would be more dangerous from here on out to compete against? Cody: Frankie or Nicole? Caleb: Who will beat us and make a move? Cody: Frankie 100%. He would definitely make the move, but would he make that move next week.
        Caleb worried that in a double evict, Frankie would put up Cody & Caleb together.
        Christine comes up to HOH, and they are frustrated they can’t get any time to talk alone.
        … from jokers

        Fakie being the replacement 4 [email protected]
        Now that would be entertaining …scramble city

      • Comments (1)

        As for when Christine and or Frankie are always trying to listen, following/keeping tabs on, to where and who is talking to who.. Id say for the two who want to talk privately, just go into the bathroom stall together, and get your talking done 🙂
        I want Christine and Frankie out of the house, pronto. jmo

      • Comments (692)

        Why do they NOT keep the door to the HOH room locked. I seem to remember in years past that the door was kept locked. this year and last year it seems they should have installed a revolving door on the HOH room. people come and go as they please, eat the food that is there for the HOH, take the bed that is for the HOH, mainly Frankie, and act as if its a public domain. Why have the HOH room if everybody is going to stay in it all the time?

    • Comments (426)

      And inside the house they didn’t want to make any waves for fear of getting evicted.
      Because as Frankie has proven with the whole ‘play’ thing, he will whip out that gay card in a quick minute.

      • Comments (372)

        That card is mute …

        with his F america comments all he has left in his hand is the mega spoiled brat @##hat card …famous sis …I am a media mogul …HAHAHA
        not for long …WE see you for who you are Fakie …
        you wanted the spotlight …well you got it now

      • Comments (426)

        I agree. But none of them know that.
        I was referring to the other houseguests tolerating his behavior all along.
        He definitely has cut his own throat when it comes to the fame he desires.

    • Comments (75)

      I don’t agree. They seem to touch him back too. Remember Frankie isn’t the only one who made horrible comments about Victoria! I’m not sticking up for Frankie. He use to be my favorite but not anymore!!! This other guys are just as bad!!

      • Comments (426)

        Yes, Frankie’s comments were the worst, but Derrick joined in and the rest all laughed about it. And actually Christine started it. Why would she say that in the first place?
        But in Frankie’s case, it is just final straw because of his behavior the entire season.

      • Comments (75)

        What did Derrick say?

  21. Comments (4)

    I don’t want Frankie evicted. I want him led out the side door. No audience, no fanfare, no posing. Just gone.

  22. Comments (628)

    Some observations from tonight’s show:
    1. Victoria doesn’t say much, but her eyes speak volumes. The looks she gives when Christine laughs make for some very entertaining TV.
    2. Mango has some kind of chutzpah ( brass ones in Yiddish) to look at America and tell us we got it wrong and that Donny was “dead weight”. Every time he opens his mouth he digs his own pop star grave deeper and deeper.
    3. How funny would it be if Victoria got to the f3 and revealed that being a floater and not winning comps was her strategy all along and that thanks to Derrick, she succeeded? Just a thought. Lol

  23. Comments (1)

    I wonder how proud Christines parents are of her trashy play

  24. Comments (492)

    Caleb, Derrick, Victoria

    Victoria fails at the physical comp. so , one of the boys takes her to the final 2.
    Victoria gets 50 g’s

    Good for her!

  25. Comments (644)

    Just got this from Jokers:

    “Someone with a megaphone again in the backyard. Der/Caleb/Frankie were out there. Derrick told them to go inside and they did.”

    Derrick must be horrified that someone outside will yell that he is a cop. That’s why he told Frankie and Caleb to go inside and the funny part is that they just followed his orders. What a bunch of sheep this season.

  26. Comments (37)

    last night Frankie had his hands all over cody while he was drunk. but cody did grab frankis azz after awhile. then cody started pushing him away after Frankie started sticking his hand down his shirt. every one in the house saw it so maybe this will get Frankie kicked out

    • Comments (426)

      Frankie’s hands have been all over everyone all season, but nobody will say anything for fear of being evicted or ‘labeled’. Did he try to take advantage of the situation? Absolutely!
      Earlier in the evening he groped Derrick on the hammock. Derrick asked him how many times he was to do that today. Frankie’s response was 4, and that was #3. Proof that Frankie knows exactly what he is doing.
      He is an entitled, rich, spoiled brat, who has probably been given free reign all his life to do or act anyway he want’s, with no consequences for his actions, as long as he stayed out of their hair. That is also probably why he is such an attention whore.
      The poster boy for ‘Affluenza’!
      Not excusing his behavior anymore that I excuse a person committing a heinous crime using the excuse that ‘I had it rough growing up’.
      He is an adult and knows right from wrong, but still chooses to push the limits.
      Just my opinion!

      • Comments (19)

        He is riding on his sisters so called fame. As I stated before I had never heard of his sister until this season and I have 3 teen age girls in the house who had to think before they could remember where they had heard her name. Frankie needs to get his own life and stop playing the gay and sister card.

  27. Comments (54)

    Frankie is a PREDETOR!

  28. Comments (832)

    Last year CBS did little to nothing to squash the horrible behavior. If CBS doesn’t take any action, again, I’m afraid it will continue season after season & only get worse. As long as they continue to cast such young, entitled kids I can’t believe it will get better. Frankie has shown his true character & I’m guessing he won’t take any responsibility. He’ll make excuses, play the gay card & any other excuse he can conncoct in his pea brain.

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