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Big Brother 16 – Sunday Feed Updates


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Today has the potential for a pretty explosive day… errr, night (sorry, they sleep all day).  Despite the veto meeting being tomorrow, the guys in the house are thinking of letting Zach know he is going to be the replacement nominee.  Zach is pretty confident Victoria is going up and going home.  The combination could be fun, if it happens.  If not, well Sunday’s are usually snoozers since nobody wants to rock the boat while there is an open spot in the nomination chairs.

Personal stuff (skip if uninterested) .. I mentioned creating a Walking Dead blog the other day. What do you guys think about a general catch-all TV show blog?  Sadly most of the shows I watch or have watched are not on any more (I miss Breaking Bad), but there are two things about me.. I watch TV and I share my opinion. I think as long as I organize the blog in a way where you can go do a specific show and only get that info if you want, that may work.  One reason is, I’m considering on blogging Utopia as well, but I don’t know if that show will suck or not. I don’t want to create a whole new blog for a show people will lose interest in.  Any feedback is great!

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Ok, back to the game….

  • 12:00pm – Donny is walking around outside and Christine is putting on some makeup.
  • 2:00pm – A few people using the photo booth while Derrick/Donny are sitting outside
  • 4:30pm – Getting ready for the show tonight! This is the first time I’m excited to watch a competition in a long time. I can’t wait to watch the battle of the block.  I also took 2 naps today.  I totally should have been cast for BB16, I would have been perfect.
  • As far as the house.. well, they’re not doing anything.
  • They finally show other people outside. Cody is telling Caleb about their prepared speech to Zach. They’re going to let him know he’s going home so enjoy his last few days. I assume they’ll do it later tonight, so I’m glad I had a few naps today
  • 7:00pm – Back from watching BB (and an episode of Restaurant Impossible, so what, I like that show) and it appears not only is the Team America mission successful, Zach appears to be taking credit for it.  More on it as I get details.
  • 6:25pm (using flashback) – People discover stuff missing and go searching the house for their items. The finger pointing begins.
  • Zach finds an open pop tart wrapper in Victoria’s drawer. He gives her the 3rd degree on it.  #poptartgate
  • The group approaches the bathroom and notices Frankie talking to Christine “Look at the F’n smirk on him” said Zach.  Donny – “As we approached they stopped talking”
  • However, when they all enter the bathroom, they accuse Zach of being the saboteur
  • Derrick – “More is going to go missing, you watch. We have to keep people on watch”
  • 6:30pm – Caleb listing the reasons why Zach is the saboteur..
    1) You slept in the fire room when you were a havenot, and they made Donny uncover his eyes.
    2) Cody stands up on the furniture and they say “Cody, shut it down” and you stand up on couch in the living room bragging they’re not saying anything to you
    3) (Frankie) And you scream at them all the fucking time and you never get in trouble – EVER!
    4) You throw stuff at the cameras
    5) (Frankie) Stop, stop, stop… he told us he’s Amanda Zuckerman’s cousin! (something team america made up). That must have been his first lie!
  • Zach decides to go along with it “All I know is you have until 10:30 tonight to find your shit or I get paid”
  • Zach leaves the room and the group discusses how much money Zach likely already has from his sabotages.
  • Derrick jumps in – “Not only that, he’s saying that so we stop looking. We are not stopping. We’re staying on all night!” (they have to keep the watch going for 24 hours)
  • 6:38pm – Zach walks back in the house.. Caleb “You’re caught.. you’re caught!  You aint doing anything without us up your BUTT!”
  • Cody then interrogates Zach on why he wanted to sleep in the rock room alone
  • Zach walks away and Cody yells “I need three men on him at all damn time!”
  • Caleb – “You aint getting paid, not on my watch!”
  • 6:49pm – Cody is outside still talking about the differences how production treats him.  Cody – “What about the week he was on the block with Jocasta. He was probably bugging out because if he didn’t make it to jury he wouldn’t make his money”
  • Zach tries to go into the diary room and the house won’t let him. Three of them charge the room with him.
  • 7:45pm – Ok, I  had to fast forward to live, this is hilarious.
  • Frankie to Zach – “I hope you’re the saboteur and getting paid because you are the saboteur”
  • Zach – “I still think it’s Victoria .. Zingbot said she’s not playing the game. What game is she playing”
  • 7:54pm – Caleb notices Zach put the pool ball in his shirt, so they’re scrambling to see if he really took it.
  • They chase Zach around the house and Cody finds the cue ball in the trash.
  • Frankie “realized” one of the missions was to make nominations a random draw.  Team America is handling this great
  • 8:07pm – Cody and Caleb find all the stuff in the pantry. Zach says “Does this prove it wasn’t me??” Nope
  • 8:18pm – Zach is talking about how screwed he is now.
  • 8:30pm – The house is eating, time for me to write a recap on tonight’s episode.
  • 9:30pm – Zack and Caleb are in the bathroom chatting. Zach is really worried about being put up tomorrow
  • Caleb said Zach is probably going up but he’s not guaranteeing it.

Check back for more updates.

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  1. Comments (1276)

    A Walking Dead Blog is for sure something I’d read. Do you watch The Leftovers? It’s really good, and in it’s first season. Plus I think everyone ends up sitting there going… What just happened at the end of each episode.
    I know you have been watching Game of Thrones, so I think that would be an obvious good choice. What other shows do you watch Stevebeans?

    • Comments (407)

      Not a whole lot because I tend to get addicted to shows, so I restrict myself. However, if I’m blogging about them, I get an excuse to feed my addiction 🙂

      I watch a lot of premium channel shows, HBO especially. I wish I wrote about True Blood because I have a lot of opinions on that show. Game of Thrones as you mentioned. Criminal Minds. Shameless. I also watch a lot of movies, and can probably have a category for that too

      • Comments (191)

        How about a general entertainment blog?

      • Comments (412)

        I miss breaking bad so much!

      • Comments (224)

        Me too! Don’t think I can bring myself to watch the spin-off. I’m pretty sure I’ll be expecting it to be just like the main show and just be disappointed.

      • Comments (407)

        Yea, it has to be more of a comedy-drama style. No way they can make it pure drama

      • Comments (1288)

        I am hoping it will be like a twisted Matlock, Saul gets a different client to defend each week or represent if it is a lawsuit.

      • Comments (1092)

        Hi Steve,

        What about a Hell’s Kitchen or Master Chef.

        Or a show that can use a lot off discussion is Once Upon A Time. There are so many character twists and possibilities, that trying to figure out what will happen next is a huge part of the enjoyment of this very well written, and a lot of the time confusing show.

  2. Comments (19)

    I think a blog for anything is worthwhile, you’ll most likely pick up people who’re interested in those type of things, whether they’re already here or not. I mean heck, the way I found this site was through google in the first place, chances are whatever you start people will search it up, and voila, followers.

    To add, a show I enjoy watching is revenge, and while the show is amazing, sometimes there are things that go unnoticed first time around. Good blogging helps clear the air on that. Many times I went to look at reviews for episodes I have already watched because there is something I didn’t quite get or something that was in there, but I didn’t see, and add’s a little more depth (And sometimes insight) to future episodes to come.

    A boring recap of an episode is not something I, or other readers I bet, would want to see, and seeing your way of commenting on events in a personal way, is the type of flair a blog like the one you want to start, needs. Adding personal interest, rooting for (And against) characters.

    I mean heck, I saw you got caught up in Game of Thrones (Season 3 was it? You’re in for a treat in season 4) And I would have followed a blog talking about that, especially since there’s book/tv differences. I could just imagine the type of uproar each week would bring. (Not that it didn’t already).

  3. Comments (19)

    I think a blog for anything is worthwhile, you’ll most likely pick up people who’re interested in those type of things, whether they’re already here or not. I mean heck, the way I found this site was through google in the first place, chances are whatever you start people will search it up, and voila, followers.

    To add, a show I enjoy watching is revenge, and while the show is amazing, sometimes there are things that go unnoticed first time around. Good blogging helps clear the air on that. Many times I went to look at reviews for episodes I have already watched because there is something I didn’t quite get or something that was in there, but I didn’t see, and add’s a little more depth (And sometimes insight) to future episodes to come.

    A boring recap of an episode is not something I, or other readers I bet, would want to see, and seeing your way of commenting on events in a personal way, is the type of flair a blog like the one you want to start, needs. Adding personal interest, rooting for (And against) characters.

    I mean heck, I saw you got caught up in Game of Thrones (Season 3 was it? You’re in for a treat in season 4) And I would have followed a blog talking about that, especially since there’s book/tv differences. I could just imagine the type of uproar each week would bring. (Not that it didn’t already).

    • Comments (407)

      Thanks for the input! I am up to season 4 now and would probably be all caught up if I didn’t randomly decide to get caught up on True Blood haha. I am tempted to read the books as well so I can learn about the differences. I loved seeing the differences/similarities between Walking Dead (speaking of.. the end of the latest comic just took a very weird twist)

      • Comments (19)

        You’re most certainly welcome! I read your blog last year as well and came back specifically to this one because of how well it was covered, plus the added personality. So if you were to take up another blog, I feel it’d go well for you, especially since shows like that are once a week, you’d only have to direct focus and attention one out of seven days, letting you focus on BB (And future projects should you take them on.)

        I’ll say this for sure, when season 5 of Game of Thrones hits (Nicely placed just before BB) and if you get the feeling to blog that, you’ll definitely have a follower here.

  4. Comments (692)

    No, no, No, no, No, Zach can not go home this week. I do not want Zankie split up. although if Frankie is willing to put him up and get him addicted then it should show Zach that Frankie is No person to be involved with in the first place. the way that Frankie acts in the house explains why he is single and has No boyfriend on the outside

    • Comments (379)

      I think the reason Frankie has no boyfriend on the outside is he can’t remove his head from his sisters butt hoping to follow her to fame. And why does everyone keep thinking Hayden will get back into the house? Granted I haven’t really watched the show this season but I don’t recall him doing much of anything.

      • Comments (692)

        Mindyboo, you made me laugh. Thank you! I can see the point you’re making that he can’t remove his head from up his sisters butt. I’m glad he loves his sister BUT he needs to GET A LIFE.

      • Comments (1276)

        Hayden, is in amazing shape. He is really strong and great at endurance, so he has a great chance to do really well in that type of comp. Plus, usually they just have to beat the other houseguests from the jury. He and Caleb would have been a pretty even match when it comes to physical comps.

      • Comments (469)

        All the “macho” guys in the house agree Hayden is the best athlete.

  5. Comments (3)

    Do they not drink anymore on BB. That could cause some more drama. Let’s getem drunk and see what happens.
    Love The Walking Dead

    • Comments (722)

      Nothing like a mean drunk to stir up drama.

    • Comments (644)

      Kimberly, I don’t like people getting drunk, I don’t find that amusing. I find it sad.

    • Comments (426)

      I thought they should have given them alcohol more often earlier in the game, to relax them, create more interaction, and spark more conversations (loosen up the lips some), but not necessarily get them ‘drunk’. But at this point I think it would be useless because there are so few of them left. I don’t think Donnie drinks, and I don’t think Christine or Victoria could because they are have-nots. That would only leave the guys who are all in on what’s going on (or at least think they do) And probably not a good idea to give Zach anything to drink when they tell him he is going up.

  6. Comments (1)

    Newbie here! I’m a regular at another BB site, but just wanted to see what a “new” group of BB fanatics think about this season. Personally, I absolutely love Donny. I think He’s a kind, genuine and humble person and that’s something we don’t see a whole lot of in BB. Do I think he will win? Probably not, but I won’t stop rooting for him! My second choice would be Zach. Yes, he loves attention, he likes to stir the pot and he’s not afraid to make a fool of himself..which all makes for some pretty entertaining TV. But, I Also think he’s a good person at his core, and I think he genuinely enjoys his talks with Donny and feels bad for making him feel shunned. The other’s I don’t like very much, LOL. Frankie just lurks in his sister’s shadow, hoping he can have the same fame she does. And he reminds me a lot like Andy from last season. Just a little rat. Cody said last week that he thought that.Donny has just skated through this season nd wants him gone. …what exactly has Cody done? Oh yeah! He has stuck his head so far up Derrick’s butt that he’s been dragged along by him this whole time. Caleb…one word: CRAZY!, like certifiably. Derrick- I will admit that he is playing the best game, but I feel like he has an unfair advantage being an undercover cop. Isn’t his profession to lie And make people feel comfortable enough around him to share everything with him? I’m in no way saying I don’t like cops, and I appreciate the good ones out there that do their job to protect people (and I think Derrick is one of those cops) but I just feel like he has a huge advantage over the other players. And then there’s Victoria. The girl who is basically relaxing on vacation. She doesn’t do much of anything and I wish she was gone weeks ago. Oh! I almost forgot about Christine! I had high hopes for her at the start of the season, but in the past several weeks she has really pissed me off and I just don’t like her. I think he and Nicole could’ve gone far together and possibly taken out some if the boys that are left, but we all see how that turned out. Anyway, just wanted to stop by to see what other fans thought and to leave my opinion on the HGs. Oh, and Frankie. If you want to make a big move, put up Derrick. You’ll regret not getting rid of him when you had the chance once you watch the show for yourself.

    • Comments (13)

      Frankie’s half sister has fame? Most people I know, and know of, had never heard of her. Frankie getting in the house is an attempt by CBS to promote someone on one of their recording labels.

      • Comments (722)

        Idk if anyone is aware of how child stars (like Ariana Grande) get their fame, but its nothing to be proud of. Adult stars have to go through similar abuses, but its much worse on kids.

        I imagine Frankie invited himself to many an audition, but they didnt want the less talented, less appealing wayyy older brother.

        I would never sell my child to the creeps at Disney or Nickelodeon.

    • Comments (722)

      Who is thumbs downing this?

      Its clear someone dislikes every word I type (idky.. no life i guess), but whats to dislike about this?

  7. Comments (722)

    Id read the Dead blog. I love to speculate and theorize what will happen. Im usually wrong. And I love spoilers of any kind.

    As far as BB16. Im so over it. I hate the sausage fest (it has such a gay/ heterophobic undertone.. sorry but it does). I hate that the girls picked each other off one by one and just handed the money to Frankie. Sorry, but he is going to win and they just handed him that money. Im with Zach on this one.. everyone wasted their time this season.

    Of who is left.. Christine is unlikable. She wont win. I hate to hear her husband condones her actions. She probably acts like that at home too.

    Derrick is great. Id love for him to win, although Im not sure how he can ever go back to working undercover after announcing it on national TV…

    Frankie. Ugh. Next.
    Cody. Floater. Doesnt deserve to win.
    Donny. Poor guy. Gonna win if hes in final 2.. hopefully with Derrick.
    Victoria. Who?
    Zach. Please keep Zach. Id love to hear more about him getting a black eye or see him get a new one. Zach is entertainment that is sorely mossed this season..

    Why are they losing to Frankie? His family is rich. His sister is rich. Hes not going to be homeless anytime soon. He needs to be on a celebrity edition, because he isnt struggling through life by realistic standards. Yeah hes total Z list but i doubt he worries about rent or his next meal.
    And I highly doubt his money will go to charity. Sorry, sounds like a crock and Id love for someone to speak up and say “oh me too. Ill give my money to charity too”. Just for giggles to see his next move. Chess.

    • Comments (644)

      Willie, Derrick is not an undercover police officer anymore, he’s a police sergeant.

      • Comments (722)

        Oh. Thats good! I wondered about his future..

      • Comments (426)

        You can’t be both undercover and a sergeant? I don’t know about that.

      • Comments (722)

        I re read Derricks bio.. hes just a sergeant now.. I know RI state police are few and far between (one cop patrols most of the coast).. so its completely possible for him to accomplish so much in 10 years..

        Amd of course, if anyone has seen Me,Myself & Irene.. Jim Carrey played a trooper..

        Not sure what department Derrick works for.. state, local, county…

      • Comments (12)

        Derrick does not work for the state police, just Providence police.

      • Comments (2826)

        Here, read again…

        “Willie, Derrick is not an undercover police officer anymore, he’s a police sergeant.”

  8. Comments (25)

    In the event that Zach does get evicted, I hope that he wins the challenge to return to the house. Without Zach, the house would reallly be blah. Personally, i think that Derrick is the best player and deserves to win it all.

    • Comments (722)

      Exactly. I like Zach. I hope he comes back Thursday (if and when) and decides to play the game and officially drops Frankie.

      He still wont win against Derrick or Donny..

  9. Comments (19)

    What did Z say about Christine that had her crying? She is creepy and needs to go. I know it’s all a game but she was the one using the knife in the back not Nicole. I said it before and will say it again Derrick deserves to win as he has played the game while the others have been there for camera time. Well Zach, Caleb and Frankie got their 15 minutes of fame let Derrick have the money as that is where his mind is at. On a personal level I would love to see Donny win but they won’t let that happen, Nicole or Hayden would have been nice just because I like those three players as people but contrary to the saying nice guys don’t finish first always.

    • Comments (722)

      Christine got zinged about her constant flirting. She made herself cry when she realized that all her actions for the past 2 months have been filmed 24/7 and her pastor and everyone she knew would see who she really is. Im ready for her to go. Shes not the person she portrayed herself to be in the beginning. Plus, she looks greasy or dirty, like she needs a bath.

    • Comments (10)

      It wud be amazing if nicole got back into the house as HOH and nominated christine saying “ill take the knife out of my heart and return it to you” hehe

  10. Comments (78)

    If Frankie were smart, he’d take Caleb off the block and put up Victoria. While she’s not a threat, Derrick is, and she is definitely in his pocket. There’s 8 people left in this house, and the two main contenders to win are Derrick and Frankie. With someone coming back this week, it’s too early to attack Derrick directly by getting him or Cody out, but if he gets rid of Victoria, he takes away one of Derrick’s allies who has about a zero chance of coming back without creating an all out war in the house.

    • Comments (224)

      I’m not so sure Frankie sees Derrick as a threat. I think Frankie is similar to Caleb in that he thinks he’s running the house. He took credit for Amber’s eviction and Zach staying in the house a couple of weeks ago when it was really Derrick manipulating those situations.

      • Comments (1443)

        In dr Derrick said on show tonight twice that Donnie not his target. That was for American watchers in bad and feeds he has said many mant times Donnie was his target. We all know Donnie is his target what the heck? Is he trying to fool America also so we will think he’s great guy? Not me

      • Comments (469)

        Trudy – that seems to be one of his strategies since he blamed Donny for refusing to participate in an assigment that we saw him talk Donny out of – his persistant claims to America show an ignorant side to him since he must know we are watching.

      • Comments (1443)

        That’s supposed to be bad not bad

      • Comments (1443)

        Dang auto correct. Bbad

    • Comments (1276)

      If Frankie wants to make a big move it would be to put Derrick up, they all made that an option last week when the house vibe of the former HOH being safe went out the window, by putting up Nicole. Getting Victoria out would just get rid of someone under Derrick, why go for the legs when you can go for the head.
      That being said, I’m glad Derrick is staying. I would MUCH rather see him win than Frakie. Frankie does not need the money, and acts like an alpha, but generally does as he’s told.

      • Comments (75)

        I don’t think he has the numbers to get out derrik. If he puts him up and he stays than ever one will be going after him next week.

      • Comments (875)

        Idk…It seems like all of the HG, bar Donny trust Derrick, and they actually want him to win this Season’s edition of BB16.

        I don’t particularly like Derrick, and don’t understand how all of the HG don’t see that he is running the show?!

      • Comments (78)

        I wouldn’t risk putting Derrick up the one week that a person will be returning to the house.

    • Comments (722)

      “If Frankie were smart…” … exactly…

  11. Comments (8)

    Victoria should win…

    • Comments (198)

      I would find it so funny if it was down to Derrick and
      Victoria and she won because everyone found out about Derrick.

      • Comments (224)

        I actually wonder if they’ll even believe Derrick if/when he tries to argue that he’d been manipulating everyone all summer. He’s really good at convincing people that something was really their idea when Derrick was actually the one to suggest it.

      • Comments (1443)

        Derrick actually has done nothing scared of getting blood on his hands. Let’s everyone else do it

  12. Comments (426)

    I hope if Zach is evicted (and he is not going to go quietly), either he or Hayden comes back in, wins HOH, and puts up Frankie and Derrick. Then if one of them wins Veto, they put up Cody. I like Nichole and would want her to come back but I don’t think she would put up Derrick. She would be after Christine, which would be a waste because she is slotted to go anyway.
    Just thinking (wishing)out loud….

    • Comments (722)

      I think everyone like Nicole. She was likable, friendly and genuine. BB usually can cast 1 or 2 of those a season.

      Sorry guys– new commenter here.. Ive read this blog for 2 seasons now, and am getting angry enough to start posting..

      This season is the worst!

  13. Comments (1799)

    Question if Christine is so worried about what her pastor or family think . Than why is the first thing she does after saying this is to run into Cody’s arms

  14. Comments (383)

    I so want to see Frankie voted out soon. You know how people you like get more attractive the longer you know them? And someone good-looking with a bad personality becomes unattractive. Frankie… I liked him at first and now I hate his stupid face and just want him off my TV. I don’t know why Donny thinks he’s ugly. I don’t like the beard at all, but he’s a nice-looking man. The picture they showed of him with his girlfriend, where he didn’t have the beard, he was so cute! Love him.

    • Comments (198)

      I read somewhere that BB told him to keep the beard.

    • Comments (644)

      Donny is 100 times cuter than Frankie. I just don’t like the beard.

    • Comments (722)

      Frankie is a polarizing person. I would be uncomfortable around his… actions.

      On one BBAD he put his mouth on Haydens clothed genitals while acting like a drunk female. How gross and offensive! Of course Hayden didnt react..

      • Comments (4)

        Not a fan of Frankie’s physical advances on other men in the house (other than Zach, who is playing along). The point that struck me was when he grabbed an Caleb’s abs in the kitchen with much complements. Most can see how creepy Caleb was with Amber, can you imagine his just grabbing at her stomach and rubbing her while professing how hot she was. Some of Frankie’s actions are not cool.

      • Comments (722)

        Frankies nom speech Sunday made Donny visibly uncomfortable.. because it was inappropriate.
        In the real world, he should have got the glitter smacked off him.

        Im very confused with the whole Zach/ Frankie dynamic in general.

    • Comments (469)

      Jenny – I agree Donny and I think his girlfriend is Christine (if so what an unfortunate coincidence) make a lovely couple. His good looks and probably moreso his personality and character won a beautiful lady.

  15. Comments (1)

    I would live to read blog about The Walking Dead! I am obsessed wi that show! YES! YES! YES!

  16. Comments (10)

    100% on board with a Walking Dead blog!

  17. Comments (123)

    Im hoping you will start The Walking Dead Blog as soon the show starts again on Oct 12th…you can Recap the episodes every week and keep the Blog Up the whole year by Recapping the Monthly Comics Issues…

    I loved the time jump in the comics and that Twist at the end of Issue 130 was Great…although i dont think it’s real, lol…Loved seeing Maggie and her baby though finally… Good Luck in ur TWD Blog… 🙂

  18. Comments (3)

    I would love to see Frankie and Zack team up this week and not change the nom. then start working with Donnie and get Derrik, Cody Calab out whoever dosen’t get out this week. I think Donnie could win it. Pretty sure Frankie will do what he is told by Derrick seems like the pattern to do what Derrick or Cody want.

  19. Comments (644)

    I don’t like how late the HGs go to bed (except Donny). BB should have a rule that people have to be in bed by 2:00 am the latest. Sometimes they go to be at 6:00 in the morning and then they wake up very late. There’s almost no action during the day.

  20. Comments (198)

    Have TA taken the bunny slippers from Caleb yet?

    • Comments (426)

      I think they are planning on taking most things tonight and / or tomorrow. They are talking about making everyone suspicious of Zach by saying he is messing with their things after he gets told tonight that he is going, and convincing everyone they need a ‘Zach watch’.

      • Comments (843)

        They have taken all the items. I really hate them blaming Zach. Caleb is going to go ballistic when he can’t find those bunny slippers. Maybe he will get physical and get kicked out! Yippee

      • Comments (426)

        Yes, I was wrong, though they are still trying to blame Zach. But turns out they took Caleb’s boots instead of the bunny slippers. He’s not happy about that either.

  21. Comments (23)

    Please let Zach get vicious tonight (they are so stupid to tell him this far in advance of the meeting). I really hopes he points out a few things to Frankie:

    You just lost America’s Favorite, buddy. If you were hoping your sister’s army of fans would vote for you, I hope you realize that the one thing teenage girls hate the most is a friend who stabs his/her best friend in the back. Word will travel in that little girl community faster than a speeding bullet. You’re done, ya dumb fruit loop dingus.

    If you make it to the final 2 and claim that back-dooring your best friend was just a part of the game, you will still not get my vote. YOU didn’t have to be the one to BD me. It was a crappy move and I’ll make sure the jury hates you for it, even if they have to vote for Victoria instead.

  22. Comments (1799)

    Frankie does not have it in him to go against Derrick yet . The only person is Caleb to try to takeout Derrick . All the others have some final 2 or 3 deal with him .Lambs being led to slaughter

    • Comments (426)

      I think Donnie is on to Derrick and would try to take him out. He just doesn’t have the numbers. But Zach could blow up all their games and maybe more if them, and the returning player, will be more prone to work with Donnie.

      • Comments (469)

        I want either Nicole or Hayden to return – but I would love to see Zach evicted even if it means he beats Nic. or Hay. – my reasoning is with Zach’s eviction he will fill them in on the entire season and expose all of the lies and manipulation that they seemed to have missed – then if Nic. or Hay. win the return comp. they will be more effective armed with this info – and if Zach returns WWIII begins.

      • Comments (426)

        Agree. The only problem will be that he won’t see them or have time to tell them anything until the comp is underway.

      • Comments (469)

        Colby – damn it you are right – forgot that the comp will begin almost immediately – well Zach is known for his motor mouth maybe he’ll talk during the comp.

      • Comments (426)

        Yes, and loudly I’m sure.

      • Comments (469)

        We can only hope.

    • Comments (343)

      Caleb is just too dumb, though. Not a stalker, just a dummy.

  23. Comments (12)

    I think it was so wrong of Christina to hand bones to Caleb and Cody. Not right for Donny. Thank God he won. Otherwise I think the BotB should of not been recognized. Throwing the game is one thing but she was playing on their side completely. I am so ready for her to go home. And tired of watching her cheat on her husband with her boyfriend for $500,000. Disgusting.

    • Comments (469)

      Somebody who has live feeds posted right after the BOB that Christine handed Cody a bone (turns out it was 2) – and that BB stopped it – on the Sunday show it showed her doing this but BB did nothing – I guess it could have edited it out.

      • Comments (722)

        Although I know BB (and life) isn’t fair..
        It’s not fair that these game throwers are “safe” for the week.. its the ultimate free ride.
        I’m glad BB edited it to make /keep Christine the bad guy.
        Poor Donny, but good for him. At least he knew Christine sabotaged him.. maybe he’ll get some revenge on these backstabbing jerks..

      • Comments (469)

        Willie I agree – and he just did it for the 5th time in this BOB – as otheres have said throwing the game is ine thing actually playing with the other team is going to far – she wouldn’t have had the nerve if the comp. was done in the daylight — this is why I have had a problem with this group – it is one thing to lie in the game – but their play is always way over the top in many ways.

      • Comments (722)

        I understand playing smart or being sneaky but yeah this group takes it way too far.

        I think its this younger generation in general. They have no integrity. This isnt the BB from 10 yrs ago.. when it was good…

      • Comments (1443)

        I saw her give them 2 bones on the show. Caleb got one and Cody. She said on bbad that it was 3. Possibility she gave them 2 at the same time that last time. Also I heard on feeds from ppl that production called her out for it. If that’s true Donnie had to have also heard it wouldn’t he? Of course they can’t talk about production so we really don’t know

      • Comments (469)

        Trudy – question – once again I don’t have live feeds – what was the context of her stating that she gave them 3 bones – I guess what I am asking – was she bragging about it – I would not be suprised

  24. Comments (2)


  25. Comments (644)

    Derrick told Frankie that he can trust him, that he wouldn’t back door him, that they have the grandfather connection. And then minutes later in the DR Frankie says the only person he trusts 100% in the game is Derrick. Frankie is definitely under derrick’s spell.
    I don’t want Zach to be evicted, evict Caleb or Cody.

  26. Comments (1)

    It’s one thing for a player to throw a competition, but for Christine to give bones to Cody and Caleb is considered cheating in my book.

    • Comments (426)

      Yeah, well, having any class at all is not anything she has ever been accused of. They didn’t show it, but from the posts I have read BB did call her out on it. BB really needs to incorporate some sort of penalty on those that do that sort of thing.

  27. Comments (644)

    I’m going to miss BBAD tonight because I have to wake up at 5:00 am. I can’t stay watching until 2:00am. It’s so addictive. Tomorrow I’ll be able to read about everything that happened.
    Goodnight everyone!

  28. Comments (843)

    Hopefully next year they will institute a new rule about throwing competitions. The one throwing it automatically gets put on the block. In addition to watching the video of BB, I hope they check jokers and Big Brother 16 blog to see how they are rated. Christine and Frankie are at the bottom on both!

  29. Comments (23)

    Hmm, maybe there’s more sexual activity going on in that house than we know… since on tonight’s show Cody said that Zach has “literally f*cked all of us” (his alliance members).

    Or perhaps Cody doesn’t know the meaning of “literally.”

    • Comments (692)

      Zach is such a stud!!! Everybody wants him. Lol
      Maybe Cody is just jealous of Zach. If you remember earlier in the season there was much discussion about Cody not having any, uh, anything hanging between his legs when he made such crappy decisions.

    • Comments (383)

      HAHAHAHA I love that. “You keep using that word. I don’t think it means what you think it means.” — The Princess Bride

  30. Comments (1092)

    The funniest situation would be if Donny wins POV.

    He knows that he is against the whole house, so whatever they suggest is not in his best interest.

    So he is safe for the week no matter what. But if he wins pov, and keeps Caleb & Cidy on the block, he would be screwing somebody bigtime.

    And this is the last double hoh. Imagine if Donny miraculously wins an hoh ? After being bullshitted by Derrick and Frankie, he could put them both up.

    So glad he won tonight.

    Go Donny !

  31. Comments (332)

    I hope Frankie says, I have decided not to use the veto and Caleb or Cody go out. Come on Frankie, help us want to like you a little bit.

  32. Comments (875)

    I like Donny even more now that I have seen him get on his knees, and give thanks to JC. What a good & decent man, its so sad he is playing BB with the cretins that are left in the house.

    • Comments (469)

      mello – you are so right – if one were to look up the definition of a Christian – his picture could easily be there – and you may be happy to know that the poll at the top of the page has Donny leading by a virtual landslide – with Nicole in a very respectable second place – hooray for the good guys (and girl of course)

  33. Comments (27)

    CHRISTINE IS SO DISGUSTING, I mean seriously, you back door your best friend for what ? A quicky with Cody ? Safety ? Sorry but you will be going soon and I will be laughing when you go, she is married and she condones her close moments with Cody as game play ? My arse she is, I hope Nicole comes back and back door her arse for back dooring her.
    Honestly the only people I root for ,that are still in the house are Zach and Donny, Derrick is a good game player but I hate him for all his throwing people under the bus schemes and there so dumb they fall for it EVERY TIME

    • Comments (722)

      Christine is the ultimate follower. Whatever the guys say she does. She seems like she would be happy to go.. anything to make the boys like her..

      I would like Nicole to come back, but only if shes gonna kick some butt.

  34. Comments (832)

    I wish they’d vote out Caleb, I’m so tired of hearing him go on & on & on… But, at the end of the day, it’s only a game! Sorry I couldn’t resist. Secondly, get rid of Christine & her laugh! UGH!

  35. Comments (1288)

    Stevebeans, about the blog I would enjoy if you had a general catch-all TV show blog. It would give us a chance to hear about shows we may have missed and would like to check out. It would also save you from branding a whole new blog for a show that, as you point out, may suck. I got excited about Siberia and that ended up a steaming pile of suckage.

  36. Comments (400)

    It disagree with CBS allowing them to re-do their diary room sessions. On the live-feeds you hear them say they asked to re-do them and were allowed to. The cameras will quickly switch to another conversation when someone says it so you know they are not suppose to be talking about it. I’m sure that last night Christine’s was their way of helping her with all the flack she is getting because of the Zingbot comments about her and Cody. She gets to send out a message to Tim, her husband, explaining that it is just game play. Sure it was!

  37. Comments (843)

    There is going to be a lot of shocked HG when they get home and watch the video of the entire show and see how they were portrayed and how other HG talked about them. Caleb will justify it of course saying he “knew” all along. Victoria may have a nervous breakdown!

  38. Comments (843)

    On the Big Brother 16 blog and on jokers, the votes for favorite have Donny and Zach the top 2. Christine and Frankie are the bottom 2.

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