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Big Brother 16 – Sunday Feed Updates


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Ahh, I can finally relax and watch some feeds after a busy weekend.  Let’s pop on the feeds to see the excitement in the house…

  • 12:58pm – Donny sitting outside alone staring at nothing.

Well, ok then. I’ll keep checking back to see if anyone ever wakes up, and keep updating this thread.

Ok, people are awake but the nomination show is on in an hour.  While you’re watching the show, here are some plugs…

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(I won’t even ask for donations as I hardly blogged this weekend. Didn’t earn it)

  • 3:52pm – Derrick and Frankie are in the kitchen and we catch the end of a conversation about the TA mission. It sounds like they possibly didn’t complete it this week (since it was Zach just saying mean things, and nobody arguing back). They’re going to try to again at the POV meeting.
  • 4:02pm – Zach “Plane’s never crash these days. Do you think they’d tell us if one did” … proves they really are cut off from the news.
  • 4:05pm – Caleb talking to Jocasta about… Amber of course.  The poor guy is pathetic.
  • 4:11pm – Zach tells Cody that Christine is the first detonator to go.  Shocker
  • Frankie is working Zach to pick an argument with Amber during/after the veto meeting. I bet it will be similar to the nomination meeting where Amber cries instead of fights back. They should make him tell off Caleb
  • 4:39pm – The group is talking about bringing Hayden in, but Frankie is saying no to this.
  • 4:50pm – They are talking about Zach compared to Evil Dick. Zach is bragging that is his strategy (be a douchebag and get carried because of it), but that doesn’t work if everyone knows that’s what you’re doing… dingus.


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  1. Comments (1)

    I so just had a Spencer flashback at first glance…

  2. Comments (240)

    Donny looks sad in the picture. Wonder if he’s thinking of home or if he’s seeing the big picture of what’s going on in the house & alliances. I use to like Frankie & also Derrick (to some degree) but they don’t seem to be how they portrayed themselves in the beginning. They don’t take TA very serious either by excluding Donny. I’d change TA if possible. Victoria is a ghost in the house. Rarely speaks, not involved with anything and she’ll end up in top 2 because she will be the biggest floater in the history of BB and nobody wants a floater to win. If her game is to hang out all summer and sunbathe in a bikini with hooker heels and come in second for her efforts she’s got it locked down. When will house guests give viewers a show and take out all the floaters and fight for the money. It’s not the same win if you take an easy vote. Hmm I guess the point is the money & the easiest way is best. I’d like to see Donny take the win but I think he’s to nice & even if he made it a couple more weeks no one wants to take the nice guy to the end 🙁

    • Comments (1288)

      The only reason I can think that Derrick and Frankie would still be holding Donny at arms length is because they know they cannot dazzle him with their brilliance or baffle him with their bullshiat.

      • Comments (383)

        I think you may have nailed that. Donny might be too honest and smart for their BS to change his mind. I really like the guy and hope he can find a way to stick around until the end!

    • Comments (22)

      The chances to get Caleb out won’t last forever. Frankie and company are wasting chances and for what.. Amber? If I had to choose a winner between Caleb and a floater, I’d take the floater. He’s in way over his head, not just in this game but in life. I’ve had enough of Frankie and Zach. Either one or both of them could leave and it would be fine.

      • Comments (224)

        They’ve had 3 chances in a row to get rid of him. He’s not a smart player, I don’t think it’ll be that hard to get rid of him when they want to. And Caleb kinda is a floater. He doesn’t really have an alliance right now. He thinks he does, but also he thinks a lot of other things that aren’t true.

  3. Comments (644)

    It’s a shame Amber is leaving. Victoria should be the one leaving, not her. Imagine if in the finale it’s Victoria and Caleb, that would be horrible, and I’m glad it won’t happen! Hopefully Donny wins it all, if he doesn’t win then Zach should. But I know the manipulators of this game are Derrick and Frankie, if things stay the way they are, one or both of them will be in the finale. Donny for the win!!!

  4. Comments (57)

    It is absolutely perfect that Amber is leaving. She was the one who ran to tell the guys that Joey was planning an all girl alliance. Bet she wishes she had listened.

  5. Comments (191)

    They are putting me to sleep. Amber needs to stay

  6. Comments (610)

    Off topic, but hey, it’s not like there’s a lot of drama happening right now, lol. What time do most of the houseguests actually go to sleep? It seems like Donny consistently goes to bed & gets up about the same time every day. But the others seem to get up at noon, maybe, unless BB wakes them up sooner. Their sleep schedules must be really screwed up when they go back home. Also off topic, but after reading about Victoria’s various accidents and/or injuries and a lawsuit against the city, she should be zipping her lips, or she might be sued by the time she gets out of the house.

    • Comments (15)

      I have thought the same thing, why do they stay up all night?

    • Comments (692)

      what lawsuits are you talking about? I don’t get live feeds or watch BBAD so I don’t know.

      • Comments (610)

        I read the stuff on another site (I don’t have feeds or BBAD either). Apparently she sued her city for some sidewalk damage that caused her to fall & break her ankle. And in other “chats”, she told other HGs that she had a car accident but it sounds like she skirted the truth on it…if she’s not careful, someone could forward that info to her insurance company and she will be in trouble!

      • Comments (1)

        Her kind of people sue all the time unfortunately

      • Comments (191)

        Her kind of people? What does that mean?

      • Comments (224)

        Please don’t feed the trolls, or they won’t go away! 🙂

      • Comments (76)

        Are you serious with that comment ? Please tell me it was a bad joke or your auditioning for next season on BB . Man you are really misguided

      • Comments (42)

        I heard her telling Cody that she lost her hair, but would’nt tell him why.

      • Comments (1288)

        She did say city but she also referred to the community being gated – municipalities are not gated. She probably sued a HOA or development. She also varied on the injury – the description went from sprained to broken and the x-rays were inconclusive but she was in a cast for 3 months and couldn’t work. Christine pointed out she had surgery on her wrist and went back to work the next day.

  7. Comments (198)

    Jocasta just told Hayden she don’t lie. She said she promised her mom she would not lie in the game. So what does she do out side of the game????

  8. Comments (2824)

    Maybe she only lies when she speaks in tongues.

  9. Comments (843)

    Zach lost HOH so why doesn’t he have a punishment like Nicole did?

    • Comments (644)

      Whoever gets dethroned from the HOH doesn’t have an automatic punishment.

    • Comments (1288)

      Because the BB producers are lazy. The loser penalties should be automatic and of increasing severity so that deciding to fix the BoB hurts more and more. Make them a have-not, give them 24-hours solitary confinement, take all clothes away and replace with prison jumpsuits etc.

    • Comments (469)

      mouse – Nicole is the only HG that weas punished dor losing her HOH – this punishment idea was great but they dropped it when Frankie lost the next weak – (Preferential treatment????????) – the question I have is since when did throwing the competition become the norm? – BB 16 has a lock on that one – weak minds = weak play.

  10. Comments (266)

    I’ve been a fan of BB since season 1 and miss those good ol seasons. I feel like BB has missed the target this year on a good solid cast of likeable, love-to-hate, competitive, controversial, wide age range players. I’d also like to see another Americas Sweetheart couple like Jeff/Jordan or Danielle and Shane (which I know those are by chance). Sorry to say it but I think all these young and immature casts aren’t doing the show justice. It’s more of a frat house than anything with occasional Jocasta-type and Donny type members. The more aged players (say late twenties to late thirties) are much more smart with the game and are more interesting to watch, only in my opinion.

    • Comments (76)

      I have also been a big fan from the beginning. This & last season are the worst ever . I ‘m embarresed I continue to watch these fools. Donny is the only HG worth winning it .
      I never disliked so many HG’s as I have this year & last season.

      • Comments (266)

        Yes, last years HGs were probably the worst in maturity level!

      • Comments (469)

        NR – I believe last year CBS got so much flack from the public it scared them so this year they erred on the side of caution to protect their reputation and sponsor support.

    • Comments (875)

      I wholeheartedly believe that Big Brother should allow US to chose the people who go on the block, and let the HG evict them…At least we know what is going on in the house, and it would stop the ALL BRO Alliances.

  11. Comments (843)

    I agree with you, but Caleb is in his late 20’s. That’s his chronological age. Maturity wise he is about 12! LOL

  12. Comments (843)

    HOH guests—a dingus is an object whose name has been forgotten or is unknown.
    Christine, bless her heart, (that’s southern for you are so stupid!) thinks it’s a penis.

  13. Comments (843)

    **should be HOH and guests

  14. Comments (83)

    I want The girls to shave off Donny’s beard. I’m surprised no one
    Has asked him to do it.

    • skunkinthebarnyard
      Comments (49)

      Here’s a third grade grammar lesson for you free of charge. Capital letters never appear in the middle of a sentence unless there’s a proper noun. Oh and why haven’t you shaved your head? I’m so surprised nobody’s asked you to do that yet. Pretty mature, ain’t it?

    • Comments (469)

      Annette – did you ever read the story of Samson in the Bible – ladies don’t touch a hair on that boys face!!

  15. Comments (120)

    Is Caleb still in the dark about the veto being used on Victoria? He’s telling Cody that Jocasta is having the POV used on her, Amber will be the replacement, and Victoria will be going home. I know that he won’t know until probably Thursday afternoon that Amber is leaving, but when will they tell him the POV is being used on Vic? I guess the POV ceremony will leave more than Amber surprised.

  16. Comments (383)

    Wow, after watching their “date”…I really don’t think Amber understands how dangerous Caleb is. I haven’t seen her do anything buy politely refuse him. Haven’t seen her encourage him one bit. And the pickle thing? Really? I ate a pickle so you will go on a date with me, so that proves I love you!!! I fear for Amber and any poor girl who catches Caleb’s eye. Really hope he never physically harms anyone. The guy scares the crap out of me.

    • Comments (274)

      What a freeeeaak! “HEY OVER HERE” *snap snap* as she was looking over at the pool table on their so called date. He is embarrassing the crud out of his family & their business. If he is so adamant about making this like the bachelor then let’s have a hometown visit at his place and he can show Amber how to hunt! #D!CKONGRATS

  17. Comments (34)

    Let’s think about how mad Caleb will be when he realizes Amber won’t be in the jury house or the BB house with him. She’ll be out in the real world & his jealous imagination will picture her doing all kinds of things. That should keep Caleb on edge & maybe create even more drama than is already expected from her eviction.

  18. Comments (875)

    Caleb…Amber is just that not into you, buy a freaking clue dude!

  19. Comments (843)

    Caleb speaking of Amber, “She needs to learn her place.” I grew up in the country and married a cowboy. One of those guys have the nerve to say that to a girl and they would be singing soprano and have a concussion.

    • Comments (34)

      Agree, Caleb is going to get a lot of flack for that comment well after he’s out of the house. I hope Julie has a few tough questions for him regarding women “knowing their place”.

  20. Comments (343)

    Evil Dick was simply a jerk and a mean person. It was no strategy. The way he acted was worse than anything people complained about last season. That CBS heralded this guy, and brought him back, was damning of their morality/ethics. I didn’t watch BB for 5 years, at least, after that year. People in here often say “well, don’t watch then” when you complain about something on BB. Well, I put my money where my mouth was, and didn’t. Zach is a jerk, but nothing like Evil Dick. Caleb is just stupidly immature…people that go further than that about him are just being ridiculous.

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