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Big Brother 16 – At Least Thursday May Be Fun


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Well, day 2 of my mission to stay awake when my cat wakes me up is a fail.  I got up, went downstairs to feed him and passed out on the couch before I could make it back upstairs. Oh well, I’ll try again tomorrow, maybe there will actually be something to blog about anyway.

Yesterday in the house was super dead, like surprisingly dead. It was the day of the veto meeting, yet people were sleeping almost up until the meeting.  The veto wasn’t used, and many went right back to bed. Maybe I should apply to the show, I’d fit right in with those type of sleeping hours.

The Zach situation appears to be all but settled, to everyone but Zach and Frankie to a lesser extent.  Zach still appears pretty confident he has the numbers to stay, but he is completely in the dark about most of his own alliance wanting him out because of the unwanted attention he brings. I’m not going to lie, if he’s evicted, that’s one more person with a personality out the door. A Caleb meltdown may be our last hope for any drama unless Frankie stirs the pot this Thursday.

This cast was already a neutered version of BB15, and to lose the biggest personalities of the show within the first few weeks is making it hard (Joey, Zach, Devin). I didn’t think I’d be saying this so soon, but I miss the BB15 cast already.  That may have been the best ‘worst’ cast in the history of BB.  Such mean people and awful players, yet you couldn’t turn away. Now, you have a bunch of likable people in the house, and that’s no fun!

I will be live blogging in a bit (they’re still sleeping), but I am not really expecting a whole lot the next few days. Unless Zach hears he is going home, this could be a great week to enjoy your summer

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  1. Comments (68)

    C’mon Zach, it shouldnt be that hard to convince you alliance to vote for you to stay…

    • Comments (1288)

      Zach doesn’t know he needs to, it is an Operation Brittney again for the third week in a row.

      • Comments (68)

        That’s surprising though, I mean, he’s part of an alliance who’s bread and butter has been the blindside or the keep quiet strategy. He should at least be paranoid a little bit.

        He must have at least asked Frankie, and either Frankie is also in the dark or he is also acting. I’m guessing Frankie will know about it before the eviction and he will probably be on board just to go with the flow.

        The worst thing is that his alliance says they don’t want to be associated with a ticking time bomb, but it was Team America that made him make a scene in two back to back events. I mean, how can Derrick pretend that he wasn’t responsible for Zach’s blowout and call him unpredictable when it was his predictability factor that made him easy to manipulate.

        I hope he freaks out and spills the beans about the alliance. Too bad though, I really liked Zach since the beginning, he adds excitement.

      • Comments (492)

        Me too Johnny
        He is a good kid just trying to make it!

      • Comments (152)

        Agreed! They need to keep Zach and let Jacosta walk out the door.

    • Comments (220)

      I love Zach for entertainment purposes. However, this season, there a few under-the-radar superfans: Derrick, Nicole, Donny etc. These people are playing a sly, careful game. A loud peacock like Zach scares these players.

      If Christine stays, she should go next because she runs her mouth so much that its circulating the house at this point.

  2. Comments (8)

    These people are stupid, Zach is the one you want sitting with you at the end to get the money… He has pissed to many people off have they not watch how this showed is played? Stupid People!!!!!!

  3. Comments (1446)

    Zach’s own fault if he leaves – NEVER be confident in your numbers, you always need to be working for votes. When he told Frankie that they needed to have “celebratory intercourse”, I knew it was time for him to go…homo or hetero, doesn’t matter, that was yucky.
    What’s up with Derrick and Victoria – are they really planning a final two, or is Derrick planning one with everyone? Last night they were hugging and touchy in the HOH room – I wouldn’t be too happy if I was Derrick’s wife.
    And Christine and even the holy roller, Jocasta are always under the covers with the boys. Or laying on the couch or bed all spooned together. Call me old fashioned, but I don’t get all of the rubbing and cuddling, especially with the married people.

    • Comments (120)

      Derrick told Cody that a great final three would consist of them two plus Victoria, so I would say he’s somewhat aligned with her. He also went to bat last night for her after Zach was talking trash about her.

      • Comments (332)

        Well Derrick nor Cody is trustworthy till the end. Both have made other deals so the one with each other is not worth much either.

  4. Comments (266)

    I’ll miss watching Zankie cuddlefests. Strangely I couldn’t help but love watching their gross-but-good relationship unfold.

  5. Comments (1799)

    So where are all the people who say Victoria has no game Not saying its a good game but now she is going to be handed final 3 by Derrick ? Hopefully Thur will be some excitement 1) Zach might blowup the remaining bomb squad ( can’t remember or care about the sub alliances from the original) 2) double elimination Finaly some real drama Than will at some point will they have a jury house member re-enter the game?

  6. Comments (23)

    Do you think production reads these fan blogs?

  7. Comments (332)

    I don’t think Victoria is making it nine more weeks on the block and being taken off. They will vote her out. Caleb thinks she is worthless after being attached to her. He said she looks in the mirror all the time and the image doesn’t change much. He should look at her and see himself. Duh!

    • Comments (469)

      Talk about the pot calling the kettle black – Caleb bitching about Vic looking in the mirror all the time – only reason he was upset she got in his line of sight to the mirror – he and Frankie never passed a mirror thay didn’t love.

  8. Comments (332)

    I just don’t see Jacosta staying. She just sits and is quiet and no one talks to her unless she goes up to them. Isolation has to be hard but if all she does is read the bible and preach they will get tired of her quickly. I think being on slop is making her sluggish. She took slop for that one horse veto comp.

  9. Comments (220)

    What is LTA? Derrick mentioned it a few times during BBAD ON 8.4.2014? Is there a newer alliance? More new than the Quad Squad/Rationale?

  10. Comments (4)

    Big brother better come up with a plan to keep zach, by giving him a power. Or they better get ready to set up a previous houseguest coming back in type deal. This season blows, and will only get worse if zach is gone. Especially because Caleb is clueless, if he had a clue then maybe something would happen.

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