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Big Brother 16 – Thursday Night Feeds



And then there were 5.

The get-along-gang is settling in after their second double eviction of the season, and it followed the theme of the season.. predictability and more women walking out the door.  The season has become so predictable, I said Frankie was going to win the PoV as soon as I saw the challenge.

Anyway, I’ll recap all of it later but for now I’ll do some updates on the feeds before they head to HoH comp…

  • 7:55pm – Frankie was walking around so thrilled about his top 5 victory.  “I made the top 5, I made the top 5!  Victoria we made the top 5!”
  • Caleb talking about how pissed Christine was when she stormed out the door. He said she should have tried to convince them more than yelling out how hot her husband is.
  • Frankie said he didn’t hear anything when he won the veto. He did hear the audience laugh during his interaction with Julie in the room, but he’s surprised it was so quiet for his HoH.  I wonder when Frankie will realize he’s not very well liked any more?
  • 8:20pm – Feeds have been down for about 10 minutes. Possible HoH comp underway. If they go to Jeffloops, it will be definite.
  • 8:28pm – Feeds are back and the HN room is open.  The players are huddled around the button now
  • Derrick thinks it’s going to be a group Pandora’s Box
  • For some reason the box is screwed shut.
  • 8:50pm – The house is talking about Christine being booed as she walked out. They speculated she trashed everyone in the house in the DR and was the villain of the season.
  • Now they’re talking about the endurance challenge they think is coming but likely isn’t.
  • 9:20pm – Seems the HoH competition is underway.  Could be a quick one.
  • 10:00pm – BBAD is on and Derrick is just sitting alone in the living room.  The competition is likely going on outside.
  • 10:23pm – Feeds back, Frankie HoH, everyone is in the HN room pushing the button.
  • They pushed button. A timer began until Wed night

Check back for more updates…


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    • Jannie

      Although I wanted her to go, the boos were painful to hear.
      She seemed pretty shell shocked.

      Did anyone else get the feeling that Derrick was trying to throw the comp and “accidentally” won HOH??

      Will the next HOH be played tonight??

      • Jannie


        According to Jokers, Mango is convinced that Christine got booed because she was saying bad things about him and his family in the DR.


        They also told Cody that she got booed because of their inappropriate relationship and Cody is stunned…

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        I also had the feeling that Derrick was trying to throw the competition. It’s not a good time to be head of household because he can’t compete next week. As much as the public has started to dislike Frankie, I dislike Derrick even more. Derrick is always telling the people on the block, “I’m just going with what the house wants.” Sure. He wants them to think he has nothing to do with it and he’s just following orders. Just a regular Mr. Nice Guy who has NEVER been on the block because he’s manipulated and twisted the entire house to do his bidding. He’s another Amanda, although perhaps not quite as obnoxious. His look of disappointment when Frankie won the POV and he realized that he couldn’t backdoor him made my day. As for the boos for Christine, I was a bit taken aback by that. I have disliked Christine throughout the entire game; but that sort of behavior from a television audience was very immature.

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        Did arryn get that many boos? Either way, christine got them cuz this season is boring. Still love big bro though! L

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        I honestly think Christine’s boo’s were louder than Aaryn’s. Which is weird, because to me it seems like people dislike her most for her relationship with Cody, followed soon after by her laugh. After that, people haven’t loved her game choices (which she doesn’t either at this point) but I honestly didn’t think she would get such loud boo’s.
        Plus, since the first thing I thought of was Aaryn leaving, which if I recall she got more silence and some quite boos. So are people really more offended or pissed at Christine, than they were about Aaryn’s constant racist remarks??????

      • Avatar

        Nobody likes a cheater who is annoying and, I really really hate to say this, but kinda ugly, inside and out.arryn was ignorant, christine wasnt. Christine knew what she was doing. I always pitied arryn, but I never pitied christine. I thougt about it all day and figured she wouldve been booed worse lol.

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        Big Brother's Big Brother

        No u didn’t. And how exactly did she cheat? Lmfao What Aaryn did was intentional she knew exactly what she was doing quit making excuses for a racist. N to call some physically ugly?!?! HOW DARE U. Who the hell do u think u are?!!?!? Post a picture of yourself so we can all stand in judgement of u! Pathetic

      • Sweet Bee

        I think she was booed because of her hateful relationship with DONNY. He was so sweet and she literally hated him. For no reason. And she’s has been the worst person this year.

      • Sweet Bee

        I completely agree with you about everything except I never really disliked aaryn. Yes, she was ignorant and I also think she was easily influenced by all the douchery last year, and her eyebrows were terrible. But I think the worst person last year was hands down, Amanda Suckerman. This year Christine was the easiest hated person until Frankie looked right into the camera and said F U America. But yes, I have wanted Christine evicted since the beginning, but last night wasn’t satisfying. I would have rather Frankie to be the one leaving.

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        super duper bb fan

        Christina. I think that christine lost alot of love from america when she sat there and cosigned with the “douche crew” when they talked so nasty about victoria. She handed in her female card after that. Everybody has to do and say things to get further in the game. But if Christine didnt want the “[email protected] to come after her? She could have simply made an excuse to leave for something to drink, eat, whatever? She was in all the way!

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        I think the difference is that when Aaryn was voted out, BB didn’t let in an “audience”, but had other CBS workers sit in as the audience due to the racist comments that Aayrn had made. But for Christine, it probably was a real audience, hence the louder boos (and less hand clapping).

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        that makes a lot of since. thanks marie2

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        Big Brother's Big Brother

        What’s even more immature is your infantile analysis. Derrick made it clear he wasn’t back door in frankie so there was no face to b made. Also saying that he went with the house in every situation is strategic and as Nicole even touched on, he’s playing this game better than anyone since dan. And derrick is NOTHING like amanda lol. It not only irresponsible to make that claim but it shows u have a minimal understanding of this game AT BEST and ur brain is not so good at processing sensory data. Last but not least, to say u dislike derrick, a man who has been nothing but respectful to the women in the house more than frankie, a degenerate who has joked about at least one woman in the house being RAPED is not only ignorant. . . It’s PATHETIC. -You’re welcome

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        Did you see the clip on utube? Derrick made a gesture of zingbot doing it her and they all laughed. Dont get me wrong I like Derrick but he was just as guilty that night.

      • Avatar

        To: Big Brother’s Big Brother. Well, at least I know now who has been giving my posts all the thumbs down. Just because someone isn’t enamored of your Derrick, doesn’t mean they have minimal understanding of the game or what has been occurring. What you consider to be “game play” in Derrick, I find to be obnoxious. He’s pathologically incapable of saying “mea culpa” for the moves that have been made in that house when, in fact, he is responsible for them all. I think his method of playing is devious. “No blood on his hands”. Sure. So, apparently it is YOU who has a minimal understanding of the game and, most probably, half of the words I’ve used in my reply to you. Did you not watch it that episode? Could you not hear Derrick’s discussion? Right before they were to play for the POV, Derrick was telling everyone he possibly could (except for Frankie and Christine) that if the POV was won, to use it so he could put Frankie up for eviction! And, yes, he did look disappointed that his little plan did not work out for him. I really hope someone like Cody puts Frankie and Victoria on the block so the REWIND button can be used. I would love to see Derrick’s butt on the block…if only once. And by the way, you are NOT welcome.

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        Personally, I thought it was pretty funny. Certainly wiped that grin off her face for a while. She will bring great insight into the jury house. Will be interesting now that she will be odd man out! But the jury if full of good people, so she will never get treated like Donny and Nicole were treated. Good Ridance Christine!

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        Derrick seems to be coming undone. It was only a matter of time.

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        Don’t know if he was throwing it but sure he did not expect everyone to miss first question

  2. Rita

    The rewind “twist” looks lame.

    I hope Frankie gets as many boos, if not more, than Christine did tonight.

    Too bad Julie didn’t question Christine about the boos. But I did kinda feel bad for her.

    • Rita

      Actually it would have been good if they had done it earlier. Now it just seems pointless.
      But I could be wrong. Once someone goes up with Victoria there may be some ruffled feathers by next week.

      • Avatar

        After hearing the audience boo Christine, my first thought was why wouldn’t the remaining house guests start to think about how the audience thinks of them? If it were me, I’d start wondering if the remaining houseguests including myself would be receiving the same reaction. However, for some reason they either don’t care or are so narcissistic that they think they’re the only remaining fan favorites in the house. I’m pretty sure Caleb is imagining how easy his music/acting career will take off now that he’s the last remaining fan favorite, in his own mind. I guess they all still have that invincible feeling that comes from being young. What kind of reality check are these people in for when they look back on the season.

      • Avatar

        Cody was shaken by hearing those boos. He is worried he might get boo’d when he gets to meet Julie again. There was a lot of speculation before and after the HOH on why. One thing they did get right was ‘who was that Christine’ that gave that speech. The audience heard her speech and saw her behavior with Cody, heard her DRs comments about Donny, Caleb, Nicole, Jocasta and Amber. Karma bit her in the butt.

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    SteveBeans, first and foremost, I sincerely wish your parents the best news and swift recoveries from their medical issues. Same to Franko. I don’t know you guys in real life, but I care and I wish you only the best.
    I think Frankie understanding how unpopular he is is about as likely as Caleb understanding he’s not going to be America’s sweetheart, either. At least Caleb still has some charm and his delusions are entertaining but sad. Frankie is just annoying and vulgar. They’re both fame whores but Caleb is way less calculating. I hope Caleb can get some therapy for his obsessive/stalker tendencies but don’t hold out much hope that he can change. I just want Frankie to go away.

    • Avatar

      Where is Franko anyways?
      Hope he’s ok.

    • Avatar

      The sad thing is he will honestly think that it is because he is gay. Or at least say that to anyone who will listen. Hope someone will advise otherwise.

    • Avatar

      Jenny, Christina,( my love), Willie, (my straight friend) mom, (my friend),
      I’M STILL HERE!! I appreciate the shouts and the concern. I’m doing so so, still not feeling well but I am surviving. I just havent made any posts recently because I feel people are tired of hearing about it because its off topic. I go Monday for an echocardiogram. it was already scheduled before I started feeling so bad. maybe it will give some insight into what’s going on. I told her pulmonary specialist the next Monday, the 15th. I appreciate the concern shown by people on this blog who have been so nice. we don’t even know your other but you’re way beyond kind.

      as much as I hatethis season of big brother, I almost hate to see it come to an end because I will lose lose touch with you good people.

      • Avatar

        You really scared me Franko!
        I’m so relieved to hear from you!
        We care what happens with you, you have a lot of friends and I’m sure Steve Beans doesn’t mind either.. you are a loyal customer of his service and his friend too so we can do some off topic stuff..

        Good luck on the appts.

        We’re just gonna have to watch other shows Steve blogs about I guess. I will miss the camaraderie too. Made a lot of online buddies this summer…

      • Avatar

        Thanks my friend!! I’ve really gotten invested in this blog this year…heck, I’m addicted….oh no, I need a life!! Hahahehe
        Really do appreciate your concern!! Thanks. It means A LOT!! of course you may be ridiculed by one certain person on here though. Oh well, who cares?? 😉

      • Avatar

        I have had tons going on all day, and my computer is acting, well, not right. But I had to get online real quick just to make sure I had heard from you.
        I’m so happy you are ok, I was trying not to ask yesterday, because I’m a worrier, and try to keep my “worry” in check. But I was, to use Willie’s work, scared.
        You take care. And if anyone on here doesn’t care to hear you posts, they can just scroll on down. Trust me, there are plenty I just scan over. Take care, and feel better. Know we are thinking about you. xoxo

  4. Avatar

    Oh, Victoria… who would’ve thought that she’d be last girl standing.

    • Avatar

      Wait? Frankie isn’t there any longer?????

      • Avatar

        No, Medic, Nicole and Christine were voted out tonight.

      • Jannie

        I think he’s referring to Mango being a girl.

      • Jannie

        Personally, I don’t think either gender wants to claim Mango.

      • Avatar

        haha Jannie!

      • Avatar

        franko is a person who is on this website and gives comments. franko is not frankie

      • Avatar

        I’m honored that you know who I am!!

        ALSO, may I add…….I’m gay and FrankIE is is embarrassment to the gay community and actually to the entire human race.

      • Avatar


        I am on here daily reading comments. I do not always comment but remember your name and some of the others who post on here regularly. Glad to hear you think he is an embarrassment, because he should be judged by him, not that he is gay. I know lots of gay people, and none of them act like that. He is just not a nice person, gay or not!!

      • Avatar

        none of my friends act like he does. I was watching with one of my best friends last night who does not watch Big Brother and he was disgusted with what he just saw on that one show. my ex partner and I watched it again later and he was totally disgusted by Frankie.
        before anybody jumps on me, yes I am friends with my ex partner and his current partner. We are the best of friends, they took care of me after I had a triple bypass surgery. not all gay people are self-centered, egotistical, flamboyant, lying manipulative disgusting people like freaky Frankie

      • Avatar

        sorry for the rampage, freaky Frankie just absolutely drives me up the wall because the way he acts is the way a lot of people will think all the people at and we don’t!!

      • Avatar

        that was supposed to say people will think all gay people act that way and we don’tg

      • Avatar

        The overwhelming (haha great word) feeling from most ppl is he is disgraceful. He has no shame. He thinks he’s being cheeky or edgy but its just distasteful.

        I hope the twist ends up with him in Jury. He’s gonna get booed so bad!

    • Avatar

      I thought she would be the last girl standing. In fact, unless someone, e.g., Frankie, manages to get Derrick out of the house BEFORE the final three, I believe Victoria will be part of the final three. Derrick fully intends to cut Cody loose and take Victoria with him as the final two. Then Derrick can boast about how he manipulated the entire game and everyone in the house and Victoria did absolutely nothing but cling on to him. If Frankie gets backdoored, I would love for him to turn the jury house against Derrick so if Derrick and Victoria are in the final two, the jury can say, “Yes, Victoria, you did absolutely nothing the entire game; BUT you managed to make it all the way to the end. And for that reason alone, you deserve the $500,000.”

  5. Avatar

    Love to see Christine entering jury house.
    Victoria or Caleb next since Production wants it to be down to Frankie (for some particular reason)and Derrick.
    What a backstabber that Cody is, I guess he doesn’t want Christine’s vote should he get to Final 2. Christine knows its just business with the others.

  6. Rita

    The way Frankie is talking he thinks everyone is mad at Christine and booed her because she bad mouthed Frankie. Because it IS all about him you know.

    • Avatar

      Frankie said, “Did you hear the audience gasp when I won that HOH?” It’s POV, moron. He is so disgusting.

      • Rita

        The gasp was because they wanted anyone else to win so Frankie would go up. He is clueless.
        He will not shut up.

        Quit talking about how wonderful you are you moron.


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      • Avatar

        Frankie on bb is not helping her. Her looks are.

      • Avatar

        And the fact that my kids looooove her lol. Kids under 14 are what is keeping her career going. She isnt disney she is or was nickelodian. My kids dont care about franki or bb

      • Avatar

        I beg you please listen to the words in her songs before you let your kids listen. Some of her songs are STRONGLY of a sexual nature. Just sayin.

      • Avatar

        Rachel, I would really listen to the words, as mindyboo said. My neice had it on her ipod, and my sister had no reason to think her songs wouldn’t be ok for tweens to listen to. And no one in my family is super strict about what they watch or listen to. However, IMO, the last people that need to be listening to Ariana Grande is young females. Some of the lyrics are just flat out vulgar.

      • Avatar

        Sam and Cat nooooooo!!

      • Avatar

        sorry to have to keep repeating this, but Ariana is a hit with older teens,college students and early 20’s, the ones that grew up WITH her. THAT is her audience, not preteens, even though the Nick shows are in syndication with new viewers in that tween audience. Nick had to quit production of Sam and Cat because Ariana’s singing career eclipsed her Nick career and she no longer had time to do the show.(There is bitterness from the cast because she no longer had time to to the shows.) BB is using Frankie to lure in that target 18-24 demog they so desperately need. Ariana didn’t need ANYTHING from BB.

      • Avatar

        I have to ask….what is MLK??
        Ive seen it on many posts but do not know what it means. I know that when someone tells me I’m going to feel like an idiot. Lol

      • ShoeLover

        I have been wondering the same thing… 🙂

    • Avatar

      just shows you how shallow and mean Frankie is and can me.

  7. Avatar

    Caleb is wanting to push that button SO bad. LOL

  8. Avatar

    I would LOVE to have a live feed of the inside of the limo with Niccole and Christine going to the jury house. Can you imagine what they are saying?

    Niccole is WAY too nice and trusting. But she still might slip in a “Are you happy now?”

    Now THAT would be interesting to watch!

  9. Avatar

    Ok guys. She’s finally out.
    Now lets get Mango out.

    Then Caleb and Cody.
    Aw man… that leaves Derrick and Vic.
    Oh well.. that’s my final 2.

  10. Avatar

    I am a bit confused can someone help me. Do the HG know what will happen if they push the gold button. Thank you

  11. Avatar

    Love you Frankie. I have a lot of people that love you,and support you. A game is a game you. Backstabbing people, telling them what they want to hear is how you survive in big brother. So good job. Love going your way.

    • ShoeLover

      He said it earlier when he came clean to the house who he is.

      Now I can be the REAL me.

      Let’s hope his vulgar acts aren’t the REAL MANGO.

      But the vulgar act started up when he became the REAL MANGO.

      just saying…

    • Sweet Bee

      He doesn’t support you. He looked right in the camera and said ‘f**k you, America’ I never really had a problem with Frankie until that moment. Unless you’re from Canada, you should be offended. He also said America wasn’t ready for a man in drag. Us Americans are more progressive than most. We just don’t like egotistical, offensive, self centered, narcissistic assholes who think they are better than everyone in America.

      • Avatar

        I am from Canada, and I found the comment disgusting.

        How can somebody flipp off their fellow countrymen like that ?

        And especially in his case flipping off the fans of the show that has already guaranteed him $15k of prize money.

        A real sickening display on his part.

  12. Avatar

    I want to see Derrick on the block at least once and I want to see Frankie’s reaction when he exits the house to America Booing him

    • Avatar

      Frankie wont get booed. He is funny, charming, and a good bb player…that is if ypu dont watch the live feeds and honestly, most ppl dont. Frankie might be a loser jealous dick, but he is the only one playing the game and at least he isnt boring like the rest of the hg’s

      • Avatar

        But I’d be willing to bet a lot of the people in the crowd do watch the feeds. I mean honestly, what have the shown on the show that would have everyone in the audience so mad at Christine? Then again, I get what airs on BBAD and CBS mixed up, so maybe they showed more than I remember.

      • Avatar

        I think youre right. He wont get booed though. You cant deny that his game is better than most and he would be evicted because of that. People who watch the feeds know that, too.

      • Avatar

        I think he will, but I think it will be more of a mix. Some will cheer because of who he is, some will cheer his game, but some will boo him and a person. I don’t think people booed Christine’s game play, I think they booed her weird inappropriate relationship. But she didn’t do and say constant hateful, mean, vile things, Frankie does.

      • Avatar

        He will not get booed and if he does I will admit you were right lol. He wont though. Maybe he will win and get booed. That would be almost better because he doesnt need the mone as much as he needs the win, sadly. I wuld be happy if he won the whole thing and got booed.

      • Avatar

        If Frankie gets booed, he will take it as anger at the HG for voting him out. No way will he ever believe that everyone doesn’t love, adore, respect, admire, worship HIM.

      • Avatar

        Did you see the clips they showed her family during the interview? That right there showed so much disrespect for her husband and marriage as a whole. And then there were all the things they didn’t even show……….
        She completely put herself out there as a skank.

  13. Avatar

    Might Caleb get boo’d for not taking out Mango?

  14. danmtruth

    For all of Mangos faults and there are many . He is very strong comp player. Frankie does have dexterity and puzzle solving skills. He is not dumb .That is why it was so important to get him out when they had the chance
    Speaking of dumb play can we talk about Caleb. What a brain dead move telling Frankie there was talk of backdoor him.
    I talk about this in another post. Tonight Frankie spins all the boos for Christine as they got the right girl out of the house. Latter he claimed the boos were because she was trashing all of them in the DR. Funny most of the DR I see with Frankie is of him trashing people At the end Frankie brought it back to him . Christine was boo for saying mean things about Frankie . Not sure if he truly believes this . More likely just saying it to try to intimidate the other players. After all so many of the remaining players worry more about what America thinks . They are worried about post BB appearance potential

  15. Avatar

    So happy Crusty is gone- her lame holla to tim is sad – Cody how lame your sick showmance is finally OVER.

  16. Avatar

    Who do you think will push the button. My money is on Caleb.

    • kneeless

      Without a doubt, Caleb. He prob already has!

    • Avatar

      Can anyone push it at any time. I’m thinking that it won’t be able to be used until after nominations and that they will have to win something, or somehow earn something, to have the ability to push it. (Maybe Veto?) And if they think it might be $$ or some kind of reward any of them may be tempted to push it. Maybe a Pandora’s Box twist? Who knows?

  17. Avatar

    so happy crusty is gone cody will be so ashamed of his showmance with a married woman. lame comment on your husband.

  18. Avatar

    Here’s a good question. Let’s say we get our way, Frankie is on the block and doesn’t win POV. Eviction night his sister is sitting in the audience, again! Will the audience still have the balls to boo him when he is voted out? I would like to say, it is rather tacky and unfair to the other players, that Frankie gets to have a family member in the audience. If she is there, that will be totally out of line. He has to go to Jury, and is not supposed to have outside contact. Special treatment should not be given to ANY houseguest!

    • Rita

      I think she’s a little busy with her own career right now. She has been on TV just about every day this week. And what would be the point of her being there? He’s not allowed to talk to anyone and goes directly to the jury house.

    • Avatar

      I agree. She should not be in the audience. But we don’t actually know if the others have family there or not. Just because they don’t show them or point them out doesn’t mean they are not there. I doubt that even if they are there, that they get any contact with them. Either way, Ariana should not be allowed to be there because of her status.
      But unless we assume all the audience are her fan’s, why would anyone care what she thinks if Frankie gets boo’s?

  19. Avatar

    I think Christine will be a little late getting to the jury house because she will need some extra time with the psychologist. I don’t like her at all, and think she brought every bit of it on herself, but I’m sure she was probably devastated.

    • Avatar

      I am not fond of her either but I do feel kind of bad for her.

    • Avatar

      I’m not a fan of Christine, however, I did feel really bad for her. I didn’t like everything she did, not by a long shot. Don’t love her relationship with Cody (her husband seems like he’s a pretty good guy) and that laugh, ugh. That being said, I’m at a loss with the boo’s. Sure, some boo’s, but I swear she got more than Aaryn did last year, and IMO, that is NUTS!
      If it had been me, in all honesty, I probably would have teared up before I could finish talking to Julie. Mostly from the shock of it, but also because, well… damn. That had to hurt.

      • Avatar

        Yeah id be crying too but I dont feel bad for her. The truth hurts more than anything and the truth is, is that she sucks. On many levels. She did this to herself and her fMily is embarrassed. I dont get the feeds and cant remember her annoying laugh lol what was it like

      • Avatar

        Not sure how she got through the interview either, except it probably was shock. Not only that they voted her out when she thought Victoria would go, but getting totally booed too.

    • kneeless

      I’m also not a Christine fan but thought the booing was harsh. I think last year kind of broke the ice as far as the beginning of the boos. I bet from here on out folks get booed just because people don’t like them & that’s not right either. Of anyone, Mango deserves the boos due to ALL of his numerous “inappropriatenessess.” It’s funny listening to them trying to figure out why Christine was booed!

  20. Avatar

    I don’t think anyone will push the button. If they don’t leave Caleb alone he won’t be able to. I hope I am wrong, but watch they will be on 24/7 Caleb watch.

  21. ShoeLover

    Mr Stevebeans,

    What do mean by going to Jeffloops? Is it like elevator music?

  22. Avatar

    So, were the guys really going to keep Nicole until she complimented Derrick’s game, comparing him to Dan? It was cut to seem as if he got nervous that she was on to him, so he completely switched the guys back to voting her out. She’s going to regret that compliment when she sees that later on.

    • Avatar

      I think they would have. That is, as long as Caleb had put up Frankie. Derrick and Cody wanted Nicole to stay, which were half of the votes. Victoria would have voted to keep her, and honestly, I think Christine would have voted to keep her, if she was up against Frankie.
      Caleb wouldn’t have put him up unless he KNEW that they would for sure get rid of him. But I think the Caleb factor would have been the hardest, it really only took Derrick playing his “i’ll play devil’s advocate” card, and Nicole was as good as gone.

  23. Avatar

    Frankie’s shorts are too tight. And does anyone else feel that Frankie turns up the gayness on Thursdays??

  24. Jannie

    I don’t like that they are giving TA another assignment.
    Once Donny was gone, that stupid twist should have gone with him.

    And will Donny get $5K if the other two succeed?

  25. Avatar

    Who won hoh I cannot sleep! Anyone know yet?

  26. Avatar

    Come on Victoria, that’s the only way I see Frankie leaving.

  27. Jannie

    Damn, Damn, Damn!
    Mango won HOH!!!

    Push that button!!!

  28. danmtruth

    The show was edited to show that Derrick changed the vote because he felt Nichole knew he was the puppet master. In the live feeds Caleb mention he did not want all of Frankie’s fan hating him .What!?!

  29. Avatar

    Ugh, I knew Frankie was going to win HOH. Grrrr
    But are they all really pushing the button? I’m going to have to go get on my BBAD lol What will make that more funny, is if they are pushing it BECAUSE Frankie won HOH

    • Avatar

      This is exciting! Keep me posted! It iskinda sad that it took 3months for me to be excited about bb.

      • Avatar

        Didn’t Julie say that if they pushed the button then everything will go backwards. Does that mean Frankie will lose his HOH and Derrick will get his HOH back? Also, does it mean that who ever was voted out when Derrick was HOH will return back to the house? According to their timeline of Wednesday around 5:00 that would make it about the right time for the live show because next week the show changes to Tuesday and Wednesday because of the football season starting. I did love how Frankie, Caleb and Cody wanted to push it because of the idea of a monetary bonus. LOL

      • Avatar

        I think Julie said the nominations, (Mango’s) will be removed from the Block, and they will ALL play for the HOH all over again. Repeating the process, and putting new nominees up on the Block.

      • Avatar

        My question would be, since it is going to reset… and they will get a new HOH, will Frankie have to sit out of that comp? Or will they all play for it?

      • Avatar

        Pretty sure he will be Frankie can play.

        But if it is repeating the process, Derrick should be excluded.

        Mello-one is right, Julie said they all get to play.

  30. ShoeLover

    Push it push it! And if they do does Frankie lose his HOH?!?! If so push! They pushed the button!

  31. Lulu

    They pushed the button!!!!! Can’t wait too see Mangos face when his hoh is erased!

    • Avatar

      Hah really! ? Yay! Interesting next wednesday im so pumped. Frankie will be pissed. Good twist for once

      • Avatar

        the best part …he wanted to push it more than anyone ….hehehehehe

      • Avatar

        Hahahaha whaaaaat?really? If only he knew it would be his demise. Buh bye frankie

      • Jannie

        Yup, Mango wanted to push the button. Derrick seems to be the only one worried.

        Caleb thinks the button will mean money or vacations, of course.

        Mango says if it’s something bad, America will be mad.

        Bring on the rewind!

        Sorry, Mango. America is OVERJOYED that you pushed the button!!!

      • Avatar

        Frankie started out telling everyone NOT to push it and even told Caleb he would kill him if he did. Frankie HAD to be the one to decide so, when he got HOH, he immediately told them all to push it. It always has to be his way.

  32. Avatar

    Really!?!….Victoria is still in the house?!…. (Teflon!)…
    I don’t get it?…..why are people hoping she wins?
    I swear if she even comes in 2nd ..I will never watch BB again
    As much as i detest frankie…he deserves it more than her..

    • Avatar

      I say I will never watch bb again every single day. Vic deserves the win if she makes f2 cuz ppl would only take her to beat her. Bitter jury!

    • Avatar

      If Frankie takes Victoria to F2, Victoria could win in a protest vote from the jury. Frankie has said some pretty nasty things about Victoria and everyone in the jury house has heard the things said or will be told what he said. Also he was never in an alliance with Victoria; everyone would know that he is using her.

    • Avatar

      Hate to tell you Teena, but she will most likely come in 2nd if it plays out how Derrick wants it to play out. It is smart to bring someone who was dead weight to the F2, they have no chance of winning the $500,000.00 because most of the jury will vote on who played a better game. And since Victoria really didnt play a game she will not win. But it is a bite in the butt because she will get a pretty nice chunk of change for doing nothing. But that is how the BB game is set up, if CBS would structure it more like Canada, where the viewers get to vote, she would not have made it that far. It would be a totally different outcome for sure.

  33. Avatar

    It’s really funny listening to Mango talk about how production wanted them to push the button and how America would have been mad at them if they didn’t push it. He even made the comment how “if you go home early for pushing the button”…if only he knew.

  34. Avatar

    I got the impression that the HGs were not told what would happen if someone pushes the button & that during next Thurs live eviction, it will be stopped right then & everything “reset” so the whold week has to start over again. (what, is that kind of a “Ground Hog Day” thing?)

  35. Avatar

    ok just watched Mangos sister in a video “Break free” her boobs shot rockets and she removed her skirt etc (i didn’t watch the whole video)so is she trying to be like gaga? the song is great but shes no better than mango in the videos.. I may be old but put some clothes on and gain some credibility. gaga is an artist, Ariana Grande is manufactured.

    • Avatar

      Yeah but preteens go crazy for that shit. I watched victorious before bb16 and youre from sask so you grew up on crap like degrassi like I did. When youre younger than 14, you love crap like arrianna grande. Her fans dont care about bb I guarantee you that. Most of her fans are kids and most kids dont care about franki or bb

      • Avatar

        Also, arianna is beautiful. And sort of talented. Dont compare her to franki. It is too bad for arianna that frankie sucks. Her audience is teenagers, not old ppl like us lol, so keep things in perspective and rememeber the dumb shit u watched as a teenager

  36. ShoeLover

    I wonder if the week goes as normal…
    Backstabbing begins
    Power of Veto Comp
    Crazy backstabbing
    Veto Ceremony
    Delusional Behavior (Caleb)
    Wednesday Julie explains that the whole week is voided so the week has to start over and now everyone knows how everyone REALLY wanted in order to get to the final two. Ooops!
    Talk about major damage control on everyone’s part.

    • Avatar

      ShoeLover – yes that is the best part of the punishment – right at the time that they start to turn on each other – Frankie being HOH he will likely show his hand in his selections and expose his final 3/final2 choices – the problem is Frankie has been great in the comps. and might just win HOH again – that I would hate – but FINALLY they put a real twist in the game that has the potential to directly change the season.

    • Avatar

      it seems to me that this is what we all have been waiting for all summer long. They will probably all start to back stab each other and it will only happen one week out of 12 weeks. what a shame, lame lame season.

    • leafhopper

      almost all of the other sights that I have read are telling people not to vote at all! No vote will tell CBS that NO VOTE / Low voter turn out will = NO TA! and that America doesn’t stand behind their decision to continue TA without Donnie. Definitely no more $$ for Frankie, and DEFINITELY no more plays!

  37. Avatar

    I do hope theyd do a comp that Victoria can win, but she’d nom. whoever Derrick wants sparing him the blood and guts yet again.

    Derrick wants Frankie out, which is not what Production wants it seems.

    Really though, does Frankie think the folks on the jury will vote for him? How or why would they?

    Serious question. What argument would Derrick, Frankie or Caleb give to convince the jury to pick them?
    Victoria argument is “hey, im here” “suckers?”

    Sounds to me that Derrick has all of them convinced they are ok with settling for 2nd or 3rd place, LOL

    • Avatar

      Ok there is nothing Victoria can do. That is her game, do nothing. If you watch her, she doesn’t even try anything.

      • Avatar

        I just said that I didn’t care for GM last year, but at least she did earn 2nd place last year by winning Comps at the end…Victoria has done Absolutely Nothing this season, but eat, follow Derrick around the house while her scalp is Bleeding?!

  38. danmtruth

    It might be like ShoeLover says . They go thru the whole week than get to the eviction and Julie gives them the news . Rewind than they play like a DE night the whole week condense into one night . As if the whole week never happend . My only question who sits out as HoH ? Frankie because the button was push on his watch ? Derrick because he was the last HoH ? As ShoeLover said you will have had all the deal making backstabbing fresh in every ones head . Than you get to have a do over. Hopefully with a differant HoH

    • Avatar

      Julie described it as a “rewind” so I would expect Derrick will again have to sit out the HoH comp. I do hope the replacement HoH comp is a carnival/crapshoot type game giving Victoria an even chance to win.

      For once Big Brother is going to catch them off-guard. They have anticipated so many of the comps and the DE weeks, this is nicely new.

  39. Avatar

    Thanks for the add in stevebeans!! I didn’t get to see anything because of our CBS affiliate being blacked out, so I’ll have to wait until tomorrow. At this point, I almost want Victoria to win HOH after the rewind so that one of the guys can go home! I am not a fan, I don’t like Frankie at all and Cody is nothing more than a floater. Caleb and Derrick should go head to head in the final two or who knows? One may take Victoria and the jury decides she deserves the money for putting up with their bullying and s$#@-talking all season!! It could happen <3

  40. Avatar

    How many HoH’s and POV’s has Frankie won? Plus he won 2 BOTB tight

  41. Avatar

    Why would they push it, except to see what it does. They are so bored too like us. But my guess is they will play hoh, nominate and veto but but it will be null. The problem is Frankie will have to reveal the two he puts up. They will all hide that Victoria was to go. So even the rewind is stupid at this point. I want who is in is out. Total switch over. Fantastic ending. You were finals now you are out. Wake me up when this is finally over.

  42. Avatar

    just to continue the frankie bashing. saw this transcript that happened earlier:
    Frankie grabs at Caleb crotch, ‘Stop it Frankie people are going to think I’m fruity.
    Frankie – You’re not fruity i’m just a homosexual man in a house with hot guys
    If Caleb had grabbed at Amber’s breast or something like that, would this be allowed? argh. so frustrating.

    • danmtruth

      This is an issue that production has let slide all season. They act as if it’s cute and funny to see the straight guys react with the gay guy. In all the seasons I don’t recall a gay player being this aggressive sexualy. Anyone who had to sit thru a sexual harassment seminar at work . Would be painfully reminded that none of this “playfully” behavior would be acceptable . Yet production lets this continue. Even when Frankie brings up getting Victoria drunk and taking her multiple virginitys . Nothing was said Does anyone else think this is a hostile work envierment?. When constant sexual innuendo is not address ?

    • Avatar

      If Caleb had groped Amber, BB would have had to thrown him out for assaulting her.

      It is pretty sad that there is a double standard that a gay can grope a guy and think it is okay.

  43. Avatar

    This is really pathetic…Victoria is going to be in a Final 2 with Derrick, and she didn’t do squat to earn it?! I didn’t like GM has year, but at least she did earn 2nd place in the end!

  44. Avatar

    Wow…Was Christine Pissed Off, or what after the eviction vote!!! Christie walked out of the BB House without saying good-bye to anyone!

  45. Avatar

    I’m looking at BBAD, and Derrick is being a stick in the mud again about pushing the “Restart Button.” Anything Derrick thinks that will blow his game up, he wants NO Part of it, No Drama Derrick…Smh.

    He had the same look on his face when Nicole came back in the buy back, but it all worked to his advantage, cuz Nicole (love her) is easily manipulated.

    • Avatar

      Derricks a total cop.
      I can only imagine him in high school..

      • Avatar

        Did you watch the clips on BBAD – of the boys of Big Brother – Derrick spoke for himself by saying how he will play the game in BB – like the training he had as a cop – and did you notice that good ole Victoria was following like a sheeple with Derrick on not pushing the button – like the others wanted to do

      • Avatar

        I haven’t watched the BBAD this year..
        I usually go to bed at that time and also the conversations are ones I wish I didn’t hear..

        Just like what Donny said..

  46. Avatar

    IMO, this could be an interesting week because of ‘the button’ twist, but probably won’t be. Because after hearing Christine get booed and hearing the guys telling Cody that it was because of his and Christine’s relationship, Derrick is freaked out and re-thinking trying to take Victoria to F2.
    I think it will be Victoria and whoever they can convince to be the pawn (probably Cody or Caleb, with the assurance they are not going anywhere) on the block.
    Then when re-set, whoever wins (it is very doubtful Victoria might win)will do the same. And Victoria will go.
    Anyway, it will probably be next week before they are forced to turn on each other.

  47. kneeless

    BB, why oh why did it take until day 77 to get a twist that was actually “twiste?” We’ve been waiting this entire, boring, summer.

    • Avatar

      Because the HGs are total dipsh*ts and couldn’t take a hint. They couldn’t/wouldn’t evict Mango, so production has to do it for them.
      They gave him a HoH he could win, and set up this button thing..

      Mango is gonna get booed. Cody wont, Caleb might. Vic and Derrick wont get booed either.

  48. danmtruth

    Will they wait to have the eviction vote. Therefore the house guest show there true selfs if a Backdoor is planed . Than Julie says not so fast ! Because you hit the button the whole week is rewound .Frankie as HoH you are not eligible to play now we do a whole week in one hour . Than they evict . So with all the backstabbing ,double dealing fresh in everyone’s mind . It’s on to a HoH comp .Than the nom followed by veto battle with hopefully Mango being evicted ! How’s that for a twist America!

      • Avatar

        But, the clock expires at the beginning of Wednesday’s show.

        Frankie will show his hand with his nominations.

        If he doesn’t put Vic up, and puts up Derrick and Cody first, then he will be showing his hand that him and Caleb are trying to get the other two guys out.

        The lousy thing about this twist, is that the hoh has the tie breaking vote. We will only get to see what is up their sleeve after the full elimination vote.

        So if we don’t see the hoh break a potential tie, then we don’t see enough for the reset to be completely shocking.

    • Avatar

      That would be so cool to evict Frankie he should’ve gone before Nicole or even Christine. Pity Caleb was too chicken to replace Christine with Frankie when Christine won POV. Derrick might not have been able to pull it off because I think Frankie won the POV where Christine got eliminated.

  49. leafhopper

    Did anyone catch when Frankie told Caleb that if he pushed the button he would “kill him in his sleep”?

  50. Avatar
    super duper bb fan

    Oh my! I work nights and i just got to see last nights episode. Sorry but i loved the whole segment on christine. Time for her to feel like an outsider in the jury house. No wait! The jury house consist of ppl with hearts. The shame she will feel when she gets to know them….will haunt her for years. Can’t wait for FAKIE to walk through the doors to meet Julie! Oh and btw Chistine,the boos you got from the audience is because you sold your soul to ppl who would ordinarily walk right by you on the street and never notice you were there.

    • Avatar

      She’s gonna be embarrassed.

    • Avatar

      Cody is out of your network! …

      • Avatar

        Way out of her network !! She belongs with her Hubby (very strange looking like her) sry but it’s true. I really think she was surprised at all her boos she got. What did she expect ?? She turned on Nicole who really considered her as her friend & she thought the guys would take care of her but Christine u were just their pawn to use until they didn’t need u anymore !! Karma is a biotch. You should have left a long time ago

  51. danmtruth

    That’s why I saw wait tell the full eviction but stop short after the vote is announce . As the evicted house guest is getting ready to walkout stop him/ her and reveal the rewind. There could be a tie with Frankie needing to make the tie breaking vote This will lay everyone’s game out in the open Saving CBS that it was the most twisted season

    • Avatar

      Let the evicted guest try to leave, but the door is locked. They can’t get out, and Julie breaks the news to a tearful Frankie.

      • Avatar

        I like your thinking. That would be even better, watching the person try and leave and then say REWIND. you are no longer evicted and Frankie you are no longer the HOH!! That can be a dream of ours, maybe CBS reads these sites.

      • Avatar

        That would be hilarious. Especially if the evicted house guest announces something on the way out. Imagine Derrick going “Fuck all you, I hate you guys. I’ve been manipulating you the whole time, and I’m really a cop who’s done years of undercover work” and then it turns out he’s staying.

  52. Avatar


  53. Avatar

    What kind of stupid Team America missions is that?!? Why didn’t they just throw out TA… Maybe invest some $$ into hiring better show writers so someone else comes up with better ideas than convincing people about a rodent. Wow.

    TA… Biggest flop ever.

  54. Avatar
    super duper bb fan

    What is up with the comment section? One minute you see all 197 comments. Next minute ….you see 3.

  55. Avatar

    This is just my opinion only – so please dont boo me – I am so glad of the button – not that it would probably make any difference to the game – but just to see Derrick being paranoid – up until now he is smug and confident on how he has control of everything – and now there exists an unknown in his world that he MAY NOT be able to control – all the people in the house look at him as the DAD – so they do not think the DAD would do anything to harm him – and therefore he has survived – but this worries him – a lot – and even with his little minion Victoria – can not help him with this unknown. Just saying

    • Avatar

      Frankie wants to make great TV and he is pushing to have a “Britney” moment when they all gather together after the veto ceremony and explain to Victoria that there is a four person alliance that have been together since the beginning of the game and she is going to be going out so they can fight it out to the end like The Brigade. Caleb and Cody like the idea but of course Derrick does not. He wants to wait until hours before the eviction vote. I will bet the house egos win out and Derrick is forced to deal with a fully informed Victoria. And THEN the rewind happens and they are playing a new HoH. This should be very funny and a good test of Derrick’s skill.

  56. Renee

    Did anyone see on the live feeds where Derrick had an absolute panic attack over one of the pictures that was in his HOH basket? He grabbed it and went racing to production and gave it to them and told them he didn’t want it. It is speculated that it had something to do with his profession, not sure if he was in uniform or maybe something in the background that you could. But, I agree with Rocco, finally something to make him worry a little. It’s been too easy for him. I’m not saying he doesn’t deserve to win, I’m just saying it shouldn’t be this easy.

    • Avatar

      Didn’t Cody see the picture in Derrick’s HOH basket and ask him about it?

      • Renee

        I don’t know Mouse, I didn’t see it. I saw someone post a picture of Derrick handing it to production on Twitter this morning. I didn’t get to see the live feeds and I cannot access Twitter from work.

    • Sweet Bee

      Big Brother tells Derrick to go to the storage room. Derrick goes in and finds his HOH basket. Cody joins him and grabs his HOH photo. Cody asks who’s that? Cody asks who’s that? Your brother? Derrick says no, no. Cody asks why would I say that’s your brother. That’s your daughter with who? Derrick says hold on one second I am trying to think about something. I almost want to.. damn. Cody asks what? Derrick says not the best picture to show. (Possibly a photo of Derrick in his police uniform with his daughter Tenley?) Big Brother blocks the feeds. When they come back Derrick says I’ll tell you, I’ll explain. Cody brings out Derrick’s basket. Derrick comes out of the diary room. Frankie asks are you getting a new photo? Derrick says yeah. Derrick then reads is HOH letter from his father Tim.

      I got that from another site.
      The others ask him what it was about and Derrick just says it wasn’t a good picture. Victoria and Frankie assume it was blurry.

  57. Avatar

    The button was pushed. Recap of what Julie said. If the button is pushed then the next week’s live vote will stop live on air. The two nominees will immediately come off the block and the game will rewind. The entire week will be replayed meaning next week’s nominees could go from being on the block to becoming head of household. So, I’m guessing that they will know before they vote that the week is being rewound. So, if Frandy puts up Victoria and Cody or Victoria and Caleb, he will just say that Victoria was the target. The only way this would bite Frandy in the a** is if they actually vote and they don’t all vote for Victoria. If the rewind happens before they actually vote, then someone other than Frandy needs to win HOH to ruffle everyone’s feathers…Oops only Frandy sports feathers.

  58. Avatar

    OH MY steve beans, Nicole and Christine’s pictures are still in color. Quick, change it before the “picture police” start ranting! LOL

  59. Avatar

    Depending who wins comps…it could end up Frankie/Caleb as final 2 or even Derrick/Cody. I think that will be more interesting than ANYONE and Victoria at the end. I want the Jury to have to debate and discuss who played the best game. Not just hand it to Derrick cause Victoria was a big fat zero in game play.

  60. Avatar

    I was totally surprise when i check the comments today and saw they pushed the button so fast. I thought it would be at least a day. I also must of had a mind lapse to think someone would go in a push it on there own. You can bet Derrick is going to really give it all to try and win HOH on wednsday.

  61. Avatar

    Production may have the audience not boo anybody else. So the remaining HGs will keep and indulge their delusions without consequences.
    It doesnt count when they get back to reality after the game and they get heckled off camera.

    In the case of Cody, Isn’t it the way of this world that the woman takes the brunt of the punishment. Why should Christine alone get to feel what America feels about their relationship and also this whole house of dimwits.

    • Avatar

      The boos are the best part!
      I’m watching only for the boos.
      Last night it sounded like the boom mike man was booing.. it was a clear loud boo.

      Codys gonna get heckled for WHO, not WHAT.
      There were sooo many more nicer looking girls, better attitudes, nicer in general. .

      Mango will get booed. Caleb might. Cody won’t. Derrick and Vic won’t either.

  62. Avatar

    the hg are really worried about being booed. I think derrick has a clue why she was booed, but is not giving it up. but I also think he’s not sure it’s because she is married and how she acted. but one think for sure they don’t want to be booed. with another ta mission coming up this will help Frankie keep derrick and with the boos will be a factor to. but the question is does derrick want to sit next to Frankie.

  63. Avatar

    I wonder if nic heard it and if christene was told why

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