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Big Brother 16 – Veto Day Live Feeds


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Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you had a great weekend.  I know it’s Monday, but do you hear that sound?  No, it’s not a person on a megaphone yelling at me for asking for donations, it’s the sound of a school bus! Two bittersweet endings to summer: The start of football season, and school starting.  I kid.. I love my soon-to-be stepdaughter. There is just so many times you can hear ‘I’m bored’ though.

Random thought of the day… Whatever happened to the activity trackers?  That stunt faded quicker than my own motivation to work out.  Speaking of havenots (since the trackers picked them one week), why even have that in it’s current form?  It seems like such an unnecessary and random punishment for the show. Not that I’m against punishments, but it would be cool to see some thought into it. Like, if they have the HoH choose, maybe havenots gain an advantage in the veto comp, so the HoH is more likely to put up his buddies instead of appear to kick nominees while they’re down.  Just a thought.

(note, I know the trackers are still being used, but they seem forgotten. Maybe at the end of the season they’ll give someone a bonus)

Ok, feed updates…

  • 11:05am – Feeds just went down for the veto meeting. I don’t expect Cody to use it
  • 11:50am – Feeds return, Cody did not use the PoV. Nicole or Donny (hint: Donny) will go to jury this Thursday night.  Watch with tissues handy
  • 11:59am – Victoria is outside telling Nicole about Julie calling Christine out during the live show (about doing so poorly at the BoB comp).
  • 12:15pm – Christine is telling Cody that this week likely won’t be double eviction based on last year.
  • 12:30pm – Donny is outside telling Christine and Nicole about his personal life. His parents, etc. Pretty interesting stories. Derrick and Frankie are in the fire room chatting about the game. Frankie mentioned how Christine is super paranoid about anyone talking to Cody.
  • 1:00pm – Donny, Nicole and Victoria in the kitchen making lunch.
  • 2:45pm – Very boring afternoon inside the house.  May be a long, long week. I hope BB has a twist coming.
  • 4:29pm – Derrick and Frankie are in the backyard chatting about Team America.  It sounds like they’re going to talk a bit more later about flipping Caleb to keep Donny.
  • Derrick “You want a show, America? You got a show”
  • Derrick is worried that Donny will end up putting up one of the two
  • Frankie “I don’t think America would do that to us. I don’t think they would put us with a monster”… Frankie is right, Donny is as genuine as he appears
  • 4:48pm – Frankie is talking about how much he hates Nicole.
  • The talk breaks up and goes to Donny, Cody and Christine chatting about the season, then Derrick comes over to pull Cody for some pool and Christine gets all excited about watching.  Weird.
  • They’re still playing pool, and I am so jealous. I haven’t played in a long time
  • Random thought – Derrick has a serious Aaryn-throat going on. Seriously bro, clear your throat, it’s disgusting.
  • 6:19pm – Donny and Nicole talking about pooping on the slop diet.  Awesome.
  • 7:00pm – Derrick and Christine spent a good chunk talking about the finale situation. Who would win, who has a better chance, etc.  They also think it will be an endurance competition this week (hope so)
  • Christine said Derrick is the only one she’d have a remote chance at beating in the finals.  She’s probably right, she has no chance at beating anyone
  • 9:50pm – Took a break to watch the Emmy’s. Not bad.  Much deserved wins to Breaking Bad crew.
  • Ok, so while I was gone, Derrick and Frankie did have their talk they continued from this morning.  Frankie has floated the idea of voting out Nicole to Caleb and Christine.  As I type this, Caleb is now talking to Derrick about the conversation he had with Frankie.  Derrick brilliantly takes the baton from Frankie and ‘agrees’ with the things Frankie told Caleb.
  • Caleb is worried about Nicole possibly putting them on the block should she stay and Derrick replies “It’s possible, she aint putting up Cody”.  Caleb thinks Nicole would definitely put up Frankie. Derrick said she’s close with Cody and fighting with Christine over him.
  • Caleb – “This game is coming to a legit end” Derrick – “Yup, 27 days”  Caleb – “Yea, 3 weeks” …
  • Derrick – “If Christine was in the jury, she would vote for her idol Cody”. Caleb however thinks Christine would actually vote for him


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  1. Comments (3)

    I wanted Nicole to win veto. Donny is gone on Thursday night

  2. Comments (137)

    I want a new season, a do over!!

  3. Comments (137)

    Does anybody know how do I vote for America’s favorite player?

  4. Comments (21)

    To think i need to wait another year to hopefully get another good season.

    This year will be considered like the black sheep in BB history. I have been watching every season and this year is by far the worst.

    The one where Rachel won was the most frustrating.

    • Comments (610)

      I think BB15 was the absolute worst ever, but this year’s HG bashing other HGs is a close 2nd. Note to CBS: that’s not entertainment! Sadly, I’m beginning to think BB has jumped the shark and this should be its last season.

      • Comments (50)

        I agree, BB15 was the worst but this one is pretty darn bad too! Mostly because it’s boring and predictable and annoying. Haha

      • Comments (1446)

        They need to go back to competing for their food and luxuries.

        These idiots are complacent and lazy. They have a fully loaded storage room and want for nothing.

        And while were at it, how about when they enter the house, they get to bring 5 items(including clothing), that’s it. No more lotions, perfumes, hair spray, tweezers, blow dryers, make up etc. They are all too damn vain in the first place. Strip them down to the bare essentials. BB shampoo, towels(one labeled for each HG), and TP provided – that’s it.

        And how about restricted shower time? The BB shower should be set for a certain amount of shower time per week. When it’s done – no more showers until the next week starts.

        I think if BB did this, the HG’s would be more on their toes and the restrictions would likely cause friction, maybe even within an alliance. An example – “That damn Victoria took a 10 minute shower. Now there’s only 33 minutes for 5 HG’s to shower in the next two days!” Or, “Did that stupid Cody eat all of the cereal? We don’t get anymore until Sunday!”

        And do away w/the Have Nots – restrict everyone fairly.

        Those are the kinds of things that stir up the house. No more slovenly, complacent HG’s.
        Shake them up next year, CBS!

      • Comments (19)

        I love your thoughts hope someone at CBS is reading

      • Comments (722)

        Luxury comps and punishments. Great ideas.
        No sleeping all day… you know, how it used to be.

      • Comments (38)

        Great ideas! I just don’t understand how production lets them sleep all day long! Makes a boring season EVEN MORE boring!

      • Comments (644)

        The people that only watch the CBS show have no idea that most of these HGs go to sleep when the sun rises. The show doesn’t show the reality of how life in the house is.

      • Comments (722)

        I know early mornings stop my late nights..
        Iast yr all the big game talk was done late at night…

      • Comments (78)

        I vote for this!!!!!!

      • BB16 WATCHER 2014
        Comments (6)

        How about like in season 1. The people of America get to put up two house guests they feel are not playing the game with fairness and integrity. Then they get to vote out the weakest, most unfair player and Julie Chen tells the houseguests the total votes America voted. At the finally, the last two houseguests are voted by AMERICA not anyone else. (just my thought). there are too many “votes with the house” “going with the house” makes for a BORING season.

      • Comments (248)

        My husband and I like BB, but for the last two seasons it has sucked. They might need to call it quits. I am sorry to say.

    • Comments (9)

      Have we all forgotten season 9?

    • Comments (79)

      The black sheep of BB was BB9. Every single house guest was absolutely repulsive. This year’s HGs aren’t even that bad except for Caleb

  5. Comments (20)

    I wish just wish they would all of a sudden change it up and give Donny and Nicole another week, another chance. I love both of them and hate to think neither will win BB. Not that I dislike Derrick but I think he could of hung on to Donny instead of Vic. Christine needs to be gone… UGH I hate to see Thursdays eviction

    • BB16 WATCHER 2014
      Comments (6)

      like there will be no eviction this week. EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED!! That way Donny and Nicole have a shot at evicting Derrick and Frankie.

  6. Comments (1)

    In regards to their activity trackers…BB told the HG to turn them on this morning

  7. Comments (610)

    Cody, I hope you don’t wuss out & leave noms the same. It’s getting close to the end & here’s your chance to actually make a difference. Take Donny down & put up Christine!

    • Comments (75)

      Christine that’s a waste too! Put up Frankie or Derrick!!

      • Comments (487)

        If Cody had the guts to BD Christine he would be talking out the one person telling everything to both Derrick and Frankie. Thereby making it easier to get Frankie out before F5. Caleb does not trust really trust Frankie or Christine and would have voted to get Christine out. Yes Derrick would still have TOTAL control over all the lemmings, but Donny and Nicole, but Cody would have given himself the chance to make F2. Derrick is not taking Cody to F2. Derrick’s plan is to take the biggest floater in BB history Victoria to F2 and drop Cody at F3.

      • Comments (15)

        Derrick WON HOH Cody is a lap DOG when he said backdoor Frankie Derrick set that PUNK straight !!!!

  8. Comments (4)

    Regarding the have nots – I’d like to see them do it like they used to – divide up the house and have competitions – the losing team were the have nots. But sometimes the competitions were for various foods – steak, wine, etc. The whole house got the food/drink items that were won for that whole week. The more competitions the better – keeps down the boredom – for all of us.

    • Comments (1446)

      I was thinking that exact same thing recently. Make them EARN their food like they used to – right now they seem like a bunch of lazy slobs with a stocked pantry. A few nights ago, Mango was cooking fish, Christine was making cookies, and Derrick was looking for chips and dip.
      They are CONSTANTLY eating! And they don’t have enough to do – I think that’s why they are so complacent to just follow everything that Derick says.
      They are too lethargic to even have the brain power to play their own games.

      • Comments (722)

        Mango spitting the fish.. bon appetit

      • Comments (1446)

        He thinks he’s a french chef and yet he didn’t even know what Halibut was…
        I certainly wouldn’t eat anything he cooked – God only knows where his hands have been.

      • Comments (722)

        I meant “spitting in the fish”!

        Is there nothing the Amazing Mango cant do? Hes getting as bad as Caleb as far as his imagined accomplishments and abilities..

        Ugh. A pay phone or even a pay toilet would be a safer bet for eating.

      • Comments (1446)

        He probably leaves a slime trail like a slug!

      • Comments (722)

        No. He wears a pantyliner. No slimy trail for him.

      • Comments (692)

        That’s tooo funny Willie!! Thank you. Having a bad day, you made me lol.

      • Comments (722)

        Im sorry to hear that good buddy.
        Im glad I brought you a chuckle ..
        Hope things are okay.
        Tomorrow will be better.
        Take care and try to get some rest..

        Im going to post for a few more minutes and call it a night myself…

      • Comments (1276)

        I’m sorry Franko, feel better.

      • Comments (692)

        Willie and Christina- thank you. Just a lot going on and I’m not feeling well. These HOT temps here are NOT good on someone with a weak heart, I’m miserable. We hit 100° Sat and very very humid.

      • Comments (722)

        Our temps ended Sat night here in Charlotte. Temps are reasonable now. Its over.

        Pls try to get some relief.

  9. Comments (487)

    Cody is a WUSS and a FOOL! He didn’t make a move to BD Christine. DUMMY! He left the nominations the same.

    • Comments (843)

      Of course he did because that’s what daddy Derrick told him to do.

    • BB16 WATCHER 2014
      Comments (6)

      He is a mindless idiot. If he keeps playing Derrick’s game he will be out soon enough.

      • Comments (247)

        even if Cody is sitting next to Derrick at the end Cody will NOT win, he did NOTHING but follow orders and never thought for himself. I thought he may, just may make a move on his own he had 2 chances and did not do anything, his game is over, id rather give it to Victoria than Cody.

      • Comments (487)

        No matter who is sitting next Derrick in the F2, he will destroy them in the speech. The only thing Cody will have going for him over Victoria is that you won comps.

      • Comments (875)

        Imho…I believe that all of the remaining HG, except Donny & Nicole should be wearing one of those “Obey” tee shirts! Because they all Obey Derrick, and it should be the Alliance of the the Obey. I have never seen an Alliance this large were someone didn’t flip on one another.

    • Comments (3)

      This is going to come back and bite him. He should of kept Donny – but he knows that he wouldn’t stand a chance against Donny in the end

      • Comments (21)

        Maybe so, but why does he believe he can beat Frankie and Caleb so easily in upcoming comps? I would rather go against Donny than either of them in physical comps…it would be better to take Donny farther and get rid of the bigger threats now. If the alliance votes for their own alliance member to win as they should, at F2 if Donny made it he still would not win.

  10. BB16 WATCHER 2014
    Comments (6)

    Cody is a big fake. He is a puppet in Derrick’s puppet theater. He is mindless and gutless and scared of his own shadow. Why bother going into a game and have others play YOUR game for themselves. Cody is playing the game for Derrick who will win if everyone listens to him. DUMB! DUMB! DUMB! (jmo)

  11. Comments (843)

    steve beans, I think the activity trackers were a publicity stunt for BB. Once the HG discovered they could ‘move’ the activity level by shaking their hands, it was pretty much done. They have done a horrible job keeping the site updated too.

  12. Comments (162)

    Can Pandora’s box please come save Donny ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!please

      • Comments (372)

        They will have to have something between now and Thursday. Luxury comp or pandora’s box. Wednesday show will be veto and meeting, they sure cant show much of the TA “mission” on prime time for people to vote on. Donny and Nicole were great Derrick and Cody were ok Caleb was lost but Frankie Christine and Vic were vulgar. Unless it is a DE , they will need something to show on Thursday before the live eviction.
        Whatever it is I hope Donny gets the best prize available.

      • Comments (1288)

        They need to cover the Have-nots and their punishment food of the week. They might do a package on the Nicole/Hayden showmance, maybe meet the families type stuff. They will probably cover Victoria’s medical emergency. Some of the talk about Nicole being more dangerous than Donny will be teased. And as CBS seems to be tackling it head-on there will probably be more Cody/Christine canoodling. I do hope for a Paandora’s Box type event but I don’t like being repeatedly disappointed.

  13. Comments (6)

    It’s baffling to me that nobody seems to care that Derrick is the only player that has never been on the block. In fact, he’s never even been seriously considered for the block. How can they not see is cake walking his way to $500,000?

    It may not be that interesting, but Derrick DESERVES to win. In fact, it’s not even close. He was the most effective at herding a bunch of stupid sheep and they’ve done exactly what he wanted all summer long.

    • Comments (137)

      DD as much as I dont like derrick, you are right. This is what this game is about. How to lie, manipulate people into doing what you want. He does deserve to win. Just like I hated EVIL DICK, but he played the game the best and deserved that win.

    • Comments (38)

      I agree, it is 100% mind boggling that no one (except for Donny) thinks it’s interesting that Derrick has never been on the block. And the #1 reason why I think that is, is because Derrick tells each and everyone of his sheep that he will never win against them if they were final 2. All the while knowing that he will in fact win against them because he has made sure he is friends with every single person in the house. In fact, I think he just did that little speech of his to Caleb within the past day.

  14. Comments (162)

    Im hoping that Frankie and Derrick can not win any money since Donny will prolly be voted out Thursday.

    • Comments (843)

      No more Team America! They shouldn’t be allowed to continue since they didn’t attempt to save a team member, which would have actually been a mission unlike the freaky franky show.

      • Comments (1443)

        I heard it said that TA could continue on til last one was gone. Someone said franki or Derrick asked in DR. Have no idea if true

      • Comments (692)

        Does that mean all three still get money or only the ones left?

      • Comments (722)

        Hey buddy! I think they keep what they earned.
        How can the “team” continue when 2 of the “team” evicted the other?

        Guess I have a different idea of what “team” means…

      • Comments (1288)

        That would have to happen at some point in the game, there are only 2 in the finals.

      • Comments (722)

        I suppose youre right. Guess they set it up knowing that too…

  15. Comments (135)

    Probably the only reason I’ll watch Thursday’s eviction is to say goodbye to an honest, beloved player of the game. And, to wish eternal boils all over the person responsible. LOL

    Sure, Derrick has played a good game. He has been an undercover cop since the age of 20. Sure, he has game, and I respect that. However, that’s not been too difficult to have a decent game with this weak-minded cast. No alone conversations with Nicole?! Puh-LEEZ!

  16. Comments (692)


  17. Comments (843) You can vote here every day. Today you can vote on which mission you wanted TA to do along with most liked/disliked and who you want for America’s Favorite.

    • Comments (469)

      mouse – have you any idea when they will announce whether TA will be paid or not for their pathetic performance (or better yet Frankie’s failed attempt) which obviously went totally against America’s wishes – problem is CBS could easily cook the books and give the result they want regardless of the true poll results.

      • Comments (843)

        No idea. I keep going to their site hoping they will tell TA before Donny gets voted out, but there isn’t anything on the site about voting for/against the mission yet.
        I want Freaky Franky to know what a complete bust his idea was!

      • Comments (469)

        The only person to do a really good job was Donny – to my suprise he was absolutely hillarious.

      • Comments (1446)

        Donny made a great Devin!
        I know a lot of you all didn’t watch it – but there was something telling in the performances.
        They were each suppose to be one of the evicted houseguests. The house was flipped and all of the current HG’s were out and all of the evicted HG’s were still there.
        Mango went first(of course) as Joey. He took ten times as long as everyone else and just ripped her to shreds. He kept talking (as her) about how she has sex with everyone in the house(male and female) in order to stay. I hope she(Joey) punches his lights out on finale night.
        Then there was Christine as Pao – she also made it all dirty about how many HG’s(again male and female) she was doing in order to stay. Both of them were so nasty – just like their personalities and game play.
        Donny did a great Devin and Nicole was Britney – both did their parts without having to sink in the mud and act dirty.
        Moral of the BB play??
        Donny and Nicole were funny and classy.
        Mango and Christine were raunchy and disgusting.

      • Comments (372)

        Donny was the best, he had devin.s smile and ego down perfect …Nicole was funny too.

      • Comments (401)

        Anyone have a time stamp or anything close?

      • Comments (372)

        it was on BBad last night …5 minutes after it started …if you have the live feed …It would be
        Sun 9:05 PM BBT They are waiting for BBAD… They are about to begin. NT – Louise46

  18. Comments (3)

    Big mistake Cody – this is going to come back and bite you. You should of put up Christine – although Cody knows he would win against Donny in the end.

  19. Comments (247)

    This season is just about a bust. The only real play may be to see if Frankie can out Derrick before Derrick gets him first. That will be worth watching but thats about all…the rest of the game lacked any big moves, the entire house except I think one time, all voted the same and the double HOH was a failure. All they did is site together and plot who to get out. I think CBS thought they may work against each other and put one another alliances up but didnt happen. So far this season was the most fun watching Devin go crazy and Caleb stalking Amber in the house…the rest is a snooze fest……

    • Comments (372)

      If only Hayden was invited into the BS instead of Derrick. Then Derrick would have had to rally the girls and Donny to take out the guys . Much tougher than the cake walk he has had.

    • Comments (21)

      I agree…although that is not that interesting to me who wins at this point …. once Donny leaves. I feel like I am watching a hedonistic homosexual show that includes an undercover cop picking off 20 year olds for 500k..easy money. If Franky were straight he might be sued if he “manhandled” the women the way he does the guys…ugg. I am not homophobic, have gay friends but they are more loyal to each other and more respectful….This is more like watching a gay Sandals resort…….. Once Donny leaves I could care less who wins from the lot that is left. ..I doubt I’ll watch. I may check in at the end out of slight curiosity and to hear Donny’s questions to those that make F2

  20. Comments (286)

    Could Derrick be a Jedi? This is not the person you will vote for.

  21. Comments (95)

    Woah…at 1 it says that Donny, Nicole and Victoria are talking. She’s gonna be in trouble!! Didn’t Derrick give orders for people not to be alone with them?

    • Comments (247)

      yep, they are already targeting her anyway per last nights episode, they said they cant trust her…and so it will be said the same for the others as one by one they fall to Derrick who basically has 2 votes as Victoria votes the way Derrick wants her to vote. Derrick almost has it locked up, there is still a chance if Frankie can rally some votes before its too late, but i fear Cody and Caleb are solidly in Derricks camp and neither have the guts to make a big move at least it seems so.

    • Comments (266)

      Derrick won’t be mad… He knows Victoria is too dumb to talk any game.

  22. Comments (1)

    Does anyone know if Caleb is aware that the Detonater exist?

    • Comments (644)

      I don’t think he is aware of the Detonators, but he is basically a Detonator now.

      • Comments (1288)

        In Caleb’s twisted mind he is the founder and leader of the Bomb Squad and has been from the start. He has taken point 3 times, gone up on the block to save them. The Detonators are just a rumored lie by “the enemy”.

  23. Comments (247)

    I guess Donny was considered to big a threat to keep him one more week even if that meant they could gain an extra $5K each. Frankie probably does not need the money and Derrick id bet makes a very nice living as a police officer as they have had their unions all over america working over time since 911 getting raise after raise. I live in Texas and before 911 the average fireman truck driver made about 35K now they make over 70K for an average sized city with police right there with them…not that they dont deserve it, just saying, Donny as a grounds keeper I would think he is under 35K probably in the 20k range and thus the 5K incentive is not so much for the other two especially if they think Donny could win another HOH and he could very easily. So On with Frankies Play!!!!!!!

  24. Comments (469)

    Nicole is in for another lonely week – they will make sure to make it as umcomfortable as they can for her- maybe she can muster up strenghth to kick some butt in the HOH or the POV – hoping.

  25. Comments (37)

    Well… it is official…. Cody has still not grown a pair. I was hopeful for a brief period of time. Wonder what his brother will call him now after 2 hoh wins and playing King Derricks game instead of his own.

    • Comments (1446)

      I wonder what a lot of their families will think.
      Derrick’s wife and Christine’s husband I am sure are not too happy with Vapid Victoria and Clueless Cody.
      Cody, Derrick, Zach, and (especially I think) Caleb get razzed for making the common mistake of “falling in love with the Mango.” I just can’t wrap my head around all of the touching, cuddling and spooning! I know my husband would be like “WTF, do you want to keep those fingers?” if Mango ever touched him inappropriately. It’s almost starting to feel like sexual harassment the way he climbs all up next to them – icky.

      • Comments (37)

        I agree. If I were Christines husband, I would be very upset. She is enjoying herself with Cody. She is cheating on her husband on national tv. Gross!

      • Comments (722)

        She really likes him. She really thinks he likes her.
        Hes gonna get razzed for dealing with her when there were nicer looking women (and men) in the house than Christine and Mango.

      • Comments (28)

        I think your right. I think she really likes him and all the attention. If you at the girls that are left they are easy targets for manipulation. Give them a lil something something and they are just head over heels..Very sad because Christine will think it wasn’t just the game but that he really liked her. Which im sure is completely false.

      • Comments (1446)

        Remember how upset she was at her zing from Zingbot about her and Cody?
        She didn’t let it bother her for too long…a few hours later she was right back to molesting him.
        I really feel for her husband. Tim. On his Twitter he announced in July that he had quit drinking. Sometimes he’s OK, sometimes not, with Christine’s behavior. Not just with Cody, but how mean and gossipy she is in the house. I think he’s pretty young(under 25).
        I have a feeling that marriage is going to be rough for awhile after all this is over.
        And that damn passive/aggressive Victoria. I have never seen anyone so needy. She just sits there with Derrick making him assure her over and over and over and over again that he is keeping her safe. And now she is giving him massages? Getting close to the line, Derrick. She is so annoying -I bet Derrick’s wife would like her out…the sooner the better.

      • Comments (28)

        when your married you just shouldn’t cross the lines..period.

      • Comments (266)

        I think that zing only affected her for one day.

      • Comments (875)

        Have you guys ever seen Christine’s hubby??? He is an odd looking geeky guy, no wonder Christine is rubbing on Cody…LOL! Outside of the BB House Christine would never get that close to someone like Cody.

    • Comments (692)

      Sister bitch.

      • Comments (372)


      • Comments (692)

        Does that mean all three still get money or only the ones left?

      • Comments (692)

        That last post was put in the wrong place.
        I wanted to know if one or two team members of America’s Team is evicted, do all team members still receive a reward if remaining team member or members accomplished a goal?

      • Comments (1443)

        I heard that TA could continue on even with only one member left of cours only ones in game would get money. Don’t know if this is true. Read it on site and that Frankie I believe had asked DR about it and that was answer

  26. Comments (412)

    Frankie seemed like he was on cocaine last night.

  27. Comments (266)

    Activity trackers and Team America was a complete joke. I’ve read so many cool “twist” ideas from you all on this blog, makes me think the show writers are crappy when it comes to doing their job.

    • Comments (1288)

      Big Brother needs to move away from “family” TV. The CBS shows, if it has to stay on a broadcast network, should be moved to 10 pm to be inside “safe harbor” standards, maybe move over to CW. After Dark needs to go back to Showtime2 so there is no audio censoring that makes it hard to follow some gameplay conversations. Big Brother should go back to being the “bad guy” the house guests fight rather than each other. More punishments, more rewards, more viewer interaction.

  28. Comments (875)

    I am so personally sick & tired of Big Brother being so predictable every year…With the same competitions, one person being the puppet master, and the whole house voting in the majority!

    Why doesn’t CBS/Big Brother let us vote who goes up on the block, because we actually see what is going on in the house, then let the HG vote who they want out! I’m tired of seeing HG who didn’t deserve to win the Grand prize win every year. 🙁

    • Comments (644)

      mello_one, I think we should have more of a participation when it comes to the evictions. Maybe we could be an extra vote every week. So the HGs all vote and then whoever gets the most votes from the public is America’s vote to evict.

  29. Comments (28)

    I just think its so rude that christine says we are finally getting rid of the old man in the house. What about the skank in the house? Lets get rid of the skank and the pink freak. Im so over this group of complete losers. Ready for a new cast…We need Pandora’s box to save Donny. You can play the game without being so disrespectful.

    • Comments (644)

      I’m just a few years older than Donny and I’m tired of them saying Donny is old. Doesn’t Christine realize that someday she’ll be “old” like Donny? The alternative to that is not good. She might be 23 but she looks 33. She should just zip it.

      • Comments (722)

        When youre mentally 12, you dont see age. I was 23 myself about 5 minutes ago.
        My next bday Ill be .. 42. I only feel old because Ive had a long life. Im not old. Not yet.
        50. Now thats old!!!

      • Comments (692)

        HEYYYYYYYY!!! 50 isn’t old. Well, as best as I can recall it wasn’t. Lol

      • Comments (722)

        Ahh. Just jokes my good friend.
        Youre only as youbg as you feel…

      • Comments (692)

        I know that and that is exactly how I took it! Until recently I certainly DID NOT feel old. Hahahehe
        I still think young, tho.

      • Comments (372)

        When I was 23 I thought 40 was old …that birthday hit me hard ….but when I turned 50 …I knew I was past middle age …65 is old in my book now… but at least I have some well earned wisdom ….that is not possible without being a parent or time.

      • Comments (1446)

        Hey! I just turned 50 a few months ago!
        Take it easy on us AARPer’s 🙂

      • Comments (372)

        I am 52 … I refuse to sign up 4 AARP ..because that would make feel old

      • Comments (722)

        Ok.CBS needs to look at these last few posts. Our median age is around 47. (Just like Mango).

        Stop aiming to teens and 20 year olds! Theyre not and wont be your core audience for this show! They want Jersey Shore and Twilight. So until the HG are allowed to get fall down drunk and turn to vampires, CATER TO YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE!!

        Id love to see more adults… parents, 35 and up, hell, even a grandparent would be nice.. stop casting children and barely legals!!

    • Comments (469)

      All of you are still kids – I turned 71 a month ago – so now 85 is old to me – age is but a number – it is how we approach each day that determines our vitality and usefulness – we can sit and wait for the reaper or we can use our years and experience to help the next generations to cope and prosper (sorry – I am not sure this group [with the exception of 3 or 4] of hard heads would benefit).

      • Comments (372)

        Wisdom comes with age …every mistake I made I learned from.. every person that hurt me made me stronger …it is a tough lesson to learn … who to trust , how to recover, and find hope again … life is a bitch …and so am I

      • Comments (722)

        Holy cow! Sorry John Ruth, didnt see your post.. you only proved my point ( and upped our median) .. cast real ppl. Not models and children with no life experience (Christine)..

      • Comments (1443)

        58 here

      • Comments (1443)

        Sorry. Hit wrong number on iPad. 68 here

  30. Comments (1276)

    Call me crazy, and I’m sure some will, but does anyone think that Cody might have played it smart by NOT changing the Noms? Lets say he did go ahead and put up Christine, but didn’t have Derrick’s backing. We know he’d have whoever’s vote he pulled off, but without Derrick, he doesn’t have Victoria. And Frankie seems pretty close to Christine, and I don’t think he’d vote her out, therefore he wouldn’t have Caleb’s vote. So it may have just put a target on his back.
    He doesn’t get a vote, so only one would have gone to get Christine out, and he doesn’t get to play in HOH, so if the alliance is mad at him for doing it, then he’s a target next week. It’s not that I think Cody is some genious in hiding, however, I think he might be thinking ahead and little more, if you rock the boat too much, but don’t have anyone backing you, you will be the one going down with the ship.

    • Comments (487)

      I get your point. But when do you show some guts and make a move. Because if Frankie gets HOH he will put up Cody and Nicole. And this time he just might go to jury. Caleb and Christine are going to vote with Frankie, Derrick and Victoria will vote together. Frankie will vote Cody out because he thinks he can beat Christine or Nicole and any comp that comes.

    • Comments (722)

      No youre not crazy.
      Let this play out.
      Once Donny goes, they will FINALLY have a new target. Next wk will be a DE (cause it has to be !)
      Then the sparks will fly. Team Duhh will turn on each other. Christine will be the first to go.. especially if Nicole gets HoH. Team Duhh will get behind getting Christine out. They dont need the numbers anymore. They dont need her anymore.
      Shes not going to win or F2.

      Shes going to jury with the echo of audience boos in her head.

  31. Comments (492)

    I am back from vacation. I missed a week of play, and my favorite , Zach is out. Frankie is just down right mean! Frankie and Derrick need to leave along with Christine. I hope for Zach’s sack , he never speaks to Frankie ever again! I am very sad over this. I know it is a game, but really, Frankie, you are a jerk. Sorry Zach. Hope you enjoyed your time. Now I am rooting for Donny.

    • Comments (644)

      Hi mom! I was thinking about how upset you would be when they evicted Zach. Welcome back from your vacation. I hope you had a great time. I was sad when Zach was evicted, he left a void in the house. It’s too serious in there. Did you see what Victoria did to the pink hat? That was bad, poor Zach. But Amber said she is going to give him a pink hat in the finale in America’s name.

      • Comments (492)

        No, I did not see what happens to the pink hat. Poor Zach.
        I did see how mean Frankie was to him, putting him on the block and saying you will be seeing Julie.
        Frankie is just mean . Hopefully Zach will learn not to talk to Frankie ever!

      • Comments (644)

        mom, the pink hat was Victoria’s but she had given it to Zach so he could wear it and she told him that she wouldn’t ask for it back. But Victoria was mad at Zach and got the hat and destroyed it. When they showed Zach Victoria’s goodbye message, she showed Zach the destroyed hat. I guess you can catch up on the episodes on or in TVGN. In TVGN they play the 3 aired episodes each Friday at 9:00 pm and then at 12:00 am it’s BBAD.

      • Comments (492)

        Thanks, not nice of Victoria, if you give something to a person , it is not yours anymore.
        What’s wrong with Victoria???
        Zach is still a great kid!
        I miss him

      • Comments (1288)

        Amber has Tweeted out that she has already bought a replacement pink hat and will give it to Zach at the Finale.

      • Comments (95)

        AND, I think it’s awesome that Amber has a new hat for Zach!! Caleb is gonna be pissed though!

      • Comments (95)

        Hey mom! I thought about you last week when they kicked out Zach! I actually felt sad for him. But, thanks for joining team Donny now…it probably wont do us any good but I think a lot of us are rooting for the good old boy!! I hope your vacation was great!!

  32. Comments (28)

    And I don’t get all the cuddling. I mean who wants to cuddle people they really don’ know…OMG! maybe it’s my age but I don’t get it. You cuddle your spouse or your kids, your parents. but… random people to get you to the end of the game. NOT! I don’t get hetro men cuddling with gay men. Wow!

    • Comments (722)

      The main “cuddler” is an needy man quickly approaching 40.
      There is something inherently wrong about a grown man needing constantly held..

      • Comments (28)

        again i agree with you… lack of love at home? who knows.

      • Comments (722)

        No. Quite the opposite. Too much love from casting directors , etc when he was younger.

      • Comments (79)

        I’m confused as to who you’re referring to. None of the house guests are close to 40. Do you mean Frankie (31)?

      • Comments (722)

        Yes. Mango claims to be 28 and 31.. but I bet its closer to 37, 38… hes already been caught lying about his age once .

      • Comments (372)

        How sad I thought only women lied about their age …

        Frankie is not going to take it well when he sees some of the polls or reads comments about his over the top antics.

      • Comments (722)

        I think Mango is so self absorbed and delusional, he will LOVE the attention and that ppl are talking about him.

        He wont care that its all negative. He sees our conversations (even this one), as him being relevant to us. In a sick way hes right.

      • Comments (95)

        Mango was born on January 24, 1983 per his Wikipedia page. So, he’s 31. And, he’s gross.

      • Comments (875)

        Donny is 42, and it amazes me that Donny calls himself an “old Man?!” Idk, but 42 is young to me, its not a spring chicken, but it is still young!

  33. Comments (10)

    What’s your name who writes these added attractions?
    You do it well … I can’t believe Donny is getting the boot … boo hoo

  34. Comments (28)

    To be honest Frakie’s not an attractive drag queen. It’s time for him to go.. He’s just trying to make a quick name for himself to further a career. It’s just GROSS.

  35. Comments (28)

    So i just read online that der and frankie are trying to flip the house to keep donny as of 4:30 … Do you think its possible?

    • Comments (59)

      Production tells them to discuss options so that they have something to air on the tv show. but they don’t ever divert from what they plan.

    • Comments (644)

      Yes, now Frankie says he would like for Donny to stay but Derrick is not so sure. For both of their games it’s better if Donny leaves, but that’s fine with me. On the other hand I feel bad because Nicole would have to leave. I love both Donny and Nicole. We need the twistiest twistest twister season to manifest itself so that both Donny and Nicole can stay this week.

      • Comments (492)

        Yes, and maybe have Zach come back!!!!

      • Comments (843)

        Frankie is pushing it but Derrick doesn’t want to do it and, as we all know, Derrick always gets his way.

      • Comments (372)

        Maybe the first TA mission failed …and they are giving them a second shot at it … It was never announced on the show … SAVE DONNY 2.0 mission …yes please …Is it possible they would give Frankie a solo mission ..because of the fan bullhorn thingie last night

      • Comments (843)

        The mission had to be completed before the veto ceremony. Derrick keeps saying production thinks it was a good mission and will get good reviews from America. In EVERY poll on every site I’ve gone to, Derrick, Christine, and Frankie are at the bottom of the list on most liked. They are even below eliminated players not in the jury!

      • Comments (1443)

        When they first mentioned the play in DR they said production didn’t think much of it but Derrick said America will like it cause of all Frankie’s sisters voters

      • Comments (1443)

        Frankie hates Nichole because she had the nerve to put him up. Frankie does not think Donny is threat

  36. Comments (45)

    I think my problem with Derrick is he left his baby girl at home to get half a million dollars. I get he’s trying to help his family out financially but I can’t believe a police sgt. doesn’t do too shabby. I feel he choose money over those precious moments in his little girls life. I mean she looks like she’s about one. I can’t remember how old she is. Well, it looks like he will win so hope his half a million buys his little girl some morals and values in life. I once had a preacher tell us that when our children are grown they will usually remember Christmas traditions over what they received as gifts every year and I kinda of apply this to Derrick that he thinks money will make his family happy.

    • Comments (644)

      His daughter looks just like him. I think he said his wife called her his twin. He’s playing better than anyone and if he gets to the final he’ll win. But I don’t want him to win, I want Donny or Nicole to win.

    • Comments (1276)

      I don’t know how it is for Derrick, but any police Sgt’s I know don’t make too much. They do ok, but nothing to write home about. Plus, being an officer can still be a pretty dangerous job. And being that you never know what the future holds, I honestly can’t blame him.
      As long as his wife supports him, in my opinion, as a Mom, I think taking a couple of months to try to take care of your future, isn’t bad. We don’t hold it against soldiers who are deployed for a lot longer, but of course it’s just my opinion. I don’t judge him, I personally couldn’t do it, leave my daughter for any length of time (I have a hard time with not being with her for a night) but it seems like he has the support he needs to make it work.

      • Comments (45)

        My husband was a soldier, retired now, and it seemed he missed every mile stone in our children’s lives. I guess that’s why I feel that way. As far as the wife goes he probably manipulated her too. Lol

  37. Comments (45)

    oh and I forgot to add in my last post I wish Derrick can take some of his earnings right now and buy some black socks. Every time I see his feet propped up and see those dirty white socks it just bugs me. I guess the floors are really dirty. Does Caleb still have those what where they rabbit slippers of Amber’s? Maybe he could borrow those. Ok I will try not to complain anymore this evening. thanks for letting me vent….

  38. Comments (91)

    Big Brother, think of all the attention CBS will get if you please please please throw a wrench in Derrick’s game. c’mon…c’moooooooon. It’s getting so boring with all this alliance entitlement in the house right now.

    There is just soooo many evil, spectacular twists you could pull. This is just lame.

  39. Comments (843)

    Got my hopes up there for a minute thinking Donny might be safe this week, but Derrick is going to screw that up. Frankie wants to keep it quiet and just have him, Derrick, and Caleb vote to keep him. Derrick, of course, insists he has to tell Cody, who can’t keep his mouth shut about anything, and will tell Christine the slut, who hates Donny and will work on Cody to work on Caleb, the gullible. This is going to come down to who has the most influence on Caleb–Derrick or Frankie. Victoria will do whatever daddy Derrick tells her to.

  40. Comments (843)

    Did anyone catch Victoria telling Cody and Christine about how ‘mean’ Donny was to her when she was cooking and she ‘called him out’ on it?

    • Comments (45)

      no. I didn’t catch that. when was this on bbad? I’m about sick of Victoria too. geez I don’t think I like anyone left except Nicole and Donny.

      • Comments (372)

        I dont have the live feed ,,,,but what I read on Jokers ….all he did was ask questions of what she is putting in the slop …. other wise known as learning…VIC needs to go Floater supreme .. why else would Derrick be anywhere near her

    • Comments (875)

      Victoria is a undercover B*tch…After Nicole got back into the house after her competition with the other former evicted HG, Victoria sat in the kitchen, and listened to Donny & Nicole talk. Then Victoria ran back into the fire room to tell Derrick, “they are talking!” I can’t stand Victoria, she should have been gone 4 weeks ago.

      • Comments (372)

        Vic is a straight up beotch no cover required,,,, spoiled princess wanna be special …so vain she will keep being in pain …to look good

  41. Comments (14)

    Can anyone say coup d’etat please?

  42. Comments (644)

    If the Detonators and Caleb are the last 5. Who would you like to win the $500,000 prize? List them in order. Here’s my choice (even though I was never rooting for any of them):

    1)Derrick (too predictable because he played better than the rest)
    4)Frankie (he should be #2 because of game play but I don’t like him)

  43. Comments (644)

    Interview of Kristine(Donny’s girlfriend, and Amber (she joins later in the interview) by Jessie from BB15:

    Kristine says Donny and her don’t have any facebook or Twitter but she opened a P.O. Box for him so people can send him anything:

    P.O. Box 2028
    Concord NC 28026

    • Comments (1446)

      From Jokers:

      Donny’s nephew, Chaz Hatley has announced that Donny’s family does NOT want anyone taking up a collection for Donny. They know that it something that Donny would NEVER endorse.
      They do NOT want anyone to send anything to North Carolina.

      • Comments (644)

        Jannie, the P.O. Box address was set up by Kristine (Donny’s girlfriend). I saw her saying it with her own lips, watch the video. If you look at Connie Sue’s post (next) and my reply below there’s where we talk about the donation site that was set up that Donny’s family doesn’t support.

        The P.O. Box is 100% legit. Please watch the video to hear it from Kristine’s own lips. The P.O. Box has nothing to do with the donations. Kristine wasn’t asking for donations, she was just referring to people sending a letter or you know when fans make something or want to send him anything, not money.

      • Comments (1446)

        I’m pretty sure Donny will be just fine. He will be a local celebrity who did North Carolina proud.
        If someone wants to send him a letter or something, that’s fine, but to start sending him money…I don’t think that’s smart.
        He will more than likely get his job back, if not he will have plenty of offers.
        And he made at least 25k this summer.

      • Comments (644)

        I’m sure he wouldn’t like the fundraising. But I know he would appreciate the fan letters. Hopefully he’ll get a nice job.

      • Comments (95)

        Well, regardless, I am going to send him a card and tell him that no matter how that crappy house full of idiots treated him, we love him!

    • Comments (722)

      Concord? Thats 20 minutes from where I live.. are you sure its Concord? I thought he was from elsewheres in NC.

      Elissa is from Concord. Great area , great schools btw. Im looking into property myself out there…

      • Comments (644)

        Willie, I don’t know where Donny is from, but the address his girlfriend gave for the P.O. Box is in Concord. Kristine and Jessie repeated the address about 3 times so I’m sure I got it right.

  44. Comments (198)

    Courtney C started a go fund me for Donny. It is called Dollars 4 Donny. I have no idea how to do a link. Not that computer savvy.

    • Comments (644)

      Connie Sue, here’s the link included in a statement made by Donny’s nephew who says the family doesn’t support the fundraiser and that they think Donny wouldn’t either. I’m just posting this and don’t know what’s true and what isn’t:

      This is from Donny’s nephew: Chaz Hatley 3 mins ago Hi everyone, my name is Chaz and I am Donny’s nephew. My family isn’t big into social media, but they wanted me to let everyone here know that we do not support this fundraiser and we are positive that Donny would not either. So we all ask you please do not donate any money! The family has nothing at all to do with starting this fundraiser. Thanks to all his supporters. Go Donny!!!
      It was posted here:

      Read more:

      • Comments (198)

        Thank you Lilly. If nothing else Donny could (I hope) donate the he money to a good cause. Donny will know how much America loves him.

  45. Comments (45)

    If Pandora’s box or something else was used to save donny would we know about it advance? I couldn’t remember if that would be on feeds. Just wishful thinking I know.

    • Comments (492)

      I wish the box brings Zach Back!

      • Comments (426)

        Mom, really wondering if you actually are Zach’s mom. The timing of your trip (his eviction week), the interviews, etc…?
        Didn’t like him at first but he grew on me. He is a nut (in a good way). He really needs to learn when to stop. At times he was just down right cruel, especially with the girls. But hopefully that will come with maturity.

  46. Comments (426)

    Question. I know TA can’t reveal themselves or they lose $$, unless all agree. But, if evicted, can they reveal it in Jury? Does anyone know?

  47. Comments (412)

    I think it’s funny that Christine thinks Cody actually likes her. It’s obvious that he just likes to cuddle. He was wanting to backdoor her this week, but of course DEMANDrick had to squash that idea. Christine is truly delusional and is finally living out her dreams of being apart of the cool crowd.

    The fact that she thinks she could beat Derrick shows how blind Cody has her. She threw away Nicole for Cody. She’s only thinking about one thing. And if you notice, it’s always her touching him first.
    People on the internet are calling Cody and Christine ‘Codine’. Christine is America’s least favorite contestant. She’s my least favorite contestant, and I wish they would get rid of her. Send her to jury so America can boo her already.

  48. Comments (372)

    They are allowed to tell …without losing their banked cash …
    IF Donny goes out this week . I think he will only tell Nic … or save it for the jury members ….

  49. Comments (875)

    All of this info is via Jokers Update @ 12:53 Nicole is told by Derrick that they are keeping her. Nicole tells Derrick that she feels different about them now, she “trust” Cody and Derrick?!

    Today earlier, Christine told one of the HG that Production is holding off on doing any endurance competitions, until Donny leaves. So it is official, & the dye has been cast, Donny is leaving on Thursday. 🙁

    • Comments (372)

      NO …MO…never give up …till Thursday
      ..Donny has 3 days ..well maybe 2N a half now ……. Diamond veto??? Pamdoras box ,,,…coming soon ….yes please

      I will accept Donny educating the jury , relaxing …being able to cut his beard

      But I kimda want Nic to go … and next year see Hayden n her on the the Amazing Race

    • Comments (26)

      Christine doesn’t know that they are holding off on endurance because of Donny, she is just talking sh!t.

  50. Comments (332)

    Yeah to calm the feeds production wants us to hope they keep Donny. Not a chance

  51. Comments (332)

    I wish they would play pandora and out goes some of these and back in the others. But just a few more weeks it is over. Quit watching and come back for finale. Cody won’t be there, stupid Caleb and Derrick will. What a choice.

  52. Comments (332)

    Odd we all think Derrick is running the house but each week Caleb says who goes . So who really calls the shots!

  53. Comments (692)

    I really like Donny but he’s not going to win. I bet he will feel better going to the jury house and away from these awful people he has to deal with right now. At least he can have a week or two to enjoy the good people there. Nichole will most likely join him next week.
    I thought that derrick had decided he wanted to keep him, tho.

    • Comments (1288)

      Donny is an incredibly likeable person. He is also very game aware and has good intuition. But he has made some serious mistakes in his game play.

      He has insisted on maintaining his regular schedule and this isolates him from a lot of the house. Early on there were some who had a similar schedule but they were the outsiders and did not fare very well.

      Despite suspecting correctly the power structure in the house Donny decided to oppose them rather than to join them. He had a natural in with TA and should have insisted on game play/talk with Frankie and Derrick. With a couple of weeks of solid talking and assisting them they would have gained trust and realized Donny’s value.

      • Comments (21)

        You are right, Donny only wanted to work with people he liked….that may have been his downfall. Let’s face it the
        Detonater’s were not a likeable bunch from the beginning….There will be nothing left watch IMO once Donny leaves as these people gross me out quite a bit. Whats with all of the fondling between men, not even two same men but all with each other and not just hugs….Even if it was men with women it would be way too much of a free for all.

      • Comments (135)

        I agree with Donny on maintaining his regular schedule. He is a bit older than the rest of the house, and as we grow older, we realize the enormous pay-off of regular sleep and things that people in their 20s think of as boring. I’m sure Donny needs regular sleep to keep mentally active and to KEEP realizing what’s really going on in the house.

      • Comments (135)

        More power to Donny.

      • Comments (224)

        I really, really wish Donny would have just faked it with Derrick and pretended to trust him and go along with him. I do think Donny’s situation would be much different now if he hadn’t set Derrick’s radar off.

  54. Comments (38)

    I never knew the Stockholm Syndrome was contagious, maybe the house should be quarantined after Donny and Nicole leave. I honestly never saw a bigger herd of sheep in BB history. Here’s to hoping next season will be better.

  55. Comments (198)

    CBS should make some big changes for season 17.
    1) Take away spy cam. Replace it with microphones in each room and have it piped into the living room ONLY. This way it is everyone can hear (make it more fair for everyone. Switch it from room to room including HOH. Making it harder to plot and more entertaining for us.

    2) Since no one likes to do dishes which causes lot of ants. Give each HG 2 sets of place setting and silverware with their name on them.

    3) Have one large bedroom. Or just no doors on the rooms.

  56. Comments (492)

    Pandora box :
    Donny stays ….. And …….Frankie switches places with Zach!,,,, hahahaha!,,, now that would be unexpected!

    That is what I want!!

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