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Big Brother 16 – Victoria May Float Through Another Week


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The big news of the name came from the zingbot and Christine, but really I don’t want to talk much about that.  I’m not a big fan of Christine from a bloggers point of view. I don’t care so much about her flirting with Cody, I care about her actively working to become the only female in the house. Doesn’t she realize how boring a house full of guys is?  As far as her flirting – whatever. Her husband doesn’t seem to mind and even posted an example that he’d willingly ‘cuddle’ with Ariana Grande for a summer for a chance at $500k.

The bigger story coming out of last night was the fact that Victoria may be safe – again. Every season we seem to have a floater who makes it deep into the game because they survive half the game and then sit in the shadows during the second half while the big players peg off each other. That person this season is Victoria. In the past we’ve had Adam, Porsche, Spencer, etc and now Victoria.

How is she staying in the house this week?  Well, Frankie won the power of veto last night and is definitely going to use it to remove Caleb. Zach is convinced Victoria will be sitting next to Cody after Monday, and even said he’s going to tell her to dress pretty for the meeting (because he thinks she’ll be the focus on cam). What Zach doesn’t realize is that the rest of the guys have another plan – backdoor him. This time I don’t think there will be a Wednesday night discussion on keeping him. If Zach hopes to have any chance in the game, he needs to get wind of it sometime today and somehow convince Frankie to put Victoria up.

This is also bad news for Team Underdog as Zach will be the one competing against Hayden and Nicole to re-enter the house.. oh, and Jocasta.  The pair will have much better odds facing off against Jocasta and Victoria, so this will make three people who have a legitimate shot at winning the re-enter competition this Thursday night.  It will likely be an endurance competition, so I’d still put money on Nicole or Hayden to win, but Zach will make it tougher.

However, even if Zach wins, he’s not going to be happy and he’ll likely pair up with Donny when he re-enters. So, this could actually be a blessing because Donny will gain a fairly strong ally Thursday night regardless who wins (unless it’s Jocasta.. please don’t be Jocasta).

The house has about a 50% chance of blowing up today. The guys want to tell Zach he’s the target before the meeting. There is no way he is going to take it like the other people have (sitting on their hands). He’ll cause a scene and likely tell Donny everything he knows (though, I think Donny already knows what’s going on in the house).  It may be a long and boring day in the Big Brother house, or it could be a fun one.  I’ll start a live feed thread in a few hours and I guess we’ll have to see!

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  1. Comments (26)

    If Christine was cuddling Cody as a strategy, I could understand… I really don’t think it is a strategy.

  2. Comments (12)

    I think bbad last night was the grossest with caleb and his story about his brother and his rectum on the other hand I thought the stories donnie was telling about his brother were prescious

  3. Comments (1)

    It’s likely not a strategy? Because you know her so well and have been in the BB house right? It is all strategy!! I’d do it to to win and bring home the 500k. One summer of cuddles could change their lives!! Stop being so damn judgmental.

    • Comments (23)

      “It’s likely not a strategy?”

      Is that a question?

      • Comments (1443)

        I don’t think it’s a strategy I think she’s not used to getting attention from men and them showing her attention ( strategy on Cody’s part) is making her feel like part of the in crowd. I think it’s inappropriate activity for married person but that’s just my opinion – not judging her. I don’t like her because I think she’s really fake and I haven’t liked her game play. She’s really another Victoria without the looks but a little smarter. She’s to Cody what Vic is to Derrick. To me she will stab anyone in the back to be included in the in crowd. She would probably be going up this week if she had not been saved being on Donnie’s team. My opinion only

  4. Comments (1)

    This is absolutely the worst season!!I could care less who wins! Disappointing!!

  5. Comments (412)

    Her husband does care. He was joking about Ariana Grande. He is constantly posting on Twitter and it seems as though he is extremely self conscious. I feel bad for the guy. He probably thought that Christine would be the last person a model like Cody would want to cuddle with, honestly. Christine isn’t pretty. She must have a cool personality I have yet to notice.

    Victoria, well she’s a different story. I like Victoria, but would way rather her be evicted this week over my boy Zach attack. Not only does it mess up Derrick’s F3, it gives Hayden or Nicole a higher chance of coming back in the game. However, if Zach gets evicted and immediately returns in the game as HOH, because that’s what I assume will happen, now that would be some entertainment.

    • Comments (1288)

      Did he start the posting on Twitter or has he just reacted/defended her to other’s Twitter posts about the activities?

      • Comments (412)

        He tries to defend her but every now and then he’ll say something like, ‘I guess she’ll figure out how I feel at the finale,’ or he will say something making fun of Cody, like his tattoos. He says he wish Cody would have some respect for Christine & Tim’s marriage. He made the joke about Ariana, and quickly told his followers he was just being facetious. He posted that he is recently a month sober[alcoholic] and all he does is sleep and cry. But then he goes back to defending his wife saying something along the lines of, ‘me & Christine share a very bond, but we will have some long conversations when she gets home. He tweeted the other day, ‘trust me, Christine is cool. She doesn’t seem herself on big brother.’

      • Comments (412)

        *very strong bond

      • Comments (1288)

        That sounds more like he is reacting to the outside furor over her behavior rather than what she is doing directly inside the house. Not part of the game, so why should we talk about it?

      • Comments (412)

        Her husband had gotten thousands of hate tweets since his wife has started this experiment. That’s crazy. Why not talk about it? Last year everyone couldn’t stop taking about the cast losing their jobs for racist comments, or when the police raided Spencer’s home for child pornography. Sadly, this is a tv show that gets some viewers. And us viewers like to know about the cast and their families. Christine’s husband is just one of the few family members of the cast that will talk to bb fans anytime. Asking someone why they talk about something is slightly rude.Why do you talk about big brother so much? If you really don’t understand why me or SB have mentioned Christine’s husband today, then why did you comment me about him? Why is one of your comments solely about this subject? I commented about Christine’s husband but I also mentioned Victoria, Derrick, Nicole, Hayden, and my boy Zach attack, but for some reason you wanted to talk about Christine’s husband.

      • Comments (469)

        Just – your comments are honest and caring – do not let this guy get under your skin – Jenny did me a big favor when she asked that we (Dan&I) to please stop arguing – I had done the same as you – posted my “opinion” of some of the HG’s – he jumped in (as he has just done to you) – and gave a very rude – irrational and what he considered an educated reply – I am embarassed to say I fell for his nonsense and for two or three days we verbally sparred – don’t fall into the same trap – he will not go away but you can just ignore him – continue to post your heartfelt opinions regardless of his interjections – your opinions are just as important and relevant as anyones – incidently be aware that he posts under several different names on this site – you’ll be able to detect them – oh incidently I agree with you 100% on your above post.

      • Comments (469)

        Just – I am paying Jenny’s kindness forward

      • Comments (383)

        thanks, John Ruth, that really makes me feel good. Someone took offense to some of my posts a while back, and responded with venom. It really upset me, and my first instinct was to fire back. I stewed about it all day. And then I realized, this is a total stranger, who knows nothing about me at all. Why should it matter if they don’t like what I had to say? So I came back with an apology for anyone I might have offended. It’s not worth fighting with invisible anonymous posters, at least not about bb. Again, thanks for taking off the gloves, that really made my day!

      • Comments (469)

        Jenny – you deserved my thanks – it took your comment to jar me back to reality – as you say it is not worth the aggravation – so give yourself a well deserved pat on the back – and please accept an air hug from me- stay strong.

      • Comments (1288)

        I am quite happy to ignore you as well john ruth as you have yet to post any more prejudiced comments.

      • Comments (1288)

        Well this portion of the conversation stems from the question I asked you, I did not have any questions about the rest of your post. I was wondering if Tim called her out first or, if as I asked, his comments were in response to others. He is not on the show so I wonder why he has to have his personal life exposed. I am in Al-Anon and have family in AA, I know how hard sobriety is for some persons and hate to think this may be effecting his. Also note I did say “so why should we talk about it” acknowledging my own participation, no rudeness intended. I am much more interested in discussing the game itself and my posts here back that up.

      • Comments (843)

        If you don’t want to read other’s opinions, which is what this site is for, then log off Troll and go elsewhere. If they want to talk about it, that’s their right.

  6. Comments (1288)

    I don’t see where Christine’s husband’s reaction is any business of ours. It is not part of the game. Yes, feel free to talk about how Christine has rubbed all over the guys and how it effects her standing in the house/game, fine. But what it means for her outside the house on a personal basis is not game business and really little more than salacious gossip. Why don’t you just read about it in The Enquirer or some other gossip source?

    Now if her husband were trying to beat down the door to get inside to her then we could talk about it. But he does not seem to have an issue with it so why should we? It would be unfair of us to project our own personal morals on them when they may be in a relationship with different expectations.

  7. Comments (130)

    Derrick has directly and indirectly broken up every couple this summer. Keeping his loyal pawns close, he’s turned everyone against each other, ensuring nobody gets too close. 3 weeks ago Frankie backdooring Zach would have been insane!!

  8. Comments (1288)

    Victoria is NOT a floater.

    Victoria is an ANCHOR that Derrick has dragged through the season in hopes of securing a guaranteed $500k win. If not for Derrick’s grooming and care Victoria would have been sent home long ago over something like her comparing BB to summer camp. When the house was greatly offended by that attitude around week 2 Derrick downplayed it and worked hard to keep her off people’s radar. Floating implies she has been carried by the tide of the game so far but that is not so, it has been all Derrick and only Derrick.

    • Comments (91)

      that’s what makes Victoria a floater. SHE has done nothing. Except for the fact that she breathes, Derrick has just tended to her. Not like and anchor, more like a lobster trap.

      • Comments (59)

        To me, the term floater is someone who works both sides of the house and is only loyal to who will keep them safe week to week. I don’t consider her a floater – like said above, she’s being pulled along. It’s nothing she is doing or the game she is playing.

      • Comments (412)

        She is a floater. The only difference is the same side of the house has been in control the entire season. She’s in no alliances, never has been.

      • Comments (843)

        A well behaved lobster trap! “Go make yourself beautiful and sit quietly. Go to bed. Leave the room.”

  9. Comments (1)

    Zach isn’t even on the block. Why would you think he’ll go home if he’s sitting next to Victoria. That’s not even a possible scenario.

  10. Comments (19)

    Aside from the Christine Drama, honestly, what happens between her and her husband will stay just that, between them. I feel our endurance comp will be during the return of the previous house guests. I don’t remember if it was last season or a few seasons before, but I remember the comp where 4 house guests had a chance to return, and the deal was whoever of the 4 left remaining is up there, they return, and if they also happen to beat the other houseguests, they also get HoH.

    • Comments (1443)

      Last year it was hg standing on platform getting softballs thrown at them. They had to catch a certain number to win Elissa almost fell but ended up winning which was good as she was target Judd won of returning hg. I am pretty sure Judd came in but was not hoh. I can’t remember if Judd had stayed up longer than Elissa if he would have been hoh or not. But I think Judd went down before Elissa and stayed cause he outlasted Helen Candace and someone else from jury

  11. Comments (69)

    Well being a “shrink” people get hooked on not just Big Brother – but Amazing Race, Survivor, and all the other shows because it draws your interest into their lives – not just on the show – but also outside the show – you want to know what makes people tick and do what they do – so it is not unusual or even rude to discuss an outside life going into the game life.

  12. Comments (1799)

    This game magnifies people’s personalitys. How often in the real world will someone accept something in privet. Only when others get involved do they feel the presure to do something about it. A spouse knows the other person is cheating .Yet will put up with it for a variety of reasons. They provide for the family,they are treat you better after having sex with someone else . Things are less stressful at home All is well till to many people find out and force you into action I am not saying cheating is ok . What I am saying is some people don’t see this as an assault on there marriage. If we go to a resturaunt and have a great meal do you feel that your marriage is a frailer ? If Christine’s husband Tim is ok with her cuddling with Cody who are we to judge . It is there decision that’s why they are a couple .As for Christine when and where else can she get this kind of attention from so many men ? We all get put into class by looks. So who wouldn’t like it when someone above our class take an intrest Shallow as it sounds it’s only natural

  13. Comments (5)

    It certainly is a strategy to be a floater. But I don’t know how much of this strategy is calculated floater game play vs. falling into something. Jun was a floater you know. The Victoria/Jocasta/Adam type aren’t really playing.

  14. Comments (8)

    What is Frankies thinking in backdooring Zach? Do you guys have any explanation for this?? I just don’t understand how it would benefit him at all. I think that if Zach leaves this week then Frankie will be the next one out as he can’t play in the HOH next week.

  15. Comments (83)

    I have really seen a positive change on Caleb lately.
    Yesterday on BBAD he was being a joker and just a flat
    Out nice guy. He wasn’t acting conceited or beast-mode-ish.
    I think out of all the guys, Caleb is the most loyal one.
    Too bad he can’t team up with Donny. They two are my

  16. Comments (16)

    if frankie puts up zack today and leaves derrick with his two allies he deserves to lose .if he puts up derrick his biggest threat is out all he has is vics vote, dont be stupid frankie keep your allies not derricks

    • Comments (1443)

      Frankie making big mistake. Sending out a vote for him to please Derrick. If he sent out Vic that would take number away from Derrick but evidently he’s not as smart as we gave him credit for. Or is just too scared to go against derrick

  17. Comments (644)

    I know we know the professions of all the HGs. But imagine if Victoria were an official in the Israeli Army? 🙂
    Before I didn’t care much for Victoria, but now I feel bad for her. Some people make fun of her in and outside the house. I know Derrick keeps her in the house so he has a better chance of winning but I also hope he truly likes her.

  18. Comments (23)

    Watching Zach sleep is more fun than watching Victoria and her hair extensions.

  19. Comments (138)

    Sorry, but I’m more interested in Christine’s cuckolded husband than I am in the game. If you put yourself in the public eye you can’t complain when your relationships get negative attention.

    • Comments (2824)

      Christine…yuck, just yuck. I don’t want to think about either one of them.

    • Comments (224)

      I actually think as long as her husband is making public statements, it’s fine to talk about, as he’s inviting people to talk about it. But, he didn’t put himself in the public eye, his wife did. I don’t think it’s fair to assume that he’s fair game because his wife is on TV. Although, if he didn’t want any attention, then he’d probably just stay away from social media.

  20. Comments (83)

    In reference to Lilly’s comment about Victoria,
    How is she made fun of outside the house? Just curious.

  21. Comments (1799)

    For most of these people any type of fame is what they are looking for . Not sur if they think about the toll on the family . How shocked would they be to see some of the fan polls . In the joakster site the fan poll has Christine,Frankie ,Caleb, Derrick in that order as the bottom players With Victoria at 7 and Zach surprisenly in second The bottom 4 are even below evicted house guest . This is nothing more than a popularity poll but it gives you some indication of how people see them The only thing to look forward to tonight will be when Frankie nominates Zach

  22. Comments (11)

    Big brother. it’s all your fault that Zach is going to jury.when u gave team America there mission, which is to hide items from each house guests u broke ur own rule.i thought as a house guest if they did this they would be kicked out.well,bb.zach being Zach,tried to hide the cue ball Caleb, being the,” beast mode cowboy!”lol.caught of TA.the hg.think Zach was hiding the stuff n now they want frankie to put up ur gonna help one hg.”NAMELY FRANKIE”(which I feel u been doing all season) then u should help save the ZACH ATTACK!

  23. Comments (27)

    Frankie is back dooring his bestie ? Wow that’s got to be the stupidest idea ever, you could have back door the cop Derrick but no, everyone scared of him and ms.Floater Victoria is eating him up as his pet.
    Derrick probably planning on taking her to the final 2 cause he know she can’t win nothing.

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