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Big Brother 17 Live Blogging – Does Jace Have A Chance?



We’re not even 1 eviction into the Big Brother 17 season, and we’ve had more fights, backstabs, and flip flops than the first week of most seasons combined. We may also be approaching the rare ‘blindside backstab reversal fake fight turnaround underground alliance‘.

While this afternoon was certainly entertaining with Da’Vonne and Audrey fighting, I just came back from dinner to hear Austin talking about a potential game changing move with Jace. Instead of going out the door fighting, screaming and handing $500k to another person, ‘Jaustin’ is trying to use this afternoons fight as a starting point for a secret underground alliance that will put a power group in position.

Flashback the feeds to around 6:00pm to hear the story, but the summary is that Austin and Jace want to team up with Steve, Becky, Vanessa, Audrey, and John (I think John) as the ‘nerd herd’. By working WITH Audrey, she will be the main target of the other group every week until they can finally get her, but by then, Austin and crew will have the numbers to establish a rock solid alliance to the end.  It’s quite smart – if it works. The problem is going to get Vanessa working with Audrey after this afternoon, but they think it will happen.  What they don’t know is, if this plan works out, they’ll gain another ally in a few weeks when Liz’s twin walks through the door.



  • 6:10pm – Austin and Jace broke off from their plan and are bro’ing out. Clay is in another room with Shelli and Audrey. Audrey is telling him that she’s going to expose an 8 person alliance.
  • Liz is on board, not like it was a chance she wouldn’t be. She’s completely on board with Austin and Jace
  • 6:45pm – Vanessa and Audrey are finally talking. Jace walks up, talks about some crazy moments of clarity crap and misses the opportunity to tell them both. Probably better off, Austin is a better speaker.  Meanwhile, Audrey is trying to be honest with Vanessa, so this could actually work
  • Vanessa apologizes for telling Audrey to ‘F off’ earlier and Audrey apologizes.
  • 7:45pm – James is in the HoH room talking to Meg and wondering if there is something brewing based on the way people are acting. People are observant
  • Meanwhile, Jace is outside losing hope because he talked to Audrey and found out there was a plan to backdoor him from the beginning.  I’m sure Austin will remind him that means very little if they can come up with a good plan moving forward.  Audrey is screwed if she doesn’t.
  • 8:08pm – Austin is chatting with Vanessa in private while others in the HoH room joke about wearing all black for Audrey’s eviction (the whole wearing black thing was for the all-girl alliance)
  • The HoH room speculates if Audrey was the saboteur this summer and they’re happy to get that over with early
  • Johnny Mac is in the HoH room and said Audrey tried to summon him but he wanted no part in it. He may be the swing vote in this.

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  • Austin is out back talking to Liz that even if Jace does go, he has a little alliance going with Clay and Shelli, and probably grab Audrey. So, if this does fail, and it seems to be, it’s quite possible next week will be Austin, Liz, Clay, Shelli, Audrey and maybe Vanessa and Steve vs house.  Got to love an underdog story.
  • Taking a break for an hour or two, be back!
  • 9:50pm – Back. It seems the biggest thing that happened was Jace pulling Steve aside and strong arming him for awhile before letting him know he had a plan.  Yea, Jace is screwed.  The only chance Jace has is if he crawls into a corner for the next 40 or so hours and let Austin do all the talking for him.
  • Right now, Austin, Clay and Jeff are in the bathroom chatting about potential situations, while some outside.
  • 10:15pm – Paranoia alert, and it doesn’t involve Audrey.  Now Shelli and Clay are worked up because Jeff went to Vanessa over something instead of Clay. Nothing major, but we’ll keep an eye on it
  • Jeff tells Clay he doesn’t really want to work with Vanessa because she’s a weak player. Unless they use her for a pawn at some point
  • Talk breaks up
  • Steve hints to Austin that production will help Audrey as much as they can
  • Jason, Liz and Austin talking about the awkwardness of Steve




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  1. Avatar

    If Jace was gong to have a chance, this would be the week. Anything can quickly happen in the first week because people are still figuring out who to trust and partner up with. Remember Season two when everyone thought Sheryl was staying over Nicole. How quickly that flipped in the end, and Nicole stayed until the final 2!!

  2. Avatar

    Hi Smouse, I remember you commenting here for Big Brother 16. I haven’t started watching BB17 because it’s too addicting. I hope I can resist watching, who knows.

    • Avatar

      Welcome back Lilly! If you’re on here, you’ll be watching the show in a matter of time… 🙂

      Already I feel like this season has more potential for swings and changes in the house. Last year felt very under control and pretty much as planned by Derrick.

  3. Avatar

    Jace has a chance…..but not by being an idiot to Steve…

  4. Avatar

    Yeah Jace is nothing short of verbally abusing Steve. Please Steve stand up and walk away! How is this going to get Steve to follow? I do NOT like Jace. Make him GO people!

  5. Avatar

    We all see that Jace is highly annoying. And although I don’t want him to win, I like seeing those characters around for a bit. Caleb and Zach were two examples in Season 16 that were highly annoying but in time, most people came to like them.

    And although no one came to like these next examples, I enjoyed watching their annoyance…

    Season 15: Aaryn and Jeremy

  6. leafhopper

    Hi everyone!! So glad the show and all the chat is back – looking forward to a great season.

  7. Avatar

    Does Vanessa remind anyone of Mira Sorvino’s character in Romey and Michele’s High School Reunion??

  8. Avatar

    I think I am in love with Meg. Just a great attitude and so far anyway appears to be such a nice person 🙂 Time will tell though. Just like the players I find annoying at this point may end up surprising me. An interesting group of characters.

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