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Big Brother 17 Premiere Night 2 Live Blogging



I’m not sure how I feel about this whole 2-night premiere thing Big Brother has had lately. As a feed watcher, I have a habit of watching the show on the Julie Chen night (typically Thursday), waiting a few hours and then popping on the feeds to see the reaction to the live show.  It is painful to watch an episode and  know the feeds still won’t be available for another 27 hours or so. That was last night.  Tonight, feeds are up!

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Last night, we met 8 of the “14” houseguests, so it should be interesting to see how they handle tonight.  Julie made no mention of any surprise cast members (except for the twin), and if it is indeed The Amazing Race couple, I will be curious to see how they’re introduced. Needless to say, it will be a little awkward if she just says “Oh, and by the way, we want to surprise you with Jackie and Jeff from The Amazing Race!!”. I think most people will be like…  who? Why is this a surprise?

My best guess is they’ll play in with the weekly twist. Maybe Phil Keoghan will enter the house, raise an eyebrow, and reveal the first weekly twist of the season – two additional cast members. This will put a scare in the cast where they think the weekly twists will be as big as adding new people, and it will allow BB to hype it up a bit.


Anyway, here are my updates….

  • 8:00pm – Julie jumps right in to introductions.
  • Jason better be a BBJ fan. If he lives in Mass and isn’t, he’s shunned
  • Before the 6 even enter the house, Julie announces two of the twists to the group.
  • Clay already makes the Ian / Steve connection. Steve is screwed, there is no way they’ll let another genius go far.
  • 8:20pm – After the break, Julie will announce the first weekly twist.
  • Boom, Julie announces that Phil will be announcing the first twist. Jeff and Jackie from TAR are introduced.
  • 8:30pm – Second HoH competition time.
  • Vanessa sits out for the competition where the players hold on to a pole while a cable tries to pull them off.
  • Steve goes first. Jeff drops out to lower the target on his back. John goes third.
  • Becky fourth.  Leaving Liz, Jackie and Jason.
  • Liz out, Jackie barely hanging on
  • Jackie cuts a deal with Jason and gives up.  Jason wins HoH
  • 8:55pm – Phil comes in and tells Da’Vonne and Vanessa they will be rewarded for sitting out the HoH competition. Hope it isn’t immunity as the house already told them they’re safe.

Check back for more!


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  1. Avatar

    I don’t buy it when someone says they blew a comp on purpose. Sometimes it’s apparent and other times, I call BS. That TAR guy seemed he said it to save face.

  2. Avatar

    Jason is a trip and a half!

  3. Avatar

    Jason is the love child of PeeWee Herman and Brick Heck. Jace is Hayden 2.0. Becky is the love child of Hilary Swank and Cindy Crawford. Clay is the love child of Paul Walker and Seann William Scott. Liz is what you get when Lisa Kudrow mates with Amanda Seyfried. Vanessa is orange and I can’t take her seriously. Again, why is there just 1 token black and 1 token Asian? I would love to see a more diverse cast! Asian, Indian, African, Latino…. come on BB, there’s more to this country than white people!

    • Avatar

      Yep Hayden 2.0 , but organized, he is a leader/coach …yep peewee funny dork boy…would luv them to team up under the radar, the most unlikely team ever….and Audrey will be the focus this summer, …hopefully there wont be any racism this year, except for the lack of diversity in skin tones.

    • Avatar

      I see Taylor Swift in Meg here and there. It’s like the season of doppelgangers.

  4. Avatar

    Hey damamma great to see you here.

  5. Avatar

    To me Vanessa looks like iggy azalea

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