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Big Brother 17 – Let The Rumors Begin


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With just under 2 weeks (!!!) to go before Big Brother 17 premieres, it is that time of the year when everyone speculates on the cast. Ever since I’ve been blogging for the show, there have been rumors of an ‘All-Star’ season, but I think that was squashed with the most recent promo.

According to Big Brother Network (who cites other sources), someone recorded a clip of a BB17 promo and the wording said “New Houseguests”.  While that really doesn’t mean a whole lot, I personally don’t believe it will be an All-Star season. I think Survivor has that gimmick covered pretty well, and Big Brother has done fairly well using a mostly original crew every season (minus a few returning players).

With that said, I still believe one of the best seasons that I’ve watched was the only All-Star season that Big Brother had.

I do have a theory on why they stick with new people, and that’s live feeds. While returning players works great when you can edit out 99% of the boring crap and only air an hour a week (Survivor), the reality is that All-Stars are generally boring most of the time. They know what to expect, how to handle things, what to say and what not to say.

Playing it safe, while good gameplay, is boring for those watching the feeds most of the day. And for that, we thank you for trying to keep the feeds as entertaining as possible.

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  1. Comments (682)

    Please, please, please let it be a group of newbies that were not recruited by BB.

    And no guests using performance enhancing drugs or relatives of “famous” people.

  2. Comments (123)

    im just Loving all these Rumors:

    1)HG gets 5K for winning HOH or POV… meaning no more Throwing Comps
    2)playing a Immunity Comp every week to be safe
    3)the HN Room will be a moving round room tht u cant leave until it lines up with the door and that happens every 20 mins

    BB17 is going to be a Blast, lol… 🙂

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