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Big Brother 18 – Afternoon Feed Updates 6/28

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Already has the Vanessa stare down pat

Good afternoon, everyone! I am torn when it comes to Big Brother. On one hand, I’m so bored that it’s still only Tuesday and the house is in a major holding pattern until eviction. On the other hand, I don’t want the summer to go by too quick. Oh well, it’s a problem I’d like to have any day of the year rather than worrying about the upcoming snow storm or sub zero nights (I hate winter).


Melinda mentioned having some sort of podcast for the year, but she did it pretty last minute and I didn’t even have the time to research how to set one of those up. However, I think I may try doing some regular ‘Facebook Live’ videos as a podcast replacement. Sure, you’ll be forced to look at my dumb face, but Mrs Beans will likely do it with me, so she’ll counter that. Be sure to follow our facebook page so you don’t miss a video when we start doing them…

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  • 11:30am – Paulie is having a pretty boring chat with Van2.0 about none other than Vanessa. Vanessa overload, time to check other cameras…
    • There has been a little discussion with the veteran group on the upcoming eviction. Obviously they’re kicking Jozea out, but they’re already talking about the future and have already mentioned how they’ll eventually blindside Paulie when the moment comes up.  They still have a large pecking order to go before him, but it shows how he’s definitely on the outside looking in with that group.
    • Earlier in the day, Corey was having a conversation with Natalie and there was some flirting going on.  He asked her if she had anything with Vic, but apparently he rejected her (which is a surprise based on how he gushed over her early on). I didn’t see it on feeds, maybe it happened before live, but Vic told Natalie he didn’t want any ‘showmance’, so she basically considers it a break-up. However, after the Vic conversation, the pair started flirting a bit and there could be something brewing there.
  • 11:35am – Frank is having a conversation with Nicole in the HoH room. She keeps asking him random questions like whether or not he’s going after them (the vets) and he jokingly says yes. He also said he’s looking out for Paulie and Corey. He finally tells Nicole he’s only kidding, but then does get serious. He said he is only worried about James a little bit, and rightfully so. James has been so far up the asses of Bronte and Natalie, I’m pretty sure he tastes what they have for lunch.
    • He asks who should go home first out of their 8. She says she doesn’t care, but he hints around a bit and Nicole finally realizes he’s talking about Van2.0. He said she’s a bit unstable and it makes him worried.
      screenshot-www cbs com 2016-06-28 14-42-44
    • Nicole said there are a lot of people just cool going to jury, but not her (or Frank). They are in it to win it, and I think a vet will win this year. The newbies are just that bad.
    • Corey has said he’s happy with jury. Michelle volunteered to be put up during a double eviction. Zaky said she’s fine with jury.  Jeez. What’s wrong with this cast?
  • 11:54am – Frank asked about contracts. Apparently he was under CBS control for 3 years, but they cut it down to 1 year. He wondered if Day and James even had an option since they were still under control, but they said yes. They could have opted out of returning. It’s mostly just they can’t go on different networks for shows/reality shows.
    • Let’s check on the newbies…
      screenshot-www cbs com 2016-06-28 15-07-26
    • Ok, moving on
  • 12:30pm – Paul and Bronte are hanging out together and commenting how dumb Michelle is because she looks like she’s about to pass out again in the sun. Bronte wants to ask if she has sunscreen, but he tells her not to.
    • 15 minutes later, Bronte couldn’t help it and did a general reminder to people outside for sunscreen.
  • 2:50pm – Forgot to let people know I was doing a dinner break. Quick house update:
    • Paulie (who has been on the feeds a lot today) is talking to Frank
    • Meanwhile, Nicole is outside the HoH room with Van2.0, Jaky, Day, and Michelle looking through the photos. I must have missed the HoH photo session.. although “missed” is a relative term
  • 3:25pm – Dinner done. Feeds still slow. Right now Natalie is outside talking to Van2.0, while Nicole is playing chess with Paul.
  • 3:38pm – Feeds switch to Da’Vonne and James having a conversation.  She finally pulled him out of Natalie’s butt
    • They’re talking about how Natalie is a pretty nice girl and would be happy with jury. She doesn’t talk game with anyone, and gets all the info from Bronte
    • She (Nat) is tired of Victor
    • He thinks the chances of people flipping are Michelle and Van2.0. Day is still worrying about the Audreyeffect, which is casting the ‘wonky’ vote to throw people off. I believe she’s referring to Van2.0 about the wonky vote. They then joke about how they trust Michelle, but she will probably be the double agent against them.

I’m closing this thread as I have some errands to run before the night shift begins!  Thanks for reading


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  1. AIO_7

    Yeah, Steve, I agree about James and his pranks. Though I approve him over several of the other guests, I still haven’t forgiven him for helping to get rid of Becky last year.

  2. danmtruth

    Watching the live feeds and Paulies workout drew a fan club of Bronte , NaturalNat , and Paul. Talk about meat hawking

  3. Elaine

    I agree with Frank’s assessment about Tiffany. I think she can come unhinged at any time. Think she is having a hard time finding her own footing (being Van’s sis). She said their personalities are very different, so channel that inner Tiff personality guuuurl and settle down. Tread carefully with her Frank.

  4. NKogNeeTow

    I agree with Frank on getting rid of Van2.0 next. I had high hopes for her but this is only what, the 2nd week and she’s had 2 minor meltdowns already. Hate to think of how they’ll escalate the longer she stays in. Heck, they might walk in and she’ll be hanging upside down from the rafters like a bat.

    12:54am: “Let’s check in on the newbies”…”Ok, moving on”…..HILARIOUS!

  5. Avatar

    Guess what guys,,, Jozea doesnt want to be called the Messiah anymore. He wants to be called the SAVIOR. WTF is this guy’s problem?

  6. Avatar

    I hope the house doesn’t get stupid and keep Jozea. I have seen the house do some pretty dumb stuff in the past. This guy has to go! Oh, maybe the crowd will boo like they did Christine in Derek’s season. lol

    • Avatar

      I hope they dont do something so stupid as to keep him. Can u imagine how he would be acting in the house if he stayed? I want this weirdo gone so bad I can taste it. It would be pure hell for the vets if Jozea got to stay.

  7. Elaine

    It seems like many of these young people have no jobs/careers, so the biggest aspiration is to just make it to jury and continue to get the summer paycheck..and they would be happy with that. Now I am really pulling for one of the vets to win.

  8. danmtruth

    can wait to see how the season will work Will there be team comp with the winning team being safe and they chose the HoH .?
    Nice to see so many people back from years past

    Sad to say the more I have seen of the women this season The more I see girls acting like high school.
    I made the statement earlier that these girls were smart enough to not get into a showmance It seems like im wrong

  9. Elaine

    When talk is about pre-jury players who might come back in (no please not jozea), I thought the door might be left open for that first player eliminated. Considering it was Glenn though, maybe not lol.

  10. Jenny M

    Someone on BBAD was talking about Joz being like a cult leader….I guess I’m not the only one who sees and fears that!

  11. Alda

    These newbies are the oddest bunch we’ve ever had on BB.On BBAD they were talking about Zingbot.Jozea never heard of Zingbot!!!!Who are these newbies?They don’t know anything about BB.The veterans seem like old folks compared to them.I hope something lively happens soon or we are in for real sleeper season.

  12. Renee

    I’ve missed a couple days on here and missed the live blogs until last night. Why is Jozea in his underwear all the time? I really hope they get rid of him. I cannot stand the arrogance of him or the loudness of Paul.

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