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Big Brother 18 – Afternoon Updates 6/24

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There is the PoV competition, so the house is all up and getting ready for the day already. I do want to make a quick note – Michelle’s pixelated bathing suit does look naked from this shot, but that’s about all that’s going on in the house right now.

As I mentioned in my morning thread, there was a new twist added where a third person was nominated. To find more information about that, read here

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Time to jump into the feed updates:


All times BBT (pst)

  • 10:20am – The house is up and getting ready for veto selection. If you haven’t noticed already, the punishment from the week 1 endurance competition is that Team Frank (ie Cat4) have to wear bathing suits that are pixelated to make them look naked.
    • Frank is upstairs talking to Tiffany about the house dynamics. They think it’s funny how the large group of newbies think they have the power right now. Reality is, the vets have quickly picked up the numbers they’ll need.
    • Da’Vonne, Nicole and James are up in the room and they’re all talking about their bowel movement situations.
    • Meanwhile, Bronte is downstairs with Paulie talking about how all the people in the house are all about promoting themselves, etc. Normal conversation until Bronte starts turning it into how actors and self promoters will be useless in the apocalypse. Ok, that got weird.
    • Bronte mentions how Paulie and Zakiyah may get married, and he shoots the idea down. He then goes and tells Bronte how pretty she is. Paulie is getting around.
    • Paulie keeps fishing for compliments from Bronte, but she’s not biting. “Oh, good thing I’m not attractive”
  • 11:05am –  Bronte and Paulie move into the kitchen with a few others, so no more awkward flirting going on.  We move to another room with Frank, James, and crew
    • Feeds went down, looks like they’re going to pick PoV players
  • 11:45am – Feeds are back, PoV players picked.
    • Nicole, Paulie, Paul, Jozea, Da’Vonne and Corey are playing
    • Day tells Zakiyah that she can see through the shower and to put a towel up. The camera quickly goes there and zooms in. You can tell guys working the feeds today.  (btw, they were too late if you’re wondering)
      bigbrother18 2016-06-24 14-49-45
    • Joz and Paul are talking about how urget it is they win PoV. They know if Corey wins, he’ll pull off Paulie.
    • Victor about (Michelle?) – “If you don’t feel good in your body, get a new body”
    • The veterans are complaining about how Natalie is being difficult about the sleeping arrangements. She refuses to sleep with another guy, but this early in the game, it’s difficult not to.
    • Victor is giving Joz a hard time because he’s drinking apple juice. I’m pretty sure he would kill me if he saw my diet.
    • Now Paul is in the bathroom with Joz, and he (Paul) thinks he can convince Nicole to pull him off if she wins the veto. Oh, newbies.
  • 12:30pm – The house is all scattered preparing for the PoV competition. Michelle is hosting, so Natalie is making her up…
    • bigbrother18 2016-06-24 15-19-47
    • Corey, Joz, and a few others are talking in the bathroom about bachelor parties. Corey starts talking about how he knew a couple who had one together, and it was gay. Joz jumps in and starts grilling him on what he meant by gay. Corey tried to play it off as ‘not in a bad way’, and Joz pushed a little further. Corey apologized, and Jozea said he was cool with it, but was then called to the DR. I bet he’s going to be going off on that in the DR. Flashback to 12:35pm camera 1 for the awkwardness.
  • 12:47pm – Corey and Frank are talking privately about Corey’s awkward conversation. Corey is explaining how he didn’t mean any harm by it, but it’s a figure of speech where he comes from.  They then talk about how Vik has used the term ‘retarded’, but they’re not going to warn him he shouldn’t say that.
    • Corey and Frank are still going on about their conversation, but they’re talking game now. Corey thinks the next person who goes home should be a girl simply because they don’t want to keep pegging off the guys and give the girls power if they form an alliance. He’s already a better thinker than Nicole, apparently.
    • They’re planning on a final 5, and right now they’re looking at Nicole, Zak, and Michelle as they’re easier to beat.
    • Meanwhile on the other feed, Jozea is still upset that he had a strategy going into the game and it got tossed out the window. Perhaps if he was a fan of the show, he would know the chances of his plans changing were about 98%. To make it in Big Brother, you need plans A and B, but C in case A fails and B half fails, then D if B succeeds, then fails, then A comes back into play before switching to plan C that ends up failing. Needless to say, you either need to have 1,000 different plans, or just wing it.
    • Paul is telling Nicole about the horrible realities of animal fighting. He worked at a non-kill shelter and was telling her some stories I’d rather not think about. I hate animal cruelty
  • 1:15pm – The house is pulled into like 2 groups (minus the small Frank/Corey duo). Everyone is just doing small talk waiting for the veto competition to begin.
    • Jozea has more opinions on TV. He thinks it’s stupid Sofia Vergara speaks with a strong latin accent because she gets typecast in that role, but she also dyed her hair brown for the same reason. Yes, she may be typecast, but it’s better to be typecast and working than sitting on her butt doing nothing.
  • 1:50pm – The house is still waiting for the veto comp. Dinner time for me
    • Victor can go home happy. He got to grope Natalie
      bigbrother18 2016-06-24 17-26-04
  • 3:15pm – The house is a bit slow waiting for the veto competition. I’m going to close this thread out and start a new one post-PoV



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  1. Avatar

    Another year, another bunch of idiots!

  2. Colby

    I think Da will throw the comp because if she won she would be expected to save her teammate(s), and if she didn’t it could cause a lot of trust issues, etc., for her.

  3. danmtruth

    This might be the season we see a strong all women’s alliance Speaking of alliances . Why did the Joz, Paul, Zakihay all pick each other and end up on the same team? Why not be in as many teams to influence those votes .

  4. Avatar

    I believe da’vonne was the one to win the mystery comp because right now she was talking about “as long as her choice stays” while chatting with Nicole about the veto and how she just wants to get it over with.

  5. Colby

    This explains the road kill comp this week:


    I guess Frank won.

  6. Jenny M

    Watching last night’s BBAD and Jozea needs to put some damn pants on! He’s wearing these tight little undies that have a pouch in front for his junk, and it’s so gross! Almost as bad as Frankie was — except at least he’s still young and pretty instead of old and orange like Frankie was. So far I like most of these people other than Joz and Paul. Last year’s cast was so awful I blocked out most of their names from my memory!
    Glad to see people back on this site again… been posting as Jenny for years but added the M to it after another Jenny was posting last year and even I got confused over which comments were mine! Hope she’s back this year…. glad to see danm and franko and the rest of you again!

    • Elaine

      Glad to see familiar names as well. It is fun to read comments that you all post and often there are lively exchanges as the season progresses.

    • Avatar

      Thank you! Been another tough year. Been BACK in hospital twice since BB ended last year. Hospital seems to be my second home and I’m tired of it. Anyway, just wanted say hello.
      Don’t really know what to think of this year’s cast yet. Don’t know how in the world people can’t figure out Vanessa’s sister, same voice, same facial expressions. I didn’t want mama Da back EVER.

  7. Avatar

    I glad everyone is here too! I found it a few years ago…LOVE it here and love talking BB with y’all!

    • Jenny M

      I admit I throw too many F-bombs myself, but I was offended by how many of them threw out obscenities left and right. It’s one thing to swear when you hit your thumb with a hammer, but some of these people are just out of control swearing!
      That being said, the language is still a thousand times less offensive to me than JozeaMessiah wUalking around without pants!!! Ugh!!!! If Joz and Frankie want to parade around showing off their junk, go be a porn star! I don’t want to see that much of you!!!

  8. Alda

    I watched BBAD.Not sure about this foul mouth group.Then Josea’s remark about the military really hit below the belt.They sure are a lot of R rated people this season.They make the past houseguests look like they came from the Disney Channel.Not enjoying BBAD so far!

  9. Avatar

    love the third nominee twist! if someone pulls themselves off the block, does the house get to nominate someone new? Or does the secret person get to nominate? or do they just leave it with 2 people??? the possibilities are endless! also it makes it difficult to put a pawn up. Just put up whoever you want gone and hope for the best!

  10. Elaine

    I can’t get BBAD anymore, but after last year’s constant pot-ball am not sure that upsets me much. I am trying the feeds and at least I can avoid Paul and Jozea…..I don’t think Paul has completed a sentence without bad language….gets annoying.

  11. Avatar

    JozaeMessiah is real nasty piece of work & I really hope he gets blindsided. Paul grosses me out with that freakin beard. He’s on my last good nerve along with Messiah.

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