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Big Brother 18 – Live Feed Updates 6/26

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It’s the morning after a night of drinking for the Big Brother 18 house, and it almost looks like The Walking Dead – minus the terrible cliffhanger. Ok, probably not that dramatic anyway. They’re always only given a little bit of alcohol to the point where most get slight buzzes at best. Paul did get drunk for like 15 minutes because he did some wine shots, but that didn’t last long. Either way, a drunk Saturday night in the BB house is always better than a sober one (kids, drinking is bad).

Let’s get started with the updates:

  • 10:45am – Most of the house is up and getting ready for the day. I still haven’t decided if this is just an early morning crowd, or the PoV ceremony is set for today.
    • I guess there was a little incident last night when James was going to sleep in the bed with Bridgette and Michelle saw no big deal of it, but Bronte said Bridgette wouldn’t have liked waking up next to a guy
    • More on the story – I think it was because Michelle was sleeping in the bed all day with Bridgette, but for some reason she didn’t want to at night, so Bronte was wondering if they were arguing. It was more of a weird situation rather than James wanting to be creepy and sleep with Bridgette.
  • 12:45pm – The house has been lounging around the pool, but now a few are in the kitchen, and Natalie is in the HoH room with Bronte. Bronte has some bathroom issues and feeling nausous.
    • Meanwhile, Nicole catches a bug outside and immediately thinks of throwing it on Corey. She is defintiely crushing on him right now, and I think the feeling is mutual.|
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    • Michelle comes outside and they talk about which guy they want to get out first from their alliance (Frank or James). They joke about James being 7th place again (or w/e place he was)
  • 1:02pm – Michelle is outside with Natalie talking about how she’s worried for the POV meeting. She said she has a 33% chance of going up, which is true if you remove Da’Vonne from consideration. Right now (due to James’ team winning week 1) the only eligible replacement noms are Michelle, Bridgette, Da’Vonne, and Zakiyah.

Pretty slow afternoon, so I’m going to pause this for a few hours while I do one last thing this weekend (told you at the beginning I had a lot planned. I should resume to normal blogging schedule after this).


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  1. Avatar

    I think Nicole & Corey are so cute but I dont want them to get close so that everyone thinks they’re a couple & break them up by evicting one or both of them. I hope Nicole is careful of who she trusts cause I do not trust Davonne.
    I hope the plan to get Joziah out works.
    Tiffany is a big ass cry baby just like her sister. She wants to play the victim card while letting paranoia take over which is gonna lead her ass right out of the BB House sooner rather than later.
    I love James & hope he doesn’t pull some bonehead move that gets him out.
    Paulie is my next favorite after James.
    I think Victor & Joziah get along so well because they are both so full of themselves.
    I still havnt figured out Michelle, Bridget or Natalie. Not sure about them yet.
    Bronte acts like she was raised by old people (not trying to offend anyone) but acts a lot older than she is. She acts like the mother of the house.
    Dont care for Davonne & I dont see her getting too far in the game at all.
    Zak is not one of my favorites either.

  2. Avatar

    Frank named Bridget as renom.

  3. Jenny M

    Jozea is a piece of work. On BBAD he rambled on to Bronte who just sat there nodding and occasionally saying “yeah” as he told her about being the glue that holds this house together, and how if he left things would just fall apart, and if there were still kings and queens he’d probably be a king because he’s so special, and people like him are so rare… he talked about how when he’s HOH and the only ones left are his alliance he won’t pick the nominees, he’ll let them pick themselves. Apparently he’s such a benevolent loving and charismatic leader that people would offer themselves up to go on the block because they would trust him completely. I am very much looking forward to him being voted out. Also I hope this guy doesn’t start some kind of cult because he really does seem to believe he’s a true gift to the world, and if he ever gained any actual power over others I’d be afraid to see what happens.

  4. Avatar

    I don’t watch the live feeds so I was wondering did I miss something….? Why is Paulie not a part of the 8 pack alliance?

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