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Big Brother 18- Overnight Paulie Recap 8/9

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Nothing to see here...just knocking out all my competition.

Nothing to see here…just knocking out all my competition.

Good morning! I am feeling much better today and should be able to finish out my last week posting the overnights for you! Although I am physically better, I am so sick of watching The Paulie Show! I really liked him in the beginning of the season but this power trip has brought out a side of him that I really can’t stand. It would be fun to watch Z turn around after this eviction and get him out, but that’s not going to happen.



  • 12:00am- Corey, Vic, and Paul are in the backyard talking. Corey is saying that being on the show is going to help him sell his app.
    • Inside, Bridgette and Nicole, and Z are talking in the kitchen. They are talking about having babies and Nicole says that she really wants twins.
    • They guys come in and are trying to act interested in their baby conversation.Untitled
    • After a few minutes Victor and Paul go upstairs to play chess.
    • The kitchen empties out and Paulie joins Z at the table. She asks him if he’s wide awake and he says no. He’s going to play a game of chess with Paul and then go to bed.
    • They flirt in the kitchen for a little while and then Paulie goes upstairs.
  • 12:35am- Feeds switch to Corey and Nicole in bed again where they are literally doing nothing but randomly touching each other.
    • This continues until Corey leaves to go to the have not room around 1:00 am.
    • Meanwhile, Paul and Paulie are playing chess with Z and Bridgette watch.
  • 1:00am- Victor joins the chess crew upstairs.
    • Paul finally beats Paulie and explains to him what he did wrong. (Foreshadowing?)
    • Victor and Bridgette leave and the boys decide to play another game. This time Z is counting the seconds each time a new turn starts. It’s quite annoying.
    • Fish come on for a few minutes and when they return we have the option of watching Bridgette cook or watching Michelle sleep. I choose neither.
  • 1:30am- Z and Paulie are in the backyard and Z is talking to him in a weird fake Russian accent.
    • Z is saying she doesn’t trust the people she thought she trusted.
    • She says that she found out that Paul is coming after her because she’s a threat and a “competition beast” and even she admits that she doesn’t know why he would say that because she’s never won anything.
    • Paulie tells her he thinks that Paul, Victor, Meech, and Bridgette are starting an alliance.
    • Z says he thinks they are coming after couples and Paulie agrees.
    • They start talking about how Meech is mad at everyone and Paulie is saying he doesn’t understand what he did to her.
    • He says that every time he tries to talk to her she just goes to sleep.
    • They agree that Michelle is upset that she got caught in her bullshit and just secludes herself now.
    • Paulie wants to call her out for fake crying and not being a superfan.
    • Paulie says that she is jealousy and attention driven (I agree). He mentions that she created a fake boyfriend because all of her friends had one and she tee-peed her own house because all the other houses were getting tee-peed.
    •  Paulie is going off on all of her lies and knows that she was the one that came up with the fake Advancement alliance.
    • Sounds like he is basically practicing his speech for when he calls her out.
    • Z is clearly loving the Meech-bashing right now and asks him to keep going.
    • Paulie says he will slay her and it will be on live feeds and on television and she will never want to show up anywhere ever again.
    • Z tells him to let her know when it’s going to happen so she can get her front row seat.
    • Paulie hopes she has the round trip ticket so he can send her right back out the door in the double eviction.
    • Z tries to talk about Paul wanting her out again. Paulie briefly responds and goes right back to bashing Michelle.Untitled
    • He talks directly into his mic and tells production not to call him into DR until the blow up actually happens cause he’s not gonna have the same conversation 5 times. I’m pretty sure they can call him in whenever they damn well please….but what do I know.
  • 2:00am- Corey, Paul, and Victor join them to play pool and all game talk ends.
    • Paulie joins in the game and they play for a while with Z watching them.
    • They finish playing around 3:00 and now it is just Victor and Paulie in the kitchen.
    • Z joins them in the kitchen and they are having random conversations about Twitter.
    • Conversation changes to working out and Victor’s hockey buddy from home.
  • 3:40am- Z has gone to  bed and Paulie and Victor go into the bathroom to whisper.
    • Paulie is ranting again about Michelle and talking about how he will ruin her.
    • Paulie says that Z got lucky this week because now Michelle is going home.
    • He’s saying that Z follows him around and sits in on everything even though she’s falling asleep half the time.
    • Victor is worrying that Natalie and Nicole will start noticing that The Board is picking off all the girls.
    • Aaaand…Paulie is bitching about Meech again.
    • They break up around 4 and Victor heads to his room while Paulie goes to stare at the memory wall and then go to bed shortly after.

Short night with not a lot of drama. Hopefully Paulie calls out Michelle soon like he plans so we can get some entertainment there! Check back later for afternoon updates!


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