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Nothing to see here...just knocking out all my competition.

Big Brother 18- Overnight Paulie Recap 8/9

Nothing to see here...just knocking out all my competition.
Nothing to see here…just knocking out all my competition.

Good morning! I am feeling much better today and should be able to finish out my last week posting the overnights for you! Although I am physically better, I am so sick of watching The Paulie Show! I really liked him in the beginning of the season but this power trip has brought out a side of him that I really can’t stand. It would be fun to watch Z turn around after this eviction and get him out, but that’s not going to happen.



  • 12:00am- Corey, Vic, and Paul are in the backyard talking. Corey is saying that being on the show is going to help him sell his app.
    • Inside, Bridgette and Nicole, and Z are talking in the kitchen. They are talking about having babies and Nicole says that she really wants twins.
    • They guys come in and are trying to act interested in their baby conversation.Untitled
    • After a few minutes Victor and Paul go upstairs to play chess.
    • The kitchen empties out and Paulie joins Z at the table. She asks him if he’s wide awake and he says no. He’s going to play a game of chess with Paul and then go to bed.
    • They flirt in the kitchen for a little while and then Paulie goes upstairs.
  • 12:35am- Feeds switch to Corey and Nicole in bed again where they are literally doing nothing but randomly touching each other.
    • This continues until Corey leaves to go to the have not room around 1:00 am.
    • Meanwhile, Paul and Paulie are playing chess with Z and Bridgette watch.
  • 1:00am- Victor joins the chess crew upstairs.
    • Paul finally beats Paulie and explains to him what he did wrong. (Foreshadowing?)
    • Victor and Bridgette leave and the boys decide to play another game. This time Z is counting the seconds each time a new turn starts. It’s quite annoying.
    • Fish come on for a few minutes and when they return we have the option of watching Bridgette cook or watching Michelle sleep. I choose neither.
  • 1:30am- Z and Paulie are in the backyard and Z is talking to him in a weird fake Russian accent.
    • Z is saying she doesn’t trust the people she thought she trusted.
    • She says that she found out that Paul is coming after her because she’s a threat and a “competition beast” and even she admits that she doesn’t know why he would say that because she’s never won anything.
    • Paulie tells her he thinks that Paul, Victor, Meech, and Bridgette are starting an alliance.
    • Z says he thinks they are coming after couples and Paulie agrees.
    • They start talking about how Meech is mad at everyone and Paulie is saying he doesn’t understand what he did to her.
    • He says that every time he tries to talk to her she just goes to sleep.
    • They agree that Michelle is upset that she got caught in her bullshit and just secludes herself now.
    • Paulie wants to call her out for fake crying and not being a superfan.
    • Paulie says that she is jealousy and attention driven (I agree). He mentions that she created a fake boyfriend because all of her friends had one and she tee-peed her own house because all the other houses were getting tee-peed.
    •  Paulie is going off on all of her lies and knows that she was the one that came up with the fake Advancement alliance.
    • Sounds like he is basically practicing his speech for when he calls her out.
    • Z is clearly loving the Meech-bashing right now and asks him to keep going.
    • Paulie says he will slay her and it will be on live feeds and on television and she will never want to show up anywhere ever again.
    • Z tells him to let her know when it’s going to happen so she can get her front row seat.
    • Paulie hopes she has the round trip ticket so he can send her right back out the door in the double eviction.
    • Z tries to talk about Paul wanting her out again. Paulie briefly responds and goes right back to bashing Michelle.Untitled
    • He talks directly into his mic and tells production not to call him into DR until the blow up actually happens cause he’s not gonna have the same conversation 5 times. I’m pretty sure they can call him in whenever they damn well please….but what do I know.
  • 2:00am- Corey, Paul, and Victor join them to play pool and all game talk ends.
    • Paulie joins in the game and they play for a while with Z watching them.
    • They finish playing around 3:00 and now it is just Victor and Paulie in the kitchen.
    • Z joins them in the kitchen and they are having random conversations about Twitter.
    • Conversation changes to working out and Victor’s hockey buddy from home.
  • 3:40am- Z has gone to  bed and Paulie and Victor go into the bathroom to whisper.
    • Paulie is ranting again about Michelle and talking about how he will ruin her.
    • Paulie says that Z got lucky this week because now Michelle is going home.
    • He’s saying that Z follows him around and sits in on everything even though she’s falling asleep half the time.
    • Victor is worrying that Natalie and Nicole will start noticing that The Board is picking off all the girls.
    • Aaaand…Paulie is bitching about Meech again.
    • They break up around 4 and Victor heads to his room while Paulie goes to stare at the memory wall and then go to bed shortly after.

Short night with not a lot of drama. Hopefully Paulie calls out Michelle soon like he plans so we can get some entertainment there! Check back later for afternoon updates!


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  1. Avatar
    Rita (10 comments)

    I’m surprised you didn’t mention Paulie urinating in the hot tub. I was looking forward to comments from both of you.

  2. Avatar

    @Danmtruth, Z is a fool willing to do anything to please Paulie. She don’t need Paulie to slap her. Hell, I’m sure there are plenty of people out there who would love to slap, punch & kick some sense into her ass & I’m not talking about 50 shades of grey shit either. I wouldn’t have her in school teaching my child a damn thing.

    This crap Paulie is pulling is a plot to keep Z & get Meech evicted. I don’t know why they can’t see through what he’s doing. This mess about humiliating Meech in front of everyone is part of his plan to keep Z in the house. He didn’t use the veto on her because he can’t let everyone know he really wants to keep his bed warmer. Remember he said he has a plan to get James to use his care-package so that Z gets to stay. This is all part of his plan. I wish some of those idiots would wake & see what’s going on.

    • Avatar
      Karen (198 comments)

      I thought it was really telling about Z when she was telling one of the house guest (can’t remember who cuz I’m listening on headphones and not watching) that she had been abused by at least one of her exs. Seems she’s in the habit of picking the wrong guy.

    • Avatar

      Ann that’s what I think. He wants to take z further than he’s letting anyone know because she will do anything he wants and can’t win anything. In the meantime he wants to get rid of Nicole because she’s close to Corey and can win things even if she hasn’t ( I don’t think she’s tried to win anything). He tells everyone he doesn’t care if z leaves but then puts pressure on all to keep her and has those rants about mich. I don’t hunk that’s why victor and Paul want z gone and they are catching on to things but don’t have numbers to do anything.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Nic said last night that she really doesn’t want to win anything unless she has to. She said she’s just prefer to lay low and not make waves (the liar has been making waves all over the house, then gets scared that someone will find out it’s her).


    • NKogNeeTow

      I keep telling you, Paulie is a POS and Zzz is no better. They deserve each other. Just before and right after the HOH Comp, Zzz was having heart to heart talks with Meech. She kept telling her how they had to stick together. They even figured out what Paulie was up to. Zzz was in full alignment with Meech. She told her they only had each other. Not an hour later she was right back to following Paulie around the house like a faithful puppy….and spilling her guts. And now she is not only listening to him bash ‘her only friend in the house…the only one she can trust’, but encouraging and enjoying it. As rats, she and Nic are running neck and neck. I thought I couldn’t stand Gidget(which I can’t), but I can’t wait for Zzz and Nic to go. It can’t be soon enough. Let their lonely, love starved asses lay up in the Jury house and masturbate ALONE! (Sorry for the crassness, but I’m just SICK of them).


  3. Avatar
    Leah (12 comments)

    So now Paulie is bossing around production? What an ego!

  4. Avatar
    Cynthia (91 comments)

    Who cares if Natalie or Nicole find out the boys are picking off all the girls? I mean what are they going to do, when a competition?

  5. Avatar

    I think Natalie has a crush on Paulie and it seems that he likes her too.

  6. Avatar
    Jiman Kim (12 comments)

    I thought that Natalie was genuiely a nice person and she really liked James. But she just showed the typical pretty girl syndrome by using guys and throwing them away. Shes a really good actress. Hopefully Im wrong here.

    • Avatar
      Cynthia (91 comments)

      What was she supposed to do when thy guy glued himself to her? If she did what that girl did in Caleb’s season she’d be gone all ready.

    • AIO_7

      Mary Ann is a genuinely nice person. James is no where near her league, so don’t be dismayed if she’s not into him in a romantic way. She likes James, but more in the way that we liked our play mates when we were kids.

      • NKogNeeTow

        What tickled me was after the HOH Comp, he was trying to convince her that he’s the one who kept her safe, when in fact it was SHE who made the deal with Vic not to put her up. Silly James keeps trying to make her beholding to him. I think she’s finally starting to realize that. He really can’t protect her. Hell, he can’t even protect himself, he just doesn’t know it. The boys are already planning his untimely demise.

      • AIO_7

        What was even funnier was when he was telling Mary Ann that last year (BB 17) he totally had DaVonne’s back. I guess he forgot that she only lasted 2 weeks.

  7. Avatar
    Fred (57 comments)

    I don’t think I’d last too long in the house. My mother raised me better than that. The way these guys behave towards women is atrocious. I watch this show with my 17yr old daughter every year. She asked me “Dad, what would you do if you were there when Victor slid the beads at Michelle and Z?” I responded that I would have to pack my bags cause Victor would have bead welts across his forehead from the high velocity of which I would have pitched them back to him. To argue is fine. Its the show. The social experiment. To constantly and consistently plan to berate and humiliate someone is no longer the show. Its a flaw in your character. Its a shame. I liked Paulie at first but he’s beyond scuzzy now.

  8. JD

    This season is clearly The Paulie Show. Peeing in the hot tub, telling not only cast members but now production when he will do his DRs. His bashing Michelle and Z wanting a front row seat. Well wake up Z cause WE ALL have a front row seat to Paulie bashing you.

  9. Jannie

    I really thought I would miss BBAD this year, but I don’t…it’s bad enough sometimes to just read about these people on Jokers. Seems the boys all act like a bunch of juvenile idiots, all smut talk and degrading women.
    And the girls that were cast this season are just there to find love. With the tears and the jealousy they all look ridiculous.
    So now Bitchelle is telling James that she thinks Paulie and Nicole are running the house. Gee, ya think?? And what have you done about it…absolutely nothing.
    Seriously, has anyone actually had a strategy in this game besides Paulie? There may still be time to cut the head off of the snake, but they are all either too stupid or too scared to make the move.
    Arghhhhh! I hate these people!

    • NKogNeeTow

      I LOVE YOU JANNIE! And I miss my BBAD partner in crime. You and Ann keep me laughing and I love reading your comments. Hopefully next year we will get a better cast and the two of you will sit up with me half the night and talk about them like we did last year…lol.

      p.s.: I hate these people too!

  10. Avatar
    Zach (11 comments)

    Remember the 8-Pack? Paulie wasn’t part of that. And then Z went out on her own and brought him into it, I’m assuming an effort to score points with him and keep her boy toy safe. HA!

    And Da getting all pissed at Frank (both members of the 8-Pack) for smacking her ass and calling her names? So she decides to work to get a member or her alliance out–not even thinking of how that would look to everyone else in her alliance. The first time Frank smacked her ass she should have said, “Frank you to that again and you are going to draw back a nub.” And if she didn’t like the names he was calling her? “Frank, you call me a ho, bitch, slut again, those will be your last words.” No, let’s start weeping and wailing and plotting to get him out.

    And Michelle is a Super Fan and doing all that crying? PLEASE!

    One of the smartest women to play (and win) Big Brother is Lisa from Season 3. The boldest thing she ever did was vote to NOT allow her boyfriend back in the house. (Of course it probably helped that she was playing with someone who was so stupid that he chose not to use the POV on himself when he was nominated for eviction and got voted out.)

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  12. Katheryn
    Katheryn (94 comments)

    I am still waiting to see some action. This is so boring to watch. They even look bored. lol

    • NKogNeeTow

      Kath, all they do is either lay around and whisper or stand around and whisper. You’d think that most of them would be hoarse from straining their voices. Maybe they should all take a page out of Meech’s playbook and just stay asleep until the next competition…lol

  13. Avatar

    Z is like a lost puppy dog, without Paulie she would be twiddling her thumbs half the time in the house. Both Z and Nic are both non-players but boyfriend seekers, they don’t deserve no 1/2 million, slackers never do

  14. danmtruth

    @ann good point on Paulie’s fake Meech anger. All this how is going to slay her Sounds awful alot like his bro Paul’s talk a few weeks back All bark no bite
    I just have to hope Bridget understands SHE must start making moves for herself She can not keep depending on P/P being good to her Than again you can say that about most of these people
    The vote veto is a useless this season Once more to much vote with the house mentality So who cares if it’s 6/0 or 6/1

  15. caRyn

    When they start picking at blackheads and pimples on BBAD I have to turn away from the TV screen and press mute. I can’t stand to hear or see it. Forty minutes into the show Nicole is digging into Corey’s ear looking for blackheads while they are on the hammock. I have seen it on previous episodes this season and it boggles me on why they do this. Reminds me of monkeys eating each others fleas/lice. Just say nooooooo!

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