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Taking the cap off usually helps, Michelle

Big Brother 18- Overnight Recap 6/28

Taking the cap off usually helps, Michelle
Taking the cap off usually helps, Michelle

Hello everyone! Today is my first official post and I’m so excited to be working with Steve and Melinda! I will continue to post these morning recaps for you as long as my availability allows. Unfortunately I have some prior obligations starting in mid August that will make it difficult to continue posting but I’m yours for the next couple of months! Now let’s jump into last night and see if anything interesting happened!

  • 10:59pm- Nicole is prank calling James on the phone in the HOH room. It calls down to the phone booth in the bedrooms. However she chickens out and hangs up almost immediately. I must have missed them discovering the telephones. First time I’ve seen them using them.
    • Natalie, Paul, Bridgette, Bronte, Joz, and James talking about Zing Bot. Joz is wondering when they bring him in and also when they bring in a celebrity. I guess he’s planning out his TV schedule for the summer.
      Nicole pinches nose to disguise voice - Sounds exactly the same
      Nicole pinches nose to disguise voice – Sounds exactly the same
  • 11:39pm- Paulie is in HOH watching the downstairs crew move to the backyard. He says that Natalie can’t go with them because she has to stay inside and keep an eye on James and Corey. Apparently she is trying to get them on her side.
    • Paulie is now talking about Thursday and saying he will just put an empty suitcase by the door and not bother packing.
    • Michelle and Tiffany are talking about what they might say to Joz in their goodbye messages. Here are some of their ideas:
      • Michelle: “Girrr you duuumb”
      • Michelle: “Alright Jozea, another meeting? 2 am? Safari room?”
      • Michelle: “Hey Jozea! You were right, I really am the roadkill winner! Siiike!” (I seriously hope she comes up with something better than these…)
      • Tiffany: “You know what you were right, the vote is 7-4 but unfortunately not the way you think it was.”
      • Michelle’s suggestion for Tiff: “Jozea, bro, I warned you the first day you were coming on to strong and look.”
      • Michelle: “I have never seen someone shift targets every hour.”
      • Michelle: “You need to wash that dog costume”
      • Tiffany: “Good news is now you can sell that hat on ebay”
    • Paulie says that James wants him to do his eviction speech in a scarface accent.
  • 12:00am- James is in HOH with Day explaining Bronte’s earlier comment. Apparently she was talking about the apocalypse and saying that is doesn’t matter what your profession is you’re still gonna get wiped out.
    • Nicole says “okay see ya later I’m tired.” James and Paulie act like they’re going to pick her up and throw her in the pool. I wish they would have. At least it would have been interesting.
    • Joz is in the backyard with Paul and Bridgette. He is once again planning for his reign next week. Thursday is going to be awesome.
    • Bridgette is saying she will befriend whoever she has to until she gets them out.
    • Paul says the only way Joz will get evicted is if Day betrays him. Jozea says he really doubts it. I’m almost starting to feel bad for him. Almost.
  • 12:30am- Paul and Bridgette are telling Natalie that James isn’t really on their side. Natalie is in complete disbelief that he is playing her. Apparently she came out of DR and ran into James and asked what he was up to. James told her he was just in DR so she knew he was lying.
    • Natalie is listing people she thinks are in an alliance (and she’s right). When she mentions Frank’s name Paul interrupts and says he really thinks Frank is on their side (he’s not).
    • Apparently Natalie doesn’t know who Rachel Reilly is. Not really surprised since she was a recruit but still..come on…
  • 1:00am- Natalie is relaying the lie from James to Jozea out at the hot tub.
    • Jozea was saying a few minutes ago that he was going to go skinny dipping. Still waiting for that…lol
    • James is running through the house chasing Natalie and trying to tickle her. I wonder if she’s ever going to confront him about lying to her. Seems pretty doubtful.
  • 1:30am- Most of the house has gone to sleep now. Joz is in the bathroom talking to Paul while he showers. We definitely have a very early crew this year so far.
    • Paulie is up on the sky deck thinking. Probably trying to decide which girl he wants a showmance with.
  • 2:17am- For anyone out there wanting some makeup tips Jozea is in the safari room doing an infomercial. Remember to always use the beauty blender for foundation!
    • If makeup is not your thing you can join Bridgette and Paulie on the sky deck talking about relationships and love.
  • 2:38am- Paul has joined the Jozea Show and now Joz is interviewing him. Sorry Joz…you’ll never replace Jeff.
    • The two are going to different areas of the house trying to get the cameras to follow them so they can entertain the live feeders.
  • 3:30am- More of the same. Paulie and Bridgette are still on the sky deck talking about relationships. Although they have moved closer together since an hour ago. Paul and Joz are also still talking but for some reason we don’t see the same physical connection as we do upstairs.

The night seems to be about over for the BB18 crew. I really hope once Jozea leaves, the drama will pick up with his side realizing they are not as safe as they thought. Stay tuned for some daytime updates from Steve!


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  1. NKogNeeTow

    Great recap Amy. Each year the contestants seem to get more and more clueless. I think everyone on this board could play the game better than what we’ve seen recently. But still, it’s like a train wreck, we complain about the dullness but can’t tear ourselves away…lol.

    Da said that in her goodbye speech to The Mess-iah, she was going to be nasty but decided to keep it light and classy, in case he comes back. So what if he comes back?! She’s always been the bold one. I say rip him a new one and worry about what happens IF he comes back. And even if he does, they already know what he’s about and VERY few really like him so he won’t be able to do much harm. And who knows, if they do bring him back, the tension would definately make things more interesting. At this point, I’m more afraid of James pranking himself right out the house.

    Paulie, Slick Vic and Conceited Corey seem to have a 3-way contest vying for the top spot of House Stud. They’d better stop worrying so much about the ladies and get their heads in the game.

    Which reminds me, did anyone notice dumb azz Corey telling the story about how his family has a big house and a condo and when he was in high school, if he was to tired to go home after school, he would just walk across the street and spend the night at the condo. And if he was home, his mom would just drop him off at the condo and go to the “country club” to play tennis all day. Nice move Corey. Let them all know you come from a rich family and don’t really need the money. The KEY part of the story (my family is stinkin rich), seemed to go over their heads, but when or IF they think about it, they might decide he doesn’t really need the money…which is a one way ticket out of the house for sure!

    In your reference to Jeff, in case everyone doesn’t know or if anyone cares, Jeff and Jordan have a small program on YouTube called JeffandJordantv. It chronicles their marriage and pregnancy. They are really cute and funny. Check them out if you can.

    Amy, you said you’ll update until August, then as much as you can, and Steve, you said you have a full summer and needed some of the pressure of updates taken off of you. Don’t worry Guys, WE’VE GOT YOU! A lot of us watch either BBAD or the Livefeeds, so we can try to fill in when we can 🙂

    P.S…WHERE IS MY JANIE! Haven’t seen one post from her so far. Come back Janie, we miss you 🙂

    • AIO_7

      Yea, I heard Corey telling Michelle (don’t they call her Buzz Lighyear) that story. He also mentioned that Natalie flirted with him. She might have, but I think she has Paulie in mind for a showmance.

    • Jenny M

      Corey does not impress me at all. He’s basically an overgrown frat boy. Still telling stories about chugging pitchers of beer in college, then barfing, and how effing hilarious THAT was….then there was that story about his friend trying to get laid but the girl left after their date without putting out… I thought he was kind of goofy looking but apparently he gets a lot of girls and thinks he’s pretty darn awesome. Ugh. Hearing he’s from a wealthy family helps explain that attitude – he’s used to getting whatever he wants. Maybe when he grows up he’ll be more interesting but for now I see nothing worthwhile about him.

  2. Elaine

    Even if they think up witty goodbye messages to the messiah wanna be, the humor will be lost on him. And I am sure he will turn to Julie and say time for a house meeting cause I need to plan for zingbot.

  3. danmtruth

    CodylitePaulie gives dumb blonds a bad name Most of the women this season seem to understand that showmances never work well for the female So meatpuppet Core that all he seems good for Stand around shirtless The human garbage can Vic is there anything he wont eat? Hipster know it all Paul Can anyone say anything without him saying he knows all about it Yet is clueless about what is happening in front of him Paul spend less time on grooming your hair and beard and look around Jozea why bother with someone who does not live on this planet and will be gone Thur

  4. Avatar

    Great job Amy! It’s so nice that Steve has some awesome help this season with you and his lovely wife chipping in. Now maybe he won’t need to live on coffee 24/7, and will be able to get some sleep lol.

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