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Big Brother 18- Overnight Recap 7/7

Realizing his fate?

Happy eviction day! Things in the big brother house definitely seem to be getting a little more interesting lately. Can’t wait to see how things change this coming week! As for right now, the eviction is pretty much set and people are just talking about strategies for the HOH competition tonight and starting to plot for next week’s eviction.

  • 11:00pm- Michelle and Nicole are in the kitchen talking about whether or not to throw the HOH competition.
    • Meanwhile, in the safari room, Paulie, Corey, and Frank are talking about who they think should win HOH. They mention that Paul doesn’t want it and that Z’s birthday is coming up so it would be nice for her.
    • They also mention how they hope Tiffany relaxes after she sees a 10-0 vote.
    • Frank says he doesn’t understand why the girls are so worried about Bridgette.
    • This leads to yet another conversation about Tiff’s paranoia. Coincidentally (or maybe not), Tiffany walks by and peaks in the room while the guys are talking and Paulie says he hates when she does that.
    • Z comes in and they start talking about grapefruit.
  • 11:30pm- Corey, Michelle, and Nicole are in the storage room talking about who will win HOH.
    • Corey is saying he doesn’t mind if Michelle whens it. Michelle says the problem with that is the person she wants to put up is on her team (Bridgette).
    • Corey asks why she would want to do that because they can get her any time.
    • Michelle asks who he would put up and he says Bronte.
    • Corey asks if they want to send Frank home next week or not.Untitled
    • Corey tells the two girls that Frank doesn’t want to let them get very far because he thinks they will be good at memory comps.
    • Michelle then tells him that Frank said he wants Corey, Paulie, and James out.
    • Corey says if they do take out Frank its going to be a few guys against 8 pretty girls and makes them promise they won’t come after him.
    • Corey said he doesn’t mind putting up Frank but would prefer Z to do it.
    • Michelle says she thinks Frank is telling everyone something different. Nice detective work Michelle.
    • Michelle said Frank forgot how to play big brother and Nicole says he forgot what it’s like to not be on the block.
    • They are joking about how great it would be if Tiffany wins HOH and Frank realizes that the tables have turned.
    • Nicole thinks the comp might be the one where they have to work eggs up through chicken wire and that she is bad at that because her hands are so small. She says Corey would be good at it and he replies: “I would be good at that, I’m really good at ball tricks”Untitled
  • 11:40pm- Corey goes up to HOH with Paulie and tells him that Nicole confirmed that the two of them are gone if they don’t win next week.
    • Paulie wonders if it’s a big plan the girls came up with and Corey says it’s not and that he trusts them.
    • They are trying to talk game when they see Tiffany coming up on the TV and are forced to stop.
    • Tiffany sits down and is questioning Paulie about how he’s feeling with everything and Paulie is faking game talk and just giving her surface information.
    • Suddenly she interrupts him and says “Do you trust me?!” and starts crying. Wtffff….she’s nuts.
    • She says she wants to work with him and feels betrayed that she found out Frank is coming after her and no one told her.
    • She warns Paulie that people he thinks he can trust might not be trustworthy.
    • Paulie is explaining to Tiffany how he decides what he can and can not say to certain people. He said he basically observed a lot of things and noticed that Frank was working the entire house.
    • Z and Michelle walk in a interrupt the conversation and Tiffany looks really annoyed.
  • 12:05am- Michelle, Nicole, Tiff, and Paulie are talking about how nice the house is without Jozea.
    • Paulie said he woke up the morning after Jozea left and there was an aura around the house.
    • Michelle points out that the house isn’t so divided anymore.
    • (Part of me wants him to come back to see everyone’s reactions but then part of me doesn’t so he can be put in his place)
    • In the bathroom, Bronte and Natalie are talking about Victor and how nice the house will be without him.
    • Natalie is saying how uncomfortable he makes her feel and that he is always attacking her.
    • Apparently when Victor saw that Natalie was befriending Tiffany, Victor said to Natalie “You know Tiffany is a lesbian, you should try flirting with her.”
  • 12:30am- Nicole and Day are in the safari room talking about the Frank plan.
    • Day says it seems like everyone is on board.
    • They are retelling each other about all of the Frank conversations everyone has had.
    • It comes up that James was pissed he wasn’t included in any of Frank’s mini alliances and Nicole talks about how James and Michelle both talk a lot when they get mad about stuff.
    • She is now telling Day about the Michelle/Bridgette/spy situation and how Frank yelled at Michelle for flipping out on Bridgette.
    • Nicole said she heard that Frank wants to take girls that don’t know much about the game to the finals.
    • Day is saying that she had a long talk with Tiffany and doesn’t think she is a threat right now.
    • Z comes in and tells them that Michelle is upstairs with Paulie confirming rumors that people are trying to start a girls alliance.
    • Nicole is telling Day to go get Michelle because they need to talk to her about her word vomit.
    • Day goes up and tells Michelle there were ants attacking her melons. When Day comes back in the safari room she explains that Michelle is now acting like she’s disgusted by the “ants” to cover up the excuse.
    • You can hear Michelle in the background yelling about ants and Nicole and Day are laughing at her acting skills:Untitled
  • 1:00am- Michelle joins Nicole and Day in the safari room and they tell her they need to be careful about what she says.
    • They tell her what Z said to them and Michelle says she didn’t say that. Apparently she confirmed that Tiffany was trying to start something with the spy girls but said she would never want to work with them.
    • Michelle did admit that when she gets angry she does say more than she should.
    • Tiffany comes in an asks Nicole if everything is okay. Tiffany thought Nicole had said she wanted to talk to her later and Nicole tells her no and just that they need to win HOH tomorrow.
    • When she leaves, Nicole says she never told Tiffany she wanted to talk about anything.
    • James comes in and is acting really shifty. He’s telling them to assume that he knows everything because the walls have ears. I’m pretty sure he’s just joking.
    • Tiffany comes back and sits down and James wanted to know what the plan for eviction is.
    • He is asking if it will be 10-0-0 and everyone thinks it will.
  • 1:35am- Nicole goes to the storage room with Z and tells her Michelle’s explanation for what was said in the HOH room.
    • After a brief tickle fight with James, Nicole pulls him into the storage room and asks him why he’s being weird with her. He says he was just joking around.
    • Nicole asks him if he’s on board with the plan and he starts yelling in frustration that he doesn’t know what plan she’s talking about because no one tells him anything.
    • Nicole is trying to find out if James plans on throwing HOH and the feeds switch.
    • When they switch back Corey is with them asking James if he trusts Frank and James says he doesn’t know.
    • James said he doesn’t think Frank is coming after any of them and that his target is Tiffany. Looks like James has really been in the dark.
    • Corey is pointing out that Frank’s team still has all four members and if all the other teams get picked down to 2 they’ll never be able to win again and James says they should try to win then.
    • Nicole tells James she doesn’t want him to throw it but if his team wins she wants him to be HOH.
  • 2:15am- Nicole and Corey are alone in the storage room and Nicole is counting people that are on board to get out Frank and comes up with 7.
    • Nicole is getting ready to go talk to James alone to see if she can get any extra information out of him but then gets called to the diary room.
    • James and Corey are in the kitchen awkwardly looking at each other not saying anything.
    • People are starting to go to bed but Paul and Paulie are talking in the HOH room about who Frank has been hanging out with.
    • They are saying that everyone is talking too much and Paulie said that he makes excuses to leave the room when people try to come talk game. Paul said he does the same thing with Tiffany.
    • Now they are just sort of spying on people with the TV.
    • Lots of random conversation for a while in the house.
  • 3:45am- Nicole, Corey, and James are in the bathroom and Nicole is talking about all the things Frank does that make her uncomfortable and Corey asks if she wants him out then and she says yes. I guess this is their way of pulling James into the get Frank out plan.
    • James said he thinks Day and Z would vote him out.
    • Nicole says she thinks it’s the right time and that it’s now or never.
    • James says he’s in and wants to know who on his team would throw the comp and they tell him Michelle.
    • James asks Corey to talk to Paulie about it and get him in on the plan (which he already is).
    • Corey goes upstairs and Nicole and James go in the kitchen. James says he feels bad for not talking game with Corey but he thought that the vets had an alliance and now he knows that things changed.
    • They pull Michelle into the kitchen and tell her she needs to throw HOH.
    • Michelle is now asking James for tips to throw the comp.
      "If it's a puzzle, knock it all down and say 'oh shit!'"
      “If it’s a puzzle, knock it all down and say ‘oh shit!'”

Well Victor isn’t even out of the house yet and it looks like they have solidified a plan for next week. We’ll see if it works out but I wouldn’t count on Frank being as clueless as Victor was. If they do get him out it will definitely be the biggest move of the season so far! Check back later for afternoon updates!


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  1. Elaine

    I am ready to see the “Get Frank Out” plan. Should be interesting.

  2. Alda

    I Hope the plan to get rid of Frank works.He needs to go now!

    • Avatar

      Frank is way too cocky. I thought he had changed since his first season but I was oh so wrong. That idiot cant talk about Jozea because he’s just as stupid. He’s making so many stupid rookie moves that he cant see the huge target he’s placed on his back. Who in the hell does he think he is to say he’s not going on the block? I hope they get him out next week.

      • Jenny M

        I don’t remember the details but I know on his first season I HATED Frank and wanted him out… and then he stuck around and I ended up liking him and rooting for him. I think he’s mostly a good guy but has some a-hole tendencies that can get the best of him.

  3. AIO_7

    Darn it, I missed last night’s show; totally forgot about it.
    Did I miss anything?

    • Avatar

      The only thing you missed was the stupid look on Victor’s face when he was hoping that Paul would pick
      him to play in the Veto comp but instead Paul chose Zak. Not that she did anything except what she does best,,,FLOAT

      • AIO_7

        Thanks, Ann….. and I’m not a fan of Z. either.

      • Elaine

        The others got 9-10 point words. Z got a whopping 6! By the way, letting Z be HOH because it is her birthday??!! She doesn’t deserve an HOH-ship at this point. I just need to see her moving faster than a snail, and acting like she is somewhere else other than the dentist.

      • Jenny M

        It was kind of sad how Victor was looking at Paul like come on, bro, I know you’re going to pick me! And then…nope! That must have really sucked. Paul did play it off pretty well like gee, I never thought about that…. when Victor was like hey, if you chose me I could keep you safe AND me safe! Oops.
        I am glad to not have to hear that stupid laugh of his anymore.

  4. NKogNeeTow

    Amy you didn’t miss a beat…lol. Even though I watched BBAD last night, I still enjoyed reading your recap. Great Job! I’d give you 2 thumbs up if I could 🙂

    One thing I noticed last night, when the group started talking about getting Gidget out, Frank had an almost look of panic on his face. And he was trying very obviously and WAY to hard to keep her. That made me want her butt gone even more.

    Da had a pretty good convo with Van2.0 in the Havenot Room. That might be the sanest conversation V2 has had with anyone in the house so far. I kind of liked the way they worked together on helping each other remember the order of things for future comps. Not sure how long this flash of sanity will last with V2, but I’ll take what I can get. When she’s not being manic, I actually kind of like her a little.

    After reading some of the comments about how Zaki is always fiddling with her hair and eyelashes, I’m beginning to see her in a whole new light…as a floater. She spends an awful amount of time primping and always seems to find a camera to stare directly into…like she knows America is watching “her”. I’ve deemed her the “Princess” of the house. Someone commented that when she’s not Pimpin Paulie’s side piece, she’s Da’s lapdog. It suddenly dawned on me that she hasn’t had an original idea or thought of her own since she’s been there…just piggybacks off those of others. She just agrees with whomever it is she’s talking to at the time and as she says “tries to sleep a lot and stay under the wire”…..Float on….

    My friend Frank has talked himself into a corner and doesn’t even know it. At the rate he’s going, unless he can pull a rabbit out of his hat (or his ass), he might wind up battling his way back into a house he’s already in.

    • Avatar

      Good observations, NkigNeeTow! Frank has talked himself into a corner. I really like him and want him to stay, but as I said earlier, he is playing both (ALL) sides way to hard. He needs to step down! Rookie mistake! lol

      V2 drives me crazy, just like her sister did. She cries and gets everyone to feel sorry for her. However, she doesn’t wedge a knife in their back while giving her a hug like Vanessa did. And she hasn’t started making crazy scenes with the people she wants evicted so that the house guest will “Understand” why that person needs to go next! Still don’t like her. I want her out before Frank!

      Jaki doesn’t have a single thought of her own. True! And so many players have drug people along to the end just to sit next to dead weight. I mean…Victoria…Hello! I still can’t believe she made it to finally 3! Glad Cody to Derrick, even though it cost him big time. Maybe Paullie will play a better ending (if he gets that far). Some compare him to Derrick….um, NOT even close! Derrick never sat on the block and ran that house from day one. Paullie is just like all the other players at this time!

  5. danmtruth

    With the way this group primps most of the day. Both boys & girls Jozea miss a great opportunity. If he just kept his mouth shut Played makeup artist for everyone He would hear all-plans and would be safe With as much effort these people put in to looking good Who spends more time in front of the mirror Natural Nat putting in hair extensions or Paul on his beard

    • NKogNeeTow

      Natural Nat on her hair extentions and makeup; Pawwl Bunyon on his beard; Pimpin Paulie on his pompadour; Princess on her eyelashes, hair, and makeup; Da on her braids; Slick Vic on his physique; Bronchitis on her teeth flossing; Serial Killer Gidget on her cookies; V2 on her hat collection; and James on what small items he can fit into to jump out of and scare people…lol

    • NKogNeeTow

      What the heck is going on with the board? I tried to reply to a comment and the reply box jumped to a comment I posted earlier. Has anyone else had this problem?

  6. Shivani33

    Nicole is playing a pretty good game, especially socially. But when I watch Corey with her, I’m thinking that’s her obvious weak spot. He’s playing her and seems to prefer boys lIke Paulie. His arms are usually closed like a barricade when they interact, and right now, she looks to trust him too much. As for Zakiyah, she isn’t a target for anyone yet, so her floating and staying under the radar is effective. I don’t think she knows much about how to play and is maybe -BIG maybe- trying to learn what to do by following, not being a pot-stirrer. She really looks like someone who wants an agent to notice her and offer her a shot at becoming a model. Or maybe she’s hoping to snag a rap star, lol. Mama Day could see Z. as easily expendable but also a good one to take to the end, if it comes down to it. As for Bridgette, what a stupid target for Michelle to choose. Cookie lady is a non-threat, a “what, me worry?” It’s high time to try knocking out a big player with a big mouth. Rock the boat!

    • NKogNeeTow

      I tried to reply to this earlier and the reply box jumped back to a comment I made earlier, so I’ll try this again.

      I gave you a thumbs up Shi, but I only agree with part of your comment. I agree about Nicole’s game and her interaction with Corey. And I really agree with he “seems to prefer boys like Paulie.”. If you go back to the first day in the house, he made some sort of comment in the voice over, about either Paulie or Slick Vic (can’t remember which)…something in reference to how good they looked or they looked good enough for him to start a showmance with (if you look for that episode online, I’m sure you’ll find it). Since no one else mentioned it, I was beginning to think I was the only one who saw/heard it.

      I agree Zaki might be trying to learn the game, but for God sakes, can’t she have at least ONE original opinion? She would be good for Da to take to the end, because Da would beat her.

      I differ with you when it comes to Gidget. That girl is more cutthroat than Bronchitis and Michelle might be the only one smart enough to know it. Michelle doesn’t say much but she’s a pretty good observer. Don’t let that cookie baking fool you. She comes up with some devious ideas, she just doesn’t know how to really put them in play. But heaven help them if she figures it out. I trust Gidget the least out of the 3 Bobbleheads.

  7. Joanne

    So I signed up for the feeds( no POP TV for BBAD). Starting to regret my decision. I get bored with it after 5 minutes and the sound is horrible on both the laptop and the iPad. Trying to decide whether to cancel or hope the action gets better when they are down to 6-8 HG’s …
    Yep, I liked Frank, but he is getting too big for his britches. Van2.0 is exactly like her sister except at least Vanessa knew how to manipulate with the attitude and tears, her sister seems clueless. And Paulie is also,too cocky..does he forget he won’t be HOH next week? Corey and the goat story…get him out asap.
    Now why is bearded Paul starting to grow on me? I couldn’t stand him, but I like how he is playing. As of right now(and it will probably change weekly), my favorites are Nicole, James, Michelle, and Paul. I do like Day, but it seems she talks about wanting every player out with no specific targets. She’s getting ahead of her game, which isn’t smart. Zay? Totally agree…get her a life vest!
    So if I do give up the feeds, I will donate the additional $$$ here – you guys are doing a great job ?

  8. NKogNeeTow

    What happened to our profile pictures? When I go to the profile screen, it doesn’t show on the first screen (says something about Gravatar), but it shows under the “extended profile” tab. The only picture showing on the comments now is AIO 7. Just curious…

  9. Avatar

    Is it just me or does Nicole’s rats nest hairstyle bug anyone else? Last live eviction night I saw a pretty girl with long beautiful straight blond hair and I honestly didn’t know who it was at first. I was shocked when I realized it was her. She wore her rat style hair like that the whole time her last season too. I understand not wanting to take a lot of time fixing it every day but couldn’t she occasionally wear it down or in a nice ponytail or something? I don’t usually make comments on people’s looks and I’m really not trying to this time either because I think she’s very pretty,. I just think she could make a little more of an effort grooming wise I mean she is on TV afterall.

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