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Big Brother 18- Overnight Recap 8/10



Good morning everyone! I’ve got a busy day ahead so I’m going to jump right into the feeds today:

  • 1:00am- Paulie, Corey, and Nicole are talking in the Tokyo room about how one of them has to win HOH.
    • Nicole asks him to be her study buddy tomorrow to prepare for the comps.
    • Paulie gets ready to head outside where James and Natalie are in the hot tub talking.
    • Natalie is talking about how Z is Paulie’s puppet and he’s keeping her around as a vote but that she’s disposable income.
    • Natalie has been hearing from people that Z is supposed to win the next HOH. I’m gonna take a shot in the dark here and say that’s doubtful.
    • She is saying that Paulie has a bunch of little spies around the has and James is just saying “Uhhhh I don’t know.”
    • Natalie- “You don’t realize that?”
    • James- “I don’t think now’s the time to rock that boat”
    • Natalie- “So when is the time? After I’m taken out?”
    • Natalie gets mad at him because James isn’t listening to her and taking her seriously.
    • James tells her the only way to get Paulie out is to backdoor him.
    • Now James is saying they should have done this a long time ago when Frank was still in the house.
    • He points out that everyone that wanted Paulie out is gone. (Hmm what a coincidence…)
      No shit James…
    • Meanwhile, PP is in the HOH room talking about their plan for double eviction.
    • Paulie dictates that they are going after girls.
    • In the same minute he decides he wants to separate Natalie and James.
    • He says that Natalie and Nicole hold control over their guys so they need to go.
    • He makes sure to mention that Z has no control over him but is fine with her going on the block anyway.
    • Sounds like the plan for this minute is to get Nicole out.
    • But now he also wants to put up Bridgette. Does he realize they can only nominate two people?
    • Paul asks him what if they don’t win and Paulie’s plan in that situation is to pray.
  • 1:45am- Nicole and Z are in the safari room and Z is telling her that Michelle told her that she was going to blow up on him.
    • She also says that Michelle said to her that Nicole can’t win because she’s always in a showmance.
    • Here’s Nicole’s reaction:Untitled
    • Nicole says that Michelle can get really scary when she gets mad about something.
    • She said it doesn’t matter because she’s leaving and if she comes back in she’ll have burned all her bridges.
    • Z is annoyed at a comment Michelle made about Z being Paulie’s cuddle buddy and that if she leaves Paulie will have some free space.
    • Nicole is telling her not to let it bother her because Michelle will just keep going harder if she sees that she’s getting to her.
    • They hear Michelle come out of the DR and Nicole quickly runs out of the room.
    • A few minutes later Bridgette, Corey, Nicole, and Michelle are in the kitchen talking about have not food.
    • Michelle- “I like the whole sleep all day tomorrow plan”. No kidding.
    • Z goes up to the HOH room and when all the guys see her coming they yell “Fuck!”
    • Z is telling Paulie everything she told Nicole about Michelle.
    • Paulie just keeps commenting how messed up it is.
    • Z tells him that she’s not even buying it but wanted to let him know.
    • Paulie changes the topic to Bridgette and how he doesn’t trust her.
    • Paulie thinks that Bridgette is targeting Paul and Victor and she is also throwing his name under the bus.
    • He plans to go to Nicole and Corey later to talk to them about her.
  • 2:30am- Michelle, Natalie, and Paul are hanging out by the hot tub.
    • Natalie says she hopes the next person that leaves has the round trip ticket.
    • Paul agrees because he’s bored and needs something to spice up the house.
    • Z comes and joins them.
    • Natalie says she can’t wait to go to Z and Paulie’s wedding and Paul yells at her that she’s not invited.
    • They start talking about having babies and their periods and Paul announces that it’s his time to leave.
    • After a few minutes Paul and Bridgette go upstairs with Victor and Paulie.
    • Bridgette is doing a lot of giggling. I think this is her way of flirting with Paulie.
    • Paulie starts talking about his friend from home and fish come on for a little bit.
    • When feeds return all cams are in the HOH room and Paul is talking about how one time he put his dick through some girls gauge in her ear. That’s absolutely vile.Untitled
  • 3:00am- James is in the Tokyo room talking to Nicole and Corey and asking them to look out for him next week.
    • Nicole- “Duh Jaaames”
    • Nicole asks James if he would be more likely to do something that’s good for his game or do something because America wants him to do it.
    • He says he would do whatever is good for his game. But he says that if he kept Michelle it would be letting them down.
    • Nicole tells him that Michelle was really pissed at James for messing up the house. She is telling them that they can’t keep Michelle because it is another number for the other side of the house.
    • They are saying that one of them has to win HOH for double eviction because if they don’t one of them is going home.
    • They are speculating about what Paul and/or Paulie would do if they win HOH.
    • Nicole to James- “I’d be happy to give you 500k. You, Corey, or Paulie.”
  • 3:00am- The same crew is still in the HOH room and Paulie is saying he has no problem getting rid of Z next.
    • He’s really pushing for Michelle to leave this week.
    • Bridgette comments that the girls are all scared to win anything and Paulie says if that’s the case then they deserve to go home. I have to agree with that point.
    • Paul says if he wins HOH he’s just going to tell everyone he’s putting them up.
    • Natalie comes in and game talk stops. She says she did a whole dance for them in the camera but they missed it and she’s upset.
    • Paul keeps making jokingly mean comments to Natalie and then slams a pillow into her:Untitled
    • For some reason that doesn’t look fun to me.
    • She says “Fine I’ll leave you clearly don’t want me here”.
    • Paul says he’s gonna follow her around so she knows what she feels like to him.
    • They all leave except Bridgette and Victor. Victor is explaining to Bridgette how the decision for eviction switched from Z to Michelle.
  • 4:00am- Bridgette has lost her mind. She’s running around and giggling like a lunatic.
    • She calms down and she and Natalie are in the have not room asking James which votes he’s going to eliminate.
    • He’s not responding to them and finally says he doesn’t know.
    • A couple minutes later they leave the room and Natalie goes to the kitchen.
    • Natalie is trying to prank someone. She put shoes in plastic bags and puts slop in the bags.
    • Paul suggests to put hot sauce in the bags too and she says they can’t put any liquid in there.
    • Right after she says that she proceeds to fill the bags with water.
    • Meanwhile, Paulie is in the bedroom with Corey and Nicole.
    • Paulie is telling them that Bridgette went to Paul earlier with concerns about the couples being together.
    • He says that Bridgette wants to go after James.
    • Paulie says that it’ll probably be James and Nicole on the block.
    • Nicole asks Paulie to use the veto on her if he wins it and he says only if she gives him a kiss on the lips.
    • Bridgette comes and invites everyone to the slop party.
    • Paulie goes into the have not room with James to try and tell him the same thing he just told Corey and Nicole but Bridgette and Paul come right in and he has to stop talking.
    • Natalie comes in and Paulie tells her that he’s having sex with James tonight and not her.
    • James and Paulie are being really awkward and Natalie asks if they want her to leave.
    • She says she wants to game talk about her winning HOH and now Paulie is asking her what she would do.
    • Paulie keeps messing with her and asking if she wants to know who’s coming after her but says she’s not ready to know that information and can’t tell her.Untitled
    • He finally tells her that Michelle wants her out but it doesn’t matter because she’s going home.
  • 4:30am- Michelle, Paul, Victor, and Bridgette are in the bathroom talking about how threading hurts more than getting a tattoo.
    • Also, it looks like Michelle tried to use fake tanner and it turned out really bad….Untitled\
    • Shortly after their hair removal conversation they leave the kitchen and go there separate ways.
    • Z has joined the group in the have not room and is draped over Paulie in his bumper car but gets yelled at for obstructing her microphone.
    • She starts complaining about the things Michelle was saying earlier.
    • Natalie asks the guys if she likes that she’s been cursing and that it’s been really liberating.
    • After about ten minutes James and Paulie finally get some time alone and he tells him about what Bridgette was saying.
    • Meanwhile, Bridgette is in the bathroom with Natalie.
    • Bridgette is saying that she’s scared because earlier in the HOH room the guys were talking about how one of them needed to win HOH.
    • She brings up that James isn’t playing a good game because the guys are noticing that he is hanging out with Corey and Nicole a lot.
    • She tells Natalie that she thinks she and Z will be on the block next.
  • 5:30am- James, Natalie, and Michelle are in the London room talking.
    • Natalie is worried about what Bridgette told her and Michelle is trying to reassure her that she’s safe.
    • Natalie says she really thinks that the two of them will be in jury together.
    • Michelle says they won’t and she’ll probably win HOH for double eviction.
    • She says that Paulie and Nicole should be the ones that are scared.
    • James thinks he is the next target and Natalie agrees.
    • Natalie and James go to the storage room and Natalie tells him everything that Bridgette told her.
    • She says she has to win HOH or she and James won’t be safe.
    • Natalie asks him how he isn’t seeing that Paulie is controlling the whole house. James says he just sleeps and stays out of it.
  • 6:00am- Bridgette comes in and they are talking about winning HOH and getting Paulie out during double eviction.
    • Natalie points out that Michelle is one of the only ones in the house not blinded by Paulie.
    • They are discussing possibly blocking some votes to keep Michelle in the house so they can all go after Paulie.
    • James thinks they need to fill Corey and Nicole in on all of the information about Paulie and pull them in.Untitled
  • 6:30am- They leave the storage room and Bridgette walks through the kitchen saying goodnight to Bronte, Frank, and Mr. Jenkins the basil plant.
    • Bridgette goes and tells Michelle that she just had a conversation with Natalie and James and thinks that they can pull this off.
    • Paul, Natalie, and James join them and they are sharing information that they’ve gotten from Paulie and catching him in all his lies.
    • James is telling Paul that Paulie said he’s going to get the girls to put up Paul and Victor.
    • Paul keeps saying sketch to everything they say and is comparing notes with them.
    • Paul finds out that Paulie is telling people that Paul and Bridgette are targeting James.
    • He says he would never have said that and would never put him up.
    • In case you were wondering, Paul is “pissed”.
    • They are making a plan for Michelle to act sad that she’s going home but they are planning to keep her.
    • Paul volunteers to have his vote cancelled out, “never cared”.
    • They also suggest to cancel Corey’s vote.
    • They plan to blame Jame’s vote to keep Michelle on Nicole.
    • They stay up for a while plotting to keep Michelle and get Paulie out during the double eviction.

The crew is still awake throwing around different ideas for their plan but it doesn’t sound like there is any new information right now. I’m going to wrap this up now. Feel free to add to the comment section if you are watching and anything new develops! Check back for afternoon updates!


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  1. Katheryn
    Katheryn (94 comments)

    About time they wake up about Paulie. Dang

    • Avatar

      Yeah that’s why I hope Bridgette wins HOH in this Double Eviction I want her to make a big move and she will have the votes to Dethrone King Paulie I’m solo excited for Thursday I can’t wait shit is about togo down also TeamBridgette baby iI love her and I want her to win

      • NKogNeeTow

        I don’t love her, I don’t even like her but I’m pulling for her because she’s showing some guts…and I like and can respect that.

  2. Jannie

    I’ll believe it when I see it. I can’t imagine Bunyan turning on his PP buddy.
    And James seems about as spineless as a jellyfish. Who knew Nat and Gidget had the biggest cahones in the house? Way bigger than James’.
    This season has been all talk and no action…are they smart enough to make a big move? I’m not holding my breath.
    We just have to hope that Nat or Gidget win the next HOH…what are the chances?

    • Avatar
      Gerardo (2712 comments)

      I feel the same way Jannie. Part of me is getting really excited by all these Paulie revelations coming out, but the other part of me finds it very hard to believe that any of them would actually follow through with a big move against Paulie. I’ll keep my fingers crossed though.

      As for Natalie or Bridgette winning HOH, hey it’s possible. Bridgette’s won before and Nat came in second place last week, so let’s hope the DE competitions favor them!

      • Jannie

        I know, there is always hope, but these morons have shown no willingness to actually follow through and play the game.
        Anyone out there have an idea what the HOH comp will be? It’s got to be something quick…geez with all of the fast decisions that have to be made during the DE, I just have a feeling that even if Nat, Gidget or James wins(or will he throw it) they will mess it up.

      • g8trgrl4life
        g8trgrl4life (1008 comments)

        I’m afraid they will get a good plan together and James won’t do his part at the last minute because he’s too afraid.

    • NKogNeeTow

      I’ll believe it when I see it too Jannie. But I keep hoping….

  3. Avatar

    Mich only needs three votes to stay: James, Nat, and Bridgette.
    James can cancel out Nicole and Corey’s vote.
    That would leave PP to vote however they want.
    bye-bye Z.

    I just don’t see James having the balls to follow through.

    • AIO_7

      “I just don’t see James having the balls to follow through.”


    • Avatar
      MB2 (59 comments)

      The problem with that is if James and Nat vote that way they are rolling the dice that Paulie wont win HOH and put them both on. I don’t like Paulies game and thinks he deserves this but I don’t think this is the week to “show your cards” as James like to say. They finally know they have the numbers so I would vote out Michelle this week so Paulie doesn’t know whats up and backdoor him the very next chance they get.

      • NKogNeeTow

        MB, every week they are ALL rolling the dice on who wins and what they will do. Sometimes you just have to take a stand. And when will be the right time? If they keep saying that this isn’t the week to show your cards, they’ll be down to the F2 or 3. I say take the chance. If they get Zzz out and Meech, James, Nat, Gidget and Paul ban together, Paulie has already lost half the house. That would leave only him, Bambi, Nic and Vic…and maybe Paul could pull Vic to his side. If Paulie wins HOH and POV, the will definitely put one of them up, but at worst, they only lose 1 person and they still have 5 (if they can convince Vic to defect). Paulie wouldn’t be able to play the next week so you put up he and Nic, then get him out. It might be a long shot, at least it’s finally a chance for someone to make that “big move” they all keep talking about.

    • Avatar
      SRP91 (106 comments)

      Well apparently it’s not time to rock the boat. Kind of ironic that the guy who took Frank out because “the house wanted it” is now lamenting how they should have gotten rid of Paulie when Frank was there. Well done Sherlock!

  4. Kari

    Good morning from a cloudy Seattle. (BLAH!! This is August not October, lol!) Got my coffee and I’m ready to catch up on last night’s reports…


    1. Last season I absolutely adored James and I still think he’s cute as a little bug but this season? What the hell?

    2. Michelle’s whining and crying is annoying as shit.

    3. I hope they’re waking up about Paul. How long does it have to take? How could they not see it there living with him 24/7.

    4. Nicole what are you doing? Seriously? You act like a 12 year old half the time. The way you exaggerate your words, with that nasally sounding whine, I’m about ready to shoot my TV.

    Usually by this time of the season I have a favorite. I don’t know if it’s because it’s so boring this year, if it’s because they’re all playing like crap, perhaps a combination of everything but this year I honestly could care less who wins.. They’re acting like idiots are there riding on coattails of other people.

    • Kari

      *or they are (acting like idiots)

    • Jannie

      James was my favorite last time around. But this year he is absolutely spineless.
      I would love to see him in the position where he would have to defy the Godfather to save Nat.
      I get playing your own game, but dang it, James, take a stand and quit “voting with the house.”
      Pretty soon he’ll wish he hadn’t voted out Day.

      • AIO_7

        James was spineless last year too; he was instrumental in getting Becky out, even after Becky helped his side of the house.

      • Avatar

        I really REALLY can’t stand James this season. Spineless is the perfect word for him. At least he was entertaining last season. This year, he’s just up to his old tricks and “voting with the house” is incredibly tiresome. He needs to grow a pair.

  5. Avatar
    Cyn (782 comments)

    I think Nat, Michele, Bride, Paul and James are all on to Paulie and his lies. They been sharing notes and now conspiring to flip and keep Michelle. If one of them can win hoh and the veto, they may get Paulie out! YES, finally the game moves are commencing! I’ll be so excited to see Paulie/Nicorey faces come eviction night. Z is beyond pitiful and a fool in love with a man that has played her this entire game. But YES to these people waking up! Michele campaign and got the right people talking. Come through James, you have the power to make moves now.

  6. Avatar
    sunshine (25 comments)

    If the losers all did get together and vote out Zee it would be the same thing they did to Frank when he was being too autocratic. It would send a message to Paulie that he isn’t as untouchable as he thinks he is and we’d MAYBE finally see some actual play.

    Never happen.

  7. NKogNeeTow

    As usual, great recap Amy!

    Two things you said that worried me:
    1. James says he just sleeps and stays out of it……That’s his damn problem. Scared to make a move and trying to hinder Nat into not making one. And Jannie was right, she, Gidget and Meech DO have bigger balls than he has.

    2. After they tell him the plan, James says he’s going to talk to Nic/Corey and pull them into the plan. Now why the hell would he do that when he knows good and damn well they are behind Paulie 100%? That’s just his little slick sad ass little way of warning them (Nic/Corey), so he won’t be responsible for directly telling Paulie.

    I never thought I’d say this but after this season, I hope I NEVER see James again. I actually have less respect for him than Paulie. At least with Paulie, you know what you’re getting. With James, he never says or admits to anything but he’ll let his “friends” go down for his cowardice (like Nat). He’d rather gaslight her into thinking that she has everything wrong (and she’s the one he’s suppose to really care about and want to start a real relationship with), than to go against The Godfather (who he’s scared sh!tless of). In a game of ‘Who’d You Rather…Shag, Marry or Kill’, he’d Shag Nat (because he probably hasn’t had “any” in 4 years, the age he tricked his daughter’s mother into sleeping with him); Marry Nat (because he thinks that would make her stay with him); Kill Nat (because that’s what he thinks Paulie would want). Right after Paulie, I want him GONE!


    • Jannie

      Yup, the minute Lames(new name?) said he was going to Nicorey I knew the jig was up and the whole plan will go down the crapper. And you are right, as usual, NK, he knows the consequences when he runs to them.
      He and Nicole are both dirty rats trying to cover their butts on all sides. It will be interesting to hear which side of Lames conscience wins out on Thursday. Remember, he has the power to cancel out two voters.
      Hero or zero? I vote zero.

      • NKogNeeTow

        “LAMES”…..I LOVE it! From now on, I’m using it…lol

        I vote ZERO! And I hope if he doesn’t come through Thursday, not only Nat but the rest of the house turns against him. And when he goes to Jury, I hope NONE of them will talk to him. He loves being loved so I think that would kill him. I am SO over him!


      • Avatar
        Gerardo (2712 comments)

        You definitely get a thumbs up from me for coining “Lames” Jannie. Definitely LOL worthy (and accurate).

  8. Avatar

    Omgosh y’all!! What a crazy night in the BB house! They have a great plan, but the question is will they go thru with it ?!?!? Oh how i wish they knew how much me and the rest of America wants them to! I loved James last year, he was so funny and adorable. I can’t make myself not like him, but I’m VERY disappointed in him. Why the f is he so scared of everything! He’s always talked about big moves and playing the game but he won’t do ANYTHING, UGH!! Like a lot of you guys, I’ve struggled to figure out my favorite this year. As much as I’ve tried to fight it, I think right now, it’s gotta be Natalie! I know she hasn’t done much, well none of them have, but, she isn’t just gonna lay down either! This whole time, it seems like she’s been sitting back listening and observing. Shes pretty much got everything figured out to a T! She’s a lot smarter than she seems to be. She has been on James’ a$$ to make a move too! I love how she’s not scared! She’s also not the absolute worst at comps, so maybe she can pull a win out soon! I’m rooting for her, if for no other reason, because she’s not a big scardy cat! I hope they can keep their mouths shut, pull off the flip, and get some sparks flying! Can’t wait til tomorrow!!

    • Avatar
      Gerardo (2712 comments)

      I totally agree Amber. I wasn’t sure how I felt about Natalie prior to last night, but I am LOVING her now. Not only did she put everything together, but she seems to be determined to get in there and get her hands dirty now. I’m definitely rooting for her to go all the way! And I hope she doesn’t have to drag Lames along with her…he doesn’t deserve to make it far based on the pitiful game he’s been playing.

  9. Avatar

    Ok, where u at SteveBeans?!?!? I’m so ready to hear your thoughts!!

    • Avatar

      He had an appointment this morning, but will most likely put up an afternoon post.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Before I forget, I can’t remember when you’re leaving but I want to wish your family a safe and happy trip!

        To everyone else, yesterday I finally made a small donation towards Steve’s trip. If any of you can, please try to also. It doesn’t have to be a lot, but even $5-10 add up and can help out a bit. Steve takes very good care of us and every year gives us a place to comment and/or vent without restrictions. And he’s made wonderful improvements to this site. Whenever he can’t be here, he even makes sure that the site is covered and we have no lapse in information. I for one, appreciates everything he and his crew does to accommodate us and I look forward to coming back here every year. Anyway, just my 2 cents 🙂

  10. Avatar

    I didn’t get past the part about Paul screwing someone’s ear. He obviously isn’t very big.

    (Wait, did I just say that out loud?)

    • NKogNeeTow

      IKR! I didn’t understand that one at all…and not sure I want to…lol

      • Colby

        Right there with you on that one!

      • Avatar

        Since I can’t reply above, I’ll reply here. Thank you, NK! You are so sweet! We’re leaving for our trip on Monday. (eek!) We actually tried to schedule it for October, so it won’t be during BB season, but I don’t want to take my daughter out of school (she’s in H.S. now, so it isn’t as easy as when she was young!)

        We really appreciate all the donations. I know he has been working really hard at getting good writers this season while we’re gone (I gave him a few suggestions, since I used to write for another one of our blogs 🙂 ), and we really lucked out. He will also have his laptop with him and I’m sure he’ll be checking in here when he gets a chance!

        Mrs. Beans

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  12. Avatar
    BBLove (220 comments)

    This season is the dumbest group of dum dum’s I have ever seen other than Frank and Da’Vonne who should have worked together.

    Stop with casting a bunch of young dummies. Diversify the cast with different age groups, people with different interests, careers, backgrounds. Even though this group is ethnically diverse, they still seem to be carbon copies of the same typecasts in varying shades of grey or should i say varying shades of blah.

    I really cannot stand this cast and don’t give a shit about who wins at this point.

  13. Avatar
    BBLove (220 comments)

    Random comment- I do like the name “Executives”…especially Paul’s “Chief Friendship Officer” (CFO). Cute.

    Damn you, Big Brother. I wish I could just quit you.

    You’re like a boyfriend who is bad for me but I can’t stay away.

  14. Avatar
    BBFan4Ever (12 comments)

    Finally they are playing the game. I just HOPE James does what it best for HIS game and now “what the house wants”. He needs to make a big ass move. Just like last season, he was okay with going home. Do you really think he could KEEP Michelle in order to get Paulie out? Too much blood on your hands James. I just got a new name for him — Chicken James LMAO

    Why doesn’t someone tell Z how bad Paulie is playin her. I can’t stand watching how stupid she is and how pitiful she looks. The fact that he didn’t use the veto on her should have told her something. She deserves to go home.

    • AIO_7

      “Why doesn’t someone tell Z how bad Paulie is playin her. I can’t stand watching how stupid she is”…..

      You answered your own question.

      • Avatar

        Yep, it was about to say, they have told her! She’s blinded by him! She either doesn’t believe them or just doesn’t care! I’d love to see her reaction after she sees what all he has said and done!

    • NKogNeeTow

      BBF, I just read on Jokers that Lames went to Paulie and told him what Nat said about him hitting on her. See, that’s why his ass needs to GO.

      And Da DID tell Zzz that Paulie was using her. Meech told her too. And she went right back and laid up under him, that’s why her ass needs to GO.

      • Avatar

        I wish there was a way to shuffle the noms so they could put James sawed off ass
        on the block. He has totally & completely lost all of my respect. I’m done with “Chicken Lames.”

      • Avatar
        Gerardo (2712 comments)

        Ann, I literally spit out my drink at “James sawed off ass”… LOL I can’t!

      • NKogNeeTow

        @Ann and Gerardo: I know it’s not politically correct, but in my head I refer to him as a Fidget (a F*cking Midget). I have no respect for him now. I do not like him. In fact, after running to Paulie last night and telling him what Nat told him, it’s official. I think I hate him.

  15. JD

    It’s a great plan until James said he’s going to pull Nicorey in. That right there tells you that James will cancel votes to keep Michelle and the plan is out the window. If he thinks Nat was ignoring him before wait til he proves to her how spineless he is and he’s just holding her back from winning 500k. She should tell him to use the votes according to the plan keep his mouth shut or he just proved what side he’s on and how spineless he is and she has no time for wimps.

    • Shivani33

      James will SO be telling the wrong people if he clues in Nicole or Corey. There are enough votes and support, along with the two-vote nullification, to accomplish switching the vote and keeping Michelle. Paul has been included in the plan, and probably won’t tell Paulie a thing this time. But it’s a bad idea for James to tell Corey or Nicole. James ought to keep remembering the math of the vote-switch and know that he doesn’t need to tell anyone else. I hope James doesn’t blow it.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Lames is so scared of The Godfather it’s pitiful. That’s why I believe he wants to “pull Nicole and Corey in”. He’s counting on them telling Paulie so he can say that he’s not the one who told. If he does this, then I hope whoever goes out in the first eviction, Lames will go out in the second. He’s now more of a liability to Natalie than an asset.

  16. Avatar
    Gerardo (2712 comments)

    I hope Natalie totally gives Lames the cold shoulder next week if he backs out of this plan. He doesn’t even deserve to spend time with someone like Natalie if he is going to be this much of a coward. She has way more fight in her than he does.

    • NKogNeeTow

      If he screws them over, I hope the whole damn house gives him the cold shoulder. He likes to be liked so much, he couldn’t take it. He’d probably self evict and ask them to just send him home instead of to Jury.

  17. Colby

    The last two or three days this site keeps freezing up on me, to the point that often I have to reboot to be able to do anything.
    I know Steve said something about his computer guy doing something that should have made things faster.
    So, is anyone else having this issue, or is it something on my end?

    • AIO_7

      I’d say it’s on your end. I have no problem as long as I’m using a good box along with my high-speed.
      The only problem I have is the Thumbs are there, or not, depending on the browser I’m using.

  18. danmtruth

    I must retract one of my comments. The care package CAN make a difference this week ! With a big IF . Now Lamsy must use it properly Block Paulie and Nichole Now you in honor of Bronte lets do math 7 votes take 2 down to 5 all you need is 3 To keep Meech Bridget Nat Now Lamesy make a move bye bye Zzz
    What I dont understand about James is he seen how Paulie played people out Does he not think he is out soon James keeps talking about making a big move and also not wanting to get blood on his hands That tierd old phrase coming back Every time he needs to make a decision he wants to poll the houe In doing so he tells Paulie ALL that he knows so Paulie can give him good (?!? ) advise Paul needs to step up and see this as a way to undermine Paulie All of Paulies talk about getting showmances out How he will clip Zzz is a lie to his frat boys This is not br’s before hoe’s but arm candy to win 500k with Hopefuly Paul is smart enough to see that when push came to shove Paulie chose Zzz to stay . Had her put up Talk big early on but than started the Meach is more dangerous Next week its Bridget is more dangerous We all know his mistrust of the Rat Nichole Wake up frat boy’s your being played Paulie has no plan to dump Zzz
    So now is the time for Paul to side with the other two players Bridget and Nat Lamey is just useless

  19. Avatar

    James is looking out for himself. The only way he uses his votes to keep z is if he knows that he has majority of house behind him so it won’t come back to bite him. If he can talk Nicorey to switch then he would not mind using votes to keep mich. but he doesn’t want to use it and then have Paulie, Corey, Nicole and maybe victor against cause if any of them win hoh he knows he’s gone!!! And Paul has lied so much to everyone to get their jury votes that there is no telling what he would do. They are all going to be lying about who voted z to go.

  20. Avatar
    SRP91 (106 comments)

    Why is Nicole talking about “the other side of the house?” She realizes there aren’t two sides right? There’s Paulie and everyone doing what Paulie wants. That’s it, there’s no one standing in their way to make a grand move. Pathetic. Almost as pathetic as Nicole not realizing that she is the other side of the house to Paulie, because he needs to get rid of her to win.

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