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Big Brother 18- Overnight Recap 8/10

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Good morning everyone! I’ve got a busy day ahead so I’m going to jump right into the feeds today:

  • 1:00am- Paulie, Corey, and Nicole are talking in the Tokyo room about how one of them has to win HOH.
    • Nicole asks him to be her study buddy tomorrow to prepare for the comps.
    • Paulie gets ready to head outside where James and Natalie are in the hot tub talking.
    • Natalie is talking about how Z is Paulie’s puppet and he’s keeping her around as a vote but that she’s disposable income.
    • Natalie has been hearing from people that Z is supposed to win the next HOH. I’m gonna take a shot in the dark here and say that’s doubtful.
    • She is saying that Paulie has a bunch of little spies around the has and James is just saying “Uhhhh I don’t know.”
    • Natalie- “You don’t realize that?”
    • James- “I don’t think now’s the time to rock that boat”
    • Natalie- “So when is the time? After I’m taken out?”
    • Natalie gets mad at him because James isn’t listening to her and taking her seriously.
    • James tells her the only way to get Paulie out is to backdoor him.
    • Now James is saying they should have done this a long time ago when Frank was still in the house.
    • He points out that everyone that wanted Paulie out is gone. (Hmm what a coincidence…)


      No shit James…

    • Meanwhile, PP is in the HOH room talking about their plan for double eviction.
    • Paulie dictates that they are going after girls.
    • In the same minute he decides he wants to separate Natalie and James.
    • He says that Natalie and Nicole hold control over their guys so they need to go.
    • He makes sure to mention that Z has no control over him but is fine with her going on the block anyway.
    • Sounds like the plan for this minute is to get Nicole out.
    • But now he also wants to put up Bridgette. Does he realize they can only nominate two people?
    • Paul asks him what if they don’t win and Paulie’s plan in that situation is to pray.
  • 1:45am- Nicole and Z are in the safari room and Z is telling her that Michelle told her that she was going to blow up on him.
    • She also says that Michelle said to her that Nicole can’t win because she’s always in a showmance.
    • Here’s Nicole’s reaction:Untitled
    • Nicole says that Michelle can get really scary when she gets mad about something.
    • She said it doesn’t matter because she’s leaving and if she comes back in she’ll have burned all her bridges.
    • Z is annoyed at a comment Michelle made about Z being Paulie’s cuddle buddy and that if she leaves Paulie will have some free space.
    • Nicole is telling her not to let it bother her because Michelle will just keep going harder if she sees that she’s getting to her.
    • They hear Michelle come out of the DR and Nicole quickly runs out of the room.
    • A few minutes later Bridgette, Corey, Nicole, and Michelle are in the kitchen talking about have not food.
    • Michelle- “I like the whole sleep all day tomorrow plan”. No kidding.
    • Z goes up to the HOH room and when all the guys see her coming they yell “Fuck!”
    • Z is telling Paulie everything she told Nicole about Michelle.
    • Paulie just keeps commenting how messed up it is.
    • Z tells him that she’s not even buying it but wanted to let him know.
    • Paulie changes the topic to Bridgette and how he doesn’t trust her.
    • Paulie thinks that Bridgette is targeting Paul and Victor and she is also throwing his name under the bus.
    • He plans to go to Nicole and Corey later to talk to them about her.
  • 2:30am- Michelle, Natalie, and Paul are hanging out by the hot tub.
    • Natalie says she hopes the next person that leaves has the round trip ticket.
    • Paul agrees because he’s bored and needs something to spice up the house.
    • Z comes and joins them.
    • Natalie says she can’t wait to go to Z and Paulie’s wedding and Paul yells at her that she’s not invited.
    • They start talking about having babies and their periods and Paul announces that it’s his time to leave.
    • After a few minutes Paul and Bridgette go upstairs with Victor and Paulie.
    • Bridgette is doing a lot of giggling. I think this is her way of flirting with Paulie.
    • Paulie starts talking about his friend from home and fish come on for a little bit.
    • When feeds return all cams are in the HOH room and Paul is talking about how one time he put his dick through some girls gauge in her ear. That’s absolutely vile.Untitled
  • 3:00am- James is in the Tokyo room talking to Nicole and Corey and asking them to look out for him next week.
    • Nicole- “Duh Jaaames”
    • Nicole asks James if he would be more likely to do something that’s good for his game or do something because America wants him to do it.
    • He says he would do whatever is good for his game. But he says that if he kept Michelle it would be letting them down.
    • Nicole tells him that Michelle was really pissed at James for messing up the house. She is telling them that they can’t keep Michelle because it is another number for the other side of the house.
    • They are saying that one of them has to win HOH for double eviction because if they don’t one of them is going home.
    • They are speculating about what Paul and/or Paulie would do if they win HOH.
    • Nicole to James- “I’d be happy to give you 500k. You, Corey, or Paulie.”
  • 3:00am- The same crew is still in the HOH room and Paulie is saying he has no problem getting rid of Z next.
    • He’s really pushing for Michelle to leave this week.
    • Bridgette comments that the girls are all scared to win anything and Paulie says if that’s the case then they deserve to go home. I have to agree with that point.
    • Paul says if he wins HOH he’s just going to tell everyone he’s putting them up.
    • Natalie comes in and game talk stops. She says she did a whole dance for them in the camera but they missed it and she’s upset.
    • Paul keeps making jokingly mean comments to Natalie and then slams a pillow into her:Untitled
    • For some reason that doesn’t look fun to me.
    • She says “Fine I’ll leave you clearly don’t want me here”.
    • Paul says he’s gonna follow her around so she knows what she feels like to him.
    • They all leave except Bridgette and Victor. Victor is explaining to Bridgette how the decision for eviction switched from Z to Michelle.
  • 4:00am- Bridgette has lost her mind. She’s running around and giggling like a lunatic.
    • She calms down and she and Natalie are in the have not room asking James which votes he’s going to eliminate.
    • He’s not responding to them and finally says he doesn’t know.
    • A couple minutes later they leave the room and Natalie goes to the kitchen.
    • Natalie is trying to prank someone. She put shoes in plastic bags and puts slop in the bags.
    • Paul suggests to put hot sauce in the bags too and she says they can’t put any liquid in there.
    • Right after she says that she proceeds to fill the bags with water.
    • Meanwhile, Paulie is in the bedroom with Corey and Nicole.
    • Paulie is telling them that Bridgette went to Paul earlier with concerns about the couples being together.
    • He says that Bridgette wants to go after James.
    • Paulie says that it’ll probably be James and Nicole on the block.
    • Nicole asks Paulie to use the veto on her if he wins it and he says only if she gives him a kiss on the lips.
    • Bridgette comes and invites everyone to the slop party.
    • Paulie goes into the have not room with James to try and tell him the same thing he just told Corey and Nicole but Bridgette and Paul come right in and he has to stop talking.
    • Natalie comes in and Paulie tells her that he’s having sex with James tonight and not her.
    • James and Paulie are being really awkward and Natalie asks if they want her to leave.
    • She says she wants to game talk about her winning HOH and now Paulie is asking her what she would do.
    • Paulie keeps messing with her and asking if she wants to know who’s coming after her but says she’s not ready to know that information and can’t tell her.Untitled
    • He finally tells her that Michelle wants her out but it doesn’t matter because she’s going home.
  • 4:30am- Michelle, Paul, Victor, and Bridgette are in the bathroom talking about how threading hurts more than getting a tattoo.
    • Also, it looks like Michelle tried to use fake tanner and it turned out really bad….Untitled\
    • Shortly after their hair removal conversation they leave the kitchen and go there separate ways.
    • Z has joined the group in the have not room and is draped over Paulie in his bumper car but gets yelled at for obstructing her microphone.
    • She starts complaining about the things Michelle was saying earlier.
    • Natalie asks the guys if she likes that she’s been cursing and that it’s been really liberating.
    • After about ten minutes James and Paulie finally get some time alone and he tells him about what Bridgette was saying.
    • Meanwhile, Bridgette is in the bathroom with Natalie.
    • Bridgette is saying that she’s scared because earlier in the HOH room the guys were talking about how one of them needed to win HOH.
    • She brings up that James isn’t playing a good game because the guys are noticing that he is hanging out with Corey and Nicole a lot.
    • She tells Natalie that she thinks she and Z will be on the block next.
  • 5:30am- James, Natalie, and Michelle are in the London room talking.
    • Natalie is worried about what Bridgette told her and Michelle is trying to reassure her that she’s safe.
    • Natalie says she really thinks that the two of them will be in jury together.
    • Michelle says they won’t and she’ll probably win HOH for double eviction.
    • She says that Paulie and Nicole should be the ones that are scared.
    • James thinks he is the next target and Natalie agrees.
    • Natalie and James go to the storage room and Natalie tells him everything that Bridgette told her.
    • She says she has to win HOH or she and James won’t be safe.
    • Natalie asks him how he isn’t seeing that Paulie is controlling the whole house. James says he just sleeps and stays out of it.
  • 6:00am- Bridgette comes in and they are talking about winning HOH and getting Paulie out during double eviction.
    • Natalie points out that Michelle is one of the only ones in the house not blinded by Paulie.
    • They are discussing possibly blocking some votes to keep Michelle in the house so they can all go after Paulie.
    • James thinks they need to fill Corey and Nicole in on all of the information about Paulie and pull them in.Untitled
  • 6:30am- They leave the storage room and Bridgette walks through the kitchen saying goodnight to Bronte, Frank, and Mr. Jenkins the basil plant.
    • Bridgette goes and tells Michelle that she just had a conversation with Natalie and James and thinks that they can pull this off.
    • Paul, Natalie, and James join them and they are sharing information that they’ve gotten from Paulie and catching him in all his lies.
    • James is telling Paul that Paulie said he’s going to get the girls to put up Paul and Victor.
    • Paul keeps saying sketch to everything they say and is comparing notes with them.
    • Paul finds out that Paulie is telling people that Paul and Bridgette are targeting James.
    • He says he would never have said that and would never put him up.
    • In case you were wondering, Paul is “pissed”.
    • They are making a plan for Michelle to act sad that she’s going home but they are planning to keep her.
    • Paul volunteers to have his vote cancelled out, “never cared”.
    • They also suggest to cancel Corey’s vote.
    • They plan to blame Jame’s vote to keep Michelle on Nicole.
    • They stay up for a while plotting to keep Michelle and get Paulie out during the double eviction.

The crew is still awake throwing around different ideas for their plan but it doesn’t sound like there is any new information right now. I’m going to wrap this up now. Feel free to add to the comment section if you are watching and anything new develops! Check back for afternoon updates!


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