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Big Brother 18- Overnight Recap 8/5



Good morning everyone! It looks like Paulie has another puppet to control this week and that Z is in for a rude awakening when she finds out that her man is plotting against her. I feel so bad for the girl but I have to say, Paulie really is a good player. Let’s see what moves he planned for Victor last night:

  • 12:00am- Everyone is sitting around waiting for Victor’s HOH room.
    • Paulie, Z, Corey, and Nicole are in the Tokyo room while Michelle and Bridgette are in the kitchen.
    • I think Victor’s in the DR now so HOH should be any minute.
    • I’m looking at the cam that’s on the door handle waiting for Victor to walk out and watching an ant crawl up the wall…ew.
    • HOH room time!Untitled
    • Lol…noone reacted to his announcement so he was told to do it again and this time there was exaggerated cheering.
    • While the house is waiting for the door to the hoh room to open we have a lovely view of Victor’s gift basket:Untitled
    • Everyone starts screaming and awwing as they look at his pictures.
    • They all settle down so he can read his letter. He got a really sweet letter from his mom which he kisses after he’s done reading.
    • Everyone claps for him and then sits around watching as he goes through everything in his basket.
    • Victor is talking about how hard the comp was. Michelle asks if he got nauseous at all and he says no. She then asks if he fell in her vomit and he laughs and said he made sure he looked down before he dropped.
  • 12:45am- Bridgette and Michelle leave the HOH room. Bridgette is in the kitchen and Michelle goes and sits in the safari room by herself.
    • Michelle is not a happy camper right now. She buries her face in a pillow and lets out a frustrated groan.
    • Now she’s picking at her leg….let’s go back upstairs.
    • Most people have left the room and now it is just Paulie, Paul, Z, and Victor.
    • They’re talking about the difference in the sizes of Paul’s and Victor’s HOH robes. Paul says he had to roll up his sleeves 50 times yet you can see the outline of Victor’s ass in his robe.
    • Downstairs in the storage room Nicole is preparing to tell Corey something that’s heavily weighing on her chest. She’s begging him not to hold it against her and is clearly scared to tell him.
    • She tells him that the girls had an alliance called the fatal five….. Corey: “I already know that”
    • Wow… that was as good as Bronte’s big reveal.
    • Victor comes in and tells them to look at his butt.Untitled
    • He Briefly reassures them that they are not going on the block and leaves.
    • Corey is telling Nicole how he knew about the fatal five a long time ago and had wondered why Nicole never said anything about it but is not mad at her at all.
    • Meanwhile, Z has left the HOH room and they are talking about putting her on the block.
    • Paulie says his best bet is to put up Z and Michelle and Victor agrees of course.
    • Natalie is the backup plan if one of them comes down because now they know that Natalie isn’t really that weak.
    • Victor isn’t worried about anyone winning veto except Natalie.
    • Now the three of them are trying to come up with an alliance name.
    • They have already called themselves The Executives that includes all the guys but they want something for the three of them. They are calling themselves The Board. Paul is the CFO (Chief Friendship Officer), Victor is the CEO, and Paulie is the CUO.Untitled
  • 1:30am-  Meanwhile, Michelle and Z are in the have not room talking.
    • Z says she is going to start counting everything and memorizing everything in the house to prepare for a future comp.
    • Nicole comes in complaining about her zits.
    • She mentions that she wants to talk to Z and Michelle one on one.
    • Michelle leaves and Nicole is talking to Z.
    • She wants to explain why she voted Day out. She talks about a conversation she had with Day where Day told her that she knows Nicole has been talking bad about her.
    • Nicole says she assumed it was Z and Meech that told Day that Nicole was talking about her.
    • She says she knew Day had to go in that moment because she was trying to put a wedge between her, Z, and Michelle.
    • She also mentions that last night Day was throwing her under the bus to Meech but then trying to be all sweet to Nicole’s face.
    • Paulie comes in and conversation breaks up. Nicole moves over to Corey’s bumper car to cuddle with him.
    • They are talking about how Paulie shaved off his beard and Paulie says “Hi I’m Paulie I’m 12.” (I was thinking the same thing lol.)
    • Nicole and Corey decide they’re uncomfortable and leave.
    • Paulie is talking to Z and telling her he has no idea what Victor is planning on doing and that Paul is going to hang out with him for a while and try and get him talking.
    • Paul walks in and Paulie tells him that he told Z what Victor said (sneaky way of filling in Paul on what Z knows).
    • Paul picks it up without missing a beat and continues the story.
    • They’re all laughing about things that Victor has supposedly said and Z is buying all of it.
    • Paul leaves and Paulie and Z are flirting.
    • In the Tokyo room Bridgette, Paul, Nicole and Corey are chatting about random stuff.
  • 2:15am- Paul is trying to sell a skull to Bridgette when they get out of the house.
    • He explains the different kinds he has and explains how some have a spring connected to the jaw so it can move and Bridgette starts opening and closing her mouth trying to figure out how her jaw works.Untitled
    • Cam switches to Natalie and James in bed together in the London room holding hands and whispering.
    • James is saying that Michelle is on his shit list but Natalie says she has a soft spot for her.
    • James doesn’t like how emotional she is and that she can dish things out but can’t take it and is really mean to people.
    • He said he was really pissed off once when Michelle said this game is easy and mentions we’ll see how easy it is when her ass is on the block.
    • He’s explaining the difference between Michelle being emotional and Natalie being emotional.
    • Cams switch to Victor trying on his jester had that his mom sent him.
    • Random conversation about home and beer and other things for a while.
  • 3:00am- Victor is freestyling…its really bad.
    • He’s in the Tokyo room with Bridgette, Paulie, Michelle, and Z.
    • Nothing extremely interesting is happening right now.
    • They’re all making random jokes and giggling for no reason.
    • Michelle and Nicole go to the kitchen to snack and are talking about Nicole’s season.
    • They go back in the Tokyo room where Natalie and James have joined the group and are all talking about different types of painkillers.
    • Gonna skip ahead a little bit since I’m running late today and nothing interesting happens for the next couple hours.
  • 5:00am- James is talking to Natalie, Paul, and Bridgette in the London room about why he voted Day out.
    • He is saying he felt threatened and pressured by her to vote out Bridgette.
    • He tells them that he likes Bridgette and why would he want her out?
    • Paul says to prepare for waterworks from Meech after noms tomorrow.
    • Natalie is saying she will try to comfort her but they warn her to run away and not get involved.
    • There’s a lot of fish going off and on right now.
    • They are talking about double eviction again and are now positive it will happen next week. (It will)
    • Natalie says she doesn’t know the game but thinks it will be next week just so they can open more envelopes before they expire.
  • 5:30am- James is having a conversation with Paulie in the bathroom.
    • James is saying that Michelle is upset she was out of the loop with the Day plan and was asking him why he didn’t tell her about it.
    • They are talking about Michelle and Z getting put up this week and both agree that they’d want to vote Michelle out.
    • The rest is really hard to hear.
    • They go to bed soon after anyway.

That’s all for now! Check back later for updates!


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  1. Avatar

    Once again I just want to thank you for what you do for everyone here. I wish I had a little money to throw your way! Being super low-income we don’t have the money to pay for the live feeds and I cannot stay awakeand watch Big Brother after Dark I’m just too damn old, LMAO! ( I’m going to put it out there that I’m probably one of your oldest followers at age 54..)

    Your sense of humor never fails to make me laugh and all the little things that you add to your feeds, that most people would not even consider, just add to the entertainment value of this blog.

    My only problem? It’s too easy to look here ahead of time to see who won all the different things and not wait for the show to come on, haha!! 😉 here the Pacific Northwest/Seattle, we have to wait too damn long anyway.. 😉

    Not sure if you’ve shared where you’re going on your vacation but have an amazing time! Here in Seattle it is Seafair with the hydroplane on Lake Washington and the Blue Angels so it’s a huge weekend. 🙂

    Thanks to everyone who contributed to this blog!!

    • Kneeless

      Kari B, I am right there with you at age 54 & being low income! I am on disability & have mobility issues. BB & this site are my summer guilty pleasures! I, as well, am thankful for this blog & everyone who contributes & comments. You all help me make it through some difficult days!

      • Avatar

        Hey guys you two are just youngsters I am 72 and have been watching it since the first year it has been on. Keeps me thinking young

    • Avatar

      Thank you so much for the kind words. Amy and Steve both do a great job with the writing (and I’m not only saying that because I’m biased lol). I just run the FB page (which I have been sort of slacking on…sorry! I’m a paralegal and work full-time, otherwise I would be more active. It’s hard to get online sometimes from work. 🙂 )

      Steve and I are going to Disney and Universal in Florida for vacation. We’re so looking forward to it. I practically grew up there and even my daughter has been a few times. However, this will be his first time! I think I’m more excited about him going than he is lol.

      (As an aside, I would LOVE to go to Seattle someday!)

  2. AIO_7

    I agree, Amy, that Paulie is a good player; maybe even better than his brother: but he has reached a level of dis-like that his brother never did.

    • Avatar

      Paulie is going to have day, mech, and Z in jury. If he keeps voting them out this way he will have a HARD time winning the whole game. They will hold a grudge.

      • AIO_7

        Z. would vote for him no matter what.

      • NKogNeeTow

        @MaryAnn’s man: Not after Da finishes with her in Jury…lol

      • Jannie

        Yep, Paulie wasn’t thinking this one through to put Day and Zzz in the jury house together so quickly. I get the feeling there will be quite a bit of (justified)man bashing going on there. And because they are both there to poison the rest of the incoming jurors, I don’t think a Paulie win will be quite as easy as it was for his mentor, Derrick.
        Zzz was a fool, but they way Paulie is doing her now is not right.

      • AIO_7

        I disagree, NKog.; I’d bet money on two things right now. 1) Z. would vote for Paulie no matter what. 2) Mary Ann will win AFP. (assuming that she doesn’t win BB18)

      • Elaine

        Gee, I wonder who AIO is rooting for?? LOL….it is always so unclear.

      • NKogNeeTow

        @MaryAnn’s man: Normally I would agree with you but once Zzz gets to Jury, Da is going to hold an intervention, an exorcism, a rain dance and anything else she can do. And once the other Jurors get to the house and tell Da/Zzz what he’s been up to since they left, the boy will be in BIG trouble.

        I wouldn’t count on MaryAnn winning BB18, but one thing I’ll say for you Captain, you never give up…lol.

      • Avatar

        When Z gets voted out bc of Paulie… She will NOT vote for him. She will not be able to see the game move behind it, just her emotional connection.

      • Elaine

        Either that or Zzz will vote for Paulie, planning on sharing all the wealth he is going to win….when they marry! LOL

  3. Kneeless

    I agree! He’s a little too ruthless & extremely arrogant. Not a very likeable combo. But, at this point I think it is his game to win. I can’t believe the HGs aren’t on to him . They should have gotten him out immediately when they heard him talk so much about Cody & Derrick’s gameplay. Wake up houseguests!

    • Avatar

      Exactly! I can’t believe they were all terrified of Tiffany because she’s Vanessa’s sister, but then you have Paulie talking out loud to everyone about Cody and Derrick and no one bats an eye! What is wrong with these people?!?

      • Kneeless

        The only thing I can think of why they all were more terrified of Tiffany than Paulie is that Van’s season is still pretty fresh in people’s minds. These HGs aren’t very BB savvy so many of them probably watched last season & not season 16.

  4. Shivani33

    Michelle and Z. do sense their nominations coming. Both have misdirected anger about it. Michelle said that she’d like to punch Nicole in the face and just get thrown out for it. She also said, “sometimes I’m so bi-polar.”

    Z. acted as she was going to sleep with Paulie just to get info out of him, hahaha. Corey acts just passively disengaged and very comfortable and even said to Paulie, et al “whatever you guys decide, I’m down with that.”

    Paul tried to help Victor think better back before Victor was evicted. I think he sees Victor as a comp beast who is a strategy mess with frequent foot-in-mouth moments. Paulie pretended to have a big 3 alliance with only Paul and Victor last night but plans to get rid of Victor soon, during DE next week. I feel that Paul is weighing his options and maybe is thinking that Victor just can’t think very far ahead. I do think that Paul is quietly looking around to see if there’s anyone in the house who’s competent enough for him to work with to make a move against Paulie. But it’s looking as though it’s just like Prince said in “Let’s go Crazy.” “In this life, you’re on your own.”

    • AIO_7

      Michelle and/or Z. going is a wasted HOH, but it would be worth it to see Z. go… she is a waste.

      • Avatar

        Yeah she is so a waste,she never wins anything and sad meech will is useless too and I’m happy Bridgette is safe this week and I have a feeling she will be next week during double eviction(I hope)cause I think in Double Eviction it will be Victor and Nat but Nat will probably go first if either Paulie or Paul wins the HOH cause they think Nat is a strong player I highly doubt that like she used the built card against Victor and that will never work on me if I was in the house I main come on using the Guilt “I never win a comp ever” trip is so stupid to use in BB so I predict Nat and Victor will go out of the house during Double Eviction next week also I feel bad for Zzzzz but she is so stupid to buy Paulie’s words and still think she is not going out of the house

  5. AIO_7

    Mom and Dad should have washed Paul’s mouth out with soap more often, but all in all I thought the were nice people.

  6. JD

    Paulie has his followers do his bidding. Now because he no longer needs Z because her vote for him is secure he uses (again someone else’s) HOH to get her out. No blood on his hands for anybody. It’s sickening that there was no pause or thought about about Victors choice of noms. It’s just automatically who ever wins it’s Paulie’s HOH without being HOH. Other than one time when Bridge was HOH it’s been Paulies. I wonder if he holds the record for holding the most HOH without actually winning them.Even Bridge didn’t use hers Frank did. Please someone put me out of my misery!

  7. NKogNeeTow

    Forgot all about Zingbot. Can’t wait for him to show up and start embarrassing people!

  8. Avatar

    Paulie came to play the game and score 1/2 million, Z it appears came to seek a boyfriend first, she deserves to be evicted, this is BB, not the Bachelor

    • Avatar

      I just read in a preseason interview that Z came into the house looking for a husband! Ok, first of all, why would you come into a GAME full of lies, deception, backstabbing and much more, looking for a husband?!? Second, if she is gonna put up with a man treating her the way Paulie does, forever, she’s is not going to ever be happy. Wtf is she thinking!!!

  9. Avatar

    Another week of great game play! If we all stop and think about how the game of Big Brother is playing out. Let’s step back for a moment, all the way back to VETO last week. Paulie took himself off the block, he knew he wanted Day to go up, and she did. Within an hour of that happening he was working on HOH and whom in wanted to win. Victor or Cory, it didn’t matter. He planted the seeds of Michelle and Z and if one of them should win veto, put up Natalie. As soon as Victor won, he was tossing Michelle and Z’s name out there.

    If this isn’t important to commanding the game in Paulie’s favor, what is? To win the game of Big Brother a person has to have a strong effect on people’s thoughts from the very beginning. At the same time making others feel their thoughts and game play is controlling the game. Paulie, has done this! He has a vivid and convincing effect on his group of followers “none of them think or know they’re his followers”, most all the house.

    Paulie has an acceptance to stupid game play, like most all those in the house. When he’s agreeable to other’s ideas, he’s making “controlling” them feel superior. When you watch him, he turns his head to the side when he’s controlling them by agreeing with them, when he clearly does not. This is very funny to me. Paulie is so creative. His creativity is so much like those excellent players before him. If you think about just a few of the past winners of Big Brother, Eddie McGree, other players that year played his game because of the loss of his leg from cancer. Will Kibry, and his evil ways. Where his smile melted the hearts of every female in the house, and the guy’s wanted to be him. Mike Malin (Boogie), was just the guy that no one could figure out, and Will Kibry’s ride or die. Dick Donato, viewer’s loved him and the house guest hated him. So they left him in the house and would get rid of him later. Big mistake, HUGE! Evel Dick played the game how he wanted to play it. EVIL! Dan Gheesling, the first to play the mind control game! He played it perfectly, with impeccable precision. Jordan Lloyd, was a breath of fresh air to the viewers, while the house guest all came in on the short season thinking of how to play the game like Dick Donato. Most players forgot about Jeff and Jordan because of how low they played the game overall. It didn’t hurt that she guested the final answer and was right. This put her in the final two. Derrick Levasseur, was the master of mind control and how to work the other house guest. He knew how to read people and with his police background he used it flawlessly. He and Cody were the first to accurately use a ride or die approach to the end. Together they demonstrated that if you find that one person to work with, you’ll make it to the end. They never veered away from trusting one another. And this is why Paulie is doing so well! Derrick and Cody schooled him on every twist and turn the game has. If Paulie stay’s the course he’ll win Big Brother this season.

    • Avatar

      Yes . Paulie was coached …schooled ….he might win …but he is rated under Jozea in jokers pop polll…everybody thinks he is a total dick ….but dicks have no clue of empathy …..just their eye on the prize $$$$$$$$$

  10. Avatar

    James needs to play or go. He could flip the house if he was smart but he’s too busy following Natalie around like a lost puppy.

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