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Big Brother 19 – Monday Night Feeds


Good evening, everyone!  It’s been a wild afternoon inside the house today, and I tried to give a detailed recap of it here.

Before I begin the blog tonight, I want to thank everyone who has donated to this site this season. It really means a lot to me and has helped fund this page. That said, I’m asking for your help once again. Not with this blog, but with Houston. Words cannot describe the disaster of that city and I know many of our readers are from that area. During events like this, you’ll see a lot of different charities popping up asking for money, and a huge portion of them are great! Sadly there will always be people looking to pocket from this type of mess, so I took the research out of it and found a good charity that scores 98.23 on Charity Navigator (out of 100). Anything you may consider donating to this site from here on out, I strongly urge you to donate to this charity instead. Here is the link for the fundraising page I set up in our name. Thank you!

Note – Anyone who donates tonight gets a shout out in the live update post below!


Ok, on to Big Brother. Most of the fighting has died down, but one thing that appears to not go away is the relentless amount of shit talking they do about pretty much anyone not in the room. I guess tonight we’ll listen in on that and see if anything is interesting, or if someone jokes about having sex with Kevin’s wife again…


  • 7:00 pm – Paul, Alex, and Jason are in the kitchen talking about – you guessed it – Kevin
    • Paul really needs to get rid of that stupid float.  It was cute last year, but this year it’s repetitive and stupid
    • They are trying real hard to make Kevin sound like the antagonist here. This is the theme of the last few weeks and it’s getting old. No, Kevin is not 100% innocent but he is miles ahead of the rest of these people.
    • Alex says if she finishes second to him (Kevin) she is going to make his life miserable
    • Jason fishes for compliments by saying he knows Alex thinks he’s a giant pussy
    • Jason tells Alex “you can destroy the guy, you already have… ” to which Alex lights up like a Christmas tree (no pun intended) at the prospect
    • Josh says (he entered the room, btw) that it was not his intention to fight with Kevin but Kevin got worked up over a normal conversation
  • 7:10 pm – The talk moves to Matt and Raven
    • Josh tells Jason he handled it great because if ‘homie got in his face, you know what would have happened’ – Umm, you would have yelled for production like you did when Cody charged at you?
  • 7:40 pm – Jason is reassuring Kevin that he’s in good shape and nobody is after him
    • Feeds down for a few minutes, going to step away to get a bite to eat

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  1. Mello_One

    Wouldn’t it be “Awesome” if Kevin won the next HOH??? That would throw EVERYBODY OFF KILTER!!! Lmbo!

    • hogwild

      99.9% chance that won’t happen but I would love it if it did if Kevin is the next one to go everyone in that house will be making a beeping sound as they try and back away from all the shit they have said about him trying to work that jury vote.

    • jimbo

      Paul will talk Keven into throwing it, or some silly shit, and the Cult Member will just do as told. sigh

      • Avatar


      • Avatar

        If Kevin wins the next HOH either Raven or Jason probably go home. The final 3 (xmas, josh and paul) really don’t care and they are the votes deciding who leaves. Unless Kevin puts up 2 of those 3 it will be business as usual.Kevin has no tiebreaker power if it is 3 to 1.

      • Mello_One

        I agree with Half of your OTB…If Kevin wins the next HOH he would most likely put up Alex, who Loathes Kevin, Raven, or Josh.

      • Avatar

        Probably right. I was thinking ahead if Jason wins POV maybe Raven goes home. If Jason is up against Alex it might be a 4-0 vote for Jason to leave. Then Alex would be 100% team Paul instead of the 99% she is now.

  2. Gerardo Chen Moonves

    Thanks for researching a good charity for us to donate to Steve, and for setting up the page. You’re good people.

  3. LindsayB

    A lot of you are big cowpoke fans, especially after leaving the noms the same today. He’s funny and likable. He’s also a dimwit who has said some off color things that have been forgiven because he’s just so dang cute. If anyone else would’ve said some of the redneck like things he’s said we’d never hear the end of it on here. That’s all fine and good. I like the guy too. Here’s my question: he’s bashing Kevin just like the rest of them, if not more right now. The rape comment even went past my threshold. Does this all get swept under the rug because you hate Paul more than the rape comment? Are you still team cowpoke?
    I often feel like I need to add the disclaimer that I’m asking a legit question with zero snarkiness. I realize that since I’m very direct it can be taken both ways. I’m very curious to hear your answers, especially if you’re still team cowboy after everything that was said today.

    • Russell James Yost

      I agree Lindsay.

      I hate to say this, but if you are going to evict someone for throwing a punch, then making a comment about raping someones wife and having their children watch should be ground for eviction.

      This thing may grow some legs in the next few days.

    • Zach

      It’s that way in society as well though Lindsay. Certain people can say and do things without repercussions, while others can simply walk the wrong way and be ripped up and down. It’s just how we are as human beings. Not saying it’s right or wrong, it’s just the truth.

      • LindsayB

        I’m not saying it’s right or wrong either. I’m curious to hear from team cowpoke what their thoughts are after today.

      • AIO_7

        “I’m not saying it’s right or wrong either. I’m curious to hear from team cowpoke what their thoughts are after today.”


    • Avatar

      As I said in the previous thread, despite him saying it as a hypothetical, it was way out of bounds. He should have been called into the DR immediately. No person in that house will ever be hated more than Jason’s comment. Hell, A girl in BB UK was booted for dropping the “N” word… I agree with Russell, this will grow legs and will have to be addressed by CBS. Since I’m not pulling for anyone, I would say he should be shown the door. The HGs are on the verge of matching the BB house of racists a few seasons ago…

      • Helen

        As I said in previous thread twitter is on fire over that comment…so much so that his family has offered an apology

      • Avatar

        Maybe since he is HOH they are waiting? No excuse just wondering why not get him out now. It would be hard to explain to the CBS only watchers since he is the manly, comp winnin’, aw shucks, Cowboy on CBS. Maybe they have to show some stuff on CBS to show the other side, like they had to do for loveable Paulie last year. He was America’s sweetheart until they wanted him out and then showed the other side of him on CBS that the feed watchers already knew.

      • Avatar

        BB didn’t say a single word when Frankie made all of his disgusting comments about Victoria.

      • Avatar

        It was like he was trying to out bully the bullies and went too far. I didn’t see it but everyone there should have told him that was not cool. It’s not like he has any hoh power left and they are stepping on eggs shells around him. He has no power for the next eviction either.

      • AIO_7

        “It was like he was trying to out bully the bullies and went too far.”


      • Avatar

        I have been a huge Jason fan so let me start by saying his comment was way out of line. I saw the clip and know he was laughing and joking and thinking it was funny but it was hugely inappropriate and I will in no way defend it. That being said, I don’t think CBS needs to step in and/or evict him as others have suggested. Alex and Jessica have both made COUNTLESS comments about the brutal ways they would like to murder other houseguests. If they haven’t stepped in for those, why should they step in for this? Again, let me be clear in saying I am not excusing what he said. I’m just stating that jokes about committing violent crimes towards someone shouldn’t be acceptable (by production) all season and then suddenly become something they evict someone over.

      • LindsayB

        Agree dani. Over the years so many things have been said or done in the house and it’s not productions job to step in and do anything about it unless it becomes physical.
        His punishment for this will come when the show is over and he realizes how that comment was received. He’s said a lot of dumb things tho and they all seem to be glossed over and forgiven. I wonder if this will be one of them.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Sadly Wayne, that CBS more than likely won’t address it because it won’t be shown on the network broadcast. Only the Live Feeders will know about it. It’s just like the rest of the stupid crap they say and do that never makes it to the network show. Hell, half the viewers watching on Wed./Thur./Sun., don’t know about half the crap that’s REALLY said and done in there. That’s why some of them still have devoted followers/fans. 🙁

      • Avatar

        NK, I agree… This comment struck a nerve with me.. I’m better now…

    • hogwild

      I’m not team Jason truth is I don’t really care that much for anyone left in the house I dislike Kevin the least I give Jason credit for finally doing what he wanted as HOH instead of what paul and Alex wanted. Why he made that insane rape comment I can’t even begin to understand it will be interesting to see if he gets questioned about that after the game is over and how he responds to it.

      • Avatar

        He should get asked it during the exit interview. More importantly he has someone at home he will answer to….

      • NKogNeeTow

        OMG, if Julie asked him about that comment on his exit interview, he’d be stuttering worse than he was with MattRess. He does NOT do well under pressure. The poor fool might just have a stroke on stage.

    • Helen

      No. He was one that I wanted in F2….no more……
      I guess I’m old fashioned but still feel as a society we have rules…..some things are just wrong..What he said today was beyond being petty or hateful or snarly…..who even thinks that way? I mean to even have that thought in your mind to be able to voice that thought ?

      • feltso gudinya

        i’m definitely not a fan of the thought police…but, jason uttered these words and has to pay the price…..

      • NKogNeeTow

        Wonder if he still thought it would be funny if someone said they should rape his wife and make his child watch? Bet he wouldn’t be so flip about it if the shoe was on the other foot. I’m so disappointed in him.

    • Alda

      Lindsay,I have been talking with a lot of friends since Jason’s remarks.Every one of them have lost all respect for Jason.There was nothing funny about it. Throwing out slop,so he can’t eat is also wrong.These people don’t deserve a dime! How can a married man and father talk this way about another man’s wife and family.I hope Jason realizes what he said was vile.I think he has spent too much time with Alex this summer.She is an evil woman.

      • Helen

        I worked as a prison nurse for a few years….even inmates have unspoken rules…
        1. You don’t mess with peoples food.
        2. You don’t mess with others mail
        3. Women and children are off limits ……rapists and child molesters tend to have shorter life spans if word gets out to general population that is your crime.

      • Russell James Yost

        Helen I agree that the comments were horrible, but I have heard guys say some stupid comments and I am glad that I wasn’t on television in my early 20s. I’d go kick my own ass now if I could.

        Sometimes people just say really stupid things without any sort of meaning behind them. I think that is the case for Jason. I can’t believe he’d say that about Kevin, an older guy with a lot of kids who has been his friend, but he did and he is going to regret it the moment his wife gets a hold of him.

        I am not going to defend Jason’s comments in the least and I wouldn’t be surprised if he got evicted for them, however I would hope I would not be judged on some of the more stupid things I have said therefore I will give him the benefit of the doubt that what he was saying was a stupid joke.

      • Helen

        I have to disagree….there are stupid comments and there are vile comments…
        the people in BB 9 who told Allison she should go hang herself like her father did 2 months before that was vile.
        Jason saying he wanted to tie a mans children up and make them watch while he raped their mother is vile.

      • Russell James Yost

        That’s fine Helen and I get it.

        I just think people say stupid things that in their head sound funny and when it comes out it is completely different. I believe Jason should be evicted from the game for his comments, however I do not think he should be compared to actual rapists in his personal life for being an idiot.

      • Avatar

        While he’s not an actual rapist, he is contributing to “rape culture” – a society or environment whose prevailing social attitudes have the effect of normalizing or trivializing sexual assault and abuse.

        The fact that he (for a split second) thought that it was okay to think and say out loud, and the fact that some of his supporters think that it can just be looked past, means that in some ways, our society is okay with rape, which is a very serious, traumatizing crime. That’s why you get people saying, “Well, he raped her, but he’s a good guy and is our quarterback. Our need to win the championship (or whatever) are more important than some girl.” If people are allowed to make jokes about it, then people think rape is not a big deal, which leads some people to think that its okay to do because women aren’t worth as much as a man’s reputation or needs. It’s the slipperiest of slopes.

        What he said was not okay and I’m glad he is getting push back for it online.

      • Russell James Yost

        Boy I disagree with what you said above.

        I am a foster parent…do you want to hear some real stories? Because I can give them and I will never take them lightly. Their strength has helped many and they have a tougher skin than those who wish to speak on their behalf.

        What Jason said was a game offense and he should have known better. If you want to hold it against him personally, then fine. I have never met him, shook his hand, had a conversation with him so why in the hell would I ever judge a man where the only thing I have seen of him was on television? I have heard much worse.

        Does it make it okay? Nope. He deserves whatever happens to him. However, do I think he needs to be stoned for a horribly time joke? No. Does he need to be equated to a person who is guilty of those terrible things? No.

      • Avatar

        I didn’t say he should be equated to a person who is guilty of those things. My first line said that he contributes to a culture that normalizes rape. Push back /= stoning. But thanks for the straw man.

        I don’t need your stories. I have my own. I was my university’s women’s center director and I founded a women’s center in my city. I’ve heard all of the stories and my own story still haunts me. Frankly, it’s a bit appalling to me that you would offer to exploit your own foster children to win an argument on the internet.

        If we want rape to stop, which I’m assuming we do, we have to stop minimalizing the harm it does and normalizing it by casually joking about it. That means not giving people a pass when they make jokes about it. A simple, “Hey, that’s not cool,” is all it takes.

    • Mimi Ryan

      Cowpoke, do unto others and that horrifying comment. Kevin would have acted on that had he heard it (& as of yet that clearly hasn’t happened). Cowpoke, think very carefully here: Do you want someone to say the same damn thing about your wife? Alex, what a vindictive person. So, at the end of the season, what do we expect to happen? Wait and see, I’m going to wait and see. Ugh. I want Kevin to win HOH, I want Mattress gone (STFUR both), I want Paul gone to Jury, so he can enjoy it and me too. Ok, that’s enough.

    • Tinkerbell

      @lindsayb I agree completely. I already commented about Jason on the last thread. Wish I could copy/paste it here. I’m with you all the way, and the others commenting here as well. What Jason said is unacceptable. It cannnot be unheard. It was so easy for Jason to say that…..tells me this isn’t the first time those words have left his foul mouth. Last week he kept on saying things about Josh’s Mom. It was horrible. Josh asked him to stop, but he kept on, laughing loudly the entire time. He is a bad person. Clown, you are a clown.

    • Avatar

      I was team Jason until I heard him bashing Kevin, just like the rest of these losers. That comment about Kevin’s wife just pushed me on over the edge.

    • Mello_One

      Linds, just when U think it can’t get any worst in the BB House it does! 🙁 I honestly don’t like anyone in the house. But I do hate what they are doing to Kevin with the uncalled for harassment. And what Jason said about raping Kevin’s Wife, then tying up his Children crossed the line of Decency, & being Civil.

      I am hoping that Jason will say he regrets ever saying that about Kevin’s Wife, because at this moment he is the only one worthy to Win the $500.000…Unfortunately.

    • Avatar

      I bet his wife’s not happy about that…joking or not

    • Avatar

      Hey Linds,
      I don’t think it’s an issue of which houseguest is more likeable or not.

      What Jason said is really disturbing – whether he was saying it to get under Kevin’s skin as gsmeplay, or hamming it up for his friends in the house, or the feeds. I don’t get the feeds, so I don’t know what led to it, or the context of the conversation, but it doesn’t matter.

      Rape, incest, sexual abuse against minors are the most disgusting crimes there are.

      To specifically answer your question on favorite hg or not: If Kevin, my favorite player, had said it, I would be equally disgusted.

  4. Gerardo Chen Moonves

    “Josh says (he entered the room, btw) that it was not his intention to fight with Kevin but Kevin got worked up over a normal conversation”

    Josh, allow me to remind you how this “normal” conversation started:

    Oktoberfest: “Kevin why did you ask me if I was going to the pool??? You know my foot is broken!!!”
    Kevin: “Well, you asked me I was going to the pool first”
    Josh (out of nowhere): “KEVIN DON’T LIE!! DON’T LIE!!! DON’T LIE!!!! DON’T LIE!!!!!”

    Oh yeah, Kevin is definitely the one who got worked up over nothing in that conversation (and for the record: Kevin was not lying, and Josh was not even there when the conversation started).

  5. jimbo

    Finally, what I said in these blogs during the first few weeks came to pass. Since “the couples” turned on Cody because he didn’t tell them he was going after Paul then Xmas in the first week, I SAID THIS WOULD HAPPEN! And many Cody haters (a lot at the time) argued with me. I said that the couples made a HUGE mistake leaving Cody and Jess, that they would live to regret running to Paul. BINGO! They should have just talked to Cody, told him to just let them know beforehand next time and not do nominations without telling them, and they should just keep their status quo as an alliance. Cody is a lot of things, but one thing he is not is disloyal (ala Cult Leader Paul). Those 6 could have run to the final 6. Bot nooooooooo, Cody was portrayed the anti-Christ. So, Paul’s a jerk, but “the couples” Elena/Mark Matt/Raven are getting what they deserved for running to Paul.

    • LindsayB

      I’m glad the couples are all gone and/or almost gone. Including Cody and Jess. Cody was an idiot. They are all idiots.

    • Zach

      Do explain, how would have followed Cody and Jess have been any different? They would have made it to final 6 before turning on eachother instead of final 8? LOL the name of the game is to be the last one standing, eventually everyone gets taken out by someone else. The bigger the alliance the bigger the betrayals

    • Avatar

      I’m not sure the other couples ran to Paul. Power couples usually either get picked off first or last the game. Floating couples usually start getting picked off in the middle… I just think it’s that time of the game. Cody and Jessica were a power couple that really should have been gone weeks earlier but remained because of a temptation and an unusual battle back prior to jury.

    • Russell James Yost

      Cody wasn’t disloyal?

      Let us not forget who was the first to create an alliance with the showmances? If not for his pitiful play the showmances would be running the show right now.

      His entire team wanted Alex out first to which he threw the veto to.

      He betrayed his entire team by nominating Paul and not letting them know (I know you mentioned this, but lets not forget)

      He Then had the bright idea of nominating Christmas in Paul’s place…whom he had made an alliance with the first week. I understand things change, but not when you have easy targets like Ramses and Jason still sitting there.

      He courted Josh to vote out Christmas and when Josh didn’t he charged at him

      Then his BB genius came through with shining colors when he convinced Jess to leave Ramses on the block instead of getting Josh out of the house.

      Why use Cody as an example? He blew up so many people’s games. Jess would probably still be in this house if he had not won the battle back and we may be talking about someone actually challenging Paul.

      I understand the Paul hate, I don’t agree but I get it, however stop trying to take a schmuck some sort of great player. He absolutely sucked.

      • LindsayB

        Russell, if I could reach thru my phone and shake your hand right now I would. I am so sick and tired of Cody being hailed as some magnificent king of BB. He was horrible! Jess was horrible! The only thing they did was talk. No action. If the only thing you have going for you is that you didn’t align with Paul that doesn’t make you gods gift to the game.

      • Russell James Yost

        I am slowly becoming a Cody troll Lindsay, lol.

      • Gerardo Chen Moonves

        I completely agree Russell and Lindsay! Although I must admit that I do miss the “Jessica” that used to visit us here on the board.

      • LindsayB

        Russel, I would just call you a truth sayer, not a troll. No matter what kind of emotions are happening on here you always state the facts. You don’t let yourself get clouded by hating one of the HGs.

  6. Avatar
    Misty (131 comments)

    I’m just glad to see Raven lose her shit. 🙂

  7. hogwild

    I have to say I only started watching BB a couple of years ago started with 17 but in the very short time I have been watching this is the ugliest group I have seen and I’m not talking physical apperance.

  8. Tinkerbell

    Someone said Matt is eating again, chicken. Kick his butt out, NOW!! It is so wrong!! He’s splitting in the face of the rules, regs, and CBS. Be gone!!

  9. Helen

    I still think production should just let Matt continue to be a schmuck, then on Thursday after everyone votes Julie can announce since Matt decided to ignore the rules only votes against Raven will be counted…..I’m pretty certain Kevin is going to vote to evict her

    • Tinkerbell

      @helen On live TV, no warning to that bastard…….would be spectacular!

    • Avatar

      Ya know, Maybe the easiest thing to do is go ahead and remove Matt from the game completely. Because the Jury house is one short, promote the first non jury member back into the jury house which would be Jessica. Kinda a win-win for everyone. Announce it on Thursday night or pull him now and have the Eviction Thursday spot become a live announcement that actions have consequences and Jessica re-enters as a jury member and that there will be no eviction tonight. Let Raven squirm the rest of the week not knowing the eviction was canceled.

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  11. Tinkerbell

    Did anyone catch this on the live feeds? Someone told me that between 4:00-5:00 Matt, Raven, and another houseguest were talking in the kitchen. Talking avout eviction on Thursday. Raven saidsomething referring to which one of them would be voted out. Matt said…..no, this how production wants it to be – then feeds immediately to fish. Anyone see it? Certainly makes a person wonder about the rumors floating around this season.

    • Avatar

      As delusional as Matt is and deciding to get penalty votes, of production doesn’t reinforce that B contract which probably prohibits him from talking about certain things after the show, he would be the perfect person to spill the production angle that these rumors talk about.

  12. Tinkerbell

    Ann, You are missed. I hope you and your family are well and safe. Sending prayers and love.

  13. Helen

    Jason’s wife has already had to go into damage control mode….hasn’t even been 24 hours…..wait till TMZ releases
    This whole season has been a shitshow…Grodner needs to be fired

    • Tinkerbell

      A big Amen! This isn’t Jason’s wife’s fault, but nothing she says can ever take away what Jason said. The damage is done. He said that so easily, I feel certain it wasn’t his first time. I feel sorry for his wife because she is married to him…..and a baby on the way now. They might all be standing in a soup line soon. I hope Jason is. Yes, fire Grodner, immediately.

    • Tinkerbell

      Kevin is going to be crushed when the season is over and he finds out what Jason said. I don’t care if it’s BB, in the heat of a moment, or anything else…..it is not acceptable under any circumstance. CBS, show it on live TV.

      • Sassy

        Jason might want to go into hiding immediately following the show. Kevin’s mafia friends might be waiting for him.

  14. Helen

    Just a thought….it wouldn’t really affect jury if the boot Matt….when they did it to Chima they just gave America her jury vote……

    • Avatar

      This is my hope and it will never happen. Production boots Matt and as only person on block Raven gets evicted. And Julie announces to Raven that due to Matt’s behavior it will now be a 7 person jury and unfortunately (wink wink) Matt has caused Raven to miss out on jury.

  15. Avatar

    So I haven’t posted for a little bit and I hardly ever do but I have to say something about this mess. First off, I am on team Paul all the way. I don’t agree with all of his tactics but he is one hell of a player. Of course, it helps that everyone else’s life goal is to be sheep who just make jury. Now, I haven’t seen any new episodes since before Josh won the POV because that episode never recorded and I have been watching with my son again this year and we just haven’t been able to get together to catch up. I have however been watching BBAD and coming here and I am soooo disgusted with what I am learning from you life feeders. Why anyone would attack Kevin is beyond me. Now don’t get me wrong, I didn’t like the snitching he was doing but it does not warrent such treatment. And the shit Jason said is so damn ugly and like @Helen said is vile. I also saw the Kevin/Xmas/Josh fight on youtube and that was so unnecessary. I did however joke to my son that we didn’t need to catch up with all the episodes on the DVR because they cut the show short and just gave Paul the money. Needless to say he was laughing his ass off. I do hope Paul wins but this season has really been a shit show of bad behavior. I am disappointed in humanity. This is why the aliens won’t come here.

  16. Tinkerbell

    From a friend……the house just announced lock down, all inside. Wonder if there could be a threat due ro Jason’s comment. Probably not, just thinking. The Internet is blowing up.

  17. Tinkerbell

    I’m dreaming of a double eviction, tonight. Call them to the living room. Matt….penalties, gone. Jason….rapist, gone.

  18. Tinkerbell

    Newest from Munchausen – “My brain hurts.” I’m pretty sure you need a brain before it can hurt. She is going to take 1500 mgs of Tylenol. Says besides her “Ride” leaving, she has so much on her mimd……she’s terminally ill.

  19. Gerardo Chen Moonves

    True story: I just turned on the feeds just to see what was going on, and the very first thing I hear is Alex yelling. Nope, can’t do it. Goodnight everyone.


  20. Alda

    With Matt breaking all these rules,if they don’t cut him now and wait till Thursday,he should not be allowed to go to jury.

  21. Avatar


    Great example of how disgusting and pathetic this years BB has become. This the new norm and all instigated by that Napoleonic Paul. Trying to get people to get physical as a goal.

    CBS should be ashamed of allowing this.

  22. Renee

    Wow, so many comments to catch up on this morning. I will apologize if this has been covered. I am so disappointed/disgusted in the statement by Jason. I’m curious though, did Alex say something as equally disturbing last week when she was asking Paul how to say in his language (sorry I can’t remember where his parents are from) “I want to eat your babies and kill everyone in your village.”

    • Avatar

      Something like that, I can’t remember as well… The difference is what The Flying Monkey was asking was fantasy and directed to no one in particular. What Jason said was directed at real people outside of the house. They can tear into each other all damn day and I don’t give rats ass, but when they use someone’s family as a means to illicit a physical response, that’s over the line and shouldn’t be tolerated. Yeah, I know he was saying it as a hypothetical to other members of the house and not in Kevin’s presence but it still was wrong. Now. I probably have missed other violent statements directed at other family members earlier along the same lines made by other HGs and they would be wrong as well…

      • Renee

        Thank you for clarifying @Wayne I didn’t get to see any of the feeds yesterday, worked all day and then had an obligatory dinner with my husband’s lodge last evening. It was killing me not to look at my phone to see what was going on.

        I think I’m getting more sensitive as I get older. It is not okay to say something like that about someone’s family. It is bad enough to have thoughts like that, but to verbalize them takes it to a whole new level. Something’s not right!

      • Avatar

        Renee, I wasn’t in anyway trying to counsel you and I deeply apologize if I came across that way. I was just giving “my” opinion of the difference between the two.

      • Renee

        @Wayne I never took it that way. I was definitely saying “thank you”. I was looking for someone to quickly explain what happened without having to read almost 400 comments about the fights from last night. You explained it sufficiently for me to get a grasp and be able to skim the comments quicker (without getting caught by the boss). At the time I wrote the first comment, I had already been covert reading (instead of working) for over 2 hours. My boss came in the office and I had to shut it down but was so curious to find out what Jason had said out of line. Again, I do appreciate you filling me in 🙂

  23. Helen

    Big Brother 11 Week 6:
    Head of Household: Michele
    Nominated: Chima and Natalie
    Penalty Eviction: Chima
    2nd Head of Household: Jordan
    Nominated: Lydia and Natalie
    Power of Veto: Jordan
    Replacement nominee: Not used
    Evicted: Lydia

    So Chima received a penalty eviction for doing what Matt is doing……he is not only breaking have not rules he is also using production as a strategy..(breaking HN rules to collect penalty votes to ensure he is evicted and not Raven)

  24. Avatar

    Raven said yesterday she is going to write a cookbook when she leaves BB. Let’s help and pick the name…

  25. Shivani33

    Accumulatively, and particularly from yesterday’s various houseguests’ behavior, I feel distant and detached from BB19. It’s just like going way up into the sky and seeing the game from a faraway perspective. Individualities, places, events evaporate and lose most of their significance. I see a mishmash of febrile, scurrying mice, except that real mice have more grace, innocence and beauty.

    Paul at about 2:28 a.m.:
    I’m pretty sure I’m a psychopath, but f*ck it. What else can I say?

    Immediately after saying this, he sees the camera switching elsewhere and chides the camera operator for deserting him. I feel that Paul’s conscience is bothering him, like a painful splinter. It aches to evaluate how easy it’s been to bring out ignorance and savagery. He’s having a personal, miniaturized experience of how “absolute power corrupts absolutely.” This too shall pass.

    • Colby

      Are you kidding? Paul has no conscience.
      He is a spoiled, egotistical, entitled, sadistic brat.
      Is it his fault these people are so easily led? NO!
      But he is taking advantage of and encouraging it above and beyond game play necessity for his own sadistic pleasure.
      No conscience what so ever.

      • Avatar

        Completely agree with everything you said.And it’s really scary when you realize that Alex is even WORSE. ….Hard to believe that these people have families that tolerate them.?????? Sad

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  27. danmtruth

    I don’t want to come off as an apologist for Jason If someone can give a time to look on the live feeds Or a youtube link that would help It would be interesting to see in what context this was said in Also who was their and what the reaction was
    There was famous study done about mob and group mentality Along with how people let there standers drop to the groups This is what I meant before When I said the tone of the house / season has been very cruel
    Even tho the house seems fine with this kicking people while they are down At some point your own humanity needs to show If not everyone laughs when you make a statement like that To think that Jason felt comfortable to say that out loud Speak’s volumes about this house
    Look at his ride or die Alex Who post BB plans are To take the money she makes steeped or winnings To travel more and start a bikini line The girl has vision and dreams That and wanting to go with Jason & Cody to hunt deer So she can stalk kill , gut a deer Than smear it’s blood on her and try to get another Ask Paul how to say in lebeniese i want to eat your baby and burn your village ( i believe a line from a comedy ) Loves to play First person shooter games The only thing were lacking is torture of small animals in her youth Thank god it sounds like she has loving parents Or were looking at a Criminal Mind un-sub

    • LindsayB

      Bottom line is that those words formed in his head and came out of his mouth.

    • Avatar

      She keeps talking about what a low life Jessica is, yet she is proving to be worse.

    • Gerardo Chen Moonves

      Dan, I don’t remember the timestamp for Jason’s comment, but I do remember the context. He was in the HOH with Alex, Paul, and Josh discussing what will happen if Kevin wins HOH next week. Jason said if Kevin wins and nominates Alex and Jason, he’s going to say everything possible to get under Kevin’s skin and make him lose that $40K he’s already won (from taking the temptation + his stipend). That’s when Jason made the “joke” that he would tell Kevin “I’ll f**k your wife when I get outta here… I’ll tie all your daughters up and make them watch”.

      For the record, Alex was right there laughing her head off at Jason’s “joke”. Josh however was disgusted and told him he crossed the line– Paul laughed, but also told him he crossed the line (after Josh told him).

  28. Ann

    I’m sorry I couldn’t check in yesterday guys but I was just so down & depressed & my mind was racing, I just wasn’t in a good head space.
    On Facebook my son showed me on the news that our family home that my Dad & his brothers & sister grew up in is totally gone. We have all lived there at one time or another. My aunt still lives there & she has a popular barber shop next door that she has owned & made her living in for over 50yrs & it’s totally demolished also. On that same land my uncle owns a mechanic shop & its demolished. I Thank God they got out because there is no way anybody could have lived through that. I’m so upset because it took me seeing it on the news to find out. I’m upset because my children & I have been complaining because of no power, too much rain, being too hot & tired of having to tote clean water to bathe in. What the Hell is wrong with us? We have a roof over our heads. My children know that their homes were spared & only have no power. They just can’t go home because the bridge is flooded.
    I’m grateful everyone is ok but they don’t have anything to come home to. I called them & let them know they are welcome crowd in with us but they went back to New Braunsfel in hotels. I don’t know how to handle this all anymore, I don’t know what to do.
    I heard on the radio that they are hoping to have power back for us by Saturday but 2 weeks at the most. Our schools won’t open until maybe the middle of September. On Sunday the independent school district workers were called in to move everything out of some of our schools because flood waters are rising.
    Our town does not look like our town. Trees in the streets, downed live wires still so a lot of streets are blocked off, so many crumbled trampolines in streets & in yards, downed fences everywhere. I saw a car in a house as if it had been driven in there, houses crumbled to piles of sticks & bricks, houses half gone & some with no roofs or parts of a roof, trees on top of houses & trash everywhere. The same situation for so many businesses. Not one fast food restaurant open & very few people able to go to work at all due to damaged to business, flooding or no power.
    There is still only one has station open & it opened at 10. My son left to get in line at 5am & just got home 20 minutes ago.
    I don’t mean to dump all of my troubles on you guys & I apologize if your sick of my rambling. I do Thank you though for letting me get some things off my chest.
    I’ll check back later today but not to bother you guys, hopefully I can talk about big brother with you all.

    Love you all

    • Avatar

      I’m happy you are safe. I hope this provides an escape for you and can get your mind off of the situation for a while.

    • Ann

      Gas station not has station*

    • Tinkerbell

      Dearest Ann, I’m so very-very sorry. I wish I had the right words to say. My heart goes out to you, your family, and all affected by the devastating storm. I cannot begin to imagine what you are going through. Thank you so much for letting us know what is going on, and for sharing what is in your heart. Please remember how many people care. Sending prayers and love to you across the miles.

    • ShoeLover

      Glad to know you are safe, Ann. It truly is devastating down in Houston and all of our Texas Gulf Coastline. We go down to Port A every summer and it’s pretty much all gone now. I pray for you, your family and all my close friends down there. My Aunt lives in Conroe but she and my Uncle are up here in Fort Worth with my folks. They have some pretty bad damage to their home…

    • AIO_7

      Ann: If there is anything positive about this storm it is that it has brought out your best writing…descriptive writing. Keep your chin up.

    • Gerardo Chen Moonves

      Ann, I am so sorry for what you and your family have lost. I am also so very grateful that you are all safe and well. As a Caribbean boy, I know all too well the devastation of hurricanes and tropical storms. But I also know firsthand that in the wake of such crisis, people have a way of showing the most beautiful side of humanity. People rally together, show incredible strength of character and compassion, and most importantly they rebuild and move forward stronger than ever.

      Keep your head up Ann. You are a strong and lovely woman and your family is blessed to have someone like you at the helm. You all will continue to be in my prayers. God bless you.

    • Avatar

      Ann, I’m so happy that you and your family are safe. I know it must be so rough for all of you. I am so thankful that you have each other.Keep your chin up and I pray for God to give you strength. Thanks for checking in.Hope to hear from you again soon.

      • feltso gudinya

        u must stay strong ann. u r experiencing survivor guilt and that is perfectly normal…i know u r a devout woman and i assure u “this too shall pass”… from the depth of my soul i truly believe that “what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger”…your family sounds like true survivors…they will rebuild and be bigger and bettor than ever…u have guts, compassion, stamina and a great sense of humor…your display of great humanity and humility shows the depth of your character…i am honored to have met u online and that u consider me a friend …thank you ann….

    • Avatar

      Hey Ann,
      I am sure it’s normal to think what you have.

      But you should also recognize that you are feeling compassion for those worse off than you. Lesser characters would continue to complain.

    • Jenny

      Ann, thank you for letting us all in and sharing this with us. I hope it can somehow lessen the burden for you to know we all care. I can’t even imagine the shock you are going through but it will be okay. Sending you a virtual hug. And if it helps you get through things, by all means keep venting to your BB family!

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