Good evening, everyone!  It’s been a wild afternoon inside the house today, and I tried to give a detailed recap of it here.

Before I begin the blog tonight, I want to thank everyone who has donated to this site this season. It really means a lot to me and has helped fund this page. That said, I’m asking for your help once again. Not with this blog, but with Houston. Words cannot describe the disaster of that city and I know many of our readers are from that area. During events like this, you’ll see a lot of different charities popping up asking for money, and a huge portion of them are great! Sadly there will always be people looking to pocket from this type of mess, so I took the research out of it and found a good charity that scores 98.23 on Charity Navigator (out of 100). Anything you may consider donating to this site from here on out, I strongly urge you to donate to this charity instead. Here is the link for the fundraising page I set up in our name. Thank you!


Note – Anyone who donates tonight gets a shout out in the live update post below!

Ok, on to Big Brother. Most of the fighting has died down, but one thing that appears to not go away is the relentless amount of shit talking they do about pretty much anyone not in the room. I guess tonight we’ll listen in on that and see if anything is interesting, or if someone jokes about having sex with Kevin’s wife again…


  • 7:00 pm – Paul, Alex, and Jason are in the kitchen talking about – you guessed it – Kevin
    • Paul really needs to get rid of that stupid float.  It was cute last year, but this year it’s repetitive and stupid
    • They are trying real hard to make Kevin sound like the antagonist here. This is the theme of the last few weeks and it’s getting old. No, Kevin is not 100% innocent but he is miles ahead of the rest of these people.
    • Alex says if she finishes second to him (Kevin) she is going to make his life miserable
    • Jason fishes for compliments by saying he knows Alex thinks he’s a giant pussy
    • Jason tells Alex “you can destroy the guy, you already have… ” to which Alex lights up like a Christmas tree (no pun intended) at the prospect
    • Josh says (he entered the room, btw) that it was not his intention to fight with Kevin but Kevin got worked up over a normal conversation
  • 7:10 pm – The talk moves to Matt and Raven
    • Josh tells Jason he handled it great because if ‘homie got in his face, you know what would have happened’ – Umm, you would have yelled for production like you did when Cody charged at you?
  • 7:40 pm – Jason is reassuring Kevin that he’s in good shape and nobody is after him
    • Feeds down for a few minutes, going to step away to get a bite to eat

Check back for updates