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Big Brother 19 – Power of Veto Results


In the week that will never happen, we still have a veto competition to play that will be rendered meaningless by Thursday night.

What I mean is, there is almost no doubt that Jessica will use the Halting Hex this week which will make anything that happens irrelevant.  There isn’t really a whole lot to say because of that, but it’s still a competition and there was still a winner, and that was..



That’s right!  Paul is crushing through the season with comp win after comp win in addition to playing the newbies like fiddles.  So far, this is the most dominating performance by a veteran I have seen in this game, and we’re just counting the days until he gets what he should have won last year:  $500k.

(note – by dominating performance by a veteran, I mean on their second season)

Now, I know some are going to say that other veterans have played better, and they may be right.  Dan’s funeral was a classic. Rachel beasted through competitions every time she was on the block and needed a win. The All-Star season was fantastic. What I mean by dominating, however, is just how much ahead of the rest Paul is.  Rachel had veterans against her and it wasn’t easy. The same goes for Dan who had his back against the wall numerous times and needed to save himself.  Nicole won last season but she in no way dominated anything.  The only two people in the house who are even remotely on to how good of a position that Paul is in are on the block (Jessica and Cody) and the clock is ticking on when they get out. A twist brought Cody back. A twist will save them this week. After Thursday, they’re out of twists and will almost certainly be sitting next to each other again (unless either win HoH).

It’s really hard to say if Paul is having such a great season because he studied his mistakes over the winter, or if this group of newbies is absolutely terrible.. or both.


I may come back with a live update post in a bit, but I feel like I’m in a rambling mood today between this post and my previous one.

As far as the veto, I’m pretty sure Paul will use it on Jason just to absolutely secure Cody/Jessica as the only options which will force the Hex.


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  1. Avatar

    Paul is a beast.
    Love him or hate him…
    He’s a beast.

    I happen to LOVE Paul

    • LindsayB

      Yaaaasss!! I like you!!

    • Zach

      Team Paul. Picking up members one comp at a time.

      • jimbo

        “Team Paul?” The proper way to say it is: PAUL CULT MEMBER. Jim Jones and Charlie Manson could take lessons.

    • Alda

      So do I Debi.He is #1 in my book!

    • Sassy

      Paul is playing a good game because the house is full of morons! They obviously did not watch last season. I will never call him a Vet, in my opinion that is reserved for those that have served our country. I think the dynamics of the house would severely change if he was evicted. The only thing holding the majority of the house together is Paul. They will be LOST without him and I think it would make for a better season to have him gone sooner rather than later (although that will not happen, because they all think they are his #1).

      • Zach

        That’s pretty petty.. every HG who returns for a second season is referrred to as a veteran of the game. Get off your high horse if you actually think that it has anything to do with disrespecting military veterans. I have 2 grandfathers, 2 great grandfathers, 3 uncles and an aunt who were all military veterans, one has nothing to do with the other.

      • Sassy

        Petty is your opinion. I chose not to use the term loosely. I do not have a problem with you using it however you choose. I am saying that I will NOT use it to refer to a returning player. My husband and I are both retired Army Veterans. It may have a different meaning for me than it does for you…

      • Avatar

        It’s a tv show chill out. Being called a vet in a “game ” is nothing in comparison to being a vet who has served our country. The fact that you feel the need to even compare the two is odd. Italian a tv show for god sakes calm down!!

    • Avatar

      Your right. Paul is a “an inhumanly cruel, violent, or depraved person.”

      • Ann

        I call BULL-SHIT….Paul is playing like a BOSS & like someone who is going after that $500k & not just a vacation in the jury house.

        Zach, I want to join team Paul…..

      • LindsayB

        Ann, welcome to team Paul. We are thrilled to have you.

    • Avatar

      So do I! I want him to use veto on Jessica see if she is still willing to use the hex on just Cody. She will look back at this season and realize “hopefully ” what a dumb as Cody really is. He has pretty much told her this is how he lives in real life and she thinks she can change him. This is why you don’t do showmances. These people want to be on the show and then screw it up picking the wrong allies and then they are attached to the person all season

  2. Avatar

    Maybe christmas can get it through Pauls head and he take slut puppy off the block to see if she will still save robot boy.

  3. NKogNeeTow


  4. AIO_7

    “Rachel beasted through competitions every time she was on the block and needed a win”

    I remember the season that Rachel did that. Like just about everyone else I didn’t like her but she won me over with her true grit and determination when her back was against the wall week after week. She deserved to win that season.

    • Avatar

      Isn’t that the year that Brendan won the veto and took Rachel off instead of saving himself? If so, she won because someone saved her instead of himself. She would have went home. There was also a very questionable Pandora’s box that favored Rachel where she was somehow safe for the week. Alot of things fell into place for Rachel that season.

      • Mel

        I don’t like Cody but I also dont like Paul and Kevin repeatedly calling Cody a coward and a p*$$y because he won’t lay down and volunteer to go home to save Jessica. Paul says it all the time and several others have chimed in. He may be a lot of things but I don’t think a coward is one of them. He served his country and did it while also being deployed, lost his only brother while he was in Afghanistan and who knows what else he’s been through. The “what else” could actually explain some of his behavior and maybe even why he isn’t in the military any longer. He also wasn’t violent towards Paul last night. Im sick of hearimg that shit too. He was confrontational but not violent. I have a lot of friends who’ve been deployed, more than once and who’ve been to Afghanistan and other places none of us wold want or could handle being. I doubt Pauls spoiled, pampered ass would consider it a vacation. This has nothing to do with game and I normally don’t comment when things like this annoy me but its really bugging me. For the record, I seriously doubt Cody is a coward. Sorry, I’m done with that now.

      • Mel

        That comment went in the wrong place if anyone starts wondering what the hell I’m talking about.

  5. Gerardo Chen Moonves

    Paul, Christmas, and Josh discussing their plan to force Jessica into not using the hex. They will tell her that she’s assured a jury spot unless she uses the hex– if she does, she will be the target for next week and the last evictee prior to jury. Christmas says Jessica is likely banking on Cody winning HOH next week…Paul says “based on what track record?”. Paul says they will torment Cody next week if he’s still in the house. If he thought last night (i.e. Josh vs Mark) was bad, he ain’t seen nothing yet…

  6. NKogNeeTow

    The only thing I partially disagree with Steve on is this week being meaningless. On one hand yes, because no one will be leaving this week. But on the other hand it did flush out the Hex holder sooner and forced her to use it instead of saving it for later. I’m ready for her to use it so we can get over it, move on to next week.

    I won’t lie, I’m still looking forward to Grody and Messi getting run out of town as soon as possible, but for this week, it is what it is. HOPEFULLY neither will win HOH next week.

    • Gerardo Chen Moonves

      Exactly NK! If Paul had backed down and not nominated Grossica this week, they would have been guaranteed safety for two weeks instead of one (and both of them would be guaranteed spots in BB heaven aka the jury house). At least this way, they’re guaranteed safety for this week only.

  7. Avatar

    Please, it’s because the houseguest are that terrible. They are not even trying. I’m still rooting for Jess and Cody but your right if they have any chance they have to start making better moves (not holding my bearthe). I will admit I’m biased when it comes to Paul. I just have never really liked him, you know when you’re at work and you’ll meet someone that you just can’t stand even though they did nothing personal to you? Well that’s Paul to me you just annoys the crap out of me. I cannot stand cocky people and he is just bursting with it. I feel like the reason the other veterans and didn’t dominate like Paul is because there were a lot more power players and their season. I have NEVER seen a house so willing to give somebody else $500,000 in my life. This season has been like Survivor Redemption Island when it was just a giant show of giving Rob a million dollars. Except it’s big brother and it’s Paul. I hate to cry rigged but it’s not a coincidence this house was so terrible. Just a bunch of people trying to get there 5 minutes of fame.

    • Sassy

      I’m on the anybody but Paul train… I just can’t stand him. I have never been a fan of previous players coming back unless it is an all star cast. I just have a hard time believing that BB picked such mindless drones to play the game on accident.

    • Avatar

      When Paul gets handed the 500k, players will say, “well nobody tried to get Paul out” then someone will say, “Cody did that one time, remember”? Oh, yeah. Cody. Remember him. That’s how little the rest of these hg’s care about the 500k. The grand prize might as well be a bucket of balls and a autographed pic of Dr. Will.

  8. NKogNeeTow

    I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, I think they’re trying to kick out the wrong one. If it were me, I’d vote out Messi first. She’s the strongest player and she keeps Grody in check. If he’s gone, she could survive in the house without him and could possibly rebuild relationships. If she leaves, he is crippled. He’s the weaker player (not physically) and he can’t keep his emotions in check and no one other than WIR, wants anything to do with him. Just my opinion.

  9. Mel

    Who else is tired of Elena using the words perceived and pivot?

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  11. AIO_7

    Coach Paul in his Bill Belichick hoodie, Cowpoke sporting the orange Whistle-Nut jersey tonight.


  12. AIO_7

    I think that it’s possible that Lips just gave Baby Face a Dear John.

  13. Avatar
    Kevin (137 comments)

    Paul won veto? Someone needs to get in Jessica head and get her thinking of how Cody is destroying her game. Get her thinking that if she doesn’t use the hex then the house will vote out Cody, then flip and vote Jessica out. Cody is a hothead and useless. This will drive him nuts. Jessica without him would have a better game and have a chance. There no way in hell those two will be together outside the house. She needs to realize that and get away from him.

    • Mel

      I don’t see how Jessica helping to evict her only person in the game is beneficial to her. Then what?

      • Avatar
        Kevin (137 comments)

        Beneficial in what way? The only benefit he is providing her is keeping her legs apart routinely. Getting her out effectively ends Cody’s game as well. If Cody goes, she’ll restart her social game. That’s why she needs to go before Cody. Cody has absolutely no game with or without her. He’s an anchor tied to her neck.

      • Avatar

        True but if she holds onto the hex she’ll at least be safe next week and can play a week in the house without Cody distracting her.

      • Sassy

        I agree Mell, she doesn’t have anyone else. Her only hope is that they rotate winning HOH, other than that, both Messi and Grody are gone!

      • Avatar
        Kevin (137 comments)

        No one else? Who’s fault is that? You don’t win 500K for spending the most time straddled on Cody’s junk.

      • NKogNeeTow

        That’s exactly what she told Grody last night when he told her to just save herself. That’s when I knew she was going to use it before she even said it.

      • Mel

        Well, she’s a big target and he’s better to have in a comp than being on her own.

      • AIO_7

        Kevin: SNakole straddled Corey’s junk all last year and yet won.

      • Avatar
        Kevin (137 comments)

        AIO 7: It was also Nicole’s second attempt at the game and her social game was leaps and bounds better than Jessica’s. She was also part of a big alliance, she had the numbers. Jessica doesn’t, unless her “VIP” clients are allowed to phone in votes….

      • Avatar

        Careful AI Trudy may be lurking somewhere waiting for the moment to defend her precious Nicole.

    • Russell James Yost

      I think her best scenario would be using the Hex and Elaina winning HOH next week. I think Elaina would target someone like Matt and Raven. Her and Cody need to stay out of power and let someone else stir the pot for a bit. Paul is too strong to go after at this point.

      Of course I still think Cody will still somehow screw it up.

  14. AIO_7

    Up in the HOH room Paul just told Baby Face (Mark) …”Don’t hang out with public enemy #1 and #2 (JODY).

  15. Shivani33

    Paul declared that he suspects that Elena sneaked off and coached Cody for the comp. Kevin and Raven came in close behind Paul, and Cody was next. Paul isn’t about to let Elena out of his crosshairs.

  16. danmtruth

    Paul always talks about numbers Can he be a bit worried that he might be looking at 4 -v- 7 and his 7 are not all on the A-team Xmas hurt but still strong , Matt has he been sandbagging Raven need we say anything it’s not a knife fight Alex strong but how is she in a mental comp Jason Strong player but once more he claims he is a mental beast has yet to show it Josh keep to your lane and be a tool to try and distract Cody & Mark Kevin is on your team but does he think he needs to try yet So now Paul thinks his odds have gone down
    in any case it should be

  17. Gerardo Chen Moonves

    Alex, Kevin, Josh, and Kevin studying dates for future comps. She talks about the first veto comp (I think she said it was on Day 19)– she bombed, Paul won. Jason chimes in that he was the host of that comp, and Alex snaps “that’s not important…”. Jason is clearly irritated and says “well it might be! what if they ask who the host was?”. A few moments later, Jason says something else and Alex says “stop interrupting! We need to focus on things that are important…”

    I don’t know how Jason does it. I would snapped on Alex by now if she talked to me like that.

  18. Russell James Yost

    I know Paul is controlling the house right now but I’d like to see what would happen when Cody is gone and has no chance at returning. Everyone hates this guy and just want him to leave so they can move on with the game. Cody’s return has been completely pointless to me. I was excited to see him get another chance and thought he may make some adjustments, but he is weaker now than when he left the game the first time. I wish Cameron would have won, at least he could have flown under the radar and Jess would be Cody-less.

    Feels like everyone is just waiting to get Cody out of the game again so they can start playing. I do think that a few people in this house could challenge Paul, but everyone is blinded by wanting to get out the marine.

    Finally can someone explain to me why Cody was irate at Paul for putting him up last night? I am still scratching my head at that one. When I first turned on the feeds I thought it was just an act because Jessica outed that she had safety, then I saw her yelling at Cody in private. Isn’t this what Cody would want? He gets to destroy Paul’s HOH week and has an opportunity to compete for HOH next week. Seems like sweet revenge to me.

  19. AIO_7

    I think that these are Paul’s 3 next targets. And EWWWW, look at that slop bucket.


  20. Avatar

    Once the Hex is used, Paul will not be able to play HOH (rooting for Josh is he). Christmas hasn’t won any comps yet, so you have Alex and Jason for sure competition winners vs Cody and Jessica who each have multiple competition wins. With the discord between Mark & Elana with Paul surfacing this week, and of course team Matt and Raven (not being the 100% lock down for team Paul like they were earlier this season, this next HOH may not be a total sweep of everybody vs. Jessica and Cody.

    There is hope, but they have to continue to work on Elana and Mark, and not be afraid to approach Matt (more than Raven) to sway some votes their way. With Kevin being a free agent and possible sucker for hot chicks, Xmas needs to continue to be his daily blanket and maybe flirt a bit more to really keep him in check.

    And if the Hex is used this week the score will be…
    Team Paul (3-HOH & 3-VETO wins) = only 1 permanent player evicted (Dom).
    Team Cody (2-HOH & 2-VETO wins = 2 total permanent players evicted (Jillian & Ramses)

    Not a bad resume for Cody n friends so far!

    • Russell James Yost

      Except that Jillian or Ramses wasn’t Team Cody’s targets, they were Pauls.

      • Avatar

        How has evicting Jillian and Ramses benefited his end game in getting out Cody and Jessica? They are still there and slowly but surely gaining some momentum against Paul.

        The resume is a factual record and it still stands! It shows the futility and occasional weakness of Paul’s decision making at times, because putting up his nemesis Cody for the second will amount to a net result of zero gain on his watch. He could have gotten rid of Jessica as well but made it personal with Dom as he systematically got her booted form the game.

      • Russell James Yost

        Cody’s target that week was Christmas, he did not want to evict Jillian. Jillian believed that Cody was going to cast the deciding vote for her eviction. His entire week was a complete debacle and cost him a seven person alliance. All he had to do was put up someone like Jason or even Ramses at that point and he keeps his alliance and waits for a better time to put Paul on the block.

        Ramses was Paul’s target after he did not throw that comp. He was on the block against Josh whom Paul has in his back pocket and can get to do anything.
        If Team Cody had pulled Ramses off the block and put someone like Raven up, then Josh goes home. Paul loses a sure vote and they gain a sure vote with Ramses.

        To say that Cody is Paul’s nemesis is implying that they are somehow equal. Cody has alienated himself with most people in this house. I think the only way he and Jess survive another few weeks is if someone like Elaina wins. It will take a miracle for him to stay in this house another 3 weeks.

      • NKogNeeTow

        You’re wasting your breath Russell. Ritchie thinks that we all have dipped into Paul’s Kool-Ade bucket. He seems to be dipping into Cody’s chew bucket, but to each his own. He defends his favorite and he does it well, so don’t try to change his mind. Diversity is what makes this game interesting. Ritchie, keep doing what you’re doing. There are quite a few people out there who feel the same way you do. Just because most of us here are Team Paul, you are not alone.

      • Russell James Yost

        Wish I would have read that about 10 minutes ago NKogNeeTow. I gave a nice thought out response too.

      • ElaineB

        Actually Russell I have enjoyed reading your posts! Say what you feel, feel what you say.

    • AIO_7

      ” With Kevin being a free agent and possible sucker for hot chicks, Xmas needs to continue to be his daily blanket”….


    • Avatar

      Ritchie, I like the math. Looking ahead to next week, 12 people left if Jess uses hex this week. Even if Cody or Jessica win HOH and put Paul up who can they put next to Paul? Which 5 hg’s would vote Paul out, or make it a tie more accurately? Maybe Mark, Elana and either Cody or Jess. Anyone else? Paul is too insulated to be threatened for at least 3 or 4 more evictions, depending who gets evicted.

    • Avatar

      Correct me if I’m wrong but both people who left under Cody and Jessica we’re Paul’s choice not theirs. So really it is a win for Paul. Cuz he has the numbers…..for now

  21. Mel

    Paul is waiting for some confirmation from the DR before he has his little threat-talk with Jessica. I actually think it’s bullshit and I don’t think they should tell him anything. If they aren’t making her reveal the details then he shouldn’t be getting any just because he’s HOH.

    • Avatar
      Kevin (137 comments)

      Jessica needs to understand that her Hex advantage really only benefits her. She can use it this week and it won’t do any good if one of Paul’s minions wins HOH. She has to realize that Cody’a game is essentially done, Hex or no Hex usage. She needs to secure her own protection. If she doesn’t use it, they’ll most certainly evict Cody, the she can sit back and see if the house targets someone else like Mark or Elana or hopefully the Go Fund Me princess. In any event, if she doesn’t need to use it next week, she has just turned it into three weeks of protection. Time for her to start thinking with her head and not her well used va’ j j.

      • Avatar

        But to sit on the block and trust arch nemesis Paul and be available to be booted from the game a second time as she holds the power to protect herself as well as Cody and jason, would be foolish indeed. She has made some foolish decisions, but she is not that dumb and I don’t think Paul’s gift of gab is that good to persuade her not to use it this week!

      • Mel

        Say Cody leaves, she wins hoh or she goes home next week. Why not have them both playing to try and win hoh?

      • Avatar
        Kevin (137 comments)

        If the HOH flips back to Cody or Jessica next week because of a competition that can be manipulated by production, it will be completely obvious what’s going on.

      • Avatar
        Kevin (137 comments)

        To Ritchie’s comment, foolish is using a HEX advantage that only works one time guaranteed. She uses to protect her and cody, it’s gone. She holds on to it and watches Cody get voted out which is going to happen anyway, especially if someone on Paul’s side win HOH next week, it has more value for “her” game. They may be in a showmance that will probably not make it outside the house, but to risk moving further into the game trying to drag dead weight with her is foolish.

  22. Mel

    Did Raven win a reward and she’s getting ready to get to leave the house for a ice skating competition ?

    • Gerardo Chen Moonves

      You had me at “leave the house”…

    • danmtruth

      wouldn’t it be great if it was a sting by the FBI to arrest her about her scams

      • Mel

        I probably wouldn’t even care who won after that. My BB season would be fulfilled!

      • Ann

        Dan, did you see the video of the hospice patient’s mom saying how sick Raven looks? She said she can tell that Raven is wearing more make-up than usual to cover up the dark rings around her eyes & how sick Raven is.
        What the fuck is up with those people? Is that nutcase watching the same hospice patient we are? That little lying Bitch dances her ass around the house & yard, chases & wrestles Matt all day every day, eats like a damn horse & does everything the rest of the houseguests do except eat slop. Raven is a scamming, lying skank bitch & mom is an even bigger one. She should be made to sell her new car, fur coats & dance studio & pay back the people they scammed out of their hard earned money. I want to kick her ass myself.

      • ElaineB

        Raven and Matt act like children, and her squealing….yikes! I had more hope for Matt in this game, but at this point he is on my short list to leave.

      • LindsayB

        Ann I love you so much

  23. Alda

    Does anyone remember what advantage Christmas is still holding onto from about 3 weeks ago? Someone just mentioned it on another site.

    • Gerardo Chen Moonves

      I know she’s able to replace someone (other than a nominee) in any veto comp of her choice. I don’t recall if there was a time limit on it though. And so far, she hasn’t had much of a need to use it (and she’s ineligible to compete in a lot of the comps anyway).

      • Sassy

        There has been no need for her to use it. She is smart to keep it to herself and not tell anyone unless the occasion arises where it will benefit her. Am I wrong? Has she told anyone about her temptation? Does anyone even realize it is still out there?

      • Gerardo Chen Moonves

        I think she may have told Paul, because the week she got it was the week he was trying to backdoor Cody. So they were thinking she could use it to replace Cody if he had gotten picked for the veto comp (he wasn’t). I think a lot of HGs suspect that Christmas received the 2nd temptation, but they don’t seem to think much of it. I rarely hear anyone even bring it up.

      • Colby

        She told Paul.

      • Zach

        She told Paul what it was when she first got it. No one else knows.

      • LindsayB

        Paul knows about it.

      • Avatar

        I think it is a one time use good for the entire season.

  24. danmtruth

    Paul is going to pull Jason off the block and put Matt in his place Matt NOT happy Paul saying how is going to layout this epic speech that might leave Cody in tears
    Funny watching Paul now He is complaining that production wont clarify what Jessica’s hex is Thats funny

  25. Alda

    Thanks Geraldo.

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  27. Gerardo Chen Moonves

    Kevin is trying to play matchmaker– he suggests that Paul hook Mark up with Da’Vonne. Mark seems interested lol. That would be a very interesting couple.

  28. Avatar

    @antsal I can see your math, but lets try this scenario:
    Lets say Cody wins HOH next week, and he puts up Alex and Paul. The for sure votes for Paul is xmas, raven, Josh, Kevin? Jason will vote for Alex and now you have some potential swings if work and persuasion is powerful enough…

    Jason, Jessica, Elana, and Mark roll go with Alex = 4 to 4 so far.
    Matt and/or Kevin can be that final factor in swaying the decision one way or another. In this case there is no 3 to 4 weeks of cushion, as a matter of fact Paul has no certain cushion moving forward.

  29. Avatar

    nemesis = most prominent and worst enemy which Paul and Cody are to each other. Its a long shot but the odds are getting better and miracles do happen. I noticed you bypassed how evicting Jillian and Ramses (Pauls target) have benefited him against his biggest problem in the house, team Cody? I suspect you bypassed that answer because the answer is obvious; it hasn’t benefited him. Paul is still powerful for sure, but the cracks are starting to show. And just like it may take a miracle for Cody and Jessica to survive the next three weeks,

    Paul can get blindsided himself this next upcoming week if things work out in a certain way.

    • Russell James Yost

      Cody is not in a position to challenge Paul at this point. I am not saying that he never can, but I am saying that his odds are pretty bad. He needs a miracle.

      To beat Paul you have to be able to grind down his numbers. Cody does not have the social game to influence someone to flip, did you see the disaster last week with Jason? He will not last that long. Every week he will be targeted by 70% of the house. He can’t win HOH every week, he needs others and others are afraid to associate with him because they quickly become targets. Too many people just do not like him and want him to go because he makes them feel uncomfortable.

      I think there are people that can challenge Paul, but Cody isn’t one of them. Cody just needs to go, he clutters up the game. There will be others that emerge as serious threats to Paul but you have to clean out the dead-weight first.

      • Ann

        You sound like a very smart & intelligent cookie…I think I’ve made a new friend. I totally agree with everything you have said in this entire thread. FRIENDSHIP!!!

    • Russell James Yost

      As far as Jillian and Ramses just look at Cody’s reaction when those two were evicted and you will have your answer.

      If you can’t influence others to vote against Josh, then you will never get to Paul.

      • LindsayB

        Yes. Everything that has happened in this house so far is because Paul made it happen. His minions are a little disgruntled right now but he has the ability to reign them back in. Cody can win some physical comps and bang Jessica’s brains out. If we are comparing resumes Paul comes out on top every day.

  30. Avatar

    Wouldn’t it be lovely to have a season with players actually WANTED to win! Not simply make it to the jury house?! And, hey, while we’re fantasizing, let’s not include any veterans! Just a couple of thoughts…

  31. danmtruth

    But Paul knows all but I also thought you could not remove the third nom We shall see
    If Jess tells Paul she would not use the hex if he pulls her off Will Paul do it ?
    even tho it means nothing it just forces Paul to put another member of his team on the block Than Thur Jess goes and uses it anyway She knows she has no allies

  32. Gerardo Chen Moonves

    Josh says he’s the 2nd best looking guy in the house behind Kevin. This starts a game where the rate the HGs (guys and girls) on their looks. Josh says the top 5 for guys is: 1) Kevin, 2) Josh, 3) Pimpin’ Paul, 4) Jason, and 5) Cody. Kevin says what about Mark (who’s sitting right there)? Josh says ok, I’ll do redo the list. He names the exact same list (lol).

    For girls, his list is: 1) Elena, 2) Elena, 3) Elena, 4) Elena, and 5) Elena.

    He then says, “Mark I’m just messing with you. I think you’re the most beautiful girl in this house”. They both laugh, Josh gets up and shakes Mark’s hand. Kind of a nice/funny moment.

  33. NKogNeeTow

    Messi just said that she doesn’t like being told what to do. That’s why she’s kind of an independent contractor. *Is that like being a hooker without a pimp?*

  34. danmtruth

    dumb question from a dumb person They are talking about the have nots only being able to take cold showers Well you have a hot tub dhu

  35. NKogNeeTow

    You know it’s a slow night when you have to tell sh!t stories for entertainment.

  36. NKogNeeTow

    Watching DMW in the HOH talking to MattRess. Not sure who she’s talking about but why does she think she’s the smartest chick in the house? She’s actually the dippiest.

  37. Russell James Yost

    Well I thought that Elaina may be able to help Cody out if she were to win HOH this week, but as I look at the house I see Elaina laughing with the rest of the group and Cody and Jess in isolation talking about peasantry.

    Just no self-awareness.

    When Paul was safe for 3 weeks did he take it easy? He worked hard and laid the groundwork for what is going on now. Why are they just laying there!?

  38. NKogNeeTow

    DMW and MattRess kissing (and sloppily) is like watching Jack and Sally the Zombie from The Nightmare Before Christmas…Ugh!

  39. NKogNeeTow

    Laughing my ass off watching Grody wipe the Vaseline from the doorknob to the headboard multiple times. It’s funny but I would be mad as hell.

    Messi grabs the doorknob then turns and ask the room who put it on the doorknob. Someone says Josh (he didn’t). He tells her that he didn’t or he would admit it. Everyone starts to deny it. When she walks out of the room, they all say again that Josh did it. *I think it was either Paul or Alex*

  40. NKogNeeTow

    The best thing about all these silly HG is they have impeccable oral hygiene.

  41. NKogNeeTow

    Paul says he has a headache. Probably from the fumes of all that Vaseline.

  42. Seattle Kari

    I’m sorry call me “Negative Nelly” or “Doubtful Deborah”, LOL, but the same people keep winning everything!?.

    I’m sorry what are the odds of that if production is not in there tweaking things to make the people in whom they want to win. by now you would think someone else would have 1 something? The same people keep winning over and over again the HOH is The Temptations the power of veto. All Jessica, Cody, and Paul. Just seems ridiculous to me and totally planned out by production. I’m about ready just to give up on the season and that makes me really sad..

  43. NKogNeeTow

    Paul just came back from the DR and said nobody is guaranteed safety for the next 3 weeks.

    • Gerardo Chen Moonves

      Say what you want about Elena, but she’s not a dumb girl. She figured out very quickly that the way production worded that statement leaves the possibility that Jessica does, in fact, have safety– IF she actually uses the hex.

      • Avatar
        Helen (5578 comments)

        But just by having it does that not guarantee her safety? She can’t be evicted

      • Gerardo Chen Moonves

        Unless she doesn’t use it (for some idiotic reason). I think that’s what Production was getting at, and Elena picked up on it.

      • Avatar
        Helen (5578 comments)

        I understand that but having it and knowing that CAN be used either this week or next still guarantees her safety….just by virtue of having it available to use

      • Gerardo Chen Moonves

        Yeah I guess it’s just a matter of semantics. BB was trying to be as vague as possible with Paul, so I think they figured out a loophole. Technically, just HAVING the hex isn’t what guarantees her safety– USING the hex is what would guarantee her safety. For instance, she had the hex when she was on the block versus Dom and didn’t use it. If for some reason the votes had flipped against her that night, she wouldn’t have had safety even though she had the hex.

  44. NKogNeeTow

    Everyone understands what Paul is saying except WIR. He just can’t seem to grasp what Paul has said and keeps asking over and over whether Messi can still save herself or herself and someone else.

  45. NKogNeeTow

    Kevin is the devil. He and Josh are talking. He keeps telling Josh that he should go and sleep in the HN room with Elena if he really loves her.

    Josh says he doesn’t love her he just thinks she’s beautiful.

    Kevin tells him that if he wants her, he should go sleep in the HN room even though WIR is in there and because he is, it gives him an advantage over Josh.

    Josh tells him it’s bad enough he bangs pots and pans, but if he goes after WIR’s girl too, WIR will kill him.

    Kevin keeps pushing it and tells him don’t worry about it. He says “you mean you would give up a girl because you’re scared someone is going to kill you?”

    Josh isn’t buying it but Kevin still keeps trying to sell it.

    Kevin then tell him “You ain’t even banging meat, you’re banging pots and pans”. They both laugh.

    *This is another case of Josh’s “so-called friends” looking out for him. Most of them go out of their way to make him look like a fool. The others I kind of expect it from, but Kevin?*

    Convo changes to a lighter subject of who is and was the coolest guys in the house.

    • Gerardo Chen Moonves

      I’ve been trying to tell y’all how messy Kevin is. People don’t wanna believe me.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Oh I believe.

      • Avatar
        Helen (5578 comments)

        I started out really liking Kevin but not so much anymore…..I think Kevin knows a little more about prison life than he should

      • Gerardo Chen Moonves

        I like Kevin but I feel like people give him a “pass” on a lot of his BS just because he’s older and they like his personality. In reality, he has a lot of the same character flaws and pulls a lot of the same crap as the other HGs. Just like last night with the whole Josh vs Mark situation. People kept giving Christmas crap for encouraging Josh’s behavior, but nobody said anything about Kevin– who was egging Josh on much more blatantly than Christmas. And at least Christmas wasn’t 2-faced about it. Kevin turned right around after egging Josh on and starting talk trash about him with Mark.

      • Ann

        Kevin is messy, he reminds me of that little rat Andy that won when crazy ass Amanda was on torturing Elissa. I still like him so far.

  46. Gerardo Chen Moonves

    OH guys! That pic of Jessica at the top of this thread– THAT is the sneer I was telling you about! The one she always makes when she laughs (that drives me crazy). I just noticed that Steve posted a pic of it.

  47. NKogNeeTow

    This is funny as hell watching Kevin giving Josh woman catching lessons…lol

  48. NKogNeeTow

    Even the 2 of them can’t stop laughing.

  49. NKogNeeTow

    OMG, Kevin just told Josh that if he messes this up and pisses or throws up, he’s taking Ramses back.

    Kevin is back to coaching Josh how to go into the HN room and tell the ladies goodnight and offer to cut the light off for them. This is like a comedy skit. To daggone funny.

  50. NKogNeeTow

    Oh Gerardo I just peed on myself and I’m crying!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. NKogNeeTow

    Gerardo, I am WRECKED!!!!!

    And when they asked him for a foot rub again and he ran out of the room laughing, I fell out the chair…LOL

  52. NKogNeeTow

    Kevin just told him to just give up and go in there and tell them to go f*ck themselves.

    Josh said “But when I went in there they asked me for foot rubs”.

    Kevin said “What are you nuts? That’s 4 fucken feet!”

    Kevin said from now on he’s going to stand behind Josh and tell him what to say.

    This is hysterical!

    • AIO_7

      “Kevin said “What are you nuts? That’s 4 fucken feet!” ”

      That’s not the first time that Dry Papa has brought up feet (with Christmas). Besides probably drying out from alcoholism, sounds like he is (publicly) dealing with a foot fetish too.

      • AIO_7

        “That’s not the first time that Dry Papa has brought up feet (with Christmas)”.

        Since we don’t have an edit button, let me clear up this sentence….He (Papa) brought up with Christmas to massage her feet (foot). Now he is encouraging that behavior with Josh. (not that there is anything wrrong with that)

  53. Gerardo Chen Moonves

    Ok I’m also gonna call BS on them making my girl Christmas a Have-Not. If Raven gets a “medical pass” from being on slop, then Christmas should get one too. I know BB told Christmas they’re not going to make adjust the comps for her, but she is on pain medication and that can be rough on the stomach (especially when you take it without adequate sustenance). To be clear– I’m not suggesting Christmas should be exempt from HN status. However, I think the same rules should apply to Raven.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Raven eats every thing else in the house with no problems so slop shouldn’t be one either.

      • Gerardo Chen Moonves

        Exactly, it’s not as if Raven is on some type of special diet or something. So either she and Christmas should both get medical slop passes, or neither of them should. My vote is neither.

    • Avatar

      This is exactly what i was talking about yesterday @gerardo! They could at least make Raven a have-not so she has to experience the have-not bed and possibly limit how much freaking food she devours!
      I too vote for “neither”..if you can’t accept of any of the house consequences for whatever reason then you shouldn’t be on the show.

      Also, they don’t HAVE to to pull a key to try and delete their have-not week and if it were me, there is no way I would… Why take that chance of having an extra week added on?

      I think the extra have-not week that Elena got is going to affect her more than any of the other 2 week have-nots we’ve seen so far.

      • AIO_7

        I vote for no slop at all, for anyone. Let the people eat. They have food that goes bad every day in the storage room. I hate the whole concept of slop, always have.

      • ElaineB

        Back in the day, the whole HN concept was a much bigger part of the competition. It was fun when America voted for extras and they competed for food. Now the HN concept is an after-thought, and should probably be done away with….as a ‘has been’.

    • Colby

      Raven won a ‘never not’ pass. It’s not because of her fake diseases.

    • Avatar

      I thought the only reason raven hasn’t was because she got a never not pass? I could be wrong but I thought she took it in the first veto. But both should be eligible if not. I have never cared much for the whole slop and think it’s really just a waste, but thats just my opinion. And if raven was eligible, then that reminds me of frankie (bb16), when he said something that the slop would mess up his health(I think he said something about his hands) and he was never put on slop(that I remember) because of that, but that was up to the hot to pick

    • ElaineB

      Raven scooped up the HN season pass in the beginning of the season.

    • Ann

      You’re right about that G because pain medication (narcotics) can cause constipation like a SOB & after her surgery, I’m sure they didn’t put her on no damn tylenol. Narcotics along with that slop is going to wreak havoc on her (Christmas) bowels. Hey, lets start a go fund me for Christmas to get her a belly box too because she might need one. Raven can educate her on belly boxes.

  54. NKogNeeTow

    That was my laugh for the night G. Kevin and Josh, the new Abbott and Costello.

  55. NKogNeeTow

    I see WIR, Hot Lips and Xmas in the HN room, but who is the 3rd? I thought it was Alex but she’s not in there. In fact, I haven’t seen her for awhile.

  56. NKogNeeTow

    I don’t see Jason either.

  57. NKogNeeTow

    I didn’t realize Alex was in there until Xmas kept whining for Jason to get up and come in there. When he did, she asked him if he’d give her a foot rub tomorrow. He asked if she called him in there for that. She said yes. He said sure, tomorrow he would. *Personally if I were him, I would have grabbed her by that cast and slammed her ass against the wall* I couldn’t believe these silly women woke him up just for that.

    Alex woke up and went to the bathroom and was looking not to happy! On her way back to the HN room, she went to her old bed and changed her shorts. She whispered something to Jason about what Hot Lips and Xmas were talking about. She told him she’d fill him in later. As she walked away, he said something about “wait until I vote her ass outta here” and Alex mumbled something derogatory about the women.

    Jason told Alex that WIR was going to start farting. She said if he does there’s going to be trouble.

    She goes to bed. WIR starts farting.

    • Gerardo Chen Moonves

      The lights are off in the HN room and Mark keeps playing tricks on Elena. It’s pretty funny watching Elena flail her arms around blindly at the air trying to figure out where Mark is.

      • NKogNeeTow

        I was laughing at that too. She looks crazy. And at one time she, was flailing her legs back and forth, Alex was sitting up swinging her arms and Xmas was laying there swinging her good foot in the air…lol.

    • Avatar

      *Personally if I were him, I would have grabbed her by that cast and slammed her ass against the wall*

      Me……TOO!!! I am SOOO sick of her guilt tripping Jason into God only knows how many foot rubs.
      He didn’t MAKE her get on his back and he didn’t fall on purpose or with the intention of breaking Christmas’ foot!
      Unfortunate situation but get over it already Christmas!!

      • LindsayB

        He could always just say no. If someone rubbed my feet every time I asked I would keep asking. Why are we getting pissy about those who dictate instead of realizing it’s the weakness of those who blindly do as they are told that is the problem?

      • ElaineB

        Hey Lindsay I agree with you! There is so much blame when folks are acting “weak”. Individual choices, my friends.

      • LindsayB

        Elaine, you had me at “Lindsay I agree with you”

      • ElaineB

        Hey, I knew that there would be something we agree on. P.S. It isn’t Paul, but that is okay.

  58. NKogNeeTow

    Elena tried to prop the door open since the a/c is out and it’s so hot in the room. Production tells them twice that they are not allowed to prop the door open. If I were them, I’d prop it open anyway. If they didn’t penalize Messi for not going to the DR last night, after being called twice, then they shouldn’t penalize them either. Besides, what if the heat caused one of them to have a heat stroke or something. CBS would be legally responsible. Making them sleep on nail beds is enough, but that room has no circulation, which is not good at all.

    Looks like they’re all out for the count Gerardo. I’m surprised that they didn’t go to bed a lot earlier since they were up all night studying.

    Looks like I get a chance to go to bed an hour and a half earlier too! WHEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

    See you guys later *waving*

    • Gerardo Chen Moonves

      Yeah I would definitely prop the door open. Screw Production, they’re a joke. Nobody has to follow any rules this season, so why should the HNs have to swelter with no AC?

      Glad all the HGs have settled down for some shut-eye. I’m going to follow suit. Good night all!

  59. Alda

    Did anyone notice when Paul,Kevin and Josh were talking last night and Paul brought up Da’vonne,Kevin asked who she was? Then he asked was she from Paul’s season.Paul says yeah.Kevin said was she cute? Paul says yeah.Then Kevin says was she black? Hmm.Kevin plays like he doesn’t know any of these people from last season,but he sure does.Just my feelings.

    • Avatar

      Even worse was when Kevin asked if she was black was Mark’s reply “Look at what her name is..what do you think?”
      Really Mark???? I already didn’t like him but now he is really at the bottom of the pile!

      • Avatar

        I thought he said something like did you get that from the name or the city where she lives? I could be ring.

      • Gerardo Chen Moonves

        Robert, you are correct. Kevin asked where Da’Vonne was from, and Paul said she was from Inglewood. Then Kevin asked if she was black and Paul said yes. Mark just inquired what was it that made Kevin assume Da’Vonne was black– her name, or where she was from? I can’t stand Mark, but I don’t think he meant anything by that comment– he was just curious how Kevin figured that out. If anything, Kevin was the one who brought race into the conversation (and for the record, I don’t think Kevin did anything wrong either).

    • AIO_7

      Perhaps, Alda, but I think that DaVonne was brought up in the context of Mark and Dom.

  60. Avatar
    Helen (5578 comments)

    Is there a BB god? Can Josh please win the next HOH? Amen

  61. Avatar

    I don’t know if this has been discussed but there really isn’t a strong guys alliance this season which makes me really happy. I get so mad every year when the guys band together and the girls just go along for the ride. I would really like to see a strong girls alliance for once. In this land of misfit toys, the girls seem to have the guys by the short hairs. Except for Paul, of course. I think if the girls hadn’t paired off so quickly with the weak guys and had banded together with Jessica and Christmas as their leaders they would have been unstoppable.

  62. Avatar
    Helen (5578 comments)

    Dear lord Paul!! Christmas has told you what the hex does! There will be no vote. There will be no eviction. What part of that can’t you get through your thick head!!

  63. ElaineB

    Jess is talking to Paul. Stick to your guns girl! I am now pulling for both Cody and Jess to go to jury, because there are two potential votes against Paul.

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