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Big Brother 19 Special Battle Back Episode Discussion


Woah, a post!  That’s right, I took a full day off while the feeds were down and did a whole lot of nothing.  Seriously. I didn’t even get to chip away at my DVR.  Oh well, there is always winter.

Let’s just catch up on where the house stands, what we know, and what the rumors are for tonight.

Warning: At the bottom of this page, I am going to discuss rumored spoilers of the battle back, and HoH.  I will give you another warning before going into that


Last night we learned that Jessica oddly won the Den of Temptation which raised a lot of eyebrows in the twitterworld.  I won’t lie, I am usually on the side of production when it comes to tinfoil cap theories, but this one was odd even to me. Dominique was the only other person in the house who would have benefitted from this power more than Jess, yet both are pretty unpopular when it comes to polling on the Big Brother blogs around the net. Shit, Jessica had 1% popularity and currently stands at 6% on our week 3 poll.  As we learned last November, polling isn’t a guarantee of anything, and that is even truer when it comes to reality TV.  I also watched a newbie upset Jason during the Big Brother Over the Top season where viewers picked the winner due to Jason’s attitude and a huge surge in popularity of Alex (Morgan’s sister). Reddit often rallied around what would make good TV and those more often than not won out.

Despite the polls on this blog, players like Paul are not entirely popular with other large communities as the ‘returning player’ fad has worn out its welcome (a few seasons ago).  A sudden surge for Jessica is not that surprising if you go by that because she is the one remaining player in the house we think would continue to stir up the drama and not just kiss Paul’s ass.  So I still do think production was honest about the results, and it is just entirely possible the communities just came together to rally around drama.  As I’ve said countless times, I’ve watched enough of this show to see many opportunities for production to alter results for the sake of drama but they don’t.

So let’s get into where we stand…..

  • Temptations:
    • Safety 3 weeks – Paul – used
    • Veto swap – Christmas – not yet used
    • Nullify an eviction – Jessica – not yet used
  • Punishments:
    • Being nominated – Ramses – used
    • Frog unitards – Cody, Jessica, Jason – used
    • Uknown third punishment
  • Battle back competitors:
    • Cody
    • Jillian
    • Cameron
    • Dominique
  • Head of household:
    • Unknown (though rumors below)

Updates from the episode:

  • Here we go!
  • Julie says there isn’t a guarantee they’ll return during this comp. I guess they have to face off against someone in the house?
  • The house will vote on who to challenge the BB winner.  This means the players have to win 2 rounds and then a 1 on 1
    • Cody wins round 1
    • Cameron finishes second in round 1. Both will move on to round 2
    • Jillian and Dominique are going home
  • Round 2
    • They use a catapult thing to launch balls at a wall. First person to knock down 10 wins
    • Cameron comes out to an early lead, 7-4
    • Cody realizes the strategy and quickly comes back
    • 7-6
    • 7-7
    • 8-7 Cody
    • 9-7
    • 10-7 Cody wins
    • Cameron is officially done
  • Seeing as the house gets to pick the challenger, Cody gets to pick the comp. One of the two he just did
    • Cody chooses the maze (it will be a different maze, but still…)
  • Julie tells the house that there will be a battle back
    • Mark tells the DR that he’s pissed off
    • Jessica tells him not to worry if Cody comes back
  • Vote to pick player to compete against Cody
    • Alex – Paul
    • Paul – Alex
    • Christmas – Paul
    • Elena – Paul
    • Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul Pual apupapsdupss
    • Yes, all the ass kissers picked Paul
  • Final round….
    • Cody wins, he’s back!

Rumored spoilers:


As you know, we won’t be live again until midnight est tonight. That means the battle back competition and HoH have likely already taken place.  This means there are possibilities for spoilers for the episode tonight. I know it’s weird me being concerned about spoilers on a Big Brother spoiler site, but these are unconfirmed and some may want to go into tonight with a little surprise.

Alright, so it sounds like the HoH competition was some sort of endurance challenge that Christmas was able to play in because she was up there for roughly 3 hours according to this source.  The challenge was similar to one of the first endurance competitions of BBOTT season where they had to stand there with a sword and hold a plate up. This is why Christmas was able to compete, although I am interested to see if she was given any advantage because she likely either had her walker or crutches which could have helped.

That is moot because Christmas did not win the HoH.  The winner of the HoH is allegedly JESSICA

Also, Cody won the battle back, although that comes as a surprise to nobody.

Again, these are unconfirmed rumors so I am not going to update my header or anything like that until I see it for myself.  I just thought I’d put it out there for you.


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  1. Avatar

    Well that made me want to throw up…….

  2. Avatar

    If those rumors are true, then BB Drama tv will be on and in full effect and not soon enough. Love them or as most seem to hate them, team Cody is the antagonist in this years movie, and every super-hero movie needs a real bad guy/gal to stir the pot wreck havoc. Makes you wanna see them go down and lose even more, and that is great tv to me.

    • Avatar

      The drama part is fine…..it’s the rest of the couple crap that makes me not watch….same reason I want to see either mark or elana go

      • Avatar

        If Paul wants to move further along in this game, he needs to lock down Elana immediately, because that chick will definitely fall on the sword for him. Mark is a vote for team Paul until further notice.

    • Avatar

      It’s just so predictable…….Cody coming back……jess getting HOH…..would have been nice to see something different

  3. ElaineB

    I am okay with anyone winning HOH, except Paul. Didn’t want his safety weeks to be capped off by a win to keep him safe another week. Okay newbies, time to get busy!

  4. Colby

    By the time the feeds come back up we are going to have missed a lot. It will have been almost a full day since they finished the comp. We will have missed early reactions (good or bad), possible arguments, who’s sucking up to who, Paul and his minions trying to offer ‘friendship’ to Jessica to find out what the temptation is, the HOH reveal, Paul trying to run the HOH, etc, etc, etc………
    There’s going to be a lot to figure out.

  5. Avatar

    Omg… Here we go – I can hardly watch!

  6. g8trgirl

    Did Julie say if the HG chosen to play against the battle back winner loses, that HG goes home?

  7. danmtruth

    house challenger Alex Paul, Jason in that order anyone else is a waste

  8. danmtruth

    first do they tell the HG who they will be battling

  9. Avatar

    Good question..i don’t know!

  10. ingodog

    Old dear eyes is back……guess someone will be using the shower floor again tonight

  11. Avatar

    If they were smart they would vote jess to challenge him

  12. danmtruth

    no because Jess would just throw it to him Nothing happens to the HG that loses NOW that would have been a great twist Just as when Paul came in they had him replace a HG Have the Hg competing lose their spot

  13. danmtruth

    could DR sessions have help those votes for Paul

  14. Seattle Kari

    Well if everything goes as you expected, I’m pretty sure it won’t be a surprise to anybody because it’s exactly what we expected.

    You really don’t think that the production has anything to do with that? It really makes me think they do…

  15. Avatar

    This…is going to be CRAZY if the rumors are true that not only does Cody get back in the house but Jessica wins HOH!

  16. danmtruth

    Pauls STILL has not learned what that mick on his chest is for during DR visits STOP YELLING

  17. Avatar

    I so want Paul to lose and have Cody back in!!

  18. Seattle Kari

    I’m actually torn up. I get that Cody brings back drama and it could be pretty boring without drama but I cannot stand Paul. He just annoys the hell out of me. I.don’t like either one of these guys really.

    I guess if I was to be honest I’d rather have Cody rather than Paul, because I hate the fact that he was given so much help to stay. (You can’t tell me the production did not set up that thing where he couldn’t be evicted out for 3 episodes..)

    Bring on the thumbs-down, haha! But seriously, who would you rather like have in the house if you had to choose? Cody or Paul?

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      Kari I completely agree. On one hand I know that Cody coming back into the house will be good for TV and good for the game. But seeing Grossica together again was almost enough to make me lose my lunch.

      It was kinda funny seeing Paul lose to Cody though. And I also enjoyed watching Paul’s ego deflate a bit from being proven wrong after weeks of being so convinced that there wouldn’t be a battle back.

      • Avatar

        From a couples standpoint I’ll take it. They may be all wrapped up in the T&A once again soon, but whats the alternative…?,

        Elana and Mark, she teases and he cow tows and steps and fetch (with no game planning and strategizing)?

        Raven and Matt, he’s not into her, and she has many ailments that seems to be more of focus for her than actually strategizing.

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        Ritchie, I wish I could choose (D) none of the above lol. But I get your point. I hate showmances in general and I’m not fond of either Cody or Jessica, so I was happy to see at least one couple split up early. But I’ll deal with Grossica for now as long as they shake the game up.

      • Mel

        That’s how I feel too Gerardo. We’re stuck with it so maybe there will at least be drama. I think there’s more sex in that house than there was last year…and that’s sayin’ alot.

    • Lynn

      Cody. But I’m like you-neither would be my first choice.

    • danmtruth

      Kari B how can you say there has not been drama since Cody left? We had pickle hot sauce gate Dominique talking in tongues Paul the snake Another Josh melt down Josh crazy rant in the HOH about winning HOH this week Drama is not something this house lacks

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        There’s been a lot of silly drama for sure, but with Cody back and Jessica having the temptation, the game itself will be a lot more interesting (I think at least).

      • Avatar

        I feel like if I took a shot for every stupid argument they get into in this house, by the end of the summer id be dead lol pickle-hot-sauce-gate I love it!

      • Seattle Kari

        Maybe I’m wrong and I need to reread what I wrote, but I don’t recall saying there “wasn’t” drama. I think people voted for him because they want to add the kind of drama that **Cody** brought, and someone to fight harder about getting Paul out.

    • Avatar

      Well said!

      Paul’s popularity is similar to James Huling popularity from his 1st to 2nd season. In season one they were new and fresh and at times a little annoying, but to have another blast of all that for a second season is getting old real quick. I get that many here don’t like team Cody getting some perks right now, but what is left if they didn’t get it. The couples don’t bring much to this game right now.

      We’ve seen what Alex and Jason or lack thereof can do. All talk and no show as Paul (with difficulty) pretty much ran it. Xmas who if what the latest reports say has still yet to win any comps whatsoever. Josh’s pick wouldn’t be as important as to how he handled his nominations moving forward (emotional outbursts, taunting those on the block, etc).

      Maybe Ramses who along with Jessica seem to be openly defiant of the other side of the house. The options for drama is very limited.

  19. Avatar

    I haven’t read the other comments, but that was so rigged, especially since Cody got to play a game he had just played and won! CBS this is BS! Also, get the condoms ready now, BARF!

    • Mel

      Cody had an advantage but that’s not the same as rigged. They have several comps each year where they know someone has an advantage. The wall comp they just had is a good example. I agree that the biggest challenge isn’t the specific maze, it’s figuring out the ropes. Cody had a definite advantage.

      • Avatar

        they honestly should have had a third comp for them, but yeah he definitely had the advantage with the comp, which was the better choice(I had a whole convo on twitter with some stranger about why it was the better option), but I feel like cbs would want something like that since the whole buyback was a huge deal

      • Colby

        It was an advantage, but at least they didn’t give him 3 weeks of safety with it.

      • Avatar

        I get the advantage part, but really, 2 comps that catered to him and his skill set? Plus, the Den of Temp Miracle win to Jess. I just think their was production meddling here.

        And if Jess really won the HoH, then production did give Cody 2 weeks of safety with the HoH & Den of Temp.

        FTR, I agree that the maze was the better comp for Cody to pick.

      • Avatar

        I agree on the dot, but I feel like as aggravating as Cody is, he does really well with all comps, so it wouldn’t really matter that much, but jess getting hot(if true) is all on the houseguests competition skills

        and Colby I almost choked when I read that very true lol

    • Avatar

      Cody is back let the drama begin – YEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!

  20. Lynn

    So I don’t know that much about texting…..so I don’t know how to show that I’m doing the happy dance in emoji-speak, so I’ll just say I’m doing the happy dance!!! So glad Paul and Christmas got theirs today! Can only hope Elena and Raven are next lol.

    Ps- exactly how dumb are these hg? Lock-step. Keep it up and each will be going out the door as Paul laughs. Ok. I’m done. I know that my happiness is short-lived and some of you will be able to gloat in due time (So I thought I’d get mine in while I still could)

  21. Avatar

    I hope cody goes right back out the door !!!!!

  22. Avatar

    well I think they should make an announcement to (josh and Paul) that they should not be yelling in the dream room, I swear to god, I walk back into the room and almost spill a drink with them yelling about this damn competition. I will say I would have liked Dom or Cody, but as we all know, there’s no way in hell that he’ll win the game, because a buyback only buys you a couple weeks generally (victor won it twice and he still was evicted twice), and I will say that I wouldn’t be entirely surprised if jess wins an endurance comp, if my memory is correct, she did fairly well lasting in the wall comp, and besides the candy crush comp(no one stood a chance with Paul having like 8 people help him), she hasn’t been able to show off her skills yet(if she does have any that is)

  23. Mel

    If Cody had to come back, I’m at least glad his wanting to work with Paul was short lived. He may have Jessica take the lead this time around and I’m not sure who she’s even after.

    • Avatar

      I feel like he’ll go for Paul still, idk front door or back door, but I could see him doing like mark and josh(he hates josh and he could say like “prove your allegiance to me and we’ll be good” and try and get to backdoor Paul, or then just get josh out), but who knows, I’m excited to see though

      • Colby

        I don’t think they would go for Paul right away because they would know they couldn’t get the votes. They would go for the Paul worshipers. Possibly Josh (just so they don’t have to listen to him anymore), and maybe Mark if he continues talking like he did tonight.

    • Avatar

      If she’s smart, she’ll target Paul. If her & Cody want go get on the houses’ good side, she’ll target Josh. I don’t think she likes Josh at all either, so she may go that route.

  24. Avatar

    im also about to get to that point where I might mute the dream room sessions for some people, I’ve done it every year for like a week, but then I feel that I might get SOME insight to what the hell people are thinking, so lets hope they’re not as anal about throwing cups or shit this week

  25. danmtruth

    that is one week before that can happen Jess with the halting hex If its true Jess won HOH that puts us at 3 weeks with cody

  26. Avatar

    He won’t. He’s already been in DR saying he’s coming for Paul….Jessica and Cody will run the house now…….
    Jessica wins HOH tonight……so she and Cody are safe…
    Housepets should have voted her out but noooooooo…..serves them all right

  27. g8trgirl

    So I’m interested in seeing how Cody wriggles his way out of throwing Mark under the bus. Does he stick to his story or come clean?
    Since I’m as old as dirt and don’t stay up late, if this question is answered would someone be kind enough to let me know? Thanks!

  28. Avatar

    How many BB followers are tired of Paul?

  29. Avatar

    How many BB followers retired of Paul?

  30. AIO_7

    “Last night we learned that Jessica oddly won the Den of Temptation which raised a lot of eyebrows in the twitterworld. I won’t lie, I am usually on the side of production when it comes to tinfoil cap theories, but this one was odd even to me.”

    Yes! Now someone else wonders how the most unpopular houseguest since Amanda, and in the most sickening showmance since Amanda and PizzaBoy, can win an award, from America, over the likes of Alex or Kevin.

    ” So I still do think production was honest about the results, and it is just entirely possible the communities just came together to rally around drama.”

    Really? SMDH…..Tomorrow I cancel my CBS feeds. I refuse to pay to have to watch that damned showmance that will last at least 2 more weeks.

  31. Avatar

    I was wondering whether people could simply bluff or lie about their Den of Temptation powers. Could Paul have said, he was safe for 4 weeks instead of 3? Or Jess could say: oh my power is to steel a veto. I could see that being a potentially useful game move, since no one else is aware you even had the powers in the first place, why not lie about the scope of these powers.

  32. ElaineB

    Awwwww poor Paul!….Not! Was glad to root for Cody against Paul to battle back in the house.

  33. Avatar

    I can see why some say the game was rigged tonight with Cody playing a maze game (different board for round#2) he just played as an advantage. But Paul has the most advantage as he is playing the same BB game, that he just played a whole season of in BB18. And the advantages for him this season have been abundantly clear.

    And for the Paul fans (this season is a bonus for you guys with him) remember he wouldn’t even be on this season had he and he alone with the final HOH of last season had simply picked Court Jester James who did very little, rather than Nicole who played fairly decent last season two sit with him on Finale night.

    • Avatar

      I actually don’t think Snacole played a good game at all. She just made out with Cory, who was completely vile. I also don’t think Paul would have won over James because James was overall well liked by the jury. Paul was denied the win by a bitter jury.

      • Avatar

        besides her being a vet, Nicole didn’t play a great game by noe means, but she did play a good one, she ended up not being a weak link to boot out with having a bigger stupid meat shield, and the second half of the game she worked her ass off. People HATED her game wise, but even da’vonee respected her gameplay to vote for her. She still talked shit, but not as bad as Paul. And it could be a “bitter jury”, but to say jury maintenance doesn’t matter is a lie. and I actually think that Paul would have beat James personally, either way it was close, but taking Nicole had a bigger chance to lose in my opinion

      • Avatar

        I think it was opposite, and Paul would have lost to James. I also found Cory to be a horrific specimen with his offensive “jokes” and drunken animal abuse stories, so there’s that too.

        Well, have to agree to disagree here (:

  34. Mel

    It took me a day to accept Paul was back when I didn’t want a returnee and it took an hour to accept Cody tonight. I still don’t like him but I already assumed he would win so I guess I was on my way to acceptance all week. It sped up the process.
    I admit that I’m very curious to see the new dynamic in the house, if there is one. Cody was so mad at Ramses but Jessica has spent so much time with him this past week, I wonder if it will change. If Mark and Cody stay at odds, will Jessica and Whorlena’s rekindling friendship remain in tact? (Those two make each others sex talk sooooo much worse) Will Cody change his thoughts about Alex since Jess was just otb during her hoh? Will he acknowledge that he played apart in Dom’s demise? Will Jason distance himself from Paul a little? He’s dying to go after Paul but Alex keeps him in check, he wanted to work with Cody before he left and he’s maintained being fake friends with Jess since Cody was evicted. Will Cody “be a beta” and let Jess tell him what to do for a change? I’m not happy about Cody but honestly, I wouldn’t have this many questions if any of the other three returned.

  35. Avatar

    I think Cody battling back, and if it is true that Jess won HOH, are both amazing for the season. This keeps Cody off the block for a week, and allows them both a chance to line up with some allies, and possibly divide the house.

    Don’t really care if they screw all week. That’s not why I watch the show.

  36. danmtruth

    So after watching Paul backdoor her humanoid vibrator of a boyfriend Than after watching Paul backdoor and humiliate one of his partners At the vote she decides to be Honorable and go mano vs mano ?!? It was smart Jess got in his ear quick not to do or say anything before they talk and she fills him inPart of that should be saying Mark help her Plus Mark was a target by the other side of the house Cody needs to sort out his feelings for Alex My bet is Paul will try to rekindle the Josh Mark fireworks for distraction

  37. Jenny

    Elena and Raven are so sickeningly fake when they cast their votes! UGH! And Raven’s makeup scares the whoozits out of me. Yikes!

  38. AIO_7

    “I can see why some say the game was rigged tonight with Cody playing a maze game”…

    Don’t know about the games being rigged, but Jess getting the Hex was.

    • Avatar

      I’ve heard this Jessica Hex rigging bit, what makes you believe it was rigged. Who did the rigging and why did they do it?

      • AIO_7

        Do your own thinking, Dude.

      • Avatar

        I’m all about the theory BB is rigging the game but why would they rig it to put Paul in danger. Imo this season has been tailored to Paul. Since day 1 he’s had one advantage or an other. Ones been able to put him on the block and I feel like that was BB plan. Both Jess and Cody ate coming straight for Paul.

    • Avatar

      Agree on the hex being rigged too. The most unpopular player (well maybe 2nd most unpopular after Josh) win the hex after being so far down in votes and percentages. Plus, you have to have the feeds to vote and only so many votes per day. So yeah, I call voter shenanigans for sure!

  39. Avatar

    Omggggg! I feel like an outsider to most of you guys lol. I’m so glad Cody won Battle Back. I’m really becoming a fan of Jessica’s and I freaking HATE Paul. He’s such a little lying suck up ass kissing idiot. I cannot wait til I see Paul sucking up to Jessica and Cody because I know it’s not going to work. P.s. Alex was sooo disappointing this week.

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      I don’t think you’re on the outside too much @jesus6789. A lot of people seem to be annoyed with Paul and happy Cody is back to challenge him. A lot of people are also disappointed in Alex turning into a Paul groupie as well. You’re on your own with the being a Jessica fan part though lol.

    • Avatar

      Alex’s gameplay was definitely disappointing.

    • Yael Sara

      @jesus6789 I’m there with you. I was happy when Cody had left as the relationship with Jessica and Cody had definitely become nauseating and they definitely let power get to them. However with what the house has become, how unbelievably absurd of human being Paul is and that I seriously can’t stand the guy, I would hope and thing this is also Cody and Jessica’s second chance and they can see where they were shitty before. Especially if they get Paul out, I am completely team Cody and Jessica.

      After Paul, please add Alex, Christmas and Raven.

  40. Avatar

    @AIO_7 you got it my man. One full month of team Paul getting all the perks, all the advantages, minus a Cody HOH, and no talk of any rigging and conspiracies. The second team Cody gets some loving, its rigged conspiracy theory central.

    On a larger note, what a great night of blogging! From individuals wanting to cancel their live feed memberships, to conspiracies abound galore, to definite defining lines of Team Paul lovers and Team Cody supporters, look how much 24 hours in the BB house has brought so much good energy and attention to the game! This is why I wanted Cody back in, this is why I love the BB game when controversy and drama is in full effect!

  41. Avatar

    Ritchie. Do you seriously believe that when CBS pursued Paul to return this season that they didn’t offer him some contractual incentives to give up his business…his band and appearances to maybe stay in the house for a week? Anyone who watches BB knows returning players are targeted right off the bat….so sure they made the first temptation be 3 weeks safety probably banking on Paul’s fan base to give him that temptation….so heck yes I think it’s rigged…..whether it’s Paul,Cody or Jessica….

  42. Colby

    OK. It seems the feeds don’t usually come back up when they say they will.
    Any bets / guesses on times it may actually happen? 🙂

  43. danmtruth

    It’s official Cody and Jess Back in HOH

  44. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Yep, Jessica is HOH. She’s in the HOH room telling Cody now that if he ever wants to see her naked AGAIN, he’d better cut out all the burping and farting.


  45. NKogNeeTow

    Just looked at the top of the board. How did she make Noms already? If Josh and Ram are up, that means Paul is about to be backdoored.

  46. Avatar

    I think my biggest beef with Cody & Jessica is they are just so unlikable. They aren’t like Evil Dick unlikable though because have the game play of an leaf. Their sexcipades don’t help them either.

    • Avatar

      I agree, they can make some damn good tv sometimes, but outside of those few moments is sex,farts,booger eating, and making slightly and highly offensive jokes/comments

      • Avatar

        They are highly offensive. The “pranks” they pull aren’t funny either, not at all. They are just mean spirited.

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