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Big Brother 19 Special Battle Back Episode Discussion

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Woah, a post!  That’s right, I took a full day off while the feeds were down and did a whole lot of nothing.  Seriously. I didn’t even get to chip away at my DVR.  Oh well, there is always winter.

Let’s just catch up on where the house stands, what we know, and what the rumors are for tonight.

Warning: At the bottom of this page, I am going to discuss rumored spoilers of the battle back, and HoH.  I will give you another warning before going into that

Last night we learned that Jessica oddly won the Den of Temptation which raised a lot of eyebrows in the twitterworld.  I won’t lie, I am usually on the side of production when it comes to tinfoil cap theories, but this one was odd even to me. Dominique was the only other person in the house who would have benefitted from this power more than Jess, yet both are pretty unpopular when it comes to polling on the Big Brother blogs around the net. Shit, Jessica had 1% popularity and currently stands at 6% on our week 3 poll.  As we learned last November, polling isn’t a guarantee of anything, and that is even truer when it comes to reality TV.  I also watched a newbie upset Jason during the Big Brother Over the Top season where viewers picked the winner due to Jason’s attitude and a huge surge in popularity of Alex (Morgan’s sister). Reddit often rallied around what would make good TV and those more often than not won out.

Despite the polls on this blog, players like Paul are not entirely popular with other large communities as the ‘returning player’ fad has worn out its welcome (a few seasons ago).  A sudden surge for Jessica is not that surprising if you go by that because she is the one remaining player in the house we think would continue to stir up the drama and not just kiss Paul’s ass.  So I still do think production was honest about the results, and it is just entirely possible the communities just came together to rally around drama.  As I’ve said countless times, I’ve watched enough of this show to see many opportunities for production to alter results for the sake of drama but they don’t.

So let’s get into where we stand…..

  • Temptations:
    • Safety 3 weeks – Paul – used
    • Veto swap – Christmas – not yet used
    • Nullify an eviction – Jessica – not yet used
  • Punishments:
    • Being nominated – Ramses – used
    • Frog unitards – Cody, Jessica, Jason – used
    • Uknown third punishment
  • Battle back competitors:
    • Cody
    • Jillian
    • Cameron
    • Dominique
  • Head of household:
    • Unknown (though rumors below)

Updates from the episode:

  • Here we go!
  • Julie says there isn’t a guarantee they’ll return during this comp. I guess they have to face off against someone in the house?
  • The house will vote on who to challenge the BB winner.  This means the players have to win 2 rounds and then a 1 on 1
    • Cody wins round 1
    • Cameron finishes second in round 1. Both will move on to round 2
    • Jillian and Dominique are going home
  • Round 2
    • They use a catapult thing to launch balls at a wall. First person to knock down 10 wins
    • Cameron comes out to an early lead, 7-4
    • Cody realizes the strategy and quickly comes back
    • 7-6
    • 7-7
    • 8-7 Cody
    • 9-7
    • 10-7 Cody wins
    • Cameron is officially done
  • Seeing as the house gets to pick the challenger, Cody gets to pick the comp. One of the two he just did
    • Cody chooses the maze (it will be a different maze, but still…)
  • Julie tells the house that there will be a battle back
    • Mark tells the DR that he’s pissed off
    • Jessica tells him not to worry if Cody comes back
  • Vote to pick player to compete against Cody
    • Alex – Paul
    • Paul – Alex
    • Christmas – Paul
    • Elena – Paul
    • Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul Pual apupapsdupss
    • Yes, all the ass kissers picked Paul
  • Final round….
    • Cody wins, he’s back!

Rumored spoilers:


As you know, we won’t be live again until midnight est tonight. That means the battle back competition and HoH have likely already taken place.  This means there are possibilities for spoilers for the episode tonight. I know it’s weird me being concerned about spoilers on a Big Brother spoiler site, but these are unconfirmed and some may want to go into tonight with a little surprise.


Alright, so it sounds like the HoH competition was some sort of endurance challenge that Christmas was able to play in because she was up there for roughly 3 hours according to this source.  The challenge was similar to one of the first endurance competitions of BBOTT season where they had to stand there with a sword and hold a plate up. This is why Christmas was able to compete, although I am interested to see if she was given any advantage because she likely either had her walker or crutches which could have helped.

That is moot because Christmas did not win the HoH.  The winner of the HoH is allegedly JESSICA

Also, Cody won the battle back, although that comes as a surprise to nobody.

Again, these are unconfirmed rumors so I am not going to update my header or anything like that until I see it for myself.  I just thought I’d put it out there for you.


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