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Big Brother 19 – Wednesday Feed Updates

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Good afternoon, everyone! It’s Wednesday afternoon. The house got their weekly fight out of the way yesterday, and they’re all locked in now until likely Saturday night or Sunday.

It appears Josh’s plan to get Elena out this week is completely dead, though I am sure at some point today he will pull people aside to try to revive it. After the fight yesterday, however, I’m not even sure on that anymore.  Jessica may have made Paul’s job easier this week by fighting with Josh because he doesn’t seem to have the same drive to get out Elena.  On the bright side, we finally get to see how Cody acts without being up Jessica’s butt all day, but on the bad side, we lose one of two people who are willing to stand up to Paul.

Another good side to Jessica leaving is now the house is going to start preparing for LAJ (life after Jody). It’s pretty damn easy to get along when everyone has the same target, but once we hit LAJ, things should shake up. Should. As I wrote earlier, it appears that Paul is already planning for LAJ by making Mark out to be the new public enemy. If that happens, he’ll be on the block next to someone who is happy to be a pawn and Paul will likely have already picked his next target to alienate.  At some point, the house will wake up and realize that there are only 2 seats in the finale and way too many people to fill them.

Let’s get on with some updates…

  • 1:10 pm – The house is basically in 3 spots.  Most are in kitchen and bedroom while Jessica and Cody are (of course) alone somewhere else.
  • 2:20 pm – Kevin, just stop. Please
    • I like you. I don’t want to see you end up like Christine
  • 2:30 pm – Matt and Raven are upstairs talking game.  Trying to figure out how to get Cody out next week
    • It’s a typical Matt/Raven conversation that turns out to be pretty pointless.
  • 3:00 pm – Matt and Raven have moved to the apple room and are chatting with Paul a little about game
    • Raven listening intently not sure what is going on
    • Paul says he wants the final 5 of him, Christmas, Josh, Matt, and Raven with Kevin maybe the 6th… though I’m sure he’s making similar final 5 deals with others
    • They talk for a bit and Paul makes Matt and Raven feel all good about their position in the house.  He ends by saying he can’t be seen talking to them much.
    • This is obviously perfect for Paul for a number of reasons.  First, he doesn’t have to talk to Raven much which is a bonus all around.  Second, he keeps his side alliances away from each other so nobody gets suspicious and starts asking questions.
    • That said, this is definitely more of a legit alliance because we all know Paul would prefer dragging Josh and scooter Christmas to the final 3.
    • Raven says if she won the $25k she would pay off her car. Matt reminds about the new pacemaker she needs to stay alive.  Hmmm. Not something you’d typically forget
  • 3:35 pm – Josh is camtalking a little
    • Josh’s six are him, Paul, Christmas, Alex, Jason, and Kevin.
    • Sorry, ate some dinner
    • Josh gives us an exmaple of how shady people are. He sees Mark and Jason outside playing chess and talking. He goes outside to say hi and they stop talking. He comes inside and says “See. Shady. Now I know Jason and Mark have something”.  Josh, relax. They’re playing chess. They could be game talking but it’s more than likely talking about the match
    • Josh continues his rant calling Jason so stupid for talking to Mark
    • The feeds turn to Jason and Mark and turns out they are talking game. Maybe Josh isn’t crazy
  • Speaking of their conversation……
    • Jason is telling Mark how he wanted to work with Cody until yesterday.  He also noted how Paul was kind of poking Josh yesterday to stir things up
    • Mark talks about being put on the spot yesterday by Paul was complete bullshit.  Let’s see if he actually does anything about it rather than just wait until he’s the target
    • Mark continues by saying that if Paul was taken out, people would be left scrambling (duh).  Jason says you’d have to backdoor him.
    • Mark says it has to be perfect timing. Jason has no clue how to beat Paul
    • Mark says if they saved Cody, he would have their backs.  He also says that this game is going like last year. Paul is skating through
  • 7:00 pm – Feeds have been down, likely for the midway party.  Pretty funny it’s midway and still 12 people in the house

Check back for updates



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