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Big Brother 19 – Wednesday Feed Updates


Good afternoon, everyone! It’s Wednesday afternoon. The house got their weekly fight out of the way yesterday, and they’re all locked in now until likely Saturday night or Sunday.

It appears Josh’s plan to get Elena out this week is completely dead, though I am sure at some point today he will pull people aside to try to revive it. After the fight yesterday, however, I’m not even sure on that anymore.  Jessica may have made Paul’s job easier this week by fighting with Josh because he doesn’t seem to have the same drive to get out Elena.  On the bright side, we finally get to see how Cody acts without being up Jessica’s butt all day, but on the bad side, we lose one of two people who are willing to stand up to Paul.

Another good side to Jessica leaving is now the house is going to start preparing for LAJ (life after Jody). It’s pretty damn easy to get along when everyone has the same target, but once we hit LAJ, things should shake up. Should. As I wrote earlier, it appears that Paul is already planning for LAJ by making Mark out to be the new public enemy. If that happens, he’ll be on the block next to someone who is happy to be a pawn and Paul will likely have already picked his next target to alienate.  At some point, the house will wake up and realize that there are only 2 seats in the finale and way too many people to fill them.


Let’s get on with some updates…

  • 1:10 pm – The house is basically in 3 spots.  Most are in kitchen and bedroom while Jessica and Cody are (of course) alone somewhere else.
  • 2:20 pm – Kevin, just stop. Please
    • I like you. I don’t want to see you end up like Christine
  • 2:30 pm – Matt and Raven are upstairs talking game.  Trying to figure out how to get Cody out next week
    • It’s a typical Matt/Raven conversation that turns out to be pretty pointless.
  • 3:00 pm – Matt and Raven have moved to the apple room and are chatting with Paul a little about game
    • Raven listening intently not sure what is going on
    • Paul says he wants the final 5 of him, Christmas, Josh, Matt, and Raven with Kevin maybe the 6th… though I’m sure he’s making similar final 5 deals with others
    • They talk for a bit and Paul makes Matt and Raven feel all good about their position in the house.  He ends by saying he can’t be seen talking to them much.
    • This is obviously perfect for Paul for a number of reasons.  First, he doesn’t have to talk to Raven much which is a bonus all around.  Second, he keeps his side alliances away from each other so nobody gets suspicious and starts asking questions.
    • That said, this is definitely more of a legit alliance because we all know Paul would prefer dragging Josh and scooter Christmas to the final 3.
    • Raven says if she won the $25k she would pay off her car. Matt reminds about the new pacemaker she needs to stay alive.  Hmmm. Not something you’d typically forget
  • 3:35 pm – Josh is camtalking a little
    • Josh’s six are him, Paul, Christmas, Alex, Jason, and Kevin.
    • Sorry, ate some dinner
    • Josh gives us an exmaple of how shady people are. He sees Mark and Jason outside playing chess and talking. He goes outside to say hi and they stop talking. He comes inside and says “See. Shady. Now I know Jason and Mark have something”.  Josh, relax. They’re playing chess. They could be game talking but it’s more than likely talking about the match
    • Josh continues his rant calling Jason so stupid for talking to Mark
    • The feeds turn to Jason and Mark and turns out they are talking game. Maybe Josh isn’t crazy
  • Speaking of their conversation……
    • Jason is telling Mark how he wanted to work with Cody until yesterday.  He also noted how Paul was kind of poking Josh yesterday to stir things up
    • Mark talks about being put on the spot yesterday by Paul was complete bullshit.  Let’s see if he actually does anything about it rather than just wait until he’s the target
    • Mark continues by saying that if Paul was taken out, people would be left scrambling (duh).  Jason says you’d have to backdoor him.
    • Mark says it has to be perfect timing. Jason has no clue how to beat Paul
    • Mark says if they saved Cody, he would have their backs.  He also says that this game is going like last year. Paul is skating through
  • 7:00 pm – Feeds have been down, likely for the midway party.  Pretty funny it’s midway and still 12 people in the house

Check back for updates


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  1. AIO_7

    * “Jessica and Cody are (of course) alone somewhere else.”

    It’s getting kind of awkward having to see JODY as they pass through the house like ghosts.

  2. AIO_7

    The whole group, minus Slosh, are gathered in the Money room.


  3. danmtruth

    Stevebeans back to you saying no way Nichole would get this far Why? True her game play was not that dynamic Yet she still got far in her first season Even winning last Now you can all thumbs down me and say she won by default Yet SHE WON Nonexistent game plan or not she did well in both seasons Used who she had and stayed in the game As they say showing up is 1/2 the battle
    It would not surprise me if Paul left Cody stick around That keeps a big distraction for Alex Xmas Matt and Josh to worry about While Paul comes up with other ways to get the house to target people He has that with Mark ready in the wings If need be he has Elena also ready for the slaughter Yet he has worked so hard to isolate her so her only ally is him That I ‘m thinking he might keep her around Perhaps Matt has raised one to many questions In keeping with Stevebeans Boston Rob therm Get Matt out and isolate Raven ? Blame Cody ?
    So the other players who claimed they will get Paul at a latter date The bell is tolling Time to act

    • stevebeans

      I’m not saying the former houseguests wouldn’t get far. I’m saying they wouldn’t dominate the way Paul has dominated. To be fair, we need to see how this plays out because Nicole’s passive strategy can work better in the long run if/when the newbies revolt. If Paul doesn’t make the finals, all of this is moot because his strategy was too aggressive.

      • danmtruth

        just saying bottom line is results matter That’s why Paul is paying close attention to the jury and how they get their He planted lots of seeds about how dumb the people were who did not vote for him last year How every where he goes people say they can’t believe he lost As you say how he handles the end of the show will tell part of the tail For this group it should be an effective plan
        I was not a fan of Nichole’s play but again for that group it was effective

    • Sassy

      Paul won’t let Cody stay around, he is to big of a threat to him personally. He knows Cody sees through him and will take a shot the first chance he gets. It is just to risky and Paul is all about weighing risks and getting rid of the threats.

      He is lining up his targets, Mark than Matt. He has said numerous times, he wants to break up the showmances. I wonder if that includes Alex and Jason? He seems to want to keep the women around and let the men go, I guess he thinks they are easier to control/persuade.

  4. Avatar
    Helen (5156 comments)

    If I knew for certain Cody would put Christmas and Raven OTB and that Paul would win safety I would cheer him on to win HOH Thursday night if for no other reason than to kick Matt and Raven out of the HOH room…..they have practically lived in it for two weeks now.
    Plus I think a good cat fight between Christmas and Raven at next tuesdays Smackdown show would receive a packed audience…..tickets sold out in advance!!!
    Ass kissing Friday which always spills over into Saturday would be entertaining

  5. danmtruth

    always more brutal when you have two women
    my bet is Elena is their to give “aide” &”comfort” to Xmas With the yard boss sitting in the corner encouraging them

  6. Avatar

    Random thoughts. Matts orange sleeveless gives me anxiety.Now I know why Jess must constantly wear her bandanas… her tracks are showing. Cody eating makes me nauseous. I know in the “Marines”, they have to choke food down or not chow, but this is BB. Jess is such a c tease constantly straddling Cody so he has to comment that he can’t get up yet. These 2 couldn’t be more unmatched. Check her instagram and he’s telling her he just went to a country ho down with his Marine buddies. I honestly think she can’t wait to get away from him because when he starts talking about the Marines now she just zones out but she stuck with him because she’s back yourself into a corner Lastly , Christmas and Kevin are concerning me. Listening to him and cowboy yesterday, Kevin has a hardon for Xmas and she’s using it. He has 6 daughters who watch LF. Sorry. Doesn’t seem innocent to me.

  7. Avatar

    Why can’t matt leave that HOH room. If I was Josh I would just say can I have a little privacy I want to take a bath while I have my HOH for the last day Why can’t he do his push-ups somewhere else in the house ? Irks me.

    • Avatar

      Paul almost always migrates to the HOH room, so it allows them to have a hands off approach, while their boss (Paul) continues to regulate. Paul eluded a couple of weeks ago that the free ride was over and they needed to start earning their keep, Raven has done some of her tasks such as flirt innocently with nightly hugs n kiss on cheek to keep Papa Paul happy, she was a hitman for him with the emotional turn it up on Jess last week, and now she sits on the block as a pawn with little care in the World.

      I want to see what tasks the boss has waiting for Matt, because to date we bloggers have done more game analysis and strategizing in one of Steve’s updated posts (Just 1 of them) than he has all season long.

      Perhaps Matt’s task will be the most important of them all, Boss Paul letting it be known that Matt must go up as a pawn (wink wink) and ultimately go home backdoor. Like the rest of you, I await to see what the Boss has planned for the house in general in for the upcoming days.

  8. Shivani33

    Paul told Cowpoke that he’ll try to throw the HoH comp to him, although I’m not convinced that the Cowboy wants that honor. I don’t think that he wants to be any kind of focal point to keep up the battle to get rid of Cody. It’s dirty work, and Paul would run that HoH. Cowboy would be the deputy and would have no peace. Everyone would talk his ear off, and Alex would be even more insufferable.

    A few weeks ago, Matt and Raven agreed to float for several more eviction rounds and then to start playing hard to win comps. Their vacation time probably won’t end until Jessica and Cody are both gone. Who knows yet if Matt or Raven have any gaming skills or will stay stuck in quicksand like two complacent jerkoffs, and who cares? If Cody sticks around and becomes HoH again, he told Jessica that his first nominees would be Christmas and Raven, with Paul in mind for backdooring. After yesterday’s crap-fest, Josh moved up higher on Cody’s hitlist. Still, Raven and Matt are on everyone’s radar to be evicted, and it could be too late to change that. Matt might be a rich boy/man who keeps it to himself. There are a few potential indicators, but never mind.

    Mark looks like a good eviction victim. He’s seen as wishy-washy, emotionally vulnerable and untrustworthy. Unmentioned is that lately he has won one or TWO comps more than Christmas, Matt, Raven, Kevin, Elena, Jason or Josh. Lol. Bad minion!

  9. hogwild

    I wouldn’t bet the farm on the rest of the house finally understanding there are only two spots in the finals after Cody and Jessica are gone. Basic logic and common sense should tell the rest of them this but outside of Kevin I have seen nothing to indicate the rest of them have either of these.

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  11. Avatar

    Where is everyone. Can’t watch Maven and “the snugglers” in the other room. Boring. People aren’t supposed to sleep but Xmas and Betty Boop are wearing sunglasses n sleeping.

  12. Avatar

    Like the rumors of Raven and her illnesses machine bilking caring super saps out of hard earned money, the claims against Jess even in popular media has not died down.


  13. Avatar
    Helen (5156 comments)

    Mark is currently trying to flip Jason o vote Raven out

  14. danmtruth

    This is why i said for Paul Cody winning HOH is not a bad thing Even if he tries to backdoor him look at the votes With Xmas Raven and Paul on the block
    Alex; no love for Xmas or Raven Paul is safe
    Jason ; might be a wild card will he with Kevins help pull the trigger on Paul Or fall in line with Alex out goes
    Xmas or DMW Raven
    Kevin ; is it game time or just float in and Xmas or DMW Raven Xmas Don’t count this vote ask Ramses
    Matt; Xmas no balls to go after Paul
    Elena ; DMW Raven no love “special “bond with Xmas and Paul
    Mark; copy Elena’s vote
    Josh ; ask Paul but bye bye DMW Raven
    Sorry Cody you miss Paul again Good thing Raven gone
    This brought to you by a very junior member of Commander Helen’s Department of Speculation

    • Sassy

      That is why I think Cody should throw the HoH and try to win the last temptation.

    • Sassy

      Kevin v Paul OTB would be the most interesting combination. Everyone likes them both.

    • Avatar
      Helen (5156 comments)

      Gets my stamp of approval…..although after listening to mark trying to convince Cowboy to flip for Cody I think mark would vote out Paul….Jason is questionable. He has a pretty tight alliance with Alex and has since week one

    • Ann

      Jess told Cody to go after Paul so that’s exactly what he would do & I think that would be his first order of business. We all know that Cody hates Paul & Josh & he does not know how to hide his feelings & play nice. He’s going after both of them & he will be coming in HOT & HEAVY with both guns ablazing. Plus there are no more temptations are there?

  15. Zach

    Does anyone like Rob Zombie? Well even if you don’t he has a song that reminds me of Raven. #LivingDeadGirl #STFURaven!

  16. Avatar

    Jess is so dumb! I hate when people just give up. Even if they were to go out what some crazy ridiculous scheme at least they tried. The one thing I don’t agree with is how everybody is mad because of how Jessica acted yesterday. I’m not saying the girls Innocent but I have never once seen her maliciously attack somebody unprovoked. Now I was watching the whole time so I totally saw how she started it but I just find it hard to feel bad for Josh. It’s like the old saying goes don’t dish we can’t take. I have to admit I’m actually pretty excited for Jessica to leave because now there are no more targets. I feel like now the game is about to get interesting no more of this whole house against two people. Back on to the fight yesterday I was screaming at my phone as I was screaming at my phone when I saw Paul throw mark under the bus like that. First off where the hell was Captain Save A Hoe Paul when they were attacking him like that. All of them were in the exact same room and nobody said crap. Christmas even said she wanted to lunge at Jessica with her broken leg because she couldn’t believe how she was banging on a cup and a spoon (I seriously laugh for 10 minutes.) Everything Mark was saying made total sense first off he wasn’t in the room second off why would mark stick up for Josh when he was literally attacking him not even a week ago. Would you feel bad if a serial killer who was murdered? Just saying. I just can’t wait for this house to go at each other because I’ll be sitting tback with some popcorn I promise

    • Avatar

      Hi. I’m new here, so be gentle, everyone! I have to say that I’ve been rooting for Jess and Cody because they have been the underdogs for awhile now, not because I’m a fan. Having said that, I appreciate that Paul is playing a good (maybe even masterful) game, but it’s like shooting fish in a barrel. Not sure it takes that much skill to lead a bunch of relatively brainless followers.

      I think the hypocrisy of Paul and his minions is staggering though. I don’t think the bullying is good gameplay at all. And, if I hear one more minion say “it’s just a game, don’t take it personally” after running into a room and crying or talking about how they have been attacked personally, I may puke like Otev. And, Alex calling Jess a mean girl …. hello, pot? It’s the kettle. Just no self awareness among any of these people whatsoever. Kind of disturbing actually.

      One of the things I have enjoyed in seasons past was the “finesse” good players employed to outmaneuver other players. Some were good socially. Some were good at comps. Some were both. But, now, it’s mostly just a gang attacking 2 people. I’m not defending Jess and Cody as they have dished some out, but that Paul group really seems to enjoy the attack. Yet, I doubt any of them would be able to handle being on the receiving end. If I wanted to watch that, I’d go back to middle school.

      This season has not had much finesse, if any, and it has been kind of sickening to watch at times. There has been virtually no strategizing that makes me think “that was brilliant.” Probably because there has been a mob mentality all season. So, if the underdogs have to leave in order for the dishers to become dishees, bring it on. I can’t watch more of the same for another week. It’s like Groundhog Day meets Mean Girls.

      • AIO_7

        ….”if I hear one more minion say “it’s just a game, don’t take it personally” ”

        Welcome to the board, Sauce; and yes, BB is more than just a game. I’m sick of that cliche as well. Wheel of Fortune, Hollywood Squares, and Family Feud are games. BB is a game, but very personal too.

      • LindsayB

        It’s a game. Don’t take it personally. 🙂

  17. danmtruth

    if Mark was game smart (that’s assuming a lot ) every time someone came in and Paul said give us a privet moment Mark should have been HELL TO THE NO Paul you had no problem throwing me under the bus in front of everyone Now lets hear you try to get my jury vote in front of everyone

  18. Avatar

    Did anyone see the report on TMZ about Jessica poking people in the backside and laughing about it? Or has anyone witnessed it on the feeds or heard discussions in the house about it? I just saw it on TMZ but haven’t heard anything about it until now.


  19. Avatar

    Hi guys! Haven’t posted in a while. The best part of this season is this blog and all the comments. Gotta admit I miss Feltso a little bit tho. Haha
    Enjoying Jessica’s comments now lol

    This season is too long. They need better HGs and 2 weeks without an eviction is dull. I think eventually Alex, Jason and Kevin are going to backdoor Paul. All others seem to be playing for Jury and not 500k.

    I don”t like anyone in the house. i do think Paul is playing the best game. But I’d love to see him in a season with Derrick (my all time favourite player), Dan, Dr Will and Evel Dick. I don’t think he would do very well against them because none of them would be intimidated by that bearded hipster.

    And another thing…..#STFURAVEN. Does Matt really, actually, like her? Yuck! I’m a girl but if I was a guy I would never be able to get it up for that girl. The liked Matt at first (thought he was best looking in the house at least) but he is so frickin’ VANILLA!!

    Sorry! I posted on last thread by mistake so I copied and put it here ( I know, rookie mistake! )

    • Avatar
      Helen (5156 comments)

      Evel Dick will never be in Big Brother again…..not allowed

      • Avatar

        I didn’t know that. How come? Actually I didn’t watch his whole season, started YouTube’ing it to see what all the fuss was about.

      • Avatar
        Helen (5156 comments)

        He is HIV positive….his test came back while he was in the house and he was pulled from game. Doctors told him had they known prior to he would have never been allowed in to start with

      • Zach

        Holly he has aids.

      • Avatar
        Helen (5156 comments)

        No he does not have aids. He is HIV positive…..there is a difference. Although you can acquire aids after being infected with HIV virus

      • Avatar

        Oh my I wasn’t expecting that answer. I remember when he got pulled from the show when he went back the second time but I thought it was a sick or dying friend or something like that. Too bad. Although I’m not sure why they couldn’t have an hiv positive person in the house but just be mindful of some of the comps that they choose to have.

      • Avatar

        And thanks for the answer Helen and Zach !

      • Avatar
        Helen (5156 comments)

        What comps he were to play in is irrelevant……HIV is a blood borne pathogen which can be transmitted through what is considered “wet stuff” or body fluids…….while Dick I’m sure would have been extremely careful the risk to the other housepets is just not a gamble CBS is going to take with a house full of rambunctious kids

      • Avatar

        I’m with ya Helen. I just meant as long as it wasn’t a comp that had a strong likelihood of people getting hurt and cut, I don’t see any risk in having an hiv positive HG. But a network would I guess.

        I think they are risking more with THIS season and the shitty HGs they’ve got. Lol!

      • Avatar
        Helen (5156 comments)

        I agree Holly……with this group I’d be more worried about food poisoning

      • Avatar

        If I had to live in the house with that bunch, I would poison my own damn self!

    • NKogNeeTow

      Oh Felts is still here Holly. He just keeps changing his clothes 😉

  20. Ann

    Guys, I’m leaving in about 10 minutes to do a sleep study so i have to spend the night away from home. I’ll miss most of the show tonight so PLEASE let me know how it goes tonight.

  21. Avatar

    This years season of BBCanada was so much better. Normally I enjoy the US version better. Check it out if you get bored of this season. There were vets but they were gunning for each other it was awesome drama. Especially the double eviction episode.

  22. Avatar

    Jessica is such a dick! The way she talks to Josh. 😐

  23. Shivani33

    I mentioned in a comment above that Paul told Cowpoke that he’ll try to throw him the HoH win. Later, Paul told Kevin that he’ll try to throw the HoH to Kevin. It is amusing how Paul works. Like a gardener, he scatters plenty of seeds and thins out the weaker shoots later. Plus, he measures each and every reaction when he says something about the game and his ideas of what to do, whether he’s serious or not.

  24. Avatar
    Helen (5156 comments)

    Yes!! Finally. Cool down Wednesday is morphing into the cliffhanger phase!! Will Marks talk with Cowboy sway his vote to keep Jess?
    Alex and Christmas are complaining about Raven….will it be enough to want to vote her out? We still have a few hours to have us biting our nails before it all culminates in Eviction Thursday. Who will be voted out? Raven or Jessica?

  25. Avatar
    Helen (5156 comments)

    Now what? Fishers for almost an hour!!

    • Shivani33

      Halfway party is being filmed, I think. Season 18 it took one and a half to two hours of fish. Then we got an hour’s show out of it, with Paulie edited out because he was at the party but evicted before it was shown on a special Friday episode. That damn episode was as special as a dental appointment. Will Jessica be edited out of the halfway party like Paulie? That would tell us that we won’t see her again.

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  27. danmtruth

    Helen i’m disappointed you pass up a chance to do some BB math
    Jess RavenSTFU and Elena =3
    Josh only if a tie = 1
    8 votes to account for
    Paul ; easy Jess (1 )
    Cody ; now the fun RavenSTFU (1)
    Alex ; Jess ( 2 – 2) seems the likely choice but perhaps we can hope for a RavenSTFU ( 1 – 2?) vote tell
    her we know jess is going but give one to Raven just to shake her up
    Jason ;see above Alex voting Jess ( 3 – 3? ) RavenSTFU ( 1 – 3 )
    Mark; This should be RavenSTFU ( 2- 4 ) we have hope
    Matt ; This is jess ( 4 – 2 )
    Xmas ; this should be a Easy Jess ( 5-3 ) vote but another you could try the throw away vote on Raven trick
    Kevin ; our wild card Jess ( 6 – 3 ) could be interesting
    So by my math Jess 6 Raven 2 Elena 0
    but all is not lost we still have Alex,Jason can easily switch Jess 4 Raven 4
    tie is not good Josh can orgasm and cast the vote to send Jess home
    unless we can steal a vote from Kevin or Xmas
    Bad news i put all this math out for you to laugh at but Cody and Jess have not even thought that something like this can happen Because they feel bad for themselves

    • Avatar
      Helen (5156 comments)

      Oh I have thought about it and counted votes…..I have come to the conclusion that it might be a tie vote

      • Avatar

        I’d be happy if that happened only because the look on Paul and his minion’s faces would be priceless. Something’s gotta give soon. It’s too much drama and not enough game. But, I don’t think the plethora of disciples Paul has have the nards to do something that delicious.

    • Shivani33

      Please! No on-camera orgasms from Joshy. After yesterday’s fight, didn’t Jessica leave a bad taste in the air? And if Mark doesn’t add his vote to the Jessica pile, it’ll be one more thing for the rah-rah team to use against him and could hurt his own game a lot. I was hoping there was a chance for a tie before that fight and would be delighted if Raven got blindsided. It’s just that Jessica and Cody blew it storming around and going after Josh again. I think it finalized her eviction with them behaving like a suicide squad.

  28. danmtruth

    Helen I tried to come up with an actual way for it to happen

  29. Yael Sara

    I love the sound effects they have added on Christmas’ scooter, completely mocking her! Thank you Big Brother production for that added foolery demeaning her just a little 🙂

  30. Avatar

    Yeah nah…. I’m not buying this Jess and Cody the only ones that will stand up to Paul and go after him BS…. Jess had her chance and BLEW it like a Sunday night hooker hiding out behind the peep show. HOH, VETO and Guaranteed safety the following week and did absolutely 0 to the negative 0 power infinity. Jessica is a weak ass player and the perfect example of what the hell not to do in the BB House. She has a big ass mouth but not a big enough game play to even make jury. She will go down in BB Archives as a complete dud that had more arguments and pointless confrontation than number of days in the big brother house.

  31. Avatar

    This is only my third post, so I’m still getting the hang of it. Apologies if I’m rehashing something discussed previously. But, I just read that Alex was on Cody again today about whether or not he served in the military. I think the HGs question it in part because his dog tags are taped. Also, he doesn’t have tattoos, so the HGs think that means he can’t be military. Very scientific. She apparently suggested that he was wearing someone else’s tags as a ruse.

    It seems obvious to me that his dog tags are taped for 2 reasons. First, his social security number is on them. I think with screen grabs and software available, someone might be able to get his info and use it to steal his identity. Second, they probably jingle and would interfere with his mic. Am I the only one who thinks that is pretty clear? Does anyone else find it offensive that his service is being questioned?

    If Alex wants to call someone out for BS, Raven seems to be the clear choice in my opinion. Today, she Saud if she won $25K, she’d pay off her car. Matt Saud “what about your pacemaker surgery?” Ummmm …. duh, Raven!

    • Yael Sara

      The house has exceeded any coherent and plausible snubs towards their fellow houseguests.
      It’s not Big Brother House, it’s Futile Flophouse #futileflophouse

      • Avatar

        Well, one does need good credit after they die ….. or maybe she plans to use her car as her casket. Savvy

      • LindsayB

        Kevin, what part of nobody here is questioning Cody’s service do you not understand? Apparently all of it. The topic is about why the HGs are doing it. Nothing more. Nothing less. You obviously are sensitive about this based on your reaction to it. Get over it.

    • LindsayB

      For us looking in, it’s definitely ridiculous to question his service. In the BB house it would be weird if they didn’t question everyone’s backstory. All they do is sit around and speculate. Let me correct myself: all they do is ride banana hammocks, give blow jobs, fight, cry, fight some more, then ask Paul if they should fight again. Then, after that, they speculate. So many people have some into the house feeling the need to hide their true identies. Remember Bronte? Her decision to hide the fact that she was a mathematician really helped out!! Ok, seriously tho, in a game of lies it makes total sense to question everyone. They can’t fact check it like us. They can’t read the bios. They can’t listen to the DRs. Try to think about it from their point of view.

      • Yael Sara

        Agree @lindsayb – Devils advocate, there is definitely understanding from the inability to fact check. I do think though the houseguests this season likes to vomit at the mouth a bit more, with a very knee jerk reaction. While they act quickly to question and ridicule another’s story, they are not rationalizing as they regurgitate. Ultimately them looking more poorly after all said and done for saying such foolish things on impulse.

      • LindsayB

        What part of any of this makes you think these people have any impulse control? It’s a complete shit show in there! Lol

      • Yael Sara

        @lindsayb Touché [face palm]

      • Avatar

        Oh, I get that the HGs can’t Google people and that many have lied. Derek never copped to being a cop. Dominique engineered a different persona to not be known as a nuclear engineer. Bronte (OMG that voice!) miscalculated that anyone would care she was a mathematician. I’m sure there are others. But, all of that was asked and answered last week. Alex is just taking pleasure in needling him. For being one of the group that finds personal attacks so distasteful, she certainly dishes it out with this because I think it is definitely personal to hound him about military service. Cody is practically a poster child for being a military guy. I don’t think anyone really questions his service. It is just a way to get under his skin and it offends me that something as noble as military service would be used in that manner. I’m not calling Cody noble, but I do think his service should be respected.

      • Avatar
        Kevin (137 comments)

        Okay folks….. I commented on Cody’s military service a while back and thought it was put to bed. The reason the tags are taped is because it’s common for soldiers/sailors/airmen to tape over or have the rubber or plastic sleeves to insert their dog tags into. The reason for this is to prevent them from making noise out in the field. If anyone has ever been out on patrol or sitting ambush or just bedding down for the night, they know exactly what I’m talking about. Please drop the crap about his service… He served and that’s all anyone needs to know and respect. PERIOD!

        Disclaimer, I personally think he’s a major tool with serious anti-social issues…..

      • LindsayB

        Ummmm Kevin, this isn’t about you. This is about someone wondering about Alex questioning his service in the house. It’s quite possible that someone could have gotten thru life without reading some of your previous comments. I know this is a sensitive subject for you but that doesn’t mean you can dictate what people choose to ask about or comment on here. Please realize this was about someone wondering about something happening in the house and that’s it. Simple is that

        And yes, Cody is a major tool with serious anti social issues.

      • Avatar
        Kevin (137 comments)

        LindsayB: I’m not sure why you felt it was your duty to single me out but, feel free to leave the same response to others that have said virtually the same thing. I realize I’m just a newbie with only a 136 comments and you’re an old pro on here with your total of posts, but maybe next time, you could try and read my post in the context it was made. It was in response to taping of dog tags. For you to assume I was making it about me was incorrect and quite frankly insulting. You have no way of knowing what is sensitive to me and what is not. I was not dictating anything to anyone, by contrast, you’re response was dictating to me, I not allowed to respond in anyway that LindsayB finds objectionable. You’ve declared yourself the high priestess of this forum. Let me know when you dispatch the flying monkeys so I know to keep my windows closed….

      • LindsayB

        Kevin, what part of nobody here is questioning Cody’s service do you not understand? Apparently all of it. The topic is about why the HGs are doing it. Nothing more. Nothing less. You obviously are sensitive about this based on your reaction to it. Get over it.

    • NKogNeeTow

      I don’t know whether he really had military service or not, but if he did, I don’t blame him for covering his dog tags. As for him not having any tattoos, my father was career military (almost 30 years) and he didn’t have 1 single tattoo, so you can’t judge by that.

      Now DMW The Zombie Queen should just keep her mouth shut…point, blank and period! (To quote DaVonne). Every time she opens it, I just want to ram an 18 wheeler down her throat.

      • Avatar

        Kevin, I’m even newer to this than you are. I don’t even have 10 posts yet, so I don’t know you or LindsayB at all. In my earlier post, I mentioned that Alex was questioning Cody about his service again last night and I mentioned that i thought it was inappropriate. I also mentioned that Cody’s dog tags were taped because the sound of them clanking would interfere with the mics (as well as the fact that he probably doesn’t want the world to possibly see his SS number). I’m guessing that you didn’t take the time to read my post before your response because you would’ve known all of that and you also would’ve known that no one here was questioning Cody’s service. In fact, I said I am offended that the HGs are even calling it into question.

        With that said, your response to LindsayB (” but maybe next time, you could try and read my post in the context it was made. It was in response to taping of dog tags. “) does not line up with your initial post about this, which stated “Please drop the crap about his service… He served and that’s all anyone needs to know and respect. PERIOD!” So, I’m confused, are you defending your in depth knowledge about why servicemen tape dog tags or are you defending Cody’s miiltary service because your posts conflict each other? Regardless of the points you were trying to make, there’s no reason to attack other posters on the board.

      • LindsayB

        Well said. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been around or how many posts you’ve made. You had a question about something and I answered it from my perspective. Simple as that. If someone else has another perspective, that’s fine too. What’s not happening right now is anybody questioning Cody’s shit here. That’s what Kevin doesn’t seem to understand. And the reason I “singled you out” Kevin is because you responded with some emotional nonsense that wasn’t relevant to TODAY’S conversation.

        Also, if I had some flying monkeys I’d send them to the BB house to pick out Jessica’s extensions and to grab STFU Raven and drop her in a desolate canyon somewhere.

      • Avatar
        Kevin (137 comments)

        I’m going to leave this be…. We are on two entirely different planes of thinking here…. My response to LindsayB was directed to her singling me out. It had nothing to do with the context of my original post. I’ll tell you what, I’ll submit any future posts, if I ever post again to you and LindsayB for your approval. I try and limit my posts to the BB house, but when the self anointed in here turn this forum into their own BB house and start making things personal, it’s time to get back to reality….

      • LindsayB

        Cool story bro

      • Avatar

        Kevin, I wasn’t trying to disrespect you, but you have been quite disrespectful to me.

        God forbid I asked a question about a topic on which Your Excellence already schooled the board. I shall now go back and read all 137 of your previous posts so I can figure out what I am allowed to discuss here lest you have to re-educate everyone here. I don’t want to put the others here through additional torture of you having to give us your “I told you idiots this once already, end of discussion” diatribe again. Excuse me everyone while I go do my homework. Can I borrow anyone’s notes? I was not aware that there was a pre-read requirement prior to posting. Heading to the back of the class sporting my dunce cap …..

        Just kidding …. not going back to read your posts, but I bet I had ya going for a minute. Don’t post to me again or I shall taunt you a second time.

  32. Russell James Yost

    Speaking strictly game I am just continually disappointed in Jess and Cody’s game. I see houseguests thinking about possibly blindsiding this HOH, but then at some point in the conversation I always hear the inevitable, “I wanted to try and work with them but *insert drama here*” I believe that this week Kevin and Jason were really considering working with Jess and Cody and Josh seemed to really want to go after Elena despite what Paul was saying. If they would have put just a little effort and just heard Josh out, then there is a real possibility that they could have swung this thing.

    I do not think Jason or Kevin are controlled by Paul, but I think they know that the numbers need to be whittled down before they take a real shot at Paul.

  33. danmtruth

    This has been the mantra of so many on BB We will get the big player out latter on Just when do those numbers match up That is the key Everyone is afraid to go against the ” house ” This is why they think it’s better to wait till the numbers are low The problem is to many deal have been made and people are afraid to make a move that might cost them

  34. Shivani33

    When the feeds came back from the BY pizza party, Matt and Raven were talking alone about keeping their F3 with Paul a secret. It was pretty funny. These 2 believe that the moon is made of grilled cheese. MattRess might be just excellent at humoring Raven, who also sad today that she thinks Michael Jackson isn’t dead. They bitched as well about how they couldn’t have booze at their little party because of Cody. I don’t know what that means. (?) It looks like MattRess attended the party wearing a full face of ladylike makeup done by Raven.

    Josh is freaking out about Mark, Elena and somewhat about Cowboy. He suspects a conspiracy is arising against Paul, and of course Josh is being enabled against Mark, in particular, by Christmas and Pope Paul. Josh has been increasingly disgusted with Raven and Matt, too. He stopped his critique just in time up in the HoH room when these two popped in the door. He kicked them out once tonight already. Paul steers attention towards getting out the men in the showmances and keeping Elena and Raven longer. Of course!

    The majority talk about getting rid of Cody as the main priority, with a growing list of lesser targets for improvisation as needed. Most involved in strategy talk were Josh, Christmas, Paul and Alex – with subjects changing when Alex arrived, veering away from any suspicious talk about Cowboy. Each time someone else came to the HoH room, the gossip veered accordingly. Lots of plotting. And Christmas isn’t the only one who is taking little digs at Paul when he’s not present. There have been quite a few careful reevaluations of Paul being bandied about amongst the others today. But always someone reports about it to Paul, since every individual KNOWS that he or she has a Final 2 or 3 with Little Big Man.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Did you also notice that Paul and Alex seem to be onto Kevin too. They were talking about how he has F2 deals with just about everyone in the house…lol. They were saying how the biggest thing about Kevin is his social game and how he befriends everybody but hasn’t won anything. Paul said that if most of the floaters wait until most are out of the house then suddenly start to win stuff, then you’ll know who to cut.

      On another note, does Alex really work for a non-profit eco-friendly company or in a nail salon? She’s always either picking at someone’s hands or feet.

      • Avatar

        Alex picking at her hands and feet and everyone else’s makes my skin crawl. No one needs to work on their nails that much – every.single.day!

    • Avatar

      It’s amazing that the hg’s can’t figure out that when someone suggests it’s a good thing to get rid of a particular hg, it’s for the benefit of whose making the suggestion, and not the one who it’s being suggested to.

  35. NKogNeeTow

    Why is Grandpa Walton always worried about what time it is?

  36. NKogNeeTow

    Where are The Bed Bugs tonight? I haven’t seen them at all.

  37. NKogNeeTow

    What has MattRess done to deserve a BJ every night?

  38. NKogNeeTow

    Now he’ll go eat a Jethro size bowl of cereal and clean the kitchen.

  39. NKogNeeTow

    And right on que MattRess is up and headed toward the kitchen.

    They’re complaining about ants but have an open cake on the counter.

    Paul and WIR say that the food is low in the house and found a whole pizza in the garbage that MattRess and DMW threw away. WIR is pissed.

    MattRess is standing at the table eating his post-coital cake.

  40. NKogNeeTow

    Now WIR and Lips are having a go at it. I swear once the lights go down the Big Brother House turns into the House of Ill Repute. And with that, I’m going to bed.

    Have a Great day everyone!

  41. Mel

    TMZ is a stupid source. It’s pathetic that less than an hours worth of research would have been uncovered the real story. They made it sound as if Jessica’s attacking everyone and Alex had some type of confessional breakdown. The reality is that Alex told Josh her story, which wasn’t her story to ensure he wouldn’t feel sympathy for Jessica over her father dying. The other reality is that at least three other people in the house have gotten in on the butt poking action. Paul and Matt have done it to multiple people.

    Jess and Cody had their backs against the wall but that’s when you should go to work. It wouldn’t have been easy but could have been done. What a waste of two competitive people.

    I couldn’t tell if Jason was buying what Mark was selling and it’s sad because there was a time in the beginning of the game when Jason was much more vocal about wanting to take a shot at Paul. Alex has certainly done a number on his head. She’s the person who told Jason they they can’t win without Paul and hearing Jason tell Mark yesterday that Paul knows the game better than everyone so it will be difficult to navigate without him was like hearing Alex word vomit. What little game Jason had, Alex has destroyed. Alex also told Paul that she thinks Matt is trying to play Derrick’s game. She said something stupid at least 3 times a day but that one was exceptionally pathetic. I will give her that Matts game is very similar to Victoria’s game.

    It would appear if Cody doesn’t win HOH tonight, he’s gone and if he saves himself Mark will be the next one to go or depending on how the week plays out, Matt. I don’t mind breaking up a couple and it doesn’t bother me if a piece of furniture leaves the BB house but can you imagine how much more annoying Ravens going to be once Matts gone and consuming most of her time?

    • Avatar
      Kevin (137 comments)

      Mell, I agree completely…. Regardless of who wins HOH tonight, #ravenstfu needs to be next out the door. I think once Jessica is gone, Cody will re-engage in the game. Paul/Kevin need to go on the block and #ravenstfu needs to get back-doored, but this time in a game play sense, not what she’s used to getting literally…

  42. Avatar

    Christmas and Kevin are gross. She should not be cuddling up with a married man. Not for free at least. I need to give her some tips.

  43. danmtruth

    How many more weeks of the immunity comp are left or is it over ?
    Agree that Marks vote does not matter he is the newest member of Paul’s isolation island marked for eviction
    Kevin’s go to dist ration is the time thing than he starts in on how many days they have been in the house and how many days are left Next thing you know the HG is talking about final 4 or 3
    once more for being self proclaimed super fans Being told by Paul about sub group dedicated to screen shoots of them flashing or having sex This group is only to happy to provide material In the past we complained about horny 20 something being the cause This season we have no excuse On many foreign versions the sex is above the covers I just wonder when someone (Raven ) will follow suit

    • Avatar
      Helen (5156 comments)

      Imagine my chagrin this morning when I woke up and read that my nominee for Deputy Director for the Department of Speculation was unaware that tomorrow is the final immunity competition!!

      • danmtruth

        I will no go to self inflected punishment of a 1/2 hour listening to Bronte talk about being a math whiz, Jozah telling us his life plans , Raven screeching Matt’s name

      • Avatar
        Helen (5156 comments)

        I would not have inflicted that on anyone!! Especially Raven screeching!! You are a brave brave individual

  44. LindsayB

    Finally watching last night’s episode and it’s a little funny to me that nobody is commenting on the fact that Josh’s was the only one to pick veto players. Now, those who spent so much time freaking out about Paul being the only one to pick before do you finally realize that it’s because there’s a third nominee????? Can we put that particular tinfoil hat nonsense to rest?

    • Avatar

      Way to, Linds, now you’re going to get that whole debate rehashed.

      Steve might need to stsrt a whole new thread

    • Avatar

      The two people nominated by the HOH should pick the veto players. Screw the person who lost the temptation. They took a chance competing, so they should lose the right to pick a player anyway. If you don’t like the temptation rules, don’t volunteer yourself to compete and take a chance of being on the block.

      • LindsayB

        But we don’t live in a “should” world. Having the HOH blindly pick out of a bag apparently is the rule when there’s a third nominee regardless of the reason for the third nom.

      • Avatar

        True, we don’t but maybe the “BB Rules Committee” can look into changing that in the off season if it should come up again. It’s not a big deal but in a season (arguably the sketchiest season to date) many things (even innocent ones) stand out. They should go out of their way to make things at least appear fair.

  45. Jenny

    Anybody else catch this from last night’s show? “I think Josh is an idiot,” Jessica says in the Diary Room after the bathroom convo. “I would rather shave my head than continue talking to him.”

    Wonder what is left to shave after she takes out all those extensions.

  46. Avatar
    Helen (5156 comments)

    Eviction Night Thursday!!

    • Jenny

      I really want Jessica to go just so I don’t have to see her and Cody hanging all over each other anymore.. but this is the first time where the results of the eviction will make me happy no matter who goes. Elena goes, I don’t have to see her throwing her boobs around at the guys. Raven goes, Raven STFU. Any scenario is a win for me!

  47. Shivani33

    This is the first time that I’ve heard politically correct human outcry about goosing people. It has become Goosegate. As Mell pointed out, Jessica isn’t the only BB19 gooser. Matt gooses, Paul gooses but Jessica has a better aim. The scandal! TMZ/ Harvey Levin know what slant sells.

    Alex recounted a horrific crime to Josh as he kept telling her to stop describing it. She kept ramming it into his head, and she focused only on Jessica, patently ignoring that Pope Paul and MattRess goose people too. Her goal was to call Jessica a sexual predator and to make herself into not only a victim but also some kind of do-gooder. Her aim was to ensure Jessica’s eviction and to redirect Josh from Elena to The Jessica Graf as the target. The scarlet letter campaign was off the wall. Whether the murder Alex described in such detail happened (or not) – Alex delivered an inappropriate verbal assault by using it to influence gameplay. Her attempt to equate vulgar goosing with a life-ending sexual crime says much more about her than than about anyone else.

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