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Big Brother 20 – Bros Before Bros?

Happy Saturday, everyone! Another beautiful day out there (I assume. I’m not sure where you live, but it is summer!).  It’s going to possibly be an interesting night in the Big Brother house as the bros are nominated and there aren’t very many options to save them both.


Mel has the weekend off, so I’m going to fill the overnight report with possibilities for the week and how things could shape up.

Brett and Winston has obviously been nominated. Scottie is the HoH. This means the three of them are guaranteed to play in the POV today. Scottie is telling his side of the house that he wants to keep nominations the same, so that knocks off a chunk of people who may use the veto should they play and win. Looking at the remainder of the list, here are people who could use the veto:

  • Angela
  • Rachel
  • Sam
  • Kaycee
  • Kaitlyn

First, the fact that the entire list is female backs up Scottie’s reason for nominating Brett which is that he’s friendly with all the girls in the house and his charm could easily push him to the final 3 once he passes the tipping point where he’ll have the numbers regardless of who is HoH.


Second, I’m sure you’re wondering why Sam is on that list. That is because Sam told Scottie last night she would be a pawn so she can use the power before it expires. That’s a pretty terrible reason to actually use the POV should she win it, so I think she’ll easily be talked out of this if it happens. Chances are very slim this one plays out.

Kaitlyn is always a wildcard looking to make a splash, but I think Tyler will easily tell her not to use it. Both Sam and Kaitlyn will volunteer to be pawns should anyone else end up using the POV, however.

It’s hard to determine where Kaycee stands because she’s basically a decoration in the house. She rarely speaks, and when she does, it’s not usually game talk. I don’t see her as being very close to the bros, so it’s unlikely that she’d actually use the POV knowing that someone she is closer with (again, no clue who that is because she’s a decoration) would go up. She’s on the list, but very unlikely.

That brings us to Rachel and Angela. The unspoken third and fourth ‘bro’ from that group. The two girls and the two bros have a four-person alliance that isn’t confirmed or named, it’s just there. They’re the closest group of four in the house which means anything can happen should one of them play and win. Scottie will likely tell either girl that should they actually use the veto, their counterpart will be the replacement nom which means it will be a tough decision on either of them. Chances of either of them using it on Winston are slim to none. The big question is if Angela or Rachel like Brett more than they like each other. I personally think the answer is they do, so I’ll put them as a strong ‘maybe’.

Here is how I see today going…

To save Brett, one of the following people need to win PoV:

  • Brett
  • Angela
  • Rachel

To save Winston, the following people need to win PoV:

  • Winston

This means Winston at best has a 17% chance at saving himself today while Brett has a 17-50% shot depending on who the other three people are to play.  Seeing as Winston can only really count on the two girls as options, he’ll likely pick them as houseguest choice. I am fairly sure there are 3 houseguest choice chips in the bag (one for each nom and hoh) which should mean Brett and Winston both have a 36% (ish) chance to draw Angela, Rachel, or one of 3 HG choice chips from the bag. Pretty decent odds compared to the 7% chance to pick someone else.

I know I threw a lot of numbers at you, but what it breaks down to is that Brett has the best chance of being saved, but there is still a fairly small chance of that.  Winston has the hardest chance of being saved and the highest chance of being evicted this week.  I’m going to be working a bit this afternoon but I hope to be back before the veto is complete. I’ll start a thread when I get home!  Have a good Saturday!


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  1. hogwild

    I really find it hard to believe no one in the house wants rainbow hair on the block.

  2. ElaineB

    And we saw that Winston did so well in the date app competition….timed out at 20 minutes. Lol. I had high hopes for Winston at the start of the game, but he disappointed. No reason for Winston to stay, especially if Brett walks out the door.

    • WhereisPablo

      I did too Elaine. From the background videos, I liked Winston and Sam best, but they have both been a disappointment to me. Brett reminds me of someone I don’t like but can’t figure out who it is. Hopefully this old brain will kick in before the finale.:-\

  3. danmtruth

    So Winston is starting to interact with other HG Yet as soon as Bret gets close Bam Winston is right their
    Bay has found herself as the braid whisper

  4. Colby

    Rachael and Rainbow picked to play veto. Bay hosting. But not sure who else is playing.

  5. hogwild

    Winston reminds me of Matt from last season he just blends into the background and doesn’t do much I would want rainbow hair or psycho chick out fast because they can go off the rails and blow up your game fast. Having them in the house is like having to unexploded bombs in there you know there going to go off just not when.

  6. Colby

    Rainbow has been wearing the same clothes for 3 days now. Does she ever shower?

    • Helen

      I was just thinking that. She always wears the same pants and I’ve never seen her shower…and they have cameras on the bathroom a lot…
      Sam would be a good replacement only if Brett comes off the block…no houseguest would vote her out with Winston sitting next to her…she won’t need to use her advantage…Winston would go home….
      Now that bayleigh has the power to switch noms I don’t want Sam to use it this week…I have a feeling that side will need it next week

  7. Lou Lou

    All I will say, is I wish my Dad was still alive to see this season. He died 7 years ago. Evel Dick being his favorite. He would have loved seeing true game play again. Scottie threatening if they use the veto he will put up their best friend. Winston threatening Scottie! That is some good feed watching!

  8. danmtruth

    Rainbow Brite believe in natural oils are beautiful ,,,,,, She might just be doing sponge bath Because she does not want to do a cold shower Her feet are clean for once

  9. ElaineB

    Kait is front and center in the middle of the HOH bed.

  10. Helen

    There is a picture of Kaycee on Jokers site with her in a dress and her hair down…..wow!!! She looks amazing!!

  11. Shivani33

    Out of those playing in the veto comp, who (besides Brett or Winston) wants the nominations to change? This could be a long veto comp if very few want to win it at all. Rachel has said that she’ll do what Scottie wants this week, aware that she doesn’t want to make herself into a direct target. Tyler has been having to pick up after Sam’s “ideas.” He has learned, as well, that Scottie isn’t emotionally controllable and isn’t bowing down to Tyler’s direction. Rockstar has no fondness for Winston or Brett and no control over renoms, so she’d be wise to let things ride for now.

    Sam was pretty crazy last night, lying down BEHIND the HoH bed, yapping in her baby voice. There might not be any method to her madness whatsoever. But who knows? Bayleigh could be planning a surprise for everyone, too. If she switches the nominations, everything changes, and we know Bayleigh wants Kaitlyn and Tyler to pay the piper.

  12. AIO_7

    “It’s hard to determine where Kaycee stands because she’s basically a decoration in the house.”

    When they introduced her and she got her key she came across like she would be a real fire-cracker in the house. Now just a dud; a nice dud, but a dud. Almost like she is being drugged.

    Another one that I’m getting tired of is Sam and her baby voice speech pattern.

  13. Shivani33

    Another thing is that Kaitlyn has just put her attention into bonding with Scottie. She might have saved herself from being a renom by him, if he has to make that choice. Since usually Scottie interacts more through logic than emotion, it’s tricky to tell what his thoughts are about her.

  14. AIO_7

    Isn’t it amazing the attention one gets when they are HoH.


  15. danmtruth

    I’m seeing it different I see Kaycee as playing the game Chris wanted to Quit seeing who she can trust Who came to her That was Tyler She is listening and making connection with a lot of the house

  16. danmtruth

    Kait holding court Name dropping talking about her dating Joe her soon to be ex Drop that her grandfather built or Owens the Greek theator in LA Waited till someone made a big deal Rockstar had a hard time holding her disgust in hearing it Before we got hero stories of airline stew Bayligh She is their to keep you safe NOT to be a server

    Meanwhile Bret Winston and Sam in bathroom going over words to spell for the comp OK

  17. Avatar

    I don’t think you can say what the percentages are to save each houseguest. Jeff Probst always does this in a Survivor toward the end and it bothers me every time.

    Saying Brett has a 50% chance of being saved just because he and two of his allies are playing PoV isn’t necessarily true just because he would have 3 of the 6 players playing to save him. That would assume each player had an equal chance of winning, and it just isn’t true.

    Look at it this way: if you play Lebron James in a game of one-on-one, there are two possible outcomes: win or lose. Does that mean you have a 50% chance of beating Lebron? Heck no! Lebron will destroy you every time in basketball because it is a game of skill. Big Brother is the same thing. The PoV comp will be a game of skill, and certain players will be better at it than others, thus giving them a better chance of winning.

    Rant over.

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