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Big Brother 20 – Friday Afternoon Feeds

Good afternoon, everyone!


It’s Friday in the Big Brother house so we’re expecting nominations today and thanks to the dumb Battle Back competition, no drama expected!

I realized last night that I hate the Battle Back comp. Maybe it’s just this year because I feel those remaining have really fought for their position and to just throw someone back in is dumb, or maybe it’s because I forgot just how annoying Scottie is and was glad when I didn’t have to listen to him call Kaycee ‘daddy’ anymore. Either way, I’m not a fan and after 2 weeks of boring feeds, this gave the new HoH (Tyler) an easy nominee (Scottie) in addition to the expected one (Haleigh). For any chance at good feeds this week, we need to hope for Haleigh to win PoV, but even then it will result in Sam going on the block and Scottie leaving.

Another thing I want to talk about is something I talk about multiple times every season – conspiracy theories. Every week it seems there are new people complaining about production ‘rigging’ the game for someone else. I joked that production was favoring Fessy last week because they had a comp tailer made for him come up when he was going home, but that was to poke fun at the Tyler thing and how it would be weird to rig the game for both sides of the house. Well, during the HoH competition, calls of theories erupted again as Haleigh came closer to a win.  During the comp, she rarely had any sauce sprayed in her face and the pie didn’t hit her much. This could easily be explained by the difficulty of aiming that mustard/ketchup stuff combined with her not squatting until the end, but some ran with it that production wanted her to win, now.



I’m sure that was only amplified when Tyler’s mic leaked telling the DR that he planned to nominate Haleigh and Scottie, but I was sleeping during that so I missed any uproar. That incident, btw, sounded like a leak to the feedsters and not to the house.

As I mentioned, it’s likely that Haleigh and Scottie will be on the block today. It’s unfortunate because I really love the thing Haleigh and Tyler have going on between them. It’s a friendly rivalry with tons of mutual respect by two fierce competitors. The fact that the HoH comp came down to them was a fitting end to what may be Haleigh’s final week in the house and for that, I thank her for giving us what she did all summer. She was the brightest bulb in a room full of dying bulbs (her alliance) and gave every competition her all. I’ll talk more about her as the week winds down if it appears she is indeed leaving, however.


  • 11:30 am – Haleigh is up in the HoH room with Tyler and Angela
    • She is having regular small talk with the pair
    • Meanwhile, Sam is talking about her high alcohol tolerance downstairs
  • 12:00 pm – Haleigh is talking about how annoyed she was that Sam was so blatantly cheering against her last night
    • They talk about how there might be 3 people in the finale and how you’d pick between three
    • Tyler mentions ‘who would get second place though’ and they agree that would be weird… but second place is the person with the second amount of votes
    • Looking at the schedule, there are 3 more Thursdays and always a final 3 on the finale which turns into a final 2 that night.  Throw in one expected double elimination and you’re still a number up. The problem is people in the house are forgetting that there is typically another week with two evictions, it’s just not a double.

Here is what I expect for the final schedule:

  • 9/6 – Down to 7
  • 9/13 double – Down to 5
  • 9/18 or 9/19 – Down to 4
  • 9/20 – Down to 3
  • 9/26 – Finale

That’s obviously not set in stone and it’s only my prediction but despite what the house thinks, the numbers still line up fine

Back to the feeds:

  • Haleigh is talking about how controlling he was being toward the end and why that may have resulted in a quiet response last night when evicted
    • Angela takes a shot at Fessy and says that he may be super controlling outside the house
    • Haleigh is apologizing for Fessy’s speech.
  • 1:00 pm – Brett is up in the HoH room
    • Brett is telling Tyler how paranoid JC is right now
    • JC was all worked up because there were 3 cups next to the wine a few days ago. He is worried about Kaycee and Angela and thinks Tyler is with them
    • Brett is saying the girls are acting a bit reckless because they are attached at the hip and not hiding it
    • He tells Tyler how he’s happy that Scottie is back in the house because he’s the only person he didn’t light up in GBMs. He also confessed what he did regarding the vote to Scottie
    • They agree that Scottie should be gone next week
  • 1:40 pm – JC and Tyler are up in the HoH room
    • JC is doing his typical lecture on what should happen this week. Tyler is getting frustrated by that and says ‘you need to trust me. You don’t need to come here and lecture me every time’ (paraphrasing)
    • Tyler also joked about putting JC up because doesn’t have to worry about retaliation since JC never wins.
  • 2:30 pm – Tyler is up in the HoH room with Scottie
    • They are having some general talk. Tyler mentions how little Haleigh and Sam like each other
  • 3:00 pm – Scottie and Angela are up in the HOH room
    • She is asking if there is a possibility that they can extend past the normal time. He says their contract expires Oct 5th
    • Scottie runs the numbers and says the finale is on a Sunday. Bro
    • Angela can’t handle two double evictions. I wonder if she counts two evictions in a week as a double? Because that is what will happen leading up to the final Thursday
    • Scottie tells her that during the jury, the entire week, RS and Bayleigh tried to convince him that Tyler was his enemy. Feeds cut. Not sure why we can’t hear about jury
    • But it does show they’re going to bitch the entire week to Fessy about Tyler. A bunch of butthurt bitter jury members. Great
    • Please don’t let this season be ruined by a bitter jury. Please. Please. Please
  • Side note – I absolutely hate gimmicky chess boards. That board would piss me off to play on

Stepping away for a bit. I’ll create a new thread when I come home tonight. Noms should be Scottie and Haleigh so there isn’t much of a surprise there. I also don’t expect any drama from it




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  1. Helen

    Going to be a long day…they don’t do noms till around 5 or 5:30 pm and Haleigh is already in HOH smack talking Sam…I’m sure that’s what we will hear all day out of her mouth….

  2. danmtruth

    HaHo now stoping her trashing of Sam now trashing Fess speech Saying how she had no idea he was doing that It was childish he took it to a personal level Who cares that Angela worked hard and had a Range Rover As was pointed out the faster HaHo talks the more she lies

    • Avatar


      Who cares if Angela wears a fake engagement ring when she goes to the supermarket or to stores?

      To any women that may read this, especially single women, you can refer to it as a ‘Creep Ring’ it may deter unwanted creeps from talking to you, or stop them when you’re out if you don’t want them to. I’m not saying all of them, some won’t care, but some may respect it. But, with some guys? you can simply hold up your left hand and say “Sorry”.

      • Jay H

        Fhallus is just jealous. She wasn’t interested in him and she knew he was a moron, so that’s why he talked crap about her.

      • Tinkerbell

        I do just the opposite of Angela. I have my big sexy Marine, but I take my ring off when I go to the store. Occasionally I like to check to see if I still have “it”. Hahaha

      • ClaireBear

        Yeah I don’t understand his anger at the fake ring. I used to have one when I worked retail it was 7 bucks from the mall, and looked real. What business is it of Fess???

  3. Helen

    No matter who is HOH you can always count on seeing Hay Ho with her azz parked on the HOH bed….
    I can’t wait till she joins her boyfriend in jury so I don’t have to look or listen to her anymore…

  4. Annabelle

    If Scottie could win hoh next it would help Tyler. Let Scottie get jc out cause we know jc will tell all the secrets he knows and make up some. If Haho goes this week Tyler can tell Scottie he is working with him maybe even tell him he’s the pawn and get level 6 to throw Haho under a semi!

  5. Helen

    Hay Ho to Tyler….I want to do something so you can trust me…
    If Tyler does not put her OTB with Scottie he is crazy!!!

    • mm22

      I can’t be the only one who thinks Haleigh’s game stinks-
      I don’t like her or the game she has played since the beginning-
      I think several players give the comps their all so I give her
      no credit there. She got herself in a showmance which we know r
      always targets and aligned herself with bad game players no
      credit there. She does get credit for putting Tyler on the block
      but that’s it for me-let me know if I forgot any great game move
      she should get credit for

  6. dfdsgs

    I have been thinking about it, and I think Angela has set herself up nice to be there in the end. My reasoning is she is probably the only person left in the house that would be a high probability of a win against for everyone else if they sit next to her in the final two.

    I think at this point unless something goes catastrophically wrong you will have at least one of L4 if not two. So the majority of the jury will be voting with at least some bitterness.

    Tylers – only shot at winning is Angela or/and Brett next to him.
    Angela – is screwed but the best shot would probably be Brett
    Brett – is Angela or/and Tyler
    KC – would beat all three

    JC, Scottie, and Haleigh would all win I think at this point since they all currently have three jury votes unless they are there together.

    The one question mark is Sam it would depend on who she is next to, but I think she would win against anyone but Kaycee of L4.

    As weird as it seems since usually, alliances have to break up for someone to win I do think that the best bet for L4 is to go to the end together.

    If you are Tyler and Angela, you try and pit Brett and Kaycee against each other and let one of them take the other out and hope that it is Brett that comes out on top. If it is Kaycee, then Tyler and Angela have to cut her to have any chance. The exciting part would be if Brett won and what Angela would do in that instance.

    • FW aka CY

      I think Brett has to be number 2, if you want to win. His GBM’s trump blood and broken deals/promises. Those are part of the game and to be expected. To talked down to, humiliated and excoriated by that smug monkey leaves a very bad taste in someone’s mouth for a long time.

    • Sassy

      I would have to disagree about JC winning. I don’t think anyone would vote for him. He’s never t in either alliance and both have reasons to be pissed off at him. Lastly, he hasn’t won anything and I think in the end, they will see his 0 comp wins and will vote against him. If there is a bitter jury, Angela loses regardless of who she is with, if they get over the bitterness (which RS and MF won’t) she could beat most of them with her game play.

      • dfdsgs

        HIVE will vote for anyone other than L4 which they don’t see JC as part of. Also Rockstar would vote for him solely because of the LGBT connection. He won’t get the 9ther L4 members but it won’t matter since there are only 3 of them.

      • Sassy

        Scottie and Sam would not vote for JC.

      • dfdsgs

        As I said Sam 8s the wild card that I’m not sure how to call. I’m banking on a bitter jury that would give it to her but it is a total toss up. Since it is a toss up she is not someone I would want to sit next to and they need to eliminate her.

        The point of my post was that as little sense as it makes since most alliances have to break up is that I think L4 is best set for all of them to go to the end together.

  7. hogwild

    I sense another slow week in the force.

  8. LynnD

    I agree with Steve. Haleigh is a fierce competitor. It really doesn’t matter how anybody feels about her because I truly believe she is the one person who is going to make Tyler work for that money. I would actually like to see Haleigh win the POV and take herself down. This just lets the L6 (which I absolutely love them so don’t get me wrong) it lets them know that not everything is always going to go their way and like I said if they want that money they’re going to have to work for it.

  9. LynnD

    Brett & Tyler talking about how sick Brett was from the comp. The conversation gets a little out of control talking about drunk/sick scenarios when they’re out with their friends. JC cuts off their conversation to laugh about something Sam is trying to cook in the kitchen.

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  11. Jay H

    Ha is such an immature phony, it’s grating to watch. I do hope Brett gets physically close with her this week so he rips the rug out from under her and to stick it to Fhallus.

  12. Helen

    JC pushing hard for Scottie to go home this week…JC is scared out of his wits of Scottie in the game….
    Tyler tells JC Scottie is now his closest physical competitor since Fessy gone…idk about that..Hay Ho came close to beating you early this AM….

  13. Helen

    Okay…here’s another one…
    How long before Scottie tells Hai Ho everything that Tyler has said in HOH this afternoon…for ex…Haleigh was really pushing for Angela and Tyler to vote Scottie out….?

  14. Helen

    Scottie has taken up Hai Hos habit of chewing his fingers!! Omg….stop!!!!!!!

  15. Jay H

    Given that it’s Ha and Scottie, who needs to go? I’m thinking Scottie. One, show the production how stupid the Battle Back is and I think he’s an overall better competitor that Ha, and probably smarter too. I can’t wait for her to be gone though.

  16. aka beachgirl

    I’m on the fence about who I actually want to win. That said, I am hoping for an L6 member. JC can go home anytime as far as I’m concerned. I’m tired of his shenanigans. I get that the houseguests themselves aren’t complaining but he has done several things that are way out of line. I think this week it definitely needs to be Haleigh unless she wins veto and then it needs to be JC. If it does turn out to be a double evection, perfect! Out goes Haleigh and JC. I want all of foutte in the jury house. I think it will be funny that they have no choice, in the end, but to vote for a member of L6.

    Here’s my hope:
    Winner — Brett or Sam (I know, Sam haters gonna hate) or Tyler
    Going to jury, in order — Haileigh, JC, Scotty, Angela, KC

  17. Helen

    Hai Ho back on the HOH bed….wish they would stop coddling her and kick her butt out…

  18. Helen

    Nomination time?????

  19. Tinkerbell

    Wah wah wah wah. HayWhore needs a wambulance, immediately. Everything is always someone else’s fault. STFU cry baby. Grow some kahunas people, send her kiss-up ass home. Enough of her pity party. She’s nothing but a user.

  20. HappyHippo

    I completely agree Steve please don’t give us a bitter jury… ridiculous when they act like that! Don’t shade someone for kicking your ass game play wise! As I type it just went to reruns must be nom time …

  21. HappyHippo

    The crazy thing is that all B.B. hoh has happened in the same room just different decor and placement .,,that’s crazy to wrap your mind around considering how many years it’s been on! I guess it just hit me with the reruns on…I’m getting all nostalgic

  22. HappyHippo

    That was supposed to be in response to tink

  23. HappyHippo

    Random question is that a tattoo on sams middle upper back on the 1st pic?

    • dfdsgs

      No it part of the undershirt/bra thing she is waring. Brett thought the same thing this morning and asked her about it since he could believe he didn’t notice it before if it was. He also told he it looked awesome so who know it might become permanent when she gets out of the house.

    • danmtruth

      I think Sam has a dreamcatcher Indian symbol tattoo between her shoulder blade

  24. Avatar

    Sorry Steve but a bitter jury doesn’t bother me, as long as it is justified in their minds. If they feel Tyler went back on his word, or felt Angela was a bitch in the house and her GBM suck, then Tyler or Angela deserve to lose.

    The house is a pressure cooker of emotions, and if you have one side of the house decimated by another, and they felt betrayed by promises, real or not, I can see it. Would I like to see a bitter jury? No. Would it surprise me if Tyler loses to Foutte and too many F2 deals and gets caught, or they decide Angela and her cold bitch persona doesn’t deserve it? Nope.

    • Sassy

      It’s definitely the jurors prerogative on how and why they vote, but it IS a game that deception is necessary to get to the end. Ty was never mean to any of them, and Didn’t have a F2 with any of the current members, so what is there for them to be bitter about other than he was better at the game then they were. Last year was the only time I was happy to see a bitter jury. I just hope the last 2 are people that worked the hardest to get there. If Haha gets to F2 (I don’t think she will nor would I want her too) but IF for some reason she does, I would be fine without th her winning. That mean she beat the odds to get there.

      • Joy

        yeah he was, he is no angel and that’s okay, it’s his game to win or lose. we shall see but I think I think Bay and RS will be the only bitter jurors.

      • Sassy

        Ugh, I should reread my messages. The 2d to last sentence should have said: I would be fine with Haha winning IF she got to the end.

      • dfdsgs

        As an impartial viewer if it ender today Tyler has to be the winner. I would like to think if I were in their situation I would vote the correct way but who knows.

  25. danmtruth

    Bitter jury can also just be people who are sometimes just sore losers

    • Jay H

      Almost always is. That’s one thing I’ve hated about B.B. so many seasons, is bitter juries. I appreciated it when Paul lost last season though.

    • dfdsgs

      I have always disagreed with a bitter jury except for last season. The way pual ran the game between advantages from production to outright bullying tactics made me really happy he didn’t win. I thought he got robbed his first time and deserved to lose the second time.

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  27. delabear

    Feeds back. Hay & Scotty, as expected

  28. Tinkerbell

    HayWhore crying, again. Sorry bucko, you play…..you gotta pay.

    • mona77450

      I’m not a Hayleigh fan by any means however she did take a hard hit and landed hard on the mat during the HOH comp. I hope BB checks her out medically. Concussions can also cause nausea. Still, I hope she does get evicted this time.

    • Sassy

      I just can’t believe this is a surprise to her. She would be better off to come clean when she was talking to Ty earlier instead of the constant lies. He would at least respect her for it. She’s not fooling anyone but herself.

    • Colby

      Even though she pretty much knew it was coming, you can’t blame her for being sad and realizing she is most likely going this week. I would be.
      At least she got it out and is now trying to socialize instead of becoming a hermit and pouting all week.

      • Helen

        She just enjoys continuing to talk smack about Sam to anyone who is within hearing distance….keep going Hai Ho. Make sure you got at least one solid vote for eviction come Thursday night…
        Have I mentioned lately how much I despise Hai Ho?
        And if Scottie wins veto I hope JC is sitting next to her on Thursday night…

  29. Helen

    Are KayCee and Angela upset that HayHo is OTB? They seem really quiet and strange since nom ceremony?

  30. danmtruth

    Being on the block has not stop HaHo from camping in the HOH room Only difference she is not on the bed Maybe they gave her the old your a pawn Scottie is the target How long can they keep going to that well Not sure who you want out Need to wait for POV

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