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Big Brother 20 – Friday Afternoon Feeds

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Good afternoon, everyone!  The week of Haleigh is about to begin and level 6 could be in serious trouble this week as their numbers are shrinking and can’t win HoH for the life of them (Angela tiebreaking win excluded).


It’s pretty fascinating that this is the HoH list so far this season:

  • Tyler (l6)
  • Kaitlyn
  • Scottie
  • Sam
  • Bayleigh
  • Angela (l6)
  • Haleigh

If l6 can pull something off this week (will need the hacker), they will have only lost 2 people out of 5 HoH’s not going their way. Even with the hacker app, it’s going to be really tough to pull something off, but let’s say this happens:

Angela and Kaycee go otb as expected with Tyler backdoor option
Someone in l6 wins hacker (Brett).  Brett removes Angela for Fessy
l6 wins pov, Kaycee is now removed.  Tyler is put on the block but he sits on the cloud which saves him. Angela or Brett go back otb next to Fessy

We now have Angela/Fessy on the block with these voters: RS, Tyler, Brett, Sam, JC, KC, Scottie.  Angela needs 4 to stay:  Tyler, Brett, KC and ??   (note – RS’s vote would be canceled but Haleigh will break the tie)

Basically, if you’re a level 6 fan, you need them to win hacker for any shot at remaining together.  Fun stuff. Exciting week!


  • 9:00 am – Most of the house is up. I think they are having an early nomination ceremony because of the hacker comp
    • Kaycee and Angela are expected to be the noms
    • Meanwhile, Fessy is still obsessing over how many episodes have aired. We get it, you’re looking for fame
  • 10:15 am – Feeds down, likely for noms
  • 11:15 am – Feeds back
    • Kaycee and Angela are nominated as expected
    • Kaycee and Angela head to the bedroom. Tyler comes in and says he knows he’s being backdoored
  • Haleigh goes upstairs to talk to Fessy and Scottie
    • They are trying to figure out who the leak is and are putting the pieces together that it may be JC
    • Haleigh says that everyone in the house thinks Fessy and Bayleigh had a f2
    • Rockstar comes in. They are really leaning to JC but Fessy is still in denial
    • Scottie points out how right after the house meeting, JC quickly went upstairs rather than go with them.
    • The Hive is finally growing a brain?
    • Haleigh says that ‘this four is a good four and we trust everyone’. Fessy wants to know what to do with JC lol he’s so clueless
  • 11:30 am – JC comes in the room
    • The group treats him friendly
    • The group talks about how upset they are that Kaycee didn’t throw Bayleigh a pity vote (despite none of them doing the same)
    • JC says they don’t believe that Haleigh is the hacker. Haleigh says ‘maybe I’m not’ lol
  • 11:50 am – Brett is up in the HoH room. Weird seeing RS and Brett talk normally lol.
    • Brett has been playing such a great game until his absolutely stupid goodbye message to Bayleigh last night
  • 1:00 pm – Angela tells Kaycee she actually feels more safe being on the block than not on it right now (because of hacker).  No, you don’t. Don’t lie lol.
    • Tyler comes in and tells them how Sam seemed to have been jealous after Angela took him off
    • He tells them the random thing how Sam said she never wanted to fuck him (I heard it, was random and weird)
  • 1:15 pm – Feeds down likely for hacker comp
  • 4:00 pm – Feeds back
    • Here is your hacker for the week!
    • I’m guessing she’s going to pull herself down, but I’m not sure that would be the best idea.
    • She plans on having Tyler play veto, so if she does pull herself down and put a weak player like RS or Sam up, that does increase odds of winning

I’m going to wrap this up and prepare for the nightly thread!



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