Big Brother 20 – HoH Competition


As expected, the HoH competition ran past the end of the CBS episode.

I am not sure if the comp will actually air on the feeds, but unfortunately, I do have to run an errand right when the show ends. That means I won’t be updating live if the comp even is on the feeds, but I will update this thread to talk about who wins when I find out!

Please comment below for spoilers if they’re on the feeds but I will be back as soon as I can!


  • 7:40 pm – I’m back
    • Feeds are down. What a surprise
    • Vegas on Twitter said that feeds are supposed to be up but the person in charge refuses to for some reason
    • They’re supposed to make up for last week.
    • Another bullshit week
  • On another note, Julie surprised us with the Battle Back announcement for next week. So that’s cool, I guess?
    • Vegas says that the comp broke so they are fixing it, but Angela is currently in the lead
  • 8:15 pm – Feeds still down
  • 8:30 pm – Still down
  • 8:45 pm – Props keep breaking. Feeds still down
  • 8:55 pm – Feeds return!
    • Angela has won the HoH!
  • 9:05 pm – Haleigh is making the bed and Fessy comes in
    • She doesn’t sound very thrilled
    • Haleigh is guaranteeing she sees her face up there tomorrow for noms
    • Fessy says no – lol
    • Fessy thinks that she’s going to put Sam and JC up. Haleigh says she is likely going up and he says ‘that’s stupid’.
    • He says it would be stupid to put Haleigh on the block because Fessy can win veto and save her. Umm, not if you both are up, dummy
    • Haleigh is worried because they didn’t celebrate with them
  • 9:25 pm – Brett was nervous because they were sitting there so long with him on the block tonight
    • I can’t remember but I’m guessing they had Brett sit on the nom seat because the veto wasn’t revealed yet
    • Brett thought there was some twist where they keep him on the block
    • Fessy is bragging how he was HoH during the first unanimous
    • JC jokes that it’s because Scottie wasn’t voting so there was no hinky vote
  • 9:50 pm – Everyone eating dinner.
  • 10:00 pm – Sounds like Hay, Fessy, and JC were bashing Sam a bit
    • Sam was definitely moody when the feeds returned. I think they’re sick of her attitude
    • Brett comes in the room and says Sam is mopping the storage room alone
    • He says that Sam was walking super slow during the comp which was pissing him off (because she was ahead of him)
  • Brett and KC are talking game
    • They are speculating on the schedule. Brett says next week may be a battle back then double eviction the week after.
    • Anyway, heading to bed. Noms tomorrow!

Check back for updates

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