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Big Brother 20 – HoH Competition

As expected, the HoH competition ran past the end of the CBS episode.


I am not sure if the comp will actually air on the feeds, but unfortunately, I do have to run an errand right when the show ends. That means I won’t be updating live if the comp even is on the feeds, but I will update this thread to talk about who wins when I find out!

Please comment below for spoilers if they’re on the feeds but I will be back as soon as I can!


  • 7:40 pm – I’m back
    • Feeds are down. What a surprise
    • Vegas on Twitter said that feeds are supposed to be up but the person in charge refuses to for some reason
    • They’re supposed to make up for last week.
    • Another bullshit week
  • On another note, Julie surprised us with the Battle Back announcement for next week. So that’s cool, I guess?
    • Vegas says that the comp broke so they are fixing it, but Angela is currently in the lead
  • 8:15 pm – Feeds still down
  • 8:30 pm – Still down
  • 8:45 pm – Props keep breaking. Feeds still down
  • 8:55 pm – Feeds return!
    • Angela has won the HoH!
  • 9:05 pm – Haleigh is making the bed and Fessy comes in
    • She doesn’t sound very thrilled
    • Haleigh is guaranteeing she sees her face up there tomorrow for noms
    • Fessy says no – lol
    • Fessy thinks that she’s going to put Sam and JC up. Haleigh says she is likely going up and he says ‘that’s stupid’.
    • He says it would be stupid to put Haleigh on the block because Fessy can win veto and save her. Umm, not if you both are up, dummy
    • Haleigh is worried because they didn’t celebrate with them
  • 9:25 pm – Brett was nervous because they were sitting there so long with him on the block tonight
    • I can’t remember but I’m guessing they had Brett sit on the nom seat because the veto wasn’t revealed yet
    • Brett thought there was some twist where they keep him on the block
    • Fessy is bragging how he was HoH during the first unanimous
    • JC jokes that it’s because Scottie wasn’t voting so there was no hinky vote
  • 9:50 pm – Everyone eating dinner.
  • 10:00 pm – Sounds like Hay, Fessy, and JC were bashing Sam a bit
    • Sam was definitely moody when the feeds returned. I think they’re sick of her attitude
    • Brett comes in the room and says Sam is mopping the storage room alone
    • He says that Sam was walking super slow during the comp which was pissing him off (because she was ahead of him)
  • Brett and KC are talking game
    • They are speculating on the schedule. Brett says next week may be a battle back then double eviction the week after.
    • Anyway, heading to bed. Noms tomorrow!

Check back for updates


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  1. hogwild

    Jury battleback that should be interesting.

  2. Jay H

    I hope Fess says “if it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it’s probably a duck” 20 more times before the end of the season. What a doofus. Guarantee production taught him that saying.

  3. danmtruth

    no body that anyone is missing plus no one that really deserves to be let back in

  4. AIO_7

    The good thing is that whoever comes back usually leaves again quickly.

  5. Mr. Beardo

    Damn battle back..

  6. HappyHippo

    Still not on feeds, I gotta call it a night. I’ll be interested to see who is hoh in the morning…cbs just wasted all that time and we didn’t even get to watch the hoh comp. damn you production damn you

  7. LO1004

    Best case scenario is Fess or Hay leave next and Scottie wins the battle back. He annoys me the least out of the others.

  8. Mr. Beardo

    Do y’all think we’ll get the HOH comp on feeds?

  9. Colby

    After last weeks screw up they are probably afraid to show it on the feeds.

  10. FW aka CY

    Supposing production has one particular juror in mind that they want to insert back in the house, what would the comp be?

    Bay – Considering her “lusty” lungs, something to do with shrieking at the highest decibel level?

    RockLard – Who can blubber andsnot, snork and sniffle enough into a container to float a ball to the top first?

    Scottie – Put them in a sloppy mud pit and tell them to find (and steal) the household items buried – while gallons of milk, etc. are dumped on them.

    Assuming it’s Hay – Contestants must take rubber figurines of the male houseguests and entwine them around a modeled hand of gnawled and gnarled girlfingers.

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  12. danmtruth

    Can we just sing


    to keep the evicted HG out

  13. Malia

    I pissed….all that anticipation and a Sicky show and then no live feeds. Tonight sucked.

  14. Carl

    Best case for battle back. Fessy evicted, Scottie wins battle back. Scottie back in the house with Hayleigh while Fessy is sitting in the jury house.

  15. AIO_7

    Off topic:

    I saw this trailer on TV for the first time a few nights ago and that scene at the end of it almost made me jump out of my skin. Watch it on full screen.


  16. Ann

    I dozed off on the last 10 min of the show only to wake up & rewind & hear Julie talking about a damn battle back. I’m wide awake & pissed all the way off now.

  17. Alda

    Why the hell do we have to have a battle back? WHY? WHY?

  18. Malia

    Feeds still down?

  19. kneeless

    Realvegas posted that the actual comp hasn’t started yet. What they did show was just for the show & a false start. Feeds should be up when they actually begin the comp.

  20. Snarky Jenn

    I can’t stand the battle back. They were voted out. Keep them out! Then when you consider all the info Julie gave Bay when she was evicted, that smells like some BS to me. Hmmmm….who does production want back in??? If she comes back, I will “literally” get sick!

    • danmtruth

      maybe Julie had a talking too As the last few evicted people she made a point of saying she could not give that information as they would be voting Yet as everyone saw she did tell Bay the people who did not vote for her

    • JD

      I agree. Julie gave Bay so much info and gave RS none. She wasn’t consistent with each jury member. That gives advantage to some not all. I don’t like jury back or Zingbot for that matter. Jury back throws away HOH and screws up that players game and Zingbot most the time I can’t understand.Funny we finally have a cast that doesn’t follow the leader and has kept us on our toes each vote but production has had so many missteps. I am not sure after casting they planned anything just kind of winged it. Maybe next year we will get another good cast and production is back to thinking. Oh and maybe make sure cast members can put together a kids puzzle 😉

  21. Shivani33

    The 9 and 10 year old gentlemen at our house get to stay up for the live show. When JC said that he would miss pinching Scottie’s
    “neeples” they fell off their chairs laughing. It turns out that the older one misheard JC and thought that he said that he’d miss pinching Scottie’s nutsack. I said that I thought a guy might punch a guy who pinched that. But what do I know?

  22. hogwild

    Not a jury house one though they usually do one with the first four or five people voted out or the jury house one when Kaitlyn’chocked on the puzzle the odds seemed pretty good they would do a jury house one. Love em or hate em battlebacks are part of the game just like secret advantages.

    • Sassy

      I definitely hate them! They aren’t as bad when it’s the first 4 to leave the house, but at this point in the game, they are ridiculous!!

      • Sassy

        Although I would have HATED Swaggy coming back.

      • hogwild

        For me it depends on the people in the battleback this is by no meams an impressive group but on the flip side a lot of people wanted to see Victor win his way back in both times in BB 18 and Scottie getting back in and possibily winning an HOH could make for a very interesting week.

  23. Helen

    New tweet from Vegas
    Being controlled by someone who is refusing to flip them on despite the fact both CBS marketing and CBS BB social team asked them to turn it on.

    I wouldn’t blame people cancelling feeds in all honesty. This was supposed to make up for last week.

    #BB20 #BBVegas

  24. Malia

    Who is she talking about? Scotty?

  25. mona77450

    I don’t see the sense of having the jury battle back if they also plan to have a double eviction night. Have they ever had a jury battle back before? I know some battles were done prior to the jury. I think it’s unfair because the jury member will have viewed the prior weeks tape and have information that the current houseguests aren’t aware of….

    If I were Tyler I would have my game exposed.

  26. yissa624

    Ugh…. I hate Battle Back! I hope Scotty comes back, I can’t handle the other hg. Scotty wins HOH, Fessy will go home, leaving Haho in the house with Scotty and Brett! Fessy will lose his S#%T!!

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  28. Annabelle

    we all know what would be fun to watch….sam in withdrawal as hoh.

  29. Alda

    Let’s Go!!

  30. SammyD

    No idea why the feeds ae down to watch an HOH competition? Does CBS think it has a freaking government secret or something?! (cue a Lewis Black rant for effect)

    As for the jury battleback it will be an endurance comp, like all others. Then the following week there will be a double eviction, like all the previous years.

    Personally, I would have liked to see the “hacker” mix things up a bit.

    Of course, CBS may take down the feeds once again during the jury battleback just to add some drama for the season.

  31. Malia

    Are we sure now that they are NOT going to show the comp?

  32. Sassy

    Julie told RS and Scottie, they were off to the jury house, does that mean, they all get to compare notes?

  33. yissa624

    Maybe they are doing the Battle Back in fear Sam self evicts?! Just a thought….

  34. Mr. Beardo

    Pissed! That’s not friendship Allison Grodner!

  35. kneeless

    The best season of BB in years but the worst season for feeds!

  36. Helen

    Update from Vegas

    Prop broke. Competition is on pause as it is being fixed.

    Angela is/was in the lead though. It’ll resume from where ever they left off so she will remain in lead when it starts back.

    #BB20 #BBVegas

  37. mona77450

    Hour is about up, isn’t it?

  38. ElaineB

    Oh gawwwwwwwwwwd! Battle Back, just take me out now! I would want Scottie to get back in, and possibly the unknown evictee (if one I like). As for Bay or RS, HELL NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  39. GoodGame

    Hayleigh and Faysal just received their first offers
    for contracts after the show is over:
    Hayleigh for a Hand Model with a Wood Chipper Company and Faysal for a Stunt Double in the next Dumbo Disney Movie!
    Worst Alliance Ever on ANY SHOW!

  40. Cat Lady

    I sent a Messenger message to BB20 on Facebook. I should have choosen my words better but I was upset because l have been looking forward to it, but I don’t know what their excuse is..I guess CBS doesn’t Care.

    Me: Where is the live feed? 17 minutes after the show????
    BB20: Head of household
    Me: So why isn’t on the live feed?
    BB20: They want you to watch the broadcast episodes for those results
    Me: We will find out the results before..we watch anyways but what you broadcast is nothing..a snippet..you get us to buy All Access then you pull this shit..not right..
    “Get All Access see Big Brother live feeds 24/7 Bullshit
    BB20: Then cancel your subscription service and quit bitching. It is what it is lady

  41. mona77450

    Neither Tyler or Angela want to win HOH this week. Bet they are giving all their tokens to Kayce or Brett. Of course if they do, it exposes their allegiance to L6/5/4. Haleigh won’t be rceiving any for sure.

  42. Avatar

    So what the heck, battle back when they’ve seen all the goodbye messages & have all this info, guess CBS feels sorry for them being so dumb

    • Colby

      They are sequestered in a house, still with no access to TV, radio, or the outside world. The do get to see who was HOH, who won veto, who was evicted, and info they can share among themselves. I think they also get to watch movies.
      Other than that, what info do you think they get that would give them an advantage?

      • Sassy

        The messages give them clues of who is working with who. A lot better f times they say stuff like, I’ve been in an alliance since the 2d day with X, y, z. That’s stuff they still haven’t figured out in the house. If that’s the case. The Hg should have been informed of the battle back so they could structure their messages accordingly.

      • Avatar

        The info that Julie told to Bay when she was evicted

  43. Helen

    New tweet from Vegas…
    Props broken AGAIN. Disssgussstting!!!


  44. Snarky Jenn

    Production seems to be as useless as a Foutte/Hive alliance.

  45. Helen

    And another lollipop has broken.

    Third time for broken lollipops. The comp IMO is not effective because part of it is speed and the frantic element. They are getting to rest now as things are fixed.

    I am sure the HGs will talk about the disaster this is.

    #BB20 #BBVegas

  46. Avatar

    Steve, are you back yet

  47. Sassy

    Just put Haha’s damn ball in the hole and be done with it! This is ridiculous!

    Julie and her husband are laughing in hysterics right now. They are saying, they wanted an epic year to go out on and these third graders we hired are doing a great job!

  48. danmtruth

    still old feeds of zingbot come on

  49. GoodGame

    Production…. STOP THAT!
    I see you trying to fix this HOH Production!
    Did they let Hayleigh keep findingt “Balls” in the pit??

  50. kneeless

    Must be same production crew they used for BBOTT!

  51. Sassy

    Feeds are back.

  52. kneeless

    Feeds are back, who won? Haho?

  53. Mr. Beardo

    Feeds back! Ang won!

  54. Helen

    Angela won HOH.

    #BB20 #BBVegas

  55. Malia

    I must say…after checking out Twitter and reading a bunch of stuff there, I am glad I found and joined this site….some of those people are Savage over there and spew a bunch of crap. This seems to be a site with actual grow ups who know how to talk and debate without the childish element. I am enjoying this site.

  56. mona77450

    Looks like Angela?…

  57. LynnD

    I have not been able to watch anything yet because of the whole sound debacle so I have been waiting for the feeds to come up and I see a Nifty little key around Angela’s neck. Way to go Angela I’m proud of you

  58. Snarky Jenn

    Love that Angela beat production…uh er the other contestants. 😉

  59. Colby

    I really hoped Brett or KC would win. I’m afraid Angela won’t put up MF and Haho.

  60. Avatar

    Angela winning will make it interesting. I have a feeling that there will be a Fess back door. With the battle back, it could be Scottie and Fess battling it out. I hope Scottie wins. Karma

    Even still, it will not matter. L4 still has the numbers and will not flinch.

    • SammyD

      Unless Scottie wins the HOH during the jury battleback? That would give him a slight advantage to place Angela and Tyler on the block. If one were removed because of veto, Brett or another alliance member could be the replacement. The alliance could unravel if it shows cracks.

      However, Scottie has his agenda with Sam and perhaps Haleigh (if she survives this week) which would dismantle any hope of survival.

      • Sassy

        I don’t think he has an agenda with Sam, he just thought maybe people would vote her out over him… He would want to put up MF, but if he’s not in, then he would put up ty and Ang at Haha’s request.

        Either way, the alliance will be exposed next week, because whoever comes back in wil know from the messages…

      • Helen

        I think it’s really uncool with the jury battle back this year…Julie told Bayleigh who the vote was to keep her…showed and talked about the level 6 alliance.
        With RS showed Brett and Angela’s GB messages which clearly paint targets on them for a returning player…
        That is a tainted pool to potentially come back into the game

  61. Helen

    Will be interesting to see what Angela does….does she go after Sam and put up one of her own alliance?

  62. danmtruth

    Did not think she wanted to win Lets see what happens Fess feels safe Hay is worried as she should be

  63. Mr. Beardo

    I hope there’s a lil ice left on Ang’s heart. Her cutthroat nature is what I liked about her. She’s what would happen if a pirate and an angel had a baby.

  64. Avatar

    Sam and JC… tell hom time to take one for the team… he goes nuts and they evict him…lol

  65. Avatar

    brett and JC have done their time on the block

  66. Avatar

    Sam and JC… tell him time to take one for the team… he goes nuts and they evict him…lol

  67. Avatar

    oops didn’t mean to double post

  68. Helen

    Kaycee could have won but she decided to keep playing and got a worse number. Should have stuck with her earlier try.

    #BB20 #BBVegas

    Tyler was close lost by a single point.

    #BB20 #BBVegas

  69. danmtruth

    Angela was talking to KC sounds like Sam might be one of the people they are thinking about

    • mona77450

      I sincerely hope KC and Angela remember who Hayleigh put on the block during her HOH

    • Sassy

      OMG!! Big mistake if they don’t just put up Hay and MF. They are both going to be angry if Hay is OTB. MF is still gonna feel betrayed, and he gets to pull her off the block, next week they have 3! Think girl think! Stop the showmance crap, it’s playing with your brain cells!!

  70. Seattle Kari

    just as soon as we were thinking there would never be a battle back this late in the game they’re going to do this bullshit? There is not one single person that has been voted out that I would ever want back in the game. I might have to throw up.

    on that note, if all of the people are eligible who is the one person you would be okay coming back? If it’s anyone I’d have to go with the older guy that went out first. second choice maybe Scottie I guess

  71. Mr. Beardo

    Looks like Ty’s pow pow is gonna die in his man bun. Sorry production! Three pows, three deaths. Lol

  72. Sassy

    Ang needs to tell MF and Hay, she’s putting them OTB because that gives their “fake” alliance additional opportunities to win Veto, then she can take one down and put up Sam as the replacement, Sam goes home. Whichever is left OTB will really be the one leaving… she can give a similar BS speech like they did last week when they put up KC… can’t put up Sam now, she will go crazy, that’s why MF wouldn’t put her up!

  73. Avatar

    It is only jury members..so I would go with Scottie

  74. mona77450

    LOL….poor Tyler is a Have Not so he won’t be enjoying Angela’s HOH bed or shower for a few days.

  75. Helen

    Friendly reminder Angela…no wine sharing with Fessy or Hayleigh…neither one shared with you or anyone from your alliance

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  77. Helen

    Wasn’t the last jury battle back a wall comp where Victor was the last of jury standing on wall? I think Day and another Gil (Bridgett or Bronte) held hands and jumped together?

  78. Mello_One

    Idk…I may be in the minority here, but I think Hayleigh & Scottie would may a better couple. Fessy is controlling, jealous, & a moron.

  79. Snarky Jenn

    I think it’s BS Julie told Bay about Level 6 and now she will get a shot to get back into the house. Whether you like her or not, totally one-sided move and gives even a jury member an unfair advantage they would not have had otherwise. *steps off soapbox*

  80. Mr. Beardo

    Does hair count as a helmet?

  81. kneeless

    I am so over Sam’s moody, bloody, bitchy attitude. What a martyr!

  82. Helen

    Angela best stick with the plan..otherwise they are going to end up with 3 hive back in the house next week…yikes!!!!

  83. danmtruth

    Sam is full blown Hazel mode now Cleaning the fridge in the SR mopping the floor

  84. Malia

    Alcohol!! Poor have nots!

  85. Seattle Kari

    I must have missed where the conversations about having helmets came from, but what the hell. Here’s mine. LOL

    • danmtruth

      it came from Mel avatar with the helmet of protection as she calls it on the cat Reping your Seahawks I see Hope things are better out their for you and the smoke has cleared

      • Seattle Kari

        oh that’s right! I forgot about the funny cat picture with Mel. We shall see about the Hawks, I’m a realist. It’s a whole new team pretty much. as far as the smoke is concerned it was much better today the wind shifted coming from the ocean. I don’t know if it’s going to stay away though because the fires in Canada and Montana are still going so we have it coming from both sides. Thank you for the thoughts, much appreciated! It was really nice to see blue skies today!!

      • danmtruth

        Glad to hear things cleared up a bit Fell bad that have not heard of the fires in Montana All we hear on the news is the California fires As I said hope for more days of blue Skys for you
        Yes Mel is the head of the helmet of protection club Mr. Beardo has been repping a avatar with a helmet As have I Went with Prines Aroura Fram Flash Gordon now lol

      • Mello_One

        Dan I’m in the Bay Area of California, and its really bad down here also. Tomorrow is a “Spare the Air” day, & they are telling folks with health issues to stay indoors. With the Fires near Yosemite, Mendocino, then above us in Oregon, Washington, and in Canada the air is so thick with Smokey Smog you can cut it with a knife! At least it doesn’t smell Smokey, its just very Bad Air.

      • danmtruth

        Wow Mello that is scary talk about not knowing how lucky you have it till you loose it Something as simple as clean air Wow what can you do if you have respiratory issues Good luck

      • Seattle Kari

        mellow, sorry to hear you’re dealing with this too. a lot of people in the Seattle area have been wearing masks to walk around and they’re telling us not to even open our windows period when the wind starts blowing from the southwest last night you could literally taste the smoke as it got pushed by. Today was the first day I’ve seen a little bit of blue sky in almost a week. it should be good this weekend but it actually might come back next week. It sounds weird to say this for Seattle but we and so many other areas like yourself need a bunch of rainfall to clear this shit out and stop the fires

      • Seattle Kari

        the news said Seattle had the worst air quality of anybody in the world the other day. Even worse than Bangkok.

        here is a DYI air purifier that I read about. Take a regular box fan and go to the hardware store and find a air filter that will fit in front of it. Tape it to the fan. Apparently it’s supposed to work really well

      • Mello_One

        Kari B, same here, they are saying this is worst than the Smog in China, & it is bad for your Lungs…Every time I go out it hurts my eyes, but I don’t smell smoke. And get this, I just read online that Mount Diablo, which is in the Bay Area caught on fire today…Ugh?! This has been the worst year for Fires in the western states ever, & over 1,000 people lost their homes in Redding CA, up north.

      • Seattle Kari

        Oh my God, another one? this is crazy. I don’t think I’ll rainy season can’t get here fast enough. I’m so sorry! Check out the DIY Thing you might even be able to Google it

      • NKogNeeTow

        When she first changed her avatar last year, I called it her little helmet of protection because that’s the first thing I thought of when I saw it. It is the cutest one of all and my favorite one here. Oh and everyone else’s is nice too. Or Mel with 1 L is a trend-setter!

  86. Mr. Beardo

    Everyone’s at kitchen island laughing and snacking and Sam is orbiting at the big table

  87. kneeless

    The stories & reminiscing they are doing tonight is better than when BB makes the final few do their walk down memory lane.

  88. danmtruth

    Sam has finally joined the group But not for that long

  89. Malia

    Watching these feeds this last hour has been the funniest hour of the entire season so far. Hilarious!

  90. danmtruth

    Angela with Hay in the BR talking about nom Hay mentions she knows these will be hard to pick Angela talks about needing a pawn So Hay says she would understand that Angela says thanks I will keep that in mind that helps Hay is called to change her Batteries She yells at production for stoping her talk They were breaking up anyway Angela was already walking out In the SR Hay meets up with Fess and crystal to him that Angela is talking about putting her up See she tells fess I told you she was going to put me up Well why not after YOU volunteered Fess says don’t worry HE will talk to Angela Like his word means anything

  91. ladycobra

    Fess tells Ang if she puts up Hay as a pawn then he will win veto and take her down. That should send off all kinds of alarms that Ang needs to put the two of them up together. If they don’t take one of the two out then they have made a big mistake in my opinion. Sam is a pain in the butt but at least they know she is, but with Fess and Hay, especially Hay you never know when she will stab you in the back. Get one of them out while the getting is good. If I was in L6 and Ang didn’t take shot I would not be a happy alliance member.

    • Sassy

      Well, since her and Ty are the only ones winning, I guess, they can’t be to mad… yes they are all scheming and strategizing, but if you NEVER win, you can’t enact any plan. KC and Brett need to pull their weight in comps.

  92. mm22

    I agree Lady-if ty Angela hay n fessy in a wink wink F4 and Angela needs
    Hay to be a pawn and fessy says he will win veto n remove her its a clear sign
    Fessy doesn’t trust her and will not honor her HOH-
    There’s nothing else to do but put them up side by side
    and Angela can use that excuse – fessy what a moron
    you are ! everyone’s gotta do what u want during your
    HOH but u tell Angela you won’t do what she wants!

  93. HappyHippo

    Can I just say how happy I am to wake up to Angela as hoh, level 6/5/4 talking saying hay ho and fessy are being put up, Sam replacement nom if needed, Tyler leaves to sleep DOWNstairs, and hay ho nervous as hell talking to fessy in the dark. Happy freakin Friday people! 🙂

    • danmtruth

      HappyHippo once again you explained why L6/5/4 Are my fav’s They are smart enough not to flaunt rules TY sleeping in the HN room Hay & Fess confused and talking about making desperate moves As mm22 laid out so well why Hay & MF cant be trusted Plus as we know with the battle back no need to let the hive possible get another member back While you loose Sam who has voted with TY & KC for the most part

  94. Avatar
    Magic1993 (49 comments)

    I’m just happy to have Fessy out of the HOH bed. So sick of seeing him lounging in that room all day.

  95. WhereisPablo

    The picture of Haho at the top of this page looks like a blonde Wednesday Addams.

  96. ShoeLover

    ANNNNNNND of course BBAD had to end with the HOH Room fun!!!! I loved seeing them all interacting and carrying on fun and relaxed conversations!!

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