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Big Brother 20 Live Eviction Thread

Good evening, everyone!  It’s Thursday night so you know what that means!?!  Eviction time!



I’m sure you know by now that the person leaving the house will be faced with some challenge they must complete before they can re-enter. My gut is telling me that the challenge is going to be easy but they could throw us a curveball tonight. I just don’t see the reason for having the challenge if it’s going to be too difficult to win. That’s not to say that Kaitlyn (or Rockstar) won’t screw up and fail, but in theory the challenge should be easy enough where anyone in the house has a chance to win. Kaitlyn may be crazy, but she’s also fairly smart and shouldn’t have any issue (other than pressure) if it’s a mental comp.

As a fan of the show, I am definitely rooting for Kaitlyn to return because that should bring plenty of drama to the feeds!


Updates –

  • Alright, here we go!
  • Highlights of the last few days. Plenty of Kaitlyn whining and crying. Fun
  • Highlights finally over, let’s get on to the game!
  • Nevermind, more highlights. Kill me
  • I still can’t take Rockstar serious with those freakin glasses
  • Sam said if it was a tie, she was going to put two dots in a cup but those dots are going to be the same color (Kaitlyn)
  • Eviction time maybe!
  • Rockstar does the typical eviction speech
  • Kaitlyn does a shoutout to her teachers then gives some speech about higher good blah blah
  • Votes
    • (need 6 to evict)
    • JC – Rockstar
    • Bayleigh – Kaitlyn
    • Haleigh – Kaitlyn
    • Fessy – Kaitlyn
  • Kaitlyn 3 – Rockstar 1 at the commercial break
    • Brett – Kaitlyn
    • Tyler – Kaitlyn
    • Anglea – Kaitlyn
  • Kaitlyn evicted
    • Kaycee – Kaitlyn
    • Rachel – Kaitlyn
    • Scottie – Kaitlyn
  • Kaitlyn evicted 9-1
  • She drops to her knees when she is told about the challenge
  • Commercial break then bonus life time
  • Here we go…
    • She has to take the puzzle apart, push it through the door, then re-assemble.  Only 2.5 minutes
    • Super easy looking puzzle lol
  • She blows it!  She’s gone
    • Wow
  • The show runs late so they are likely going to play the HoH competition soon. I’ll keep you guys informed

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  1. caRyn

    I want to say a couple of things that I actually thought about last week. Old news, I know, but here I go…I didn’t not know that using the “M” word was offensive. So I am thankful, for that one reason, that JC and Bayleaigh had that conversation.
    Second, I wonder if Sam also said what she said about her noms to have the guys in the house avoid spending time with the noms. She did it for the noms to stay away from the guys but did she secretly want the guys to stay away from noms also.

    • Zach

      It’s just a word. It only has power over us if we let it. I’ve been referred to as many things, honky, cracker, bogtrotter, bohunk, gringo, peckerwood. It is what it is.

      • Jenny

        Yes, and no. In this country, white people are, unfortunately, privileged. I wish it were otherwise, but that’s our history. So somebody using a “slur” against me makes me sad if it’s meant to call me a bigot (honky or cracker, for example), but if you’re just calling me white or american, no biggie. The N word is a whole other kind of insult. And I’m glad that now I understand why the M word is hurtful. You can make fun of me for my pasty complexion, I’ll own it. I am pigment challenged. And I’m not actually white, I’m sort of a light pink. And “black” people are all different shades of brown, tan, beige, mahogany, etc. I look forward to the day when people no longer think that black/white is a thing. Line us all up and tell me where “white” ends and “black” begins. K I’m gonna step off my soapbox now. Peace out!

      • Zach

        I agree with cracker, I usually brush that one off pretty easily. But I’m Irish and European my great grandparents on both are immigrants to the US in the early 1900s. Bogtrotter and bohunk are just as derogatory as any other racial slur there is.

      • Jenny

        I actually have never heard either of those. But you’re right, the Irish were persecuted back in the day. So yeah, if those words were the equivalent… just as bad. My ancestry is a mix of Irish, English, Scottish, German, Swiss, Norwegian, Manx…but I’ve never been subject to any sort of anti-whatever-ethnic-origin myself. Thanks for adding to the conversation and sorry if I belittled your feelings. Racism sucks. Bigotry sucks. Homophobia sucks. Etc.

      • jimbo

        It’s just a word…but if blacks don’t want to be called n***** and short people don’t want to be called M******, then simply don’t call them that. It’s simple respect.

      • Zach

        No need to apologize Jenny asi stayed originally, they are just words. My grandparents taught me from early on in life, don’t let the words of others control or define the person you are meant to be.

      • Summer

        It is that simple, jimbo.

    • AIO_7

      Ryn, I really can’t answer the second part of your question, but Sam put larger targets on her back with that speech.

  2. HappyHippo

    Come on 9 o’clock! I’m ready. I love the live shows cuz as junkies we are already know how the other shows will end….but not Thursday!

  3. Mel

    I don’t know if this has already been mentioned but the hg won’t leave the house. The challenge for whoever is evicted is upstairs. If they complete it, they’ll go back downstairs and join other hgs.

    I’m wondering if they have to match emoji faces to that cardboard looking body we saw a clip of when Steve was evicted…

  4. NKogNeeTow

    First I’d like to say G8s, rest up and get well soon. We’ll keep you up to date and post tonight and Mel will make sense of it all tomorrow 🙂

    Now…HURRY UP 9 o’clock! Let’s get this show on the road!!!

  5. danmtruth

    it should be fun After they get evicted will Julie do a short interview Than tell them about the chance to come back

  6. AIO_7

    I haven’t seen the feeds for about 27 hours; are the odds still for Chakra getting the boot?

  7. NKogNeeTow

    Must we watch Rocky do the ugly cry? Must we watch BSC cry AGAIN?

    • AIO_7

      Chakra is the worst; I wish she would go TONIGHT.

    • Jenny

      That really WAS an ugly cry. But for anybody who didn’t like me commenting about her makeup last week, I must say she looked great tonight! Heavy eye makeup + bright red lips is too much. Change it to a neutral “nude” lip shade and she looks beautiful!
      And Julie…she’s worn a lot of strange outfits in the past, and they used to give her ridiculous big hair… but she looked great tonight, too! Very flattering clothing and hair style. Kudos to her stylist!

  8. AIO_7

    Shut up, Chakra: a week ago you wanted to kill or maim Brett, then a few days later you are giving him a handy.

  9. NKogNeeTow

    Oh Thank God, Tyer just said he just wanted to keep her around as long as possible to use her as long as he can. I was praying that he had no real feelings for her.

    • AIO_7

      I’d like to know if Tyler knows about the handy that she gave Brett, and would that change his opinion.

    • Jenny

      I never doubted it. Tyler is playing an incredible social game! And from his DR’s I could tell he finds the whole thing just funny. Like when she came to him to say she’d figured it all out, and that someone’s power was responsible for flipping the votes… he told the DR he wished he could take credit for it but even HE’s not that good. I love this kid. Wish I were as chill as he is.

  10. NKogNeeTow

    JC calling Kaitly “a crazy ass bitch”….lol

  11. Shivani33

    Tyler said “there’s no such thing as a weak player.”

  12. NKogNeeTow

    Sounds like Fessy sees her for what she really is too!. THANK YOU SWEET BABY JESUS!

  13. kneeless

    WOW, RS & BSC may put out all the fires & end the drought with all the tears!

  14. NKogNeeTow

    I do like that Brett wants to weigh out vendetta vs. game play.

  15. NKogNeeTow

    Wish they would show Rocky and BSC shaking in their boots, sitting on the sofa waiting for the voting to begin.

  16. Shivani33

    Lol that saying “sucks ass” finally has lurched on to mainstream tv. Blush, CBS!!!

    • Jenny

      I was shocked to hear that! I’m not a prude but really didn’t think that was something I’d hear on network television. Not sure it’s actually okay with me. I would have bleeped it, myself.

  17. g8trgirl

    I may be high as a kite, but I know a stall when I see it. Let’s go CBS! SHEESH!

  18. g8trgirl

    And thank you ALL for the good wishes. I feel better already.

  19. danmtruth

    CBS has to love for once that the vote is up in the air RHS STFU

  20. Colby

    They are in athletic gear. Comp must be physical.

  21. NKogNeeTow

    Here comes the bullsh!t speech (BSC).

  22. danmtruth

    Sam all Rosi the Riveter gussied up

  23. kneeless

    Sam must be channeling her inner Rosie the Riviter!

  24. NKogNeeTow

    I hate it when CBS does that crap (go to commercial while we’re sitting here chewing off fingernais)

  25. g8trgirl

    Um, did Fessy just vote out BSC? Did we know this was coming?

  26. Jannie

    Huh? JC votes to evict Rockstar? She may be in.trouble…
    Marianne Williamson and Tony Robbins want Kaitlin to keep their names out of her mouth. Bad publicity…

  27. Zach

    What in the name of sweet baby Jesus is JC doing!?!?

  28. Colby

    They are going to keep psycho.

  29. HappyHippo

    So interesting that RS is in atheletic wear but not BSC?

  30. Zach

    JC you little mini evil genius!!

  31. danmtruth

    Wow this should be a interesting exit

  32. Jannie

    Did that tricky JC just throw in a hinky vote to stir the pot?

    • Ann

      If Tyler has got any sense he’s got to know that everyone will think he voted to keep Psycho now he’s going to have a huge target on his back.!
      Psycho had better have a long talk with grandpa Lou & ask him why didn’t he tell her she was going home.

  33. Mr. Beardo

    BSC gets to try her hand at the puzzle

  34. HappyHippo

    Omg! Tyler voted for BSC!
    Bet he claims jcs vote!

  35. NKogNeeTow

    NINE TO ONE…Now she knows how many people in the house loves her…lol

  36. Zach

    Why is she acting surprised? It was on television that Sam told them already… uhhh how dumb is she?

  37. NKogNeeTow

    At least they get to watch it. I’m wondering how many of them hope she fails.

  38. NKogNeeTow

    Oh Mel with 1 L, this should make for some GOOOOD reading tomorrow morning…rofl

  39. danmtruth

    Why do all these people look surprised THEY WERE TOLD AT THE POV
    Bay will be heart broken As she should NOW understand SWAGGY IS NOT COMING BACK

  40. kneeless

    Can you imagine if she gets back in, it will be chakra, good ju-ju, intuition… We’ll never hear the end of it

  41. Edsel

    What do you think will happen with HOH? I assume it will be tonight and hopefully on live feeds?

  42. Zach

    While we are waiting. Did anyone else notice Baylieghs resting Beyoncé face during CABs speech?

  43. Zach

    Wtf.. how easy is this going to be.

  44. NKogNeeTow

    Bet you with just our luck, she gets it. FAIL DAMMIT!

  45. Zach

    How the hell do you fail on that?

  46. NKogNeeTow

    Nasty heifer didn’t want to talk to anybody…..LOL

  47. HappyHippo

    That was so easy! I can’t believe she failed!

  48. danmtruth

    She cracked under the pressure that was surprising

  49. hogwild

    This season just got a lot more boring.

  50. Jannie

    Wow, that looked pretty dang easy ..she choked.
    CBS wasn’t expecting that…

  51. Avatar

    That was the longest 2.5 minutes ever…. I seriously thought she would be done in under 20 seconds….

  52. HappyHippo

    I was like omg that’s like 6 pieces could cbs make it more obivious! And she choked!

  53. Shivani33

    How ironic that she failed to assemble a puzzle of herself.

  54. NKogNeeTow

    Damn, I wanted to see some goodbye messages 🙁

  55. kneeless

    But now she gets to go home to her bf, oh wait…

  56. Avatar

    Oh damn, what a shame Kaitlyn couldn’t use her mind to do the puzzle, then she easily would’ve gotten back into the house lol

    • Jenny

      clearly she was distracted by all those spirit voices in her head. I bet Tyler’s dad was telling her how much his son loves her and can’t wait to marry her and she was so busy planning the wedding that she couldn’t keep her mind on the puzzle.

  57. Shivani33

    No goodbye messages right now. But later?

  58. FutbolGT

    She completely choked! That puzzle looked so easy! 2:30 should have been more than enough time. Oh well, I won’t miss her.

  59. ElaineB

    Wow! Didn’t expect that at all….well, now she has to face “her” real world. The tweets might get interesting. Thx Steve for the live thread. My Junkies….luv reading your comments on eviction thread. Off to get a drink and watch the show!!

  60. Colby

    Is it going to be on the feeds?

  61. Avatar

    Yay rockstar! Will the hoh comp be on the feeds?

  62. kneeless

    BB20 may have just moved to my fav season of BB, EVER!

  63. AIO_7

    I think I’ll skip Julie’s extended interview with Chakra. Enough with her.

  64. Seattle Kari


    Oh my God I am so happy that I read the spoilers before the show even starts here!


  65. Lou Lou

    Will the extended interview be on the live feeds?

  66. Helen

    Thank you !! It is gone!!! Now. Faysal win HOH and put up Rachel and Angela….

  67. Apopkedave

    How could she not do that?? Looked like 6 pieces with a front and back. All she had to do was spread the feet further apart. Well good-by.

  68. SammyD

    Well, Namaste or not-gonna-stay. Psycho has exited the building! Thank god!

    Honestly, I thought she had that puzzle. But that one piece at the knee did her in..and the clock.

    I wonder how will be the new HOH?

  69. danmtruth

    Did she drop a F-Bomb on the way out Wow some lucky soul needs her on the outside more than her chance of winning 500,000$ how noble of her

  70. Helen

    Guess we don’t get to watch the HOH comp played out…..

  71. Avatar

    [email protected]… I would pay good money to see Kaitlyn’s reaction when she finds out she has been dumped!!!

  72. Alda

    Did anyone notice how emotional Julie was when Psycho came out on the stage?I thought that was odd. She really felt bad for Chakra.I loved when she thought Tyler or Fessie voted to keep her.

  73. danmtruth

    Was surprised that it was Jc voted for her She was hurt that Tyler did not vote for her After he was the only person she hugged Before her fake drop to her knee at the chance to come back Please you were told 3 days ago

  74. Tiare

    Where is Kait’s full exit interview?

  75. Mr. Beardo

    No feeds? Alli G is pissed y’all

  76. Edsel

    Kaitlyn’s loss at the puzzle will go down as one of the biggest blunders in BB history.

  77. Bobbi514

    Now on to getting crayon head out the door and wondering who will be the next HOH ~ when do the double evictions start playing out that is when it starts getting real to those left then looks like the real drama will begin as the season am happy there are really no sheep as most do have their own mindsets from Scotty and Sam and Tyler I again would like those 3 in the finals ~

    • Helen

      Yup. They need to get her (CrayonHead) out this week…I only hope it’s someone who wins HOH that will put her OTB…much as I want Faysal to win HOH I know he wouldn’t so maybe Brett? Brett would put her OTB…

      • Sassy

        I think there are bigger targets. I bet she’s not on the block this week. They have all determined she is not a threat.

  78. Leah-Ann

    How come production isn’t MAKING Bayleigh take a pregnancy test? I know exercise while pregnant is encouraged (barring any extenuating circumstances), but some of these challenges can be dangerous while pregnant. Examples: The last veto comp, OTEV, the slip & slide, etc. I couldn’t imagine they’d want to take on that liability.
    **Sorry if it’s already been asked and answered. I’m behind on my chats*

    • Jenny

      wait what? I missed that. But I get it, if they think she might be pregnant, she would need a doctor’s approval for any potentially dangerous activity. Part of me thinks it would be hilarious if it turns out she is…but only if she’s ready to be a good mom… and that baby daddy is ready to step up.
      She’s young, though, and it’s pretty normal to be a few days late, especially when you’re under stress.

      • Zach

        I don’t think it’s a few days. Pretty sure it’s been a week or two.

      • Leah-Ann

        Jenny, on the previous thread it was mentioned that she whispered to Kaitlyn she should’ve started when RS did & that was 4 days ago, but I also know that wasn’t the first thread to mention it.
        Even though it is normal to be late, knowing she had unprotected sex, and she herself is questioning should be enough for production to test her just to be safe. Like we said, some of these competitions can be dangerous and I can’t believe they aren’t taking it more seriously.

      • Helen

        4 days…also going by past seasons it’s not uncommon for the girls to not have one at all while in B.B. house….

      • Tinkerbell

        Bay definitely thinks she’s preggers. Just this morning she was talking about still being very late, not starting when the other girls did, her boobinskies getting fuller, and bloated tummy. She has also been sleeping a lot, and says she’s so tired. Rubs her tummy-tum-tum a lot, and a lot of talk about having babies. Along with the challenges, I’ve been thinking that the diet of a have-not isn’t ideal for her either. Oh yeah, a little over a week ago she was asking the girls if there has ever been a “Big Brother baby” in the house….meaning conceived in the house. We shall see.

      • Jenny

        oh, sorry all, I read that wrong. I thought it said Production IS making her take the test. my bad.

      • Alda

        Now,that would make BB history.

    • Tinkerbell

      Forgot, this morning Bay was whispering to Kaitlyn about it, but is wasn’t audible. If I remember correctly, from a blog or Jokers, Fessy went to the DR about unprotected sex. They said Bay had to ask for the “morning after”. Don’t know if she did though.

    • Sassy

      It sounds like she wants to be pregnant. I wonder if she will get the Xmas treatment if pregnant. Only be able to compete in certain challenges, allowed to leave to go to appointments, and get the sympathy votes to keep her to the end knowing she can’t really compete.

      • Leah-Ann

        That’s what I’m afraid will happen. And honestly B.B. brought that on themselves.

      • danmtruth

        I don’t see that happening Nor should it It was her choice Sorry if that sounds mean

      • Jenny

        I have a hard time feeling sorry for people who have unprotected sex. Doesn’t BB provide a whole pile of condoms? It’s not that hard to NOT get pregnant, people! Yes, I know, sometimes birth control fails.. but if someone really did ask for plan B, they must have thought they needed it. *rolls eyes in a judgmental way*

      • Sassy

        Danm – I don’t think that’s mean at all. I Thought Xmas should have been booted last season.

  79. Shivani33

    Sam apologized to Tyler, upon Kaitlyn’s eviction. She said “I was not expecting this,” and Tyler voted to evict Kaitlyn. She seemed to presume that Tyler’s was the only vote to keep her.

    Who will get blamed, if anyone, for the sole rogue vote? Faysal? Or will the voter take credit for it?

  80. Avatar

    Hopefully Brett or Tyler get taken down a notch. It’s now or never to get Tyler out. If not he will be top 3 no doubts.

    • Jenny

      I’m gonna guess all the thumbs-down came from Tyler fans. You’re right, but I LOVE TYLER and I want him to win. But you’re still right, that if you want the guy out (what is wrong with you?!?!) the sooner the better. Brett.. I like him better now that I’ve seen more of his personality, but I’m not emotionally attached to him.

  81. Colby

    I think JC flipped his vote so it would get blamed on Tyler. JC has seen himself as running the house along with Tyler, but he and Tyler didn’t agree and both fought really hard this week. I think that pissed JC off and he may be wanting to get rid of him.

  82. Lynn

    Tyler’s best bet is for one of his known enemies to get HoH. Otherwise, if Bayleigh uses her power when one of his allies is in power, he won’t know he’s going up and will miss the chance to use his power. I think it’s a horrible disadvantage to have to use it prior to nominations!

  83. LGJ

    I looked at that puzzle and was 100% sure they made it for that person to stay! I looked at my hubs and was like, “Are you freaking kidding me?” I’m so glad she’s gone!

    • Helen

      Me too!! I thought no way can anyone not put that together in 2 1/2 minutes! It was what? 7 pieces?

      • LGJ

        Yes! I was so mad at first! Usually any type of battle back is way more complicated than that. I think they expected her to be voted out so made it as easy as possible…. but they didn’t expect her to blow it.

      • Alda

        My 17 month old niece could have finished that puzzle.

    • mm22

      I thought I read Kait came out of DR all happy n smiling earlier this week-does anyone else think
      CBS made a deal to bring her back another season? Could she have thrown the puzzle for a deal of a
      fresh start? I think we may see her again

    • Jenny

      No kidding! When she took it apart and I saw how quickly she shoved it through the door I was MAD! Like, this is too easy, it’s ridiculous! I would have put it together on the floor, too, if I got flustered like she did… but I was really surprised she got totally derailed by that one little piece. But hey, it’s easy to judge these people from my couch. I would never make it in the BB house.

      • LGJ

        Hey, you’re a couch free judgement zone…judge away. She should have started it out in the floor and I think she would have got it. Thank goodness she didn’t!

  84. HappyHippo

    Still isn’t on live feeds, I gotta call it a night. 5:30 comes too early….goodnight all!

  85. LO1004

    Does anyone remember the details of Bays power? Did she have to decide to use it when the new HOH is named? Or does she have up until noms to decide? Not sure that was ever clear, just curious.

  86. Colby

    OK. What is the hold up? Do you think they are trying to figure out a way to get psycho back in the house? 🙂

  87. danmtruth

    Maybe going to give Pop views a treat

  88. jimbo

    Sam really called Haleigh out correctly — she simply just flirts and leans on “boys” to move ahead. That’s the extent of her game. I have no idea why she was worried what “her grampa watching” might think — he thinks that, too, if he has a brain! Atleast Kaitlin, whacko and all, played the game ON TOP of flirting. Sam looks like Freud in analyzing these two.

    • Helen

      Hayleigh admitted it to Faysal a few nights ago…he was complaining about the way she flirts with Brett and her response was…so..you want me to change my strategy? While Sam IS being judgemental she called it out correctly as to what they are doing…

  89. ElaineB

    Kait did one of her fave wds…….she f**cked up! Now own it.

  90. Tinkerbell

    I’m sure someone already said this, but……. Yaaayyyy, ding dong the witch is dead. Finally. I’m so glad her crazy butt is gone. I’m so happy that POS doesn’t get to go to the jury house. I guess I’m a cold hearted woman, but I don’t have a sympathetic bone in my body for her. Karma’s a bitch. She whored herself out with three guys for everyone to see – I would pay to watch her tonight when she finds out Joey baby is gone, and that America detests the sight and sound of her. I think someone posted above that Julie seemed a bit emotional. My thought is maybe she was upset because productions’s “set-up” didn’t go off as they planned, for Psychic Psycho to return to the house. Happy Trails psychotic princess.

  91. Sassy

    Ha! Julie Chen on Twitter correcting Rachel on Yin instead of Ying (& yang…)

  92. Tinkerbell

    Sam, perfect impersonation of Rosie the Riveter tonight. Ha

  93. Sassy

    Swaggy said on Twitter that no one is suppose to talk during the veto meeting, like JC did. There really needs to be consequences for breaking rules.

    • Colby

      JC constantly breaks rules and they don’t do anything about it. They all do, but he is the worst. Sleeps whenever he wants, doesn’t wear his microphone, and constantly sings. The singing I think he does just to mess with production. But it pisses me off because we get fished all the time.
      But the other housepets don’t really say much about it. I really think they look at him just like a bratty little kid because he is really funny sometimes.
      Production does need to dish out consequences.

    • mm22

      I liked that JC spoke up it was surprising and sams reaction was hilarious

  94. NKogNeeTow

    Just a thought about JC. I was wondering if before or in case anyone finds out it was him with the hinky vote, what if he confessed to the group that it was him and said it was because he knew it was going to be unanimous, he wanted to throw her a sympathy vote? *Please don’t throw rocks at me. It just crossed my mind*

  95. Avatar

    On Jokers

    FYI: 11:33:22am BBT today cam3/4; Faysal/JC in the SR; JC setting up Rachel or Brett for the vote.

  96. NKogNeeTow

    So I guess since the Comp is taking so long, BBAD will be a rerun of tonight’s show, until the Comp is over 🙁

  97. Tinkerbell

    Hahahahaahahahahaha, Psychic Psycho’s Instagram is, wait for it……gone – no longer available. Hahahahahahaha. I checked on it right before the show tonight and it was still there. I love it! Miss Munchausen and Psycho can be besties now, nobody else will have them.

  98. Avatar

    While watching K struggle with the puzzle I looked at my husband & told him that I felt she was throwing the comp, I wonder if she wanted to go home & I almost guarantee she will use this as an excuse, if it’s not the truth, to save face.

  99. Helen

    Wow. Pretty much 6 hours with feeds down…over two since show ended…must have really thrown production by her losing that 7 piece puzzle made out of pieces big enough for a child to put together….

  100. Summer

    Sam was going to put JC on the block. She wasn’t expecting his reaction so she went with the house. She lied telling JC she wasn’t really going to do it. ‍♀️

  101. Helen

    HOH just now about to start. Thus no winner yet. They got a practice round. Won’t be too long a comp.

    9:25PM BBT.

  102. Colby

    I really wonder what the comp is. It didn’t take them long to build it.

  103. Tinkerbell

    This is fabulous. The sister of Joe, Psycho’s EX, posted this on her twitter late this afternoon. It’s s fantastic!


  104. Seattle Kari

    watching the votes now in Seattle. JC was definitely a smart little shit!

    Im wondering something. they probably made two puzzles one for each of the girls.?? I saw how everybody was talking about how easy Kaitlyn’s was. I’m wondering how Much more difficult the one they made for Rockstar might have been? I’m staying at you fucked it up…

  105. Helen

    Bayleigh now in lead. Kaycee close behind.


  106. Sassy

    Look out house! This should be an interesting week! Ty might need to use his power. Im guessing she will target Ty and Brett with Rachel as a back up.

  107. Tinkerbell

    Bitch Witch is gone. Exhale, awwwwwww. The house is relaxed, and I am as well. Now if we can only get rid of Purple Head next, and JC shut his trap with the singing. Pleeeezzzz, no more fish. The guests are smooozing Bayleigh already. Fun. Hahahaha

    • Tinkerbell

      Purple Head is so ignorant, she thinks she’s in like flint because she is still there. She’s so out there, a misfit in the house. She isn’t smart enough to realize it only proves how much they all hated Psycho. LIKE put LIKE her LIKE stupid LIKE butt LIKE back LIKE on LIKE the LIKE block LIKE tomorrow. Go away!!!

  108. danmtruth

    Just when you thought it was going to be boring Now with Bay=Heather as HOH lets see how she plays it How much of the power will go to her head Will she try to backdoor Tyler or Jc Play it safe with her power app so go for low hanging fruit Sam, She is saying she already knows what she is going to do Does not need advice from Fessy or anyone

  109. Jenny

    Can’t believe they aired Sam saying “I’ll stomp a mudhole in that b*tch’s chest!” whoa.

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