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Big Brother 20 Monday Afternoon Feed Updates

Good afternoon, everyone!


It’s veto day in the Big Brother house but it’s not that exciting because there are no surprises to be had today. Most Monday’s this season we have been given a treat of potential drama when the Hive alliance was blindsided yet again by moves (or lack of) they just weren’t expecting. While it wouldn’t be a normal week without blindsiding them in some regard, that was done on Friday when Angela nominated Fessy. For some reason, he was not expecting it at all and even thought there was a chance Haleigh wouldn’t be nominated, either.

The biggest story coming out of the house recently was JC getting worked up yesterday after he was given a little alcohol. He was feeling pretty good when he went off on rants about Rachel and Sam. The problem is, unlike Rachel, Sam is still in the house and actually heard him.  JC is not one to be quiet, so the combination of him drinking and a quiet house made it fairly easy for Sam to hear him from the kitchen (he was in the HoH room). This resulted in somewhat of a short circuit in her brain as she continued to cook but started talking to herself about just staying calm or playing pretend. It was kind of creepy and sad but that summarizes her entire season, I suppose.

Let’s get to some feed updates:

  • 11:25 am – Feeds down for the meeting
  • 12:05 pm – Feeds back. Quick meeting. Veto not used
    • Haleigh or Fessy will join the others for the Battle Back this week
  • 12:20 pm – Fessy is pouting in the HN room
    • He is giving Haleigh shit for talking to the people who put them on the block.
    • Fessy – “All you care about is the game”
    • So, Haleigh does what he wants and sits there and stares at the ceiling to play the strategy of Bayleigh and Swaggy
  • 1:10 pm – Brett and Angela are outside talking about Haleigh
    • Brett is saying how she had a really great beginning of the game with her social game
    • Angela said she killed it with her HoH and how she got blood on her hands but I think she’s a bit biased since she was nominated. Haleigh’s move was fine. The hacker screwed her
    • They talk about Swaggy and his influence in the house. They say he just focused on the weakest minded people (minus Bayleigh).
    • They predict that Bayleigh and Swaggy aren’t going to last outside the house. If they do, great, but they won’t
    • Brett says that he’s probably not waiting all this time for her. He then tells the story how Swaggy was walking down a street and some girl approached him and said ‘fuck me’ and Swaggy did behind a truck
    • Angela reacts…
    • Angela said Bayleigh would never go for that because she’s too classy, but Brett said she was in the room when he told the group
    • Brett said that’s when Bayleigh told a story how she screwed a guy on the counter when her parents weren’t home
    • Angela says “maybe they’re perfect for each other”
    • Brett says “just because of that, it doesn’t mean they won’t last. Maybe it was a true connection. I really hope it was”
  • 2:20 pm – Most are outside enjoying the little time they have this week
    • They are closing the backyard early this week. The house speculates for a double eviction or battle back and they’re right about the latter
    • I wonder if it will be like last year. If so, Scottie and Fessy will no doubt play in the finals
  • 6:30 pm – Took a break. I’m back. Haleigh is outside jogging. Tyler cooking. Slow night
  • 6:50 pm – KC heads up to the HoH room to chat
    • I kind of hate their peanut/chicken nugget nickname thing they have going on
    • Angela said she’s trying to create even more division between Haleigh and Sam
    • Angela repeats a comment that Sam made to Haleigh. I guess Haleigh asked where Fessy went to Sam. Sam said “I think he went upstairs. You should go follow him”
  • Haleigh’s ears must have been ringing because she goes upstairs to chat
    • Angela thinks that Scottie will be the one returning
    • She thinks his ego is too hurt to compete and Scottie will come back with a vengeance
    • Kaycee says that during a conversation with Fessy, she almost accidentally mentioned him talking to Julie on Thursday
  • 7:30 pm – JC is downstairs
    • He is telling Tyler the dangers of the closeness of Kaycee and Angela and they need to be split up
    • Not good for him. He doesn’t realize how close Tyler is to them
    • JC says he wants to get rid of one of them if it’s a DE this week
    • Tyler says not a chance. He’ll never convince Tyler of that.   Haleigh put him on the block and he can’t keep her in the house
    • JC keeps saying he wants to tell him why… Once Fessy is gone, Haleigh will be alone. Sam hates her. She’s going to cling on to Brett and he’s close to Brett
    • Tyler says that neither (Ang/KC) are coming for them
    • Tyler keeps saying that it’s incredibly bad for his own game to break up Angela and KC now
    • JC says Brett has to go before top 4
  • 7:50 pm – Sam begins to straighten Tyler’s hair
    • The girls come to watch lol Sam kicks them out
    • Haleigh is resisting. She’s totally going to fight with Sam sometimes before the season ends
    • Haleigh finally goes outside and bitches about getting kicked from the bathroom to Angela who is also pissed
  • JC learns about Brett’s third ball.  Brett says it’s like a cyst but he likes to call it a ball
  • 8:30 pm – Brett says that Tyler currently looks like Joe Dirt f*cked Kid Rock
  • 9:00 pm – The reveal!!!
    • Some reactions of the house
    • Now they all play

Check back for updates


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  1. Ritchie

    I’m thinking Tangela’s budding romance is somewhat superficial on Angela’s part. I get she doesn’t want that automatic BB showmance target on her back, but why keep the emotional shield up with Tyler in private moments?

    Whenever they are alone cuddling at night with kisses on her neck (not his), celebrating in the pantry with pick up body hugs, chilling in the lounge stroking arms and hand holding, its Tyler putting in most of, if not all of the work.

    Tyler asked her for a post BB date (she accepted) and even offered Hawaii as a destination, yet she has made no mention to him on her own about life outside of the Big Brother house. In fact her life after BB was expressed to KC just a few days ago when she stated that she wasn’t going to be tied down with dating, because she wanted to travel the World.

    I believe Angela is cool with Tyler but not really that much into him like he is, and is just using Tyler (smart girl) to further her game. I’m telling you, Tyler might not see her vote coming if he should ever get booted from the game (which I hope doesn’t happen).

    • AIO_7

      Sounds about right.

    • Avatar
      Magic1993 (49 comments)

      Totally agree! She’s stringing him along hoping he doesn’t catch on. She may be F2 w/him. She’s smart, unlike Haleigh. Same game play, different strategy.

    • ElaineB

      I think she enjoys his company and certainly keeping him ‘smitten’ won’t hurt her game.

      • mm22

        What ? No! I don’t want Angela n Tyler’s attraction for each other to be
        one sided. I have always liked them as a team/couple-the thought
        of her using him is crushing.

      • Ann

        Me too mm22, I want Angela & Ty to be a couple after the show. They look so cute together.

    • dfdsgs

      I read the situation completely different. It seem to me that Angela was the one that initiated much of it and I think she even said she had a crush on him a couple weeks before it got super obvious. I could be wrong but I think we have two people that never expected or wanted a showmance that are genuinely attracted to each other but don’t want to let it define or ruin their games.

    • Sassy

      I think they are both into each other and are struggling to keep it out of their game play. Angela has said it is tough to break through her exterior walls and she does not want to let them down while on live feeds to show the world. I think they will not hold evictions against each other and both have talked about dating others outside the house. Neither is looking for a long term relationship, and even if they don’t date each other it don’t date long, they will probably remain really good friends for life.

      Swaggy will be upset when they do date outside the house, and they end up being the showmance of the season and he and Bay fade into the background while all the opportunities are given to Ty and Angela.

      • danmtruth

        As Swaggy moves to capitalize on his “fame” from BB He is starting a youtube Chanel with Bay Promising a couples vacation pic on it after the show Big plans Feel sorry that he is trying to use the WWE villain strategy to be popular Saying how every one is going to be afraid of him on finally night How he will cause all kind of shock with what he has to say

      • Sassy

        Yeah, I follow him on Twitter, I’ll drop him as soon as the season is over… he’s pushing the showmance thing really hard. He thinks Bay will be the one to win the battle back and rip the house apart when she gets back in. He gets pissed when people talk about Angela and Ty, and comments why do people care about them when Hay and MF are an actual couple… Maybe because they are unlikable! I just roll my eyes and move on.

      • Jenny

        Maybe because they are staying classy and not fornicating on camera? Or the fact that they got to know each other before any kind of flirting was going on? And they’re just flirting… not running to the DR for Plan B?

      • Ann

        You’re absolutely right Jenny & that’s one of the things that I love about them.

    • Yael Sara

      Don’t so much agree and more in the same mindset as DF. From day one I was a fan of Angela and in part was because I could read her immediately largely because I saw myself. I never saw her as the bitch, but the quiet shy one who spoke when there was something to be said, not just for the sake of talking. With that also comes the walls she also mentioned in her DR last night. It may look like only Ty is initiating because when you have the personality type which I strongly believe she has, allowing herself to be vulnerable is not something that will come easy.

      • kneeless

        I’m with you Shiv. I liked Ang from the beginning & saw myself, in her. Def not tall & a smoking hit body, but personality-wise. I am more reserved around those I Don’t know as well.

    • Jay H

      I don’t know if it’s true or not, but I feel like someone said in one of the threads that she has dated two different actors. Doesn’t sound like a coincidence.
      I feel like she likes him, but not on the same level he likes her.
      I had a friend who somehow only dated men who were business owners or rich. More power to her, but I never felt it was just a coincidence that the guys she dated had plenty of money.

      • Mel

        I tend to agree. They may be a forever couple, who knows? More likely, I see a few months of fun but eventually, Angela wanting someone who is more ambitious than Tyler seems to be. Not only is she a hardnworker, she owns her own business. I think there’s definitely an attraction but once the post show traveling and fun is over, she may want a guy who doesn’t want to live in his car and travel to different beaches. (I’m not saying that’s a bad thing)
        Too bad things didn’t work out with Haleigh, they could shove her piano in a van and be on their way.

      • Jenny

        Well… I lived in LA for a couple of years, and actors are everywhere. And models. The bouncer at one of our favorite bars was on one of the soaps. One of my friends was an agent. My boss’s niece was married to a TV star. A friend from work was in a wedding where one of the groomsmen was on a popular sitcom at the time. My best friend’s boyfriend was a TV producer of a couple of VERY popular shows. Just because she may have dated a couple of actors doesn’t mean much – the girl is beautiful and I’m sure she gets hit on everywhere she goes.
        Regarding ambition, yeah, she is older and has a plan. Tyler is 23, right? He’s living a good life, having fun, plenty of time to figure out where his life is going. I just hope the 2 of them don’t screw their game over this sort of showmance!

    • FW aka CY

      I think she is just demure and reserved. A private person who is mortified by the thought of rutting about for the voyeuristic pleasures of a bejillion perverts. She will have plenty of pent-up passion for Tyler at the appropriate moment and in an appropriate place. And I think he is more than ok with that.

      I think her conversation with KC was gameplay, trying to allay the lesbianic linesman’s suspicions the she (Angela) and Tyler are becoming “too close.”

      Unrelated: How does one access one’s account anymore? No Sign In button appears to be available for the past several days.

      • AIO_7

        A couple of us last night asked Steve about that and the comment counter: He was unresponsive.

      • FW aka CY

        Did you poke him with a stick? Hold a mirror under his nose? Feel for a pulse in the carotid (or femoral) arteries. Emergency medical procedures may well be required!

        *licks lips to moisten them, tilts victim’s chin to open airway.* Call 911. You! Begin chest compressions! I’ll begin the rescue breathing! (I know – rescue breathing is passe – but who could resist? He looks like a younger Fessy!

      • ShoeLover

        Fukweed, I never see the login thingy up top. I always have to scroll down to the bottom of the comment section and use the login option from there. I hope this helps!

      • FW aka CY

        Muchas Gracias, Amante de las Zapatas! I’ve been wanting to join the Helmet Club and now I can! Brillante!

      • danmtruth

        duckweed welcome to the helmet of protection club
        IT is interesting to see where this little flirtation goes

      • FW aka CY

        Gracias, danmtruth. Yes, I think I am more invested in seeing how the Angela/Tyler relationship develops and effects their game than any other storyline from the house. I am certainly disappointed that Sam has turned out to be such a moonbat. I had high hopes that a gool ol’ country girl would make a good showing. Sort of a Nicole with curb(stomp) appeal.

        Off topic – it’s weird that I can see the thumbs up/down things and use them on my bedroom tablet, but on my laptop they are not visible. I was very surprised when I went to bed for a nap to find that there were reactions to my comments, pro and con. Emotionante!

    • aka beachgirl

      Unless they are really good actors, I thought the diary room sessions last night show them both being a little giddy, like any person in a new relationship. They both had cute smiles on their faces and talked about the other one I thought quite sincerely. At least I’m hoping so.

      • FW aka CY

        I vote romanticism over cynicism. These are, I think, good, genuine people at their core. That’s what makes them endearing to us – and to each other.

    • Shivani33

      I had no idea that kissing Angela’s neck and all that jazz is “it’s Tyler putting in most, if not all of the work.” Poor Tyler. Hope he’s not too drained.

      • Jenny

        on BBAD they were on the HOH bed touching each other in a very sweet, chaste way. She was running her hand across his shoulders and upper back. They had been drinking so I’m sure their guard was down a bit, but they kept it pretty innocent. You can tell they just want to make out but are holding back because they know they’re on camera. Mutual attraction is obvious. I like that they are keeping it low-key.

      • FW aka CY

        She likes a man with a slow hand and an easy touch. I like them both better for their obvious dignity and discretion – things rare to find in this age of instant gratification and social surveillance.

    • Avatar

      Based on what the DR showed us last night, she looks smitten. I think she’s just very very guarded.

  2. Apopkedave

    I can’t wait to see who Kaycee takes off the block. I’ll bet nobody. Good-by Faysal, but not for long, he will come back with the battle back and win HOH.

  3. Avatar

    In the history of BB battlebacks, how man times has someone from the jury actually won the battleback to return to the game? It seems like it doesn’t happen that often.

    • danmtruth

      I think Victor stayed the longest Most are gone in a week or two

    • Helen

      Victor won 2 battle backs…the first was pre jury when the 4 battled each other individually. Like if they do that this time Bayleigh would battle back RS…whoever wins that battles Scottie…whoever wins that battles Faisal or Hayleigh and winner of that comes back to game.
      The second was post jury…they all competed on wall..last one of jury standing is back in…that person also has chance to win HOH if they are last one standing

    • Mello_One

      Question….Aren’t the HG that play in the Battle Back sequestered separately before they come back to the BB House to play in the Battle Back? Because BB doesn’t want them to swapping info that occurred in the BB House since they have left???

  4. Avatar

    What was JC saying? I missed that.

  5. Avatar

    I’m hoping Angela is not stringing Tyler along. I have liked Angela’s gameplay since the start (even when she was called ‘furniture’ by the masses) as it was refreshing to see an attractive girl play the usual flirt strategy. I do think Tyler is into Angela more than the other way around, but if this is a showmance turned romance outside of the house, it would be one of the BB greats.

    JC definitely has his annoying moments, but production is setting him up to be this season’s $25,000 America’s favorite winner. Most voters are only watching the CBS show, and they show his funny moments. And honestly, it helps that he is a little person.

    • Avatar
      Magic1993 (49 comments)

      Nope. She is out of his league. Only tolerating him because she is locked in a house with big money on the line. She is all about the money.

      • Mello_One

        I kinda agree with you, Angela’s journey in life is much more vast, & deeper than Tyler’s…She owns her own business, and was married to a Guy with a Kid, (he is now her Ex-Husband). Tyler is definitely a stand up, mature, good looking guy, but who knows what will happen between Angela, & Tyler outside of the house?!

      • Jenny

        She was married before? Yeah I am sure being step-mom called for being a grown up. I think they are just in different places in their lives. Doesn’t mean she’s only about money or out of his league. Spending that much time with people, it’s normal that attractions would grow. And it’s hard to resist the temptation when you’re together 24/7 and like Tyler said, sleeping in the same bed. If it works out, good for them. but she’d better not be using him!!!

      • Mello_One

        Agreed Jenny!

      • Ann

        Agreed Jenny & Mello. They’re a very cute couple & I hope things work out for them after the show.

  6. Seattle Kari

    ” only interested in playing the game…”

    REALLY Fussy??


  7. Avatar

    Have to remember early in the season on the feeds Bay said she could have sex with no attachment, so she isn’t as demure as you would think a Miss America contestant would be.

    Whether Bay and Swag make it outside the house or not, they will be forever attached if Bay really has a bun in the oven.

    • danmtruth

      TwoBits it is going to be a clash of egos when she gets out Don’t think for one minute she will let him forget that she LASTED longer Like many people who sit at home and watch the live feeds and the show What they would do Its always easy when you see all thats going on No matter what he says he got out gamed by L6 Just never saw it coming From listening to his reshow interview and exit interview Chris was more interested in building his brand/name “Swaggy-C” than playing the game to win

  8. Houseguest Doug


    To keep Haliegh or Faysal…

    Smart move for L6 given a battle back is happening is to send Haliegh out the door as she is clearly smarter and a better player than Faysal. Faysal has brawn but you know how these comps go for battle back it is all about grey matter.

    L6 would make the gamble that Scottie or Rockstar manage to win the battle back and not Haliegh or Bayliegh. We all know Scottie will be guns a blazing to send Faysal home and he will be happy to be involved in any plan to send his ass out the door.

    Rockstar is just plain useless and it will be easy for L6 to send her ass right back out as soon as it comes in.

    If they send Fessie out then I see Brett trying to work the Hayliegh angle and swoon in on Fessie’s squeeze. I am not sold on the “Fayliegh” (pronounced FAIL LEE) be better if it was “FAILING”, I think they are not going to make it long-term and I see Brett working his magic on Haliegh. Which will drive Faysal nuts if he is stuck in the Jury House for the next 5 weeks. Especially, if Haliegh and Brett are still in the house up to the final 3 or 4. Not to mention is Scottie (NOT SO HOTTIE) is back in the nest.

    That is the other reason they need to send Haliegh packing. If Scottie wins the Battle Back and teams up with Haliegh that could be trouble for L6. They have the numbers but Scottie has an annoying habit of being good in comps and only a matter of time before he wins a HOH or a VETO. Haliegh is pretty good to at comps.

    I am sure Brett will be lobbying for Haliegh to stay. But if L6 are smart they will send her packing and roll the dice she doesn’t come back.

  9. Avatar

    I don’t know if Ang really likes Ty as much as he likes her. I honestly don’t see it. I don’t think they really have much chemistry, maybe it’s just me.

    • FW aka CY

      I don’t know – I thought the snippets of her talking about it in the DR were sweet, funny – and indicative of a true romantic interest that she would prefer not be flagrant or the concern of anyone but herself and her (potential) paramour.

      • Houseguest Doug

        So you don’t think she was playing up to the camera in any way to change her image from the Ice Queen to to someone who has a heart?

        I think it was a show for the cameras and some of it maybe real. But she is a player and trying to win a game and get things beyond the game from the outside world. Oh I don’t know maybe the cover of Sports Illustrated Swim Suit Edition or perhaps dare I say it “Playboy”. She is a model..

        My guess she likes the camera and wants to land a spot in a TV ad, Amazing Race, maybe a TV show or Movie.

      • FW aka CY

        Could be. The proof will be if Tyler gets in her pudding after the show – and stays there awhile. I’m hoping it works out.

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  11. jimbo

    LOL The wording in the article about Swaggy screwing someone behind a truck needs to be clarified. It really reads as Brett screwed someone behind the truck! Shocked by him admitting that to Angela, I had to read it a few times before I realized that it wasn’t Brett, but it was Swaggy he was talking about. Sometimes just a “he” thrown in there (and not the actual person’s name) can cause it to be misread.

    • Avatar

      That’s how I read it, as Brett did. Very confusing pronoun.

    • Ann

      Skaggy is a damn lie, no woman walked up to him & said fuck me unless she was a $2 hooker & he paid her the $2 first.
      Skaggy & Skanky (Bay) are nothing but a lot of talk & it’s all bark & no bite. He’s irrelevant & he knows it.

      • Sassy

        I don’t know, there are a lot of skanky women and men out there… When I was in AIT, they would sneak out and have sex by the dumpsters to avoid getting caught by the drill Sergeants. People do some really gross things for sex!!

  12. Helen

    Hayleigh cutting up pineapple in kitchen…is she going to pull a Matt and eat to get penalty votes?

  13. FW aka CY

    Watching a re-run of last night’s show so I can write a recap for my granddaughter. In the bathroom scene where Fess and Hay are covering their entire faces with zit ointment, or whatever, they both have large, dark marks on one side of their neck. Anyone have any idea what that’s all about? Hickey’s? Temp tattoos? Alien abduction processing marks?

  14. caRyn

    I know L6 decided on evicting Faysal, but did they indicate why him and not Haleigh?

  15. Avatar

    I’m enjoying this season much more than most recent seasons. I really did not think I would at the beginning of the season. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by these folks. I have not been on here to make comments because the threads get so long I can’t find if anybody has responded to me. To those of you who have been on here a while and remember me I just want to say hello and as missed hearing from you! I have in the past been very sick and some of you know that but I’m still surviving but still not doing great. In the past there was a way to get an email when I had a response to my post but when I signed in this year it didn’t give me that option and I don’t know how to make a do it. Anyway I’m still here, just have not made but one comment this year until today.

  16. Mello_One

    Question for the BB Junkie Message Board…Why has Steve Beans stopped listing how many comments we all have made? I was closing in on 1,000, and was gonna Celebrate the event with Confetti!

  17. Mello_One

    I would “Love” to see Tyler on Survivor, I hope CBS would make that happen, because he would be Excellent on that Show!

  18. Colby

    Oh no. MF has been straining his one brain cell. Says he is going to set Haho up to win by throwing shade in his eviction speech and says she will be safe for at least two weeks.
    As if anyone will buy anything he says!
    But it should be entertaining if it actually happens.

    • caRyn

      If he can remember his speech.

    • danmtruth

      What can he say that will put any shade on any of the L6/4 members Why would anyone care The only speech that changed things was Bret ‘s about RS With the only people it affected were her OWN alliance members

      • FW aka CY

        He could point out to Sam and JC that their only real shot at getting to the finale might be teaming up with Hay – and whoever battles back. But, all it will take is something shiny in the distance or the thought of his own reflection, and he will lose his thread of thought.

      • danmtruth

        he notice his hair is not laying right and he spends all his time looking in a mirror fixing his hair

  19. Avatar

    “All you care about is the game”

    Fessy is good for at Least one stupid quote a day,

    This might be the stupidest one yet.

    Yeah bud, You’re certainly worth more to her than the $500,000 she came to try to Win,
    Ya think?

    She lives in Texas, He lives in Florida – Yeah, this has potential outside of the house,


  20. Lalaland

    BB fan since the very beginning. I have read “Junkies” for many years. Best blog by far!!!! Thanks, Steve Beans! Mel, your writing and update style is the bomb! I devour your recaps and comments! I LOVE that the comment counter is GONE! Over the past 48 hours more newbies have weighed in, than any other time this season! Why would one care that their comment meter is gone? it becomes intimidating for those who have only commented once or twice or 50 or less times. I think sometimes that this blog has become an echo chamber for the old timers….do let’s mix it up! Might be a glitch that removed entry #s……GOOD GLITCH! I love the oldies and the newbies!

  21. Lalaland

    Yes, I have read and want to weigh in on the “helmet of protection”. Pic is my 2 year old grand, Max. He is obviously in the running to be a “Colander” Model. Mr August perhaps?

  22. Helen

    Brett and Hayleigh are bonding more and more..
    KayCee and Hayleigh are bonding more and more
    Tyler and Angela are making a huge blunder keeping her….imo

    • ElaineB

      I think it is a bigger risk for them to keep Hay, but it is their decision to live with.

      • Helen

        I do too….that’s what I’m saying….,I’ve a feeling if they keep her and Scottie comes back either Tyler or Angela will be out next…
        Scottie would go after MF….in his interview he hoped MF was out next. Was gonna also go after Brett and JC…
        If Hayleigh stays Scottie and Hayleigh will team up and go after Ty and Angela…

      • FW aka CY

        Helen, if that dreaded scenario comes to pass it will be their own fault for losing focus on the game and the prize. In that case I hope JC whomps them all.

  23. Avatar
    WhereisPablo (545 comments)

    I just finished BBAD from last night and have to say that Brett has the patience of Job. Not only did he go out and listen to Hazel drone on and on after she got mad that her “Lemony Snicket” Pound Cake was taking second place to the cinnamon rolls, but then listened forever to Haho whine about being on the block. This man is earning his money.

  24. Shivani33

    Faysal was eating cottage cheese while taking a hot shower. He isn’t settling for slop. Maybe this is part of his plot to save Haleigh. He’s a have-not otb, told Haleigh that he plans a Veto speech designed to save her “for at least 2 or 3 weeks” and he could be going for penalty votes, too. Mattresshead got one penalty vote for pigging out as a have-not as part of his attempt to save Raven. That Fester! What a hero.

  25. Helen

    I just can’t take anymore of Hayleigh….I hope the vote gets messed up and she gets sent out never to return….

    • ladycobra

      I agree Helen. I can’t put my finger on exactly why I dislike her so much. There is just something about her that irritates me. I know part of it is how fake she is but there is more that I can’t put words to.

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  27. dfdsgs

    Wow, Haleigh telling Angela she never talked bad about her with Rockstar. HAHAH RIGHT

  28. LynnD

    And I can’t take Sam anymore. Always being a bossy ass bitch! Haleigh does not nother me that much.

    Sams attitude and her Im barking orders you better listen bullshit is on my last nerve. She demanded that everybody get out of that bathroom so she could do Tyler’s hair and she even demanded to Tyler that she do his hair. Granted I’m sure they’re bored and looking for things to do but her attitude about the whole thing not okay. Now if you notice she’s allowed all the guys back into the bathroom while she does Tyler’s hair and not the girls. That will be because Sam wants to make sure she’s the center of attention with all the guys and look how happy she is now. Like I said that shit just would not fly if I was in that house and she has worked the last nerve I have for her. Oh I notice KC was able to maneuver her way in.

  29. Sassy

    Sam is loving having all the guys in the room with her, this is her dream final 5. She feels powerful being able to kick the girls (except KC) out…

  30. ladycobra

    Jealously does not become her. She is not jealous of KC therefore she is allowed to enter. If Sam were to win HOH she would throw Hay and Ang on the block. Remember her comment about RS, she stated that RS was uglier than herself, guess that is the criteria for being her BFF in the house.

  31. danmtruth

    Angela is doing a great job of keeping Hay calm OH you were just a pawn Fess was ALWAYS my target If I did not put you up people would wonder

  32. danmtruth

    Sam straighten TY hair he is freaked out I will leave it up to the ladies to decide if they like the new look Yes lord of the rings look Bret says Orlando Bloom

  33. Sassy

    Brett crack and Junior Panties after the reveal…


  34. Sassy

    Sam is going to be pissed that Hay is braiding his hair already. She wants him to wear it like that for 24 hours. She made her demand and will not be pleased by sirens ruining it!

  35. FW aka CY

    Straight hair makes him look less goofy and juvenile, more like Coach from Survivor – except he could never be as big a conceited douchebag as Coach was/is.

  36. dfdsgs

    Guess Tyler is finally listening to JC since it seems that he hasn’t hung out with Angela at all really today one on one.

  37. Seattle Kari

    I just started watching after dark and I am cracking up watching Tyler’s reaction to the straight hair. Too funny!!!

    I also think Sam wanting the girls out of the bathroom so they could get their official reaction seeing it straight. I don’t think there was any selfish motive if you really think about it. But goodness can she drop the F-bomb more? Sheesh!!

  38. LynnD

    I wake up and all I’ve had for the last 15 minutes on feeds is all four cameras on fesi and hay it’s like come on

  39. Helen

    Pretty much guarantee L6 has lost Sam after this..

    Sam heard their conversation. Audio link glitch. MAJOR technical error.


    • mm22

      I agtee Helen-Sam is HIVE now (I hope I’m wrong tho)

    • LynnD

      What time did that happen? I missed it.

    • danmtruth

      what was the glitch ? what happened

      • LindsayB

        From what I could find on twitter, people are saying that the intercom button is either broken or production messed with it. There was some kind of talk between Brett and JC regarding a laundry incident. When Kaycee came up to tell them she could hear them, they tried to turn the intercom off but it was still on. I spent a few minutes going down various rabbit holes to get some detail on what was overheard and couldn’t get it. They are saying that feeds were blocked and that any time someone referenced it afterwards they cut to fish. I saw Mel comment on Vegas’s post so I’m sure she will have more info in her recap.

  40. mm22

    Steve we cant private message anymore because it slowed down the site?
    Is that why we don’t have our comment counters anymore too?
    Not a big deal to me but was just curious

  41. FW aka CY

    Die Antwoord (The Answer): Things you find whilst on a BBJ-incited Youtube crawl.

    Question: What South African punk band played the adoptive family of CHAPPiE? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HcXNPI-IPPM

    Come for the puffy-eyed albino chick, stay for the Mad Maxian hooliganism.

  42. Avatar

    Funniest scenario would be if Fessy leaves and Scottie comes back. Fessy will go CRAZY with Brett and Scottie in the house with Haleigh!!!!

  43. ShoeLover

    Oh my gosh!!! I just turned on BBAD!!! TYLER is fekkin hot!!!! I can’t can’t get over it!!! AND AND AND!!!! Brett is even hotter and bringing out the geek freak in me!!! When Brett mentioned Legalos, OH MY GAWD!!! I am in LOVE!! OKAY, back to BBAD!!!

  44. Sassy

    I haven’t seen anything from RealVegas on the intercom situation, but heresher latest Tidbits of info:

    Yes, HGs see production sometimes. As said earlier, HGs have been known to get hugs in the DR when they’re having very hard times.
    They also see people if a comp needs to be fixed or people on roof who film. But HGs aren’t allowed to talk at or with them. Some have tried.

    Sam said in the DR she did NOT want to leave (during the time she wanted to self evict) as she was concerned it would affect the people who she’s seen or know are behind the glass and control room.
    It wouldn’t have, but she cried very concerned about it.

    Continuity. No, Tyler can’t keep his hair straight at least for now. He has DR sessions to talk about stuff in “real time” & it’d be a touch odd if in clips he has curly hair and then in the DR has straight hair.
    HGs even are told to change outfits, for “continuity.”
    Your eyes tell you the answer.

    Fes talks in DR non-stop about Hay, unprompted.
    Hayleigh used to talk in DR about a legitimate crush but now it is a bit spoon fed for the episodes when she talks about him. She also expressed concern her family may not approve of him

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