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Big Brother 20 – Monday Recap

Good morning. I wasn’t sure how to start my day and I always feel that way on September 11th.  I was going to write something about it but realized, there’s really nothing for me to say.  Everyone will think about it and pay tribute in their own way today. I’m going to do what I’m here to do and because I’m here to talk about Big Brother, I thought what JC did on the pin wall last night was appropriate to include in my recap. It was touching to see, even in a place where people are wrapped up in their own tiny world for now, they’re remembering too.


After some slow days in the house, the game talk is starting to pick back up. Plans for an expected double eviction are being discussed and everyone’s beginning to think about the end. Here are the highlights of what happened yesterday:

  • The veto wasn’t used by KC.
  • Hg’s hung out in the backyard and had a relaxing day. Tyler joked that he had a tattoo on his butt and everyone tried to guess what it could be. A kangaroo was mentioned because of his time in Australia. (I don’t think he has one)
  • Tyler has a friend named Foster and Brett made jokes about him having a Foster’s beer tattooed on his butt because he thought it was an Australian beer. Tyler explained there weren’t any Outback Steakhouses in Australia. (Sorry, this was the riveting discussion early in the day)
  • Angela was curious if Tyler actually had a butt tattoo and apparently her ex has one. This convo wasn’t that interesting but I had several pics of them outside and was mostly looking for a relevant way to post them.
  • Tyler told Sam not to worry and said he’d check in with her all week. She reminded him there were only a couple days left. They also talked about her being a wierdo (her words) but said it had worked for her so far. Tyler said he liked that about her. She tried to remember how long it had been since she quit smoking and thinks it’s been 3 weeks. (I still don’t get her loyalty to him when he doesn’t hang out with her, he just “checks in.” Sam is such a solo person in there, I guess it hasn’t mattered.)
  • Brett and Tyler talked about the F4. Tyler assured him Angela and KC wanted to stick with them and know they’ll lose to JC or Sam. Tyler explained even if one of them went otb, the F4 veto winner would be the only vote so they could save each other. They debated if Kaitlyn threw the puzzle challenge. Tyler thinks she wanted to come back and Brett thinks she didn’t.
  • KC told Tyler she was anxious to tell JC about Level 6. Tyler said JC would be the most upset with him since he’s lied to him the most. KC asked if JC had tried to make a F2 with Tyler and Tyler said he just acts like Tyler owes it to him. (I’ve made Brigade comparisons to L6 before and this is another example. KC is the Enzo, who was excited and thought it would be a great moment. Tyler is like Lane and looks like he’s really dreading it because he’s betrayed JC, who is the Britney, the most.)
  • Brett was paranoid about going otb until the veto ceremony was over. He knows he’s in trouble and he isn’t playing JC when he talks about it. JC said he spent too much time worrying about the other side and not enough thinking that Tyler, Angela and KC could be a problem. JC went over all his game moves and how many times he’d stuck his neck out to save Angela but says she’s the biggest problem now. Brett called him on things and didn’t allow him to take credit for some of it. It was funny that Brett didn’t have an issue with telling JC to slow his roll and he couldn’t take credit for all of it. (Remember when JC tried to tell Tyler how much danger Angela was in the first week because Swaggy wanted her otb? Tyler had to remind JC he was hoh that week, so no.) They both know Angela winning hoh is terrible for them in the double. (It’s bad if anyone but them wins probably) They said it would’ve been a good move for them to get rid of Brett this week. Brett changed his mind and said it wouldn’t because he’d be a bitter juror if they did. (Bitter juror, party of 6? How many are we up to now?)
  • Haleigh and Brett game talked and speculated over what was going on with Tyler & Angela. Hay told him about the noises she heard a couple nights ago and thought it was the two of them in bed. Part of her thinks it was nothing because she doesn’t see Angela doing anything bad on camera. Neither of them think Tyler has ‘any game’ with women either. (It’s funny, they both think this because of ego. Hay can’t accept Tyler didn’t fall for her flirting. Brett isn’t into Angela but he is into thinking he’s smoother with women than Tyler is)  She also thinks Tyler is Angela’s puppet, the same way she thought he was Kaitlyn’s. She told Brett about the deal Fessy made with them. (Brett already knew) Brett encouraged Hay to talk to KC and try to get her to see what a threat Tyler & Angela are together. (I don’t know if he was sincere or not. He told JC that Hay had to go because she already has 4 jury votes. I think he wants KC to know but wants Hay to be the messenger before she leaves. She knows, Tyler talks to KC about it himself!) Brett said he can tell things are different because Angela used to be open to his flirting and now she isn’t. Hay said her friends would ask her why Hay and Brett didn’t get together. (She always says some version of this to him) He said she can tell them she was already in a shomance with Fessy. She denies and tells him to shut up. (Hay always tells people to shut up when she’s lying)  She said she’d let it slip that she’s going to vote for Angela if she gets to the end so people will target her but said she wouldn’t really vote for her to win. Hay suggests Brett try to work with Tyler. (Naturally, all the cool kids are doing it, right?) Hay thinks she may be going home but hopes Sam flips out so it could change.
  • This happened the night before but people are talking about it so I thought I should include something about it:  When they read the fortune cookies, Hay had one which said something about reaching your goals. Hay said it wasn’t true because if you were paralyzed, you couldn’t reach your goals.  Tyler and JC tried to get her to backtrack but she argued instead. Tyler told her she didn’t want to say things like that. (How many times has Tyler tried to help people in this situation this season? A lot) Even JC, who says a lot of stuff he shouldn’t, was bothered by it. (I don’t believe she was trying to be offensive. I think she was trying to make a (bad) joke and be “literal” about physically reaching things. It was in very poor taste, we’ve mentioned everyone else’s so I didn’t want to avoid it with Hay.)
  • Angela is still sneaking into Tyler’s bed and using the fake Angela as a decoy. They’re getting bold because everyone wasn’t even in bed when she was doing it last night. She was adjusting the hair on the fake Angela when Hay got up and walked through the room. Angela leaned over and sort of laid on top if it. I think Hay got up specifically to check and see where they were sleeping because she and Brett had talked about doing it.

If Sam leaves in the double after Haleigh, I won’t care who wins at that point. If Haleigh had been successful this week, I’d have been ok with her too. Turning things around could’ve made up for all the mistakes she’s made. Right now, she’s blaming things on Swaggy dividing the sides early in the game. Eventually, she may realize how many bad decisions she made on her own. As Brett’s mentioned, she also talks way too much. She’s never kept secrets and I can’t remember how many things she’s told that’s hurt her game.


People are starting to campaign hard for Haleigh for America’s Favorite Houseguest. It wouldn’t be my choice but I wouldn’t be crushed if she got it. It’s called favorite houseguest, not player. (I’m guilty of saying player sometimes) I like Haleigh so much more as a person than I do as a player so I could see where she could be many people’s favorite person. Many Foutte/Hive fans see her as the last one to survive from her alliance so as far as game, they think that says something. I only think it says L6 didn’t see her as much of a threat but Foutte fans gonna Foutte so we need to let them be…(or is it bee?)

Sam’s done nothing to impress me. She didn’t even know what the game was and it’s made for a weird situation. She’s been a unique person to see this summer and I’ve enjoyed that part but for me, she’s irrelevant in the game. I think she’s a cool chick in life tho.

I’d actually be fine with JC winning. It’s because he really did play hard. He manipulated people and got them to do his bidding. (just not as much as he thinks) The only way he gets to the end is if he works to get himself there. I don’t see it happening but if he he could do it after putting himself at this huge disadvantage, I’d be impressed and that’s why I wouldn’t have a problem with it.


I’d be very happy with any of Level 6 winning because all of them can make an argument for how they got to the end. All of them have contributed in different ways and had an amazing alliance. I can’t remember the last time I felt like 4 people would make me equally happy to get the win.

Have a great Tuesday!


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  1. Avatar
    Magic1993 (49 comments)

    So if JC wins HOH, I think he will make a big move and put Tyler and Angela otb. He is mad about the showmance.

  2. mustangsally

    Mel, you really know this game. I’ve been a fan for a lot of years but I can’t remember one year to the next, the alliances, players.the winners, LOL, if BB is canceled, maybe CBS can show reruns.

    • Mel

      Well, thank you. I always joke that I can’t remember if I’m out of milk and bread but I can remember obscure facts about bb5! It’s too bad I can put it to use in my daily life. Lol

  3. HappyHippo

    I agree about jc Mel. He really has played hard and tried and just happened to be on the outskirts of an alliance that he really did help. I’d prefer Brett and Tyler over ang and kc but if one of them win I could see why and wouldn’t be sad. It’s kind of like last night on SYTYCD I liked all of the final 4 dancers and didn’t care who won. It’s been a long time since I could say that for any show! Minus Sam and hay ho I’ll be happy with the winner and getting to see how these final weeks play out. Bring on the DE and some excitement!

  4. Jannie

    Thanks, Mel. I was 8 months pregnant and out for breakfast with friends on 9/11 when the restaurant started buzzing and we all turned to the few TV’s in the place and it was completely silent for the next 30 minutes. Never forget.
    Sending postive thoughts to the Carolinas and the East Coast. I can’t even imagine the anticipation and stress out there. Hoping for the best.
    If you’re strictly going on comp wins, only Ty, KC, or Angela would deserve the 500k. JC hasn’t won a damn thing, no way he would win in the end. Maybe a reason to take him?
    KC is the one I wouldn’t want to be sitting against. She beats them all.
    Hoping Sam goes right behind Hay on Thursday.

  5. LO1004

    I think because we are so used to Sam’s antics, that we focus on Tyler having to check in with her, when really it’s a two way street. Whether she likes it or not she is on BB and she should be making some sort of effort if she wants to stay in the game like she claims. She never seeks anyone out unless it’s for a bizarro reason, and she’s never up in the HOH room. The only time she checks in, is after the HOH comp or before an eviction. Not good enough. I really believe she was only cast to see if someone who doesn’t know the game can and will adapt. She has not, so that’s a fail.

    • Avatar
      Magic1993 (49 comments)

      Sam’s made it to top 6 so far. Not too bad of a fail. I think the robot thing threw her off to begin with and she’s never recovered.

      • LO1004

        Definitely, but she’s just a number to them. Once they don’t need her vote anymore, she’ll be cut. She’s a Victoria, only I think Victoria tried harder than Sam ever has.

      • LindsayB

        I was just thinking “she’s a Victoria” and then I saw this. Victoria was at least trying so she’s even up to that level. I definitely think it’s a fail because she’s only gotten this far because she’s irrelevant. She’s not even a vote because she’s so erratic. She’s gotten this far the same way a tick gets across the yard by being stuck to a dog’s ass.
        I don’t dislike Sam as a person. She’s been entertaining with her mood swings. I’m just not impressed by her game play. At all.

      • LO1004

        LOL being stuck to a dogs ass. That’s good. I really do wonder what she’s thinking half the time.

      • HappyHippo

        She has no game whatsoever. She’s only there because she’s not a threat.

  6. Avatar

    I agree about being happy if Tyler, Angela, Kaycee, Brett , or Jc win. They have all worked to get there and have all played well. It’s been so long since we’ve not had just one clear deserving winner! I will be excited if Kaycee wins tho because I just love her! This season has had a lot that actually wanted to play and I’ve loved it!

  7. Joy

    Thanks Mel, I only found this site weeks ago and I would hate for it to be the only time I got to chime in on BB. Let’s all hope they get renewed. I really have enjoyed EVERYONE on this site and love their insights and thoughts.

    My thought that IF JC did make it to F2 he would be spewing the same incorrect info like he did with Tyler and Tyler had to correct him. The only thing he contributed was some manipulation, mostly of Fessy. He was not a team player, threw a fit when the mere mention of him OTB. He slept too much, not much of an entertainer, was exceptionally moody with on slop. IMO doesn’t deserve F2 or AFP.

    Sam didn’t play the game, does not know the game or pretends that she doesn’t. Talks too much about a bunch of shit she has no knowledge of but talks about anyway. I could go on but she didn’t play the game and doesn’t deserve F2 or AFP.

    Honestly if Kaycee doesn’t win the whole kit and kaboodle I definitely thinks she will win AFP. I will be okay with Tyler, Angela, Kaycee or Britt winning BB20.

  8. hogwild

    I think I’m going Kaitlyn for AFP just because all the drama and unpredictability left when she did. After that is was just seeing how the hive alliance would screw up and that was never an if just when they would.

  9. Avatar

    I look for Sam to go in the DE this week and that’s fine with me. Although Sam or JC would be ok IMO.

    Not really a fan of Hay getting AFP. Sorry, just don’t think she deserves it. Maybe Brett or KC.

    Totally fine with any of Level 6/5/4 for the win! Really happy with this season.

  10. Shivani33

    Brett, while hearing last night from Haleigh about Angela and Tyler getting physical, just had to keep coming back for more. At one point he asked Haleigh if Angela had been playing him, as if he had been a contender for her romantic attention, once upon a time. (There was a phase when Angela and Rachel agreed to pretend to be competing over Brett.) Haleigh sagely replied, “I don’t know. Maybe so.” Brett was marching around and being fidgetty, expelling disgruntled, masculine energy, sticking his chest out and sounding shocked, I say, SHOCKED that Angela could even remotely find Tyler more attractive than himself. He.cannot.comprehend.

    A couple of hours later, I checked in again on the house inactivity. There was Brett, still on the same subject. He told and retold his mint chocolate chip ice cream story. Angela would not take a spoonful of ice cream from him, but he saw her accept Tyler’s spoonful of mint chocolate chip with pleasure. These were Brett’s strategic revelations last night.

    In a way, to me, it symbolizes his entire game. He is most concerned with his pride and image. He wants to be big man on campus and the leading man with the ladies. His archetypes of desirability are Tom Cruise, the Scientology robot nonpareil, and Arnold the barbarian ex-governor. He cannot fathom that Angela sees him as a buffoonish Baby Huey and can relate to Tyler as a man.

    Brett is funny. He even said that if Winston had gotten into a showmance, Brett doesn’t know what he would’ve done to cope. Angela, the femme fatale, might have ruined mint chocolate chip ice cream for Brett forevermore.

    • Avatar

      Totally agree! Brett has a bit of an ego and really can’t take it that Ang was not into him. I think he’s funny and he has some good qualities, but he seems a bit of a jerk at times, esp to Hay. He needs to understand that not all women are into him. He’s not everyone’s cup of tea. I think this situation is good for him, he needs to be brought down a peg or two or ten LOL!

      • Shivani33

        It would be lovely if Brett opens the freezer in the jury house and finds it crammed full of mint chocolate chip ice cream.

      • AIO_7

        I remember early on Angela giving Brett the eye a time of two. Tyler became her knight in shining armor after he won OTEV and saved her entire game.

      • Ann

        Yes he does need to be brought down. I don’t understand what makes him think he’s God’s gift to women because I would absolutely go for Tyler over him. Brett is easy on the eyes but Ty is Magically Delicious.

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  12. Houseguest Doug

    They say…”Time heals all wounds” Yet it has been 17 yrs since the 9/11 attacks and the wound may have healed with the building of the new World Trade Center the memorial fountains, the Pentagon rebuilt and countless ceremonies to remember the victims and hero’s of that day.

    In place of the wound is a deep scar that reminds us of the day we lost part of our “Freedom” part of our innocence and we no longer have a false sense of security. Has time healed the wound? Perhaps, but the heartache, pain and memory remain.

    To my American friends here is a hug and kiss from a Canadian who feels your pain and anger.

    Peace & Freedom

    Here is a video tribute to all those who lost their lives, loved ones, friends and freedom on that day.


    • Avatar

      Even though it’s been many years, I still remember everything about that day and I have the same feelings I had on that day of sadness, horror and anger. It never goes away. That was beautiful. Thank you for sharing it.

    • kneeless

      Thanks HGDoug & our ‘north of the boarder friends.’ Canada showed us so much compassion & help during those difficult hours, days, months…
      A day no one can forget.

  13. AIO_7

    * “(I still don’t get her (Sam’s) loyalty to him (Ty) when he doesn’t hang out with her, he just “checks in.” Sam is such a solo person in there, I guess it hasn’t mattered.)”

    That’s simple; it’s the same scheme Paul used with Kevin, and some with Josh and Alex, in other words *We’re such good buddies and F2 that I don’t want people to see us together or they might catch on to us* When in reality you don’t want to hang around them, and have a stab in the back coming. As for Sam being a solo, that plays right into the plan.

  14. AIO_7

    She will keep doing, doing, doing, doing, doing, doing and re-doing her hair, and then just comb it out so that it looks the same as it did at the beginning.


  15. AIO_7

    I think I might start calling her … Horizontal Angela.


  16. Seattle Kari


    Although I am in Seattle, I remember that morning with such clarity.

    I was playing online in a Yahoo chat group trying to wake up. someone posted and said “turn on your TVs!” Watching what was going down live was nothing short of surreal. How could this possibly be true? Are we watching a movie? Sadly we all know that wasn’t the case.

    My husband works for a hotel near the Sea-Tac Airport and he drives shuttle taking people to and from their flights. When the airlines were grounded it truly affected our way of life and our income as well.

    We live right under the flight path and I remember when the first plane went over I honestly was afraid for a moment because I thought we were under attack again. .

    My heart goes out to everyone on this sad anniversary, but most especially to the families, friends, co-workers of all the people that were lost. Even to this day due to the cancer that developed in the responders.

    I’ve been saying this today as well. On that day and the weeks that followed we came through as Americans. Other country stepped up and helped us amazingly. We loved each other we helped each other we cried together. We didn’t judge each other. Why does it take such a horrific event in order for me to wake up and realize we need to love and not hate?

    It’s hard for me to just focus on Big Brother due to the anniversary affecting me so much but my final 2 has got to be Tyler, KC. I think they both played an incredible game even though KC didn’t start right away. I think it would be a good fight for the win? I don’t like it when people take a week player with them to guarantee a win.

  17. AIO_7

    New thread, Y’all.

  18. Avatar

    they have not all earned it. Some are way smarter than others

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