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Big Brother 20 – Monday Recap

Good morning, yesterday was one of the slowest days we’ve seen in the house. We haven’t had many but even a great season can’t be exciting every day. It’s unusual to have the vote locked up this early.  Level 6 is used to getting their way but the work they put into accomplishing their goal isn’t usually done by Monday. That’s what happening now and I agree with Steve, we’re just waiting for Scotties eviction. Most of what I’m recapping isn’t game talk because there wasn’t much of it. Most of it’s the trivial things I try to cram in but usually can’t because these people game so much. I’m going to set the bar low for your expectations with this recap by showing you an example of what we watched yesterday. This was one of the camera views for a while. We watched the pool being cleaned:


Before the veto ceremony, Scottie told Tyler he thought Sam may be going on the block so Scottie did think there was a chance he got through to Fessy and it sounds like he gave it one last try with his speech too. He tossed Sam under the bus and said something about how she’s playing everyone during his speech. I heard Haleigh say she could tell Sam thought Scottie was talking about Haleigh at first and then realized it was about her. My guess is that is wasn’t too bad because I didn’t hear them going on about it like it was a big deal.

After the veto ceremony, we learned Kaycee was the replacement nom and Brett didn’t wear the speedo he was going to borrow from JC. They  said  it was too small and he couldn’t get it up over his legs. (that’s probably a good thing for everyone involved, including us) Brett didn’t tell Fessy to suck his c**k as he’d planned either. Angela asked him why he didn’t and he said he wasn’t allowed and Angela seemed surprised. (Really? Did she flip over to Foutte and borrow one of their brains? Why would she think they’d let him say that?) They haven’t shown many of the veto speeches this year but they need usable footage in case they decide to air it. Here’s some other things that went on after the ceremony:

  • Hay asked Fessy why Sam didn’t go otb. (Did she really not know what he was going to do? I think it was more of her hoping he would do it)
  • Sam hugged Fessy and thanked him for keeping his pinky promise. (not to nom each other)
  • Sam was quiet and obviously not happy. She made her way outside and talked to Tyler. She said she wasn’t going to play the game anymore. She said she’d tried but didn’t know what was going on and there must be alot of stuff happening that she didn’t know about so she didn’t know what she was doing. (No shit! She just started playing but they’ve got a 2 month head start)  Tyler told her that WAS playing the game and it’s how everyone felt. (not quite the same as Sam but I got his point)
  • Tyler told her she should be happy because she wasn’t on the block and she’d made final 8. You can tell, he’s running out of patience.
  • Fessy told JC he’d be done with Hay in the game if she voted to keep Scottie. (I doubt it’s true but it did make me wonder if JC’s wheels started spinning. Could he cause 1 more hinky vote to blame on Hay?)
  • Sam looked like she was starting to get in one of her moods and she got called to the DR. Just like the other night, she came out smiling and giggling. (Maybe she’s getting some anti anxiety meds or maybe they just give her someone to vent to so she can get things off her chest. Either way, it helps her)
  • The hg’s aren’t blind and they’ve been talking about Sam and her behavior too. When she came out of the DR and walked past JC & Fessy, JC said it looked like she’d gotten her meds and Fessy said it looked like a double dose. They shared a laugh and yes, it was a little mean but so is most of what these people say behind each other’s backs. Sometime later, JC was making jokes and said he was going to ask “did you take your meds sweetie?” Fessy and Brett both told him he couldn’t do that and it wasn’t nice. (Good for Brett & Fessy on that one) JC probably wasn’t going to really say it to her anyway….then again, it’s JC, so he could’ve.

I’m going to pause for a minute because I know this has been discussed on this site and everywhere else so I’m going to address my own feelings regarding “talking” about Sam as I can only speak for myself. I don’t know if she needs medication, if she’s taking medication or if she’s just has a kooky personality and doesn’t need any at all. Recently, I said I thought she should leave the show because she was saying some very dark things. I said it after she’d said some things that I didn’t feel were entertainment, instead they were alarming and sad.  It was my opinion and I shared it. I don’t know what they’re doing for her now or what if anything, they’re giving her and it’s really none of my business.  I do know she’s still there and is choosing to be there. Therefore, if I see her do or say some crazy shit, I’m gonna talk about it. If she says alarming things again, I’ll go back to wishing they’d pull her from the show for her own well being. Until then, I’m going to talk about her like all the other crazy people we’ve had on BB. I mean, come on, we had Kaitlyn on the same season and she’s got to be nuts. What about Raven? Danielle from BB14 was crazy too. She was just like Raven, only she had WAY better makeup. I’m not going to hold the hg’s to a higher standard either. JC told Fessy the other night that he thought certain things about Sam because of some issues his dad deals with. (I’m not elaborating because his dad isn’t on the show) Angela, KC and Haleigh talked about her yesterday too. They’re all saying things like “how does she seem to be doing now?” Everyone in the house is talking about it and how can we blame them? She told Tyler he has rattlesnake sounds coming from him. She told Brett all that stuff right to his face about them being in love and getting married. They LIVE with her so of course they think she’s nuts! She hides in the closet with them in the same room! Hopefully, JC and the others keep their jokes to a minimum and behind her back, the way they do all the other trash talking they do.  If not, JC may get curb stomped and…he’ll have it coming.  I wish them all long, healthy and happy lives when this is over but for now, she’s one of many people we talk about in the house because she’s in the game even if she isn’t playing the game.

Back to the recap:

  • Tyler and Brett decided to let Scottie think they’re voting to keep him in the hopes of keeping him from trying any more moves to shake things up. (I personally think this is a mistake. Why piss off a juror when you really don’t have to)
  • They spent much of the day outside. Angela and Haleigh hung out together at the pool. They talked about the game moving forward, both lying to the other. Here’s Angela in her bikini for those of you interested:
  • This is Haleigh noticing she’s chewed her fingers until they were “literally” bleeding. (Who else is tired of hearing her say that word? She’s rubbed off on Scottie, he says it all the time now too)
  • I will say a couple of nice things about Sam. She kept telling Scottie to stop saying “literally” when they were talking the other night. Every time he said it, she’d say “stop saying literally.” She also has a great laugh and one of those you want to keep hearing. (I’m probably going to insult her further down the page so thought I’d get in something nice so I don’t feel guilty later)
  • Tyler said L6 needed to get together and talk about a plan for when the double eviction happened. It’s getting about that time so it’s been mentioned a lot. JC thinks they’ll have a new twist since the hacker has ended. Fessy didn’t think so and told JC the double was basically a twist. (Look at Fessy trying to be a brainer, might be the first thing he’s gotten right this season) Fessy is the same height as my husband which I like and he’s not a bad looking guy. See there, I can say something nice about Fessy too. Hell, I may be on a roll today.
  • Sam decided after the veto ceremony she wasn’t going to talk. She planned to stop at 1:30 pm and not speak until noon the next day. JC asked her why and she didn’t really have an answer. She went on and on about how she was going to be quiet, cease to exist in the house, not say a word, etc. JC kept bugging her as to why and she said she was doing it to protest “the cruelty.” (don’t ask me?)  It was a bunch of gibberish but in the middle of it she said something like “now I’m just gonna get the cold shoulder with everybody” and “I’m sick of this shit” and “I was so happy.” (Is this a sincere kooky Sam moment or was Sam coming up with a way to avoid talking to people? Was she worried she was going to be questioned about trying to get Hay otb?) I may be way off base but she does behave immaturely and it reminded me of something my children would have tried when they were young.
  • JC makes it his mission to get her to talk. He says some funny things trying to get her to crack. The hg’s thought it was strange but they did have a little fun with it and it was good natured fun. Sam said something to JC and he thought he had her but they realized it wasn’t 1:30 yet so she started over. Brett, Hay and Angela started thinking Sam was part of team America. Hay said Sam bakes pies and team America always has something to do with apple pie. (They’ve only had team America once so I don’t know about “always”) Brett has accused JC of being America’s player for a long time. (Remember, that’s why Brett wouldn’t sit down for JC’s picnic. He thought it was a task)
  • I suppose it might make sense to stop talking in order to meditate or something similar but Sam still wanted to communicate so it just seemed silly. She started snapping her fingers to get peoples attention and playing a type of charades to communicate.  JC was yelling at her and KC had to remind him that she wasn’t deaf. This is Sam snapping for JC:
  • Brett made salmon for everyone and he likes to use a lot of butter! He used pineapple too and it’s funny watching them try to cut with the plastic knives they have to use. It was a huge slab of salmon and looked delicious. (We used to spend time in Alaska in the summers during the salmon run. We cooked with it as frequently as people use ground beef – can’t do that as often in Missouri) BBUS has given them plastic knives since season 2 when they had “an incident.”  A drunk couple were joking around and he held a knife to her throat and said he could kill her. He wasn’t serious but he’d also had another temper tantrum and threw some things so they ejected him from the game. BB Canada gets real knives, they must be more trustworthy.  Here’s the chopping knife they have to use:
  • Fessy said his fans will be all the cougars. He told JC and Tyler (at different times) he made the biggest move in the game. I don’t know how they kept straight faces listening to this. Technically, he did make a really big move…it just happens to be for someone else.
  • JC imitated the way Rockstar walked after a physical comp. He said it wasn’t bad to make fun of  because it was from “good pain, soreness pain and not terminal pain.”
  • Sam went a little over 3 hours before talking. She blamed JC for making her talk but he was having a conversation across the yard with other people. She was a little mad when it happened and started yelling. She kept saying she didn’t pinky promise that she’d make it the whole time and JC told her that she did. He was bored and just enjoyed messing with her. (Along with “literally,” I’m over the pinky promises too. I don’t know if Sam’s really crazy or not but I sure as hell know she isn’t 5 years old so enough with the pinky promises!) She made a joke out of it afterwards but she yelled for a bit and this was her first reaction when she spoke:

Later into the evening:

  • Angela talked about hoping Brett won the hoh and could go after Fessy instead of them since he has more of a reason now. Angela’s also hoping Sam doesn’t start getting worried and thinking they’re working with Hay because Hays stuck to Angela like glue at the moment.
  • Scottie talked to Tyler about Fessy possibly being the person who’s been flipping the votes all along. He said Fessys either really smart or really stupid and if he had to guess, he’d guess stupid. He went over the votes he could have and like everyone else this year, he hasn’t given up yet.  Later, Scottie stacked mattresses on top of each other and propped up some “protectors” for a barricade at the entrance to his room. It was the stuffed emoji pillows, I think. They’re all losing it in there so at this point, Sam really shouldn’t feel so self-conscious.
  • JC is confused over Sam taking what happened so well. He thought she’d blow up or something after Scotties speech.
  • JC and Tyler both accused the other of having the last power app. They also talked about Tyler not getting into a shomance. Tyler said he didn’t know much about the show (ya, right) but even he knew not to get in a showmance. JC warned him that he better not and told him if he did, he’ll destroy his game. JC said he’d make sure he won HOH and put him in his little girlfriend on the block. Lol (Tyler’s been warned!)
  • Tyler is being WAY too obvious about his feelings for Angela.  He’s played a really good game and if he lets this be what takes him down, it will be a waste.
  • Tyler later told Angela what JC said but was laughing about it. Most of L6 plus JC hung out, threw pillows at each other and started to wrestle. They got some “stop thats” and “shut it downs” from production or Bob, as the hg’s call the voice that yells at them. They’ve talked about knowing what a rebellious cast they are (they are but wouldn’t be the first) but the crew seems to have a lot of fun with them. I’m sure they get tired of the singing but they have to think they’re as funny as we do.
  • Fessy questioned how Hay would vote and she got mad….very. She asked KC & Angela if she could sleep downstairs with them because she’d had a fight with Fessy. They fight daily so I could care less but she thinks they have a hidden shomance.  I only mention this to give an example of how poorly they hide it. First, she shouldn’t need to ask if she can sleep downstairs with them. I mean, that’s where they all sleep, right? Second, why is she telling them they had a fight? That’s a very “couple” thing to do.
  • Fessy told Brett his BIG secret, his app that got released right before he came into the house. We talked about it on one of the threads recently but I’m going to say it here too. People leaving bad reviews for his app by commenting about his bad game play is just bullshit imo.  There’s a small percentage of fans who can’t get it through their heads that their game has nothing to do with their real life once the show’s over. Stay off their personal and business stuff people. You can make jokes about them on sites like this but to go at them somewhere else is wrong. I do make fun of it in the same way I made fun of Bronte having her mathematician secret. It isn’t the big deal they’re making it out to be and that’s what makes it funny.  From Brett’s reaction, I think he agrees:
  • JC was trying to make Fessy nervous by talking about fans taking screenshots of Kaitlyn “crawling” all over him.
  • Sam told Fessy she felt bad for the things she said about Haleigh. He said no hard feelings and she told him she was done playing the game.
  • Sam talked to Brett about the game and he’s very patient with her.  I think he may do a better job dealing with her than Tyler. She asked him what happened today. He said he thinks Scottie’s plan backfired, he’s emotionally connected to Hay and felt guilty so Sam became his option. Sam said she almost told Hay what she thinks of her but she also said she didn’t know why Hay hates her. (Another wierd convo) Sam mentioned wanting to let Hay cut her hair. She said this isn’t a game and she hates when people say it is. Brett asked her what her goals in the game are and I think she said it’s to help the people she likes get further. She complained some more (the kind when she makes it sound like prison) and Brett reminded her they didn’t have to stay there and could leave at anytime. (Good for Brett) She’s still upset over a pic that was used (with zingbot I think) of Brett and zingbot burying a robot.  Sam wanted to know who the robot looked like, insinuating it was her. Brett tried to explain that The Zing was towards him, saying he’d be the type to bury a body and that it had nothing to do with her.
  • Sam talked to Scottie and finally asked him why he had said those things about her. He blamed it on Fessy and said Fessy brought Sam up as a possible replacement nom first and giving that speech would show loyalty to Fessy.
  • KC checked on Sam since everyone else was in bed and said she hoped Sam slept well.
  • Sam was the only person up and started talking to herself. She said things like “my mother and brother will still love me. F**k it. I’m doing it.” She got up and headed to the DR. I honestly thought she was maybe going to try to self evict again. She ended up heading to the have not room and went to bed so your guess is as good as mine…

Have a great Tuesday!


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  1. Painter1

    Just read a news article from Google app saying how Messy is the dumbest player ever on Big Brother. OUCH!!!

  2. mm22

    Mel is that first pic with the owl sam?

    • Mel

      Yes, doesn’t she look so different when she’s happy? It wasn’t relevant to the post but I just thought she looked so cute in it and hadn’t used it yet.

      • danmtruth

        Mel’s softer side Trying to build the players up a bit Sam needs it OR is it all part of Sam’s master plan to stay ???????

        feeling like I’m headed for a
        break down
        and i don’t know why
        but I’m not crazy I’m just a little unwell
        I know right now you can’t tell
        but stay awhile and maybe then you’ll see
        a different side of me
        I’m not crazy I’m just a little impaired
        I know right now you don’t care
        but soon enough you’re gonna think of me
        and how I used to be…..me

      • mm22

        She really does look different-glad to see her happy-
        good picture choice!!!

      • Mr. Beardo

        Matchbox 20

      • Mr. Beardo

        I took a course in hallelujah
        I went to night school for the blues
        I took some stuff they said would cool ya
        But nothing seemed to light my fuse
        But it’s all in the past
        Like a check that’s in the mail
        She was a tall whiskey glass
        I was an old hound dog that just loved to chase his tail
        Until I met a blind man
        Who taught me how to see
        A blind man
        Who could change night into day
        And if I can
        I’m gonna make you come with me
        Because here comes the sun and we’ll be chasing all the clouds away

      • danmtruth

        well played yes Matchbox and you come back with Areosmith nicely done

        White lace and feathers
        They made up his bed
        A gold covered mattress
        On which he was laid

      • Mr. Beardo

        Had to look that one up. Then I kicked myself.

        This one makes me think of Sam too:

      • danmtruth

        PHISH YES !! YES!! great choice hope more people here get turned on to them nice choice As a friend of mine would say at the bar when hearing something unexpected that he likes – Tasty

        think we better stop singing before Mel yells at us but definitely will be looking forward to more

  3. Malia

    I watched her convo with Brett in the have not room when she was talking about love and marriage and I thought it was scary as hell. I am surprised Brett stayed in there that long. The no talking is just ridiculous IMO.

  4. Avatar

    Scottie also uses RS line……that’s cute.

  5. Avatar

    I agree that reviews of his app based on game play in the house is stupid. this i why I read some of the bad reviews, some of the good and some in between.. you will find some reviews aren’t based on the product but how slow it got to them and other silly things.. I also don’t like reviews calling it a great product when they have just used it for the first time, I leave reviews about something after i have had it for over a month and some times for almost a year (simple because i forgot to review it).

    • danmtruth

      Diana good points Some people on review site like Yelp and Amazon just like to see there name printed Many have an inflated ego about how important there thoughts are Like they are a major trend setter It is hard to go thru reviews that talk about things with a personal bias I will quickly skip them Let Fessy app stand or fail on what it was intended to deliver Not what you think of HIM

    • mm22

      Me too, if you want rate his game play come here n comment
      ….if you want to rate the app rate it there

  6. LO1004

    Ok, the Sam not talking thing. After the veto meeting Sam was outside pouting to someone (sorry, I forgot who). And she kept saying, I finally started to play and I get called out so I’m not going to talk anymore, I’m just not playing. I took this as a reaction to whatever Scottie said in his veto speech. I assumed it had to do w that conversation between Sam, Brett, and Scottie outside where she said she was going to try to get Fessy to put Hay up as a renom. I’m thinking Scottie used this against her (even though he was on board for it at the time) and that’s where the vow of silence came from.

    • Malia

      Do you think that the whole love/marriage convo with Brett was her idea of playing the game? Or if she really feels that way. She has dropped tidbits of her having some sort of feelings for Brett before.

      • LO1004

        No, that was real unfortunately. A few days prior to that conversation she was telling RS that she had a major school girl crush on Brett and it’s so bad she didn’t know how to act in front of him.

      • Mel

        True and one of the things I forgot to mention (I get too far down the tunnel sometimes and miss important points) was that Brett had on Haleigh’s shirt last night, just being funny and Sam made a comment about it.

      • LO1004

        Oh no. Hay’s going to wake up one morning to all her hair cut off.

    • danmtruth

      This is where I say she HAS been playing the game all along Its just her style She lets other talk to her and spill things Says how she is not playing and people can trust her Let her be there sounding board That it all gets put in a lock box It’s true she has not gone and told other people secrets yet But she does hint around things She has made final deals with TY & KC So yes she is “playing” the game

      • Malia

        Didn’t she also make a F2 deal with Brett when they were talking? I guess we will never know for sure until the finale and she what she has to say then or how she acts.

  7. Malia

    Further…if that is true I have to say that I have raised toddlers who took not getting their way better than she did.

    • Ann

      I have too. I said earlier she’s childish & immature. I just don’t think I’d have the patience to put up with her crap all of the time. Constantly having to walk on eggshells around someone sharing the same space as you on a 24/7 basis has got to be tiring & frankly it would make me mad. I would end up telling her to stop with the self eviction threats & just do it already. Personally, I don’t think Sam is as crazy as she’s pretending to be, she’s playing the game.

      • Malia

        I have family members that I have to watch every little thing I say around and it is exhausting….I agree with you, I would try in the beginning but by now I would be doing my best to avoid her as much as one can in the house and be fed up.

      • LynnD

        I also have a cousin who acts in the same manner. It is exhausting. Especially at Family gatherings & vacations. She constantly has to be the center of attention. If she is not she will be sitting somewhere alone and sulking just waiting for someone to come over and ask her what’s wrong (anything at all for a majority of the attention). She has constant pity parties that we have all stopped listening to. We also go through times if she does not have the undivided attention of the person she has chosen then there is hell to pay for everyone. She will bark orders when she wants something (ex Sam yelling at Tyler to jump down and let her win HOH) instead of asking or talking about it she just demands it. If she is mad at someone or if she feels they don’t pay her enough attention she will bash them to others horribly to get someone else to dislike them also. (ex telling Fessy all that crap about Hay)

        My cousin has schizophrenia and Sam shows almost all the same signs as my cousin. Like I said before it is simply exhausting. Kudo’s to all the remaining HG for dealing with it as well as they have.

      • Malia

        Lynn…we might have the same family member….wow….you just described exactly what I was talking about. This person if they do something and don’t get enough praise either gets pissed and someone is going to pay for it or totally sulks to the point where it becomes the elephant in the room.

      • LynnD

        Malia you are totally spot on. I know the struggle all to well. I will be the bigger person & let you have some time with “our cousin” I need a break. LMAO! 🙂

  8. Sassy

    I’d like to see Brett, KC, JC, or Sam win the HOH this week. JC and Sam would be unpredictable, I think both would put up Haha and Angela, for similar reasons. They both love MF and TY, and want their GFs out. Brett and KC, would hopefully put up MF and Haha with one of them leaving next week. I look forward to those 2 campaigning against each other.

  9. AIO_7

    If someone only watched the CBS show from this past Sunday night, one would come away thinking Sam was the happiest home-maker ever. A Brady Bunch edit.

    • Mel

      They would also think Haleigh is Tyler’s biggest strategic rival too.

      • Malia

        I hated the edit of her in the HOH room with Fessy and JC. I know I heard her way more on board with putting Scottie up than what they showed. She was agreeing with JC at some points wasn’t she??!! They totally made her out to be 100% against it. I had to keep pausing the TV and comment to my husband. He won’t watch feeds or be told ANYTHING game related. He hates knowing what is going to happen before the show….bit this year, more than some others, I feel there are 2 big brothers. The live feed show I tune into and the show CBS is airing.

  10. danmtruth

    I truly believe over 1//3 of all people between 25 and 35 have written ,developed , or started an app Either by themselves or with friends Congrats to Fess on getting into the App Store But look at all the go-fund me sites are out their for app people are developing Good luck It’s a long shot Just look at other BB players who have tried to branch out into other fields Dan G video game playing to name one So its not unheard of

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  12. Mr. Beardo

    Dan, AIO, and I are like the three fellas on the Orca comparing scars in JAWS. Sorry everybody..

  13. Malia

    …and they’re up! Let’s see how this one on one outside goes between Sam and Angela…

  14. AIO_7

    I often wonder why they don’t just leave the awnings up to not have to redo this every morning …


  15. HappyHippo

    I must say I’ve pretty much ignored Sam on the live feeds cuz I was way more interested in those actually playing the game. I always just catch up on here for her crazy convos. I don’t know if it’s cuz it’s been slow in the house the past couple of days or less people or what but she has officially irritated the crap out of me! I turned the feeds on when they woke up and the first thing I hear is her telling Angela “I just don’t know where I fit in this game blah blah blah” (whiny voice)
    I actually yelled “oh my gosh shuuuttt upppp!!” Let Angela drink her coffee and wake the hell up. I’m so over the 24/7 pity party! They are all trapped in there too for shits sake!
    Whew I feel better…

  16. ElaineB

    Thx Mel, for your thoughts on Sam. I have stopped reading the comments, because all the ‘armchair psychiatrists’ that continue to diagnose Sam, are a bit much. I am going to comment about her as I do other HGs. If she is so ‘mentally fragile’ then she shouldn’t be in the game. I think it is a shame that the other HGs walk on eggshells, but hopefully this will encourage them to send her to the ‘little house’.

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