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Big Brother 20 – Post Veto Feed Updates

Good evening, everyone! Quite an afternoon in the Big Brother house!


Bayleigh was nominated for eviction as Tyler was saved by Angela who used the power of veto on him. During her speech, Angela mentioned how Bayleigh was the hacker which resulted in Tyler/Bayleigh having a very quick argument about her trying to go after him the last few weeks. The feeds returned and Bayleigh was naturally upset because of being nominated but also because none of that was true. She’s obviously not the hacker and the furthest from it as she got zero questions right and I don’t think I remember really hearing her mention Tyler’s name at all during her HoH week.  When she got HoH, I immediately thought Tyler could be in trouble, but no more than an hour later, Bayleigh was telling Tyler how she felt bad for him (regarding Kaitlyn) and wouldn’t kick him while he’s down.

Now, I’m not going to just let Bayleigh slide because she has brought race into the discussion numerous times and topped it off by saying she doesn’t want to be in the house with white people. I absolutely hate reporting on that because I don’t think Bayleigh is nearly as bad as she’s made out to be by fans but when you say stupid things like this, you’re not going to earn much sympathy from me. This is without a doubt nothing to do with race. This is because Bayleigh foolishly shared her power with Rachel who wasn’t even close to being in her alliance. The only mistake Angela made was mentioning the hacker thing more than emphasizing the fact that Bay still has a power.

All Bayleigh needed to do was just watch a few seasons of Survivor to see how ruthless people on these shows can be if they think you have a power.


Alright, time for some updates….

  • 4:00 pm – The guys are around the pool
    • Brett is re-telling his granny story this morning
    • She kissed Brett with lipstick all over his face.
    • She was in the house from like 6-7:30 am every like 15 minutes
  • 4:25 pm – Rockstar has to make some cupcakes and do curls
    • She is limping around today from all the exercise she got yesterday
  • No sign of Bayleigh
    • Fessy asks if his dogs are going to remember him when he gets home lol
    • JC helped solve a mystery: Grapes don’t float
  • 4:40 pm – Bay is up and in the kitchen while RS makes her carrot cupcakes
    • They move outside and Bay is telling the guys that babies can breathe underwater when they’re born
  • 5:45 pm – RS is in the bathroom with Scottie
    • Rockstar says moving forward, she wants to know her team finishes first. She’d better choose a new team if she wants that
    • Haleigh comes in and says the obvious – it comes down to winning the comps.  Yup
    • RS realizes that no matter what happens, she’ll likely be right back up on the block
    • RS is realizing that Tyler could be more influential than Scottie would like to believe
    • She is wondering why Tyler told Bayleigh that Scottie is the only person he trusts… ding ding ding. RS is catching on
  • 6:30 pm – RS moves to the bedroom to talk to Bay
    • RS tells her that she thinks this is all …. take a guess…..  yup.. Brett’s fault!
    • Bay asks why she doesn’t think the hacker is Scottie.  RS sits there in silence not really sure how to answer it lol
  • 7:15 pm – Sam is telling some stories
    • She says that if she sees someone park in a handicap spot, she will wait outside WalMart, rip you limb from limb and swallow all your fucking teeth. Sam’s stories turn dark QUICK
    • Sam begins another story and Rockstar drifts off to her happy place. Hasn’t she been punished enough this week?

Fun update… according to the leak from production, Bayleigh is indeed checking to see if she’s pregnant.  I mentioned it in these feeds a week or two ago but seems like she may actually be.. or at the very least, late and scared

  • 8:00 pm – Stepping away for a bit

Check back for updates


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  1. AIO_7

    Thanks for the update, Steve.

  2. Jenny

    Awwwww… Brett’s Granny putting lipstick kisses all over him gave me a flashback to my Grandma and how every time we would visit she’d kiss us and get lipstick on our faces. I miss my Grandma!

    And good lord, I hope Bay-otch isn’t preggers because she’d probably put the baby in the bathtub and walk away since the kid can swim. Yikes.

  3. Painter1

    Proof is in the pudding . Bay’s actions speak louder than words, I mean no one tells HER what to do or say.

  4. Helen

    While I must say I am glad Bayleigh is OTB I am rather disappointed that the feeds haven’t been a little more eventful…I totally thought feeds would just be lit this afternoon and evening…instead,it’s like a Sunday afternoon watching paint dry

  5. Avatar

    Quick question. Is Hayleigh still able to win the hacker competition next week?

    • delabear

      I would think so. If not, her non-participation would reveal her to the others as this week’s hacker.

      • Avatar

        But they were all separated during the competition. I figured they’d have to do it like the power apps and go in just for show.

      • Helen

        I would think no…to potentially give the same person a super advantage in the game does not seem in style with B.B….even HOH can not participate in comp the following week…so I’m gonna go with nope…

      • Yael Sara

        Agree with Helen. Just as the HGs were never made clear that they could not receive a power app or crap app if one was already received and they merely went to the room so it was unknown. Something similar can be done.
        Plus If we are going with the theory that the two hacker tools are what’s left from the power app (Hayleigh a likely being re-draw) then imagine ruling would be the same

      • delabear

        But were those who won a power app eligible to compete for the hacker app? I don’t remember.

      • Sassy

        I would think they will be eligible again. Those that won power apps were able to play for the hacker.

      • Zach

        As stated on a previous thread, Frank won multiple road kill comps so I feel like they will be able to win multiple hacker comps.

  6. Helen

    Well RS and Scottie are talking…guess we will find out who’s side he’s playing on if the conversation stays with him or gets shared

  7. Fox3

    Thanks Steve!!!! Glad to join the dialog

    I LOVE this season! More so, I’ve been following this site for three years and get a kick out of the comments, the speculations and the reactions from all of you. Happy to join.

    I second Helen, I’ve been anxiously refreshing to see the fireworks, meltdowns, and knock out/grag out fights today. Im hoping this is just a delay. Reality needs to set in. I don’t care for Bayleigh, but I’d rather see her go out swinging, verses quiet acceptance or *gasp* Rockstar-like weeping.

  8. danmtruth

    Scottie is just trying to keep tabs on his old HIVE family (?) That group is filled with assassins Angelica as she has shown this week Bret playing everyone even people on his own side Plus they have there eyes on the mission Than look with in Keep your numbers The next Hive meeting will be in the jury house

  9. Jannie

    I changed my profile to to my new best buddy.
    Meet Jack! Only four weeks old. If you didn’t catch it earlier, he’s our foster kitty.

  10. Yael Sara

    Bay under the covers giving RS the death stare while she speaks and her loud breathing being the only thing heard over any conversation, I can only think of Darth Vader

  11. Avatar

    Aww… too cute. Watch out he might just steal your heart.

  12. danmtruth

    Any doubt as to why Foutte/HIVE Its in the same they are RS having a conversation with Bay about the plan to go forward According to RS the brains behind the other side is ,,,,,,,,TA DA ,,,,, Sam umm ok this was her observation Angela is smart but not that smart KC is smart but not listen to TY only has Scottie and Scottie does not trust him ITS these great deductive powers that has put them where they are Lost and confused after every vote

  13. Avatar

    Can anyone tell me how to upload a photo?

    • Fox3

      I actually went back to the comments a few day ago to fimd rhis out too. I remenered seeing a comvo about it
      From AI? Shortened? Lol

      Google POSTIMAGE.
      Click on POSTIMAGE, it will open a new window.
      Follow instructions for uploading the pic you want.
      For this blog, highlight with your pointer the first link. (as shown)
      Right click and hold on highlighted link and drag it up to the BB Junkies tab (as shown)
      Still holding, BB Junkies will open, then drag the link down to this dialog box and release your right click. (It’s called dragging and dropping)

      I only have mobile, so I’ll have to wait u til I get to a computer

      • Avatar

        Thank you so much ❤️

      • Fox3

        You’re welcome
        Courtesy of AOI_7 and some copy/paste lol

      • Jannie

        I changed mine on mobile. Go just above the Leave a Reply box and tap “Logged in as…” then go to Profile. Scroll past the first profile choice, past the social networking questions, and there should be a profile choice near the bottom that allows you to download a phot(image) from your device. That’s what I did and I’m still amazed it worked, cuz I’m not usually too tech savvy. Hope that helps.

    • caRyn

      On this screen on the right is your login. Click on your profile. Scroll to the bottom of that screen to where you see image on the left side. To the right of image you will see choose file. Click on choose file. Your pictures should appear and then you click on what picture you want.

    • Sassy

      Thanks to Yael, I uploaded a pic by going to https://imgbb.com/

  14. Shivani33

    Brett still doesn’t care for AngieRS. He said that she campaigned to him by saying that she’s such a fan of Big Brother and loves watching the game. Brett, of course behind her back, said if she’s such a big fan she can go the f*ck home and watch it. While Brett has been learning to play BB, he still has some gaps that are gigantic gulches. Such as the little detail about everyone evicted now has a vacation in coming up in the jury house. And I can hardly wait for him to see that place for himself! He’s like a chipmunk who thinks he’s a Crown Prince. Pfffft!

  15. danmtruth

    Remora, also called sharksucker or suckerfish, noted for attaching themselves to, and riding about on, sharks, other large marine animals, and oceangoing ships. Remoras adhere by means of a flat, oval sucking disk on top of the head.

    Why do I get a picture of Hali As she now is attaching herself to Angela

  16. Mel

    RS and Scottie talking about having trouble figuring out what’s going on. They decide viewers will think the show’s scripted because nobody could be this stupid. Lol

    RS is soooo close but took a right turn and started thinking maybe Brett and Sam are running things together.

    She’s realized KC, Angela, Brett and Sam are together. She’s sure Tyler’s with them and is the only one to suggest maybe Tyler told Bay he was close to Scottie to cause all of this to happen.

    She may suck at BB but you can’t say she isn’t ride or die for her crew.

  17. LO1004

    Random info again. Jess did an IG Live with Rachel and apparently Rachel was an alternate last year. She went through sequester and was told on move in day she wouldn’t be joining the cast. She also said last year her ‘character’ would’ve been a golf caddy girl.

  18. caRyn

    So I am caught up now with reading 400+ comments from this thread and previous threads. Glad Bayleigh is on the block because of her app. I heard the race comment Bayleigh made. Don’t care. She can dig herself a hole and screw herself over – never cared about the trash talk. What I did care about was when she turned that conversation around on JC and reported him to the DR. That is when I threw my hands up to her. Digging yourself a hole is one thing, but doing something that can effect someone outside of the BB house is totally not ok with me. Jason on BBOTT did a lot of trash talk. There should be a list of BB trash talkers. He would be at the top somewhere. And that Aaron chick also.

  19. ladycobra

    I was watching the feeds and I am like Fessy, I am confused and don’t know wth is going on. Scotty spilled to RS that he knew about the plan for the veto ceremony. Scottie and RS had a very long conversation in the bathroom. I can’t figure out if Scottie was playing Angela and Tyler or if he is playing RS or playing everyone. Is he still with Hive or not. When I think I know who is playing who something happens.

  20. Avatar

    why would he stay with them if they are throwing him utb

  21. LindsayB

    God I hope that pretentious bitch Bayleigh goes home this week. Rockstar makes me want to stick multiple forks in my eyeballs but Queen Bitch needs to STFU and go home.

  22. Shivani33

    Some people are going to lose this game fast unless someone has the nerve and the wherewithal to set up a rogue alliance. There’s Hayleigh and Fessy, who acts like he’s dislocated his life. AngieRS. Then there is Fester’s supposed friend and companion, the devious JC. If Scottie wants to lead these people to slaughter, so be it. He might perceive himself to be at the lower tier of his current alliance. He has been on both sides and survived. He takes risks, so maybe he’s checking around again. Might as well go up or go down determined to keep playing this game. I think Scottie knows not to trust JC to be on anybody’s side but JC’s. Right now, Scottie is my only hope to be able to move a rogue alliance. Those are always fun.

  23. danmtruth

    Reason # 234 why Foutte / HIVE is clueless Bay; TY is lost Angela is his new Kaitlyn he cant make a decision on his own
    Reason #235 Bay; Bret is out of the loop He did not talk to Angela once this week He was mad about loosing his trip

    This class is what happens when you have no clue

  24. Yael Sara

    If in fact this is eviction to jury, did anyone else hear Bay say that perhaps she’ll just go home instead! That is some news… more exciting than Jessie Spano on caffeine pills!

  25. Helen

    Good to see that the real biotch is back again…listening to her talk about Angela and Tyler….
    Hope she is pregnant and they send her ass back to wherever she came from…do not pass go…do not go to jury house…just go…
    Hey production…having her pee on a stick takes only minutes…hurry and get her out and Angela can put up Hali-ho in her place

  26. Avatar

    Have to wonder if Bay is indeed pregnant that she will use this as an excuse to avoid having to spend the next two months in the jury house and is only serious about getting tested now because she knows she is getting evicted Thursday.

    • Helen

      Could be…it’s crossed my mind she was in early pregnancy entering the house to begin with…that was one of the first things she was asking when live feeds came online…has there ever been a big brother baby? She wanted to be the first ever…SwaggyC might want a DNA if she is….

      • Colby

        So desperate for a claim to fame that she wants to have the first baby conceived in the BB house in the first two weeks in the game.
        Her parents must be so proud!

      • Ann

        If she is knocked up, Swaggy had better get busy in his mama’s basement making those 2 for $5 swap meet tshirts so he can start buying baby milk & pampers. Didn’t somebody say they would let him & Bay borrow their van so they would have have a place to sell the shirts from? I’m sure any street corner might work alsowhere there’s heavy traffic & he can run up & tap on car windows asking if anybody wanted to buy a Swaggy shirt 2 for $5, 3 for $7.

      • Jenny

        Bay could probably work on a street corner to pull in some extra funds for that baby.

    • Colby

      Why would they need to send her home? Pregnancy is not a disease. She can see a Dr. there.
      First visits are just urine and blood tests.

      • Jannie

        Pregnancy would certainly explain her bitchy attitude. Especially if she’s lying about the daddy, terrified, and hormonal – look out.
        Very interesting, Helen, that she was asking about babies from the get go. Could be that she shagged Swaggy to pin him with a baby that might not even be his?
        That girl is a real piece of work.

      • Helen

        Idk…I just found it odd that she was talking about first B.B. baby,had their ever been one etc right when feeds first came on…almost immediately after Swaggy C left (within a week) she was already starting the oops…I missed my period…maybe I’m pregnant…

      • Avatar

        Not saying CBS would send her home. On the contrary, CBS would love to have a BB baby! I’m saying that Bay would voluntarily withdraw from jury because she was pregnant and that she would use that as an excuse to get out of jury, but that she would not want to leave the game if she was still in the BB house.

      • Jannie

        I wouldn’t put anything past her…

      • Ann

        That would be just what his dumbass gets for not even trying to protect himself. He didn’t & still dont know where that girl has been nor she him. Wreckless fools.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Well if she is preggers, that might be a problem for Production because of some of the comps. They can’t take a chance on pregnancy being a liability, in case something happens medically.

    • Sassy

      She’s hoping she is just so she can leave the game on her own terms and not allow them the satisfaction of evicting her!

  27. Avatar

    Has anyone watched B.B. players on The Challenge series? If you miss seeing Paulie get aggressive and flip out when things don’t go his way last weeks episode of Challenge is worth seeing.

  28. Alda

    Sweet,innocent Bay said she was going to call Angela a whore for sleeping with married men,but changed her mind. Where is she getting this info?

    • danmtruth

      That had me confused This coming from the women who talked about having sex with men of every race Having a threesom in a car Yes you know all about whores

      • Shivani33

        I really thought I heard her say that she was going to call Angela a whore for sleeping with married men’s husbands. As if Tyler had a huzzband.

      • Yael Sara

        could have come from just being a very poor assumption. toward the beginning of the season it was mentioned she has dated older men. it was assumed that winston must be a doctor because otherwise there is no way he is single at his age.

        Perhaps all of these people were found living under a rock and they have a pre-conceived notion that upon a certain age you must be married.

        that is the only logic i can find of them making up an absurdity

    • Ann

      If Angela is a whore for sleeping with married men, what does that make her skanky ass for sleeping with a stranger unprotected on national tv?

    • AIO_7

      “Where is she (Bayotch) getting this info?”

      From the same place that Swaggy volunteered to deposit his spermatozoa.


  29. Wizard

    Somebody please tell me production called out BSCBay (Bat Sh*t Crazy Bay) for her comments regarding white people, please say they did. BSCBay can be called out for a litany of other things too for that matter, but I just want to see production call out her boofoolery.

    • stillstanding

      bay is bsc! (i love that) but not because of what she said about white people. production is not gonna do any thing. they didn’t really do anything in season 15, when the racist statements were really out of control. she should have said i dont want to be in this house with all these back-stabbing lying people, something like that. bb is a microcosm of the country. and let me tell you it’s hard being the only black person in a situation whether it’s at work, school, a party or bb. believe me. i’ve been there. and i’d say the same if it was the other way around.
      if rs would stop crying, feeling sorry for herself and blaming brett for everything, she would have a chance.

    • Ann

      It needs to be aired just like they did JC’s comment. JC wasn’t even being racist, she played the race card on him against him & now again agaist all white people on the game because she couldn’t have her way. Make her look like the idiot that she is. Just my opinion.

      AIR THAT SHIT!!!!

  30. ladycobra

    I think Bay is building to the big blowup. She has probably been in shock for awhile but is coming out of it.
    Her latest out burst was when Production called her out for talking about her DR. She said that Production hates her because she always tells them that their question are ******* stupid. She got called out for it and she shouted well if you didn’t suck so bad I wouldn’t have to talk about you. Maybe a Chima 2.0 in the making.

  31. Shivani33

    Bayleigh has just turned into Howard Stern with a bad toothache.

  32. danmtruth

    Brets punishment was for 24 hours How long is KC and RS yet both are doing well with theres Except RS is hurting big time

    Hali taking a shower Bay leaving I guess she does not need to inspect Halis ingrown hair tonight But than Fess is there

  33. Avatar

    It would be better for the other side of the house if she self evicted. She is going to be a bitter vocal jury member who will push for whoever did her the least wrong to win. And may own votes of Hive jury members.

  34. danmtruth

    From REALVEGAS :
    Bayleigh has spoken to and will be speaking again to producers and nurse practitioner shortly.

    Just passing along the info 1hour ago

  35. danmtruth

    RS & Sam in the hot tub Sam has been talking NON-STOP for 22 min RS is getting bugs out of the water talking to who ever walks by Sam NEVER STOPS She is talking RS into a coma

  36. Yael Sara

    There is still the banter on twitter of people bringing up the conversation between JC and Bayleigh. There is so much victim mentality.

    But it did remind me of this comedy bit

  37. Seattle Kari

    I noticed that people were changing their profile picture to show their cats etc.

    This is my daughter’s cat. Pumpkin (spice latte). He is a big boy! When he stretches out head to tail he’s over 2 feet long. I told her she should have renamed him Simba when she adopted him a year ago because he looks more like a lion than a cat.

    And now, back to your BBJ viewing pleasure. 🙂

  38. NKogNeeTow

    Another thing I thought I’d never hear myself say…I am really proud of how Rocky is handling her punishment. They have her up now baking beetballs and boxing and as tired as she was and as much as she was hurting, she is having fun with Sam while boxing.

    On another note, earlier tonight Driftwood, KC, Tyler, and Brett were in the HOH talking about how Rocky doesn’t seem to be as antsy on the block this time and how Honey Bay Bay is being unusally calm. JC came in and he and Brett were cutting up and were funny as hell. They had me crying with laughter. JC was telling them about Production got Rocky up at 4 am to cook food and he was showing them how she was falling asleep while cutting up vegetables. Brett was saying that HaHo kept denying that she and Fester are in a relationship but that they argue like a couple in a relationship. They think that she is denying it to not draw attention to it.

    • danmtruth

      HaHo denies it so she can keep flirting with the other guys and she does not want to be targeted as a showmance Again who do you think you are fooling
      RS has convinced them to target Sam as a master mind of the other side This was even AFTER her filibuster talk in the hot tub
      Bay is just building quietly Each conversation gets a bit more nasty She claims she will ignore everybody from the other side I can hear her speech Thur She will thank her lord and savior Jesus Christ and God Say hi to Swaggy call everyone liars and sit down

  39. Sassy

    I’m reading comments on a Twitter this morning. Guess they realize Scottie is working for the other side.

    “Rockstar- Tyler can only be backdoored. Faysal- Fuck that. I’ll put his ass up next to Scottie and beat them both in the veto. Rockstar- Well good. Then win an HoH and do that #BB20”

  40. Sassy

    “Bayleigh to Sam – I have come into this game, I have played completely nice and graceful, and I haven’t lied. If that is what gets me out of this house, and people want to blame things on me, that’s fine.”

    She’s so delusional.

  41. Avatar

    The only thing bothering me about bbjunkies this summer is how often woman are constantly referred to as sluts and ho’s. People here are quick to point out double standard with calling someone a racist by some hgs. But sexism…that’s fine.

    • Sassy

      I don’t think it’s sexism. They aren’t being called a ho because they are female. When the girls choose to use sexuality as a strategy it’s fair game. I don’t fault them for using all the tools they have…

    • Avatar

      And this is not directed at men. Woman on this site are worse. Sam may be posting some of these comments.

    • Sassy

      I think the difference this year is that the girls are aggressive. Kait was in their face wanting commitments, Rachel was blatant at her attempts to win over Brett, and Hay flirts with all of them as strategy. Flirting and sexuslity is a valid strategy whether or not we like it. The men (this season) with the exception of Swaggy and Fuzzy, put the game above the women.

  42. Jay H

    This may not be the exact right spot for this comment, and it may have been said before, but I don’t believe much of this cast is actually B.B. fans.
    I was looking through the bios last night, and it looked like 25-30% of the contestants claimed their favorite player was from season 16. Season 16 was Derrick as the winner. Derrick, to me, was the last really good winner, but the season overall was pretty milquetoast, unless you’re a Frankie fan. Quite a few others claimed their favorite player was from 19, one of the worst seasons in my opinion.
    It’s like they just told them to stream season 16 if they’ve never really watched before.
    This season has been the best in years, I just find it odd their choices of favorite players.

  43. Sassy

    I’m not a Haho fan, but at least she’s thinking and playing the game.

    “Haleigh told Bayleigh and Angie she hopes that she wins #hoh and the hacker comp. She said she would nominate Sam & Tyler initially, then take Sam off to put Angela up next to Tyler. If one wins the veto, Haleigh said Sam would go back up…”

  44. Sassy

    Kait is defending her connection with Ty’s father on Twitter.

    “And just while we’re on the topic. for those of you that think I am making up the connection I was able to feel with Tyler’s father in the house, you are mistaken. I have been connected with spirit since I was 12. Judge and question all you want, I know it’s a controversial topic”

    • Jay H

      I despise people like that. What a manipulator.

      • Sassy

        I’m not a believer in what she does, especially the talking to the dead, but I know people that are all into it and go to people to help talk to their loved ones. It’s either something you believe in strongly or just don’t believe at all. There isn’t a lot of middle ground, but whatever makes people feel better…

      • Jenny

        yeah but she’s using someone else’s loved one here. That’s NOT OKAY. My dad is dead too and if that girl said she talks to him I’ll slap her.

    • danmtruth

      We can all talk to the dead its called our memories of them People like Kait just seem like a scammer to me sorry She said things to TY about his dad He was like that is so far from what he was like It is disturbing to use that as a strategic game plan to try to influence people

      • Sassy

        I also think she’s a scammer, probably because I’m skeptical of the profession as a whole. Nothing is off limits in this game which makes it interesting. I don’t think she ever fooled him into believing she was really talking to his dad. I think it was a dumb strategy, that didn’t get her anywhere…

      • Jenny

        I think she’s a f*cking idiot. She probably believes this sh*t is true.

  45. Sassy

    Last one from my morning twitter read:

    “JC said he is going to bring the same bag of chips to the veto ceremony that Bayleigh was eating the other day when he tried to take one #BB20”

  46. danmtruth

    Saw a clip of Bay expressing her love to Swaggy Than said to get all those ho’s out of there because he is hers Also if he does anything to upset her She has Hay to back her up Thats when Hali jumps in to add even if she is wrong I will back her up Bay said yes we go crazy on you first than if we find out we were wrong Oh well its what you signed up for to be with us ,,,,, WTF ?

  47. Avatar

    Regarding the whole pregnancy scare, who’s to say she was already pregnant before she got in the house? Swagster better get a DNA test!

  48. Avatar

    Haleigh is taking about Angela taking an L and changing her noms to the original to keep the hacker happy and take an L, why dont you take that fucking L Haleigh

    • Avatar

      we can get JC/Scottie
      well JC wants Bay out, he was vocal about getting her out all of last week
      Scottie I doubt will do what you want after you kept going to Angela saying put Scottie up, he knows you threw him utb, so Bay is fucked, in more ways than one

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