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Big Brother 20-Put Some Clothes On Or Risk Eviction

Since today has become the unofficial day for Women’s Empowerment, Steve is graciously letting me discuss BB for the 2nd time today.  My dread going into this week, knowing the power had to be used was thinking it would be boring and the entire week wouldn’t matter. So far, it’s been eventful. I’ll recap some of the chat today and give you my take on it.


As Steve’s already posted, Kaitlyn and Hayleigh are the noms this week. Kaitlyn had one of her 5 times daily pity parties, guilted Fessy over why she shouldn’t choose him to play in veto (she was fishing to get him to say he’d choose her over Hay) and asked Tyler to play for her if she gets hg’s choice. Kaitlyn said she wasn’t crying because she was otb (eyeroll) but was upset by Sam’s speech when shE said something about them not being good examples of women’s empowerment. Hayleigh joined her along with Tyler and Brett and they both said they didn’t disrespect men. They told the guys if they’ve ever disrespected them, they were sorry. (It was obvious they were missing Sam’s point.  We haven’t heard the speech yet but I have a feeling Sam was trying to say the ladies were disrespecting themselves, not the men)

Kaitlyn told Fessy and Bayleigh pretty much the same things. She also said she wouldn’t disrespect men as she had a brother, father and boyfriend. (Who’s humming “Two out of three ain’t bad” by Meatloaf right now?

Hayleigh is upset and says she’s done, doesn’t want to be there, the usual when people feel defeated. She mentions not being able to campaign like Kaitlyn so she knows she’ll go home. I don’t know why she can’t so maybe it’s a temporary pity party. I’ve liked Hayleigh and this week, we’ll get to see what she’s made of as a player.  I hope she doesn’t disappoint because even Winston and Brett kept their spirits up and worked to stay.


Sam met with Rachel and explained her reason for the noms. I enjoyed Sam’s hoh room reveal last night more than any in years and was taking a baby step towards liking her….. then this conversation happened:

Sam apparently doesn’t like that Kaitlyn and Hayleigh walk around “half naked” looking like they just rolled out of bed. She really doesn’t like them rolling all over the guys in the house. She says they don’t clean and are messy. They ask to borrow things from people and the “half dressed” clothing they do wear doesn’t fit them. She doesn’t like the flirting strategy at all ya’ll. She’s ok with Rachel and Angela being half naked and flirting because their clothes fit them and the stuff they do is funny. She’s worried about the damage all this physical contact will have on Fessy, Tyler and possibly permanent damage to Scottie since he hasn’t been kissed. These are her words, not mine.

Sam also met with Rockstar:

RS is confused because Sam told her she didn’t like bullies and doesn’t get why she’s leaving the biggest bully in the house (Brett) off the block. RS does more name calling, says Bretts the kind of guy who would flash money in a club but treat the servers like shit. (Brett made a game move, RS is the one who gets so personal) Sam gives her a life pep talk and tells her if she wants Brett gone, she’ll have to walk the walk. (I think it’s a nice way of saying “He isn’t mean to me so if you want him gone, win and get rid of him yourself) Sam isn’t there to do RS’s dirty work. She tells RS to stop letting what Brett said get to her. She tells her that Brett respects her because she commands respect from him. RS whines and says she guesses she doesn’t “command respect.” Sam says that RS has never had a conversation with Brett the way she is having with Sam. I missed a bit of this but will assume she explained some of her nom reasoning to RS because I heard RS questioning her and pointing out that Tyler has a lot going on with the women. (flirting, I guess) Sam says “he’s a man. He can’t help it.” Sam says it’s ok to be proud of your body and sexual but not lay around on top of people who may or may not have experience in a relationship or a tender heart. WTF??

That’s the gist of what happened and I’m still not sure what to think. Hg’s can use whatever strategy they want so if she wants to base it on personal reasons, I suppose it’s her right to do it but I sure as hell don’t have to respect it. Sam’s said she won’t tolerate personal shots at people but told Rachel the reasons for her noms were personal.

Don’t get me wrong, I think Kaitlyn is making a fool out of herself and I don’t have a problem with her being on the block. (She’s annoying but she is great for feeds and we may actually miss the drama when she’s gone but …maybe not) I shouldn’t be surprised because Sam’s said she isn’t playing the game and everything she does is personally motivated but this is a let down to me. Don’t give a speech about women’s empowerment and then slut shame your 2 nominees in a speech that will be shown on television. (I mean, you couldn’t write this stuff) When it come to BB, I don’t care if they play with women’s power, men’s power or even battery power but play the damn game!

Sam got mad the other night at Kaitlyn and Hayleigh when she thought they were neglecting her and then making fun of her. That’s where part of this comes from. She plays personal and that’s her most recent personal problem with anyone. It’s also why I expected Kaitlyn and Hayleigh to be nominated. Tyler and Scottie are Sam’s 2 closest people. (Scottie may be going after her and Tyler but she doesn’t know it yet) I’m hoping this is really a game move and she sees these women getting too close to her main guys and wants to rid herself of them so they don’t mess up her final 3 plans. I’m afraid it isn’t true but I’m trying to be optimistic regarding Sam and she’s making it really damn hard!

Have a great night!



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  1. hogwild

    I like Sam but I kind of get the feeling she doesn’t have a plan or strategy she is just winging it and making it up as she goes might not be the best way to get to the end but it keeps things interesting.

  2. Mr. Beardo

    The HOHitis if especially virulent with this group. That pic of RS is f’ing hilarious too!

  3. Shivani33

    Mel this is fantastic. Thank you so much! You are so accurate in writing what specific houseguests have said. I hear along with you. Most of all, your assessments of certain players’ somewhat hidden or denied motivations are beautifully put.

  4. LGJ

    Her “life speeches” are killing me. I was pulling for her and Haleigh from the beginning, but I’m slowly losing sympathy/liking for Sam.

  5. Avatar

    I hope Kaitlin goes home. She’s definitely entertaining but clueless to play the same.

    Ps. Does anyone know how to change the font bigger when post sing comments

  6. Shivani33

    Both Haleigh and Kaitlyn have just had a little HoH private chat with Sam. Sam told Haleigh that she doesn’t want her to go. Kaitlyn told Sam something like “you’re my sister, and I forgive you.” Sam wasn’t apologizing. It was ridiculous, watching Kaitlyn wallow in her sea of misinterpretation. I was glad to see Sam reassure Haleigh, especially since they aren’t close. Haleigh doesn’t know what to make of Sam. Now is her time to find out by getting to know her. That’s what Haleigh does, but first she has to get back off the sad floor where she’s she’s currently stuck.

  7. hogwild

    I don’t want to go all Doctor Phil here but does anyone else wonder if something might have happened to Kaitlyn when she was growing up to screw her up? I just ask because someone who is as insecure as she seems to be and wants or needs so much attention, reassurance and validation just seems like something might have gone really wonky somewhere in her life.

    • Summer

      Who knows? Raven was crazy af in my opinion. Kaitlyn is bad but not as bad.

      • Alda

        Not sure about that.50-50 here.

      • hogwild

        I thought Raven was just dumb. Sometimes when my mind wonders into the void of irrelevant things I wonder how long after the show ended before Matt sent her packing.

      • Jenny

        I think Raven was a victim of her mother… Munchausen by Proxy… remember how she went on and on about how she couldn’t gain weight, couldn’t eat so many things, and then we watched her eat all of those things and gain weight. If all you know your whole life is that you’re sick, probably dying, and that’s your story, it’s going to mess you up. As much as I couldn’t stand her I do hope she can get some help.

      • HappyHippo

        And she’s had more and more surgeries. Completely unnecessary in my opinion. She was definitely BSC

  8. NKogNeeTow

    Mel, “Two Out Of Three Ain’t Bad”? Really? I died! I couldn’t stop laughing and every time I pictured her face I started laughing all over again…lol

  9. danmtruth

    Curse you Mel Two out of three has wormed its way into my head

    Not only do I not claim to be Dr. Phil Nor have I every played him on TV But I do consider myself a keen observer of the passing scene I see Kaitlyn as someone who was never told no growing up I also believe she comes from money She talked about people who did not like her pretending to be her friend Im sure she was just buying her friends She likes to talk about going to privet camps How her grandfather has something to do with the Greek Theater in LA She just likes to drop hints of money So yes Im not sure she knows how to interact with people who don’t envy her for money

  10. Alda

    I was laughing too,Nk.Mel you are on the money here! Now,I will go listen to Meatloaf on YouTube.

  11. danmtruth

    Bay slowly moving away from FOETTA Talking to Rachel Talking to Bret a bit and Kacee

    Tyler is scared BSC or HAY might chose him for POV He knows he cannot win Same thing for Fessy Problem is Fessy might not be smart enough to lose Or his pride might not let him throw it Than he turns into a loving spoonful song Did You Ever Have To Make Up Your Mind chose up on one and leave the other one behind

  12. Mel

    Sam told JC and Tyler she’s going to explain her power app to the noms once they have the final two up there after the veto. Why? I think this is a missed opportunity.The Foutte side thinks it’s over and only Kaycee and Tyler know all the details on the other side. They need to convince Sam to keep it quiet. Maybe they could not vote against the person they think is leaving. Let Foutte get their way for the first time with the vote, the person comes back and finds out some Level 6 people tried to keep them and Foutte becomes even more fractured.

  13. NKogNeeTow

    Is BSC’s boyfriend some kind of musician or something. She just said that she hopes they play on of his songs for a wake up call for her. She said she’d like to hear “Blood On The Cut” or something. I think it would be funny if they played “Alone Again, Naturally”.

  14. Seattle Kari

    I want you, I need you, but there ain’t no way I’m ever gonna love you…

    Yep. Earworm. Could be much worse though! LOL!

  15. NKogNeeTow

    How come for every good night they give me, they offset it with a thud like tonight? Last night it was so much fun in the house. Tonight, the only thing keeping me awake is my project. Do we have to wait for the Veto comp for it to get exciting again? Also, between Tyler and Fessy, which girl do you think will pick which guy to play for them?

  16. Wizard

    Kait is über annoying, and I hate how she whines and cries like a petulant child, but I’m so disgusted with Sam’s “reasoning” for putting her and Hay on the block. I hope Sam goes home soon because of her archaic way of thinking…. Plus, she doesn’t even realize that she’s Tyler’s puppet, pathetic!

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