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Big Brother 20 – Saturday Feed Updates

Good afternoon, everyone!


It’s Saturday in the Big Brother house and it’s a huge day for Haleigh. She needs to win the PoV competition or she’s out of the game. There aren’t many situations that would keep her in the house another round and the same goes for next eviction. Notice I didn’t say ‘week’, that’s because this week is a double eviction so it’s more than likely that Haleigh will be leaving on Thursday night even if she wins today, but she’ll at least survive an eviction.

And there is always the remote chance that Haleigh wins today then wins veto on Thursday night, but she’s not exactly a comp beast. She’s good, but not great. The only way she cracks the top 4 is if she wins today, wins veto on Thursday, then wins the HoH (or veto) the following week. She basically needs to win her way into the finals because there is zero chance she makes it otherwise. If there was any possibility of her being carried into the finals, Scottie came back and sealed that shut with a welding torch when he told the house how bitter the jury was (although they probably expected it).

Scottie thought that was a good game move because he could use that to his advantage and sit next to someone in the final 2 but it was insanely stupid. His pitch was basically “you need to keep me in the game because I’m the 5th vote who will prevent you from winning”. The problem is, he didn’t factor in that the jury members have to vote regardless and anyone remaining in the house would rather take their chances with a bitter hive jury deciding over two ‘level 6’ members or knowing they already have 4 votes against them and it will just take 1 more to lose if Scottie (or Haleigh) was next to them.


Put it this way, if you were, say, Angela, would you rather sit next to Scottie knowing you have 4 votes against you before you even speak, or would you rather sit next to a Tyler and know the jury hates him almost as much so she may be able to win even 1-2 votes from that side. A completely stupid decision by Scottie capping out a season full of stupid decisions by that side of the house.

Today is going to be another day with very few updates until later on. The veto hasn’t even begun yet and there is a good chance we could finally see the comic book competition which is always a popular one. In fact, this is one of the last chances to have that comp. The next veto comp will air on TV and it will be a quick one that can be finished in minutes, and the one after that will only have 5 people competing. That said, BB18 and BB19 were done with only 5 people so it’s very possible BB comics will next Saturday.

If it’s not the comic book comp, I’m guessing it will be a different individual comp sponsored by something that will give the winner a reward (outback, movie, etc)


  • 12:00 pm – They are picking players for the comp. Only 1 person sits out this week
  • Feeds back, everyone playing but JC
  • I’m heading to the movies (The Nun) will update when I return. Hopefully veto is done
  • 4:00 pm – I am back!  Decent movie although not my style
    • Still no veto comp yet. If it’s an individual comp, they’re going to run into BBAD
  • 5:10 pm – Brett, JC, KC, and Tyler are sitting around the table talking about old houseguests. Also quizzing themselves on things like evictions etc
  • 6:00 pm – House still sitting around waiting for veto to start.
  • 7:30 pm – I’m beginning to question if they’re even having the veto comp tonight
  • 7:50 pm – Looks like veto has finally begun!
  • 9:50 pm – Feeds still down for veto. Only 2 hours so I’m not surprised
    • JC is on BBAD alone sitting in a BB Comic shirt so this may be a long one tonight
  • 11:15 pm – Still going. This comp could be nearing it’s end or halfway through. Hard to predict how long it will be.
  • 11:40 pm – Still down and I am falling asleep. I will try to wake up in a few hours and update this post
  • 12:15 am – KC won PoV!

Check back for updates


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  1. Helen

    Everyone plays except JC….he hosts

  2. Malia

    Can someone please remind me..have they had an Outback dinner yet this season?

  3. Avatar

    Hahaha! So happy the little perv has to sit out of this comp!!! Now hope one of the Level 6 members wins this!! If not, I’ll still be happy because it will mean……bye bye JC

  4. Jay H

    I like the live competitions because Julie will typically get somewhat flustered, short on time and kind of shitty with the houseguest who is holding up the schedule.

  5. AIO_7

    * “I’m heading to the movies (The Nun)”

    I about jumped out of my skin when I first saw the end of this trailer a few weeks ago. Got a chill just now watching it again. I’ll probably just wait until it comes out on cable, though.


    • Patrick

      And THAT is why I don’t watch horror flicks.

      • Avatar

        hogwild, I recently saw IT on HBO, and for my money the original Mini Series that appeared on TV was way better than the remake Movie. I just read that they are gearing up to remake Part Two of IT, I’ll hold out hope that it will be good, but for right now, the TV Mini of Pt. 2 was very good.

      • Ann

        I saw the very first IT at the movies when i was a kid with my sister & it scared the living shit out of me & never want to see the IT or any other. Thanks to that movie I’m scared of clowns & sewege drains.

      • Avatar

        Ann did you ever see the Original Exorcist??? As a God fearing Catholic at the time it came out, & after seeing the Movie, & reading the Book….That is the Movie that Scared me the most out of me more than “any” Horror Movie, even hearing the Music by the Tubes scared the Poop outta me!

      • Ann

        Omg, Mello, are you trying to give me nightmares? My Big sister took me to see that movie too & I’ll never forget it as long as i live. I was the nagging rattle tell little sister who always wanted to follow my big sister or i would rat her out about something. Well, needless to say she taught me a lesson. IT & the Exorcist were the only 2 movies I ever went to with her.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Mello as a Catholic, it had the same effect on me. To this day if I even hear the music, I jump off and cut the television OFF! I could hit the mute button but NOPE! I want it off and make sure it stays that way for at least 5 minutes. That movie did terrible things to me. I almost had a nervous breakdown and that is no joke. My Grandmother didn’t help either. When anyone was scared of something, she would always say “That’s just the devil in you.” Well hell, that was NOT what I needed to hear. To this day, there is no amount of money anyone could pay me to watch it again.

      • Avatar

        NK….LOL!!! If you were brought up in the Catholic Church as I was, it sure did rattle you the holy hell out of you!!! I never Prayed at night before I saw that Movie, but after seeing the Exorcist I did!!

    • hogwild

      Mello I think one of the problems with the movie version was they moved the time period up to the 80s which I guess they have to so the adult part can take place today but I think the 50s timeline in the book and the 60s in the TV version were a better fit. The other thing is with King books there is so much background it’s impossible to get a lot of it in the one thing I really didn’t like about the movie version was the pedophile stuff with the character of Beverly and her father which was not in the book or TV miniseries.

      • Avatar

        Hogwild, agreed…And most of his books take place in Derry Maine. I love Steven King Movies, the Green and Mile, the Shining was Excellent, & his Books are always good reads.

      • hogwild

        We are kind of going in reverse here on The Shinning loved the book really liked the Tv miniseries of it hated the movie yes Jack Nichlson was truly scarry and creepy in it but Shelly Duvall as the wife good grief. As I understand King really hated it to he thought the script really was not even close to his book. Best movie version of a Stephen King book Misery.

  6. Helen

    JC is becoming very bold…

    JC tells Tyler in the BA that Angela needs to leave this week, on Thursday in the DE. Tyler tells him you need to win HOH for that.
    JC says no I don’t. Angela’s only hope to stay is if she wins HOH. Everyone else will put her out in the DE.

  7. Helen

    L4 should win veto and pull Sam down and put JC OTB!

  8. Helen

    This will probably be the spelling veto comp…made especially for Haleigh

  9. Avatar

    I just have a gut feeling Hayleigh is going home this week and have felt for weeks that JC is going home on Double eviciton night and won’t see it coming. Totally blindsided with no time to campaign, or complain about it that much. Sam with be next the following week, sure people complain about her, but all things considered I don’t think she’s as dangerous as JC is to try and start something like a Level 6 split (like trying to go after Angela or KC) and she’s pretty much done whatever Level 6 (and Tyler) has wanted her to do, like a good little soldier.

    Anyways, just my prediction. Sam kind of stays to herself. Can you imagine what a week in the house would be like getting Hayleigh and JC out in the same night?

    • Joy

      I don’t think I saw anywhere on the threads how nice and clean the dining room table is. I hope wing nut Sam was the one that cleared it out since she was responsible for all that crap. There really hasn’t been in nail biting moments or upheavals except production screws up. Overall it has been a ho hum season. Hope production for next season will stay the hell out of it and let nature take its course. Well placed twists work when HG’s are not expecting it. The hacker twist was a turd bomb only because they did it two weeks in a row, not smart.

      So, finally after this week I look forward to whoever remains. I don’t care who wins as long as its not JC or Sam.

  10. LynnD

    We seriously have a camera just focused on the bathroom door. So glad I pay for feeds

  11. Helen

    The full JC/Tyler bathroom conversation is posted on jokers for all that missed it…..pretty interesting conversation

  12. caRyn

    For those that missed Scotties speech it was something like this: Julie, first of all, I still don’t know if we’re hanging out again tonight. Everyone’s been dicking around all week. I think you all know the right move and the smart move and I hope that you make it. If you don’t then you can suck it, except for Tyler because he’s already getting a steady diet of that. You’ve been getting Hilton Head.
    As he left he gave the BB hg the middle finger.

    • caRyn

      ^^^^This speech didn’t sway anyone in the BB house – game wise – one way or another. The agenda had nothing to do with the game.
      Had Scottie not won the Battle Back that speech never would have happen. Winning the Battle Back was a curse for him.
      Also, didn’t Scottie wear a Swaggy C shirt and vote him (Chris) out wearing it? Thinking back on it, if that is true, Scottie did that out of spite.

  13. LynnD

    Production Please take the feeds off Sam!

  14. Sassy

    I use to think whoever sat next to Angela in the finals would win, but now I think it’s Ty. If he’s F2, the other person wins, even Angela (Although everyone else still beats her). No way will Scottie vote for him and I think his own alliance will vote for the other person once they leave. There is MORE bitterness going to the jury (Brett and JC).

    • Helen

      Interestingly enough Bayleigh feels most betrayed by Haleigh and Fessy…She blames Haleigh for her being in jury and feels betrayed by them both for not even voting to keep her….

    • Avatar

      True Sassy, & that is way Tyler needs to really think about taking KC to a F2, because I think a lot of current people in the Jury house would vote for her. Another person that Tyler would win over would be Sam, or JC.

      • leafhopper

        Ty called Bay a “strong player” in his GBM and she seemed surprised and flattered when she heard it with Julie. If a fellow strong player could possibly win the whole thing and Bay blames Hay and Fes and she could be more associated with a fellow “strong player” like Ty – I could see her trying to push the jury votes toward him. He is not from a “privileged” upbringing so RS could justify throwing her vote his way too.

      • Sassy

        I think there is a possibility he could beat JC, but they will vote Sam over Ty. The hate is strong…

    • Holla Derrick

      I was thinking Angela’s only hope would be with Hay at the end. Hay would get 4 hive votes and Angela could try to get the other 5. Any other scenario I’m not sure she has a chance.

      The hive will have a hard time voting together on finale night so its still too early to predict any outcome.

  15. Ann

    I would love to have been a fly on the wall when Scottie got back to the jury house.

  16. Helen

    Seems really late for a veto comp?

  17. Sassy

    Catching up on Twitter. Sounds like JC is already freaking out. He took of Ty, he can’t be the replacement nom if they be comes down and he said Ang HAS to go. He told Ty, that everyone has already said she is going OTB next week if they win (I think that’s bs, unless by everyone he meant Brett…)

  18. Mr. Beardo

    What in Zeus’ butthole is the hold up?!?!

  19. JD

    Maybe the props kept breaking. Production is really off their game this season. Sets breaking while playing, players are unable to complete simple puzzles, the line was set with two alliances and one just kept walking in a circle. *There’s a video showing turkeys walking in a big circle following each other. They seem to be in a trance they can’t break. The video reminded me of the Foutte (sp) alliance. Everyday production is having to go to plan K because plans A-J have not worked out. Haha

  20. JD

    Also add that the app twist didn’t work out at all

  21. Ann

    What kind of comp could be taking this long?

  22. dfdsgs

    Fun now we get to watch JC by himself in a room for BBAD. Production just can’t seem to get out of their own way this season.

  23. Jay H

    Still no feeds? This is ridiculous…Thanks Obama.

  24. Avatar

    Have to say,

    I think this is the THIRD week in a row the Veto comp has been really ridiculously late,

    Thank You folks so much who stay up and check the live feeds and what not, it must be frustrating. If memory serves the one head of household competition was really late too a few weeks ago. What a slap in the face to you fans and to you people that subscribe to the live feeds and spend your money on this, CBS must really really care about you once they get your money.

    I really like Big Brother, I really have enjoyed this season, and seasons past. I know there has been no official word on next season, here’s mine –

    I’m not watching it next year, I’m retiring as a viewer and as a fan of Big Brother after this season.

    Thank You all for your hard work on this web site, you folks are Great

  25. Joy

    production is pissed that they are getting blamed for a crappy season so they are paying us all back? Bob stop singing!!!! Bob you are not allowed to talk about production/your diary room sessions!!!!??????

  26. Sassy

    We get to watch JC sleep… Hmmm… Bob needs to start messing with him Wakey wakey hg!!

    • Sassy

      Glad I didn’t start watching when it first came on Pop. I’ve fast forwarded through the first hour of JC sleeping, then I caught up and it was JC peeing. Seriously? Usually they try to time it so it doesn’t interfere with Pop or they have a delayed start on Pop. Guess I’m going to bed too! If it’s not back on by the time I finish laundry, I’m gonna be like JC, and go to bed.

      • Sassy

        An hour later, and it’s still just JC complaining about being hungry and trying to escape the HOH room. Production messes with him a little, but don’t waste your time watching the first 2 hours of BBAD. I’m not staying up for the last hour. I’m sure someone on here or Twitter will let me know in the morning

      • Avatar

        Ya Sassy, and to top that off JC is totally rude, & disrespectful of Production…JC called Production a Bitch?! I doubt seriously if CBS would ask little perv JC to participate in one of their other Reality Show Games, aka Survivor, or TAR.

      • Jenny

        Third hour is also not worth seeing. They finally started showing previous “highlights” of BBAD. Like watching Bay get her HO room.

      • NKogNeeTow

        JC finally gets what he’s always wanted, his own show. He’s not a very good leading man though. He could have spent his time talking to us, to pass the time. He could have talked out loud to himself. He could have even done a few tricks. Instead, he just moped, whined, slept and complained. Production asked him to turn his music down (I didn’t see the problem with how loud he listened to it, he was the only one in the house). He did, but not before asking “Why I’m alone”, along with a few other things. Apparently it was still to loud so they asked him again to turn it down. He didn’t move so Production said sternly “I SAID, TURN YOUR MUSIC DOWN!” (it was more of an order than a request). JC responded “My music was down Bitch”, then he threw the headphones to the side and buried his head in the bed and mumbled something about “fucking shit”.

      • Jenny

        Oh wow I just noticed my typo… meant to say Bay getting her HOH room. LOL I swear I wasn’t trying to throw shade!
        JC kept talking into his microphone whining about how hungry he was and how he only had a protein shake 2 hours ago and a glass of water. He kept asking if it was midnight yet. Eventually BB said “No.” He asked if they would tell him when it was and he got “Yes.” He was being a big baby about it, but then again he’s a have not stuck in a room full of HOH snacks that he can’t eat. I was surprised he didn’t just cram a bunch of it into his mouth before they could stop him!

  27. Tinkerbell

    Worst year ever for live feeds, and worst production crew ever. Cancelled my feeds several weeks ago, expires tomorrow. Unless there’s a complete turnaround next summer of production, and live feeds…..my guilty summer pleasure is over.

  28. Tinkerbell

    Are you flippin’ kidding me?!?! They’re showing Best of BBAD now. Sam and Fessy. Barf!! Scene when they were in the HOH. I remember it from the first go-around, I don’t need to see these two twerps again. She was digging the male touch. No doubt in my mind…..she would have jumped his bones if she could have. Production, you suck!! As much as I don’t want to watch JC, I would rather watch him than those two dimwits.

    Oh my gosh, now Winston, Angela, Sam. Not slamming Sam, but seeing her in those first few weeks, she looks like she has gained 10-15 pounds. I’m not slaming her, don’t crucify me. Others have gained as well. Easy to do in that fishbowl. What else is there to do. Sam’s is just the most dramatic.

  29. Avatar

    I’m finally here. After a long time of lurking and weeks of login / activation issues … I’m here.
    Anyway, don’t know why this veto ran so late. BBAD was worthless tonight.

  30. Tinkerbell

    Nighty Night, BBJ Sweeties. The comp won tonight, I can’t outlast them any longer. Big thanks to the production dummies. My feeds expire tomorrow. Thank you in advance sweet peeps for keeping all of us on track. XO

  31. NKogNeeTow

    KC let Sam use the HOH to take a shower. She gave her a beer and told her that she can stay up there as long as she likes. When KC leaves, Sam says “My f*cking life, on big brother”.

    Everyone is in the kitchen talking about the comp, except Sam and Hay. She’s in the bathroom drying her hair.

  32. NKogNeeTow

    JC is acting strangely. Everyone is sitting around the kitchen talking but he’s being unusually quiet. He doesn’t really say anything until they start discussing the word “yatus” (it means hiatus). Turns out JC knew what the word was but he was pronouncing it wrong.

    • JD

      JC as usual throws a tantrum like a 3 year old while waiting for Veto to finish. If he doesn’t get his way he acts like such a spoiled child.

      • Ann

        I can’tawait to see JC walking out that door. I wish KC would take Sam down & toss JC otb & then we can really see him throw a fit.
        KayCee is winning those comps like a Boss. She had better be smart enough to watch her back though because all of those wins are placing a huge target on her right now.

      • Helen

        I would love for KayCee to take Sam down and put JC OTB!! I know she won’t but I can dream…

  33. Ann

    If Sam had been in the HOH room alone all that time instead of JC, she would’ve picked that room apart & invented all kinds of crazy shit.

  34. NKogNeeTow

    Sam upstairs taking a shower. Tyler comes up and sits on the sofa. Angela comes in and starts to curl her hair in the bathroom.

    Brett in the kitchen making McGregors and bitching because his picture has him as a cake and not a beefcake (we’ll have to wait and see when it airs).

    Hay passes through on her way to the bedroom and announces she’s going to bed. *A girl needs her rest before gearing up to badger people into keeping her*

    JC’s mood is beginning to improve a bit. He’s telling them how he was talking to Production while he was locked in the room. He makes it sound like he and Production were having fun. He leaves out the part when they almost chewed his head off about the music and sleeping. Or the part about him cursing at them.

    KC is on cloud 9. She says she feels like a superhero. *Based on her performance when the show started up to now, she is pretty much a superhero. She’s our BB Wonder Woman*

  35. JD

    I want to see JC on the block. Not just quick DE but a whole week. Let production show him how he really is on his edit during a full week of OTB! And even better piss him off and see him go before Hay and Ang! That would really get him.

  36. NKogNeeTow

    Hay laying in the bed alone, with the covers pulled up to her eyes. She looks very sad. *Why does this bring me joy? Oh, that’s right, I’m the worst!…lol*

    JC finally gets to eat and is now a happy little camper again.

    Tyler is called to the DR.

    Sam is JUST getting out of the shower.

    • Ann

      I’m in Houston spending a week with my daughter & her husband & there’s no POP here so I won’t be watching BBAD until I get home on Friday. That means I’ll be totally relying on you guys to keep me updated. I’m so grateful to you all.

  37. NKogNeeTow

    Hay is just laying there like she’s waiting for someone to come in. Every time she hears a noise, she looks towards the door. No one comes. *How much do you want to bet that if they take to long, she’ll get up and wander into the room”*

    For now, she just decides to pull the covers completely over her head. *I’ll take that*

  38. NKogNeeTow

    KC is in the bathroom talking to Angela while she’s brushing her teeth. KC tells Angela she was going to drink 2 beers but maybe she’ll give JC one. Angela tells her that JC never gave anyone any alcohol. KC said yeah, but you know. Angela tells her it’s her choice.

    In the HOH, KC is sitting on the sofa and Sam is in the HOH bathroom putting on lotion. Angela is telling them she is a little pissed that her’s (comic book?) said that she’s a professional athlete. She says she just didn’t want anybody to know. Sam tells her it doesn’t matter because everyone already knew she was a model.

    KC lays down and tries to go to sleep. Angela lays on the sofa and puts the headphones on. Sam still putting on lotion.

    Hay still buried under the covers.

  39. NKogNeeTow

    I think Angela has the headphones on to drown out Sam.

    Every time JC tries to drift off to sleep, Sam starts talking.

    JC is in the kitchen talking Brett’s ears off while Brett is trying to wash dishes.

    One thing about this crowd, even though they might get annoyed or mad with each other, they show extreme restraint. They will blow up to other people in the house but they aren’t confrontational with the actual person. A big difference from some of the previous houseguest.

  40. Ann

    I keep forgetting Angela & Ty aren’t living in the HOH room now. Once Sam gets started yapping she won’t stop if she thinks someone’s listening.

  41. NKogNeeTow

    Hay is now laying on her back, playing peek-a-boo with the camera (it keeps zooming in on her). It’s making her smile a little.

    JC is still in the kitchen talking a mile a minute.

    Sam is still in the HOH bathroom, now combing her hair. She’s telling KC that she feels like she’s had 3 months of embarrassment in the house. KC laughs and tells her to stop. They start laughing about JC telling them how he was playing with the camera when he was locked in the room.

    Hay ask that the lights be turned out.

    Sam finally leaves and KC and Angela let out a relieved sigh. They crack open beers and Angela congratulates her on her win.

  42. Ann

    I’m sure it won’t be long before JC waddles his little ass back up there to get a drink somebody’s beer.

  43. NKogNeeTow

    Brett and JC are still in the kitchen. Brett tells JC that he notices he likes history. JC says he likes politics too. Brett tells him he should be a politician.

    Brett tells him that he should be a politician instead of a doctor. JC says he doesn’t see himself as a politician. He also says that he has a minor in National Relations.

    JC says he wouldn’t live anywhere else but the United States. *USA…USA…USA!*

    JC said that no matter where he lived, he was always trying to fit in. He feels at home here.

    In the HOH, KC and Angela are discussing the upcoming Comps. They go over who left the house and in what order.

    Angela says she can’t believe this week went by so smoothly.

    Angela tells KC that she can’t wait to see Hay and Sam walk into the Jury House together. She says because they hate each other. They laugh.

    Brett comes in and hugs KC. He tells them that he didn’t realize that when everyone watches the Veto, he talked so much sh*t about the houseguest’s pictures during the comp. He says if they play that to the JH, he f*cked himself.

    He says he hurt his ankle during the comp and was told to go sit down for a while.

    He says Sam is in the bathroom. Angela says she’s (Sam) is in a mood and that she’s always in a mood. KC tells him that she (Sam) was just disappointed with her time during the comp.

    Brett says that he still believes that Sam threw the comp. He goes over every comp and points out where she threw them.

    Angela says she thinks Sam just acts like she doesn’t care but she thinks she really does care.

    Brett says she should be grateful just to be there and does she realize how many people would kill to be there.

    Angela says that makes her mad (not her words exactly but I’m typing in 1 screen and have the feeds running in another so it’s sometimes hard to get it word for word while typing and listening).

    Brett is still bitching because they made him into a cake. *I can’t wait to see what that’s all about*

    Sam is in the bathroom drying her hair while talking to JC in the shower.

  44. NKogNeeTow

    JC tells Sam he can’t wait to be alone so he can be naked and check out his body.

    Sam says she hasn’t looked at her body since they’ve been in the house. She says she’s afraid to look at her stomach.

    JC says he doesn’t even know if he has a dog growing on his d*ck. *Whaaaaaa?*

    He says anything could be growing on his balls.

    They talk about being Have Nots. He tells her that the next ones should be Brett, Angela and Haleigh. He tells her not to volunteer and to just let them do it. *Don’t think she caught the “Haleigh” part*

    In the HOH Brett, Angela, and Angela are still talking about the comp. Angela says that she never wants to go to the JH unless 1 of them are there because she does not want to be in the JH alone with the other side.

    Tyler is still in the DR.

    Brett gives them the run down on the timing of the rest of the show.

    Angela says she doesn’t care as long as they’re the F4 (Tyler, Angela, KC, Brett).

    Angela says she’s worried that if Sam wins HOH who would she put up because she goes after the girls.

    Brett said that for sure, she’s not going to put up JC. But the difference between Sam and Haleigh is that Haleigh can’t be trusted and stays up your ass and Sam is loyal and stays mainly to herself.

    KC says they need to plan if it’s a double who goes up. Brett and Angela says Sam and JC. She said on the following eviction, they can draw straws.

    KC jokes and says what about putting Tyler up. Brett say Tyler has never been actively put OTB. Angela tries to deflect and says well he was up there one time. Brett and KC says yes but that was only technically and for about a minute.

    Brett says that he wish he had gotten the Veto so he could have told Hay that he was on to all of her lies. Angela tells him that’s what GBM are for, then says, but he probably shouldn’t go in on the GBM anymore. They laugh.

    Tyler is out of DR and in the HOH.

    Brett says he’s at the breaking point with Haleigh and Sam, JC not as much. Angela says JC gets on her nerves. Tyler says he never gets to that point. Angela says she usually has a long fuse but it’s been getting longer. KC says hers is getting shorter.

    Brett says he knows that Hay has been sick but he’s tired of her waking him up crying or drinking his water. He tells them that one night she claimed she was sick then drank his water. When he went to drink some, it was all gone and he was pissed.

    They all say that they have to walk around on eggshells because of Sam. They all pretty much say that they are sick of her. Brett and Angela go all in on her. Tyler adds a bit of yeast to it to but not to the extent of the others.

    Tyler says L6 hasn’t lost anyone since Day44. They laugh.

    Brett is called to DR.

    In the bathroom, JC and Sam are having a pleasant conversation. *That is until JC gets with the rest of the group and it will be retold as a completely different conversation*

  45. Ann

    Did they get to make a plan for the double eviction for sure or does Brett still plan on getting Angela out?

    • NKogNeeTow

      The plan for the DE is Sam and they draw straws to see who goes up next to her (most likely Brett, maybe JC). From what I understand from the feed chat, when everyone left HOH, Tyler was trying to convince KC that Brett should go but KC is resistant and believes Brett is more loyal than JC. Don’t quote me on that because I didn’t hear it for myself, it’s just what I read. And you know what they say, if you read it on the internet, it must be true 😉

  46. Ann

    Im so scared for KC because they’re going to be gunning for her sooner rather than later due to all of her comp wins.

    • Jay H

      Me too. KC is slowly becoming my favorite this season. She really seems to have a good heart. Very patient. Treats everyone respectfully, and becoming very competitive. I see her possible downfall as not thinking as strategically as some of the others.

  47. JD

    NK you are so great rather I should say AWESOME! Thank you for the updates. My summers wouldn’t be the same without you. I look forward to your posts. You, Mel and Steve are a power house! Again thank you for all you do!

  48. NKogNeeTow

    HOH: Tyler, KC and Angela, just talking about the comp. Tyler ask KC if Hay has follower her around yet. She says only once, after the comp she came up for a minute.

    KC says that it doesn’t matter because she’s on her way to the JH.

    Tyler says they can go make their Jury House Alliance.

    KC says the worst case scenario is that Sam wins HOH. Angela says that if Sam makes it to F2, she’ll win because they love her.

    They start to talk about if JC wins HOH. They said he would be stupid to try to make a big move. Tyler says they (he, KC or Angela) just has to win. They say neither Sam or JC can win. KC says she doesn’t see either one of them winning.

    Tyler says that in case one of them do win, they (the 3 of them) just have to win Veto.

    Tyler says after this week, they all compete from now on. They all get quiet after that.

    Tyler ask KC if she gave Sam a beer. She says yes. He ask if she gave JC or Haleigh one. She says no. She says at least Sam has been OTB and he and Hay are so selfish and never share.

    KC says it will be harder and harder for them to get together because they JC is always hanging around.

    Tyler gets the beer bottles and uses them to count their wins. He says they have won 7 in a row.

    JC goes into the pink bedroom to go to bed. He can’t find his pillow so he goes into the blue room to look for it and says “Why does it smell like fish in here?” *I’m just going to leave this right there*

    He starts to spray all the pillows with air freshener and Angela walks in and tells him to stop. He says it smells funny in there. She says she can’t stand the smell of the spray. He says sorry then goes to get some water (still mumbling about how the room smells like fish…lol).

    Hay opens the wall and tells Angela that she’s sorry she went right to bed. Angela tells her it’s alright, then complains that JC sprayed the f*ck out of her pillow. Hay starts to complain about how he came in the room, but JC walks back in and she stops as he brings back her water.

    Hay and JC are talking on one side of the wall, and Angela lying in bed on the other side looks at the wall and rolls her eyes then lays her head down.

    JC starts to talk to Hay in the dark. She seems annoyed. *She forgets how she’s kept up many in the house for many nights, with her incessant chatter*

    Hay asks JC why Sam is sleeping in the saucer (earlier she told Hay that she was going to sleep in the HN room). He says he has no idea, maybe she thinks it’s her private bedroom.

  49. NKogNeeTow

    Sorry for the delay but for some reason, my feeds keep buffering.

    In the blue bedroom, with the lights out, JC is a regular little Chatty Cathy and for once Hay isn’t. He just keeps talking away. She’s answering him but not initiating any conversations.

    Tyler was in the HOH discussing things with KC but I missed it because of the buffering. By the time I got back to it, he was in the SR then the kitchen.

    Brett is still in the DR.

    Sam is now in the kitchen cleaning out the refrigerator while Tyler washes dishes. She asks him if it was him that said he once had Salmonella. He says yes, then continues to wash dishes in silence.

    In the bedroom, Hay asks JC if he’s sleepy. He tells her no, he slept on the couch in the HOH while he was locked in there. *I am positively giddy that someone is keeping her up like she does to everyone else*

    JC is laying there wide awake but turns over to try to sleep. He is restless and keeps moving around.

    Tyler finally leaves the kitchen as Sam finishes up cleaning the fridge. He comes back and gets the trash while she washes the dishes that were in the fridge.

    JC still laying in bed wide awake.

  50. NKogNeeTow

    JC, Hay and Angela are in bed.

    Sam is washing out the fridge. I’m not sure whether Brett is out of the DR yet. If he is, then KC is most likely in the DR but they haven’t shown that room for a bit.

    Tyler is back in the kitchen helping Sam. They resume cleaning the fridge. *How in God’s name did I live without all of this excitement in my life?*

    Tyler tells Sam he’s going to fall asleep standing up. She tells him to go to bed. She says she had a nap earlier so she’s not sleepy. They hug and off to bed he goes.

    He goes in the bedroom and crawls into the bed next to Angela. It looks like someone was in his bed but when he pulls the covers back, it’s only a big pillow. He tosses it aside.

    As he’s taking off his mic, a pillow is thrown at him. *Seems like the fair Angela was awake and waiting for him*

    He gets in his bed , they hold hands, then he asks Production to turn the lights off, tells them thank you and I love you.

    As soon as the lights go off, they put their head together and start whispering and laughing, when they get busted with “Please put on your microphones”. *HAH!*

    In the dark, she’s fashioning a body out of pillows under the covers and putting a wig on top and carefully adjust the covers over the “body” before slipping into his bed. *Welp, so much for fear of slander…lol*

  51. NKogNeeTow

    Cam are only on the 2 bedrooms with the lights off.

    Sam still rattling around in the kitchen.

    Not sure where Brett and KC are.

    I’m going to read the feed chat for a bit. I’ll let you know if anything else happens. 🙂

  52. NKogNeeTow

    BACK! (That was short lived…lol)

    I thought I heard kissing noises in the blue room but I was distracted by the sound of the rain outside.

    Tyler and Angela were kissing away! The lights are still off but you can see the top of his head moving around. Her head is still under the covers.

    Tyler and Angela lying in bed,
    All you can see is the top of his head,
    What are they doing,
    What could it be,

    Okay, so this just proves that I need to get out more.

  53. NKogNeeTow

    Brett out of the DR and in kitchen talking to Sam.

    He said he was in the DR for hours.

    He said he was going to clean the dishes but got called to DR.

    She said she wishes he was still in there so she could sneak off to bed.

    He told her she can still go to bed but she says that as soon as she does, she will get called to the DR.

    No sooner said than done. She’s called to the DR.

    She goes to wash her face first and Brett takes a shower.

    He tells her there is something about wearing a cape that gets him revved up.

    She puts on makeup while they talk. *Of course, this is another conversation that will be altered when he retells it tomorrow*

    Tyler and Angela kissing LOUDLY now. *This is getting a little to blue for me to watch*

  54. NKogNeeTow

    Brett out of the shower and getting ready for bed.

    Sam is still in the DR.

    Everyone else is in bed. I can see daylight peeking through the blinds so I guess I should head there too.

    Have a GREAT day! 🙂

  55. Jay H

    NKog and Ann working third shift last night. Thank you ladies! Great recap and input!

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