Good morning! Wow, that was a long veto comp. I think the feeds were down for almost 10 hours. Honestly, I gave up, went to bed and got up early to review what happened. Kaycee won the veto last night so things should go exactly the way Level 6 wants this week. Brett’s already guessed the battle back will probably be this week so they won’t be surprised by it. I don’t have as much to cover since we didn’t have nearly as many hours of feeds but I’ll recap the things we did see.

Before the veto comp:

  • Angela rec’d a short hot pink hoh robe instead of the long gray and red ones they usually get and Sam called her HOH Barbie because of it. She didn’t say it mean or anything, it was said complimentary. (at least on the outside)
  • Hay went to the hoh room to hug it out with Angela. They did the usual “I still love you” stuff and “we don’t want it to be awkward.” (I don’t think they’d talked since the noms were made)
  • The veto players were drawn and afterwards, we learned that Hay was going to pick Brett with hg’s choice but Fessy told her not to so she picked Sam.
  • Angela and KC were mad about Hays choice and vented about it in the hoh room. They said Fessy was selfish and only thinking about himself. Angela called him a bully. (Angela is one of those people who uses the term bully often and for stupid reasons) I don’t read too much into the trash talk from either side plus KC’s never cared for Fessy. She’s ready for him to go so it doesn’t take much for him to annoy her. (She should do her “let’s go” cheer when he’s walking to the door on eviction night. Too much?)
  • Angela and KC let Hay know her choice was a mistake and wondered why she didn’t pick Brett or Tyler. They told her Fessy was the target, not her. Hay was honest and told them she thought she was the target so she chose someone she thought she could beat. She said she wished they’d told her that Fessy was the target because she’d have picked someone else. Angela said she really did consider going after Sam but Fessy was good at comps so it was better for her game if he left. She said it’s what most people wanted her to do. (She wanted Hay to think she was telling the truth when they made their deal during Fessys hoh)
  • Hay talked to Brett and explained to him how she thought she’d been the target. She didn’t understand why nobody filled her in and told her what was going on. This was dumb on both sides imo. Angela SAID Hay was the target in her nom speech so L6 shouldn’t be surprised she thought she was. They shouldn’t have been mad because Fessy was looking out for himself, why wouldn’t he? (I’m not sure he was anyway, he probably just figured they could beat Sam) It was also dumb for Hay to think that the people who put her otb would tell her their plans in advance. Everyone just woke up stupid yesterday.

After the veto comp:

  • Brett and Tyler hung out in the hoh room and the other hg’s were separated in other rooms of the house since it was an individually timed comp. While hanging out together, they made a F2. They agreed to stick with L6 and then take each other to the end. (This isn’t sincere on either side, Tyler’s for sure)
  • KC won and the best I can piece together so far is it involved balls being shot at them from tennis ball machines. They had to catch them and there were rounds. One of the rounds involved squid instead of balls and there was plenty of slime too. JC took some bad hits I’m guessing because Brett said the reason they shot JC “in the balls” was payback because he gives production a hard time so often.
  • Fessy shut himself away in the pink room and was upset he didn’t win. It sounds like he lost by 1 point. (I know from being a sports mom and a sports fan in general, the close ones hurt the most) I warn you in advance, his catch phrase this week will be “I can’t believe KC beat me.” We know he always has a favorite phrase he beats into the ground every week and I have a feeling, this will be the one. (I wonder if Fessy has remembered things he said last week when he didn’t want to put Angela and KC otb. He said they weren’t threats to him and “they can’t win shit” so I think it’s fitting that Angela put him otb and KC will be the one to keep him there.) I won’t count him out in a battle back. His 3 options are to win it, leave Hay with Brett or send Scottie back with Hay and Brett. He’ll fight for this one as if there’s 500k on the line…oh wait?
  • L6 assured Hay she would be fine this week and she had nothing to worry about. It’s good for Hay things went the way they did because if they hadn’t, she might not have fingers left by Thursday. She can’t possibly have any nails left so she’s been eating her fingers. If the next comp was getting yourself out of handcuffs, she’d have an edge but otherwise, not good.
  • L6 tried to celebrate with Angela’s hoh wine. As soon as it was opened, Hay came up to the hoh room and she immediately said “I smelled it.” (Wine hasn’t helped this girls game at all so she should be greatful they didn’t want to include her)
  • L6 toasted their good fortune, waited for have nots to end and planned for a battle back & double eviction. The plan is still to nom Hay & Sam during the double. (That may change depending on who wins the battle back)
  • This happened last night too temporarily. It was either a production oops moment or they subconsciously want Fessy to leave too because it’s already black & white:
  • Brett felt bad about teasing JC and saying he was the only floater left since he’s the only one who hasn’t won a comp.
  • JC checked on Fessy and told him it wasn’t over. Fessy said he’s done and doesn’t want to be there all week waiting for Thursday. Fessy kept saying he couldn’t believe he lost because he was against JC, Sam and KC.  He said “you guys arn’t good.”(what an asshole) They argued over whether or not JC was a floater. Fessy told his he was and JC said he wasn’t a “whatever her name was from 16.” (They refer to Victoria as Veronica sometimes) JC insisted he wasn’t and then said if he was, he was the best floater ever.

I’m pausing for a minute to discuss a pet peeve of mine. I agree with JC on this one. He’s definitely one of the best floaters I’ve seen play the game and I’ve seen every season. Like most post Rachel players and players who’ve only seen a few seasons, they equate floating with a lack of comp wins and being a “loser.” For the record, Victoria was a coaster, not a floater. She didn’t have her hand in any pies and rarely knew what was going on. Her game was to stay out of everything and simply survive. Sam is a coaster too. Floaters are heavily involved in the game, they just avoid showing it so they dont take the blame. JC is a floater and so far, he’s an excellent one. Jun, who won BB4 was also a floater and amazing at it. Rachel Reilly equates winning comps with playing the game so if you arn’t winning, you’re a floater/loser.  She gave floating a bad name and it’s always annoyed me. She HAD to win comps because her social game sucked! I can respect the way she won but I also respect (probably more) a player who doesn’t have to win a comp. If you HAVE to win in a particular week, especially early on, you’ve done something wrong in the game and not covered yourself from all angles. That’s why being a floater can get you into trouble as the numbers dwindle. There are less people to pick from and if you arn’t very careful, you become expendable.

  • Angela and KC think it’s possible Tyler has a power app.
  • L6 discusses having Sam vote out Hay if she wants to help ensure Sam would be Hays target. This is a tweet from someone I follow on Twitter who shares my sense of humor:
  • JC would be very happy if he could watch The Little Mermaid.
  • Fessy told Hay & JC the people they worked with never trusted each other. (True) Hay wonders if Tyler is going to sleep upstairs with Angela. Hay tells them it’s them plus Sam left out and the 4 others are working together. (Yeah, she’s decides this daily so I’m not getting excited over it this time)
  • Tyler asked Angela if she’d like to go on a date after the show ends and she said yes. She asked if they should go to LA or Hilton Head. He said he could do better than that and mentioned the Hawaii trip he won. They discuss if he should or shouldn’t sleep upstairs. (He knows he shouldn’t) Tyler told Angela that Brett asked if they were in a shomance and Tyler said no. Brett said he didn’t care as long as it was after the show. This seemed to worry Angela a little.
  • Tyler also told Angela it was good being locked up and talking to Brett for so long. He said he understood why Winston was so in love. (Maybe Scottie was right and he does have some mist)
  • Brett finally realized Sam will only eat the food she cooks. She didn’t eat the food he prepared when have-nots ended.
  • JC tried to urge Brett to go upstairs and sleep with Angela. Brett said there were enough beds for everyone now so he wasn’t going to do it. JC did drag him upstairs to hang out and said they were going up to “c**kblock” Tyler. Lol
  • Fessy admitted to Hay the reason he wanted Scottie out was that he was getting too close to Hay and he didn’t want Scottie to steal her away from him. (Gross)

Have a great Sunday!