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Big Brother 20 – Saturday Recap

September 9, 2018 | 73 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning! I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. The weather was discussed yesterday and I hope you all are faring well, especially those who have to evacuate. I mentioned flooding in my area but my situation is very mild as my home is never at risk. My road just gets blocked off for a day or two sometimes so it’s a mere inconvenience compared to some of you. As always, we’re thinking of you. Since BB airs in the summer, we’re used to worrying about each other every year when these storms tend to occur. Check in with us when you can just so we know how you’re doing.

Steve picked a great day to go to the movies and he sure didn’t miss anything while he was gone. I’ll go over the highlights from yesterday but they may have to be called lowlights this time. This one will have to have a bit of a picture theme because there isn’t much content.

  • Veto players were picked and everyone except JC was playing. (This was only important for those who stayed up to watch him bitch and moan on BBAD since that’s all they got to see)
  • Angela accidentally said “Level 6” to Brett in the bathroom while JC was in there. Brett thinks he may have heard but it never came up so if he did, it was no big deal. This is Brett telling Tyler and KC about it afterwards. They joke about how many close calls she’s had. (I didn’t realize Angela had the biggest mouth out of the group but sounds like she says it the most. Remember when we thought Hay would figure it out when she saw it on Angela’s hat?)
  • Angela told KC that Hay was planning for next week and talking as if she’d still be there. They’re surprised she doesn’t realize she’s the target. (Aren’t we all?) I’m aware they all talked to Hay about wanting Sam gone last week but when KC told Hay she didn’t have a target, she should’ve known. Since they all fake agreed Sam would be next, why didn’t KC have a target? (Hay doesn’t have allies anymore so hope is all she has at this point so I get it….a little. She needs to spend the next couple days trying to come up with reasons KC shouldn’t stick with her group. It won’t work but her denial hasn’t been working either so it’s time to throw everything out there and see if anything sticks)
  • JC was getting nervous about being a renom if Sam or Hay won the veto. He told Tyler they had to convince KC to put up Brett. Tyler told him he thought Brett was the person KC would choose. JC wanted to plan for the DE and get Angela otb. JC’s sure almost everyone wants this to happen. Tyler stuck with his “too soon” thing which irritated JC. (It should because if Tyler was really with him, it isn’t too soon.) JC mentioned talking to KC about it in case they get Angela otb to make sure KC wouldn’t save her with the veto. (Lol) Tyler told him to win the hoh and do it himself if he wanted it to happen. JC brought up taking Sam instead of KC to the end again. Tyler doesn’t think KC would win the mental comps and he said no one would beat him on the physical ones.  (This is a lame argument from Tyler because JC should realize Sam isn’t going to win the mental ones either. She knows the days the least of everyone.) JC also said KC was dumb and Tyler disagreed.
  • Everyone laid around and kept getting anxious for the comp as the day went on. Tyler using this emoji pillow for his nap fits his situation.
  • JC had to be locked in the hoh room during the comp because the other hg’s were separated in the other rooms. The comp happened around the time have-nots were ending and JC made sure we knew it. He kept wanting to know if he could leave the hoh room for food, checking to see if the door was still locked and became more irritable.

JC tried to sleep the time away but production wanted him up. He and Bob argued over the time, the music being too loud and what he was going to eat. He was the only entertainment for BBAD but he didn’t deliver what they wanted, I’m sure. Being a have not is harder on some people than others, always has been and JC is one of those people. I’d hate to feel hungry all the time for a week while watching people eat around me. Hg’s say it’s like having a block of concrete in your gut, passing gas constantly but feeling like you need to pass gas. Having said that, if he wasn’t an asshole in other ways, he’d probably gain more sympathy from viewers.  He should’ve taken food to the hoh with him when he went so he’d be prepared. (He and Sam made a chocolate pie while they waited for the comp to start) Hungry or not, BBAD was a missed opportunity for JC imo. He should have sucked it up and been as entertaining as he could be. JC is quite capable of putting on a one man show when he wants. If he’d done that instead of complaining nonstop, he might have gotten back some of the fans he’s lost. I still have a soft spot for JC but wow he was a brat last night!

  • The veto comp was BB Comics but it sounded like it was done a little differently. They described hanging from a helicopter and walking on a spinning platform so I’ll be anxious to see it. KC won and she did it in 2 minutes. Hay was close to 18 minutes and I think she came in last. (I think a little under 12 minutes was the previous record)
  • Brett said he talked crap about the hg’s during the comp and remembered later the jury would see it. (We’ll have to wait and see if this is true)
  • Haleigh was upset with herself. She began packing and saying things like “I’m a f**king loser,” “pack your shit” and “it’s my own fault.” This image isn’t when that was happening tho, it’s later when KC was hoping she’d leave the hoh room. KC wanted L6 to continue their habit of sharing hoh beer after a win. KC did tell Hay not to be so hard on herself so she wasn’t gloating, she’s just tired of babysitting her.
  • KC shared a beer with Sam. She’d already told Sam they were going to have one together. (good jury management KC) She went ahead and had one with Angela too since everyone was in and out of the DR and saved one for Tyler and Brett.
  • L6 finally had their beer time and discussed the double eviction. Angela suggested they draw straws between JC and Sam leaving.
  • KC said something to Tyler about Brett being the first one to go from L6. Tyler has been working on her about Brett being in with JC to put KC and Angela otb. That had to sound like music to him when he heard it. They also talked about how to get Sam otb if JC won the next hoh. (veto win, naturally)
  • JC said something smelled fishy in the bedroom and he sprayed air freshener on Angela and Tyler’s beds.
  • He got caught when Angela came into the room and stopped.
  • Later, it looked like Angela had prepared another fake body in the bed so she could sneak into Tyler’s but the last I saw, she was in her own bed. JC isn’t a have not anymore so that won’t be as easy now.
  • Sam slept in the have not room again even though she didn’t have too.
  • Brett was going to sleep with JC but ended up in the pink room instead.


When KC got her hoh basket, a bag of chips or something was already open and some of her other food was past the expiration date. (I thought it was a little weird)

Alison Grodner confirmed in an interview that all hg’s are eligible to win America’s Favorite HG. (Remember last year when Paul said he’d won but couldn’t have it because he was in the F2?) In fairness to Paul, I don’t think it’s always been this way. I remember knowing the answer when it came up in the past (from the same source) during previous seasons and talking about it. I just don’t remember what the answer was at the time. I’m too lazy to look back and find it but I may if I have some free time just to satisfy my own curiosity.

I said earlier in the season it would be funny if Foutte ended up with 5 people on the jury because it would be the only time all season they’d probably control a vote. It’s what’s going to happen so I hope they make a good decision and make it for game reasons. Being bitter can be game related and that’s OK to a certain degree. For example, if Rockstar voted against Angela because Angela never connected with her and left her a bitchy goodbye msg, that’s game related. It’s bitter but still game. It she voted against Angela because of her “white privilege” and because she drives a Range Rover, that isn’t game related. There’s plenty of time for things to change even if they’re bitter right now. The biggest reason I think they could stay that way is because it’s all 5 of them. (Hive technically) The way they played the game combined with the way they validated each other bitterness and nasty attitudes isn’t a good sign. I could see them feeding off of each other in the jury house which may prevent them from taking a step back and actually evaluating the game. I hope I get proven wrong on this one. I’m just going to be like Haleigh and remain optimistic.

Speaking of Foutte, if you’re interested in some Swayleigh swag, here ya go. I’m gonna pass but there are Foutte fans out there so I wanted to share the info:

I think one of Bayleighs sisters may have hurt the sales because she tweeted this around the time the t-shirt site got going and a lot of people weren’t happy about it:

Here’s a cute photo of one of Rachel’s Vegas comedy shows before BB:

Have a great Sunday!



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