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Big Brother 20 – Saturday Updates On Veto Day

Good afternoon, everyone!  It’s veto day in the Big Brother house and I still can’t decide how I feel this week.


What we do know is that either Haleigh, Kaitlyn, or probably Rockstar (if the first two win veto) are going to walk out the door on Thursday night. We also know that Sam plans to tell the final 2 noms that they will have a chance to return on Thursday night after they’re evicted. What we don’t know is how realistic that chance is. Vegas on Twitter said that it should be a puzzle competition that the person has to solve the puzzle and I’m sure it will be in a set amount of time. I have no idea how difficult the puzzle is but I really anticipate it being fairly easy because they probably want it to be successful. The point of giving someone the ‘chance’ to come back in is to have the person come back in. It’s not good TV if the person leaves quietly never to be heard from again.

This doesn’t guarantee the person succeed. It is a puzzle and they are being watched by millions. It is very easy to draw a blank and completely choke on something very easy when the pressure is there. Ask professional athletes who train their entire lives doing things like catching a football tens or hundreds of thousands of times in their lives only to drop a key pass in the Super Bowl.  Considering Sam is going to tell them in advance may actually do more damage as they’ll have nearly a full week to wonder what the competition will be and overthink anything they go into.

This upcoming week will most likely be focused more on the two people nominated stressed about the chance than actually campaigning to save themselves.


In another note, Fezzy, JC, and Rockstar have been picked to play in the veto along with Sam, Kaitlyn, and Haleigh

Updates –

  • 12:00 pm – When the feeds returned, Kaitlyn was giving Fezzy shit for Haleigh picking him
    • She is upset that he told both girls they can pick him if they want. Oops
    • Meanwhile, the rest of the house is in POV prep mode
    • Between the prep and the actual competition, I don’t expect any results for a few hours
    • I am going to head out and do some Ubering on this fine Saturday while I wait for the veto to return!
  • 3:15 pm – I’m back and still no veto. Probably not going to be a long one tonight if they haven’t started yet.
    • Another Brett/Sam conversation. Oh boy
    • Sam giving a lecture once again how she doesn’t feel girls should flirt to get their way
    • (doesn’t mention guys flirting)
  • 5:45 pm – Feeds are back
    • Fez won the PoV
    • This should make the week interesting.  He has both Haleigh and Kaitlyn expecting him to use it on them
    • Victor, I mean Fez is going to be doing a lot of thinking
    • Kaitlyn already comes up to him and this was Haleigh’s reaction
    • While Rockstar is still obsessing over Brett, Kaitlyn comes up and snuggles next to Fezzy
    • Haleigh reactions once again
  • 6:05 pm – Kaitlyn is talking to JC and RS
    • Kaitlyn is pretending she’ll be happy with either one down
    • RS is still talking Brett
    • Sam comes in the room and RS asks if she values honesty
    • When Sam says yes, I see her nod her head in a weird way
    • Sam leaves and she tells the group she asked that because Brett lied on national TV and is going to hold that against Sam
  • 6:30 pm – Kaitlyn is already telling her friends that she won’t speak to Fez if he doesn’t save her
    • I can’t see him using it on Haleigh because she won’t guilt him as much
  • 6:45 pm – Tyler and JC are in the storage room and it sounds like Tyler is going to vote out Kaitlyn if she’s still there
    • That will be very fun feeds if he votes her out and she comes back in
  • Meanwhile, Haleigh tells people she did goat yoga
    • fun fact – you end up being the bathroom for goats during it
  • Need to run an errand. Hopefully the feeds are fun tonight. Pausing and will update when I return
  • Finally back.
  • 7:20 pm – Kaitlyn is getting stressed because Fezzy is weighing his options rather than guaranteeing he save her
    • Kaitlyn is pretending she threw the competition (maybe she did but I doubt it)
    • This is most certainly to guilt Fezzy
    • She is saying she threw it so Fez can win it and save her which keeps both of them safe
    • They are going back and forth and Fez says “what do you want me to say Hal.. err Kaitlyn”  Ouch
    • Kaitly leaves. She’s asking to go home
  • 8:05 pm – Kaitlyn is back. Guess she didn’t go home
    • Fez goes into the bedroom to talk to Haleigh
    • She is giving him shit for disappearing after the competition.
    • He wants her to tell him how good he did. She says ‘no’
    • Sounds like Fez is going to use the veto on Haleigh (for now)
  • 9:25 pm – Skipping ahead to Sam and Tyler in the HoH room. We’ll see if she says anything interesting
    • Tyler is trying to get it out of Sam who she’ll put up as a replacement
    • Sam wants to get Kaitlyn out
    • She is asking who is picking Kaitlyn up now that everyone is turning on her
  • 9:40 pm – Bay is upstairs and having a break down
    • She is upset because she can’t really show emotions without being accused as angry
    • Sam and Tyler are giving her a pep talk
    • Meanwhile, Kaitlyn is having a melt down to Fezzy in the bedroom
  • 10:10 pm – Kaitlyn tries to pull the ‘I need money’ card
    • Fezzy points out how stupid she sounds because Swaggy used that to her and she ignored it
    • She back tracks because she realizes how stupid she sounds and says it’s money for her family
  • 10:27 pm – Kaitlyn says she’s so fucking in love with Fezzy….
    • She’s pulling out all the stops to stay
    • They sit there for awhile and have weird small talk
    • She then asks if she’s crazy for saying that
    • He is confused ‘why me’
  • 10:48 pm – They called Haleigh to the DR to show off her makeup…
    • JC did her makeup
    • So when she’s in the DR, Kaitlyn asks for makeup and he does a bad job on her as well
    • Kaitlyn rushes to the DR and she wants to go in with Haleigh (to steal some attention)
  • Ok, off to bed for me!

check back for updates


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  1. AIO_7

    ….”anticipate it (the battle back) being fairly easy because they probably want it to be successful.”

    I’m not so sure. I’d think Production would give Chakra an extra hard one. At least I’d hope so.

  2. danmtruth

    Hay you have a 4 piece puzzle to put together RS you have a 500 piece puzzle to put together BSC you have a 5,000,000,000, piece puzzle to put together Get set go first to finish stays

  3. Avatar

    Kaitlyn does a puzzle…. She gets done is 3 days and is really excited cause on the box it says 4-5 years:P

  4. kneeless

    I try to decide, every season, which hg I would be like. Over the yrs I have humored myself by thinking my gameplay would be like some of the ‘greats.’ Being realistic, this season, I think I would be Ashley/Angela/Abby… No I’m not tall, no great body, not tanned & beautiful, but BORING!

  5. kneeless

    I finally figured out Kait’s garbled voice. Gotta be Lou, reminds me of a pigeon cooing! Pigeon voice!

  6. Alda

    What if RockStar won the POV,and used it on Haleigh.Who would Sam put up as the replacement nominee?

    • kneeless

      It’s painful to watch! Ty is better at being a ‘life coach’ than Kait!

    • Ann

      Tyler deserves to win just for having the patience to sit & listen to the baby talk, constant whining & crying. I swear that man has serious patience. I would’ve snapped on her after the first couple of days of hearing that crap even if I was just sitting within hearing distance of her. I just couldn’t…..I surely couldn’t let her get away the grandpa Lou, intuitive, getting hits & life coach bologna. I’m not BB material at all, I know I wouldn’t make it through the first week.

      • Helen

        I don’t feel sorry for him anymore…he created it…now he needs to live with it….
        I like Tyler but good lord…

  7. Helen

    Omg…I am sick to death of this whiny azz manipulative biotch….first she’s whining at Tyler…I don’t wanna go home…now she’s whining and crying to Faysal…I’m just so sick of this…I just want to go home….
    GO…….please…..self evict

  8. Shivani33

    Watching AngrieRS and the anti-Chakra overreact has gotten me longing for that oldie but goodie BB punishment, Solitary Confinement. The last time I recall seeing it used was on Judd #BB15. He even had that damn alarm clock set to go off every 9 (?) minutes for 24 hours.

  9. Colby

    Are none of these housepets smart enough to figure out if they would put the protein drinks in a container with a lid they could shake it to mix it and wouldn’t have stir it for 5 minutes.

  10. Mel

    Mini Update:

    KC/Bay- They have sushi date, game talk. They compare notes and Bay says Fessy would go after Tyler before Brett. This will be good info for Tyler to have if KC thinks to tell him. She may not know the relevance or how important it is because she doesn’t know about his app.

    Kaityln/RS- RS and Bay were talking about Kait and she heard them. They were talking about when Kaitlyn said she was “going to changw the trajectory of the game” during her hoh. They said she caused all the bad stuff to happen when she did that. Kaitlyn calls RS on it and RS sticks to it. She basically told Kait that she’d screwed the entire alliance because she trusted Brett and Tyler. RS said maybe she just worked better with men than women. Kait said she was sticking up for herself with the Swaggy week. RS said that was great but she acres them all in the process.

    Bayleigh is tired of Kait coming up to her and saying she missed Swaggy. Bayleigh told ? that every time Kait does it, she wants to throw her across the room.

    Angela/Brett- She told Brett about Sam’s power having to be used. KC had told her but told him not to day anything. Bretts irritated and doesn’t get why she didn’t save Winston if it had to be used this week anyway. (Hes forgetting hoh hadn’t happened yet) They can’t figure out how it works but think Sam has to choose between the 2 noms to save. They’ve forgotten it brings someone back AFTER eviction. They’re thinking it sill prevent someone from going.

    JC/Tyler- JC is worried about Brett because he foesnt know where his head at in the game. I don’t think he likes Brett is trying to convince his own saved the RS convo thing was real when JC knows it’s a lie. Tyler tells him to calm down and they’ll deal with Brett later. JC says he knows what everyone’s doing in the game except Brett and it worries him. (It’s kind of true)

    JC/Fessy- JC questions Fessy about saying he’d keep kait. Fessy tells him it’s a lie, he knows Kait will freak out so he’s just telling her that for now.

    Bay tells KC she wants to keep RS for a long time because no one would vote for her in the end. I like KC and Bay working together but Bay gives up more than she gets, it could end up ruining her game.

    Tyler/Kait- Tyler tells Kait that he’d never swear on his dad. He’s annoyed because he was asked about it in the DR. She apologizes for asking him to do that, becomes the victim and makes it all about her. She never admits telling people he DID swear on his dad to her. (Bay told him about it, he didn’t do it)

  11. kneeless

    OMG, BSC is going off the rails. Now Fessey is the target! If I need any life coaching on using the “F” wird i know kait is up for that challenge! What a piece of work that girl is! At least it’s amusing!

  12. Colby

    Fessy just needs to let Psyco go cry in her corner and stay away from her. She would be back to laying on him in no time.

  13. Mel

    Kaitlyn moved straight from whining to Tyler to whining to Fessy. She wants a commitment from him to save her with the veto. He asked what she would do if it was Tyler and himself otb. She said she’d save Fessy. He told her he didn’t believe her. He also told her she’s already screwed him in the game. He’s over it but he doesn’t know how to get away from the situation. She outed herself but I don’t know if he caught it. She was questioning how close he’d become with Hayleigh and said she didn’t know Hayleigh had become like “a Tyler” to him, meaning his #1. She pretty much told him Tyler is her #1.

    She’s the embodiment of women’s empowerment (she claims) but she’s crying and begging a man to save her. Meanwhile, Hayleigh is out making nice with Brett to work on thowe votes.

  14. Mel

    If noms stay the same, Level 6 needs to vote to keep Kaitlyn. They’d have to talk JC into it or if they can’t, get Sam to do it during a tie. Tyler might be able to. He could tell her she’d be returning the favor from when Kaitlyn kept her and tell her it didn’t matter because Hayleigh will be coming back anyway.

  15. Mel

    Last chats before feeds went down for veto:

    Brett told Sam the latest word on the BB street (from Hay) was that he and Sam worked together with her power to mess up the votes this week. Sam also said something about wanting to talk to him once this is over on the outside so he can explain something and so she can forgive him. I have no idea??

    Kait told Fessy she’s sick of him lying to her. Fessy said “oh you are? I haven’t got lied to this whole game huh?” Kait said “I’ve kept you in the dark on some things”

    Kait is talking about her dad’s vault getting robbed and how he needs this money for the 10th time today. RS reminded her of what Kait told Swaggy before he left and how she told him he would make $ from this and how its just the beginning. She pretty much told her to take her own pep talk and apply it to herself. Haha.

  16. danmtruth

    Mel I think she was talking about Jc and Kaycee Something about no possible partners available

  17. Alda

    What was the cloud app that Tyler won,I forget?

  18. Mel

    I think I want Fessy to win veto just to see what happens

  19. Shivani33

    Remember Sam said that whoever wins POV, she will let that person decide who the renom will be, if the PoV winner wants to use the veto at all. Wonder if that is still her plan? Sam seems to like to run a democracy as a coverup for her own reluctance to make a decision.

  20. Mel

    We won’t have fun for long no matter who wins since Sam’s planning on telling them about her power.

    She really should have put them otb and said that she likes everybody but they’re seen as a duo so she went with that…

  21. danmtruth

    Sam is so hard to get a read on She has used her post nom one on ones to good use She has been doing her mother hen with everyone

  22. WhereisPablo

    This will surely make things interesting! I wouldn’t want to be Fessy.

  23. danmtruth

    filling a report to General Suspicion:
    RS AKA Rockwall AKA spokesperson foe #whatwasIthinking clothing line Is pitching to Fessy to talk to Sam and trying to slip in Brets name The biggest bully left in the game More miss information saying that Sam said win and we will talk about it Than that Jc has power just clueless

    Fessy still between a psycho and a clinger

  24. HappyHippo

    Oh. My gosh.
    How funny this week should be! I wish sam wouldn’t tell them…

  25. danmtruth

    BSC trying to sell Fessy on that she thru the comp to him WHAT ???? He is saying no you got the last question but she kept confusing him Not hard Don’t understand why he lets these women to get to him and question what he knows

  26. Mel

    (Insert Fessy sad face here) “…torn between two lovers, feeling like a fool….”

    Fun won’t last long, Sam will feel bad for him if he goes to her and she’ll tell him it doesn’t matter and about the power. She thinks Fessy is her pet project, she won’t let him suffer long.

  27. Yael Sara

    I feel as though it is people like like Kaitlyn that the houseguests don’t get nice things (like knives in the kitchen)

  28. Mel

    Hay just asked permission to go upstairs and check on Fes…Sam told her no! Hahahah

  29. danmtruth

    —- Mel stop singing —–

    Then the whole hose will know Lets see how both handle this talk Yes Sam thinks she controls Fessy It would be more fun if she kept the chance of a come back till eviction day Let the people play it out

    • Mel

      I was at least trying to give you a song to replace the last one. Lol

      • Seattle Kari

        You are so damn funny Mel!! Yep , more ear worm for us old people, lol!!

        Not that this applies to a damn thing but, I’m just being a shit…

        I’m trying to decide if I want to sing Disco Duck or Kung Fu Fighting. Apps I’ll just ‘Do The Hustle out here on my deck at 1 a.m…

  30. hogwild

    Fez thinking I hope he doesn’t hurt himself.

  31. danmtruth

    Jc working hard on Hay to NOT pressure Fessy to use the POV Keep the noms the same Selling her to stay on the block If he can pull this off he is a better salesman than Bret

    10 votes 6 to evict or Sam has the tiebreaker if 5-5

  32. Shivani33

    How about Sam keeps Faysal stashed in her room until Thursday. Then she can have her way with him for awhile. She HAS said that he is her kind of man.

  33. hogwild

    Pull Haleigh off the block put rainbow hair up and let’s have the battle of the wackos.

  34. Shivani33

    Kaitlyn just brayed that all morning, she knew intuitively that Fessy would win Veto.

  35. danmtruth

    crazy game thought Hay why would you go to Bay and RS for advice on how they think the vote will go ? They do not have a very good trek record They are starting to think about that Yet still talking themselves into it

  36. LO1004

    I have a hard time watching feeds when RS is involved because she ALWAYS has a look on her face as if she’s smelling a fart.

  37. Alda

    What if Sam heads downstairs and packs up Fessy’s stuff and brings it all up to the HOH room.All the housepests watch from the kirchen ,but don’t dare say a word.Fessy is not seen or spoken of for the rest of the week.Sam makes breakfast,lunch and dinner for two and carries all the meals upstairs everyday,without uttering a word.That would be hilarious.

  38. danmtruth

    Hay RS & Bay keep counting votes saying how they like and trust Kaycee Yet she has NEVER voted with them Nor have they ask her too So why do they keep talking to her and Bay says what there plans are

  39. Yael Sara

    Why aren’t we getting an HOH cam – that’s no fun!

  40. kneeless

    Fessy was so intent on wanting to win but he should have thrown it, unless he wants to be torn between Hay & BSC. But like we’ve said, he is pretty!

  41. LO1004

    Captain crazy pants needs to check in with reality and understand she can’t be everyone’s ‘#1’. This girl is the definition of entitled brat.

  42. hogwild

    Since this season has the social media theme I think we should get a vote on noms or a re nom just the look on the players faces when Julie told them the fans were going to decide noms would be priceless.

  43. Shivani33

    Kaitlyn buzzing DR. Sez she wanna go home. The drama. Bwahahahaha.

  44. danmtruth

    Sam let it play out watch BSC at her craziest

  45. ElaineB

    Totally random…..enuff with the braided hair!!

  46. Avatar

    anyone know who Sam will put up as replacement if veto is used

  47. hogwild

    Kaitlyn is starting to make sense to me suffice it to say I’m worried about this my mind might be finally taking that walk off the map.

  48. LO1004

    Crazy pants is going for her last ditch effort in trying to get the Veto used on her by storming into the DR to ‘self evict’. She’s a silly rabbit.

  49. danmtruth

    Does RS understand she is the replacement nom if anyone goes off Not Bret

    Hogwild the first sign that you need help is knowing you need help

  50. Shivani33

    Kaitlyn was out of DR quickly. She stood and folded some clothes and went to take a shower. JC and Rachel hung around the bathroom. Then JC handed Kaitlyn an orange towel to wrap round herself. Neither JC or Rachel mentioned that JC had just used this towel to wipe shaving cream off the counter. Or that he had just been wiping the walls with it.

  51. LO1004

    Kait begging Fes to use the Veto on her is a train wreck. I feel like I’m watching a guy trying to end a relationship and the girl is begging for him to stay. He’s driving away from the house and she’s hanging on the bumper all banged up going ‘please don’t go’ w ugly cry face. Disaster.

  52. Colby

    Why is Bayleigh having a meltdown? Did something happen, or is this an act so Sam will feel sorry for her and not put her up?

  53. Avatar

    Sorry, I’m completely new this season. Never seen the show before. Can someone tell me when the actual veto meeting will be??

  54. danmtruth

    Wow Bay just went into the HOH Room to try and do a pity party with Sam & Tyler She has no one No one lets her be herself She can’t be funny No one gets her jokes Everyone thinks she is scary WHY ME WHY Get over yourself You have no one Your working with Fessy Funny thing is Sam is just throwing it back at her She is just making sure she is not a venom if Fessy uses POV So my guess is she thinks Fessy will use the POV Maybe I’m like Hogwild and am starting to think like RS that is scary for me

  55. Helen

    I do believe Sam will put Rachel OTB if Faysal uses veto….I think her backtracking on putting up CrayonHead is giving Tyler second thoughts on pushing Faysal to use veto…he don’t know wtf Sam is gonna do

  56. Shivani33

    Guys, Bayleigh is looking pretty. She needs some sugar, though. Females, we operate through emotion. Sam, while some of her ideas are uniquely eccentric, has got a heart of gold. Sam knows who Fessy will keep safe and that Bayleigh “loves the Lord” and is likely to have a Power app. So hallelujah? Bayleigh might know that Faysal promised Haleigh that he’ll take her off the block. She needs to mark her territory next to Sam.

  57. Colby

    I think they all need to take turns making sure Fessie is never alone with physco.

  58. danmtruth

    Tyler knows full well that going on the block would not be a good thing FOUTTE would vote him out He is not sure if Bret would not take a shot it is a big risk Even with the reentry chance RS,Hay,Fessy,Scottie, Bay and Bret thats 6 goodbye

    • Colby

      Maybe. But they are pretty sick of Chakra.
      And Haleigh and Bay like Tyler.
      But it would definitely be a risk.

    • Shivani33

      Yes, and Tyler has been busy tonight trying to steer peoples’ ideas. But when he and Sam were talking, both of them were only serving each other bulls*it. It was weird, but all Tyler can do is try to influence her. Fessy was dead-on when he said that Sam doesn’t like to be persuaded.

  59. Yael Sara

    Why is fessy still entertaining this conversation. My brain hurts watching this

  60. danmtruth

    Fessy is so easily manipulated by Bay, Hay and BSC his head is spinning Now to add to his dilemma he is talking to Rachel The boy just can’t help himself

  61. jimbo

    Best under the radar player so far — KC. She is in zero peril, nobody hates or talks about her, but is not your classic floater. Classic floaters are more verbal and outgoing, able to stay around thru their semi-charm and zero threat. If she’s laying low, she can emerge later because nobody considers her “fluff” and her, so far, rep isn’t so loserly as your typical floater.

  62. Tinkerbell

    The Purple People Eater Hag Head has got to go. Enough already. She can take along Miss Histrionic USA with her. Why can’t this be double eviction week.

    I like Fessy, but don’t respect him. No kahunas the way he lets Miss Histrionic lead him around. Buck up man, you’re supposed to be a big tough football guy.

    My pick, Brett for the win.

    This is a pretty cute clip of Fes subbing.

  63. jimbo

    Fessy is thinking with his d***, and I can’t blame him because Haleigh is HOT, but, really, this girl is using him and has zero interest in him. If he saves her, his tinier head is doing the thinking.

  64. jimbo

    For me, it has been hard to fully get into the spirit of this season because there is neither a person I truly hate or one that I truly dislike (so far). I find that unless you really hate someone and want them gone, or like someone and want them to win — it is a little boring, regardless of good gameplay or not (Thus, my little participation so far this year in the forum). Last season, the immediate dumping on Cody for, mostly, putting up Paul (smart move) early in the game was enough to drive me crazy, and to wish for the downfall of the Cult Leader Paul. My intense dislike for Vanessa the year before truly drove my entire interest in that season (funny, but hatred for someone often drives my interest more than rooting for someone). This year? Meh. Maybe that changes.

    • Tinkerbell

      Agree with your post. Last year was my least favorite season. I didn’t like any of them. Hard for me to believe, but I loved Paul on BB18. I despised him last year. This year I hate Kaitlyn and Angie, the self-proclaimed Rockstar. Kaitlyn is just batsh*t nuts. If anyone looks up Histrionic behavior, she checks every box. Her and Angie both need muzzles, and bags covering them from head to toe. I normally watch live feeds, but not much this season. Cannot stand to see or listen to these two whack jobs.

      • jimbo

        I agree about them being annoying, for sure, but they still haven’t really gotten me to feel great feelings (good or bad) towards them — yet. Rock Star is the closest for me to put in the hate column, and I do like Tyler’s gameplay. I think the so-called racist stuff was overstated, too, this year. I found it stupid, and not much more.

      • Tinkerbell

        Yes, all of the racist crap is just that, Crap. I have no patience with it. Rock Star cannot say a complete sentence without at least five “like” in it. Ignorant broad. She should have stayed home with her five month old baby. Who does that?! Yes, Tyler is a smooth operator, and very likeable.

  65. Ann

    Can someone get a BB rule book & show Rainbow that there is no rule that says her ass is safe on the eve of her daughter’s birthday, not on her daughter’s birthday & not on the day after her daughter’s birthday. There is no rule that says you will not be lied on, lied to, made to look like a complete fool or have 100% or any of any body’s trust…….The other housepets told your daughter happy birthday & they didn’t have to do that, so #STFU about it already. If you cared so much about her birthday you should’ve kept your ass at home.

  66. Ann

    Did anyone else see Bay cooking meat, taste it with the spatula, pour grease off the meat using that same spatula without washing it & continue cooking with it? I’m sorry but I hate to see people do that & its gross & I wouldn’t eat anything she cooked. Nasty……

    • Tinkerbell

      I didn’t see that, but GROSS!!!! It’s disgusting when people do that. GAG! There used to be a chick on the Cooking Network, Nancy Fuller. She did the exact same thing, and alsolicked her fingers all the time. She is a slob, loudmouth, and baby talk. Sorry, got off the track. Haha

  67. Tinkerbell

    I like Scottie, but poor guy has zilch social skills. It’s really kind of sad. He’s just awkward. For several days he’s been calling some of the people. “Daddy”. What the heck?!

    While I’m griping about everything, this has been the worst season for people singing. Give it a rest! There have been more fish this season than ever before.

    Wow, the useless end table, Angela, is gross. She was just eating puppy chow out of the palm of her hand. That’s okay, but when was done eating she dumped the rest back into the container.

    • Tinkerbell

      These people slay me. Not all of the people, mostly the biggest losers, talk about all of the things they are going to do together after the season is over. Camping, visiting caves, traveling, meet & greets, on and on. Always good for a laugh listening to their jibber jabber.

      Kaitlyn Histrionic’s duck lips make me crazy. Especially the side view.

  68. NKogNeeTow

    I am SO behind. I spent the entire BBAD, trying to watch and read up the last couple of threads.

    BSC trying to guilt Fessy into using the Veto on her was just pathetic. I think it made me dislike her even more (if that’s possible). I was kind of pissed with him too. He should have gotten his stupid ass up and just walked out of the room. I liked the Fessy we saw the other night (when she was crying her eyes out and he wasn’t having it) much better.

    Rocky HorrorShow, I’d just like to take one of those big pots, put it over her head and bang it with the largest spoon in the house.

    Watching Tyler in the HOH with first Sam and then Bayleigh, was comical. First, Sam was trying to corner him for an answer. Then when Bay arrived and Sam was trying to pep talk her, Tyler just sat there on the floor looking like he was caught in The Twilight Zone.

    What a merry band of misfits we have here.

  69. Helen

    I am officially over Tyler and his undying fascination with the Psycho chick…..
    Put his azz OTB Sam and wake this guy up…sorry but I think he needs it

    • Tinkerbell

      I’m done with Tyler as well. He’s likeable enough, but an idiot when it comes to bug eyes-duck lips Psycho Chick. In the beginning I thought it was just a part of his game, but not so. On the feeds he seeks her out on his own, touchy feely, and comforting her even when she isn’t begging for it. I flip the camera, cannot stand to see him bowing to the Devil.

  70. danmtruth

    Tyler knows about the chance to get back in but is one of the few things he has not told anyone else Sam cornered him on only he and Rachel knew that RS was her replacement nom That is when she said she had two people in mind and would not tell him That is when Bay came in to do her best impression of Octavius Davis Crying how she is alone in the game Does not want to be the angry black women stereotype Than ta-da the big reveal SHE WAS THE FIRST MISS BLACK MISSOURI How can you not like me now Sam After that Sam gave her her Jack Handy your good enough pretty enough and people like you pep talk Than let her have the sanctuary of the HOH room and shower Not sure if Sam understands what fond memories that shower holds for Bay

    • Tinkerbell

      On a couple of blogs people have been saying that Bay is possibly preggers. They said they heard her whispering about it on the live feeds to two of the girls. I didn’t hear it myself. However, since reading those comments I have been watching Bay for telling comments. The past three days she has had long girl talk sessions in the pink room and geometry room. Talking about their futures, what they want in a spouse, where they want to live, etc. Bay has been talking about how she loves everything about babies, and what a baby’s personality would be if she and Swag had a baby. She is talking about things she hasn’t talked about previously – Babies, how tired she is, no energy, extremely weepy, etc. Many times I’ve seen her rubbing her tummy. Her behavior is different. She asked if there had ever been a BB baby. Not trying to start rumors. Only based on other blogs, and my own observations.

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