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Big Brother 20 – Saturday Updates On Veto Day

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Good afternoon, everyone!  It’s veto day in the Big Brother house and I still can’t decide how I feel this week.


What we do know is that either Haleigh, Kaitlyn, or probably Rockstar (if the first two win veto) are going to walk out the door on Thursday night. We also know that Sam plans to tell the final 2 noms that they will have a chance to return on Thursday night after they’re evicted. What we don’t know is how realistic that chance is. Vegas on Twitter said that it should be a puzzle competition that the person has to solve the puzzle and I’m sure it will be in a set amount of time. I have no idea how difficult the puzzle is but I really anticipate it being fairly easy because they probably want it to be successful. The point of giving someone the ‘chance’ to come back in is to have the person come back in. It’s not good TV if the person leaves quietly never to be heard from again.

This doesn’t guarantee the person succeed. It is a puzzle and they are being watched by millions. It is very easy to draw a blank and completely choke on something very easy when the pressure is there. Ask professional athletes who train their entire lives doing things like catching a football tens or hundreds of thousands of times in their lives only to drop a key pass in the Super Bowl.  Considering Sam is going to tell them in advance may actually do more damage as they’ll have nearly a full week to wonder what the competition will be and overthink anything they go into.

This upcoming week will most likely be focused more on the two people nominated stressed about the chance than actually campaigning to save themselves.

In another note, Fezzy, JC, and Rockstar have been picked to play in the veto along with Sam, Kaitlyn, and Haleigh

Updates –

  • 12:00 pm – When the feeds returned, Kaitlyn was giving Fezzy shit for Haleigh picking him
    • She is upset that he told both girls they can pick him if they want. Oops
    • Meanwhile, the rest of the house is in POV prep mode
    • Between the prep and the actual competition, I don’t expect any results for a few hours
    • I am going to head out and do some Ubering on this fine Saturday while I wait for the veto to return!
  • 3:15 pm – I’m back and still no veto. Probably not going to be a long one tonight if they haven’t started yet.
    • Another Brett/Sam conversation. Oh boy
    • Sam giving a lecture once again how she doesn’t feel girls should flirt to get their way
    • (doesn’t mention guys flirting)
  • 5:45 pm – Feeds are back
    • Fez won the PoV
    • This should make the week interesting.  He has both Haleigh and Kaitlyn expecting him to use it on them
    • Victor, I mean Fez is going to be doing a lot of thinking
    • Kaitlyn already comes up to him and this was Haleigh’s reaction
    • While Rockstar is still obsessing over Brett, Kaitlyn comes up and snuggles next to Fezzy
    • Haleigh reactions once again
  • 6:05 pm – Kaitlyn is talking to JC and RS
    • Kaitlyn is pretending she’ll be happy with either one down
    • RS is still talking Brett
    • Sam comes in the room and RS asks if she values honesty
    • When Sam says yes, I see her nod her head in a weird way
    • Sam leaves and she tells the group she asked that because Brett lied on national TV and is going to hold that against Sam
  • 6:30 pm – Kaitlyn is already telling her friends that she won’t speak to Fez if he doesn’t save her
    • I can’t see him using it on Haleigh because she won’t guilt him as much
  • 6:45 pm – Tyler and JC are in the storage room and it sounds like Tyler is going to vote out Kaitlyn if she’s still there
    • That will be very fun feeds if he votes her out and she comes back in
  • Meanwhile, Haleigh tells people she did goat yoga
    • fun fact – you end up being the bathroom for goats during it
  • Need to run an errand. Hopefully the feeds are fun tonight. Pausing and will update when I return
  • Finally back.
  • 7:20 pm – Kaitlyn is getting stressed because Fezzy is weighing his options rather than guaranteeing he save her
    • Kaitlyn is pretending she threw the competition (maybe she did but I doubt it)
    • This is most certainly to guilt Fezzy
    • She is saying she threw it so Fez can win it and save her which keeps both of them safe
    • They are going back and forth and Fez says “what do you want me to say Hal.. err Kaitlyn”  Ouch
    • Kaitly leaves. She’s asking to go home
  • 8:05 pm – Kaitlyn is back. Guess she didn’t go home
    • Fez goes into the bedroom to talk to Haleigh
    • She is giving him shit for disappearing after the competition.
    • He wants her to tell him how good he did. She says ‘no’
    • Sounds like Fez is going to use the veto on Haleigh (for now)
  • 9:25 pm – Skipping ahead to Sam and Tyler in the HoH room. We’ll see if she says anything interesting
    • Tyler is trying to get it out of Sam who she’ll put up as a replacement
    • Sam wants to get Kaitlyn out
    • She is asking who is picking Kaitlyn up now that everyone is turning on her
  • 9:40 pm – Bay is upstairs and having a break down
    • She is upset because she can’t really show emotions without being accused as angry
    • Sam and Tyler are giving her a pep talk
    • Meanwhile, Kaitlyn is having a melt down to Fezzy in the bedroom
  • 10:10 pm – Kaitlyn tries to pull the ‘I need money’ card
    • Fezzy points out how stupid she sounds because Swaggy used that to her and she ignored it
    • She back tracks because she realizes how stupid she sounds and says it’s money for her family
  • 10:27 pm – Kaitlyn says she’s so fucking in love with Fezzy….
    • She’s pulling out all the stops to stay
    • They sit there for awhile and have weird small talk
    • She then asks if she’s crazy for saying that
    • He is confused ‘why me’
  • 10:48 pm – They called Haleigh to the DR to show off her makeup…
    • JC did her makeup
    • So when she’s in the DR, Kaitlyn asks for makeup and he does a bad job on her as well
    • Kaitlyn rushes to the DR and she wants to go in with Haleigh (to steal some attention)
  • Ok, off to bed for me!

check back for updates



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