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Big Brother 20 Spoilers – JC Watch Today

Good afternoon, everyone! It’s Wednesday in the Big Brother house and with a new week brings a new controversy.


This time once again involves JC and it is making waves all over the internet today. Last night around 12:38 am, JC and Bayleigh were having a talk (you can watch it here using the flashback feature) that got a bit edgy. note – I don’t even know what I can or can’t say, so in addition to saying N* (which we know what that refers to), I’ll also use M* (which refers to a derogatory word for a little person). 

Bayleigh asked JC what the difference between dwarf and m* and he decided to reply with some examples. He said that it’s the same thing except one is an insult like saying “gay and f*” or “black and n*” (He obviously used the full words).

There were a hundred different ways that JC could have answered that, but he obviously chose one of the worst. I know this is stirring up a debate which I’m not having here. Why can Swaggy say it but JC can’t? Why can Bayleigh say m*? Blah blah. I can write an essay on topics like that, but I’ll spare people from it as everyone has their own opinion and I hope people will show each other the same respect for that in the comment section.  The bottom line, however, is what will CBS do with JC? This comes just like two weeks after Rachel/Angela stirred shit up by using racial slang words, and about a week after Papa John was forced to resign for something he said in a conference call.


I bring up the pizza dude because that is a very similar situation as JC. Neither person was being malicious with their tone or their intent, but that John guy resigned because it was a stupid thing to say. How will CBS handle this after their recent bad PR over Angela/Rachel (as well as JC himself for being too sexually aggressive)? This is an extremely tough situation to deal with because of the can of worms it opens, but it sounds like they’re going to be forced to do or say something about it. Needless to say, I’d hate to be Allison Grodner today (the producer of Big Brother).

We’ll keep everyone updated if anything happens to JC or from CBS.


Updates –

  • 10:10 am – The house is awake and people are eating their breakfast and getting ready for another long day inside the house today
  • 10:50 am – Angela and Brett are talking in the HN room
    • Angela is concerned that Kaycee apparently knows about the power Sam has but hasn’t told her
    • They also mention how rattled JC was about something (I assume the comment)
  • 11:50 am – Bay and Scottie are talking in the  HoH room
    • They are trying to decide how the future weeks will go.
    • Bay doesn’t tell him that she has the power while he thinks Kaitlyn does
    • Kaitlyn enters and asks Bay if she’s okay from last night. Feeds cut. CBS is all over this today
    • I guess they’re trying to sweep under the rug approach for now
  • 12:00 pm – Feeds back
    • Kaitlyn is talking about Brett and how it’s okay he thinks what he thinks because he’s gone tomorrow
    • As of right now, Brett appears to be staying
    • Now Kaitlyn is bitching about Tyler not spending enough time with her
  • 12:10 pm – Rockstar is in the room now
    • Bay says “after last night, I don’t know where JC and I stand”
    • RS asks what happened last night.  Kaitlyn says “we’ve been through this” Bay starts telling RS
    • Feeds cut
  • 12:45 pm – Most of the girls are together talking
    • They are talking about forming an all-girl alliance called maneaters
    • The group talking about it is Rachel, Haleigh, Rockstar, and Kaitlyn. They plan on telling Angela, Bayleigh, Sam, and KC soon
  • Should be interesting to see how long it takes for the guys to find out.  I say by the end of the night
  • 2:25 pm – Angela and Rachel are in the bathroom talking about the powers
    • Rachel tells Angela that JC doesn’t have the power so Angela assumes it’s Bayleigh. Rachel says it’s probably Kaitlyn
    • Angela casually leaves out how Sam’s power expires next week
    • Rachel says Kaitlyn and RS formed the all-girl alliance to save their asses
    • Rachel spills how Tyler has a f2 deal with many people

I’m going to wrap this post up and start a new one after the CBS epsiode tonight


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  1. Helen

    Because of our current culture I can very well see this being the final year of big brother…

    • Colby

      I don’t think this will be the final year, but may be the beginning of the end.
      If they are not allowed to be themselves, it ruins the whole premise of the show – throwing all kinds of different people together to see how they deal. Not the sexual perversion stuff of course, but verbally.
      I personally don’t think what JC said was that bad, in the context that it was said. It was simply an example of how offensive the word she used was to him.
      And I learned something too. I didn’t know that.

      • ElaineB

        BB records real time conversations between strangers who become housemates, and rivals. It is too bad that remarks are taken out of context, and that is what gets reported.

      • Helen

        I hope not…I love big brother!! I don’t think what was said last night was wrong at all…bayleigh asked a question and JC was answering her…simple as that…

    • Avatar

      Hi Helen…
      I don’t see BB ending…But you can see the Generational differences on the show as of late…The Earlier Seasons are Far, Far Better than what we have witnessed in recently on Big Brother, even when the Cast were not that good?!

      • ElaineB

        The folks that become HGs now are often the ones frequently on social media, making comments and reading others’ comments. This affects self control and being able to filter (and censor) what you say.

  2. Helen

    Personally I found Bayleighs comment to Faysal the other day to be one of the most offensive things I’ve heard in a long time…

    • Seattle Kari

      not sure if you’ll see this, but what did Bailey say to him?

      • Helen

        He was talking about his grandfather ,she said in Texas they call them FOB’s…He didn’t know what that meant so she told him…fresh off the boat….seriously..what is that implying?

    • kneeless

      Bay, Hay & Fay were discussing Fay being a substitute teacher. Bay said something abt there being a lot of hispanics/PR folks there. She then said something along the lines of the schools probably like a big guy like him to keep them in line. I thought that might make waves but apparently not!

  3. AIO_7

    So, is it OK to use the Dwarf word?

    • Avatar

      AIO_7…hi friend
      With all of the Little People, Big World Reality programs on TV lately, I have found that they really like being called LP’s (Little People). And JC was right, the LP’s really reject being called Midgets, how could Bayleigh be so freaking callous, unless she just does not know…

      • AIO_7

        ….”unless she just does not know”

        I suspect it’s that. But mark my words, soon enough the words “little people” will be taboo as well.

    • Jenny

      It’s my understanding that the difference was “midget” referred to someone of smaller than average size but “normal” proportions, whereas “dwarf” was a person with shorter limbs and other physical characteristics that differ from most humans. Apologies to anybody this offends; I’m not trying to be hurtful or disrespectful. Dwarfism is a condition… or group of conditions. Not sure if being of “normal” proportions but much shorter than average is anything other than being small?
      hey I just found this page: lpaonline dot org (little people of america) when I googled to find out what those words originally meant. and learned this: “In some circles, a midget is the term used for a proportionate dwarf. However, the term has fallen into disfavor and is considered offensive by most people of short stature.” And that is officially the last time I will ever use the M word.

      • Jenny

        also found on lpaonline dot org
        The term dates back to 1865, the height of the “freak show” era, and was generally applied only to short-statured persons who were displayed for public amusement, which is why it is considered so unacceptable today.

        And now I understand why it is so offensive.

  4. HappyHippo

    Thank you for the update on this Mel and Steve. I did not hear it last night. Everything has gotten so PC it makes it hard to say anything these days. If you are looking at the whole conversation you can see that JC was trying to say it was offensive. Now should he have said it while being filmed from every angle…no. He wasn’t calling her that though.
    All I know is I hope big brother is around for a very long time. If you don’t want to hear people talk uncensored then don’t watch the live feeds….right?

  5. ElaineB

    For those offended by what HGs say, don’t watch the feeds/the show. There are cameras 24/7, on the HGs and this has been disclosed. Many of the same people who ‘expose’ the statements, would be caught with their hands in the cookie jar, if cameras were on them 24/7.

  6. LO1004

    I don’t think he had ill intent in any way shape or form. That being said, don’t use the word, just don’t do it. And at the same time, Bayleigh was being educated on the subject of Little People, so she could’ve used that opportunity to school JC a bit and not snap the way she did.

    If JC gets consequences for that, then Kait needs to as well for her using the same word last week while singing. PLEASE STOP SINGING

  7. hogwild

    My personal opinion to many people today just go around looking for something to be offended by it doesn’t seem like JC was trying to be mean or insulting to anyone. People should just let this one go and move on.

  8. HappyHippo

    Man. Kaitlyn has already rubbed up on Winston and Fessy and hadn’t even gotten out of Bed! I could think of a few choice words to call her but I don’t want to end up on tmz

  9. HappyHippo

    It cracks me up that they are so sure they know who and what(at least sams) the powers are….completely wrong

  10. LO1004

    Bayleigh is grilling Scottie on what each player brings to the table and Scottie is just spilling it. The way she’s talking, it seems she plans on using her power next week. What she doesn’t know, is Sam’s power can make her power a moot point and this could be really fun to watch.

  11. Colby

    OMG. I am going to have to calling Bay ‘Snot Wad’.
    Could the diary room at least not suggest that she take off her mic when blowing her nose?
    You can’t her them talk half the time, but can clearly hear that or dishes clanking.

  12. HappyHippo

    Yep feeds cut again Steve. Ridiculous

  13. Avatar

    If you make a big deal of it , it will become a big deal. And it s Not. Let it go !

  14. AIO_7

    They started to talk about last night’s incident between Jr Chucky and Bayleigh and the feeds went to fish.


  15. HappyHippo

    So is Kaitlyn going to be surprised when Brett is voted out?
    Gosh I hope so.
    Tyler better get ready to have her attached to him for days after being “out of the loop”

  16. Helen

    Has anybody noticed if anyone in the HN room has been checking out those monitors and at least one has a phone attached? I haven’t seen anybody messing with that stuff to see if maybe it does something?

    • HappyHippo

      They also haven’t been speaking through the hoh camera thing. On the house tour Julie said hoh could talk through it to the other rooms but nobody could respond….

    • Jenny

      didn’t they use it on Rachel’s birthday when she and Tyler had that “passionate” kiss? I don’t know if it worked but they were pressing buttons like crazy and I think you could see them on the little screens.

  17. LynnD

    JUST MY OPINION: Bay asked him a question. He answered it to the best of his ability. He did not call her that and from what I understand he meant no ill will. So why is she playing a victim & why oh why must Crazy K butt her nose into it!

  18. Avatar

    This is so blown out of proportion!

  19. LO1004

    Has anyone seen JC yet today? He’s the only HG I haven’t seen as of yet.

  20. HappyHippo

    So now they cut away at mention of that comment from jc and they cut away when cuckoo Kaitlyn talks about her what she doesn’t know is ex bf…what next?!

  21. blue smoke

    Wow watching the feeds and listening to Crazy K and Hal talking in the HOA room wondering how they came together, and much to my surprise the Crazy one says for me it was we are the same height. ….

  22. Mel

    I agree JC wasn’t trying to be offensive. Yes, he was inappropriate in the beginning of the season, was told to stop and to my knowledge, he stopped and didn’t hide and cry over it the way Rachel and Angela did. The fact that English is his second language also factors into how blunt he speaks because he says everything that way. When he says “don’t be stupid,” I don’t think he’s calling someone stupid. He’s saying “make a good decision.”

    My personal opinion is that there isn’t anything for CBS to do about it. They can’t control what 16 people they barely know will say over 3 months. I get offended at times but I’m watching people from all walks of life 24/7. If we can’t handle it, they need to get rid of the feeds or give them scripts which would defeat the whole purpose of feeds.

    Bayleigh has said offensive things too but Twitter doesn’t like JC so he gets it worse imo. The players we happen to like don’t do everything right and the players we don’t like don’t do everything wrong….no matter who you like.

    I was trying to make the point this morning that instead of focusing on what was said, focus on whether someone improved their life experience and education after it was said. JC knows it shouldn’t be said buy maybe he didn’t know it shouldn’t be said even in the context he said it. I dont think Bayleigh knew she was using an offensive term (even tho she used it again, I beleive, after he told her) but now, they both are aware of something they didn’t know before and that’s a good thing.

    • Jenny

      absolutely re: the language issue. I once told a Spanish guy to kiss me…only the word I used actually means “f*ck me!” … he was kind enough to correct me. oops.
      also I laughed at him calling Fessie a dum-Bass. and “hi-yat-us”

  23. danmtruth

    Bayleigh ask a legit question to Jc He answered the why he knew With English as a second langue I think he was just trying to explain how offensive he finds the word Gave the example he felt fit How are people to know
    Its hard to think if this is not just game play I would not put that past her sad to say

  24. Seattle Kari

    okay, JC has said and done some really stupid shit but I’m sorry using these words as an example or description is completely different than using them as a derogatory term towards someone else.

    I just don’t understand why people cannot just brush it off, she could have simply said “hey I would appreciate it if you would use the abbreviation rather than the whole word?” (or was it the audience that was giving all offended rather than Bailey herself?) Was Bailey even mad? if she wasn’t bothered by other people just need to back off.

    And I would really like to know the difference in people using the “N word with an ‘A’ sound at the end vs an ‘R’ sound. (seriously I’d like to know by people that do know the difference?) My daughter who is fully white was told by some black friends of hers that she could use the term as long as it ends with the A sound.)

    It seems like the a sound ending is the one that is usually done in conversation or songs versus the r sound ending if that makes sense. ( It would be so much easier to just say the entire word to try and explain my thoughts)

    • Seattle Kari

      they were talking about how dark their skin was getting (we’re getting as dark as Bailey) how it was beginning to look “trashy”. even before I read about it I just started thinking that they meant they were looking trashy like in the fake-and-bake / tanning beds, and the people that stay in them far too long..

      They were in no way saying Bailey was trashy, but everybody worked it way out of proportion and made it seem that way..

  25. Helen

    Rocky horror just told Sam it’s a go for an all girl alliance…sam said…that makes me very happy…
    What is the longest that an all female alliance has held together in big brother?

  26. AIO_7

    Baby talking again about her childhood; this time underneath the steps …


  27. Ritchie

    Big Brother viewer ratings over the last few seasons has consistently been number one in it’s time slot as well as the day that it is shown. Despite all of the explosive controversies over the years, from racist slurs and undertones, physically inappropriate behavior, to outright bullying that was displayed to unprecedented levels in last year’s season of BB19, the show has survived in excellent form and will continue to do so.

    The standard MO of big brother is always to distance themselves from the house guest who cause these controversies by putting the usual disclaimer which states that they don’t condone the behavior and if it continues to be egregious enough they will act swiftly.

    Until the public viewership decides that they have had enough of big brother to the point where they are far below being number one in their time slot consistently, bad news of any kind is still news and attention for CBS and their show!

    • AIO_7

      Oldest trick in the book. Right wing nutjob AM talk radio have practiced that, and worse, for years. Saying inflammatory things only brings attention; then claim free speech. There will always be a sub-set of the population that will cheer that on.

    • ElaineB

      As Steve and/or Mel said in a previous thread, good TV and good feeds are not going to happen with a bunch of do-gooders sitting around politely speaking to each other 24/7. Human beings are flawed…some more than others.

  28. Shivani33

    How long has it been since anyone got to go outdoors? Sam is a smoker and could be getting some impact from lack of her regular nicotine. It affects people differently. This is not to deny that she is somewhat unique, in so many ways. That colorful quality of hers is enjoyable to me. I do think that being part of Big Brother has surprised her a lot, since Sam isn’t that familiar with the game itself. She has a tender heart, imo. Big Brother is a bigger unknown to her than to most of this Season’s cast. I feel a little protective of her well-being and hope that she keeps being resilient. She’s a good egg!

  29. HappyHippo

    Tyler has been pretty MIA today….sadly 🙁

    • AIO_7

      I heard Chakra say that he was avoiding her.

    • ElaineB

      Good….lay low for a bit Tyler.

    • Shivani33

      Tyler has tried to relate to Kaitlyn, but she is pushing him beyond relating and into her impositional concept of relationship territory. He has seen more than enough evidence to try keeping his distance, but she keeps ignoring his boundaries. Add to that her psychic baloney, claiming that his deceased father figure came to her in a dream. This was a huge turnoff for him. He sees her, but it isn’t easy to cope with these situations. He has come to play the game of Big Brother. There is a lot to think over today, far beyond the distractions of Kaitlyn. But as active as Tyler has been as a player, I get a sense that he is being more introspective and is looking within for how to keep navigating.

  30. Mel

    Kaitlyn told Rachel she forgives her for wanting Brett tobstay. Earlier, she told her she was offended that any woman would want him to stay after the way he spoke to her. Didn’t she do all the yelling??

    The all girls alliance I mentioned either today or yesterday is official. It’s called man-eaters. They actually believe penis obsessed Kaitlyn will be in an all girl alliance??? Hahaha hahaha

  31. Mel

    Did Sam make “prison hooch” alcohol? I read this but need confirmation because it wasn’t a source I’d simply believe without seeing the footage. It sounds made up but she said something about being a borderline alcoholic and she seems to be able to make almost anything.

  32. danmtruth

    Kaycee told Tyler about the all girl alliance yesterday after RockWall brought it up to her Not 2 minutes after making it Haylie and BSC Kaylyn were talking about which girl they would vote out if they were up against Tyler or Fessy Plus they KNOW RockWall had a final 2 with Swaggy So much for women power

    Sad part is it seems to be shaping up as a purge the house of Jc for next week

  33. AIO_7

    Lots of campaigning going on. I foresee a close, split vote.

  34. Bobbi514

    Have been watching BB since Season 1 and sadly like the PC climate these days way too many people take a word, a phrase and run with it causing major drama letting others wondering what can you say without someone taking offense ~ at times I have been so confused what is proper and what isn’t but there still are some words that I truly find offensive like the C word or the N word ~ as I think no matter what whether in song lyrics or in a movie that just irks me ~ when JC came into the house all he said was “guess you can tell am short” he did not go into details if he was an LP or not ~ but bothers me is the sexual harassment as there have been worse things in that house that BB let pass ~ I can only remember when they tossed someone out for a knife threat as far as the vote either one of them doesn’t bother me I only hope Crayon head and the little perve go next

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