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Big Brother 20 – Sunday Afternoon Feeds

Good afternoon, everyone!  It’s Sunday Sunday Sunday in the Big Brother house and the first full day of punishments for Brett, Kaycee, and Rockstar!


If you weren’t aware, Rockstar has to listen for Jessie to come over the speaker and give her instructions on a food to make and a workout to do (Jessie from BB10/BB11). Meanwhile, Kaycee has to sit in a peanut costume and do a small workout when the peanut song comes on, and Brett has something to do with a granny. I’m pretty sure it will be like Rachel’s punishment where the feeds go down while someone comes in the house.

On the flip side of the veto comp, Angela got the veto, Tyler picked a trip to Hawaii, and Scottie got $5k.  There was a little drama after the competition – some staged, some real – because I’m pretty sure Tyler won the competition and had final pick but chose the trip instead of the PoV which is a huge nono when you’re on the block. This pissed off Brett as he was the one holding the trip to Hawaii and he showed he was mad to JC and crew. When Tyler came in the room, Brett pretended not to be annoyed by it, but we all know he had to have been – at least a little. I understand Tyler didn’t want to take Scottie’s money to further cement his fake alliance, and by taking the trip from Brett, it helped isolate Brett more in the house which should help him moving forward, but it’s still a bit painful.

As a strategist, it’s actually really brilliant for Tyler to make such an obviously dumb move and it’s even more impressive that he came up with it during the competition. I’m not quite sure what he gains by making it look like he’s working with Angela as she promised to keep him safe, but it does wonders to help cause a fake rift between him and Brett while putting a larger target on Scottie’s back. People like to pretend that Scottie is the ‘evil genius’ of the house, but level 6 is playing chess while the rest of the house is playing checkers. The only thing not going their way until this week was the lack of competition wins.


Alright, time for some afternoon updates that will take us to the CBS show in 6 hours….

  • 11:10 am – Sam is relaxing outside.
    • She was doing jumping jacks with Rockstar during RS’s punishment.
    • Yes, Sam is taking the punishment along with RS for some reason
    • Brett comes outside and Sam calls him over.  As he was coming over, Brett calls Sam ‘hunny’ and tells her he needs to break that new habit he learned in the house (calling people hunny)
    • I guess Bay freaked out on Brett because he called her hunny the other day
  • 12:00 pm – Kitchen talk goes to vasectomies … no thanks
    • Now the group talk about entering the house and their reactions
  • 12:40 pm – People hanging out eating lunch.
    • Fessy outside on the couch
  • Meanwhile, Scottie and KC head upstairs to the HoH with Angela
    • Angela tells them she has a bunch of lies she heard
    • She says that they’re trying another all-girl alliance when RS came up
    • Scottie tells the girls about the hive alliance
  • Tyler enters the conversation
    • Angela tells the group how Sam was excluded from the all-girl alliance and she told Sam about it
    • Angela re-tells her conversation with Bayleigh how she (Ang) asked for Bayleigh to use her power to keep her (Ang) safe if Ang does this favor for her and makes a big move. Bayleigh says no
    • Then Ang tells about Haleigh’s pitch how she wants Ang to be a Big Brother legend by putting Tyler and Scottie up
  • Rockstar comes up and the conversation halts
  • 1:00 pm – Granny is in the house, feeds down briefly
  • 1:20 pm – Granny is gone
  • 1:40 pm – And Granny may be back. She needs to take her afternoon nap or some shit
  • 2:15 pm – Granny is gone. RS is cooking something
    • Rockstar has finished the meatballs and must now shadowbox
  • 2:45 pm – Angela and Kaycee sneak away for a chat
    • Angela tries to finish re-telling the conversation RS interrupted earlier

Wrapping this post up and starting a new one for the night


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  1. danmtruth

    Angela was going to have Bay sleepover in the HOH room to make her feel safe After all the campaigning by Bay and Hali Angela just could not take it any longer and never offers During round 3 or 4 or 55 of pitching the all-girl alliance Trust us come to the dark side Hali who does not have a thing with Fess Explain why it was smart to keep Fess around for a while to win comps That he played Pro-football and would have won that comp UMMM than why did you not pick him?Fess was offered a chance to workout for a few clubs They just cant keep things straight

    • danmtruth

      forgot that fess / Ron Burgundy is “I’m kind of a big thing around here ” will get them into Margarita-vile

    • Colby

      I thought the plan was to have Bay sleepover in the HOH room tonight, to make her feel safe just before the Veto ceremony, because they still had a doubt about her being able to change the renom.
      But not sure that is still the plan since Angela and KC don’t really think she can, and after all the campaigning.

      • Cindy

        Well Angela found out last night that bays app only works for nominations and not for veto. I’m sure she wasn’t looking forward to having bay in the hoh all night there’s no way id be able to put up with her for very long.

      • Sassy

        Me either Cindy! She would spend the night ordering Angela around on what she needed to do. I’m sure Angela is over it, especially since she knows Bay can’t use it.

  2. HappyHippo

    Is the plan still to pull Tyler off and backdoor bay? My wknd has been hectic..trying to catch up

    • Helen

      Depends on who’s plan you are listening to…Bayleigh and Haleigh plan is to take RS down and put Scottie up …
      They were relentless tagteaming Angela last night..
      Not sure where Angela’s Head is now…nobody from level 6 has bothered to check in with her …

      • Sassy

        I think she’s still good. She knows switching over to Bay, Hay, RHS, and Fuzzy puts her at a great disadvantage.

    • ElaineB

      I think so. It would be to their advantage to get out Bay, for many reasons, including her power app wouldn’t be a risk for them anymore.

      • Jenny

        I don’t know how Angela was able to act interested while Bay just talked and talked and talked for freaking ever. STFU Bayleigh!

      • ShoeLover

        While catching up this morning with BBAD, I kept asking myself, “Why is she ( Baleigh ) still talking?? Same thing over and over but worded differently!” I have to give Angela lots of credit for keeping a straight face yet all the while mentally noting every word that came out of Baleigh’s mouth!! Glad to know the offer fell through!! Monday will be interesting for sure!!

        Starting to feel like the good ole’ Big Brother we all became junkies for!!!

      • Jenny

        I know!!! I was wishing they’d cut to somewhere – anywhere – else in the house!

      • NKogNeeTow

        I called it the other night. I told you Driftwood, Tyler and KC have the best poker faces in the house. They let people go on and on, while still feigning interest.

      • ShoeLover

        NK!! On and On and On and On!!! Hahaha!!

    • Colby

      I think Angela has just been humoring them and collecting any info she can while trying to make Bay feel safe. I don’t think she is buying into it for a second.

      • caRyn

        Agree, Colby. Angela listens and keeps her cards close to her chest. She didn’t believe a word Rachel said yet Rachel had no idea. She wanted Rachel out over Brett because Rachel was all over the place and Rachel was taking Bayleigh’s word over her own alliance – plus she thinks Rachel lied. I’m sure Angela can spot the same with Bayleigh.

  3. HappyHippo

    The veto meeting will happen today too right?
    I would figure Angela would stick with the level 6/5/4 plan since she’s stayed pretty loyal to that group…

  4. kneeless

    I can’t wait for Bay Wrath to happen!

  5. Shivani33

    I do wish that Kaycee would become more interesting. She has concealed her independent streak for too long, if indeed she really has an independent streak. I have a feeling that she grew up in Santee, Escondido or Chula Vista, all eastern San Diego county satellite communities. Also, and excuse me, but I do think that her face and body structure shows steroid usage. However, when she is caught on camera with her hair down and cascading, she reminds me of the lovely Filipina girls who used to wave to me from their lanais in Hawaii back when I was a very young traveler and Hawaii was still wild and free. Such beautiful people.

    I suspect that she doesn’t like to display that femininity because it feels too vulnerable. She seems to keep holding back on her footballhead strength, too. But come on, girl, let’s see some of that #8 Surge horsepower before BB ends and you remain an afterthought.

    • caRyn

      I think Kaycee is beautiful. I don’t recall seeing her hair down. I am sure it enhances her beauty.

    • Sassy

      I’ve never seen her hair down, I also think she is very pretty. She is playing a great social game, I always lean towards those who can be both physical and compete. But competing early, only puts a target on your back. I wish there was incentives to try harder at the comps in the beginning.

    • caRyn

      If Kaycee played harder in the beginning she would have been on the block. Looking at her she is a physical threat so she has done well to fade in even though her physique is in your face.

  6. Avatar

    so I take it Scottie is now gonna side with Angela and Tyler(he kinda already was), and Bay is the target

  7. HappyHippo

    That’s interesting that hay pitched for Scottie and Tyler to be up…kind of shows her hacker cards huh?

  8. Helen

    RS is so freaking rude!! Why Angela didn’t just say..can you give us a minute is beyond me…
    Hope they do the same to RS and crew and interrupt every conversation they try to have with Angela today

  9. Shivani33

    Sam reminds me of Lucy Van Pelt and her Psychiatric Advice for 5 cents booth. Only thing is, much of the time, she splits in half and turns into her own best client. She feels discluded but keeps saying that she doesn’t want to talk game. She gives herself and withholds herself simultaneously.

  10. HappyHippo

    Why reruns right now?

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  12. Helen

    Already over this granny app

  13. Zach

    I’ve said for weeks I think Tyler wants to take Sam and Scottie to final 3. I think he will do anything outside of exposing himself to his level 6 alliance to get it done. That is why I think Haleigh will be the replacement nom and go home. Angela will tell the girls that RS is a weak link and they need to get rid of her, but ultimately Bay will be blindsided again and Haleigh will go home. Still a Scottie fan, he’s got that Steve vibe and we all know how that finished up. Tyler could be playing the role of Vanessa and Sam the role of the twins.

    • Colby

      I’m pretty sure Bay will go up, not Haleigh. They think she is running things on that side, suspect she is the hacker, plus they want to get rid of her app.

    • danmtruth

      I think TY is playing more like Paul In that he has a strong final 2 with multiple people He has it with Jc, KC, Angela And yes Scottie He will just see who is standing at the end
      Not sure why you don’t think that they will take Bay out this Thur

      • Avatar

        @danmtruth I agree 100% with all of your points. I think Tyler is a more likable Paul and they definitely have to take out Bay this week… blindside her and send her and her app out the door so they no longer have to deal with either one.

      • ElaineB

        I won’t lump Ty in with Paul at all. Paul was an egomaniac, who controlled his minions, without caring about anyone, but himself. Ty seems like a genuine individual, like Derrick was, who cares about others, as well as looking out for his own game.

      • danmtruth

        Thanks Kenn
        ElaineB I did not mean TY was like Paul that he is mean Just that as Paul had is final 3 with different people and let them take each other out TY is doing the same As you pointed out with the social ability like Derrick Altho Derrick stayed more in the back ground While TY has been up front His smart thing is listening to other players and let them lead

      • Avatar

        Agree. If Tyler makes it to final two and continues to string multiple people along, like Paul did, he could have the same fate of playing the hardest but not being awarded $ by jury who feels jilted and votes that way.

      • danmtruth

        Susan Can unlike Paul I don’t think people will feel fooled or used by TY

      • Sassy

        I think some of them will 🙂

  14. danmtruth

    Granny talks and just says odd things I bet Like that. whole yellep add So Bret did not have that bad of a punishment Seems most of the house is joining in

    • Colby

      KC was telling that granny and Brett were in the bathroom and granny had a tray of pills (it was actually tic tacs), she spilled them everywhere and he had to pick them up. As soon as he did, she spilled them again. Then he had to make her breakfast. He made eggs and stuff and she said it was too salty, so he had to make her something else and then didn’t like that either. So it is not just talking, he actually has to do tasks.

  15. Helen

    Not again!! Go to sleep granny

  16. danmtruth

    We will see the hacker app tonight than the POV comp and ceremony on wed maybe

  17. Shivani33

    Bayleigh is acting closer and closer to “thar’ she blows!” She has been snapping at Brett, seems barely able to stop herself from going off on Sam the way she went off on AngieRS the other night and, if looks could kill, JC would be in the morgue. The letdown of no longer being Queen is getting to her. None of her stabs at bargaining have worked in her favor because she offers no bargains whatsoever. She’s sounding like a phony, venomous leader in search of a nation to dictate.

    People in the house even have a hand signal now which means, “here comes Bible bitch.” That poor thang.

  18. Helen

    Faysal was talking to Angela alone in HOH room….I wonder if he pitched Haleigh’s…biggest move in B.B. history to her?
    It’s like. Hey Angela…keep our alliance safe…we will gladly take in you and KC but only on the condition you take out one of your people…we have nothing to offer you but it’s the best move for your game…

  19. Helen

    And. Granny is back again…does she have dementia and forgot that she just left?

  20. ElaineB

    It is good to see RS involved in something (her punishment) other than sitting around feeling sorry for herself and how she alone deserves the money. Keep her moving BB.

  21. kneeless

    Once again, Fessy is telling Angela what an ‘iconic & gangster player’ she will be if she leaves Ty & Scottie otb! Fess says he’s NEVER seen anything like it in BB history! Had he even watched a season before being recruited! Oh Fessy.

  22. danmtruth

    Oh Fessy don’t try to sound logical You will only have one person who will be mad at you Fessy stay pretty don’t go out of your lane and think
    TY came in Fess left Angela and TY laughing

  23. kneeless

    I don’t tweet & do much on social media. Has Rachel been talking & doing much spewing?

    • Shivani33

      She isn’t bitter-twittering. The little bit I’ve read from Rachel has been pretty warm and fuzzy. Kaitlyn has been the same, after some initial shock. One thing coming up quite a bit is a spattering of remarks full of distaste for Bay. People claiming to be from her hometown/city who say that her nasty local reputation is flowering fully on BB. One commented that she doesn’t keep friends for long. There’s more in a similar vein, but it isn’t worth repeating.

    • Sassy

      I haven’t been on Twitter the past week. It’s been a busy summer.

  24. danmtruth

    Over under how much of Angela speech gets edit out on Wednesday

    Now Hali up feeding Angela and TY PA-THET-IC

    • Helen

      HBO…I wonder. Since Angela plans on calling Bayleigh out as the hacker is Haleigh going to save her BFF and stand up and say….no…I’m the hacker….

    • ElaineB

      Yes, but when she left, Angela said to Ty a comment about all the ass kissing.

      • Helen

        Indeed…Sam told her Thursday night they would have their heads shoved so far up her ass she will be able to tell what they had for dinner….and she’s been so right!!!

      • NKogNeeTow

        You mean like Sam was when Bay was HOH? Don’t get me wrong, I love Hazel/Martha Stewart, but she is hardly in a position to warn someone about ass-kissing.

      • Helen

        Yup…bayleigh is the only HOH she has made a special breakfast tray for …..

      • Alda

        I hope Angela says something about Bayleigh’s constant remarks about reading her Bible.That really angers someone who does read her Bible every morning to start my day.I don’t broadcast it to my friends on a daily basis.That’s a private time I devote to me and my thoughts.

  25. Helen

    Now Bayleigh is back at it….funny. Last week she was complaining about Rachel coming up to her HOH every 5 minutes….now she’s doing the same thing…..

  26. Jay H

    20% of Bayleigh and RS’s vocabulary consists of “like” or “literally”. Angela’s ability to sit there and actually listen and participate is mind blowing.

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  28. Helen

    Locked in the house for a large part of the week and spend the majority of the day sitting in the HOH while the backyard is open…

  29. Helen

    Granny has made Brett destroy beds and the SR

    Actually it was a ploy by production…searching to confiscate any potential weapons that Bayleigh could use in advance of tomorrow’s veto ceremony….

  30. AIO_7

    Bayoch (Honey) is biching at Brett the way she did Crayola.

  31. AIO_7

    Notice the Russian accent to the hacker voice?

  32. danmtruth

    Bay is not getting a good edit at all

  33. Yael Sara

    Now how Bay was talking to Sam and walked away just saying to her “don’t even look at me” – oh how that chick infuriates me. Also now venting about how Sam is being snappy (she wasn’t). But, hey Bay! Pot meet Kettle!

    Can’t wait to see which face we get when she is the vote out on Thursday https://ibb.co/ksa7gK

  34. danmtruth

    If Bay goes out who in the old FOUTTE can get pick up and survive within L6
    Hali going with Bret
    Fess is withJc already
    RS is with ???? Sam/Hazel /Martha Samert

  35. Avatar

    You can never feel to safe in give big brother house …I don’t know why Tyler wouldn’t just take the veto..I guess he must really feel safe… it also exposes that he’s working with the other side once angela takes him off

    This game is handed to Tyler. He’s the biggest threat the smartest move would be to get rid of him now

    • Sassy

      That’s not the smartest move for the HOH. It’s actually better for the rest of Level 6/5/4 to have it known Ty is working with them. He becomes the bigger target. Like I said, better for the alliance but maybe not for Ty.

      • mckay

        This is why I think Angela is playing well. She is extremely loyal to Ty but still knows it’s the end game she is planning for. Keeping him around and letting him do stuff like the veto helps her at the end.

  36. kneeless

    I woulf get rid of Uncle Fester before RS too.

  37. Lynn

    I know this may be way out there, but I wonder if Tyler could use his cloud power app anonomously? If he gets to stay this week and if/when he decides to use it, will they announce it was Tyler that used it? Could he pretend he doesn’t know who used it on him but “thank you” lol? Does B.B. just say the power has been used, or do they also say who uses it? Just wondering……like literally (couldn’t resist)

  38. Russell James Yost

    Brett spelled Anal lice in the hacker comp.

    He officially takes over as my favorite person in the game.

  39. ladycobra

    First time posting here so I want to say to every1. I have never in my life wished for a Monday to come so quickly. I wish they would make the veto ceremony early tomorrow morning just so my day can have a great start by watching the Hive’s reaction and especially the Queen B.

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