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Big Brother 20 – Sunday Afternoon Feeds

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Good afternoon, everyone!  It’s Sunday Sunday Sunday in the Big Brother house and the first full day of punishments for Brett, Kaycee, and Rockstar!


If you weren’t aware, Rockstar has to listen for Jessie to come over the speaker and give her instructions on a food to make and a workout to do (Jessie from BB10/BB11). Meanwhile, Kaycee has to sit in a peanut costume and do a small workout when the peanut song comes on, and Brett has something to do with a granny. I’m pretty sure it will be like Rachel’s punishment where the feeds go down while someone comes in the house.

On the flip side of the veto comp, Angela got the veto, Tyler picked a trip to Hawaii, and Scottie got $5k.  There was a little drama after the competition – some staged, some real – because I’m pretty sure Tyler won the competition and had final pick but chose the trip instead of the PoV which is a huge nono when you’re on the block. This pissed off Brett as he was the one holding the trip to Hawaii and he showed he was mad to JC and crew. When Tyler came in the room, Brett pretended not to be annoyed by it, but we all know he had to have been – at least a little. I understand Tyler didn’t want to take Scottie’s money to further cement his fake alliance, and by taking the trip from Brett, it helped isolate Brett more in the house which should help him moving forward, but it’s still a bit painful.

As a strategist, it’s actually really brilliant for Tyler to make such an obviously dumb move and it’s even more impressive that he came up with it during the competition. I’m not quite sure what he gains by making it look like he’s working with Angela as she promised to keep him safe, but it does wonders to help cause a fake rift between him and Brett while putting a larger target on Scottie’s back. People like to pretend that Scottie is the ‘evil genius’ of the house, but level 6 is playing chess while the rest of the house is playing checkers. The only thing not going their way until this week was the lack of competition wins.

Alright, time for some afternoon updates that will take us to the CBS show in 6 hours….

  • 11:10 am – Sam is relaxing outside.
    • She was doing jumping jacks with Rockstar during RS’s punishment.
    • Yes, Sam is taking the punishment along with RS for some reason
    • Brett comes outside and Sam calls him over.  As he was coming over, Brett calls Sam ‘hunny’ and tells her he needs to break that new habit he learned in the house (calling people hunny)
    • I guess Bay freaked out on Brett because he called her hunny the other day
  • 12:00 pm – Kitchen talk goes to vasectomies … no thanks
    • Now the group talk about entering the house and their reactions
  • 12:40 pm – People hanging out eating lunch.
    • Fessy outside on the couch
  • Meanwhile, Scottie and KC head upstairs to the HoH with Angela
    • Angela tells them she has a bunch of lies she heard
    • She says that they’re trying another all-girl alliance when RS came up
    • Scottie tells the girls about the hive alliance
  • Tyler enters the conversation
    • Angela tells the group how Sam was excluded from the all-girl alliance and she told Sam about it
    • Angela re-tells her conversation with Bayleigh how she (Ang) asked for Bayleigh to use her power to keep her (Ang) safe if Ang does this favor for her and makes a big move. Bayleigh says no
    • Then Ang tells about Haleigh’s pitch how she wants Ang to be a Big Brother legend by putting Tyler and Scottie up
  • Rockstar comes up and the conversation halts
  • 1:00 pm – Granny is in the house, feeds down briefly
  • 1:20 pm – Granny is gone
  • 1:40 pm – And Granny may be back. She needs to take her afternoon nap or some shit
  • 2:15 pm – Granny is gone. RS is cooking something
    • Rockstar has finished the meatballs and must now shadowbox
  • 2:45 pm – Angela and Kaycee sneak away for a chat
    • Angela tries to finish re-telling the conversation RS interrupted earlier

Wrapping this post up and starting a new one for the night



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