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Big Brother 20- Sunday Episode

Hey guys! I’m back. Steve is working but may take over before the show ends. We’ll just have to wait and see but for now you have me again. 

  • Tyler spoke too soon about no blood on his hands, maybe if Kaitlyn hadn’t won hoh
  • Why did the Bros think those shirts were a good idea on Thursday?
  • Yep, Winston is trying to take credit for Kaitlyns flip. He’s always that snappy with Rachel too.
  • Tyler tries to convince Swaggy the power must have been used to get the extra vote to evict Steve. Swaggy isn’t having it.
  • Winston comes in storage room where Swaggy, Fessy and Tyler are talking right after eviction and says “cool meeting.” Swaggy isn’t having that either. Swaggy goes right back at Winston and mouths stuff.
  • Swaggy calls Winston a bitch in the diary room
  • Swaggy tells his alliance he just had words with Winston and Bayleigh tells him “no drama this week.”
  • Bayleigh in the DR saying Swaggy needs to be quiet so she doesn’t get a target on her back.
  • Steve is in the storage room talking to a suitcase since Steve is gone. Sam pops out of a cabinet and surprises him. (Ya, sure, that wasn’t scripted at all)
  • Fessy wonders if Kaitlyn flipped to Swaggy. Swaggy says he knows she did. Fessy doesn’t think Kaitlyn would do that to him this early in the game.
  • Fessy and Kaitlyn have a little celebration dance in the bathroom.
  • Flashback scene of morning of eviction when Tyler told Kaitlyn the things Swaggy said about her….convincing her to vote out Steve.
  • Kaitlyn reassures Fessy, Rockstar and Hayleigh they are safe.
  • Scene at the hammock with Bayleigh and Swaggy about how they like each other. They kiss, talk about getting butterflies and love. (Ok, I can’t with this stuff)
  • Swaggy’s DR has him saying Bayleigh may be most beautiful hg ever and he’s the best dressed so the power is there. He has named them Swayleigh. (So have others)
  • HOH meeting with Foutte minus Swaggy wanting to know what Kaitlyn is doing. Winston, Rachel and Angela are being floated around.
  • Rachel shaves JC’s back. She’s very rough with the clippers.
  • Tylers going to work on Kaitlyn about noms. He lies and tells Kaitlyn he just found out Sam has the power. She thinks it’s perfect because she wants to nominate Sam. Tyler says “no.” He convinces her that keeping Sam is smart because she could use her power on her.
  • She’s happy to keep Sam and wants to put up Winston and Angela. Tyler says “no.”
  • Tyler pinky swears with Kaitlyn over making a big move while he pretends she’s making the decisions.
  • Kaitlyn meets with Sam in hoh. She’s wanting Sam to kiss her feet in gratitude for the vote. Sam says she’s grateful but isn’t giving Kaitlyn anywhere near what she wants or needs. Sam tells her she has the power, Kaitlyn says she knew it. (ya, because Tyler told her)
  • Kaitlyn has one on one meetings with everyone. She tells Winston he’s going otb but as a pawn and Swaggy is the target. She tells Scottie he’s going to be a pawn and Winston is the target. She basically tells Foutte Winston is the target and tells Level 6 that Swaggy is the target. Everyone knows Scottie is a pawn.
  • Swaggy is thrilled that Winston doesn’t know he’s a target yet.
  • Swaggy continues to talk in the 3rd person in his DR’s.
  • Kaitlyn believes she deserves an Emmy for her lies and performance.
  • Fessy gets another Hamizon delivery and a note telling his subscription with them is over.
  • Finally!! BB App store!!
  • Let’s see if it’s the contenders we’ve discussed:  RACHEL – Crap App
  • Rachel is in genuine shock and very sad over it. She chooses YELL!
  • A reviewer will be sent into the house to give her feedback on her game. She comes out and announces it to the house.
  • Rachel cries in the DR over how she’s being perceived. She says it was her biggest fear coming into the house. (Probably true, she’s friends with BB17 Jackie so she knows how it works)
  • Bayleigh and JC are a NO.
  • Swaggy heads to the app store. He says he should have gotten it the first time and no one is bigger than him in the house. Results: NOPE
  • Swaggy is pissed and gives us his bio. He won 2 comps, kept 8 people safe, put “Winstons dumb ass in check yesterday” and has the first shomance of the season. He wants to know what more he has to do???
  • I skipped a lot of people but we all know it was gonna be Swaggy. Bayleigh, JC or Tyler.
  • Tylers turn: YES he has the power app. He chooses The Cloud.
  • The Cloud means he can keep himself safe from the block 1 time during the next 8 weeks.
  • It was a giveaway because based on game play so far, Tyler was the only person who could have or would have kept it to himself up to this point.
  • Scottie, Fessy and Swaggy don’t get Kaitlyns plan and why she’d want someone on her side otb. They discuss how Tyler is talking to them all less. They think Scottie should protest a little more.
  • Scottie is a nervous mess, Fessy sends Kaitlyn to talk to him hoping he can talk her out of putting him otb. Kaitlyn doesn’t change her mind but keeps reassuring him he’s not going home.
  • Kaitlyn tells Fessy her special powers are telling her Scottie has the power app. He tries again to get her to nom 3 people from the other side. She tells him no matter what happens, it’s for the highest good. (Tyler must be pretty high then) Fessy is a little bothered by the comment but let’s it go.
  • Nomination Time
  • Kaitlyn nominates Winston and Tyler.
  • She says Scottie because he’s selfish. He said last week if he won the veto, he would have used it on Steve and that meant she could have been a replacement nom.
  • She says Winston because she doesn’t think he’s play an authentic game and says “you’re up on the block bud, have a good one.”

Well, alrighty then, Kaitlyn’s been working on her reasons and that’s what she came up with?  Steve may start a thread later tonight but if he can’t, I’ll try to cover what happens on the feeds this evening along with my overnight update in the morning.

**Tyler can use his power app during 1 nomination ceremony or 1 veto meeting.**


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  1. g8trgirl

    I’ve been listening to Chakra for 15 minutes and I put the TV on mute and am reading closed captions because i, like, can’t take her voice, like you know what I mean? How you guys with feeds listen to that day in and day out is, like beyond me.

  2. hogwild

    I’m not sure if life coach is brilliant or crazy or if it’s 50/50.

  3. strwar1

    Lol Rachel’s reaction to the Crapapp was enjoyable. Btw? I’m sorry but she says she is caring person and a big heart? When did you show it? I wondering right now.

    • BBBonbon62

      She was supportive of Sam a couple of times when Sam was freaking out as the robot. But that is all I can remember of her in any realm since day 1. She is just “there.”

      • strwar1

        Yeah Rachel is literally be there to do what? I know she was supportive to Sam(which was good)but she has been doing nothing and I knda understand why she became the least popular trend. Counted on her being stupid with her stupid comments about saying something that came off as racist and doing nothing but looking around and showing off her looks Everytime. I don’t like her and I never will

  4. g8trgirl

    Yeah! Tyler got it!

    • Helen

      What did he pick?

    • strwar1

      Yup Tyler is gonna win now lol I mean 1 time over the next 8 weeks? Can someone tell me how this app works again. I know it is gonna help him a lot,but still I need to know more.

      • HappyHippo

        But I think he has to use it when he’s worried about being nominated not after…was the way I understood it

      • AIO_7

        HH, that’s not how I understood it at all. I could be wrong but I think he can use it even after being nominated.

      • Colby

        I thought it said before too, but am not sure.
        Can someone who gets the show later listen closely and let us know?

      • HappyHippo

        I guess I just thought how they said it meant before …I could be wrong…
        It was like if you are worried about being nominated you can sit in the cloud and not be put up….
        Definitely a big difference though! I hope it means even after being nominated

      • Avatar

        Keep yourself from going on the block at any one nomination ceremony or veto meeting. If you are worried you could be nominated, sit in the cloud and you cannot be put on the block. you have a two month subscription to the cloud so for the next eight weeks you may choose one time in which to use the cloud to keep yourself safe

  5. hogwild

    By the way braggy if you want to know what you can do to get America to give you an advantage for starters stop acting like an arrogant ass.

  6. HappyHippo

    Tyler got it!! Yay! And it’s pretty good!!

  7. AIO_7

    Yatus or Yatudhanas (Sanskrit) A kind of spirit corresponding to the Greek daimon, one of the hierarchies of spiritual, semi-spiritual, and ethereal entities — among many other similar classes, such as the nagas, gandharvas, devas, rishis, apsarasas, and yakshas.

  8. AIO_7

    Got to hand it to Chakra, if she rids us of Swaggy … BIG MOVE!

  9. Yael Sara

    i don’t get to watch the episode for another 2 hours and so still watching live feeds. A conversation between Angie and Sam. I do adore Sam and think she is a sweetheart, but I think she mistook Big Brother for a personal growth workshop to experience a breakthrough

  10. hogwild

    If they truly want braggy out the stars could not have alinged better for them life coach claims she wants to make a big move and take braggy out she listens to Tyler who wants him out and who has the veto it don’t get better than that.

  11. hogwild

    Little FYI for Sam it’s anonymity LOL.

  12. Avatar

    I read the cloud app as he has to do it before being nominated but also it seems like he could use it if there was a week a replacement nomination was happening so it would be at the veto meeting instead of the nomination meeting

  13. Colby

    From earlier when Haleigh told Rainbow about the plan to backdoor Chris:
    Rockstar: so she actually told you?
    Hail: yeah when we were outside and she told the bros that I know
    Rockstar: I can’t stand them. F’ing white people.


    • AIO_7

      You think Rocky is trying to make it out to be a racial thing ?

      • Colby

        Probably. She seems to do that a lot. Planting the thought to stir things up.

      • Yael Sara

        I think rocky is just as cocky as swaggy, just in a different way – however just as annoying. She (imho) has that very i’m the oldest, the wisest and have been through the most attitude. With that speaks down to the others in a condescending way. Not the biggest fan

  14. Lynn

    Angie (I refuse to call her that ridiculous made up name ) has said that kind of thing before. It’s not ok.

  15. LO1004

    Kaitlyn so full of herself is going to lead straight to an eviction. Do these people not watch BB before they sign up?

  16. AIO_7

    New thread, Ya’ll.

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