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Big Brother 20 – Sunday Feed Updates

Happy Sunday! It’s the slow and awkward day of the Big Brother week where nobody really knows what to do. The veto meeting is tomorrow so today will be spent hanging outside and enjoying the day considering they’ve been locked up way more than not recently. They’ve only had a few days outside in the past two or so weeks.


Then there is Kaitlyn. Lovely Kaitlyn. The person who admitted last night that she loved Fezzy and it didn’t sound like ‘as a friend’ type of statement. She’s going to be a basket full of emotions this week as the guy she loves is stuck debating between Kaitlyn and Haleigh. He is currently planning on using the veto on Haleigh but with Kait dropping that bomb on him, it’s hard to predict what he’ll do tomorrow.

Tonight’s episode on CBS should also be interesting as they plan on addressing the comment by JC the other day. I don’t even really want to talk about that as it’s beating a dead horse, so you can tune into the episode to learn more. Should be interesting how the show handles it, but it does sound like they’re going to be using it as a learning moment for everyone (how JC was also offended).


Updates –

  • 12:00 pm – Kaitlyn is up and talking about last night
    • She was called to the DR around 4 am for some reason. Likely due to the makeup job that JC did on her and Haleigh last night
  • 12:50 pm – Not a lot going on. Hanging around by the pool. General talk
    • Kaitlyn says she is not going to bug Fez today and he was up until 5 am talking to Haleigh
  • 1:10 pm – Haleigh just got up. They are letting them sleep in late today
    • Haleigh tells Rockstar how Kaitlyn came out and was suspicious last night when she saw her and Fez talking late
    • Rockstar is about to start her period, fyi
    • Rockstar thinks that Kaycee has a huge following outside of the house because she’s a pro football player. Hmm
  • 1:50 pm – Sam has to name havenots
    • Rachel, Kaycee, Bayleigh, Scottie
  • 2:45 pm – A few girls outside talking. Ty in the kitchen with Kaycee. Fez talking to Haleigh in the bedroom
  • 3:30 pm – Haleigh is campaigning to Fezzy in the bedroom
    • (that sounds worse than it is)
  • 3:50 pm – Rockstar is sure she will be the replacement nom tomorrow (she’s probably right)
    • Now she’s lecturing Kait on her friendship with Brett
  • 6:00 pm – Back from watching the CBS episode. What do you guys think about how they handled the incident?
  • 6:50 pm – Tyler is talking to RS in the bathroom and she’s still talking about Brett
  • 7:00 pm – JC tells Tyler how Kaitlyn confessed her love to him
    • Tyler says she told him Fezzy was the one who did it
    • They also talk about how Kaitlyn is telling everyone how she has feelings for Tyler and he doesn’t like it
    • Tyler is saying how he doesn’t want Kaitlyn to make jury
  • 7:30 pm – The guys are just working out. Not showing anyone else
  • 9:00 pm – Nothing on feeds.  A few girls talking in the HN room and Haleigh/Angela talking on the hammock
  • 10:00 pm – Rockstar and crew are outside giving each other compliments. I can’t listen to this any more. Off to bed

Check back for updates


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  1. Helen

    Just a couple of brief makes you go hmmmmm observations this morning…

    WTF has Scottie been doing to make his knees all bruised and scrapped up?

    Yesterday Tyler had a bandaid covering what looked like an angry looking popped pimple on his right bicep…I don’t see any evidence of anything on his right arm this morning?

  2. Colby

    Psycho told Fessy last night that she would not even speak to him about using the veto today.
    Anyone want to make bets on how long that will last?
    My guess is just until she can get him alone again.

  3. danmtruth

    Last night in Bay performance / bonding time with Sam She brought up the Jc incident looking for sympathy Sam shut her down with her story of wanting a black doll and her mother not thinking twice Than how her mothers two best friends from collage were black So much for Bay trying to put a guilt trip on Sam

  4. Tinkerbell

    Random thought – why does everyone find it necessary to announce – “I have to go pee, or take a dump.” Guess it goes hand in hand with their three year old mentalities.

  5. SammyD

    CBS may interject dialog that it has no control over what houseguests can or cannot say. Let’s face facts that CBS enjoys a bit of scandal or publicity good or bad because it focuses on its product – Big Brother. The show hasn’t survived because it was a goody-goody. Instead, it has endured 20 seasons purely based on controversy and quarrels.

    Statistically, JC will make it to the jury. Currently, there is other attention in the BB game distracting from JC’s antics. The BB players are immune from what we have the privilege of watching, rewinding, reported by the media, and discussing socially.

    As for Kaitlyn, I am looking forward to her departure from the BB house. Perhaps she will be cast on the television show “The Amazing Race” and be detained in a Turkish prison for an indefinite period? (joking of course; or am I?) Hopefully, Faysal keeps the nominations the same.

  6. Tinkerbell

    Haven’t seen Fessy all day. I think he self-evicted and is already in the Witness Protection program.

  7. Avatar

    so looks like Angela helped push sam in the direction of putting up Crazy Art

  8. Mel

    Sam told Bayleigh she won’t be the replacement nom so that’s one of our possibilities out of the running. She did a good job spending time with Sam last night and I guess it paid off.

    • Mel

      I kind of think it could be Rachel or JC. It could a till be RS but Sam is stubborn and everyone’s pushing her to do RS.

      • Colby

        The only difference is that Angela didn’t approach her with it. Sam asked her what she would do. She just told her RS because she didn’t like the bullying and that RS should go home to her kids instead of sitting in jury for weeks just to cast a vote. Sam said she hadn’t thought of that.
        But I agree that she probably won’t put her up, though it may influence her to vote her out next week.

      • Mel

        Ya, that’s who Tyler pushed for too and she’d listen to Tyler over Angela. She may still put her up but doesn’t want her evicted. It’s wierd, Sam said she wanted Kaitlyn evicted last night. She knows it probably doesn’t matter! Haha

      • Colby

        True. But since she just knows that it is a ‘chance’ she might think that it might not happen. Especially if she really doesn’t know BB history and that it’s probably going to be fairly easy.

      • Mel

        Very good point.

  9. Mel

    Kaitlyns talking to Fessy about the veto so there’s the answer on how long it would last.

    • Helen

      Yup. She’s at him again….relentless….
      I think that’s how she gets what she wants…she don’t let up on people and they finally just do it to shut her the f*ck up

      • Colby

        When she was talking to Fessy last night I could just hear her trying those arguments on her boyfriend when she gets out. You are my #1, I had to do it, I was scared, whine and tears, etc….That is, if he even talks to her.

    • Tinkerbell

      I would have knocked her on her psycho butt the first week, and be evicted. It would be worth it.

  10. JD

    How in the world is Kaitlyn able to say she’s all Zen, spiritual, intuitive and life coach?!?!?! She has the WORST ENERGY!! Has she even read a book about using crystals? Oh, wait did she look at a crystal book once and became a self proclaimed spiritualist? Her energy riles people up not calms them down. All she does is pity party, love me, my game and winning is more important than yours. She tries to manipulate and guilt everyone. I see why CBS chose her. They always have the camera on her. Hmm did CBS make up her back story also? Hmm. jk Seriously though absolutely nothing positive energy from her. Maybe the hg’s should hold her down and sage her.

  11. Mel

    “Hold her down and sage her” hahahahahahahahahaha

  12. ElaineB

    Although I appreciate Sam taking charge of her HOH room, I can say that I have missed folks up there having convos.

  13. Helen

    It may be a cold day in the underworld before Faysal wants to win another veto ….

  14. Helen

    RS bringing up the girl alliance to Sam….idk. Sam says yeah but Sam loves Scottie…and Faysal…and JC. And Tyler.
    I just don’t see it….

  15. danmtruth

    I think that Tyler is keeping the come back in his pocket Knowing if BSC came back she would go crazy on anyone he convince her voted against her

  16. ElaineB

    Scottie was trying to make a sign “No Boys Allowed” to hang on the door of the HN room. Lol.

  17. Mel

    RS is with Sam in hoh. She told Sam if the veto is used, she really wants to stay. Sam tells her she knows that. She mentions RS and Rachel Riley having a mommy talk at the veto comp. She said she hadn’t factored jury into things until now. (Angela may have actually given her something to think about) RS said she wanted to be there but needs to be more specific and tell her she’s fine being in jury too. (It probably wouldn’t matter. Sam’s on such a ‘I know more about things than everyone’ trip, she could put RS up and say it’s for her own good to go back to her kids. I’d lose my shit if Sam did that to me.)

    RS asked what she thought about the girls alliance. Sam said it was a good idea but didn’t know if it would work with the people in the house. Sam asked if JC could be in it because she couldn’t imagine the house without him. (Take JC off renom list too I guess) wtf? Sam knows JC isn’t a girl right? He’s gay but he’s still a man!

    • ElaineB

      Scottie seems to be identifying as a woman this week in the HN room, so they will need to keep him. Lol. I am ready for RS to go back home to her children.

    • Colby

      My opinion on RS making that decision at this point is different. And may not be popular. So come on with the thumbs down. They don’t bother me.
      RS seems to be a very self-centered person. She will not win or come in second in this game.
      She left a 5 or 6 month old baby at home and has already been gone at least 6 weeks. That baby will not even know her if she is gone another 2 months, not to mention the other two kids needing her.
      IMO, she is not putting her children’s best interest first. Somebody need to!

      • Mel

        That may be true, I don’t know honestly. I’m just sick of Sam knowing what’s best for everyone when she doesn’t know shit about BB. The jury stipend money may also be money RS’s family could put to use, I have no idea about that either. I could’ve never left my kids for 3 months but I’m not going to judge someone else’s situation or say a mother shouldn’t be on the show. I am however judging Sam’s habit of sounding superior to everyone in the house. Brittany in season 16 had 3 or 4 kids and was praised for it.I can’t recall her name but the lady in season 10 took a little heat but mostly support when she left twin babies at home to go on BB. I don’t know what the difference is this year, other than the fact that people don’t like her. I don’t mean you specifically. Lol

        Maybe I’m defensive this year too because as great as this seasons been, we’ve had a lot of body shaming, slut shaming, mom shaming, etc. in the house. Those are personal things that have zero to do with the game. Everybody’s a victim, a bully, blah, blah, blah.

      • Shivani33

        From what I’ve read, the littlest one’s father didn’t want her to go off to BB and didn’t understand why RS would choose to be absent so soon after the infant’s arrival. But then he changed his tone, becoming supportive on social media.

        Angrie RS has always been a turn-off to me, but moreso since her Brett obsession. It isn’t her looks or style that bugs me. Who cares? It is her vulgar viewpoints, misinformation and grottiness. Hopefully she will be gone soon.

      • Mel

        Those are the same things I don’t like about her. She’s sooooo judgemental towards people and if you don’t see the world they way she does…you’re wrong.

      • LO1004

        I could play devil’s advocate here and say because the baby is so young, he won’t remember and 3 months is nothing in the grand scheme of things especially when there’s $500k on the line. Different strokes for different folks, we can’t blame her for trying to make good coin for her family. This will also lead to plenty of other opportunity to make money after the show, so I think we need to relax on the mommy judgement. Whistle-nut had a young son last year, were you judging him too?

      • Ann

        I don’t know what her reasons are for being there, I’m guessing it’s the same thing everyone else is there for which is the money & I’m not judging her for leaving her kids. I just don’t like her. She just needs to stop the “on my daughter’s birthday” bullshit & think about the damn game. If she’s a BB fan then she should know that ALMOST anything goes on this game where these people are after that $500k.

      • Colby

        I did say ‘My opinion on RS making that decision AT THIS POINT is different. She will not win or come in second in this game.’
        If $500K were still on the line it would be more justifiable. But it is not AT THIS POINT.
        She will be gone soon. There is no reason for her to be away for another 2 months just to sit in the jury house, when she has children at home that need her.
        And no, I do not judge all of them that have left children to do this.
        But when it comes to a mother and tiny infants bond it is a different story to me.
        Just my opinion and you can judge me for it if you want.

      • AIO_7

        Why are we upset about Crayola being separated from her children for a few months? Our government is doing it to thousands of families and must think it’s perfectly fine. Some of these children will never see their mothers/parents again.

      • Ann

        I’m not judging you Colby, I’m just saying I don’t like her & it’s not because she left her kids, or because of those gigantic ugly glasses that I hate or because of her Rainbow hair, it’s because of how she acts. Personally, I couldn’t have left my baby or even the older kids because I would worry & miss them so much that my head would not be in the game.

      • Colby

        It wasn’t you Ann. It was my response to those that questioned if I judged others that have left their kids.
        I don’t like Rainbow for all the other reasons listed above also.

      • Mel

        I’m sorry Colby. I was just sharing my thought too but I didn’t mean it to sound like I was judging your opinion and you’re absolutely entitled to it. I’ve just seen that in other places where I don’t comment but here, I know we can have these discussions. I read what I wrote again and it does sound as if I’m judging your opinion. I apologize.

      • Colby

        No worries. It’s all good.

      • Sassy

        I was thinking that too Mel. Maybe her family could really use the money, I don’t know their situations, but it’s possible they need the additional stipend. I was in the military and left my 4 month old for 3 months. It’s a tough thing to do, but she did not forget me! And it did not hurt her developmentally or emotionally.

        I am a thumbs up kind of gal, even if I disagree, I give a thumbs up.

      • Sassy

        As long as she is still on the show she has a chance of winning the 500k. Who actually thought Josh had a chance last season? Not me!!

      • ElaineB

        There have been plenty of parents that have come through BB doors. Fine. With RS, she plays the ‘mom’ card constantly, uses her children to ‘argue’ points, or ‘cry me a river’ to get sympathy.

      • LO1004

        Sassy, you read my mind. It was just about the point in the game when Josh was public enemy #1 and no one in a million years would’ve thought he’d win.

  18. Shivani33

    Aire Atlantica music composed, arranged etc. by Kaitlyn’s currently ex bf has a song called Cut You Off, among others. Cut You Off is ringing in my ears. Enjoyably so!

  19. HappyHippo

    Fessy gets up, takes a shower, gets dressed…BSC Kait jumps on him as soon as he gets to kitchen. Jc meanwhile shaking his head and rolling his eyes lol

  20. AIO_7

    Word has it that she is telling other house guests that she has a book coming out.


  21. Helen

    It irritates me that Hayleigh keeps telling Faysal that he doesn’t have to use veto on her….why are you making it so easy for him to pull Psycho chick down?

  22. Mr. Beardo

    Did anyone catch the Yin & Yang convo between JC Rachel and BSC in the BA last night? Rachel was trying to teach JC how to say it properly and his accent wouldn’t let him. He kept saying Jing & Jang. Had me in stitches! Lol

  23. Helen

    Omg Sam…stop already!!
    Telling RS and Psycho chick…from day 1 I have said there is a specific reason why we were all cast..
    Seriously? No shit Sherlock…

  24. Tinkerbell

    Purple People Eater telling Psycho Chick that even though she has kids she wants to stay. Okay, Mommie Dearest, whatever you say.


  25. HappyHippo

    Super boring day in the house…

  26. Mel

    Anybody think the DR will try to talk Sam out of announcing the details of her twist at the veto ceremony? They can’t possibly want her to do that.

    • Helen

      I don’t think they will stop her but I do think they will edit any mention of it out of Wednesday’s show

      • Mel

        Ya, can you just see them showing a clip of her telling them and then they cut to Julie who says to stay tuned to find out who’s evicted? Would kind of take away the suspense. Lol

    • HappyHippo

      I was wondering that same thing!

    • Ann

      I kind of thought maybe Sam was keeping everyone in suspense to show them how she felt when she was in suspense when she was the robot & then put otb. I thought she might have been giving them a taste of what they gave her. She was lonely & ignored when she was a robot, she was scared when Tyler put her otb & didn’t know if she was going home & she was kept in suspense.

  27. Ann

    TKO comes on tonight right after BB. It’s the same one with Tyler on it if anyone who missed it wants to see it.

  28. hogwild

    Please, please, please put looney tunes two on the block with looney tunes one.

  29. SammyD

    I remember when Faysal told both Psycho and Haleigh that if he won the POV, he would use it on them. Kaitlyn mentioned that if he did not use it on her, she would self-evict. So much for being a life coach.

  30. Tinkerbell

    Maybe everyone has already seen this. Interesting about Haleigh This article is dated 7/18/18. If these facts are true, Haleigh has been in a long term relationship with Ryan Hendrix. On his Instragram there are many pictures of them together, dating back to 2014, possibly longer. Ryan Hendrix was a pitcher for Texas A & M, and now with Cincinnati.


  31. Alda

    Sam says she has a hooka to smoke her weed,

  32. Tinkerbell

    Nooooooooo, not lock-down. Why can’t we have live feeds in the HOH. That would be great entertainment.

  33. danmtruth

    It was still fun to watch the HOH comp Seeing RS fall along with the others was just as satisfying

  34. hogwild

    Rockstar (sheesh what a name) is a couple tacos short of a combo platter.

  35. Tinkerbell

    It seems like Sam has gained a little weight in her tummy-tum-tum.

  36. Edsel

    Having watched the JC and Baleigh conversation, it seems like a double standard to me. An offensive word is an offensive word regardless; they don’t hold different weight because one applies to you and others do not.

    • HappyHippo

      JC responded perfectly. What I got out of that whole conversation was she was the victim and he wasn’t. Even though offensive words were said to both.

    • Jenny

      I came home from school when I was maybe 7, and asked my dad what “f****t” meant because I heard a boy call another boy that word. He got mad and said that’s a very bad word and I don’t ever want to hear you say it again! I didn’t understand what I had done to make him so angry. Years later, I realized how that word must have made him feel as a closeted gay man. After seeing what actually happened, I don’t think JC did anything wrong, and I think Bay was just so hurt that she couldn’t understand his point of view.

    • hogwild

      The thing is JC wasn’t using the word against her or in an insulting way he was simply pointing out how some words can be offensive to people based on how they are being used. Being in the south I have gotten the redneck stuff a lot I have refered to Sam as the redneck chick but I do so in a fun good natured way not to insult her where some will use to term to paint someone as stupid or uneducated. I can understand why Bay got upset but you have to look at the intent and in my opinion neither JC or Bay was trying to be rude or insulting to the other people really need to stop getting so offended at the drop of hat.

      • Avatar

        The reason Bay got so upset is because she told him not to say that word and he shut her down. He tried to blow her feelings about it off without hearing her out. Hypothetically if Angela would have asked him about short person terminology would he have used that example? I don’t think he would have. I know it wasn’t malicious but I do think there were subconscious reasoning for the example. Just because you come from a marginalized group doesn’t mean you relate to the fullest extent to every other marginalized group. Also Bayleigh was legitimately uneducated in her question. JC knows the severity of that word.

      • Ann

        He didn’t try to blow her feelings off, she just didn’t like how he explained the answer to her question. She used an offensive word, he used an offensive word, both educated each other on it but she acted a fool. He meant no ill will. I don’t like how she made him look bad in this situation. Bay understood what he was telling her, it was just that she wanted to be the one who was right & she wanted the last word & he wasn’t letting her. He’s better than me because she would not have gotten an apology out of me. If she wanted to talk further I would have told her we educated each other on those words, so now we can move on or not.

    • NKogNeeTow

      I was a little ticked at Bayleigh. Yes, she did ask him the question (the difference between a dwarf and a midget), but to me, he answered it the best way he knew how and used the “N” word as a juxtaposition to show her the difference. I got the feeling that she was almost taking it out of context on purpose. She knew he didn’t “call” her the word, he was only using it as an example to show her how that word was just as offensive to Black people as midget was to the Little Community. I did like how they talked about it later and cleared the air. But then she turned right around and tried to use it for pity with Sam. That brought her down a peg in my eyes.

      • danmtruth

        NK That is what I felt The one thing this showed was Sam knew about it that night Also Jc DID give her a chance to express herself and address what she said Yet Bay never seem to understand or want to acknowledge what Jc was saying

      • ChiKelz

        Hello… Hello all!

        As a lady of color and growing up in a suburb of Chicago (40 miles north) and we were the only black family in the town, I feel I’m qualified to add my 2 cents. Bay is in the wrong! I don’t like either of them, but a derogatory word is a derogatory word. Whether she used it as a question and he used it as an analogy doesn’t make a bit of difference. She took a grain of salt and blew it up into a mountain for attention. She needs to stop! Using the struggles of being 1 of 4 blacks in a school; I was 1 of 2… My brother and I. Use it as empowerment, use it to know how to communicate with all people of all backgrounds, use it to help others that struggle with diversity, but to use it to play the victim…Girl Bye! What she did was offensive to me because you have the ability and resources to make the most out of a situation or lemonade from lemons and you played “the race card”. It was a sign of immaturity and underexposure. Grow the hell up!

      • NKogNeeTow

        Chi! Hey Sweetie, good to “see” you again. I totally agree with you. No one in the house seems racist to me and I’m glad. I hope it stays that way and I hope none of them decides to go a different route.

      • Ann

        Hello Chik, nice to see you. I’m a woman of color also & your comment was dead on. Thumbs up my friend…….

  37. Ann

    Did Bay ever tell Swaggy not to use that word when he was saying it constantly? She blew that whole thing out of proportion with JC. He was not trying to offend her.

    • Edsel

      Agree. JC meant no malice.

    • Jenny

      Her emotional reaction may not have been rational to us, but it was real. I’m white and straight, so I can’t judge someone for how they feel when they hear one of those hateful words. I do cringe when I hear young black men address each other with the N word, but it isn’t for me to say if it’s okay. I just know that I would never say it. I love Cee Lo but when I sing along to F*** You I don’t sing that word.

  38. hogwild

    Can we keep the noms the same add rainbow hair and vote all three out?

  39. strwar1

    Lol Sam is AWESOME!!!!! i love it when she threw facts at Kaitlyn and Haleigh on their asses!! WOW!!! Go Sam!!!

  40. LO1004

    I’m really annoyed w Bay in this conversation with JC. Why is she the only one that’s allowed to be offended when he has been different his entire life too. Not only being small, but gay as well. He needs to hear her, but she can’t fathom listening to him? I can’t w all this.

    • Ann

      When she said it’s not acceptable for anyone to use the “N” word, JC should have asked her why didn’t she get upset when her boyfriend said it. I can’t stand that girl. She caused all of that crap that was totally unnecessary.

      • LO1004

        Meanwhile, he’s going off about this on Twitter, and Jessica Graf had to shut him down.

      • LO1004

        Rolling my eyes at both of them using offensive words. Let’s take that out for a second because that’s not what got me at all. It was her complete inability to understand that he was too offended and struggled his entire life. They clearly have similar life experiences, you’d think she’d empathize w him more.

    • Jenny

      I honestly think that when she heard the N word she just shut out everything else. I was disappointed with her reaction and I wish she could have heard him, but as a white girl I can’t say how much that word can hurt. A couple of years ago I got out of my car and dropped my purse just as a young black man walked by. He said ‘REALLY?!? come on !” and it took me a second to realize he thought my physical reaction was fear. I said, I dropped my purse.. and as I picked it up he relaxed and said “oh, you dropped your purse”. My awkward response was “you should be afraid of ME”… It broke my heart because it was clear he’d had white people react to him with fear enough times that he assumed that’s what was going on with me.

  41. Helen

    Good lord…don’t tell me sam is bonding with CrayonHead over a tub of soap bubbles in the backyard…..

  42. kneeless

    I am not trying to ruffle feathers & truly am asking a question. If a person says “n word” versus actually saying the entire word why is that not as offensive? Clearly the meaning is the same. I do NOT condone nor do I use any form of that word. I don’t think it should be OK for ANYONE to use, including Swaggy. I think it was totally blown out of proportion on BB. I think we are too easily offended these days. I will now step down from my soap box!

    • hogwild

      It depends on how it’s being used if someone says what is the matter with that dumb insert racial slur here I would say that’s highly offensive however if someone is just raising a question about differences between using the actual word N-word variant as you have I would say it’s not offensive either way some will still find a reason to be offended over it.

  43. danmtruth

    It was a perfect example of someone not listing Bay just wanted to be offended Jc might not have been the smartest in his first answer When he got one on one he did much better in listening to Bay Than explaining himself

    • Jenny

      I don’t think she wanted to be offended. I think she was so hurt it blinded her to whatever JC had to say.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Then she should have tried to understand that JC was telling her that he had suffered through some of the same kind of pain all of his life. Yes he can be a little perve sometimes, but after watching him these last few weeks, I think he does it in jest with the housemates because they don’t seem to mind and actually act like they get a kick out of his antics. Me, I’d be pissed, but that’s just me. I’ve softened on JC over the last few weeks. Mainly because disregarding his shenanigans, I like his game play. And if you listen to him, a lot of times he makes good sense (when you can understand him). He usually has a pretty good read on people and seems to handle them accordingly. He doesn’t take that “one size fits all” when dealing with them.

        For some reason, I don’t care for Bayleigh that much, but I do believe if she lightens up and plays her cards right, she can go far in the game.

      • Jenny

        Judging by the thumbs-down, I see that most of you disagree with me, which is okay. I guess I’m trying to give Bay the benefit of the doubt… whether she deserves it or not. Truth be told, I was annoyed at her for not listening to JC. But I don’t want to tell someone they shouldn’t feel a certain way either. I’m not a big fan of JC but in this case I am 100% on his side.

  44. Mel

    True. She actually didn’t get it after his first example and that’s why he gave the second, she was just talking over him.

    • LGJ

      I agree! She said how her kept talking over her, but in fact it was the other way around! She would not tolerate the n word however it was brought up…however she kept saying the words that offended him and then tried to justify her reasoning for using them. It was like she was expecting him to apologize without accepting that she was using labels that offended him as well.

      • LGJ

        Let me be clear, I don’t think they were using words intentionally to offend one another. Like everyone has said…cameras are on 24/7. Different personalities bring a lot of conflict sometimes. It definitely bring a lot of “holy cow we’re actually going there” convos.

  45. Avatar

    Racist remarks, Female Empowerment…what the heck happened to good ole backstabbing!

  46. Helen

    Whoever is in charge of live feeds this summer…YOUR FIRED…
    There are other cameras and people in the house. We don’t need to watch the same people for 2 hours solid

    • AIO_7

      Not just that, but they switch cameras (say) 1 & 2 for no reason. If you’re watching (say) wide angle on cam 2, they will switch you to the view that was on cam 1 (and vice versa) for no reason. Happens over and over.

      • NKogNeeTow

        That’s like the other night during BBAD, the camera was switching every 2 minutes. Before I could finish typing a sentence, the camera had switched to another room. It went on all night. Gave me a damn headache. I even said that I thought the cameraman was on crack.

    • danmtruth

      now 4 feeds on the guys working out Bret without his mic All the time the girls are on the hammock Conversation I would like to hear

  47. Alda

    Sam was looking for supplies to make Rock Star a hula hoop.Are they all nuts in this house?

  48. Helen

    Tyler just can’t keep his mouth shut…he just told JC a power (Sams) was going to be used this week and possibly no one will go home…jc has a BIG mouth that he runs to everybody.

  49. SammyD

    Sam does live in a small trailer next to her mom’s home. Perhaps there is a reason?

  50. danmtruth

    Sam just moved into the trailer on her moms yard last month according to her Sounds like there was an intervention of some sort To much late night drinking burning the candle at both ends She said she need to slow down

  51. danmtruth

    Is BSC actual doing pelvic thrust next to Tyler While Bret and Fessy just are peacocking around I think more fore each other Bret might find a new workout BRO in Fessy Sorry Winston

  52. NKogNeeTow

    Okay, it’s been raining cats and dogs for the last 2 days and is expected to continue for the next 10, with the exception of this coming Friday (I suppose I should be glad since walking across my lawn sounds like walking on corn flakes). Right now it is thundering, lightning and pouring down every 30 minutes. I’m praying that the power doesn’t go out so I won’t miss BBAD. Just in case it does, I’ve got a bottle of wine and I’m ready. Since I’m a lightweight when it comes to alcohol, by the time BBAD goes off, I’ll either be LIT or passed out…lol

  53. Tinkerbell

    Throw rocks at me if you want to – but I’m so sick, and tired, of the race CRAP!! Why are they wasting so much time on the show tonight of talk between JC and Bayleigh!! Serves no purpose, and always-always, divides the viewers, and everyone up in arms. STOP IT!! BB, thanks, once again, for causing more divides, and for ruining our summer pleasure. It’s pure BS!!! CBS, STFU!! Off of my soap box now…..after I fast forwarded through all of that BS, pure bullsh*t!! Tonight we were robbed of half an hour. I’m pissed!!!!

    • NKogNeeTow

      I’m not throwing any rocks, but I’m not pissed either. I’m glad they showed it. It gave those of us who don’t have the feeds, what happened in the aftermath. I do agree that I’m also tired of hearing about race all the time, but unfortunately, these are the times we live in. At least they addressed it so we can get it out of the way and move on. Now, I’m ready for some good ole BB down in the mud fighting! Not about race, but about gameplay..lol

    • Seattle Kari

      I agree. Just like last year I’m having a difficult time watching and I’ve just been following the feeds here. I just wish CBS gave a damn about what we thought!

  54. Tinkerbell

    For the rock throwers, I like Bayleigh and JC. My rant was not about either of them. They talked it out in privacy on the live feeds in the geometry room. There was absolutely no reason it needed to be aired on the show and cause people to be upset. Also, for people who only watch the shows, after the wasted half an hour tonight, they know even less of what is really going on in the house.

  55. Tinkerbell

    Going to be an interesting week for Rachael. She is already losing her cool as a have not.

  56. NKogNeeTow

    The best thing I can say about Driftwood, she has smooth underarms. Sorry, that’s all I got.

    • Ann

      She looks sway-back when she walks for some reason.

      • HappyHippo

        I knew she wasn’t as athletic as they made her out to be. She didn’t last on that wall. She’s even said she doesn’t work out much, just enough to stay lean. That she must have good genes. She eats super strict too. Wish I had those genes! I don’t mind my curves though

  57. danmtruth

    Shocker Bay has taken the biggest saucer Looks like Rachel has used a lot of things to build a bed

    • NKogNeeTow

      I think that was Sam’s bed and Rachel asked her if she could sleep there. Sam said it’s okay until she comes back downstairs. I know Sam built hers up with a lot of pillows to make it comfy.

      Bay must not be preggers. Last night she said she was getting bloated because it was almost that time of the month.

      • Sassy

        I really hope she’s not. They only knew each other a few weeks, and may find they don’t have much in common outside the house. If they get together after the show and still like each other, great!

      • NKogNeeTow

        If she wins, she’ll have 500K. He’ll FIND something to have in common with her.

  58. NKogNeeTow

    Bayleigh just asked KayCee if she would carry a child for her. Hell, that’s about the same chance of JC doing it. I don’t think KC answered. For the record, with all the prima donnas in the house, I actually think KC is the prettiest girl in the house and I like how she doesn’t play into it.

    Rachel is pissed because she said that JC told her that while she was asleep, he threw grapes from the floor into her mouth. Being the lady that I am, I shall refrain from a personal comment.

    WHY THE HELL IS ROCKY HORRORSHOW STILL ROCKING THAT PRINCESS LEAH HAIRDON’T? She must have a whole skein of yarn on her head. *rolling eyes*

  59. NKogNeeTow

    Fessy/Scottie/Rocky talking about Dennis Rodman. Rocky says Dennis Rodman is wild and she loves him. I knew she reminded me of somebody.

  60. Tinkerbell

    She never ceases to amaze me. It doesn’t show in the picture, but her face is covered in glitter. She looks like an exploding candy on Candy Crush. The glitter keeps getting in her eyes. Haha. Her lipstick is spot on as well. Spot on all outside of her lips.


  61. Colby

    Psycho just insisted that Brett get her a bowl of ice cream, and he did it.
    While he was doing that she went and ate out of a pan on the stove using the serving spoon, took a couple of mouthfuls, and put the spoon back in the pan. Disgusting!

    • Ann

      While Rachel is mad about JC putting grapes in her mouth off the floor, little does she know they all may have eaten worse seeing as how they dont mind cooking & eating off the cooking utensils & putting them back in the pot of food. JC puts his nasty little hands on food giving it out to people & they eat it. Bay was eating off the spatula she was cooking with last night. Who the hell knows what kind of germs & bacteria they have all eaten. Not to mention nobody cleans up except Sam.

    • HappyHippo

      Also their smacking is out of control! My 6 yr old does better! Grinds my gears

  62. Ann

    Are they drinking Sam’s jailhouse hooch that she made?

  63. Tinkerbell

    Psycho went to the backyard and started slithering all over Fessy on the couch. At one point he was in a dead stare, looking at her like she was Medusa with snakes coming out of her head. Haha

  64. NKogNeeTow

    While waiting for something exciting to happen, I’ve been thinking about how there has only been 1 KNOWN hookup in the house when they have so many of them secretly lusting after each other:

    Haleigh wants Tyler.
    Tyler doesn’t want anyone.
    Brett wants Ashley.
    Driftwood (Ashley) wants Brett.
    Rachel wants Brett.
    BatShitCrazy wants Fessy & Tyler.
    Fessy likes Kait but wants Haleigh.
    Scottie wants whoever might secretly give him some.
    Nobody wants RockStar.

  65. Colby

    How long do you think this Mutual Admiration Society meeting will go on?
    Maybe I’ll just go to bed.

  66. NKogNeeTow

    There is something about Scottie that annoys me but for some odd reason, I still like him. Even I don’t understand it. Maybe because he’s a mixture of smart and quirky?

    BY: Rocky/Sam/Fessy/BSC sitting on the sofa. BSC is talking. Why is she talking? She is Fessy how he is her best friend in life. She says he’s like “everything, the best, sensitive”. She says she admires him in so many ways. She is laying on the bullsh!t extra thick. Sam is just leaning on RHS just looking at her. Sam sees through the bull. Even though Fessy is a teacher, he’s too stupid to know he’s being schmoozed. She’s trying to levitate that Veto out of his pocket into hers. To bad that she doesn’t know that less than an hour ago, he told Hayleigh that he’s using the thing on her.

  67. NKogNeeTow

    Driftwood/Bayleigh in the hammock. Drifty says she turned her Instagram off before she came there because she didn’t want to go back and see all the trolls. My only question is, why would someone follow driftwood?

    Bayleigh has joined the “it’s like” club. It’s like, people who troll her can like, get off her page. It’s like, she misses her Mom. It’s like STFU!

  68. Ann

    Will someone please tell me why Sam wants to catch that cricket & take it in her room? The noise would drive me nuts.

    • Seattle Kari

      for people that grow up were crickets are around, they are the sound of a warm summer night in the distance.

      I grew up in Eastern Washingto, where they have a lot of crickets and also frogs. When I hear them it brings back the memories of sleeping outside at my grandparents house and how they would lull me to sleep.

    • Jenny

      Frog sounds are cool. And crickets OUTSIDE are fine. But when one of them is in your house chirping when you’re trying to sleep… DRIVES ME FREAKING NUTS!! I had a cat that would catch them and eat everything but the back legs, which I would find on the floor.

  69. NKogNeeTow

    Hayleigh and Driftwood are trashing BSC. Hay says BSC told her she had a hit that Hay won’t finish college. They both say she’s crazy. Hayleigh says she can’t wait till voting night so BSC can get her comeupence. They make fun of her “hits”. They say that Sam is funny. Hay says Sam told her she loves her lisp. They discuss their periods. Hay says she hasn’t had one in 3 years and comes on BB and syncs up with every girl in the house. Drifty says she hopes she doesn’t get one (WTH???)

    Sam is prophesizing to Rachel now. Between Sam and BSC, I can’t figure out which one is Budda and which one is Confuscious.

  70. Ann

    I’m sorry but I’m sick of hearing Sam.

  71. Avatar

    I don’t know if I can handle watching the most intense season ever.

  72. Avatar

    B LOVES to tell the story about her conversation with JC & how he offended her. She was telling A on the hammock earlier tonight :/

    Kaitlyn was trying to get T to tell her nice things about her, so she shared what F said while outside, unfortunately she wasn’t fully honest & added onto what F actually did say. T said he couldn’t compete & walked away. She didn’t get what she wanted from T.

  73. NKogNeeTow

    Thank God Mel has the gift of gab and can turn this dull 3 hours into a full blown story. Between BBAD and the rain, I needed this wine. For the record, I’m not really a lush. My drink consist of 3/4 gingerale and 1/4 sweet wine (can’t drink it unless it taste like punch). My best friend says I drink Robitussin.

    With that I bid you all a good night and have a GREAT day tomorrow 🙂

  74. HappyHippo

    Just got up here on the east coast and Fessy was talking to RS at the pool table saying he’s decided to pull Kayleigh off. Stick to his word of if you pick me and I win I’ll pull you off….then he tells Kayleigh when she comes out but she’s whining she doesn’t want RS to go home….
    It will be fun to watch BSC Kait “not care” after he does …yea right! Lol
    Looking forward to your summation Mel 🙂 (do you stay up and watch the live feeds or watch them the following morning with replay (I dont know how some of you replay, rewind, pause, etc)

  75. danmtruth

    Saw the love fest on the outside sitting area RS was all spiritual and inner beauty Made a point of saying a few nice things about Bret With long dramatic pauses and lots of umm’s

    Bsc interrupted everyone as they were saying nice things about her Just to stretch out the love fest of her This life coach must bring it all back to her

    Bay spent a lot of time talking to the other women Had to tell them all how shock they will be when they find out her “secret” Complain that she only had one week to get ready to be on BB As she was found and has never seen BB Also no one in her family have ever seen it She is now engaged in the show Still thinks she and Chris will have a life after the show

  76. Avatar

    I was so happy when Sam stayed and now I am so sick of her. Who the F does she think she is to make judgements about all the women and act like the men aren’t at fault because they are guys. And then she runs around in skimpy little outfit which she just criticized the other women for. And what is this thing that she’s not going to talk to anyone about her nominations. Isn’t that the point of the game? I am SO over her. I hope she goes SOON.

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