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Big Brother 20 – Sunday Feed Updates!

Good afternoon, everyone!


Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! This is the fifth to last Sunday in the Big Brother house which means winter is coming. Boo! I’m sad now.

Enough pity party from me. On the flip side of the argument, there is still nearly five weeks left of the season!  That’s like half a season of BBOTT (I think).  Speaking of, please bring that back. Scrap the dumb Celebrity BB and just have a regular winter season. We deserve it after the mess that production made this summer (short endurance comps, no hoh on feeds last week, super long pov last night). We also deserve it because Big Brother is better than most garbage that CBS ends up airing, anyway.

On to the show. There isn’t a lot to talk about considering the PoV ran like 50 hours yesterday and cut away feeds most of the day. When feeds finally returned around 1:30 am (my time), people were ready for bed and just waiting for have-nots to end. Tyler and Angela did snuggle up a bit around 3 and talked about going on a date when the season ended. He offered to take her to Hawaii (he won the trip) and they talked about other places they’d like to go. Despite what they may be saying in the DR right now, I have a hard time believing they’ll turn on each other at the end. For selfish reasons, they will probably hope the other gets taken out before the final 3, but if they’re in the final 3 together, I just don’t see them not taking each other. Maybe I’m naive. Tyler especially. He seems to like Angela a bit more than she likes him and he knows he can probably beat her. I’m not sure if she feels she can beat him.


The end of the year also makes me want to thank people once again for their donations this summer! Now that website costs are taken care of, donations are split between Mel and myself (although I may change that moving forward to giving her most of the remaining donations minus a cup of coffee here and there). Here is the page if you’re interested!

Let’s get to the feeds…

  • 11:50 am – My favorite rivalry is outside together talking (Tyler and Haleigh)
    • She is talking about the PoV competition
    • Haleigh says she’s glad it worked out the way it did because if she picked Tyler there would probably be drama all week
    • Tyler says he believes Haleigh wouldn’t have backdoored him
    • However, she would have and both actually know that which is why I love the tension between them
  • 12:05 pm – Sam is telling Haleigh about a story about seeing someone’s bush
    • This caused her to start shaving her area around 13 and didn’t want to head down that path…
    • Big Brother comes over the speaker “You’ve got to be kidding me!”
  • Haleigh moves outside to tan with Angela so I think the day is going to slow way down now
  • Meanwhile, Tyler is talking to Sam in the bathroom
    • He is talking to her about the potentials this week how she may have gone up as a pawn but she wouldn’t have been in danger
    • Sam says Angela scared her at the beginning of the season but has grown to really like her
    • Sam tells Tyler to partner up with Angela and he says he can fend for himself. He won’t partner with her
    • They talk a bit more, she hugs him and she says he needs to eat more
  • 2:15 pm – The house is getting their tan on
  • 4:20 pm – Haleigh is sitting out back with Kaycee talking about last season and about stuff in general
    • Fessy is making himself pretty

Slow afternoon but I’m probably going to wrap this up and create a new thread after the CBS episode.  I may just have to talk more about their boring conversations to fill the time because game and drama has been extremely limited recently


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  1. dfdsgs

    I have been thinking about it, and I think the smartest thing would be to get rid of Haleigh. Since there is a battle back whoever wins out of Rockstar, Bayleigh, Scottie, or Fessy (if he is voted out) will go right back to working with her. Meanwhile, if it is Fessy in the house, I don’t know if any of them over Haleigh will work with Fessy moving forward. It will make it easier for L6 to pick off the last few if they don’t start turning on each other and want to be the final 4.

    • AIO_7

      That’s what I’m thinking too; and depending on the comp., I feel that Fester would have the better chance get back in.

    • Sassy

      If any of them have more than 2 brain cells, they will work with whichever one stays. They HAVE to know by now the L6/5/4 are working together and JC is with them. Even if they came back and started working with L6/5/4, they are lowest on the totem pole and their time is going to be short lived in the house unless they win HOH. Oh wait, this is Foutte/Hive that I’m talking about, brain cells are gone.

      • ElaineB

        Whoever comes back in is going to have a helluva time making a dent in anyone’s game play. Hopefully it will be a revolving door, and he/she will head right back to jury. I HATE these second opportunities!

    • Barracuda

      I agree. If they vote out Hayleigh you have Fester in the house. If Scottie comes back there would be no chance that he would work with him. If they keep Haleigh in the house whoever comes back will work with her. Hopefully they realize this and vote her out and then we don’t have to hear her dumb “looking ravishing Julie!” every eviction.

  2. Ritchie

    NKog… WOW what a recap real time you pulled last night! With Mel in the AM, you in the p.m. and Big Steve balancing the day out, I’m going to get spoiled rotten and I love it!! Absolutely fantastic job yesterday please keep it up!!!

  3. Ritchie

    Worst case scenario for Fessie: He gets voted out, competes in the battle back and loses by a narrow margin to of all people Scotty! Icing on the cake would be Haleigh running and jumping into the arms of Scotty because she’s so excited right in front of Fessi as he exits stage left to the jury house! The agony that he would endure would be incredible!

    Best case scenario for Haleigh (besides winning it all): After Fessi heads to the jury house, she places no worse than 3rd place which will get her three more weeks and a finale night never having to be crowded and suffocated by Fessi in the jury house!

  4. danmtruth

    Sam doing her version of meditation = cleaning

    • Tinkerbell

      My thoughts only……she is a fake ass, fake. I bet she doesn’t clean one bit on the outside. Her incessant cleaning, handyman,, crafting, etc….are part of her “on-camera” act. She doesn’t fool me for one minute. I’ve known people like her. Fake ass! I think I already said this, but if production would allow her, she would disassemble the entire house and everything in it, backyard included, and relocate it two blocks away. Always taking things off of the Have Not walls, tearing apart a pillow, science projects, starting her own zoo in glass jars, making mittens and scarves. The list is endless. When everyone else is outside, in kitchen, other rooms, she is always – where they aren’t. She has the cameras all to herself, exactly how she likes it. Her favorite places for her best camera shots are the storage room, and bathroom. Best butt shots directly at the camera while bending over, supposedly cleaning the shower. I still say she’s hoping to star in the next Psycho movie.

      Eviction on Thursday is one I would love for production to interfere with. Send Hayleigh’s brown nosing hind end slip-slidin’-away. Next Fess, then Sam.

      There’s a good possibility I’m just getting crabbier as the season goes along…..but I wish they would WD40 those two damn doors – Have Not and storage. Geeeezzzzz!! Give us a flippin’ break. I feel pretty sure it’s intentional. I don’t remember it in past seasons.

      Production, I have enjoyed this season….but it is the worst season, EVER, for house rule violations. Right now Fess and JC sleeping three hours past awake time……now Hayleigh crawled in bed next to JC. Tired of singing, tired of DR talk, pissed off at FISH every two minutes.

      Off my soap box. Thanks so much Steve, NK, Mel. You guys are the beeezzz kneeezzz!! Xo

      • WhereisPablo

        ” starting her own zoo in glass jars”

        LMAO! Tink, I love your posts!

      • Seattle Kari

        I can I can understand where you’re coming from Tink, but I don’t agree with you as far as the obsessive house cleaning, keeping busy aspect of Sam.

        My daughter has anxiety and depression end the thing that helps her through it is doing exactly that. Keeping her hands and body active. Just what I’ve noticed with my friends with anxiety as well…

      • Sassy

        But we don’t KNOW that she has anxiety… It just may be her personality. She says she loves all things mothering – could ok’ing, cleaning and taking care of people. It may just be how she was raised.

      • mm22

        Starting her own zoo-really funny tink!

  5. Barracuda

    “They talk a bit more, she hugs him and she says he needs to eat more”

    How can you not like Sam. She is such a mom/grandmother. Lol.

    • ElaineB

      Hopefully soon she can ‘mother’ the ones in the jury house. I do like Sam. I just can’t justify her staying in the game of BB, when other HGs have been busting their humps to stay and PLAY!

      • Barracuda

        I agree. I blame them casting someone who knows nothing about the game and thinks they only ‘compete’ when they have competitions. There are so many people dying to be on the show.

      • Sassy

        It takes a lot to play the role she has adopted and look how far it has gotten her. I think she IS playing, I just don’t care for her style of game play. She acts dumb and crazy hoping they all will think she can’t beat them in the end and they take her to the end. If she really had a mental disability, there is NO way CBS would make fun of that in her zing…

      • ElaineB

        Sassy, I do agree with you. I do believe that she may surprise everyone and end up going far in the game. At first, I was okay with all her mental swings (no armchair psychiatry please), moving from ‘self-evict’ to ‘don’t put me up’. Now, I am pissed off!

  6. AIO_7

    Looks like they have closed out the yard …


  7. delabear

    Here is my fantasy scenario:
    Fes is voted out.
    In the battle back, the other 3 evicted HGs are so intent on beating one another that they don’t notice Rockstar, who wins.
    At HOH competition, Sam does not really understand how it works, but accidentally wins anyway.
    Sam nominates Hay and Angela (her competition for Tyler’s attention) and JC finally wins POV but keeps the noms the same (no display of alliance with anyone).
    Haleigh is evicted and, in DOUBLE EVICTION, Brett wins HOH, nominates Rockstar and Sam and (amid tears) RS is again evicted.

  8. Mel

    We make lots of comments about conspiracy theories. We also make a lot of guesses and sometimes we’re right, sometimes we’re not. We make fun of each other and of the stuff we come up with. Everyone is good natured about it but Helen owns it like no other. I was on another thread when I thought about it. Helen even announces she’s putting her tinfoil hat on for certain comments and thoughts and makes no apologies. I absolutely love that! Helen, you get the “I’m owning it” award for sure!

  9. Tinkerbell

    Why did I say God bless you when JC just sneezed. WTH! Hahahahahahhahaha. And why did I just admit to it.

  10. Seattle Kari

    The bush talk: “You’ve got to be kidding me!”

    Oh my God I just about spit out my coffee! I’m so glad you caught that were able to share. That is hilarious!

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  12. Wizard

    L6 is making a HUGE mistake keeping Hay over Fess! Hay is much smarter than Fess and has a better relationship with the 3 prior evictees than Fess does. If Scottie comes back and partners with Hay, the 2 of them really could give L6 a run for their money! Meanwhile if Fess is still in the house, whoever comes back may help actually target him!

    I’m not seeing the logic with L6 keeping Hay in the house; it’s a really, really, really stupid (and rookie) movie on their part!

    • AIO_7

      I agree. There is still plenty of time until Thursday for them to figure it out.

      • ElaineB

        I am in agreement. Part of me thinks Fessy will fall on his sword and die a slow, painful death is Hay is evicted, not to return. I don’t seem him being the ‘BB gamer’ moving forward, and I don’t think he would be thrilled with any of the other returnees. No matter what, the tide will be hard to turn for any of them.

      • Wizard

        I’m hoping JC can talk some sense into these people!

    • mm22

      Boy I hope they rethink that move not because I really don’t like
      Haleigh or sick of the cameraman following her around but because
      if anyone of them come back they run right to Haleigh and if its RS
      would pull sam with them same with Scottie

      • Colby

        Bay or RS would go straight to MF too. I am not positive they would pull Sam. She knows that both MF and Haho have tried to get her backdoored. Scottie too.

  13. Tinkerbell

    Angela and Tyler tanning their slender bods in the So Cal rays. They would make little cutie pie babies. And that’s all I have to say about that.

    • Seattle Kari

      The Romantic in me would love to see them actually end up together. They’ve kept it pretty subtle for the most part compared to other showmances. At least so far LOL

      • Alda

        Tyler and Angela are both very attractive people.But, I would never see them as a couple on the outside.Angela seems more of a fancy restaurant,cocktails and Michael Kors kind of girl.Tyler seems like an Applebees’s,beer and converse or vans kind of guy.Just my observation.

      • danmtruth

        Call me a romantic but I think they have a chance I see Angela a bit different I don’t see her as that much of a high maintenance She just seems a bit guarded I do think her and TY have a lot in common Not that it makes a difference in my life But I will enjoy thinking they might have something going on

    • ElaineB

      They do look nice together. I like the ‘we can’t get caught’ feature of their flirtation and interaction. Damn, what a nice change from all the usual idiot couples. Though I don’t believe Angela will want a serious dating relationship with him outside the house, I think she should take him up on the trip to Hawaii. Go have a good time, you lovely, crazy kids!

  14. Seattle Kari

    You all have great points as to voting out so Fussy and Hailey..

    She is annoying the hell out of me with constant finger chewing but he is so dense I can hardly stand to listen to him anymore. Honestly I don’t really give a crap which one goes and I hope they don’t make it back in the house.

    I know Scotty bugged a lot of people but I’d rather see him come back and then anybody else, especially Bay!!

  15. AIO_7

    The Fab. 4 soaking in some rays …


    • ElaineB

      Initially I was wanting others in the combo of F4, other than the ‘Fab 4’ (aka L6). The more I listen to chats with them and watch them, I really LIKE the four of them together. Though I know, if that is the case, it will be each one for him/herself, it would be a proud moment for all of them to have made it that far together!

  16. caRyn

    This from NK’s updates explains Brett’s goodbye messages: Brett says he’s at the point that he’s just doing it for the fans. He says because there isn’t a scenario where he’s going to win. He says he’s a zombie walking through zombieland covered in blood right now.

    • mm22

      Im glad he explained his reason for his goodbye
      messages-I don’t remember any house guest using his strategy
      for the “hide the veto “ comp and thought he was clever.
      I like Brett sad he doesn’t think he could win-never say never

      • Sassy

        The funny thing is with a bitter jury, he bears both Angela and Tyler.

      • Sassy

        Beats, not bears. I need to figure out how to fix my autocorrect.

      • ElaineB

        It is hard to predict how each individual jury member will vote. I know that bitterness in the case of Paul was well deserved. In many seasons, many jurors vote for the one who played the best game (whatever that took, and knowing the game). Every reason each juror gives, is valid, and applies to that one juror. If folks are fortunate to get to F2, a sales job has to be done on the jurors. For JC, I will need closed captioning. Lol.

  17. Helen

    Hmmmmm….no have nots yet today? How odd. Lmao

  18. Shivani33

    Although Sam has been constantly inconsistent about whether or not she is playing or wants to play the game, currently she sounds like she has given up on all levels. Such a keeper. Not! BB is not a damn farm for semi-retired goats. Who cares if she started shaving her pube beard at age 13? This ranks right up there with her big reveal from a couple of weeks ago when she said she had never farted on a mate while f*cking. Toodle-loo. The thrill is as good as gone.

    Some of us do not want a busybody housekeeper hiding on staircases whilst stuffing her face, handling our bed linens, clothes, snacks, etc. and rearranging that which is not her property. She is not invisible enough to be a good maid, is still trying to get attention, reassurance and still hands out advice, as if it matters. Perhaps it is past time for her to move on from being a halfhearted houseguest and to settle into being a disappointing, anxious and insecure juror.

    At least Fester is a misguided moron who has tried to play with what little equipment he’s got. (Mainly that seems to be his musculature and the black and white imitation Punjabi/Pakastani beanie from Walmart, which his mommy sent in his HoH basket.) Haleigh doesn’t bother me at all and never has. She’s a bit of a pest but not a quitter. I enjoy her mental eccentricity and her experimental sexual dabbling. I hope she gets that piano into her van, one fine day after she asks herself, “have you ever been experienced?”

    The 2 players whose presence I won’t miss are Sam and JC. JC is like the CBB winner, Marissa, for me. All blab, bluster and noisiness. It disgusted me to see her win. Run along, JC. Asap. It has been too long already.

    I am interested to see whether Brett can outsmart Tyler, Angela and the ever loyal Kaycee. Now that would be a feat. Pre-season I picked Tyler and Angela as the 2 potential BB winners, based upon their introductory interviews. Usually, I’m reliable in being mistaken, so there’s still hope for Kaycee and Brett. Hahaha. Kaycee doesn’t seem to be mentally methodical, though. It could take a miracle for her to come out on top. However, It would be remarkable to see Brett beat them all, even though Tyler continues to be my favorite player in a long time.

    We were blessed to have a schnauzer in our family who traveled everywhere, coast to coast with us. I called him the Will Rogers of dogs, as he never met a person he didn’t like. I will never get over him. Tyler has always reminded me of this same kind of uniquely loving heart. Coincidence or not, our little schnauzer was born on Feb.18th, same as Tyler. Both are unforgettable to me. I respect Tyler’s combination of kindness and detachment.

    • Mel

      I really like that about Tyler. We usually get game focused combined with asshole or a kind person who’ll let people take over their game in order to be kind. He has a great combination and he doesn’t get nasty and personal with people. Maybe he has but I can’t remember one time he’s insulted someone.

      • ElaineB

        Hey Tyler won me over with his never-ending patience for/with Kaitlyn. While my TV screen was covered in tomato residue, he was consoling and/or encouraging her. I realize he came to play a game, but the attention he showed to that crazy one, went a notch above ‘keeping her happy’ for game play. He seems like a really nice young man.

  19. Sassy

    What is wrong with these people? Visene in coffee, metamucil in something, now Tums and possibly Advil in a mixed candy bowl? Is this really a thing with young adults?? What’s the obsession?

  20. AIO_7

    New thread, Ya’ll.

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