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Big Brother 20 – Sunday Night Feeds Plus PoV Results

Good evening, everyone! It’s Sunday night and that means Big Brother is on tonight! In fact, you may be coming here after the show, so I’ll say it was great (even though I haven’t seen it yet)


I will say though, if you’re interesting in checking out the live feeds, you can get a free week of them by signing up through this link

This afternoon, they ran the PoV meeting which makes sense as there is usually a day gap between the comp and ceremony. While it’s typically done on Saturday/Monday, production may be preparing for a skeleton crew during the 4th.

As expected, Steve did not use the POV.  Sam and Steve are the final noms for the week.


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Let’s jump to some updates:

  • 5:00 pm – Tyler is sitting alone in the HoH room while a few people are outside
    • Haleigh’s neverending cold/allergies brings her inside when Sam was trying to hang out with her (in human form)
    • Sam goes over to Angie and Steve and thinks that Haleigh doesn’t like her.  They try to tell her that she does, but Sam has been so out of the loop this last week she can’t get a good feel on people
    • Angie tries to reassure Sam that people may be weird with her simply because she’s on the block and people feel real bad and guilty about it. This makes it generally harder to talk to the person because of the weird guilt which is actually interesting. While hearing it, it sounded dumb, but while writing it, sounds a bit deeper.
    • Meanwhile, Brett comes up to the group and Angie awkwardly fishes for compliments and then rambles on
  • Taking a break to watch the CBS show
  • 6:30 pm – Ok, I’m back
    • Weird episode. I know I usually say the unpopular opinion, but I’m saying it now. Sam is a bit crazy and is going to grow annoying to the fans.
    • Don’t get me wrong, I see what everyone else does now. She has a nice innocent voice and appears sweet, but there appears to be a crazy side in her and I can totally see her freaking out on production during the PoV.
    • I’m not going to say the R word – yet – but I predict she’ll come close to the R word this season.
    • And the r-word I am referring to is ‘Raven’ of course.  Yes, I think if Sam stays in the house long enough, she’ll go from cute fan favorite to splitting the fans. Calling it now.
    • But, regarding Sam’s power, it sounds like a battle back of sorts but it’s going to be a different type.
    • My guess is that a punishment (or power) will be the person to challenge Sam when she tries to return the house. Similar to Cody vs Paul last season except skipping the first round where Cody wiped out the other 3
  • 7:30 pm – Random note – JC seems to have really thought that Chris’ real name was Swaggy
  • 8:00 pm – Biggest showmance this season:
  • 9:30 pm – Tyler is chatting with Sam in the kitchen
    • It reminds me, when Brett was having his bromance session above, he actually mentioned the awkward moment earlier when Angie was kissing his ass for some reason.
  • 10:00 pm – A lot of people are packing it in for the night. The bros are still chatting in the HN room though
    • Winston is talking about how Fay doesn’t know the game. He then says how he has NEVER seen someone go 14 days without an eviction.  I guess he missed seasons 15-17, plus 13 if you exclude Dick’s self-eviction. Or 12, 11, 8, etc, etc
    • The doubros (douchebros) are in the HN room still plotting what they want to do in the house.
    • They are convinced that there will be back to back havenots where Tyler will pick again.
    • Their plan is to have Tyler pressure the other guys in the house to volunteer to be havenots so they’re weak.
    • It’s weird they’re not even contemplating that they may just keep no havenots until after HoH because that would be amazingly unfair to have Tyler exempt for two weeks AND have him pick people.
    • Winston is celebrating their genius plan
    • They even mentioned the 4th of July without considering production will probably skip HNs for a few days because HNs get to eat for the 4th anyway
    • The bros are planning on what show they’re going to dominate together once they win this show.  You can’t make this up
    • Oh, and Winston is telling Brett how a showmance isn’t a kiss of death (I think he’s trying to work Brett into warming up to Angela/Winston together). He tells him how Jordan won with that

Alright it’s late, time for bed!  Updates in the morning


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  1. Helen

    I still am unsure about Tyler…..which side is he truly on..or is he just kinda floating through this week ?

  2. hogwild

    Who do you think has gotten the best edit so far tonight? I’m thinking Kaycee they are making it look like that pinwheel has been going off a lot more than it has.

  3. danmtruth

    I say Ty is floating
    always interesting to see how production cut the show

  4. Shivani33

    I think that Sam has such beautiful eyes.

  5. g8trgirl

    Did Sam just say everyone sucks? While she’s on the block?
    This robot thing is stupid as hell.

    • hogwild

      Not a smart thing to say but I can see how this basically being in the house out of the house over and over can aggravate and frustrate you it would drive me nuts. Have I mentioned how stupid I think this robot thing is? LOL.

      • NKogNeeTow

        One thing I noticed in tonight’s show is how Sam was treated both as a robot and human. When she was in robot form, they didn’t pay that much attention to her…walked around her, past her. Maybe it became a conditioned reflex because, by the time she was back to human form, they pretty much ignored her the same way. I know BB is supposed to be a social experiment, but I don’t like the idea of them taking it to a psychological level. It’s like by them isolating her as a robot, they are mentally breaking her down and rendering her virtually invisible to her housemates. At first, I thought the robot was a cute idea. Now, I do not like it at all.

      • Bobbi514

        Production I think is scrambling to come up with new ideas involving tech and what killed me is the most arrogant one in the house is Chris and I was laughing my butt off when he found out he was not trending and him standing there am like I hope he never becomes trendy as that talking in 3rd person is probably the worst habit someone can do and he would be the one I would punch in face LOL

      • Ann

        Bobbi514, you punch him in the face & I’ll kick him dead square in the ass with my bad foot with the cast on it. I do not like him at all.
        Chester The Molester has such a filthy mouth.

  6. Shivani33

    Bayleigh is the Kenya Moore of Big Brother 20!

  7. danmtruth

    They keep saying how Swaggy had the power to protect 8 people It was just he got to chose which 2 groups to save Those groups were chosen by production So naturally he chose the group he was in Than Swaggy played it SAFE by choosing the other group who came in with them

    • NKogNeeTow

      What I found ironic is that Swag said when choosing who to keep safe, he chose the group he entered with because it was safer/easier. But he turns around and tells Tyler that putting up the 2 people who came in last in the competition was taking the easiest way out and that he should have put up 2 people who were threats instead of 2 weak players. Well if that’s the case, why didn’t he do the same when he was making his picks?

    • Bobbi514

      YUCK cannot stand him he is irritating

  8. g8trgirl

    Y’all are right. Swaggy hag has to go. “I’ll be trending every week, running the house”? Puleeze. Gag me with a ladle.

  9. hogwild

    I laughed my ass when braggy found out he lost the special power I just statred watching BB at number 17 so I suspect there have been other players as full of themselves as he is but I can’t think of anyone in the short time I have been watching who is not even Paul was this full of himself.

  10. Quwana

    ughhhh that Swiggy guy is sooooooooo annoying….his “swag” gonna get him evicted….idk abt Sam…sometimes u feel sorry 4 her and then BOOM she rubs u the wrong way with all da negativity…IT’S A GAME…PLAY OR SELF EVICT PLZZZZZ…*just my thoughts

    • hogwild

      Like I said earlier about Sam I think it’s just having to keep going back and fourth between being in the house as herself and that stupid robot that’s getting to her. This is why I really hope she survives this week so I can see how she plays being in the house as herself full time.

    • Sassy

      I would like Braggy to leave before jury, don’t want to hear how he is running that house too. I agree with you about Sam, I have mixed feelings about her. I want to like her but she is making it tough.

  11. Yael Sara

    I have found myself needing to changed the live camera on feeds if suddenly Swaggy McBraggy comes on. I really don’t like hearing him as well don’t understand him. He gave himself a name for his swagger and outfits he wears. And then came into the house with a bunch of shirts with his self proclaimed name ironed on them.

    Also, just now catching up on junkies… can someone catch me up on the dislike for Winston as haven’t picked up on that personally yet

  12. Mel

    The assumption this week has been that Sam gets to come back with her power (like Jessica’s halting hex) but it actually said she gets a “chance” so it sounds more like when Cody had to win his way back in. Curious to see how it plays out…

    I think Tyler’s playing smart. He isn’t floating but he’s trying to ride the middle. If it doesn’t blow up, it’s a very good way to start. He’s impressing me in several ways. He likes Haieigh but isn’t hung up on it, gave legit reasons for his noms, isn’t too loyal to Level 6 and is working on a side thing with Kaycee, Sam and JC. I don’t think anyone can float when there hasn’t been an eviction anyway.

  13. LO1004

    I’m getting major cool kid flashbacks from last year when Cody, Matt, and Mark thought they were running the house in the first week last year. Rachel, Angela, Winston, and Brett are acting the same way and I can’t wait for the other side to have power and see them walk w their tails between their legs. I wonder who’ll be the first to flip-flop.

  14. Mel

    More Winston/Swaggy drama: Winston said he’s going to complain to the DR that Swaggy walked by him and made machine gun noises. He also says he’s going to start calling him Christopher like his father intended. Winston thanks it’s dumb to give yourself a nickname and he’s going to refuse to call him by it. I agree with Winston on this but I don’t know that it’s any worse than Brett calling himself “your boy” and Brett and Winston constantly calling each other bro.It’s a wash for me.

    CBS is living for this robot stuff and I’m living for this fantastic mess of hg’s this year. They’re going to be entertaining. I already like who I didn’t think I would and have stopped liking my first picks, well mostly. These people have really surprised me. This is what happens when you get a house full of new players trying to find their way thru the game. I still hate the voting but hey, I can’t have everything so I’m still happy.

    • Colby

      The ‘bro’ thing doesn’t bother me. I think it is pretty common these days.
      I didn’t know Brett was doing that, but I hate the ‘your boy’ thing. Reminds me of Paul.
      Disappointed in Winston for tattling over gun noises. Really? It’s noises. Just to bug him like he is going to do by calling him Chris. Get over it snowflake…………… Are they 10 yr olds?

    • NKogNeeTow

      Winston is going to fool around and make me start calling him Winston The Wuss. What the hell is Production supposed to do about Swag making machine gun noises? Everyone knows he doesn’t have a gun in there so what’s the big deal. If he doesn’t like Swag making machine gun noises at him, then he should make shotgun noises at Swaggy whenever he passes him. There you go. Even!

    • Avatar

      Hi Mel. I hope you have been well!

      No offense to anyone named”Winston” or with children named ” Winston,” it is a perfectly fine name. But, with his personality combined with his name, he seems to have an arrogant air about him.

  15. hogwild

    BB might have already done this I don’t know but since the house almost always splits into two groups on day one I think they should pull a survivor twist on them and have them compete against each other as two groups for the first few weeks.

  16. danmtruth

    Hogwild good call on the stress for Sam In heaving to come in than out The comparisons to Raven confuses my small brain Sam is not faking a near death illness Is she a bit unhinged Could be But give her time in the house to see if she can fit in Yes the power is just a CHANCE to reenter the game

  17. Avatar

    Can someone tell me how they decide which houseguest is most trending vs least? Do they go off of actual social media trending? I’m so worried people are gonna be talking mess about a houseguest and by default that houseguest gets most trending because everyone is talking about them.

  18. danmtruth

    It is a poll on the CBS site It depends on the question and how people answer

  19. Avatar

    Happy summer, friends! I’ve missed you. Full disclosure, I didn’t watch Celebrity BB, so I didn’t post.

    I agree that Swaggy can be full of himself, but at least he is kind of entertaining. I liked the fact that he was willing to look silly in the pool with the kids he babysits. It seemed like those kids liked him and I trust the judgment of kids. Plus, as a parent, there is no way he would be hired as a babysitter if he was always in Swaggy mode. I think he’s probably a decent guy.. Otherwise, the guys are a little boring …. some more than others. For the most part, I don’t even know who’s who yet and no one is really that interesting to me yet.. I am totally looking at their photos of so I can refer to them.

    I hope Steve sticks around because I think his undercover background could be fun to watch.

    Initially, I liked Sam because she was kind of humorous (and doesn’t remind me of “She who shant be named” from last season), but her tears and lashing out tonight has me rethinking that. I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt because it can’t be easy to be in confinement when everyone else is bonding and feeling each other out. It is a HUGE disadvantage. It is easy to cut someone no one knows …. no blood. I like that JC kind of put her in her place and appreciated that she appreciated that he was being real. On the other hand, he kind of annoys me.

    I do NOT like Brett at all. He reminds me of a guy who never outgrows the frat boy mentality and I suspect he has a big mean streak and is not to be trusted.

    Eventually, someone is going to kill Wannabe Nicole Ritchie. There’s only so much chakra cleansing and aura reading that most people can take. I wonder if her grandfather, the bird, will warn her. Now THAT would make good television.

    Rockstar …. I just don’t know why a mom of 3 would go by that name. It hurts my eyes to watch her. Too much color. Nothing wrong with her per se, just too flamboyant for my taste. And, I don’t get why people on the show are commenting about Swaggy’s name, but not Rockstar’s name.

    How can Haleigh have so many allergies? Doesn’t she do farm chores? Maybe I have her confused with someone else. Like I said, this cast seems a little interchangeable and non-descript to me so far,

    Bayleigh …. said too much about liking Swaggy and it will bite her in the butt.

    I kind of like Scottie. There’s something genuine about him in a nerdy way. I think he could be stronger than we know yet. Hoping he is fun to watch.

    Tyler reminds me of a cross between Frank and Hayden for some reason. I’m not sure how I feel about him yet.

    Angela seems like she could be a good player. I don’t think she needs that alliance. It could hurt her.

    Rachel …. didn’t like her “I’ll be sexy” attitude when they showed her video week 1. Doubt I’ll change my mind.

    I don’t have a strong vibe on anyone else yet to form an opinion.

    • Bobbi514

      Love your take on all of them and basically am in agreement with most with the exception of Swaggy as a former Nanny he is doing it part time to make $$ and just because the kids like him doesn’t mean he is not still arrogant and irritating who comes into the house with all those t-shirts with his name or talks in the 3rd person constantly ~ the cough/gag Rockstar does just that to me ~ Scotty I hope comes through to be one of the final 2 ~ for me Sam seems a little out of touch with the world in some aspects ~ still waiting to make some other opinions like you its too soon

  20. Alda

    I still don’t like Winston.He is very full of himself.I think Swaggy is a talker,but could be a very nice guy on the outside.

  21. hogwild

    I might have missread the power Sam got but the way it sounded to me was if she uses it in the first three weeks she stays in the game if not whoever gets voted out in week four gets to use it somehow maybe in a battle back. This power much like this whole trending vote deal is very weird and confusing.

    • Sassy

      I think, she can use the power on herself in the first 4 weeks, but if she does not get evicted during that time, whoever is evicted week 4 gets to use it. It will not go to waste. It is replacing the battle back comp, as ONLY that one person gets the shot at battling back rather than the first 4 evicted.

  22. danmtruth

    The bro thing is dumb They do it every Sumer Don’t care much one way or the other about Winston or Bret have not seen enough of them
    Steve just try to dominate all conversation he is in

    • Sassy

      Steve really thinks he is an asset and kisses the other guys in the groups ass by telling them he will save them when he is HOH, HAHAHAHA!! He continually tells them he will be loyal to them as he KNOWS they will be to him, although they have not confirmed that and allow him to ramble on.

  23. danmtruth

    Steve a bloated Vince Vaughn ?
    Swaggy yes Chris Rock
    Winston or Dave Coulie
    Ty is Spicole of fast times at ridgemont high
    Scottie maybe Jud Nelson

  24. danmtruth

    the Bros are talking and planing double eviction What????

    • Sassy

      AND their plan is AWFUL!!!! It involves pawns from their side, possible 2 from their side to make the other side think they aren’t working together. Get over that, it is clear and there are very few that have not made their loyalties known. Just pick 2 from the other group and if one comes down, pick another one! Pawns do go home in this game and since the other side is bigger than yours, they really should re-think their plan.

  25. danmtruth

    Katlyn is convincing everyone that Winston is an orthopedic surgeon That he does not need the money Yet none of them realize Steve is a cop

    • Sassy

      They were speculating the other night on BBAD about someone being a cop but I wasn’t sure who they were talking about. I believe, Rockstar is the one that started the rumor about Winston being a doctor.

  26. Edsel

    I like that some of these houseguests are early risers. Steve wakes up about 6 AM each day.

  27. danmtruth

    One thing this show does is demonstrate how people will believe anything if they want to In the echo chamber that is there planing The crazy sounds plausible Like Winston and Bret thinking they can plan all the eviction out and think it will work Or Katlyn convincing people Winston is an orthopedic surgeon Forget that it takes 4 years undergrad 2 years med school 2 years residence 5 years specialty in orthopedic for a total of 13 min years But why let logic get in the way

  28. Shivani33

    Swaggy and Bayleigh had another romantic conversation a little after 2 in the morning. He told her that he wouldn’t have wanted to get any of the last 10 or 11 girls he slept with pregnant. This is so tragicomic. Cliffnotes for sitcom writers. Bayleigh has already bragged that she never has to pay when she’s at hotels like the Fountainbleu. Meanwhile, old Madam’ Rockstar is the one who has seen it all, as a Scores host and sometimes manager. I wonder if she brought any employment applications along in her BB luggage.

  29. Lynn

    Does anyone know how Hayleigh has said she’ll bite this week? By my count, she (and JC to a lesser extent) are the swing votes this week? Is that right? I mean I hear Tyler and JC laughing about how the other side is goin to be caught off guard when Sam stays as if it’s a foregone conclusion?

  30. Shivani33

    Scottie removing laundry from the dryer. “Ooh. Winston wears Tommy Hilfiger underwear!”

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