Good morning all! We had some strategizing, secrets revealed and lots of backyard time yesterday. Level 6 went to work on project “ditch Rachel” as Foutte just assumed Brett would leave and they had the votes because, well, that’s what they always do. Foutte has to be one of the worst alliances ever. Scottie thinks he’s in it but Haleigh is the only one who wants him. They’ve thought they had JC on their side in the past when he’s NEVER voted with them and these people don’t even like each other. Fessy stalks Haleigh and Bayleigh doesn’t like Rockstar. Bayleigh told Rockstar and Haleigh she didn’t want to be in an alliance with them at first and said she was “dragged” into it because of Swaggy. (Why would you admit this?)  Steve told you most of what happened yesterday already so I’ll just recap the day by going over how yesterdays activity could impact this week and add a few conversations  from last night.

The big picture of what’s happening is that Tyler and Angela want to evict Rachel this week and Bayleigh feels confident Brett will leave simply because she wants him to leave. Other than Rachel, Kaycee was the last one to give up on the idea of using the veto. She believed Bay would put Scottie otb if Tyler used it but now realizes that probaby won’t happen. Tyler wasn’t going to use the veto anyway but once Angela told him about Bays power app, he had the perfect excuse not to use it. They don’t want to openly go against Bay this week and have her retaliate next week and they’ve come up with a couple ideas to get around her:

  • L6 plan #1 – Tyler and Brett will keep hanging out with Scottie hoping Bay will go after Scottie because she thinks these guys are a trio. (This isn’t a real plan because Tyler doesn’t want to use the veto but he needs something to calm Bretts nerves)
  • L6 plan #2 – Angela thinks Brett should blow up the girls alliance during the veto ceremony and blame it all on Rockstar. (They see there’s no point now because everyone already knows about it but I would have loved it if that happened. Couldn’t you imagine Rockstar if Brett blamed her for something else in another speech? Oh well, it’s a missed opportunity for us to have some fun)
  • L6 plan #3 – As a last resort, Angela and Kaycee think Angela could tell Bayleigh that Rachel told Angela about her power app to get Bay mad at Rachel and cause Bay to change targets.
  • L6 plan #4 – Tyler thinks he has the votes to keep Brett: Tyler, Angela, Kaycee, Sam and JC. He also wants to blame JC’s vote on Scottie since people are already suspicious about him flipping votes. Tyler also plans on using the fact that Bay told him she didn’t care which one left. (She did tell him that)

I’ve seen way better strategizing before but at least they’re proactive while Foutte just waits to see what will happen. Here’s what’s happening with each person at the moment:

  • Tyler: I just went over most of what he’s doing. Finding out about Bays power app could be huge but he still has to predict WHEN it will happen or his power is useless. Bay wants to work with him so it may not even be used against him at this point. I’m still surprised he won a veto he shouldn’t have won and may be able to get thru the week clean. He’s doing the work to get rid of Rachel (the ammo fell in his lap from Rachel herself) and has Bay wanting to keep him around so Brett may be his biggest obstacle this week since Brett still wants the veto used. Sam also pledged her loyalty to Tyler and Kaycee during a morning chat with Kaycee. Tyler has played an unnecessarily messy game at times but so far, it’s working out and his social game is the reason for it. People simply WANT to believe Tyler becauae they like him.
  • Brett: He’s uncomfortable being otb for a 2nd time and I don’t blame him. He’s also frustrated that Tyler won’t use the veto and says no one will be mad at him except Bay. That isn’t true because half the house will be upset with him if he uses it. Brett wonders the purpose of the alliance if the alliance won’t save him with the veto. Tyler’s trying to get him to see his alliance will save him with numbers during the vote. Brett’s played it cool both times otb and it’s been fairly impressive. Of course, he had Winston and now Rachel for comparison so it isn’t hard to look like the calm, rational one against those two. He’s spent a lot of time with Scottie to make Bay suspicious but it may have an added bonus. Scottie is actually considering keeping Brett now.
  • Rachel: She’s gone back and forth over wanting the veto used. She finally had a talk with Tyler and realized Bay probably lied to her. She also realized she ended up otb from her own actions. She made 2 big mistakes imo. If she was going to freak out, (which she did) she should have done it before going otb the way JC did instead of after when it didn’t matter. Maybe she sees this mistake but I don’t think she sees the second one. She’s been obsessed with Scottie for a while and couldn’t see anything else. We know she’s friends with Jackie from BB17 and she knows how Jackie was evicted because of Steve in that season. She sees Scottie as the “Steve” for this season and has been obsessed with him taking her out in the same way. Ironically, until Bay told Scottie that Rachel was after him, she was much further down Scottie’s hit list but she couldn’t see it. Now she’s at the top and she also  happens to be otb. She accidentally got hit in the lip last night by JC and said she had a bloody lip. I don’t know if it bled or not but JC was called into the DR over it. It happened in the yard when Rachel was using JCs’ stomach for bongos. It wasn’t a big deal, especially after Kaitlyn intentionally slapped Fessy to get his attention.
  • Bayleigh: I really wanted to root for Bayleigh. She’s from Missouri and I rarely have someone from my home state to cheer for. Well, she ruined it by getting into a shomance (which makes me physicall ill) but after Swaggy left and she didn’t have a meltdown, I thought I’d give her another chance to be a fan. (Sorry Bayleigh, it’s not gonna happen) Not only did she tell someone she put otb about her app, she wants to work with Tyler. She was suspicious of him earlier in the game but that seems to have left her completely. She tells her own alliance that she doesn’t want them but only has them by default because of Swaggy. She insists everyone be “Team Bay. ” She gets upset at the slightest disrespect towards her (some imagined) but continues to say terribly inappropriate things about others. The way she went after Fessy the other night was ridiculous. Last night, she said Fessy needed to go to Pakistan to find a virgin “because that’s what they do…” Bay and Hay were having a conversation about the way Fessy is with Hay. She’s said a lot more things that I usually don’t even mention.  She told Kaycee something that happened to her when she was 17 that I don’t want to get into but it was around 9:30 pm and the camera quickly switched away from them. She said she’d only told Swaggy but JC told Tyler about it so I think she told him too. When JC started telling Tyler, Tyler immediately told JC not to talk about it. Bayleigh talks about being pregnant A LOT.  I don’t know if she actually thinks she may be pregnant or if she just wants the attention from the other girls because of the possibility. Either way, she doesn’t have a problem putting it on camera. She wants Brett out and has probably forgotten she told Tyler that she didn’t have a preference. It’s understandable because she LOVES the sound of her own voice so she can’t possibly remember everything she’s said to people.  I can’t think of the last time and HOH spilled so much and gained so little.
  • Angela: She may still be viewed as furniture by many people but they’ll have to at least updrade her to an offiice chair or something with wheels because she’s moving around and playing the game. Not only is she on board to get rid of Rachel because she doesn’t trust her anymore, she gave Tyler the critical information about Bays app. She’s playing smart enough to want to stay on Bays good side this week and wants Bay involved with the decision to evict Rachel. She also did some work with Brett to help him understand why it’s a bad idea for Tyler to use the veto. I’m glad to see she’s playing but I don’t entirely agree with her decision. She still has allies but she was the closest to Rachel and I don’t think keeping Brett will help her individual game in the long run. I understand it a little because she knows Rachel threw her name out as as possible nom so she feels Rachel panics easily and will throw them utb when necessary.
  • Scottie: He talked with Tyler and recommended they go with the house and evict Brett. (Not what Tyler wanted to hear) Later, he spent a lot of time with Brett and  talked to Hay about possibly keeping Brett. They went over who Rachel and Brett would each target if they stayed so he’s thinking about it. He’s finally paying for the Swaggy vote because most people also suspect him of being the one vote to keep Kaitlyn. Tyler will have more time to work on him the next couple days since they’ll be have nots together but I don’t see him flipping unless Foutte decides to get rid of Rachel as a group. He isn’t really in that group but he thinks he is and I don’t think he’s as worried about a girls alliance as much as some of the other guys. He and Haleigh asked the viewers if they preferred “Scaleigh” or “Hottie” as a name for their friendship. (Scaleigh sounds like a skin disorder so I’m going with Hottie myself)
  • Fessy: He gets raked over the coals by Hay, Bay and JC on a regular basis. I don’t care for his obsession with trying to make Hay be someone she’s not and I really don’t like his game because so far, that IS his game. He went over the episodes he’s probably been on and which things caused him to get air time. He’d already told Hay they needed to act different to each other or they wouldn’t “get gigs after this.” He told RS about how the jury is still on tv and they still get air time. RS pointed out they also choose the winner which may be a bigger deal. (I’ve realized Fessy is the love child of Caleb-16 and Elena-19)  The only reason I have any use for him is watching him be tormented by JC, that kind of entertains me. Most of his day was spent pouting at Hay or lecturing her about her behavior from the previous night. He didn’t approve of her talking about her sex life during “never have I ever” or the drinking and getting buzzed. Fessy told her that Bay was “shocked” to learn he and Hay hadn’t kissed. Hay said that Bay wasn’t shocked, he was just disappointed. When talking about her behavior the night before she told him “If you don’t like that, you should know, I’m generally like that.” Fessy was the person most worried about about a girls alliance during previous weeks. Brett and Tyler have planted seeds with him about it this eek too. He told Foutte women that he wasn’t worried about it and if there was something up with the women, he knew he came before that anyway. He’s done a 180 and wants to stick with the ladies. They are paranoid about his loyalty to JC.
  • Haleigh: She vented to the women about Fessy. She said he obviously didn’t want a freaky girl and said “sucks to be you, I’m not apologizing.” She made her usual round with everyone and had a talk with Sam too. There isn’t a relationship with them and she’s trying to change that. Sam said she knew Haleigh liked to talk game alot so Sam left rooms so she didn’t interrupt. Hay assured her she wanted to include Sam and spend time with her and said she’d make more of an effort for Sam to feel included. (This is BS, Sam doesn’t like Hay and Hay can’t wait to get Sam out but they both lied and pretended)
  • Rockstar: I kind of want Brett to stay to see her reaction. She eased off the Brett obsession for a few days but with him otb, it’s starting again. When Hay mentions that Brett is trying to get the guys plus Sam to work together, RS says “he’s so horrible.” Bay tells her “no, he’s actually smart.” RS’s response is “whatever, f**k him.” She’s also gone back to talking about Tyler a lot too. RS told Bay she wanted her to be the first “black girl” to win BB. Hay didn’t jump on board as much with the enthusiasm during this talk because I think she’d like to win herself.
  • Sam: She told Kaycee that she and Tyler were the people she would be loyal to and said Angela and Scottie came after them. She made a kite and it wasn’t one of her most successful creations. She found some screws in the yard and warned everyone. (Left over from taking down the comp, I guess) This is Sam playing the game. She told Bay and RS (at different times) that she felt alienated somewhat. She told Bay that people don’t want her around and said people think she’s wierd, unhealthy and fat. Maybe she has some self esteem issues from being around so many perfect bodies but I also think she likes being the center of attention while pretending she hates it. She didn’t have this problem when she was hoh and was in charge.
  • Kaycee: She continues to work her friendship with Bay for the benefit of L6. She knows she will be a target of Fessys but Bay says she controls Fessy and not worry. (Bay thinks she controls the whole house) I don’t have much to mention from last night but she’s in a great position in the house as long as Fessy doesn’t win hoh imo. I’d like to see a Kaycee hoh.
  • JC: He’s mellowed out a bit.  I think he was a little shaken by having Sam almost put him otb and having to talk Bay out of doing it. He may be starting to realize that he isn’t invincible. He caused Tyler some grief because JC was leaning towards evicting Brett even tho he doesn’t like Rachel. Tyler tried to make JC see that if he didn’t use the veto, it would be to keep JC off the block so JC needed to vote with Tyler. He told Tyler he would but we’ll see…  I already told you about Rachel’s accidental bloody lip. JC was VERY upset over being a have not again and was thrilled when Bay announced it would be based on the comp. Sam called him a heathen because he jumped around so much in his excitement. He saw a bird in the backyard and said “what’s that? You have a message from Kaitlyn?” JC woke up RS from a nap in the hammock with pots and pans too.

Check later today for Steve to give to veto ceremony results but I don’t think any of us are expecting it to be used. We could get a messy speech from Brett so I’ll hold out hope for that to happen. Have a great Monday!