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Big Brother 20 – The Bullying Of Bayleigh Week

Good afternoon, everyone!


I woke up this morning and checked the twitter program thing and see the new thing today is to say that Bayleigh is being bullied by the house.  What?  According to Swaggy, Bayleigh is currently undergoing a bullying session on her way out the door. I’m no fan of people being bullied and was sick to my stomach last year when I watched a house full of people yell insults across a yard at two people on a hammock trying to deal with their last week together. So, how bad is Bayleigh being bullied?  Let’s take a look…

Brett is going to wear his Granny shirt to the live eviction – I listened to him talk about this and it was during a discussion trying to get Julie Chen to actually talk to them this week. He said he wanted to wear his Granny shirt because it looked funny and he wanted Julie to question him on his experience.  Apparently, Bayleigh has a fear of grannies (?) or sweatshirts (?) which Swaggy is taking offense to.  Ruling: Not bullying

Tyler is treating Bayleigh poorly – Tyler is upset because he thought Bayleigh had his back and thinks she was the hacker who put him on the block and nearly sent him home (had his side not won PoV).  He had a brief confrontation with Bayleigh shortly after the PoV ceremony but has not spoken with her since. Ruling: Poor jury management but not bullying


Scottie is going to wear his Swaggy C shirt to eviction – I didn’t hear Scottie say this so I can’t say for sure his reasoning behind it other than trying to kiss the asses of Angela and crew. Definitely a stupid move that doesn’t benefit him at all. Ruling: Poor jury management and slight bullying as being kicked while down

JC wants to bring a back of chips to eviction – This is in regards to JC trying to take some chips in the HoH room during Bayleigh’s reign. She snapped at him which upset him. JC is trying to be funny with this move but it’s not a good look. Like Scottie, this move is pointless and should be skipped. Same ruling as Scottie:  Poor jury management and slight bullying as being kicked while down

My ruling is that Swaggy is exaggerating the way Bayleigh is being treated, but there are two people who want to take shots at her on the way out the door which is tactless. She’s not spending the week being bullied by any means, but people are not thinking long term when it comes to jury management.  The Brett claim is just completely foolish and has nothing to do with Bayleigh.

Time for some updates as we wait for Haleigh’s house meeting:

  • 10:45 am – Angela sits down with Bayleigh in the living room
    • This is the first time they’ve spoken since Monday
    • Angela says the first thing she said when she first got HOH, she meant
    • She says Bay was never her target but did what she did to ensure her safety
    • Bay says that’s fine but she lost a really good friend because she’s not the hacker and Bayleigh defended her early on
    • Angela brings up how Bayleigh was the one who got Angela out during the first HOH competition (with the balls)
    • Bay is upset that Angela never asked if she was the hacker and embarrassed her in front of the house
    • Angela says she did what she had to do and walked away
    • Bayleigh gets up and leaves
    • Bayleigh re-tells her conversation to Haleigh before storming around the house
    • She heads to the Jenga room
  • 10:50 am – Bayleigh is trying to calm down in the jenga room
  • Bayleigh moves to the HN room
    • Haleigh joins and Bayleigh begins re-telling the conversation again
    • Between re-telling, Bayleigh keeps calling them trashy people
  • 11:30 am – Bayleigh re-telling the conversation with Angela to RS with some added emotion
  • 12:10 pm – Haleigh tells RS about the hacker. RS tells her to call the house meeting
  • 12:22 pm – Haleigh finally calls the house meeting!
    • Angela wonders if she’s the hacker before she goes
    • Haleigh tells the house and she tells them the reason she is telling the house is because Bayleigh has been treated unfairly
    • Haleigh says that last week Tyler came to Bayleigh and ask that Angela be backdoored (Tyler laughs)
    • Tyler keeps saying that’s a lie but Bayleigh re-tells her conversation with Tyler
    • Bayleigh begins screaming at him. SCREAMING. Wow
    • Get live feeds here
    • Bay and Tyler go back and forth about their conversation
    • Tyler re-tells the conversation correctly and Bay denies it
    • Bay says that Tyler is treating her poorly for wearing some sunglasses?
    • Tyler tells her ‘congrats I’m still voting you out, you have a power’ and Bay screams ‘SHUT UP’
    • Haleigh tries to wrap up the meeting
    • Bayleigh is screaming at Tyler so loud that I literally cannot even understand what she is saying
    • She says Tyler is TERRIBLE and he is making her life in the house HELL
    • She slams the door
  • Bayleigh is now in the bedroom crying with Haleigh consoling her. People are slowly moving away from the living room
    • JC is up in the HoH room with Angela and Tyler. Angela is rubbing Tyler’s back
    • JC is freaking out because Bay makes her look like a victim
    • JC doesn’t want to go downstairs because he’s going to tell Bay to calm her titties down lol
    • The HoH room thinks that they put Haleigh up to lie about having the power
  • Meanwhile, downstairs..
    • Haleigh is saying how she is certain to follow whoever leaves out the house next week  (no shit)
  • JC is now talking to Fessy
    • Fessy is saying how that was a dumb move on Haleigh’s part but she’s still on the team
  • 1:20 pm – Brett is in the HN room with Fessy.
    • Brett is saying he is so relieved that he is not involved in the house argument
  • Bayleigh comes in and Fessy leaves
    • Bayleigh is campaigning to stay. She’s not throwing RS under the bus but just working for herself
    • Bay apologizes for putting Brett on the block and promises not to use her power against him
  • 2:30 pm – Sam is up in the HoH room still unsure who the hacker is — lol
    • Sam’s argument is that she doesn’t want to win
    • She is worked up and ranting but I can’t quite figure out what she’s really upset over
    • Sam knows everyone’s personality better than everyone in the house. Alright
    • She isn’t intended on going far with anyone (final 2?)
    • Angela praises her for being a real human and genuine
    • Sam mentions her brother and how it’s his birthday on Friday and begins crying. Angela comes over to hug and they cry on each other’s shoulders
  • 2:55 pm – Sam leaves. Angela says “oh shit that got real”. Kaycee comes over and gives her a hug

Alright, gang. What an afternoon!  I’m going to step away from my computer for a little bit and create a new thread when I get back for the nightly post and to recap this afternoon. Wow.


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  1. LO1004
    Comments (407)

    This part: Scottie is going to wear his Swaggy C shirt to eviction. Someone in L6 suggested it, but he said he’d wear it under a hoodie and unzip the hoodie in the DR for the eviction and zip back up when he left. She’s never going to know if he continues with that plan.

    • Caryn (Ryn)
      Comments (2508)

      I wouldn’t want Bayleigh to see the shirt if I were Scottie because Bayleigh is going into the jury house. Since she will hopefully be the first jury hg by the time the season is over, Scottie wearing the shirt may be old news – if he makes it to F2.

  2. Comments (595)

    yeah, Bay is gone this thurs

  3. LO1004
    Comments (407)

    Also, Bay is a liar. Bay ran to tell Hay her very brief convo with Angela and she somehow threw in that Angela said “I wanted you to be the first black person to win this game, but I had to do what I had to do”. Unless I missed something, that is not how it went down. At all.

    • danmtruth
      Comments (3121)

      I thought I heard Angela say something about a black person winning The fact Bay said she was Angelas biggest cheerleader was BS That how she fought to protect her when people wanted to put her up Again BS Bay is now shaming Hali by packing in front of her
      Yes the Swaggy shirt is poor taste Along with the chips
      The thing Bay and the hive are forgetting is the bottom line is Bay power app They just don’t understand

      • LO1004
        Comments (407)

        She may have said it previously, but not in this particular conversation I’m referring to.

      • Comments (67)

        I don’t think the chips were in poor taste as Bay has been extremely rude to JC and others about them being her special foods that no one else can have. She deserves to have a taste of her own medicine

      • stillstanding
        Comments (25)

        and they wouldn’t have known if she didn’t open her big mouth.

  4. Comments (595)

    Haleigh tells Bayleigh she’s going to tell everyone (hacker) when everyone wakes up. -M3gabyt3
    Bay isn’t staying

  5. Helen
    Comments (4288)

    Tuesday morning Tyler was in the kitchen and nicely said good morning bayleigh…she responds good morning Tyler and went outside and told Sam Tyler was being rude and is trash….so much for being a bully..
    Bayleigh twists everything that is said to make herself look like a victim…I can’t wait till she’s gone!!

  6. dfdsgs
    Comments (53)

    Last season was despicable and made me stop watching way before the season ended but what is this game going to turn into if picking sides and voting people out is now considered bullying.

    • Comments (595)

      no it’s only “bullying” since the “Queen” didnt get her way

      • dfdsgs
        Comments (53)

        I think you could make the argument that Bayleigh has been the biggest “bully” in the house with how she take to everyone and makes them swear on the bible.

      • Ann
        Comments (1308)

        Can Honey Bay Bitch secretly give her power app to someone else before the BB doors hit her in the ass Thursday night on her way out or is the power dead & gone when she’s gone?

      • Sassy
        Comments (1889)

        It’s gone with her.

  7. dfdsgs
    Comments (53)

    Also Bayleigh was going to be a bitter vote regardless of what happened. The only way to mitigate it is make sure Hayleigh, Rockstar, or Fessy are not there in the end.

    • Helen
      Comments (4288)

      Hayleigh and Faysal were already targets for coming week(weeks)…telling everyone today and throwing people under the bus is going to make that a flashing target…

  8. danmtruth
    Comments (3121)

    Her biggest downfall is her lack of knowledge of the game Yet thinking she does know it A deadly combo

  9. danmtruth
    Comments (3121)

    once more Angela KC and Sam joining RS in jumping jacks to help support her The hive to busy being mad

    • Comments (67)

      I haven’t seen them supporting her much at all in her punishment. This should be a wake up call to her of the POS people that she is aligned with. But then again she is a POS that likes to race-bait and thinks everyone is privileged that doesn’t follow her beliefs

  10. Fox3
    Comments (22)

    I’m starting to get a little nervous at a topsy-turvy flip. I heard Tyler’s vote is the one Hayleigh will cancel, but what if Foutte can somehow get the extra votes needed to keep Bay. You’ve Rockstar all but begging them to keep Bay (can you psychotic?)
    I can almost picture a power flip here!!!!

    • Comments (595)

      I doubt that will happen, JC is deadest on seeing Bay leave, as are level 6, Sam will vote how ty wants

    • AIO_7
      Comments (3519)

      The only vote that I’d worry about flipping is Scottie.

      • Helen
        Comments (4288)

        While anything is possible,Scottie isn’t stupid…he knows Bayleigh,Hayleigh and Faysal were trying to get Angela to make a legendary move and put Scottie back on the block as a renom next to Tyler…Scottie no doubt would have gone home and he knows it…no way L6 would have kept him over Tyler…

  11. WhereisPablo
    Comments (203)

    Baloney! Bay is the bully. The end.

  12. Comments (595)

    bay is about to blow, do it and SEAL YOUR FATE SOME MORE

  13. Tinkerbell
    Comments (1085)

    NK, Thanks for deleting my posts early this morning. I rambled and ranted waaayyy tooooo much. Not a lot of good of good language coming out of my mouth. I used Lava to clean it out. Didn’t work.

    The triplets, Ebony & Ivory, and Rocky PurpleHead cannot leave quick enough for me. Wish they would all self-evict today. A lot of the houseguests are irritating for one reason or the other, but I despise those three trashy POS chicks!! I would like to drop kick their evil butts right out of that house…..into Tijuana. Yep, I have become that angry black woman Ebony keeps saying she is so UNFAIRLY portrayed as. Man I hate that trash talking, self-serving, entitled bitch!! Look out Lees Summit, here she comes.

    To add to my already ABW look, my Internet and cable went down a few minutes ago. Really?! So, I will be driving around all day so I can watch feeds on my IPhone in my car. If you see me in a Walmart parking lot watching feeds, let’s go grab a cup at Starbucks. I might pick up a few craft supplies for Suzie Homemaker while I’m at Wally World.

    You’re welcome, in advance, for me not going postal today on Junkies. Hahaha As Fessy would say, and Chris Harrison/Bachelorette, this is going to be the most dramatic day ever, EVER!! You hear me, EVA!!! Hahahahaha. Have a fun day Junkie Peeps. Luv ya

  14. Sassy
    Comments (1889)

    Bay being bullied, how about Bay is the bully? Look at how she treats and talks to her “friends”. She yells at them, accuses them of things they didn’t do, asks them to swear on Bibles, belittled them and calls them names. And those are her friends. Anyone can say they are being bullied, but it doesn’t make it true.

  15. danmtruth
    Comments (3121)

    RS with the confused look a day early as Bay talks to her

  16. AIO_7
    Comments (3519)

    Question: What if, after the Hacker comp, someone like Brett came out and said “I’m the hacker” even though he’s not and he’s doing it to try and flush out the actual hacker? I wonder if that would work. I’d try it, assuming there is no rule against it.

  17. Sassy
    Comments (1889)

    Sam has dreams that she spits all of her teeth into her hands… Hay has dreams about ugly tattoos. Sam is planning to get a tatto to represent each hg when she leaves.

  18. danmtruth
    Comments (3121)

    Does RS understand she is on the block with Bay and BOTH cannot stay this week That Bay is the TARGET Bay thinks she has the votes to stay WHY !!! How can you think that

  19. Sassy
    Comments (1889)

    RHS is packing telling Bay that she wishes she had info and words of wisdom to leave her with, but no one talks to her so she has nothing. Bay says, if I come in the jury house after you, I will tell you all my secrets. We will have to have a long talk. I guess she’s not willing to share until after. I think she really thinks she is staying…

    • Comments (595)

      how dense is she

      • Alda
        Comments (1068)

        She is as dense as Fessy last night talking to Hayleigh about the weeks ahead with both of them still in the house.Haleigh will be the next one out.She was planning to say how Tyler is the biggest threat,and she has been wanting him out for weeks.Level6/5/4 won’t put up with her any longer.

      • Comments (67)

        I know on BBAD last night Hay and Fess were discussing how great it would be if he won HOH…and then she won HOH…and then he won the next HOH, 3 in a row. HAHAHA like that would ever happen

      • kneeless
        Comments (1113)

        As I mentioned before, the BaHa side of the house doesn’t know how to strategize. They strategize in the past.

  20. Sassy
    Comments (1889)

    Hay is pacing the house. Probably trying to figure out how to get out of having a house meeting and still keeping Bay as a friend. Nope, not happening!!

  21. Helen
    Comments (4288)

    What’s Hayleigh waiting for? Christmas?

  22. Sassy
    Comments (1889)

    Happy birthday Anthony, Scottie’s brother.

  23. HappyHippo
    Comments (1204)

    She’s about to do it I believe….she just told RS one on one

  24. danmtruth
    Comments (3121)

    GO DO IT !!!

  25. Comments (595)

    Bay really thinks she is staying

  26. Sassy
    Comments (1889)

    I missed Hay telling RHS. She’s practicing her speech now. They are planning to burn this bitch down. They are strategizing on how they are winning the back to back HOH from now on.

  27. Comments (595)

    why am I nervous that Bay could stay

  28. HappyHippo
    Comments (1204)

    Hay just said “this will either be the best thing or the dumbest thing I will do in this game” I’m going with dumbest…

  29. Sassy
    Comments (1889)

    Bay is convincing her this is the best thing to do. People on the outside are going to think this is great because she doesn’t do friends like this.

    Yep, we are going to think it’s great but NOT for the reasons they think!!

  30. danmtruth
    Comments (3121)

    With friends like this she does not stand a chance cheerleaders on death row

  31. Sassy
    Comments (1889)

    Bay wants to stand up and tell them, she hopes they feel like idiots for thinking it was her. HAHAHA. I hope she does!!!

  32. Comments (595)

    what will happen Thursday, I need someones opinion

  33. Comments (32)

    There is a difference between ‘slight bullying’ and payback.

  34. Shivani33
    Comments (1852)

    Angie RHS thinking on her feet, has come up with an immediate solution for Hay. The fact that it ALREADY didn’t happen doesn’t occur to her. “You should have put Brett otb.” Said with much enthusiasm.

    • WhereisPablo
      Comments (203)

      ROFL! Crayola will have to go through intensive debriefing and therapy when she gets home to keep from answering,”Brett” to every question for the rest of her life. And somehow, I think this would tickle Brett.

  35. danmtruth
    Comments (3121)

    watch production do the nut song as she gets ready to speak

  36. HappyHippo
    Comments (1204)

    And if they cut to fish I will flip out lol!

  37. strwar1
    Comments (193)

    Lol OMG! Bay is losing it! I guess she knows she is out of the house now tomorrow. I can’t wait for it!

  38. Sassy
    Comments (1889)

    House meeting called! Angela and KC automatically assume it’s so she can say she’s the hacker… They are so intuitive.

  39. HappyHippo
    Comments (1204)

    If bay wasn’t gone before she is now….wow what a mouth!

  40. AIO_7
    Comments (3519)

    It’s goin’ down!!!

  41. AIO_7
    Comments (3519)

    This is why I pay for the feeds.

  42. HappyHippo
    Comments (1204)

    And the fake crying? I can’t wait to see her walk out tomorrow!

  43. AIO_7
    Comments (3519)

    Bayoch being comforted after blow up.


  44. LO1004
    Comments (407)

    Talk about true colors Bayleigh. Holy Cow. I would have never entertained that for as long as Tyler did.

  45. amareels
    Comments (9)

    Wow! How great was that! Did not know she was going to scream like that. wow!

  46. HappyHippo
    Comments (1204)

    Like jc said she’s always the victim! Bye bay..you lost all control!

  47. Sassy
    Comments (1889)

    Bay is a Biotch!!!!

  48. Comments (58)

    Oh no!! I’m at the hospital with my daughter cause she gave birth to a beautiful little girl yesterday and i missed the whole thing.

  49. Comments (595)

    what is Sam gonna do…. I AM SO NERVOUS

  50. Comments (595)

    Bay thinks America doesn’t want her on the block, LOL KEEP DREAMING

  51. danmtruth
    Comments (3121)

    In the words of Ron Burgundy That Escalated quickly

    Bay was totally in the wrong SHE was the one who brought up Angela The yelling was crazy JC is never going to chang his voice Now Jc down to take care of his pet Fess

  52. Mr. Beardo
    Comments (281)

    All aboard the crazy train! Toot toot! Wowsers! Good for Ty not backing down to that insanity.

  53. dfdsgs
    Comments (53)

    If Bayleigh stays we could still have FOUTTE up in the block next week. L6 wins HOH and Bayleigh uses the power. L6 wins the hacker and takes down one of Bayleigh’s noms and puts her up. L6 then wins the veto takes off Bayleigh’s other nom and puts up one of Hayleigh or Fessy.

    Won’t be easy to do but is a definite possibility for an outcome next week.

  54. HappyHippo
    Comments (1204)

    And they don’t even really believe hay is the hacker lmao! Way to blow up your own game hay. Bay doesn’t care about anyone in that house except herself.

  55. danmtruth
    Comments (3121)

    Poor Scottie is odd man out once more

  56. Comments (595)

    who do you think Sam will vote

  57. WhereisPablo
    Comments (203)

    What did the fools say? Did anybody else say anything?

  58. danmtruth
    Comments (3121)

    These fools don’t understand why Angela and TY did not at least apologize to her

  59. AIO_7
    Comments (3519)

    Angelica, Ty and KC in the HoH watching the downstairs on the monitor.

    Angelica: “I wonder what Rock Star is thinking right now?”
    K.C.: “She’s not, she’s not thinking.”


  60. Comments (118)

    I did my best to stay away from watching this season and refrain from any comments. We all know this show is only 50% real. Majority of this show is staged and they show you what they want you to see during the network hour. Those of you who spent your money on watching the BB 24 I hope you feel you got value for your money.

    BB picks people every year that have certain attributes. They pick people that fit the stereotype. Say Bay fits a lot of the stereotype despite coming from a privileged background. She is an Alpha female who showing the stereotype African American Woman attitude. Is it real or staged? I am sure a small part is real but I believe it is a character she puts on.

    Is Bay being bullied? Yes to a certain extent but she did her fair share when she was the HOH and had the power app in her back pocket. A lot threats were made about people better get on Team Bay.

    I see it as playing the game. Would people feel the same way about Bay if she was a White Woman? I am sure people would call her a stuck up white bitch. Don’t feed into people. BB is trying to spark interest and rating into this faux show. Don’t get sucked into the racist element nor allow yourself to jump on board the Men vs Women thing.

    Truth is you will not give a frog’s backside when this show is done what happens to any of these people. They are all playing a staged game to win some money nothing more. Lets stop hating on Women that show they have an Alpha side and have a desire to win. If Men can be bullies and show an Alpha side so can women doen’t make them a bitch or showing African American woman attitude. Just means they are doing what they need to win nothing more.

    Personally I have found this cast to be boring and uninteresting and I could careless who wins. I don’t get to see a dime of the money so why should I care. BB will dictate as much as they can who makes the final 3, just like they have done on the other 19 shows.

    You want a prediction it will come down to Tyler, Angela and Hayleigh who wins this year book it. All three have some traits in common. They are at the top 5% in looks and they are the only ones anyone who is watching has any interest in.

    • Comments (32)

      How does a boring cast cause you to type a thousand word comment?

    • AIO_7
      Comments (3519)

      Nice to see you back, Houseguest Doug.

    • ElaineB
      Comments (1512)

      Meanwhile others will enjoy watching the show/feeds/coming here to chat about it. You can go back to your life of important matters. No need to waste any more of your precious time/life in order to tell us how we are wasting ours.

    • Kari B
      Comments (565)

      most definitely a speak for yourself post. I don’t care if someone is black white Mexican Native American Asian Indian, I don’t care if they’re short fat tall skinny if they’re being a bitch they’re being a bitch.

      BAY is not only a bitch she..

    • Caryn (Ryn)
      Comments (2508)

      I am loving the “50% real” and will continue to watch the show moving forward. You did your best to stay away but you are still watching. Friendship!!

      • Caryn (Ryn)
        Comments (2508)

        And if only 50% is real that gives me some hope for BB cast members like Jason Roy and Raven and Bayleigh and so on.

  61. kneeless
    Comments (1113)

    I tuned in to the feeds right after the blow up. I so wanted to see it!

    • AIO_7
      Comments (3519)

      Kneeless, you can go back in time with the feeds and see it.

      • kneeless
        Comments (1113)

        I will, thanks for reminding me. I was watching on my tablet & can’t go back on that, so I forgot!

      • AIO_7
        Comments (3519)

        I have 5 tablets if you include a couple of phones, rarely use them. So yeah, go grab your lap top or log in on your desk top.

      • Comments (32)

        You can use your browser on mobile devices also. Use the hamburger menu and tick the box for desktop site. Tested and confirmed to work on chrome.

    • Caryn (Ryn)
      Comments (2508)

      It is on YouTube. Two versions. One version is on Haleigh and the second version is of the entire cast.

  62. kneeless
    Comments (1113)

    OMG,RS thinks KC is too comfortable in thegame but RS would NEVER put a gay person otb. What does being gay have to do with the game?

  63. AIO_7
    Comments (3519)

    Crayola telling JC that she would like to stay.
    She goes on to say she would like to win HoH and put Tyler and Angelica on the block.


  64. AIO_7
    Comments (3519)

    Haleigh counted on her fingers. tells Bayoche’ she has the votes to stay …


  65. dfdsgs
    Comments (53)

    Bayleigh – At least now if I go home I know it is literally a plot to get me out.

    Everyone in a America Watching – Have you ever seen this show!!!!!! The whole entire summer is about plots to vote people out!!!!!!

  66. kneeless
    Comments (1113)

    I gotta buy more popcorn!

  67. Alda
    Comments (1068)

    Funny,how Sam was so quick to console Bay,but not Tyler.Hmm.

  68. Helen
    Comments (4288)

    Rockstar: “Who’s dick do you have to suck to get a power around here?

    How many more do you need? Bayleigh still has one…Haleigh got one this week…

  69. kneeless
    Comments (1113)

    Bay is extoling all her genuine qualities. Bay is def sucking Brett’s dick!

  70. Comments (595)

    so who will be evicted this week

  71. Comments (109)

    I gotta stop reading these comments at work. ROFLMAO!

  72. Comments (595)

    anyone else think Bay is still going

  73. WhereisPablo
    Comments (203)

    I read that Bay bit her lip or jaw and was spitting out blood. How long until she accuses Tyler of harming her?

  74. Comments (109)

    Oh now she’s campaigning to stay! That B to the itch better leave tomorrow!

  75. LynnD
    Comments (79)

    I did not get to hear the fight because I was at work I only got to kind of watch it a little bit. So I have to figure out how to go back in time on my iPad.

    I really do love the little comments that Angela is making while watching the cameras up in the HOH room she’s bringing some good comic relief to this

  76. AIO_7
    Comments (3519)

    Angelica, Ty and KC watching the downstairs monitor; unsure about where Scottie’s head is at.


  77. Comments (109)

    “JC doesn’t want to go downstairs because he’s going to tell Bay to calm her titties down lol”

    I really wish he would!

  78. Comments (9)

    So…I agree that what is happening in the house is not nearly bullying as compared to Jessica & Cody…but the comments on this board is ridiculous. Angry Black Woman and Fairhead Blonde Boy…you people need to look inside!

    • AIO_7
      Comments (3519)

      “Angry Black Woman” … “Fairhead Blonde Boy”

      I’ve never seen either of those terms used here. You must be confusing us here at Junkies to where ever else you hang out for your BB fix.

      • Kari B
        Comments (565)

        I think the angry black woman came from Bailey herself saying that that’s how she was portrayed to be and it was talked about earlier here..

    • danmtruth
      Comments (3121)

      First that was a women of color who made that comment As stated above it has been Bay who keeps bringing that up We need to stop jumping to conclusions on people from reading things out of context

  79. Comments (9)

    Are we about good TV which this is or character assassination? She is gone on Thursday! Get a life people!

  80. Comments (6)

    Found the house meeting on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wYaC__-16sU

  81. Comments (53)

    Didn’t anybody hear Haleigh say to Fess that she believes she’ll get the next hack too because dr was asking her what she was good at before the challenge?

  82. AIO_7
    Comments (3519)

    Martha shows up in the HoH room: starts talking about herself.


  83. ElaineB
    Comments (1512)

    It would be sooooo stupid for those HGs to keep Bay over RS, for numerous reasons. Those nimrods shouldn’t believe ANY promise of good that comes out of Bay’s mouth. I don’t listen to Bay (just can’t), but I have read comments from you all, Mel, Steve, that indicate she has been one nasty person to a lot of the HGs. Anything coming her way, is …..karma. I do hope the HGs do the right thing (for themselves and ME lol) on Thursday. Bay blowing up at Tyler, probably not a good look. May have to go take a look at that time stamp.

  84. Comments (595)

    so what will Sam do

  85. AIO_7
    Comments (3519)

    O for Pete’s sake; Martha makes everything about herself, then starts crying.


    • WhereisPablo
      Comments (203)

      I read about her conversation and I am finished with her and her scenes. I tried, I really did, but she can get right in line behind Bay,Hay and Cray.

  86. Caryn (Ryn)
    Comments (2508)

    Looking at my spice rack I saw “Bay Leaves” and I know it is a sign. It’s for the higher good that Bayleigh is evicted tomorrow.

  87. Kari B
    Comments (565)

    Perhaps I am just being dense, but I do not understand how putting Bailey up is helping get rid of Tyler? She said she did it because she wanted to do do just that?

  88. Sassy
    Comments (1889)

    Tyler is really torn up about this. I think the fight has gotten in his head. He questions whether or not they should let Bay stay. NOOOO!!! Please Ty snap out of it!!!

  89. Helen
    Comments (4288)

    Halfway there party tonight. Alcohol is on the way. HGs in dark it is tonight.

    Let’s see what the evening brings.


  90. Sassy
    Comments (1889)

    Bay seems to be doing fine. She’s back to talking about babies being able to swim…

  91. Jay H
    Comments (155)

    The most important thing we need right now, is Ann’s opinion.

  92. Jay H
    Comments (155)

    I don’t necessarily feel like what the houseguests are doing is exactly bullying. It’s not particularly nice, and somewhat passive aggressive, but when someone is that far off their rocker and is so disrespectful, it’s kind of hard to take the high road every time.
    I guarantee Bayleigh has no realization whatsoever that she’s being nasty. I also think she will justify every action, word, mean look, “shut up”, even after she see’s it. She’s a narcissist. She projects her feelings and actions on others. That’s why she told Tyler he was acting crazy when she was going off, when he sat there cool as a cucumber. She will almost convince her mark that they are the crazy ones. She’s done it already with RS, Haleigh, and Fezz. They bought into the shit she’s piling on them.
    I feel for those people having to live with her.

    • Sassy
      Comments (1889)

      Me too. I just rewatched the house meeting, Bay is a CRAZY BAYOICH!!!!!!

    • Jenny
      Comments (958)

      Looks like Borderline Personality to me. I had a friend w/that disorder. HAD. Hard to treat because even though they have flashes of remorse where they realize THEY are the problem, they go right back to blaming the universe and everyone in it for all that is wrong in their lives. I give you a compliment, you turn on me and insist I was insulting you. I still miss the good side of her but the abusive side will always be there. Paranoia. “If you were my friend you would…” “It’s not fair that you are skinnier than me because you’re taller than me”… “that guy was talking to me first and he only started talking to you instead because you were acting like a slut”… “I shouldn’t have to eat less cheese to lose weight”….”I know my boyfriend was looking at you because I SAW it and it’s your fault”. “That hot guy is my soul mate and I know this because of how he looks, but I know he is not shallow and will see me for who I am, and won’t judge me by my looks”. Wow it’s been over 20 years and it’s still fresh to me. I feel bad for anyone in Bay’s path.

  93. danmtruth
    Comments (3121)

    I believe Sam will vote with TY and evict Bay She is just keeping her calm Like she said down on the farm you pet the chickens to keep them calm and still Till you snap there neck That way don’t get all pumped with blood and adrenaline So Sam is just keeping Bay calm till she snaps her neck

  94. danmtruth
    Comments (3121)

    did anyone see Bay and RS in the pink room before the house meeting It seemed like they were mocking Hali Calling her a sweet little girl and laughing Just was catty and mean spirited to me Hope someone (female) saw this and confirm what I perceived

  95. Caryn (Ryn)
    Comments (2508)

    I just watched Bayleigh and Tyler in Haleigh’s house meeting. Bayleigh called Tyler a sweetheart, but Brett cannot call Bayleigh honey. Hmmm.

    • WhereisPablo
      Comments (203)

      I noticed that too. Witch!

    • Helen
      Comments (4288)

      If you notice Bayleigh calls all the guys “babe”. She did it to JC yesterday in BR…

    • Caryn (Ryn)
      Comments (2508)

      And I think the reason Brett immediately apologized to Bayleigh for calling her honey is because Bayleigh acted offended and maybe his knee jerk reaction was to apologize. Not because what he did was wrong, but how the viewers may view him by the way Bayleigh reacted to him calling her honey. Outside of the BB house I don’t think he would have apologized.

      • Jay H
        Comments (155)

        I don’t know if I agree with that. Brett is a meathead, a goofball, and makes loud ballsy moves(eviction speeches), but I think he comes off as a pretty caring guy. Pretty much everyone seems to like him in the house.
        He had a tough time looking RS in the eyes after his speech and he wasn’t nasty to her was she was pouring it on him.
        He went in an empathized with Baleigh for a long time today to try to make her feel better, and she appreciated him for doing so. He didn’t have to. She’s gone this week. Maybe he is doing it for a potential jury vote, I just don’t think that’s who he is.
        When you get in there for a couple months, I think your natural instincts kick in to who you are as a person. We’ve seen it with Bay, Hay, and countless others throughout the years.

      • Caryn (Ryn)
        Comments (2508)

        I don’t think Brett is a meathead. Outside the BB house if someone came at him like she did, I don’t think he would have taken back the condescending “honey”.

      • Jenny
        Comments (958)

        I think he meant no harm, and his apology was sincere. He used a term of endearment in the generic sense and she flipped out. He apologized. I don’t see the problem here.

    • Barracuda
      Comments (11)

      Tyler should have said “don’t call me sweetheart” and watch her explode even more 🙂

      • Caryn (Ryn)
        Comments (2508)

        Because Bayleigh would have exploded if Tyler did, Barracuda. That is why I think Brett apologized for calling Bayleigh honey because Brett knows how Bayleigh reacts and he didn’t want her to explode on him.

  96. Helen
    Comments (4288)

    Sam in Blue room with Bayleigh. Saying she hates Brett and for him to stay as far away from her as possible

    Why does Sam suddenly hate Brett?

  97. Caryn (Ryn)
    Comments (2508)

    Steve – when I read..According to Swaggy…I was D U triple N. (Done) Never cared.

  98. Caryn (Ryn)
    Comments (2508)

    So glad Tyler did not apologize. Also, loved that he told Bayleigh to own it. Thumbs up, Tyler.

  99. kneeless
    Comments (1113)

    Just watched ‘fight club.’ Ty Type certainly kept his cool the best he could while defending himself. If Bay got that worked up over BB, I can’t imagine what she’d be like over something important. Can’t believe her side would think her behavior was OK.

  100. Derrinick Kramer
    Comments (29)

    Bayleigh is one of the worst BB players I have ever seen and she is a walking contradiction but some of these comments are a little harsh. This entire cast is a lot like Bayleigh due to their wishy-washy behavior and questionable character. Sometimes I have to completely tune this show out because I can’t take the incompetence and/or lying and/or racism and/or sexism from every player this season (especially Bay). It has been too much.

  101. LynnD
    Comments (79)

    I cannot listen to Bayleighs bs boohoo for 1 more second.

  102. kneeless
    Comments (1113)

    Have Fes or Hay said who they’re voting out? They seem to forget one of them is going home. IF hay & fes were smart (don’t choke) they’d be strategizing the vote.

  103. Caryn (Ryn)
    Comments (2508)

    Rockstar really was on her own during the Veto comp.

  104. Mr. Beardo
    Comments (281)

    Here’s a funny sidebar.. I was driving today when THE MEETING went down and had my phone plugged in running feeds through my speakers. When Bay went bananas I had to turn the volume down bc the lady in traffic next to me looked over at me like I was a crazy person. Lol

  105. AIO_7
    Comments (3519)

    Angelica to Bayoche’:

    “Your power trip is over, HONEY.”

  106. Tiare
    Comments (62)

    Angela doesn’t like Black women. Bring on the thumbs down. lol

  107. Helen
    Comments (4288)

    Hali Ho is working them votes…sandwiched between Brett and Scottie…

  108. Comments (38)

    Can someone please point out to Bay that if she wants respect and apologizes, she shouldn’t be acting like queen B one minute and then a victim the next. THEN blame BB for ruining her reputation. She is not being bullied, things just aren’t going her way and she cant handle it. If the shoe fits, is she the bully?? thank you doorduck for the link.

    Sam – bay has been lying the whole time. Please don’t fall for it. Vote her pottymouth out .

  109. goldie
    Comments (22)

    When Hay is talking in the DR, she makes this big effort to sound mature. Same thing with those phony Thursday night compliments to Julie. She is obnoxious. Don’t know how much longer I can tolerate Sam. She makes absolutely everything about her. Wish I were a therapist so I would know WHY BITCH? Bay s acting like nothing has happened! Only the biggest temper tantrum I have ever seen on BB!!! Bet these same tantrums have happened numerous times in her short life.

  110. Carl
    Comments (34)

    As seen on Twitter. The vote will be 7-0 and Fessy will be trying to figure out who flipped.

  111. Caryn (Ryn)
    Comments (2508)

    Since Sam was correct about Haleigh being the hacker has Tyler had another conversation with Sam about it since Haleigh’s house meeting?

  112. Helen
    Comments (4288)

    I was so disappointed that they didn’t show Faysal and Haleigh campaigning to Angela to make the most legendary move in B.B. history and put Scottie up next to Tyler on tonight’s show!!

  113. Comments (20)

    I’m a little confused? not sure if I understood right did HDMI tell the house she was the Hacker?

  114. Helen
    Comments (4288)

    Worse news, at the last minute a decision was made to pull booze from their party. No alcohol is there. They will have a party for about another hour or so.

    Feeds should return by 8:30pm BBT.

    • Helen
      Comments (4288)

      Turn out the reason it got cut last minute was because of their explosive fighting earlier. If it had been mellow day they would have gotten a lovely assortment of wine, beer and stuff for mojitos.


      Thanks Biotch…..ruin a good time for everyone because you can’t control your childish tantrums…

  115. Vicent
    Comments (129)

    Bay has to go, big chip on her shoulder weighing her down to a crap attitude, probably born with it

  116. Comments (595)

    4 votes needed
    Sam-she will do what Tyler wants

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