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Big Brother 20 – The New HoH Is…

Good evening, everyone!


Just like that, we’re down to 5. Lucky for us, 4 out of the 5 were some of the most boring people this season so that should make the next two weeks fly by. Right?  I know some don’t think Tyler is boring, but he is. He’s a good guy, good competitor, and an average player, but he’s boring as hell.  And yes, I put him only as an ‘average’ player after tonight.

What was he thinking with his absurd backdoor speech? I can’t believe he actually went along with Angela’s dumb ‘one and two step ahead’ comments rather than stand up and explain why he did what he did. “Brett, you said that you were going to come after Angela, so we had to clip you first”. JC and Sam would have picked up on the alliance, but who cares at this point? They can’t win comps even if they want, so the remaining L6 are going to steamroll through the rest of the season and end up in the final 3.

Speaking of: Angela won the HoH


Here are the numbers for the remaining players:

Name HoH PoV Misc Comp Wins Nominated
Kaycee 1 3 1 5 2
Sam 1 0 0 1 4
Tyler 3 3 0 6 1
Angela 3 2 1 6 1
JC 0 0 0 0 1

Yes, that is a combined 17 comp wins to Sam and JC’s combined – 1 – comp win. In addition, Sam has been nominated as many times as the entire L6 alliance at this point.  Good stuff

JC and Sam will almost certainly go on the block and it’s extremely unlikely either will win veto.  Flip a coin who goes home then it’s rinse and repeat with Sam getting the boot. The only chance I think we have for any excitement is if Angela and Kaycee turn on each other because I don’t see Tyler turning on either of them. I’m not sure if he thinks he can beat Kaycee in the final 2, but it’s possible he does think that. Tyler is giving off a serious Paul vibe with his million f2 deals and people are not going to be impressed by that.

In other news, the schedule will indeed be what I predicted a week or two ago.  Feeds will likely go down sometime Tuesday and won’t return until Thursday night.  Eviction will be taped Tuesday and air on Wednesday with the final 4 on Thursday. We get 6 days of the final 3 staring at each other before the season ends.  Sad way to end a really good season, but I guess that’s to be expected.

Off to bed!


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  1. NKogNeeTow

    L6/5/4 should change their name to The Steamrollers.

  2. Avatar

    When did Angela win the HOH? Tyler won.
    HOH ..Angela won Veto.. Brett backdoored ..but how did Angela win HOH? I’m surprised Brett didn’t figure out it was his big mouth that got him evicted. They were loyal to him until he proved he wasn’t loyal. Karma is a bitch.

  3. NKogNeeTow

    Sam and JC came mighty close to winning the HOH that Tyler won. If more of the other comps are mental, one if not both might still have a fighting chance.

  4. NKogNeeTow

    On another note, even Felts has a helmet now. Mel’s club has become an army…lol

  5. Painter1

    What Misc. comp win did Angela have? And as for Tyler and F2 deals what would anyone do if someone came to you with a F2. say no and become an instant target? I don’t understand why people are so upset about that.

  6. danmtruth

    People always like to think People had F2 deals with only that one person Yet all the people that I remember making it to the end Had F2 deals with multiple people Derrick who people like to point to as one of the standards of great play Still had multiple F2 deals So why do people act surprise

  7. NKogNeeTow

    Sam was in the HN room starting to unpack. She’s now in the kitchen fixing tea for everybody.

    Tyler is in the DR.

    Angela, KC and JC are in the blue room talking.

    JC just called to the DR.

    Wonder if they will get alcohol tonight to celebrate?

  8. NKogNeeTow

    Tyler, Angela and KC discussing the comp. Tyler asks them if they noticed that whenever they say they are going to do something, they do it.

    They start whispering congratulations to each other.

    KC is whispering something about JC and says what an asshole. (Was kind of hard to hear). *These damn people need sub-titles more than JC does.*

    Angela is saying it’s weird because she knew she was going to win. *They still haven’t said what the comp was but they are mentioning something to do with numbers*

    I think as time goes on, it’s going to be harder and harder to hear what they’re saying because as the house gets smaller, they won’t have that many places to talk. The HN room should be closed off soon. Angela mentioned earlier that they all could practically have their own rooms now.

  9. danmtruth

    JC made the comment to Angela & Kc that it was KC turn next for how As it has gone Angela – TY- KC – TY – Angela so now its her turn next They laugh but both know JC notices his time is limited

  10. NKogNeeTow

    Tyler says that JC told him that he feels like he doesn’t know what’s going on. They laugh about it.

    KC says it’s going to blow his mind and asks Tyler and Angela what else can they tell him. They are tickled about telling JC things.

    JC still in the DR. Sam drinking tea alone in the kitchen.

    They decide to tell JC that KC was the hacker. Tyler wants to play two lies and a truth with JC and let him guess which is real. Each one of them will tell JC something and see who he guesses correctly.

    Tyler says he loves that they’re at this point. He said he thought JC was going to have a heart attack when he put him OTB. He says he thought JC was going to kill him.

    They laugh about Brett tripping on the way out. Angela tells them how she told him that the plan was still to evict Sam. Tyler tells them how he told Brett to throw the Veto and he was excited about it.

    KC says Brett thought he was in on a plan to backdoor her or Angela but look where he is now.

    Tyler says that Brett asked him if they should just go hardcore and put Angela and KC up. Angela was surprised that he wanted to put both of them up.

    Angela says this is called one step ahead, this is called two steps ahead. Tyler says this is called a blindside.

    They start to combine their combined wins.

    Not much going on.

    I want to go to bed, but not before they play two truths and a lie with JC. Which probably won’t be until Angela gets her HOH room. They don’t want Sam to freak out. I want to see JC’s reaction.

    All this straining to try to hear is making my head hurt.

    Angela says Sam was so mad at her all week because Brett was in her hear. She says Sam apologized to her.

    Angela and KC say they are glad they got him out. Angela wonders what he’s thinking now.

    Sam asks are they going to leave the wall open. KC says they can all sleep in the same room now because JC is going to sleep with her.

    Sam says she was going to jack Hay’s topper for her saucer.

    Sam starts to ask Angela question about how they score pole vaulting. Angela explains it to her.

    JC has Tyler cornered in the bathroom. He is pissed because he was OTB and he is still pitching Tyler get rid of the girls.

    JC tells Tyler that what he did was not a good game move. Tyler told him he was sorry he surprised him but he didn’t have time to do anything else.

    JC says what Tyler did was good for him (Tyler). *Duh*

    They are having a semi-civilized argument. Tyler is putting the blame on Brett. JC has reached the ultimate of pissivity!

  11. NKogNeeTow

    Sam has accumulated damn near every pillow in the house and is building some kind of tower bed. By the time she finishes, she will need a ladder to get in..lol.

    KC in the DR.

    Angela, Tyler and JC talking. Angela asks Tyler how it feels to do his first backdoor. He says he felt he participated in Swaggy’s but this one felt much harder.

    JC remarked about the look on Brett’s face. Tyler said it was because Brett called himself Tyler’s wingman.

    JC tells Tyler he told him that Brett was going to pitch him (JC) and Brett as F2.

    JC asks Angela if Brett pitched F2 to her. She says no, they didn’t talk that much.

    Tyler apologizes to JC again for putting him up and says he really thought JC was going to have a heart attack.

    Tyler says he can’t believe there were 16 people there and only now. JC starts to sing “9 to 5” and gets a PLEASE STOP SINGING.

    JC tells Tyler he’s pretty hurt and this is the first time he’s felt like crying. Tyler tells him not to feel bad because he’s not done yet.

    JC is visibly frustrated.

    JC starts sing “9 to 5” again and gets another warning. JC says he’s only saying 9 to 5 because that’s the time he has to work tomorrow.

    Tyler asks JC about his shoutouts during the votes. JC tells him that he does shoutouts for different things every week. Tyler says he hasn’t done that in a while and he has to get back on that.

    Angela, Tyler and JC speculate if Winston is a twin that switches in the house.

    Tyler says that if Brett wasn’t in total shock, he would have probably asked Julie if Winston was a twin.

    JC says poor Brett. He says he doesn’t feel bad for him, it’s not like he died.

    JC starts joking about somebody coming back into the house. He talks about it being Rachel or Rocky.

    Sam’s saucer now resembles a high top queen size bed…good ole Sam…lol

  12. NKogNeeTow

    Tyler says he’s the baby of the house now because he’s the youngest.

    Angela says no Louie (the thing she carries as a baby) is and he’s still breastfeeding.

    JC is getting on Tyler about wearing so much lip gloss. They laugh and Tyler says he’s not wearing lip gloss.

    A moment of silence. No one is talking.

    KC back from DR.

    They decide to play the game with JC now. Angela says they have more secrets.

    Angela says she’ll go first…She got the 2nd power app
    Tyler says he was the vote for Kait to stay.
    KC says she was the hacker.

    JC believes Angela is a truth but he’s in the middle between Tyler and KC. He says he hasn’t won a comp all season and he would be surprised if he won this…lol.

    They tell him that Angela’s was a lie. They start to speculate who had the 2nd App. They think it was JC. He swears he didn’t.

    They tell him that KC’s was a truth. He says he knew it because it had to be one of the group because everything went so easily.

    JC tells them that Rocky kept saying KC was the hacker and they laugh about it. KC tells him how she played it.

    Angela gets called to the DR.

    JC calls KC a bitch because she was the hacker (jokingly).

    Tyler and KC keep trying to get JC to admit he had the missing App. He swears he didn’t.

    KC tells JC he wanted to tell him so bad that she was the hacker but she didn’t want it to get out.

    Tyler tells them that if he had an App he would tell them…lol

    They start talking about Fessy. JC says KC should have told him “I was the hacker bitch.”

    KC says she still feels like Bayleigh was the hacker. Tyler says he feels it was Haleigh.

    They start talking about who they thought was the vote for Kaitlyn to stay. Tyler says he thinks it was Brett. *This group is starting to sound like Rocky now…lol*

    Tyler says he thinks that Kait had the 2nd power App and walked out of the house with it. *I am still in awe that no one has seriously suspected Tyler yet*

  13. danmtruth

    JC knows that he has no say in the game His life is in TY hands That makes JC nerves because he knows TY is close to Angela Not sure how close he thinks TY is with KC Yet I’m sure with the jury TY sees Angela as the only one he can win

  14. danmtruth

    in years past I thought they gave the first HOH winner on double eviction night his own basket and letter from home also

  15. Shivani33

    It’s like an asylum tonight in the BB house. There are 3 stable, boring, self-congratulatory guardians and two inmates run amok. JC told Tyler that he had better win Veto and use it on him or JC will self-evict. Meanwhile Sam is baying and braying about how she’s a strong, independent woman, while scurrying around the house refilling bathroom soap dispensers and cleaning the fridge again. Oh, and making tea and saying that the only thing interesting in the house is that she is crazy.

    JC tells Tyler that he refuses to kiss the asses of the 2 goddamn wimmen. That is, when Angela puts him otb. Moments later and unaccountably, JC cheers up and socializes with everyone while Sam builds her have-not tower of pillows, alone and delirious. Kaycee says that they can all sleep together now, since JC has decided to sleep with her. You betcha, Coach Kaycee. Your first evidence of independent thought during the entire game, and it’s let’s all sleep together.

  16. danmtruth

    Help Me, Mr. Wizard/Drizzle Drazzle Drozzle Drone, time for this one to come home
    good night all

  17. Shivani33

    Tyler got his HoH basket from the storage room where it was placed for him. JC muttered “it’s like a funeral march” on his way to see Angela’s HoH room.

    • Shivani33

      Tyler’s letter was from a good pal. He was stoked, man, I mean stoked! Tyler doesn’t wanna cry, ever on tv. He fights it in DR, too. He’ll bend over and put his hands over his face and yell at himself “ohhh noooo.”

  18. Shivani33

    During the bathroom talk between Tyler and JC, JC stressed to Tyler that Kaycee and Angela must go. Much later, Kaycee and JC find that they’re (reluctantly) stuck alone together. Kaycee asks JC if he’ll be her friend.

    JC scowls and says, “we have nothing else to do. The royalty is upstairs, and the maid is over there.” He points to the kitchen.

  19. NKogNeeTow

    HOH room time!

    JC says it looks more like a funeral march going upstairs now…lol

    Letter from her friend Natalie. Says her apartment hasn’t burned down yet and that she’s never been a fan of the show before but she is now. Yada, yada, yada…

    I miss Brent.

    Angela got wine but she hasn’t offered anybody any…lol

    Angela says she’s not doing one on ones tonight because she’s too tired but they are welcome to hang out if they want.

    Sam says she’s going to take a shower and go to bed.

    Sam tells Angela she will bring her her princess tray when she feeds the fish tomorrow morning. Says goodnight and leaves.

    JC says he’s going to because he’s a small guy and today was just to much for him.

    Production tells Tyler to go to the SR.

    He gets an HOH basket and a letter. *Yeaaaaaa!*

    He gets a letter from his friend Kevin. He also got a 6 pack of Blue Moon beer.

    He didn’t get any music but JC said the LR is his HOH room.

    The entire time Tyler is talking the camera stays on Angela. Everyone is asking Tyler questions about his friends and he tells them, then says “But she’s HOH though”. Angela says “We’re both HOH”.

    Tyler says “Back to the real HOH though”. He says he’s going to leave his basket in the SR in case anyone wants anything. Angela quickly says “You can keep it in the HOH room if you want to”…lol

    Sam and Tyler take a few items to the SR and they start joking about the Winston twin thing again. Tyler tells her he tried to tell them he (Tyler) was a twin since the first week. Sam says when his hair up, he is Travis when it’s down it’s Tyler. Tyler tells her that he wins the HOH’s and Travis wins the Vetos. They both laugh.

    JC laughing about when Hay left. He said she took a look around, sighed then walked out the door. He said he tried to hate her but she’s only 21 and just a baby.

    Sam says she thought Hay handled it pretty well being in the house at 21. She says when she saw Hay’s video, it hit her that she’s the only child and her parent’s baby.

    He starts talking about her mole. He calls it a wart. KC says he was always messing with it.

    Tyler and Angela in the HOH cuddled up on the sofa.

    Tyler says poor Brett.

    Angela says “But he was your wingman. You were supposed to live together after the show”.She says she really played the victim in her GBM.

    He tells her that JC is still so f*cking mad because he (Tyler) didn’t tell him about voting Brett out before tonight.

    She asks how was JC involved. Tyler says it wasn’t JC but Brett that wanted to get her out. He said Brett started going to JC about 2 weeks ago trying to target Angela and KC. He said JC came and talked to him about it. Tyler said he gave Brett some bait to see if he would take it and Brett came to him last week and pitched a F2. Tyler said he came up and told KC but they decided to wait to tell her (Angela) because she doesn’t hold her emotions well.

    Angela says if someone had handed her a pen and paper and asked what she wanted to happen, it couldn’t have gone more perfect.

    Tyler tells Angela that Sam was ripping her to shreds. She asked him what she said. He said he can’t remember, but she was just RIPPING her to shreds.

    KC comes in. Angela says she still wants to know what Sam said about her.

    KC asked when did this happen. Tyler said when he was doing 1 on ones in the SR. KC what was said. He said she was saying how Angela walks around so entitled and she was cursing and carrying on.

    Tyler asks if they want Sam gone. KC says yes. Angela says that Sam actually performed well in the comps today. Tyler said fine, he just wanted to make sure. *Guess JC makes the F4*

    Tyler tells them that as remaining HG, they all get something. He said that Brett could have been F4 but he pulled a Rachel. He says that Brett could have talked himself into a win with his speeches.

    KC said that they made Brett feel comfortable all week. Tyler says he feels bad but Brett was doing some sketchy sh*t.

    JC comes up to the HOH room and says it’s too depressing downstairs. He said he walked around and was literally about to cry. They laugh at him.

    Sam is downstairs cleaning the kitchen.

    They must be tired, no one has mentioned the wine or beer.

  20. Shivani33

    Tyler gets a laugh, telling his sistahwives, “Brett pulled a Rachel.” Someone from production sneezed behind a wall, and Tyler and Kaycee instantly said, “God bless you.” Sam is identified as this week’s target, of course. JC doesn’t know this but knows he’ll be nominated. He might be losing Kaycee as his bed partner for the night, though. He just ordered Sam, “Sam, I need you to go make my bed.”

  21. NKogNeeTow

    JC was talking about the groups left in the house. He said the royalty was upstairs (Tyler and Angela), the middle-class downstairs (he and KC) then the maid (Sam). they all laugh.

    JC says Sam will be lonely all week. Tyler says they should not let her feel lonely. Angela says JC talks to Sam for hours. He says he doesn’t, he just listens to her. Tyler says that’s because he likes storytime. JC says he does like storytime.

    Not much talk going on now. Mainly just sitting around. JC and KC killing time, and Tyler and Angela waiting for them to leave so they can resume the snugglefest.

    They are talking about all the stuff Sam had to pack. JC says besides her suitcase, she has a big trash bag full of stuff.


  22. NKogNeeTow

    KC in the blue room making up her bed.

    JC and Angela in the HOH.

    JC says it’s so quiet in the house and all that are left are quiet people. He says Angela, KC and Tyler don’t talk much, he talks and he wishes Sam wouldn’t talk. They laugh at him.

    JC tells Angela he doesn’t think he’s going to have a 1 on 1 with her. She asks him why. He says because he has nothing else to tell her and he’s already told her earlier where his head was at.

    They start talking about Brett. Angela says that loyalty is what gets you to the end. JC says that and competitions.

    JC tells her how Sam would get mad at Brett for spending so much time with Hay. He is throwing Brett under the bus hard. *Like I said, RockStar Syndrome…lol*

    JC says Brett’s betrayal took him by surprise.

    KC comes back up and JC says he’s going back downstairs and they should enjoy their HOH and he’s going downstairs to enjoy his whatever. Then leaves.

    Angela tells KC that since there is no one in the house, the monitor is useless.

    KC goes to shower while Angela listens to music.

    JC is just wandering around the house from room to room.

    JC cornered Tyler again, as he’s coming out of the shower. JC keeps telling him that he’s going on the block tomorrow. Tyler keeps trying to reassure him but JC’s not buying it.

    JC uses the bathroom and KC comes in. Tyler asks her if she’s going to bed. She says yes, she just took her shower upstairs.

    JC comes out and KC tell them that Angela just went into the DR. JC is pissed because he wanted to go so he could go to bed.

    JC leaves the bathroom and Tyler whisper’s something about JC and tomorrow. JC says “Let’s Go”, hugs Tyler then leaves.

    Sam, JC and KC in the blue bedroom. Tyler came in and got in the middle bed…but for how long?

    KC told JC to take a shower and go to bed.

    Tyler and KC in bed, lights out. Angela still in the DR, JC in the shower. Sam in the kitchen talking to and washing the dishes.

    That’s it for me. I’m tired. Shi, take it away!

    Goodnight everyone and have a GREAT day tomorrow! 🙂

    • Jannie

      Hope you’re snoozing away, NK! Thank you!
      JC is screwed. Unless he can pull out a Veto win, he has finally “puppeted” his way to the jury house. And he has no one to blame but himself.
      He’s going to be very crabby this week. 🙂
      Let’s see how good he is at manipulating the jury. Will he be bitter towards Tyler? I can’t imagine him ever voting to give the money to Angela.
      Have a great Friday, everyone!

  23. leafhopper

    Thanks NK – hope you are feeling well today.

  24. Avatar

    This is the week Tangela should take a shot at Kaycee. If Kaycee gets to final 2, she wins easily. There are a lot of people out there who are still convinced Tyler would take KC to the finals, but I’m not so sure. Whoever takes Angela to finals is guaranteed a win as she is despised by jury.

    And don’t count out a Sam or JC HoH just yet. The final 4 comp is traditionally the “before and after” comp, and JC has a legitimate shot at winning it.

    • Jannie

      If(well when) it gets down to a final 3 of Ty, KayCee and Angela, Tyler might be smart to just throw that last HOH. It reminds me of the final three of Derrick/Cody/Victoria. Both Kaycee and Angela would take him to the end, and he wouldn’t be forced to make the choice between his showmance and his ride or die.
      It might be a smart move, but is Tyler aware that his odds are much better with Angela sitting next to him?

    • Avatar

      Well, a lot of people in the jury despite Tyler, too.

  25. hogwild

    Angela HOH Sam and JC will go OTB another dull week ahead.

  26. jimbo

    Tyler’s respect sank like the Titanic for me. Unless he’s taking Angela-the-hated to the end, he has no shot. KC will crush him, and I think he has problems with everyone in the jury house because of his Final 2s (hello Paul the 2nd). His limp eviction of Brett can’t win Brett over for his vote, and I don’t know why Tyler thought he couldn’t beat him in the end any way. Again, unless he can make it till the end with Angela, I think he could lose to anyone, sans Sam.

    • Avatar

      He is definitely taking Angela all the way! So is KC. The early final 2 between the two of them is no more. Both of them know Angela is hated in the bitter jury (Thank Scottie for that info) and taking her to final 2 guarantees a $500K win.

  27. jimbo

    Oh, and why did Tyler try to win HOH? There was no reason at all for him to win because nobody was coming for him! All he did was bloody his hands and piss off Brett. It was entirely unnecessary! Badly played, Tyler.

  28. mona77450

    I have a question for Steve and Mel. Have former BB players ever contacted you and THANKED you for providing an accurate account of what really happened day-to-day while they were a houseguest? I’m wondering if any of them actually go back through the days to see just how much they were lied about and lied to.

  29. Alda

    i’m sure JC is a nervous wreck.But,if he wants to stay in the house now he must win something! He has to realize this.He can’t depend on Tyler this late in the game.

  30. Avatar

    So JC & Sam go on the bock. Provided neither of them get POV or one of the L3 opts not to flip the script. JC should be on his way out the door.

    I am waiting to see who wins the next HOH. That will tell me who will be in the final 3.

    I am sure Tyler knows the only one who can beat him is KC. KC must know if she is in the final 2 she wins.

    Angela has no shot at winning the show. All 6 Jury members hate her. Tyler is probably not popular but he has played a great game. KC in the last few weeks has played the best game. Sam and JC have no shot.

    If Tyler is smart he will take Angela to F2. If KC is smart she will also take Angela to F2.

  31. Avatar

    Brett, you idiot!!

    All he had to do was stay loyal to Level 6 and he would be in the final four.

  32. Shivani33

    I waited all night for our 3 friends to arrive from North Carolina. All arrived safe but tired! One is 83 years old and a magnificent storyteller, one is a poodle-mix who is smaller than 2 of our cats. With the exception of our mama cat, who hates everyone including her 2 sons, everyone is having an extra Christmas morning in September. The third guest is their companion/assistant/driver. He is a tall, beautiful dreadlocked man who is going to distract the hell out of me. His HANDS are gorgeous. Gawd help me. We begged them all to come south to our place rather than going north or west with no certain destination. We are so happy to have them here that nobody wanted to go to school or work today. As our @Jay H put it so well, Love and Happiness.

  33. Avatar

    Looks like Julie Chen has now pissed off the me too movement.

    • danmtruth

      What the me too movement forgets is you are asking for someone too believe a strangers word over a loved ones We always like to say Oh the wife HAD to know

    • Joy

      oh well, you can’t please everyone so you might as well please yourself! People are so judgy, yeah yeah we are all entitled to our opinions…but you know what “they” say…everyone has “one” and no one likes..well you know where I’m going with this.

  34. Avatar

    How can JC think he will win this when he has done nothing but act like a spoiled, perverted little bully. Not winning friends and influencing people for sure.

  35. Avatar

    It seems inevitable now that Angela/Tyler/Kaycee will be the final three and Angela/Tyler the final two.

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