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Big Brother 20 – Thursday Night Feed Updates

Good evening, everyone!


We have a new HoH and next week is indeed Double Eviction. On a random note, in a season that looked for sure to have an all-girl final 5 when they were ahead by 3 numbers after the 3rd eviction, girls have finally re-taken the lead after their 4 straight evictions. I know it’s a random observation because there is no guys vs girls thing happening, but I’m always interested in seeing how the genders play out

It’s hard to say what will happen this week….

Just kidding. Haleigh will probably be walking out the door next Thursday and Sam if she wins veto. Week over. See you next Thursday.


Another fun thing, we’ve now had the 9th different HoH this season!  By comparison, at this point last season, we’ve had 7. Many other seasons recently have had two HoH’s so I can’t count those but 9 is pretty rare.

Alright, let’s get into feed updates because I’ve killed enough time and the feeds are up

  • 7:10 pm – The house is talking about Scottie’s eviction speech
    • I didn’t hear it well but apparently, Scottie told Tyler that he doesn’t have to suck because he’s already getting plenty of Hilton’s Head (referencing his hidden showmance with Angela)
    • Not a bad dig
    • They say Julie sounded pissed after Scottie’s speech
  • 7:15 pm – Angela is in the bedroom sulking about Scottie’s speech
    • Brett and Tyler are shocked Scottie said ‘dicking around’
    • KC comes in and confirms what I said above. It will be Sam and Haleigh on the block
  • 7:45 pm – Angela is in the bedroom STILL sulking
    • She says what Scottie said is ‘like slander’… yea
  • 8:05 pm – Oh boy, I think we’re going to hear this all week from Angela. She probably wants to bring him back to just to evict him a 3rd time
    • Brett is now cooking while the house waits for Kaycee’s room
  • 9:30 pm – Dinner time
  • 10:00 pm – Kaycee called to the DR
  • 10:13 pm – Production is on Kaycee’s mic “alright, go out and say ‘who wants to see my HoH room!’ Big energy!”  lol
    • I’m so sick of hearing “let’s go” just an FYI
    • Kaycee scans over her letter and says she can’t read it as she’s tearing up
    • Letter from her brother
    • He asks her to be his best man/brother/woman/thimagijig
    • Awwww really nice letter. She really struggled to read that

Ok, heading to bed. Sam and Haleigh on the block tomorrow but I’ll be here to cover it!  Recap in the morning


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  1. Helen

    Brett Kaycee and Angela whispering but it sounds like they are talking about putting Sam up with Haleigh

    Nooooooooooooo!! Put up Haleigh and the mouth JC!!!!

  2. Helen

    I can’t take a week of Haleigh in the HOH trashing Sam 24/7…
    Haleigh will probably be sleeping up there with KayCee…

  3. Avatar

    Angela talking about how no one understood Scottie’s speech and it took everyone 10 mins to understand and she still doesn’t get it? Come on, she is beyond hilarious!!!! There is no hiding Angela and Tyler- they are acting like they are hiding it and it is making people not like their game play. (Or maybe just me- I am no longer pulling for them.)

    Brett all the way.

    • AIO_7

      It’s not just you. Team Brett all the way.

      • Joy

        You can tell he wanted that win so badly, hurts my heart for him. It would have been a totally different house this week had he won and I for one would have welcomed some new energy. Production has screwed this season up from the get go and now this season has been so predictable that a lot of the fun of watching is gone. Oh well, congratulations to Kaycee! (she will do whatever Tyler wants) So another snooze fest this week.

      • kneeless

        Watch it happen that Brett will win the 1st HOH on DE night & not get his week in HOH room. Pulling for him!!

  4. Avatar

    Not a bad dig but Scottie better hope not to meet her brother at the wrap party. It could have consequences. It should have consequences. Being a virgin is not an excuse to be an asshole.

  5. hogwild

    My god i thought Fess and Hay were clueless about people knowing about their showmance Tyler and Angela actually top them.

  6. Sassy

    I just have to say that Julie’s stylist had her wear a 1/2 made nightie! WTH??? Awful, awful,, awful!!! I just have to wonder if a kid with cancer made it and asked her to wear it. I mean there has to be significance to something that bad!!

  7. caRyn

    Happy Kaycee won HoH. Would like to see Brett win an HoH and JC because they are the only two left in the house that haven’t won it yet. I also would like JC OTB. It would be great to have JC and Sam OTB together. Talk about some drama from both. I hope the goal is Haleigh being evicted this week. It didn’t matter to me if it was Scottie or Haleigh being evicted tonight, but after hearing Scottie’s speech, I am glad he was sent packing.

    • ladycobra

      I have to admit, I was very wrong in thinking Tyler would be better off with Hay leaving. After hearing what Scottie told Julie L6/5/4 had a lot better read on Scottie than I did and I had an advantage with the feeds. I knew Scottie could not be trusted but I did not think he would go after Tyler.

      • caRyn

        And Scottie went after Tyler and Angela in his speech thinking he may be staying in the BB house. Which means he probably would have put them OTB together had he stayed and won HoH..

      • Sassy

        L6/5/4 is good at reading what is going on with each person. They even understand the dynamics in their own group.

  8. Jay H

    Angela has a really boring personality. I’ve appreciated some of the cut throat moves she’s made, but she’s a wet blanket. I’d hate being with someone that is so drab.

    • Avatar

      Don’t have to know you. It’s still true.

    • Leah-Ann

      I think Tyler must think the same thing. All he ever says is ‘Angela is hot’.

    • Avatar

      I think she is a very private person anyway, and coming on this show she probably is trying to keep too much personal stuff from spilling out. I think she gets a bad rap. She had a very disoplined goal focused childhood. Just because she’s not screaming until blood runs from her mouth, or bawling in the fetal position somewhere, or bouncing around like a 15 year old cheerleader…..lol. I like her. If the remaining Level 6 (4) members were smart, she is the best person to be sitting next to on Finale night! I also respect the fact that even though she & Tyler are clearly VERY attracted to each other, they aren’t being gross about it like many others have been. They just shouldn’t hang out alone for hours upstairs unless they are comfortable with everyone knowing that they are so close. But like Swaggy & Bay would gross me out just having to hear their smoothing under the covers. (Ugh! Just wet sloppy smacking of their making out) I felt Scotty showed everyone just what a sketchy, vulgar, weirdo he is, and I DO hope to Hell he is penalized in some way for saying & doing (flipping them off) what he did! Brett made a comment that was cracking me up tho. He said “well, I guess it’s a good thing we voted him out, cause That would have been awkward as balls!” Lol. He IS a smart funny guy. But last night showed me that he is actually kinda sensitive/insecure….when they were all goofing off after drinking & playing water pong, and Hay sprayed him with the sink sprayer (just goofing around plus she seemed fairly tipsy) he got really bent out of shape and made that unfunny insensitive comment to her. All she did was say ok….and walked upstairs to take her shower. Because it hurt her feelings and she was gonna cry. He couldn’t stand it that the rest of L4 went up to see if she was ok. She wasn’t trying to make a big deal out of it. But he was pissed. I don’t think he liked having to feel bad for hurting her feelings. I think they are all feeling the pressure of being in that house together for 72 days? (I think it’s 72 days now) I want to see L4 as the final four. From there, let the best man or woman win!!

      • Avatar

        Michele, best post that I have read all week. I wish I could give you 100 thumbs up

      • Malia

        I love this post!!!! Totally agree! Except…… I went back and watched the incident with Hay and Brett…my take…for what it is worth….Hay sprayed him..,I thought he reacted as anyone eale would…calmer actually. Hay is the one who over reacted. Big to.e. I get that they don’t get booze very often and it powers their tolerance but, she had no more than 1/2 a bottle…..she wasn’t drunk IMO…..tipsy .yeah maybe
        …she dished out to Brett and couldn’t take it back. No sympathy from me to Hay on this issue and more.than a little bummed that Ang went so far to stick up for her.

    • feltso gudinya

      maybe she will do me?…….i’m rich and handsome…….and modest to a fault…..

    • Ann

      That was totally uncalled for.

    • Jay H

      Well you laid the gauntlet down. I am going to date her now to prove she will give me the opportunity.
      If/when things don’t work out, I’m going to kindly introduce her to Feltso.

    • NKogNeeTow

      BRS1, your negative comments to Jay H have been removed. Attacking other BBJ Board Members is not allowed.

  9. LO1004

    I have been waiting all season for a KC HOH. Its damn good. Later Hay, it’s been real.

  10. ElaineB

    That shirt Julie had on looked uncomfortable to wear, as well as look at. Eeesh! I love interviews with Derrick. He is one of the best, both during BB and post-BB. Scottie……has become more weird and unhinged….maybe some therapy in jury will do him good.

  11. hogwild

    I would not put sam OTB in fact as I have already said she would be who I would want with me in the final two she wouldn’t win in my opinion I don’t think she would or could make a strong case as to why she should win and probably would not even care she lost she would be happy just to make final two. Why no one in that house can seem to see this is beyond me.

  12. Kitties Titties

    Julie had on the new version of Sienfeld’s Pirate Shirt tonight and Scottie crushed Angela’s little Miss Perfect image with his speech. Guess they will have to make friends with Bay and Swaggy after all! At least Tyler has a steady diet plan.

  13. LO1004

    Oh and ps – Kaitlyn is already making a play for AFP. I swear to Lucifer no one better vote for her from here. Might as well stomp a mud hole through my chest. TEAM BRETT!

  14. AIO_7

    I think that Brett understands that he is the odd man out in this group …


  15. Sassy

    The hive is not going to be able to come to a consensus on who they want to win. It will be another fail. They all hate different ones and each feels they were wronged the most… I would HATE to be the first L6/5/4 in the jury house, what an uncomfortable week that would be. Even Sam and JC will be extremely bitter when evicted.

  16. feltso gudinya

    julie looked like a fool tonight……now we know what sam was doing with all that crap this week….she was making julie a blouse…..i never saw an article of clothing fight with itself before……

  17. Helen

    Angela keeps going on and on that what Scottie said is slander but yet doesn’t she realize sitting out in the hammock with Haleigh discussing Sams mental health and need for medication can be considered the same if not true?

  18. Sassy

    Sam is still talking to the camera. I think she told the camera, it was lucky because they were never going to vote it out… Then she talked about missing her mommy, and wanting a letter from her. The camera is her favorite thing about the house, she is going to stay for the camera. She says she has to want to be there and she wants to be happy. She was happy before, blah, blah. She thinks they have 5 or 6 more weeks in the house. She’s now realizing there are only 24 more days.

  19. caRyn

    Doubt JC will be patting himself on the back this week with pulling strings.

  20. ElaineB

    Thank goodness we are at a DOUBLE EVICT week!

    • hogwild

      I know they are not on the same level and I’m not defending what Scottie did but given some the low class and tasteless goodbye messages Angela put out her acting all offended over this rings more than a bit hyporitcal. To bring up an chestnut from my childhood don’t dish it out if you can’t take it.

      • danmtruth

        Hog in RS goodbye she just shot back with RS calling her an entitled rich bitch who always gets her way So it must be true as I’m getting what I want you out That was shady but all game related Bay I don’t remember Rachels was catty but not calling her a slut or anything just that she was never that close with her This was a shot at her character saying she was doing sexual things with TY Just very immature

      • Helen

        Dan did you watch BBOTT at all?

      • hogwild

        She has been using her body and sexually as part of her gameplay for most of the season and that’s part of the game she is not the first to do it and she won’t be the last but when you do people are going to comment about and try and use it against you. If you are going to act a certain way for most of the season don’t try and act offended when someone points it out.

      • Helen

        Nothing will ever come close to the nasty vile names and comments made to Shelby by Jason Roy and the late night jamboree….

      • danmtruth

        Helen I did see some of BBOT and yes what I saw was harsh just because they did it then does not make it right now
        Hog it’s one thing to call someone out for flirting or laying all over someone It is another to out right say they are giving BJ without knowing or any evidence of it thats all I’m saying People have talk about Bay and Swaggy on the HOH shower floor Because Kaitlyn ask them if they wanted to use it Hay for all that her and Fess did she seemed to have a line that she would not cross
        Just felt it cross a line

      • LindsayB

        I agree with you Dan. The fact that Angela has a nice body doesn’t mean that she’s used it the whole game. She’s used her friendships that she’s made and has been cutthroat when there’s been opportunity to make a big move. Her rubmance with Tyler has happened very organically. They genuinely like each other and are showing a great amount of restraint by just cuddling nonstop. To exaggerate them cuddling to announcing on national tv that she’s giving him bjs is horrible. If she was actually blowing him it would be tacky, but fair game.

        It’s like calling Hay a whore. Or HaHo. She’s stupid, annoying, and was her interaction with Fessy was cringeworthy but none of that makes someone a whore. The exaggeration on this subject, both inside and outside the house, is pretty pathetic.

      • Avatar

        I think Scottie’s speech was the most immature that I have ever heard on Big Brother. What a loser.

      • Sassy

        Scottie showed his petty immature nature when he left the house the first time. This time he took it to a new level and it sounds like the DR told him he wasn’t allowed to say it on the live show. The hg were also saying he flipped them off while jumping over the couch. He’s an idiot and showed his true character. I’m glad he’s gone! I feel for the first L 6/5/4 that has to go to jury.

  21. danmtruth

    Don’t forget Angela has trust issues How she talks about putting up a wallShe seems from an early age she was perceived by people to be a certain way Again a privet joke you make between a few people is one thing But to say it on national TV with no way to defend yourself is another

    • ElaineB

      If a person has that many issues, CHOOSING to go on a televised competition game, with 24/7 feeds, for three months, is probably not such a good idea. Here it comes NK…..”Suck it up, Buttercup!”

      • danmtruth

        just not comfortable with slut shaming as a game play Which seemed to be what Scottie was doing on his way out Yes the more Angela talks about it the longer she keeps it alive

      • LindsayB

        Choosing to go on a tv show doesn’t negate the idea of being hurt, offended, and pissed if someone calls or suggests that you’re a slut on tv.

        All these people do is talk about the same thing over and over and over again because they have nothing else to do. They have no outside stimulation. Now “everyone” is bitching about Angela reacting to Scottie saying she’s blowing Tyler on natnknal tv. Last year it was called bullying to say anything negative to or about each other in the house. This year it’s ok to slut shame?

  22. Helen

    What a fun week..
    Haleigh will need constant reassurance and will be crawling up everyone’s azz
    Sam will come unraveled and need constant reassurance
    Angela will still be talking about being slandered on national television because of personal attacks on her sterling character..
    Good lord. What a treat

  23. FW aka CY

    Here it is! Here it is!

    First impression… She’d best feed that thing before it turns on her…

    Jesus wept.

  24. Helen

    Haleigh in kissing KayCee and Angela’s azz in Jenga room…Haleigh says ….

    Haleigh is exhausted from her last two weeks OTB.

  25. Colby

    I really wish KC would put up Haho and JC.
    After their GBM’s tonight, I can see JC and Brett splitting the vote to make KC have to be ‘the bad guy’ to try to get Haho’s jury vote for themselves.

  26. Helen

    Don’t know if this is true or not….cause it’s from Vegas

    If Kaycee gets letter & package from her bro it’s a best woman package: he is going to ask her to be his best woman for his wedding! He gave a wooden bow-tie & her fav hot sauce for basket. There are alternative letters from dad & mom too.

    I hope for bro’s, very cute!


  27. danmtruth

    Had another production screwup Just before KC came out of DR you could hear PRODUCTION say ” OK NOW LOTS OF ENERGY SHOUT OUT WHO WANTS TO SEE MY HOH ROOM “

  28. Avatar

    If I have to watch HaHo eating her fingers all night, I may throw up!

  29. danmtruth

    That was touching watching KC read that letter from her brother VERY cool happy for her

  30. Shivani33

    Kaycee just confirmed to Tyler that Sam and Haleigh go up, and JC if Veto.

  31. danmtruth

    so sounds like Hay is the Target TY Angela with KC as the tie breaker Looking at Bret and JC going after Sam

  32. NKogNeeTow

    Sorry Guys,

    I could not find one single thing to write about between BBAD and the feeds. Heck, they bored me so much, half the time I was in and out of sleep.

    BBAD started off with half the house laying around in the blue room like dead soldiers on a battlefield. Seems like they stayed in that position for an eternity.

    KC got her HOH room and everyone came up and made the usual fake oohs and aahs while rummaging through the basket.

    Letter read…boo-hoo boo-hoo, sniff sniff. *It really was a nice letter*

    HeidiHo tries to outlast everyone in the room and when she can’t, she whispers to KC that she’ll be back up later. *Of course she will, every boil has to have a butt*

    Sam makes an attempt at socializing before going downstairs and being…Sam.

    Tyler stays behind to discuss his…I mean her, HOH plans for the week.

    KC leaves her room and JC the positively paranoid representative of The Lollipop Guild comes in to remind Tyler that he isn’t intelligent enough to make any decisions on his own and he should listen only to JC.

    Haleigh waits until the coast is clear then slithers upstairs to talk to KC. Well not really talk. she just wanted to reassure KC that she’s “got her”, which she says about 523,496,1288,000 times. *The damn girl is exasperating. Have I mentioned lately that I hate her?*

    JC on his never-ending quest for world domination seeks out Brett to play Johnny Appleseed with his mind and plant more ideas in his head. *Or so he thinks. Brett is just as smart as JC, JC just doesn’t know it.*

    Tyler and Angela sleep facing each other in separate beds so they can play “pass the stuffed puppy” and some other odd hand game that they made up.


    Have a GREAT day!

  33. danmtruth

    Jc for all his Svengoolie mind tricks with Bret Does not understand Bret normally just goes and tells TY what he is trying to do They both have a laugh TY once more has more info on the house than anyone Good or bad he has a network of early warning defense detectors
    NK welcome back nice to hear your take on the happenings in the house Not sure if you have notice But Hay is leach and has to GO

  34. jimbo

    I really hate the use of “gender.” It’s sex, not gender. Would you ever ask what gender a tiger, hamster, giraffe, etc. is? Nope. Of course they don’t have genders, they are either m or f….and that’s their sex (as determined by chromosomes). PC BS.

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